Too Good To Go: End Food Waste

Too Good To Go: End Food Waste

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  • Current Version: 20.12.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Too Good To Go
  • Compatibility: Android
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Too Good To Go: End Food Waste App

Join millions of food waste warriors by downloading Too Good To Go - the world’s number 1 app for fighting food waste. Pick up delicious meals and ingredients from local stores. ----------------- Each year, 40% all edible food in the US is thrown away. At Too Good To Go we want to put an end to food waste by creating a world where food produced is food consumed. Millions of meals have already been saved through Too Good To Go! Do you love great food at a good price? Do you care about the environment? Then download the app right away. Find. Collect. Enjoy - it’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 Find a store and place your order through the app Collect your meal at the store at the specified time Enjoy your meal a little bit more knowing you just helped the planet Check if there’s a Surprise Bag available nearby and discover stores you didn’t know before. Show some love to your favorite stores by sharing meals with your friends and family. You can also make a list of favorites in the app so you never miss out on a great deal, and when you’re going somewhere new, you can use the built-in map to spot stores nearby. We help restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, and more reduce their daily food waste. A community of food waste warriors is awaiting you...

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Too Good To Go: End Food Waste app reviews

  • First try - restaurant closed. 1/5

    By dand1001
    First time using this app - got to the restaurant right on time and it was closed. Nice idea but really not worth the hassle since it sounds from other reviews like this team is not able to keep track of which restaurants are actually open and which ones aren’t.
  • More Locations!! 2/5

    By Spsp33rocks
    Come to LA/San Diego.
  • Good in theory 4/5

    By Adrian69690
    I’m very annoyed because every time I order food, the order gets cancelled an hour before because there “isn’t enough surplus food”. I don’t think they weed out their partners enough and, for example, sushi shop , despite the orders I’ve placed , have NEVER had my order available. Canceled each time.
  • Such an amazing concept and great way to spend money! 5/5

    By Juliamaryconte
    First time trying today and received so many goods for only 4.99! Such an amazing concept, so much food always goes to waste in this big city and it always angers me because so many people would appreciate that food. This really is such an awesome idea, it makes me so happy!
  • Brilliant 5/5

    By Smack me
    I never write reviews but honestly, I’m surprised it took someone so long to come up with this idea. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry and I’ve seen firsthand how much gets thrown out nightly, especially baked goods. I’ve ordered from several bakeries and, with a couple exceptions, generally distribute all the contents of my bag to my local homeless. For $6, I get to help restaurants make a little extra money, minimize food waste, and feed several homeless people. And the food I have kept for myself has been consistently delicious. A perfect app at the perfect time. And so great to see new businesses being added all the time. Everyone should use this app!
  • BEST APP EVER!!! 5/5

    By Agtch07
    Love it
  • Great app 5/5

    By jinnnnnnnny96
    Love this app! Great idea! I just wish they gave me a push notification when my favorite stores release their bundles. I keep missing them :(
  • Nothing offered around me 1/5

    By 80lafea
    I was really excited to try this app. Unfortunately, there are no businesses that use this app around my community. I expanded my radius up to 20 miles and still nothing available. I went ahead and deleted this app as it was no use to me and only taking space on my phone. Now I receive endless emails from them and have no way of unsubscribing! It’s such a pain in the butt!
  • Only for New York 1/5

    By chokobera
    I don’t understand... the only city where I can find any restaurants is New York City. None in Seattle, Los Angelos, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Vancouver.... so basically this is an app for New Yorkers only at this point? Why waste my time instead of saying that upfront on the download screen?
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By Hijinx1812
    I’m sure that it’s a great app for areas that it actually supports, but I’d like to know what areas those are. I’ve set my search area to 20 miles and tried multiple large cities throughout my state with no luck. I’d tried this app a few years ago with the same results and deleted it. I optimistically download it again in the hopes that they’d expanded their bubble. As stated earlier, they haven’t. So here we go again - delete and maybe try again in a couple of years.
  • So this is only good in NYC or Boston?? 5/5

    By KanyeLovesRayJ
  • This is amazing!!! 5/5

    By malhaaa
    Mama zing
  • Enjoyed ! 5/5

    By Ay-duh
    Couldn’t believe the amount of good food I got and how much I paid for it AMAZING !
  • Me likeyyyyy! 5/5

    By duhitsflo
    I love that you can have an affordable option of healthy food. It’s kinda cool how it’s also a surprise. I had a celery root soup and I probably would’ve never tried it had it not been a surprise. Very nice! And not to mention tasty!
  • First try, think it’s great! 5/5

    By Jasmin!!!!
    This was my first try, but already love it. For $5 I received a bagel, chicken veggie soup, and a large plate of food- including roasted chicken, curry cauliflower, etc. can’t wait to use this apps again! For $5 it’s fun to get a super prize!
  • Wouldnt close our store 1/5

