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Tinycards - Fun Flashcards App

Introducing a fun new way to prepare for tests and memorize vocabulary! Tinycards is a flashcards app made by the team behind Duolingo, the most downloaded education app in the world. *Flashcards for Duolingo vocabulary.* Love Duolingo? Review the words you’ve learned with Duolingo course flashcards! *Prepare for tests effectively* Tinycards uses spaced repetition and other smart learning techniques to help you remember new material. Time to ace your next quiz! *Choose from thousands of topics or make your own decks.* Create your own decks and share them with friends, or pick from a variety of ready-made collections. You’ll find flashcards for biology, chemistry, geography, history, language, and more! *Tinycards. Big fun.* Learn almost anything with delightful, animated flashcards. Have fun unlocking new levels and keeping your memory strength bar full while you learn. *Simple and free.* Easy to use, 100% free.


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Tinycards - Fun Flashcards app reviews

  • Not current it’s Duolingo 2/5

    By kppep
    I like using the flash cards but a Tiny Cards hasn’t been modified to correspond with the Duolingo courses after that apps recent changes. Tiny Cards must be kept consistent if it is to remain relevant
  • SO HELPFUL!! 5/5

    By leleorbat
    I love studying languages, and I use study methods using cards. However, I’m not able to take all my cards with me all the time, every where I go - plus I tend to misplace the cards. Having said that, this app is PERFECT to meet my needs in being able to keep my cards in one place, to review my cards at any moment, and to have free clutter. This app also provides a way to set goals and make sure the user learns the content by series of challenges. This app is perfect for my learning experience and goals, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve on building his cognitive skills.
  • Why can’t I delete this app? 1/5

    By SamiSue
    It has become very frustrating that I cannot delete the Tiny cards app. I am finished using the app and would like to free up space on my iPad. I deleted duolingo and then deleted Tinycards-iOS app. For months now the Tinycards-iOS app is continually reinstalling itself on my iPad. This is not cool and it is freezing my iPad and making it very hard for me to use my iPad for my business. Please, please help me out here and fix this problem!
  • Why is he/him the only option? 1/5

    By lkllng
    I don’t know if this is true for all courses, but it’s rampant in the Italian flashcards. For any sort of example or translation involving a person, he/him are the ONLY option and only answers that are accepted as “correct.” Even if it’s something gender-neutral, like ‘mangia,’ which could be either he eats OR she eats, if you write down “she,” it will be marked as a typo at BEST, if not simply an incorrect translation. I couldn’t find a single example that didn’t force he/him, or didn’t task me if I tried to use she/her instead. It’s the main reason I stopped using TinyCards, because it’s just so draining. Not to mention to be told you’re in error for making your own choice for a gender-neutral word... forget being offensive, that’s just flat-out grammatically incorrect! It’s especially obnoxious coming from Duolingo, a company that usually tries to be fairly equitable. Where’s all the diversity that the language courses are so well known for?
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Sissy Birdsall
    Tinycards is such an amazing and well put-together app. I’m 13 and it’s summer break for me and I got really bored so I downloaded this. I decided to memorize the periodic table of elements for fun and I learned it in one day! I usually am not the biggest fan when it comes to studying anything but this app made it so easy and I kept finding myself wanting to study! Crazy, right? Anyway, I encourage everyone to download this whether you have to memorize a language in school or you just want to study for fun!
  • Pretty pretty pretty good 4/5

    By ellie the Great princess
    I like it but I wish I could get more followers personally I want I want people to well be able to do the test on my phone but count as viewers I hope you listen to to my statement sincerely Elizabeth
  • This app is amazing! 5/5

    By nadyadhillon
    I’ve been using Tiny Cards for about a year now, and I usually use it for my final exams. It works like a dream! KEEP IT UP!!! 10/10 would recommend and have recommended to a friend
  • BEST APP EVERRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    This app is so convenient and fun. This has so many topics of things I have to learn in school. This is a great 👍 studying tool for everyone.
  • Love these cards. 5/5

