The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking

The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking

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  • Current Version: 4.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: The Weather Channel Interactive
  • Compatibility: Android
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The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking App

Make confident decisions based on the most accurate, precise forecast available. Favorite app features: KNOW THE WEATHER ANYWHERE, RIGHT NOW • Forecasts: Hourly and 10-day forecasts. • Detailed Current Conditions: Get “feels like” weather, humidity, wind speed, and more. (Access them by tapping the circle on your main screen). • Weather Maps: Fast-loading radar maps show past and future radar. • Push alerts & badges: Know about severe weather in your area. To set your alerts, tap the magnifying glass to open your favorite locations. Then, tap the information icon next to your location of choice. From there, you can activate your severe and pollen alerts. DEEP DIVE INTO YOUR WEATHER • Weather News: From severe storms to straight-up bizarre weather occurrences, we’ll keep you up to date. • Severe weather mode: During a severe event, we’ll activate a severe ticker at the top of your App. • Seasonal Tools: Use our pollen counts to help plan your outdoor activities. • Travel destination weather (airplane icon): Get everything you need to plan your next trip, such as average temperatures and precipitation, forecasts, the best time to visit, maps, and details to understand how the weather feels compared to your hometown. • Stunning Imagery: Amazing background photos match your current weather conditions. THE WEATHER CHANNEL ON THE WEB AND SOCIAL MEDIA All the weather, wherever you go: find us at, like us on, and follow us on Twitter @weatherchannel. FEEDBACK We love when you provide us with feedback. If you love our weather app, please rate and review us in the App Store. If you have questions or suggestions, please submit them to [email protected] PRIVACY You may be interested in our Privacy Policy, which can be found here: and our Terms of Use, which can be found here:


The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking app screenshots

The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking app reviews

  • Want this app to continue 4/5

    By aadd16
    This is the best weather app that I have seen. I don’t want this to go away. I do not like your new app.
  • Really don’t like new upgrade 1/5

    By Pst890
    The old version was fine, I loved it! Now after 5/24 being forced to switch. I don’t think so I’ll find another app even if I must pay for it!
  • Adds take up too much screen space 2/5

    By Les Phelps
    Adds were obnoxious before, but now take up too much screen space. New website layout is less useful than the previous version. If upgrade was not required, I’d stay with the old version. Time to look for a better weather app.
  • Useless not accurate 1/5

    By Kwik ken
    Comparing forecast from a local tv station app to the w c app, i found a huge difference. One , the w c app , had a 90% ch of rain on a given day and the tv ch app had a 30% . I trust the tv ch app much more from the history of it that i have seen. Wc app not as useful as it once was years ago before being acquired by nbc.
  • Radar never loads 1/5

    By scottnoradar
    I have had the New version for IPad for a few days and the radar screen never loads/ shows radar. Currently in a storm and would be nice to see storm movement and timing but it’s happening
  • Hate this new app 2/5

    By Joanie
    I'm a StormSpotter and look to TWC for quick info, but this new app fails in a big way. The radar for my area comes up as FLORIDA on the "Layers" area (I'm no where near there); when I finally access my area, the map is very dark and difficult to read, or too light with no detail. BRING BACK THE GREEN MAP OPTION! THe hourly and daily forecasts are now tough to find within a very illogical interface; and other vital current and future info is just plain hard to access. I'm keeping my old TWC app as long as I can. Developers: PLEASE revamp any new app(s) so that they are user-friendly and LOGICAL. WHY mess up a good thing?!?
  • New 5/24/18 notice to upgrade but says not compatible for my iPad 1/5

    By 2TallV
    New 5/24/18 notice to upgrade received but says it is not compatible for my iPad (gen4). I am sad. Is there a solution?
  • Hate the new version 1/5

    By Mama pug
    Harder to use. To busy. Why did you change it.
  • The Go to Weather app for iPad needs to stay compatible with older iPads! 5/5