    By cisshntsh
    Hi! We have had some very large issues; First; any day we didnt have leftover food, they would still allow people to order from us and we would have to turn them away, even though we would mark on the app that we had no items. Second; we closed since my boss retired. We talked on the phone and email multiple times telling them we were closing and to take down our store and they said they would, but we still got orders days later when we were closed. Third; we had many orders that we filled in December yet they are pretending we havent gotten any December orders. Where is my boss’s money? She needs that, shes elderly and her husband is sick. Last; trying to contact them is almost impossible at least on the business end; they have a live chat and phone number, which rarely have people on them to respond (not even a voicemail). Or you can fill out a form for them to email you back. Its a good idea but id much rather see the food going to homeless or lower class families that need it too.
  • Love it 5/5

    By natsann
    Great way to get good food and teach the kids the value of the food. Highly recommend.
  • More transparency! 1/5

    By Maemaeevie
    Don’t force people to download the app before they find out what the deal is, be up front about it from the beginning! They are “surprise” bags of food for a discount. I highly doubt these are cutting down on any food waste. How do they know that restaurants aren’t just buying the cheapest ingredients possible to throw in there and make more money, pretending like it’s this discounted deal? Seems like yet another brand getting heaps of attention for their “feel good” concept when no one stops to think about the reality of what’s actually happening.
  • Who ever thought of this is a genius! 5/5

    By Chessmastr
    I am very impressed that for a few dollars, you can collect a good amount of good food. Plus you helped food not being wasted. I love it!
  • Love it 5/5

    By LLNYC2018
    Great way to try new spots, support local shops, help with food waste and fill your belly in the process! Win win so happy to support this and to promote it to all my family and friends. Kudos !
  • Two months honest review in NYC 4/5

    I live in midtown NYC, near Hudson Yard. In this area, there are ample options and restaurants that are in close walking distance, with more being added occasionally. Most are bakeries, some supermarkets and restaurants, with a variety in cuisine, predominately Italian or Mediterranean. There’s unfortunately not many Asianic foods (no Chinese yet, and only one sushi place so far). The app is good in helping you find new restaurants and explore around the city, especially if you’re not a picky eater and just follow the discounted food. The restaurants that are partnered with the app, for the most part, are great; they give enough food for a full meal at a discount of their usual price. The discount varies by restaurant: some are crazy great (a supermarket I pick up at 1-2x a week usually have $16 worth of packaged food for $5, calculated from the price stickers on the food) whereas others are less enticing ($4 for a single sandwich usually priced $8, despite the profile of the restaurant on the app advertising a normal cost of $15, over-inflating their sale discount), so your experience in saving money definitely varies depending on which place you pick up at. Most of my negative experience with the program are from inconsistencies with pickup times (a restaurant listing a 10-11 am pickup when in reality they should have done a 6-7 pm pickup, and when I arrived, they told me they didn't have any food for me even though I purchased a bag for that specific pickup time) or number of pickups that a restaurant has for a day (the sushi restaurant told me they only do one pickup a day, and that they had already given out their food, even though the app had listed 3 pickups leftover), causing me to waste time heading to the places. I don’t really know if the fault lies in the restaurants themselves not managing their times or pickups accurately, or if the app is messing up those variables, but it definitely inconveniences the buyer. But to give credit, TooGoodToGo’s support and refund process is simple, and I received money back for the two inconvenient orders (took about roughly 2 business days for them to respond back after submitting the claim). Moving forward, it would be nice to see some other features get added to the app for accessibility and quality of life. For example, it might be nice to have a map view of restaurants that we can pick instead of picking from a list in order to see topographically where a restaurant is located. Another benefit would be having commented reviews of restaurants instead of just star reviews since those can be extremely vague; it can also help consumers to know about problematic restaurants.
  • Pleasantly surprised, discovered new place 5/5

    By MargaretinMarbella
    Finally used the app and we were pleasantly surprised by the ease of use and thrilled with the inclusion of smaller businesses like Bootes. This was our first purchase and in the process we discovered a new favorite cafe in Marbella’s Old Town, Casco Antiguo. We were early since we wanted to check out the cafe and enjoyed drinks and shared a quesadilla while waiting for Blanca to prepare a fresh fruit shake and fabulous tuna bowl as our “Too good to go” pack.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By ericmirella
    great app I always get more food for the value and perfectly great food. Tastes great and a huge amount for a little price. Never tastes old or expired. Great!
  • LOVE 5/5

    By lil g baby cake
    What an amazing idea, app, and experience. THANK YOU
  • Best way to eat around Boston! 5/5

    By Jazzbauza
    I live in Boston and the food scene can be a little pricey. I love this app but you do have to be a bit quick with it because some restaurants sell out quickly. I’m really excited to try more restaurants now that I can actually afford to eat out more!
  • Can’t open the app 1/5