    By Boomkindruid
    These are intuitive flash cards and allow you to kind of hammer words into your wee brain until you're comfortable with your memory of them. I find it a nice add on, or if possible alone. You do end up writing and of course having to spell words in German. It was a bit annoying to me, but necessary. And when you must write and then spell it correctly, it does sink it. Even if it feels a bit annoying at first. You can just do over words you simply want to stick to for a while. I like it. And I've now found some of their other cards. Fun.
  • Losing progress 3/5

    By One Life, One Love, One King
    There are levels that I have completed that after a few hours show that I haven’t completed them. Is this supposed to happen?
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tea7182993
    For whatever reason I enjoy learning bits and pieces of new languages and taking some of them all the way to being closely fluent. While I do take classes I love using this app and Duolingo to help boost my language speaking skills. They are literally the perfect combo. The only tricky thing is trying out the new keyboard if you are learning a language that doesn’t have a Latin alphabet, it will throw you for a spin, but it all comes down to practice!
  • A great app with severe limitations 3/5

    By D2Rhino
    The UX/UI, functionality of this app is fantastic, as is the ability to create one’s own decks. However, the app is useless for most of my needs because of the incredible small character limit of the cards. This could easily be solved by allowing scrolling in the cards! Not worth my $ until I can add more characters. :)
  • I love the animation! 5/5

    By Kittykatkhloe
    It's really cute and it's also helping me learn French! Merci beaucoup!!
  • Good with little frstrations 5/5

    By Forgetitnow
    For instance, In the same lesson it will show the very same picture for a room but have two different synonyms with no way to determine which word they want
  • Copy cards 4/5

    By Clark e baker
    What happed to the cram feature? There are a few cards in each deck that I find I need to review more frequently it would be a great addition to be able to copy these to a custom deck. I find writing the custom cards to be tedious while using the app on my phone.
  • 建议 2/5

    By 孤煙
  • Amazing for reviewing! But... 4/5

    By Dragon Romance
    This is a great app for studying, but there are many things that could promote it to OUTSTANDING: 1. Taking note of which cards you miss the most, and the common mistake you make. 2. Addressing common mistakes in a separate quiz, so you can review properly. 3. I use the "quiz" for extensive review, so the "only show front/back" option would be very nice for that quiz, so as to challenge myself. 4. A simple way of friending someone (that you actually know) so you can easily send them flashcard decks to use. 5. Rating system for card decks. No stars, just a "Did you like this card deck?" Yes: "How was it helpful?" *list of options to choose from.* Something like that. 6. Review GAMES! Simple, fun games that will motivate you to study. When studying for a VERY DIFFICULT test/quiz, it can be monotonous and even boring to do the quiz three times in a row. 7. Like number three, but different types of quizzes, many variations to choose from! It could help with memorization. Those are all the suggestions I have for now. I love Tinycards, but as I love it, I want more for it. Continue the good work, Duolingo/Tinycards crew!!
  • Studying 5/5

    By fhkbosniiiueopqnansndk
    I love studying with this and learning
  • iPhone/iPad not the same 2/5

    By UPSY42q
    I don’t understand why the app for iPhone is different from the one for iPad. The iPhone version has awesome features like the ability to test yourself and even cram right before the test. None of these features are available on the iPad version. The iPad version just lets you revise the cards you make one lesson at a time.
  • Good, but prone to doing strange things 4/5

    By thundercoin
    The interface and everything is well made, and things work as intended. The issue is, drafts can sometimes be deleted without any warning...so keep them short and publish them and you should be fine. Great app, and would rate it 5 stars if not for the draft issue
  • Great app, could be better 4/5

    By Math_2016
    This app is great for those who already have Duolingo. The two apps together are great. However, it would be nice to be able to star or mark the cards in some way to indicate a card you should study (like in Quizlet).
  • Please add typing only option for custom decks 4/5

