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Truist Mobile

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  • Current Version: 1.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Truist Financial Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Truist Mobile App

Looking for a better banking experience? You found it. Feel more in control of your finances and plan with confidence—everywhere you go. Take care of everyday banking, plus enjoy innovative features and smarter technology so you can achieve more. What’s better? Features that put you first and push you forward. Accounts & cards * View account details and transactions. * Set alerts preferences. * View statements. * Order checks and supplies. * Manage overdraft options. * Lock and unlock your cards. * Set spending limits and locations. Transfer & pay * Transfer between Truist accounts or external accounts. * Send and request money with Zelle®. Sign in & security * Enable Face or Touch ID for quick access. * Change your user ID and password. * See sign in history and remembered devices. Mobile deposits * Deposit checks. * View deposit history. Planning & insights * Get insights on spending, trends, cash flow, and unusual activity. * Link external accounts. * Set and track spending budgets. * Compare spending habits. * Monitor savings goals. Rewards & deals * Earn cash back with your credit or debit card. * View and redeem credit card rewards. Help & support * Call Truist support. * Find a branch, ATM, or bank service. * View help & FAQs. * Schedule an appointment. * Access your Truist inbox. Additional features * Add quick links for frequently used tasks. * Show, hide, and reorder accounts. * Browse and apply for other Truist accounts. * Upload receipts and attach to transactions. * Customized investment portfolio experience

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Truist Mobile app reviews

  • Huge downgrade from U by BBT 1/5

    By Game player3
    Just starting off i hate the fact i can no longer see my quickview balance without logging in! This was such a good feature i dont know why it would be done away with. Also the new app is super glitchy, barely wants to load at times and when i close the app or click off it my face id that i used to log in goes off and freezes my phone for a moment. Also why can i still see my information on the U app wouldnt you think it would be better to only allow one app to display my info to prevent hackers from getting into the U app without yall knowing because you are focused on the new app. I feel like you never should have changed apps it was a super inconvenience you could have just rebranded the old app.
  • Suntrust 1/5

    By Onedayfarms
    Liked Suntrust this transition is terrible. Time to change banks.
  • This app is a sad joke 1/5

    By thatco0lchick
    This app is absolutely TERRIBLE compared to BB&T. I can’t believe what a downgrade it is. I also don’t understand why they couldn’t have just made an update to the BB&T app and changed the name to Truist. This is an absolute joke and a terrible way to start out taking over BB&T customers. Seriously unimpressed.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By papinash
    App consistently has errors and I can’t log in. It’s been 3 days !!! Bring back BB&T U!
  • Broken 9/16/2021 1/5

    By swarren42
    Prompted to update today. Did so, logged in, prompted to update. Repeat. Deleted app, reinstalled. Same result. Completely useless app now.
  • Suntrust versus Truist apps 1/5

    By TBjorgan
    Do not care for this app! It’s more complicated, not as efficient and easy to use as the Suntrust app which was much more user friendly. Very disappointed in the changes that we are now forced to endure with this app.
  • “Turn on location services…” 1/5

    By mjm.00
    “Turn on location services…” popup blocks app login. Also, login doesn’t work. Login doesn’t work.
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By Squizzard41
    So, our account has moved from BB&T to Truist and I can’t access my account information. I keep getting an unknown error message every time I try to log in to the account. It’s so totally frustrating! I need to make a payment using Zelle and I can’t access it. I’m beyond disgusted with this app!
  • Touch ID not functioning 3/5

    By fastgear44
    The Touch ID function is inoperable. When I go to Security features and slide the Enable tab to the right it pops up the message “your Touch ID has changed, would you like to replace it?” — answer no & it disables slide switch…. Answer “Yes” and the Touch ID thumb print appears, reads my print when touched, but then disappears and deactivates the slide switch. All my other apps work properly with my thumb print log ins & have been using for three years without problem. Please advise when resolved. Thanks.
  • Why did Truist not keep using a proven BB&T app? 1/5