    By samyuul
    It crashes as soon as I set my location to while using, then I try to turn to location off and enter a different location manually, and it starts crashing again.
  • Great in Theory 1/5

    By wonderfulras
    But the app keeps crashing as soon as I try to either enable my location or search my location. Once this is fixed I will gladly give a higher rating. I want this to work so badly but don’t know how else to contact the developers.
  • Major issues 1/5

    By josieweston
    I love the idea of this app and what it’s doing, but the app itself is not made well. When I first downloaded it everything was fine and I just wanted to see what it was all about. But that only lasted about 5 minutes before it crashed. Now it won’t even stay open long enough to load before crashing again. I’ve even tried removing and redownloading it. Once I get signed in it crashes again...looking forward to this being fixed and their area being expanded, but for now I’m disappointed, such a great idea...
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Bakernikki330
    One star only because it’s crashing every time I attempt to get on the app. Hopefully this gets resolved.
  • App is crashing 1/5

    By appleyoureannoying
    I can’t even open the app for a second without it closing
  • App won’t even open 1/5

    By Britt's review
    The idea of the app is fantastic and I think i would love it if the app would work!!! It keeps force closing whenever i try to search using my location. I will review again if they get the app to work :/
  • crashing over and over again 1/5

    By Ashleyg1322
    I downloaded this app and was so excited to start using it but I can’t even open the app without it crashing, like the app doesn’t even work at all. I have an iPhone 11 Pro and everything is up to date on my phone so i don’t understand the problem. i’m super bummed out about this, i’ve never had this happen before
  • ... 1/5

    By TeBee1110
    App won’t even open...
  • Crashes 1/5

    By b00mstick
    Every time I choose my location, it crashes and I can’t open it again unless I uninstall and reinstall it. Pointless.
  • App doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Sbakdbahabbdbd
    App crashes every time I try to add my location. Have tried quitting and uninstalling. Even if there is a fix, it’s too complicated from a user experience perspective and I’m not sure why I would even bother.
  • I like the idea, but ... 2/5

    By always thinking about food
    The app keeps crashing.
  • App closes out every time I select a city 1/5

    By lipyyyyyy
    Seems like a pretty big bug. Every time I select a city, it just closes the app out. Need to provide a fix.
  • Watch out they cancel orders 2/5

    By Sad n Cold
    I was super excited to try this app but when I ordered they decided to cancel on me last minute because they ran out of food. I walked for 30 min in the blistering cold to the location only to find my order was cancelled on the app which I didn’t even know was possible. There was some weird delay in updating my order status and it only cancelled once I got to the location. Instead of writing this in tiny font in the bottom of the page somewhere a bigger warning would’ve saved 1 hour of my life...
  • Nice surprise bag 5/5

    By girl0505
    I used the good to go app for the first time. I went to the restaurant, was given 2 options. I chose quesadilla, to my surprise they added rice, and tortilla chips. I was very happy with my purchase
  • Crashes, won’t load anything 1/5

    By JPingok
    Crashes when I put in my location.
  • Great!! But app crashes 4/5

    By sunnyyyxu
    Awesome idea, wish there were more options by me but love that element of surprise. Also the app also kept crashing and can’t reopen anymore after I moved the pinned location
  • crashes after i chose my city :( 1/5

    By Algaekidd
    i created an account and as soon as i put in my city, it crashed and now immediately crashes every time i try to open it. I really hope this issue is fixed soon so i can use the app, im very excited to see if there are any locations available in my area and if so which ones!
  • Crashes when looking up location 2/5

    By thui07
    I have barely been able to use this app because it keeps crashing when it tries to look up a location. (I tried both allowing the app to use my location, then disabling it and manually typing in and choosing my city.)
  • App does not work 1/5

    By gymell1
    I downloaded the app and when I try to verify if have something close to my the app just closes. I tried a lot of times.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By earthbblo
    I wish I could use this app. It seems amazing, but I can’t even use it because it crashes after 3 seconds of opening it :(
  • Bummed! App immediately shuts down 1/5

    By jimmy_424
    Love the idea but Can’t even open the app. It immediately shut off the minute I put in my location. I keep trying to get into it now and it keeps shutting it down. Was really excited to check it out too :(
  • Food Taster 5/5

    By Asesinq
    This is an excellent way to lower food waste and a Great way to check out the cuisine of restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and delis.
  • How did it take so long for a company like this to exist! 5/5

    By Must See Broadway
    Wonderful mission and easy peasy to use.
  • No locations 4/5

    By Merc1296
    Interesting concept but I live in Albany and looked around the entire area of upstate New York and found nothing, Down as far as Poughkeepsie. All the way north and west to Syracuse. Absolutely nothing