Too Good To Go: End Food Waste

Too Good To Go: End Food Waste

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  • Current Version: 23.3.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Too Good To Go
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Too Good To Go: End Food Waste App

Join millions of food waste warriors by downloading Too Good To Go - the world’s number 1 app for fighting food waste. Pick up delicious meals and ingredients from local stores. ----------------- Each year, 40% all edible food in the US is thrown away. At Too Good To Go we want to put an end to food waste by creating a world where food produced is food consumed. Millions of meals have already been saved through Too Good To Go! Do you love great food at a good price? Do you care about the environment? Then download the app right away. Find. Collect. Enjoy - it’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 Find a store and place your order through the app Collect your meal at the store at the specified time Enjoy your meal a little bit more knowing you just helped the planet Check if there’s a Surprise Bag available nearby and discover stores you didn’t know before. Show some love to your favorite stores by sharing meals with your friends and family. You can also make a list of favorites in the app so you never miss out on a great deal, and when you’re going somewhere new, you can use the built-in map to spot stores nearby. We help restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and more reduce their daily food waste. A community of food waste warriors is awaiting you...

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Too Good To Go: End Food Waste app reviews

  • Great app. 5/5

    By Jsbrugh
    Love the app. Wish there were more places in my area. Right now there are only 2. Like being able to help save food from being wasted.
  • Scam 1/5

    By MWadd10
    You are tricked into paying for food that should go in the garbage. You aren’t ending food waste by buying edible overages. You are getting the food the restaurant knows it can’t sell to anyone because it’s days old or overcooked and tastes terrible. The app support doesn’t care when you contact them. It’s all a big scam. Don’t download. The idea sounds amazing in concept but it is terrible in reality.
  • Waste Not 5/5

    By DicksGetHardWMe
    Great way to try local community businesses & save food from landfills.
  • Great idea, no customer service? 1/5

    By M3g^n
    I love this idea. However, the first time I tried to use it the people working at the store told me they weren’t participating that day, even though the app had allowed me to place an order, and no one from the app has responded to my messages at all. Going to end up trying to dispute the charge through my credit card. Buyer beware!
  • Needs notifications 2/5

    By Breith79
    Fun idea to reduce food waste! Tried it once when I was able to get something local and it was decent (few pastries, several cookies, great way to try some place new). However, the notification system doesn’t work like you’d expect: sending you a notice when your favorited/starred places post their goods. To be able to score a bag from the popular spots, you have to use a third party notification app/service and that’s just sad. I tried setting alarms for the times my store would post but it’s so random, it’s just a frustration and disappointment. I gave this 2 stars because while it’s a cool idea, you can’t really use it without the 3rd party service. I’d gladly re-review it and use the app if it ever put in the notification feature as any customer would expect.
  • Amazing first experience 5/5

    By nanitoastle
    The company connects you with your local food business and helps food wastage. Used it for the first time to pickup a surprise box from a near by bakery. Wasn’t disappointed with the value and quality of products included. Would definitely recommend.
  • Non existent customer service 1/5

    By Gluttony Inc
    Please don’t use this app for your neighborhood stores. As long as they are chains like Peet’s or Philz you are fine. When the purchase goes wrong and you contact the customer service team - they don’t get back to you at all. You are forced to dispute transactions. Some local cafes will give you a scone for $4.32 🤷🏽‍♂️
  • Bad support 3/5

    By cuteponcute
    I love this app but grocery stores in my area ( at least 2) said they aren’t part of the app anymore and the app wouldn’t take them off AND I didn’t get my money back
  • Excellent App for workplace 5/5

    By Bartending Dood
    Received assorted donuts, assorted varieties of pastries, MY COWORKERS “think” I spent a bundle of cash for them! NOW, they are super nice to me at work… I love this app, saved me money, saved me time, and LOL- saved my job, too!
  • Great - but.. 3/5

    By supmin
    Super deals. But needing to “swipe” confirm at pickup is a pointless extra step and frustrating if you order planning on having someone else from work pick it up. And as a vegan it’s very hard to know if you can eat stuff from most places. So I use it mostly for bagels and pastries etc.
  • Don’t waste your time and money 👎🏻 1/5

