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  • Current Version: 5.6.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Total Traffic App

The new Total Traffic app is the most accurate and convenient way to get to the places you drive to the most. Total Traffic lets you create personalized routes for your daily commute; from home to work, to the airport, school, the gym and more. You know where you’re going; Total Traffic gets you there quickly! Total Traffic is the first personalized traffic app that uses accurate real-time data and tips from our commuter community to reduce travel time and driving stress. In just a few quick steps, your personalized “My Places” home screen is set up and ready to help you get wherever you go every day…faster. Total Traffic provides benefits like: ● Easy to personalize “My Places” home screen – see the most relevant traffic info and best route options ● One touch access to traffic information to your “Places” no matter where you are ● Real-time traffic information for up to the minute detail on the routes that matter most to you ● Commuter Community: Participate and benefit from the virtual commuting communities on the roads you drive. Share and receive tips about accidents, construction, road hazards and weather activity ● Real-time audio traffic reports, customized to your daily routes ● Audio alerts as you drive with incident information relevant to your destination ● “Save Last Drive” --create and save the exact route you drive and not simply rely on an automated path that misses the back-roads you know. With Total Traffic, you can receive all of this information via the map and route segments or you can also listen to custom audio reports for your personalized routes to learn which roadway is best. This app does use the GPS in the background to deliver the best traffic information to your phone, so please be aware that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Total Traffic utilizes the cutting edge technology of TrafficCarma ™, a real-time traffic data engine that generates the most up-to-the-minute traffic and routing information from one of the world’s leading sources of traffic data. Total Traffic... Powered by TrafficCarma. For What Lies Ahead.


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Total Traffic app reviews

  • thank you for this app 5/5

    By robloxIs thebest
    it helps me tell me mom what the traffic is like
  • App doesn’t give fastest route 1/5

    By Rkelly248
    Completely ignored the fastest route to my job. My work is a 45 minute commute the way I normally go. The app offered a route that took over an hour and then a route that was 3 hours. How does that make sense?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By J. Barr
    The old app worked great. The new one is not even worth having. I am deleting it. Zero stars is to much of a rating
  • What have you done???? 1/5

    By GybeHo
    Are you trying to be like Waze? I loved the way you were. Go back to show the traffic congestion rather than trying to tell me how to get somewhere I already know.
  • Good crash info 5/5

    By Think Tank Hank
    Very helpful app
  • Update ruined the app 1/5

    By I love me so much
    This used to be my favorite app until you updated it. Now it’s useless. I’m deleting it. It doesn’t even deserve one star.
  • Crap, go back to the old one 1/5

    By Nathan🤔
    Bit*h slap who said change the old one. This one is junk, y'all screwed up something that needed nothing. -5stars
  • Please go back to the old version 1/5

    By socalisurfing
    The old version was such a difference from map apps, why did you make it a map app? Switch it back to the old general traffic views.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Miller6824
    They took away the static traffic map feature and now the app doesn’t even show correct traffic info. We don’t need another google maps, especially one that doesn’t work. I have deleted the app, poor development!
  • Hate it 1/5

    By mzmurphy2u
    Worst app ever I liked it when I first got it now I hate it turned me always around when I could’ve just gone my normal route worst ever
  • Go back to the old version! 1/5

    By Shark_week
    This used to be my favorite traffic app. It was easy to use and gave up to date traffic for whatever area you were in. Now it is useless. Stop trying to be Waze. I really wish she would go back to the old version. It was simple and useful.
  • Oh No!!!!!! 1/5

    By Havekids
    It used to be one of my favorite apps. A useful tool that worked quickly. I recommend it to everybody. I'm very upset with the update, It is a totally different thing now! Not Good! Please, pretty please, Make all the version available!
  • Fails to start up properly. 2/5

    By Tajoslin
    Put in start point and end point and it just sits there doing nothing. Shut the app down and restart but that didn’t help. Works, sometimes.
  • This app is now a total waste 1/5

    By joebob 123
    This was the best traffic app, it was easy to look at roads and zoom in or out. Now it is a mess. They have runied a great app.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Msjrny
    I loved this app prior to the update. It was very easy to see my route. Too complicated. Please un-do!
  • Worrible! 1/5

    By efhvideotech
    Why did you change it? Sigalert has the old map. I deleted this one.
  • Love "Places" 5/5