    By catlady11111
    Just tried to deposit check using new Truist app. Kept getting message that amount of check entered did not match the check photo. Tried re-entering amount, closing/re-opening app, taking new photo of check nothing worked. Finally called Truist support. Rep had me delete app & re-install, which did not work. Then she had me load the app on my iPhone (I had been using my iPad because that is the only device that I use for banking). I was able to deposit check with I phone (I think). I got confirmation number but the deposit is not showing as pending in the account, nor did I get a confirmation email, which is apparently not an option with Truist, as it was with BB&T. At that point, the rep felt that she had done her job; it was now MY problem that the app does not work on the iPad since it works on the iPhone. Told me to check my settings & updates. Well, I did; they are the same on both devices; all operating systems & apps are up to date; the devices were restarted yesterday. And the BB&T app worked on my ipad; Bank of America app works on my ipad. If I cannot deposit a check using the Truist app on my ipad, maybe I need a new bank. What happened to BB&T’s customer service? Did that get lost in the merge along with a working mobile app? Also, the deposit should show immediately in the account as pending, and we should get a confirmation email. BB&T did; Bank of America does.
  • Bbt app had a much better layout 2/5

    By Bad word app
    I preferred the bbt app so much more. It was way more user friendly. I hate that the checking and savings aren’t just listed separately from the get-go on this app.
  • This App is awful 1/5

    By mdhcismb
    I can’t even log on to my new app, it keeps taking me in a wild goose chase, telling me to go here, click this, do this, do that. In the end I can’t get on. I’ve already had several issues with this merge, I am leaving this bank & going to another.
  • Awful 1/5

    By cant leave reciew
    How to 2 major banks merge together and create such a horrible app? The Suntrust app wasn’t perfect but this is ridiculous. And what’s with the excessive purple?!
  • Nothing like BB&T 1/5

    By Jw25817859
  • Please fix this horrific app. 1/5

    By redjb74
    I never write reviews, but this app has been abysmal to use. I was with BB&T, and I never had issues with that app. Now, I have been unable to deposit a check using this mobile app for several days. I don’t live anywhere near a location, so this is my only option. I called and was put on hold 3 separate times for over 2 hours. And it’s still not resolved. The customer service is absolutely horrendous. Reading the other reviews here, it’s fairly obvious this is an issue for many, yet it’s not fixed, which is an outrage. You’re talking about people’s money for crying out loud! Fix this, or I’m going to another bank.
  • Decent / basic problems 2/5

    By Kol-Deem
    App is glitchy and won’t work if you put it in a folder with other apps. App logo doesn’t load and quick menu won’t work half the time. Developers need to really do an overhaul. Looks good, works sometimes. You’re playing a dangerous game with people’s money and lives if they can’t access it easily.
  • Bleh…. 2/5

    By Aec01
    Bring back the BB&T app function and layout. This one does not function nearly as well. Try again!
  • missing features 3/5

    By djavsodjxhjdk
    the bb&t app let you see your credit score which was really nice the new truist app does not. purple happens to be my favorite color but not when it’s the main color of an app, it’s too dark.
  • Really unconvince 1/5

    By dennisBrownHB
    Really not happy to see this apps . Been using suntrust app and happy with that !
  • Huge downgrade 1/5

    By Ldishhemfmfusysnsnd
    The Truist transition has been a disaster. The app is terrible, hardly works. I despise it’s interface compared to the suntrust app. The new system charged my sister’s card 4 times in a row for her account going negative, but it never did. When we went to Suntrust in person to talk about it, they were dismissive and wouldn’t fix the issue. We will be switching banks soon.
  • Terrible Downgrade from U by BB&T 1/5

    By rbh347
    This app is years behind the BB&T online banking app. It freezes and won’t allow you to login! Once inside the app everything is scattered all over the place and just lacks a sense of order! It would be great if the BB&T team designed the Truist app! Simply put the app leaves more to be desired and it just doesn’t look good as your official merger product bombed right out of the gate!
  • Login into App 1/5

    By WMO1
    The ‘APP’ won’t let me in, I keep getting: Your Current version of the Truist App may no longer be supported. I can only log into which transfers to Truist. It’s Non-Operable. It’s gonna take TIME to fix these ‘Beta Bugs’…
  • A painful downgrade 2/5