    By Izmyr S.
    People just want your money and doesn’t give you what you reserved the “magic bag” I went to The sandwich Spot and by the time I arrived owner just left and of course he took my money, really disappointed, by the way site didn’t even deserves a star, a good advice? Please people save your money for other things!!!
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Groupon55
    Great way for restaurants to not waste food and customers try their goods at a discount
  • Great app 5/5

    By d.f.s23
    It’s a great app overall! I highly recommend it!
  • I don’t see the value 2/5

    By mattwerx82
    It is mostly bread.
  • Great concept but execution could be much better 3/5

    By Teh_z
    I have only used this service once as a result of it being poorly executed. I arrived at the restaurant at the start of the pick up time. They didn’t have my order. They had no food remaining and were dismissive. I biked 2 miles to get it so it was a huge waste of time and effort. Not only did Too good To Go customer service not provide me with compensation / discount for a future order but I had to wait more than a week for the refund. The app is also not that great. I don’t have an issue with the distance shown being a straight line like others have noted - that’s what Google maps is for! My problem is lack of selection - only the same 3-5 places show up within 2 mile radius and I’m in a dense area just a few blocks away from a very big and famous university with tons of restaurants in the area. The description of what might be offered is often very vague and we have no idea why places get the score they do. I understand we shouldn’t rate places like Google or Yelp as these establishments are doing us a favor but it helps to know if my bag is going to have boba tea or a sandwich? Is it going to be a meal or dessert / pastries? Will it have meat? I just called up a pasta joint that always shows up in the app. I thought I’d be getting cooked ravioli but was told it’s uncooked bits of fresh pasta. That type of info would be useful to have in the app.
  • Great Deal 5/5

    By TiaPK
    Great resource for bargain foods in the area.
  • Great staff and value 5/5

    By tuucb
    Great staff. Love their bagels.
  • Nice app! 5/5

    By Minetchlly
    I recommend this app to everybody. You help to keep the food waste, you help the store and you pay interesting prices!!!
  • Helping 5/5

    By gutt Thor
    Love the App
  • Great deal on left over pastries! 5/5

    By ginoramos
    This was my first time to use this app and service and was I impressed! For less than $5 I was able to take home 4 pastries of my choosing at Peet’s coffee house! They have better pastries than Starbucks to begin with! The pastries might be almost but not quite a day old but who cares? They’re still good for late night coffees/snack. Thanks so much,Pete’s Coffee, for letting people like me enjoy your left over for the day pastries instead of throwing them away! Much appreciated!
  • Too good to go 5/5

    By aprdur
    Very good food
  • Great app 4/5

    By Meemite
    I love thé app. It connects local businesses with people who would like to purchase food at a reduced price and decreases food waste. I also love that the app shows how much you have saved in food waste and $$ One small ask would it be possible to add notifications if your favorite adds a bag? It would be really helpful Thanks
  • I love this! 5/5

    By Melp achano
    I’ve eaten some really good food, cheap, and climate friendly
  • Good customer care 5/5

    By New miss sixty
    This company goes out of its way to satisfy their customers. Very respectful and trusting
  • Great Deals & Less Waste - Genius 5/5

    By lsfletch11
    Love this app and have used it to try various local places at a steep discount. They are expanding to new locations all the time, if you live in a larger city this app is a must. Love ordering when I have visitors in town, pastries and cold pressed juice for everyone!
  • Some food items SHOULD go…. 3/5

    By amazon shopper now
    I used this application and was extremely excited to (hopefully) get a great value with some decent food, but also to help the environment by reducing food waste. I selected a pizza place with a 4.6 rating out of 5 star rating. Seemed like a good start for my TGTG experience. The claim was that I would receive “a $15 dollar meal for $4.99”. Great deal I thought. EXCELLENT DEAL!!! Anyway, what I received in my suprise bag WAS a surprise. 5 slices of pizza that looked like thad sat out for 8+ hours. 1 pepperoni slice, 2 sausage slices, 1 margarita slice and 1 white broccoli. My issue… this is not “a meal”. It’s scraps. I would rather have taken that $5, gone to the store and made my own (better and fresh) meal. I give the application 3 stars due to the good idea, the ease of use, and the whole process (how smoothly it went). However… the product that you will get, the actual “food”. PEOPLE… do not do it unless you don’t mind eating 8 hour old food (which hey, a lot of you do judging by all the high star ratings). The food you will get….. it SHOULD HAVE GONE!!
  • It’s fun 4/5