    By uncleleo247
    I love that I can store the places I frequently go to, awesome new feature!!!
  • Ruined a perfectly good app 1/5

    By WCB404
    If it's not broke, why try to fix it. You have totally ruined an app that was simple to use and did it's job. I'm not interested spending time going through buttons and pages just to see if there is problem on my route. I just want to take a quick look, check for problems and go. I will not delete it yet, going to see if you respond to all the complaints, and fix it. If not, it will be placed in the deleted file like others that tried to create a better app, and failed.
  • Update absolutely ruined app 1/5

    By Therealtoolaholic
    I used this app every day, I hate this app after the update. Uses location after leaving app, can't find cameras at all anymore, impossible navigation around map as you click on highways to get info instead of just panning around map. Please get it back to original!
  • Stinks 1/5

    By OhioJohnny
    Please bring back the old version. This "new" version is horrible.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By myappworld
    Why fix something that wasn't broken? It WAS easy to read and quick. Now it's hard to even tell what the conditions are like. Time to look for a new app. Sometimes simple is better people.
  • Worse update ever 1/5

    By Why did it change???
    Worse update ever!! Use to love this app, now it is far too complicated. Simple traffic flow is all we need.
  • Update has ruined app 1/5

    By jhkilroy
    I just want to look at traffic cameras now this app has none and is just a waze wannabe. RUINED APP ! Deleted from phone now.
  • Loved it before 1/5

    By Dkl81
    I loved this app until the recent update. It was so convenient to see a full clear map of my city's major roadways with accident updates. Now it is too difficult to do while driving. Seems like it's trying to mimic Waze. Had to delete.
  • Total Traffic App 1/5

    By drshock6969
    Now it has become Total Crap App. Would love to hear the justification for this Attempt to make it more Waze like. Hopefully they built an easy way to get back to the older model with either a click or a bug fix.
  • Loving the new app and obviously where it's headed 4/5

    By rjohman
    Love the new traffic detail, the routing and saving of routes, the social aspect and the opportunity to contribute to better accuracy and currentness. It may have some areas for improvement but I'm sure they will be tackled, just like the old one. Yes, I'm initially resistant to change, and I like where they are going with this. Technical detail backed by a media company who wants to make your driving experience great with music, talk and now traffic data where I can contribute can only be positive. I'm all in. Who knows what the traffic experience will turn into.
  • Was a good app. Not now 1/5

    By Mes1701
    If it isn't broke don't fix it definitely applies here. I can't describe the over thought useless features on this app. Excess, over done. A BATTERY KILLER. Oh and no more traffic cams either. I am looking for a new traffic app
  • A good app ruined 1/5

    By Gman in CO
    As many other reviews have said the update has ruined this app. I think the developers have started to use the Google Maps traffic database and screens. Before the update TT was by far the best app for traffic info in a metro area. Now it rates last in my opinion. Bring back the old app in some form or another.
  • Newest version is awful 1/5

    By Benkner
    The only reason I left one star, is because I cannot leave zero. The old version was fantastic simple and easy. This version is terrible. They are trying to be Waze but much much worse.
  • From great to garbage 1/5

    By Linda El
    Was great, all I needed to know on one screen! Now I can't even use it. I didn't need another navigation app - I just needed a traffic app. Guess I will have to search for a new traffic app.
  • Bad update 1/5

    By uturnvern
    I agree with the others. I can't pull up a simple map while driving with the update.
  • New version is AWFUL! 1/5

    By Cat22777
    Old version: open app, find problems on road or camera to see view. New version: can't find ANYTHING. Please bring back old version. Don't download this app as is!!
  • LessThanZero 1/5

    By No nicknames available 1234
    Was a Great App. WAS Total Trash now. I have Deleted The New UnUsable Version. PLZ bring back The Terrific Total Traffic
  • They shouldn't have changed this app 1/5

    By smb26
    I used to love this app. Used it frequently, it had good info. The last update rendered it useless. It's now deleted. Used my location all the time, wouldn't show current traffic issues. In short, no longer worked for the purpose I downloaded it.
  • Wish I could give it zero stars 1/5

    By mg6035
    What in the world were you thinking? Change for the sake of change is not always good. The old version was perfect. Pick a highway and see the speed traffic was flowing. Immediate information. This one gives me much less info then the old one. Please bring back the old version.