    By lexidi09
    Please! There are topics I would like to create flash cards or that multiple choice doesn’t make sense for.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By IanFalkenbury
    I like the app a lot for my French vocabulary but everyday it says I need to review words that I did the day before. Hopefully this wil Improve with updates, but it’s annoying that everyday I have to review the same things over and over
  • So loving this app! 5/5

    By kooserkate
    I am so enjoying this app. I am learning Italian for a future trip. I'm amazed at how much I have learned in a month's time! This app keeps you on task.
  • Only works once 1/5

    By TxSage17
    I took the geography lesson 7 continents 5 oceans before I did it with child. It started out with animated continents singing & giving the history of their formation. I later went back to it & it would only start with the part after lesson of typing the name in & so forth. I deleted & reinstalled. It still will not start at the beginning. On top of that, it only gave 6 continents. It left out South America.
  • Nice idea, not as well executed as duolingo. 3/5

    By csthom
    I have two main issues with tiny cards: 1) there are often multiple correct translations of words between languages. For example, “a” can translate to ein, eine, einem, einer or einen. Ein can translate back to a, an or one. These are all correct, but tiny cards has one listed as correct, and will tell you you got it wrong if you don’t pick that one. You can manually mark your own answer is correct, but if I already know the answer that well, I don’t really need the flash card. 2) it doesn’t automatically switch keyboards. This is a really nice feature with duolingo, especially since it also switches the dictionary. It’s frustrating having German words spell check against an English dictionary, and be autocorrected to an English word.
  • Unlike Main App 5/5

    By queen of failures
    I unlike the main app, this one is awesome. Everything about it makes sense, it’s fun, has nice sounds and a be y good algorithm and teaching method. The main app is confusing and does not make any sense at all, especially the pictures they use. Great app. Keep up the good work.
  • Lifesaver 5/5

    By gggjvdyvxfb dhb. ghvd
    I’m not much of a critic for this kind of thing because I haven’t tried a lot of these kind of apps, but I have a history test in 4 days and I was not ready but then I got this app. Thank you so much, I was starting to panic but I used this and will continue to use for all my flash card needs!!!!!!!
  • Love this 5/5

    By TinyCards User
    Very good app. I use it most of the time when I need to study.
  • Tiny Cards 5/5

    By GSLad
    Great language program, vocabulary booster. I’m using the Spanish Tiny Cards& they are very helpful to improve vocabulary. The Tiny Cards go right along with the DuoLingo language program, which is also great.
  • I like it 5/5

    By Sophis the cheetah
    Tinycards is great for practicing all different kinds of languages and other things too. I like that you can make your own decks
  • Good but..... 4/5

    By bbstx
    Although Duolingo teaches that a certain word has multiple meanings, when you go to Tiny Cards to practice, there is only one meaning it will accept. There is no indication if they are using the second person singular or the second person plural. Without a doubt this is a small issue, but for those of us who are competitive even with ourselves, it is very frustrating!
  • Great idea... just needs a little improvement 4/5

    By Annaleigha
    -Cards move too fast for an individual to memorize how to spell in another language.
  • Love it but... 4/5

    By Wishiwasbritish
    I really do like this app, it’s very helpful, just one issue. So I’m learning a language and basically for a word such as “the doctor” there are multiple ways to write it, because of different genders and it doesn’t clarify which one it wants, so I have to guess??? It’s pretty annoying because I have to keep doing it over again. It would be nice if it said masculine or feminine so I know which one to use. But I think it’s a cute app and it’s very helpful for vocabulary.
  • Tinycards 5/5

    By its you i swear
    I absolutely love this. I don’t have time of the extra money to do schooling. Y’all have made learning new languages awesome. Thank you all at DuoLingo for your hard work and efforts in this. Duolingo and tinycards keeps me on my toes by the way it down grades. Keep it guys and again thank you!!