    By Stingding
    It’s fun finding out what you get. I wish more businesses participated
  • Beware: App is a scam 1/5

    By Modemgeek
    First time ordering from Peet’s, the app says my order was cancelled. No worries. Tried Dunkin’ Donuts. Went out of my way and when I got there they said they never heard of this service and said they don’t do surprise bags. They also turned away a lady in front of me and a gentleman who came in as I was leaving. Store said it’s probably a scam. Was already charged for the surprise bag and got nothing
  • Great value 5/5

    By MarkusWongus
    Such a fun way to decide what you want to get. The randomness of the bags is always so exciting and it’s such good value. Get the app and get fun stuff
  • First order and restaurant ran out of items 1/5

    By Iamchichan
    I downloaded this as the idea behind the app is great. Sadly the restaurant I went to dropped the ball on my very first order. Put in my order yesterday for pickup today. Went to pickup during my window and bakery said they ran out of items. Waste of time. Still waiting on my refund.
  • First Timer! 5/5

    By cherrywilliamson
    The best experience! I got 3x more of what i was expecting!!! #GeorgetownBagelry so yummy!
  • Added Feature request :) 5/5

    By 10964216889053
    Truly Love this app concept of reducing food waste. It would be great if you allow us to see other customers reviews and also give us more details of the restaurant like what type or what kind of food they sale. ❤️❤️❤️
  • The Pie Hole inside Gelson’s 5/5

    By SD ❤️
    Great value for a whole pie, and 1 slice sample of another pie. Gave me 2 containers of Carmel sauce to add on top of the pies.Very friendly & helpful staff.
  • Great app 5/5

    By 什么呐
    Thanks for providing a new way to save money, continue to use!
  • Food 5/5

    By 😃😃👍🏼😃😃
    Good amount of good food
  • Losing sight of the point 2/5

    By Stryfe2007
    Let me search pickup today only versus tomorrow!! I want to save food, not pre-purchase an order
  • Great find! 5/5

    By TheMT888
    Nothing better than a good deal while preventing food waste! I’m in the SFV of Los Angeles and within a mile there’s at least three locations that have multiple pickups daily. I’ve not found another app that has as much community participation as this one and I love it. You prepay for a pickup, my offers are always a day in advance, and then just tell them you’re picking up a Too Good to Go order and you’ll get some quality items for really cheap!
  • Good way to save money and food 5/5

    By ImAdriana
    Great idea
  • Empanadas 4/5

    By Wallyworld 45
    This place was great service. And the food I had 3 empanadas were warm enough to eat. Filling and with the right sauce on the side! Very friendly staff
  • Best App I’ve downloaded in years 5/5

    By SamKilroy
    Serious moneys saver
  • Pastries 5/5

    By roknchi
    They still were ok
  • Where are all the restaurants ? 4/5

    By Sush1x
    DFW area and only 4 or 5 restaurants showing up? More marking please. Gonna get tired of cookies really fast.
  • Bussin’ as Fahk 5/5

    By Jdhhctbkk
    Yo this jawn being saving u mad dolla dolla bulls yo and is delicious as nut cream pie
  • First reservation 5/5

    By jeweleryhorder
    What I received for the monetary value was so worth it ! I’m looking forward to trying all kinds of offers !! Saving food & the planet is a win win for all of us !! Don’t hesitate!
  • Great idea! 5/5

    By FeliciaVGaddis
    This was my first experience with the app, and I am really pleased. It’s a great value for really good food. I will definitely be using this again.
  • Loving Thumbtack! 5/5

    By tashatai
    I use
  • Let’s end food waste. 5/5

    By Student Nurse K
    Such a genius idea for an app. If the experience could be more uniform from merchant to merchant, it would be a staple app for me. I am a graduate nursing student, so getting discounted pastries and meals is amazing - and I also feel good about it not going into the trash. One suggestion to continue to improve the app would be to add an add-on option. Many of the speciality coffee shops offer pastries and I would love to add a coffee if that’s an option potentially moving forward. I had one ask me when I arrived, but I was behind schedule and didn’t have time to wait. So, I would say - yes, add that, and the all can keep getting sweeter.
  • Good service, very fast, hot and fresh 5/5

    By stxdude
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By MaGgrg
    This is the best way to get food that otherwise would have been thrown out. Great concept, great savings!