    By JBinGB
    It's the #1 Weather app in my opinion. Love the past and future radar feature. I tried to update my Weather app, but now the new one is going to be incompatible with iPads 1-4? Really?? Please reconsider that decision. The only additions that could make it even greater.....maybe recent rain and snow precipitation amounts each day for the past week. Also more for allergy reports, daily pollen and mold reports would be awesome.
  • Great weather app 5/5

    By Mxylsplt
    I love this app! Simple, straightforward, gives me what I need without all of the other stuff in the new one. Please keep it!
  • Wow (bad) Weather Channel 1/5

    By Nashville Cats
    I understand the corporate types drive a mandate to make a buck on social platforms but you have jumped a shark with the ad banners on the screen in this new version. I cant see the bottom 25% of the screen with all of your over-the-top ad sales. Boo to you.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Leaf Thief
    I liked the old app but I’m getting messages that it will no longer work in a few days. So I downloaded this one. Not the greatest. It crashed multiple times just within the first few minutes I opened it. I like old layout better than this one too. Also not as attractive. I tried the setting to mix the imperial and metric measurements thinking it would show both at the same time but it doesn’t.
  • Slow upgrade 2/5

    By Spike Rocket
    Not pleased with the new upgrade. The radar loads very slow, and is not as crisp as the previous version. I prefer the prior version.
  • Keep this version please!!! 1/5

    By SphenKoolbak
    Please keep this version - the new one blows!
  • Too busy 2/5

    By Zwhisper86
    The old app was much more appealing and simpler to use. I hate all of this clutter.
  • Easy but takes too long to load 3/5

    By JimButcher
    The old version loaded very fast and easiest to use
  • Weather channel 4/5

    By Ed Pruger
    Update the damned thing or delete it
  • Frozen, literally 1/5

    By Vampkiss
    I've done the updates but now it's frozen. It opens to TWC home page and that's it. No matter what I do or how I open it the home page shows up and stays. It used to work fine. Something else to delete. Update: Finally have it working but now this version needs updating. When I try to update I'm told my device isn't compatible, great. Thanks for leaving me and I'm sure others 'in the dust'.
  • Upgraded App 2/5

    By flackc
    No wonder they wanted you to upgrade the app. Bottom line it was for their benefit to include ads and now I see flashing ads which is so annoying. Please stop the flashing ads! If not I will be looking for another weather app.
  • Retiring my iPad? 1/5

    By Newtonian13
    If I'm not able to use it on iPad, I will retire it from all my devices. It will seem odd after 36 years to not use twc.
  • I’m deleting it 1/5

    By J birder
    Newest update is awful. Go back to previous version
  • I liked the older version better 2/5

    By Knotoncall2
    The older version allowed you to see the upcoming weeks and more in a horizontal manner with just the most important information. This new app is all about vertical scrolling and it gives a narrative. I am not sure why they changed the app but I will be looking for a new weather app.
  • Not good anymore 1/5

    By Bik3rTra5h
    I have had and used this for years. The Version before this one was ok but not accurate at all. Now this new. Version is really bad and not easy use to me. I also paid for add free before the last update and that was a waste because they put adds back in and stole my cash. Not cool and I am done with this app.
  • Too cluttered with small print 1/5

    By Bill1052
    Hey guys why not fill the whole screen rather than have empty blue screen margins. Add the option of excluding material. (I don’t need to see water blowing out of pool no matter how cool you think it is.) Make the print and graphics larger. The older version was MUCH better.
  • There is promise with this app...I think 4/5

    By Z'Oma
    My area of the mountainous west coast has very dynamic weather and situations, so some fluffy, cosmetic, gratuitous weather app is a big fail. WU was my go-to because it also tracked wild fires. It’s gone.😢 I’m going to give this a cautionary try. TWC (TV) really only covers the right hand side of the country so we shall see. Maybe technology will actually make this work. [Hey, Guys: Could you PLEASE do a WILD FIRE layer that is kept up & current? PLEEEASE ? We really do depend upon it! THANKS!! ] 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  • New App Not Good 2/5

    By Coder1995
    The newest upgrade is cumbersome to use. The prior lay-out, particularly re 10 day forecast was much better.
  • Great useful app! 5/5