    By ColoringgFanaticc!!
    I can not stand the "New" version of this app.. if I wanted an app. like this, I would've chosen a different one. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the way the app. used to be. I used to open the app. and all the roads I used were right there, telling me exactly where the slow traffic was. Now, it's a TOTAL MESS!! If Total Traffic wants this new version, would you please at least make the old one available, and let us know. You can name it, "Tried & True Total Traffic." I loved your app. the way it used to be; I dislike the app. now.
  • Abomination 1/5

    By How can this happen
    How could you take a straight forward useful tool for avoiding traffic jams or for knowing how long you may be delayed and turn it into a poor imitation of MapQuest ? Additionally the app, such as it is , does not work at all on iPad. Finally it's running presence on my iPhone 7 turns it into a branding iron and drains battery so fast that iPhone will be a molten brick before you arrive at your destination.
  • Update Ruined This App 1/5

    By The Garth Lord
    Before this update, the app loaded fast and loaded right to an easy to read map that gave me the information I needed quickly. Now, after the update, it loads to a crappy "recent trips" screen, and the map is now harder to read and now rotates based on position. NO! Have the map be fixed perspective like before. If i want to rotate it, let me toggle an option for it. Furthermore, why does the app now want me to make an account? I don't want an account, and I know I can skip it but it's annoying. I used this app to quickly get a traffic overview, but now it can't even do that in a reasonable time frame. You should fire whoever developed this new monstrosity of an update.
  • Can't use 1/5

    By Owendziqjsj
    Don't know what happened but assume this is "new" version. Unable to use app unless I create an account and load routes? Sorry- will get my traffic elsewhere. Uninstalling.
  • What were they thinking?? 2/5

    By Weather42
    Eeck! What were they thinking in rolling out this update? It's awful! You have to skip multiple attempts to get you to create an account, then the graphics look like something on a 20 year program. And I don't see how to display traffic cameras either.
  • Ruined by the update 1/5

    By Super monkey god
    Omg this app is ruined now. I really liked seeing what traffic is like on the highways. I already know my best route- I don't need the help. In one "upgrade" this went from an app I used at least twice daily to the first app I will delete when I need storage. Now I feel like I'm driving blind. Thanks for ruining a good thing
  • Could I give Zero stars? 1/5

    By Jena1399
    The new version is garbage. I didn't ask for another travel app. This was supposed to show the travel speeds along the interstate, between exits. That's all gone and in it's place is some crappy routing system. Deleting for good.

    By Lindy
    I'm not sure how anyone thought this new version is better - but I do not like it at all. Before I could just start the app and it showed - easily - where traffic conditions were. Not any more! I travel multiple highways for my drive to work and it was a huge help. I recommended it to plenty of people. I won't anymore if this is how it stays. More is not always better and that definitely applies to this.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Wile E Bear
    This was a nice straight forward traffic app giving highway speeds. The new version wants to act as a gps. I know where I'm going, I just want traffic info.
  • This latest version is terrible 1/5

    By HLdater
    The map of the overall metro area is gone. I can't squish up the current one enough to see my route. It isn't recognizing voice commands and I got an error when I tried to create an account. I'm going to Waze, which is too bad because TT used to be my go to app for traffic.
  • Bad update! 1/5

    By Gazelle112
    This new update was completely unnecessary and just makes it impossible to see traffic in list format. The map always appears on the screen. One must choose a highway from the map in order to see the traffic speeds. It was easier to choose one from a list on the side of the screen. This way takes more time and is confusing.

    By Yevdhd
    this new update is absolutely terrible. It is not user friendly, very hard to navigate, and makes it ten times harder to actually find out the traffic flow. The original format of the app was amazing. This update ruined it; it made it very difficult and confusing to use and very inconvenient when trying to check traffic quickly before driving. Terrible new format.
  • Completely wrong. 1/5

    By Oldbluegmc50
    Map says green. I'm stuck in traffic. Dead stopped.
  • Like it! 5/5

    By BtrDeadThanRed
    If you live in a metro area, a quick check of this app before starting your trip will show you where problems are in real time. It will show you specifics as to what is causing delays by simply clicking on the map. I'm a truck driver and the app works well for me when I get into bigger cities where alternate routes are available. But if not, then at least I know what the hold up is, where it is, and maybe even what lane will be the right one. Nice app.
  • Won't work 1/5

    By W6MD
    I have enabled location tracking but when I start the app it blows up.

Total Traffic app comments


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