    By Ron T 2021
    Given that Truist had the opportunity to take the time to do this right, it’s so disappointing that the transition from BB&T U to the new app is such a downgrade. Since this past Saturday, I’ve had 7 checks to deposit but the mobile deposit functionality is not working - it just says ‘unfortunately we are experiencing technical issues, please try again later’. I did manage to talk with someone in customer support on Monday who said they are having an issue with Apple products and they would have someone from technical support call to resolve it. It’s now Thursday, I’ve received no call-back, still have the same error message. Additionally, the bill-pay functionality is a downgrade - none of the acct nicknames are displayed, so when you have more than one acct with the same company, you have to open each acct to see which one it is. The answer on Monday is that you need to use the web version instead of the mobile app so you can see the nicknames.

    By carlypie99
    Worst customer service known to man. Just awful. I just want to know what my credit score is. Is that too hard to ask. I better get a reply with direct clear instructions on where to find it.
  • Really 1/5

    By Jester9177
    Not sure why they couldn’t just update the old Suntrust app to work. Nah just redo all your info. On a side note who came up with the name Truist? Fire that guy.
  • Suntrust should teach then app development! 1/5

    By venice, FL
    It’s easy to see why Suntrust app has a 4+ rating with 15,000 reviews and Truist only 2.4 ! This design is awful. It can’t even accommodate full numbers without having to use two lines to complete the digits! The account summaries don’t show minimum payments due…it is very cumbersome to use. I hate it! Please fix the design…now!
  • Constant Error 1/5

    I hate this sort of stuff, every time there is a merge or a change, I always hear about how it’s for the better, and it always ends up worse. I never had a problem with the BBT app, now that I am forced to switch to the Truist app, I cant access any function. Every time I log in I get a pop up that there is an unknown error.
  • Can never actually sign in to the app 1/5

    By Rogerleehaynes
    I have reset my information and everything and this app will not let me sign in.
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Kjrmpr
    Says I need an update but no update is available. I can not even log into the app at all. I liked the old app better.
  • Switching Banks 1/5

    By BeaverLea1295
    Not only can I NOT get into the new app, I just stayed on hold for 25min, only to be disconnected. So you should be able to log in using all original information, that’s not happening. Extremely disappointed that a good thing had to be ruined!
  • Worse App ever! 1/5

    By BobbiUH
    I bank with several banks and use all their online services. BB&T had the best mobile app ever. This one is the worst ever.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Almondjoi2
    Tried to download the app as told, in order to see my account information. It doesn’t even recognize me at all, as having an account, complete garbage. Closing account.
  • Works good enough for me! 4/5

    By BaseballTx
    All I have is a mortgage and the navigation to the balance and payment screen is easy enough. I can’t speak to other features, so sorry if others don’t like the app, I’m sure they will get out ironed out soon.
  • Big Step Down 1/5

    By NappyH2O
    I have to get a text every time I log in even though I select remember device. I cannot see all my transactions. It show let’s say 8.1-8.15 then skips to 9.7. This is most definitely a step down from Suntrust app. Limited features.
  • Leaves a lot to be desired 1/5

    By April F
    While the functionality is there, the user experience with this app is not anywhere close to the U by BB&T app. Things are very clunky and don’t necessarily make sense where they have things. I wish I had the option to switch back to using U by BB&T.
  • Loose this app as fast as possible 1/5

    By DrDanThePTMan
    Compared to the SunTrust App this rates 0 stars. My gosh, can’t you even make the numbers on one line...for account total should look like $16571.09 not $1657 1.09 Definitely a giant leap backwards.
  • Mobile Deposit Doesn’t work 1/5

    By reddragonliz
    Was force to download new app yesterday and afterwards I tried to make a mobile deposit. The freaking app instructed me to endorse it and to write “For Truist Mobile Deposit Only,” on the check. After many attempts it kept saying the check was wrong. Now I can’t deposit through the ATM. The nearest bank is about 30 minutes away. 😡
  • BBT 4/5