    By bforbargain
    This app works great. I have no idea why they are changing to the other version soon. I have both and this one is faster, easier to use, and more functional. The radar on this version loads quickly and I have no issues. The other version takes a minute to load and then when I hit the play live radar button the clouds and other visuals disappear for a few seconds and I usually have to stop and wait a minute then try again just to watch the live radar. The other one also freezes occasionally if I accidentally touch the ad at the bottom.
  • Much better than the same app designed for iOS 11 5/5

    By Cheapskate01
    (Previous review - about a year ago) I don't know why they designed a different app for iOS 10 and 11, but I'm glad they did, because this app did NOT get overwritten by the new one. This app has a much better presentation of the weekly forecast, and the ad is well placed below the content. All around better than the newer app. (Today, 19-May-18) On iOS 11 devices, there is an ominous message that, in five days, this version of the Weather Channel will CEASE OPERATION. One, I still have iOS 9 devices which are NOT ABLE to download the current Weather Channel app. Two, as indicated above, I PREFER this version of the Weather Channel to the new app. If Weather Channel plans to kill this app, oh well. At least, there’s still WEATHER UNDERGROUND (aka WUNDERGROUND). Oh, and shame on Apple for NOT including a built-in weather app for iPad! It’s the only reason I looked at either Weather Channel or Wunderground!
  • They made it worse 1/5

    By Cabin bound
    The new app is junk. It used to be I could easily toggle to my locations identified by the attractions name. Now I have to guess if it is the correct place. I want the old app to stay in place and delete the new one.
  • New App is horrible 1/5

    By ChuckDrake
    Let’s see: The old app easily showed the daily forecast, which is my preference...not the new app, have to dig through it to get the daily. Absolutely the worse: Not all locations are in the new app even though the old app expires in 4 days! My home location is available on the old app....gone in the new app....what?? Sorry work by the Weather Channel....oh wait, IBM owns them...that explains everything. Put my home location back in your new app!!!
  • Last place 1/5

    By Ridge Runner 333
    Last place in the race with its competitors. Can't even compete with its own Weather Underground, although the new WU Storm Radar app is giving them some competition for last place. Forecast accuracy in my area has been dropping steadily also, with both WC & WU falling out of the top 3! IBM seems to have issues with keeping up with competition.
  • Why are you telling me to update on a Brand New Ipad with no new Weather Channel App available yet? 1/5

    By KelceyB
    It is DECEITFUL AND STRESSFUL to tell anyone they need to upgrade the app (Weather Channel for ipad) ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE IS NO NEW UPDATE FOR THE APP. The 24th of May 2018 is when your notifications state is my last chance???? WHAT LAST CHANCE???? If the app quits working on the 24th I will simply report you for a malicious app to Apple and fike federal charges of deceitful business practice because by United States law, your business must be honest and safe... Your threats are not safe and it is very dishonest.... When a update is available, announce it. Don’t try to stress me out over your glitchy app.... Apple will be notified immediately on the 24th if this does not become more stable and you do not cease your UPGRADE threats! HOW IS IT THAT A BRAND NEW IPAD IS SUPPOSEDLY HAVING YOUR APP COMPLICATIONS... I give one star because it does not allow negative reviews.. I would actually give you a -5 on performance and dependability.. In most cases and on most days.. your weather forecast is at least 5 degress inaccurate in some cases 10.... I live in the desert and your forecasts need to be accurate or it can lead to death... NOT COOL.....
  • Upgrade? 5/5

    By TheGirlWearingConverse
    I like this app, I hate the new one. Please keep this one.
  • Perfect APP 5/5

    By Who You Too
    Don’t change a thing, please!
  • Hard to figure 1/5

    By bvco2001
    I liked the old app, don’t like the new one, can’t figure out how to get my location right, how to get news, etc. Wish I could keep the old app.
  • Going out of business 3/5

    By brilliger
    App is OK but they say version will die on May 24. Can't download the newer version, "not compatible with my iPad." Why not compatible with iPads?
  • Other locations 1/5

    By Buash99
    I liked the pld app. I could load various locations in it in order to see how my family was dealing with their weather. This one is all flash and glitter. I had to pay to remove annoying adds. I hate this app!
  • TWC 1/5

    By Kerbo six
    I have to change my location every time I open this app. It defaults to Lake Forest and I have to change it to Laguna Woods. Can’t you fix this?
  • Liked the old version. 3/5

    By Webubbabubba
    Now told to upgrade. Don’t like the new version. Goodbye.