    By tautaun
    This app is so great!! It is literally one of the best apps I’ve ever had!!! Thanks for the development!!!!
  • Funny typo! 5/5

    By JonP#762
    I love this app, and use it for a lot of my school! Just thought I’d point out on the new update after you take the quiz, if you get it 100% correct, it says,”All the percents are belong to you.” Haha! It should be all the percents belong to you. Love this app!
  • A good adjunct to DuoLingo 5/5

    By Carol2151
    Trying to relearn Spanish and like that tiny cards supplements my daily Spanish lessons. I really like that it is a good boost to my vocabulary as that seems to be the major area I need to communicate with my Spanish speaking friends.
  • It’s a good start, but needs work 3/5

    By Christineeeee1234
    I got this app to use w/my Duolingo, since Duolingo itself could do better about teaching you new words and conjugations etc. I decided to make my own deck to help w/past tense, because that’s where my Spanish becomes really weak. There are a lot of things wrong w/the way this app works. For one, I think multiple choice makes it harder to learn and easier to guess the right answer, but there’s no way to turn it off. Two, I chose the setting to only have to learn one side of the card because the other side might give it away (i.e. acronym) but that doesn’t work. Three, again multiple choice becomes a problem when some cards have the same answer on the back (true/false). Then you’re presented with two or even three possible choices that are all the same and you don’t know which one to pick. I could number them, but that would also give away the answer and make it harder to actually learn it. Four, when typing in longer answers, the keyboard finishes the words for you. My deck is about conjugation. So if I start with the verb stem and it finishes the ending for me, then I don’t get to learn the ending because they give me the answer. And I can’t turn this off. If you say, “we’ll just take off the stem” I tried that. I ended up with cards that have the same answers on the back, which takes me back up to number Three which is really just number one in disguise. This is just my first night of making my first deck. I need to make more decks because I like the flash card approach. I like that it ties to duolingo. What I don’t like are the above mentioned road blocks. All I need are options to turn all of that off. Please fix.
  • Loooooove 5/5

    By Vanessa123
    I love Tinycards as a Duolingo accessory! It really drives home the lessons and gives me a refresher when I need one. It's the best!!!
  • Genial 5/5

    By UnAprendiz123
    Muy buena aplicación para aprender vocabulario, dinámica
  • Love it. 5/5

    By Datanggou
    Very helpful
  • Good tool needs some work 4/5

    By Kennyzinho
    The used generated cards need moderating
  • Allow comments 4/5

    By bluestonejones
    I love this app. However, lots of people make decks with contests, and trivia’s, and things like that, and the only way we can participate is by making our own deck to answer the questions. If you could make it so we could comment on decks, that would be awesome. Thanks!
  • Almost there 2/5

    By The Hawaiian Avenger
    When this app was in beta it had folders called “bundles,” they didn’t last long but if they brought them back I would stick around. I create and use thousands of flashcards, I have over 70 big decks on Tinycards but I would have made hundreds if I could organize them better. I’ve waited a long time for them to bring back some kind of folder system because this app could be great but I’ve given up. It’ll never be much more than a kids app like this. Brainscape grandfathered me into their pro version so I’ll quit wasting my time with Tinycards. I hate to do it because I had high hopes for this app and loved it for a while but I need to delete it and not look back.
  • Incredible! 5/5

    By Nicky2245
    This app helped me memorize the fifty states! I need to know this for a test, and I was so worried. I found out about the states learning on here (follow the tiny geo) and in just one night I memorized it all.
  • Where did the progress bars go? 2/5

    By gregrampage
    I’m learning German and suddenly after updating there are no more progress bars meaning I have no idea which areas need work. Nor do I know which deck I’m working on! I have zero interest in using this now despite it formerly being good.
  • Works well 4/5

    By GDunnan
    Enjoying it. Good graphics.
  • Could be really good, but... 3/5

    By TinaDarlin
    This app is super glitchy on my iPhone 7 Plus which is running iOS 11.2.6. Most of the time (4 out of 5) it doesn’t respond to swiping away the cards, it just keeps going back and forth, from same card to answer, it won’t proceed to next card. So frustrating because it could be really useful and fun.
  • Tiny Cards is great 5/5

    By Cindiana1
    I am learning much faster using Tiny Cards. Great App.

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