    By Aesip
    Should of just kept the old app running instead of Truist
  • Suntrust app switch 1/5

    By jeboston
    This app pales in comparison to the suntrust app. My balance update is very confusing. 0/10
  • Worst app ever, please give me back my Suntrust app 1/5

    By traveling tamara d
    Did they even perform a user experience beta test? This is the worst ever and it’s forced on me. I can’t even access the old app for Suntrust. I am seriously considering switching banks if this is an indication of what’s to come with this merger. I can’t even begin to give a review on this. I wish I could select zero stars. The color is hideous and the dimensions of each feature, what am I visually impaired?? I can’t find anything easily. Please retract this release and start over and give me a choice of what app I want to use because believe me it’s not this one.
  • Absolute downgrade 1/5

    By Mbalderston
    The app is absolutely a downgrade from Suntrust. You can’t even read what a transaction is for without clicking into it because the font is so big and it doesn’t wrap. Awful.
  • Payments 1/5

    By ncmom48
    I can not make a payment and I needed to make two today. I could not down load the link because I did not have the latest phone. I had to purchase a new phone. If I had not been with BBT for over 50 years, we had it when it was Southern National Bank, I would change banks right now. I may do it anyway. This is a complete mess. I have not had this experience with any other website that I have ever used. Very poorly planned. Not a single place to click on to make a payment. Why not?
  • Total downgrade from BB&T. Hate it!!! 1/5

    By Magic square junkie
    Not sure which experience is worse, Truist app or Truist online. I use about 12 different mobile banking apps so I’m not inflexible. Nothing is remotely intuitive on Truist. This ranks at the bottom compared to ALL these bank accounts that I use on a regular basis (These are ranked and I listed them all to prove that I’m not being hyperbolic): -Ally -Vanguard -BB&T -TD Bank -Schwab Banking -PNC -Fifth Third -Allegacy -Northpointe -SECU -Members CU -Truist
  • Transition 1/5

    By hanneybannaney
    I have SunTrust and every time I try to log into the app, it makes me download the new Truist app and takes me to the App Store. I have already downloaded the Truist app and when I attempt to use my password or even create a new one, it states “you may need to sign into your old app” then takes me to the App Store again to download the SunTrust app, which again I already have downloaded. It is an unending cycle or downloading one or the other and neither letting me sign in.
  • Seriously Easy and Fast 5/5

    By elcahu
    I was mid-meeting at work when son emailed with emergency auto repair cost. Thinking I would pop open BBT app to transfer funds, found myself confronted with Truist App change required. Told my coworkers to take a break so I could go thru what I feared was lengthy process to switchover apps, but knowing I had no choice because of panicked son. Well, it took me all of 3 minutes to convert and make transfer. Loved my BBT U App but Truist App has been flawless, offering me all the conveniences I loved in U. So far, I haven’t missed anything.
  • Why 1/5

    By Helloandbye
    What was wrong with the BB&T app? Just because you guys merged doesn’t mean things need to change for the customers, this is very annoying for everyone. As stated in another review, the younger generation doesn’t care for this change. I’m 26 & I’m not happy with this change at all. I don’t like being forced into downloading an app that I don’t need when I HAD an app that did exactly what I needed it to do.
  • Get it together already! 1/5

    By WhoDatGinger
    Y’all need to fix this app so people can access their accounts! This is ridiculous. I’ve been using the Truist app for a few weeks with no problems. Now I get a message when I attempt to log in that says “The service you are attempting to access is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Have you signed into Truist Online Banking before? You may need to sign in through your original bank first.” Why is this unavailable? I can’t even check my account balance. This is not acceptable!
  • What’s going on? 2/5

    By About2changemybank
    I’ve already for over a month been using the Truist banking app and this evening I’m locked out and can get into my account even in the BB&T app, which I was unable to use while I was using the Truist app fir over a month! What’s Happened???
  • Moving My Accounts 1/5

    By SomewhereInTheUSA
    It simply doesn’t work as well as the legacy apps. Consistently can’t log in, can’t get anyone on the phone. I’m done. Moving my accounts to an organization who values customer service and a consistent user experience.