    By Wmpgordon
    I do not like this new app! I don’t need all of the videos! It is difficult to find the forecast for the next 10 days. You need to put the date on each day. It used to fill the whole screen on my iPad. I am going to find another app. Not impressed and unhappy!
  • Like current app but.... 4/5

    By akfwp
    The new app is poorly done and I will not update it. Why change something good to make it inferior?
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By fud67
    I love this app. But it’s gone in 5 days. The new app is awful and formatted for iPhones not iPads. Very disappointed!
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By PaulRider
    The only advantage of this app. is that it's quicker than the web site. Now these imbeciles have been haranguing me to upgrade, but when I try, I'm told it's not compatible with my device. Guess I'll just have to delete it and forget about these knuckle heads. Ever hear about "backward compatibility?"
  • Don’t take this version away 5/5

    By Abcded
    I love saved locations! I keep my kids locations at my fingertips and you just swipe thru them. I love seeing the week at a glance on one page! The new version doesn’t have it. It’s too cumbersome. Keep this version!
  • Two stars for new app being forced upon us 2/5

    By ChefIceQueen
    Why are you fixing something that isn’t broken??!! This “new” app is a freaking joke!!! If this one goes away and if I am expected to keep this new “required” update, consider it deleted!!! I hate it!!! For one, I reside in an unincorporated town that’s not a city but shares its zipcode with another city. The current app showed my town’s name as my current/home location. New app, doesn’t get this fact!!! Second, where did my ten saved cities go? My work is fifty miles away and id like the know the weather where my work is too. Plus I have saved cities of family and friends because I like to know what kind of weather they’re experiencing. Plus when I’m gonna go visit them, I know how to pack and dress accordingly. Consider this review the memo that I am breaking up with the weather channel app and am seeking a new one to put on my iPad.
  • The Weather Channel 3/5

    By Donna McD01
    I Loved the Old Version! I have both Apps until the Old One Expires May 29th 2018 I will use the old version. Do not like the Format on The New Version! The Old One was Big and Beautiful, why did You have to change it and take the other Version Away? Not a Happy Camper!!!
  • I like this app ... 5/5

    By virtues27
    I like this weather app and use it a lot. Really going to miss it when it is discontinued soon for the awful bad upgrade version. Already trying out other weather apps in hopes of finding another one that will be useful.
  • Since latest update 1/5

    By Zmmeo
    I had to re enter all my weather cities I review daily. APP keeps crashing and now I can only swipe to left to go from one to the next. This is more difficult due to my spinal cord injury my hands don't work as well to swipe this way. Used to swipe either way. Wish updates would not disrupt what already works.😞 continues to crash. This is the old version of Weather that you have replaced. I have downloaded the new app but I don’t like it! I would prefer this old app.
  • Can't download update 4/5

    By JC in San Francisco
    Since my last review this app has improved. However, now a screen comes up saying that I have until 5/24 to switch to the latest version. I've tried to do this at various times but the App Store gives me a message that the update isn't compatible with my device. The app I have is working fine. I use it every day. I hope it won't turn into a pumpkin on 5/24. First review Since the last update this app has been crashing when I change cities. It worked much better before. Please fix.
  • Nail in the coffin 1/5

    By Ebonweaver
    6 Days left! Upgrade required! But we still don't have a new version that actually works on anything but iOS 11!! Seriously that's just garbage. And based on reviews the new version is total junk as well because navigation was removed in favor of one big add filled scroll?? You just left the app market, time to find a new app. The add and visual downgrades in the past hurt you but overall the design was great and you threw it all away.

The Weather Channel App for iPad – best local forecast, radar map, and storm tracking app comments


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