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  • Current Version: 8.5.0
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  • Developer: UPS
  • Compatibility: Android
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UPS Mobile App

You’re busy, so let UPS help you easily manage shipments, track packages, find UPS locations, and much more with the UPS Mobile app. Download the UPS Mobile app to: Track - Find and follow your deliveries in transit - Update your delivery location or change your delivery date - Get delivery alerts to know when your package will arrive Ship - Estimate shipping costs and delivery times - Take package dimensions with our in-app measurement tool - Create a shipment and get shipping labels Find the nearest UPS location to pack, send, or collect your shipments

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UPS Mobile app reviews

  • Can’t access UPS My Choice from App 3/5

    By Darren W.
    Can’t log into UPS My Choice from the app. I only have the option to create a new account. Doesn’t allow access for existing users.
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    By Sarang Lamkin
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  • Nearly useless 1/5

    By Nofretsaboutit
    What 0x45 said. All the useful stuff is gone. No history, no Manage button. It’s all gone. I’ve been using this app for years, and now all of a sudden it’s almost useless. Put it back the way it was! You get an “F” for failure.
  • "Manage" feature removed??? 1/5

    By 0x45
    I keep getting notices...but the manage button is now gone. Tracking is empty. Shipping still has my account info and contacts. App is now largely useless, as we receive far more than we ship.
  • Bad app. 2/5

    By Felinegrl
    Cant use UPS My Choice. Cant get on. It would seem that my sign up for the general account doesnt work cant cet another because my address is connected to an account already. Please fix. So I cant get to those great features you talk about. At least fedexes works.
  • Map view is useless 1/5

    By Nobody you know 87
    The map to find locations is useless. No matter where I scroll or zoom to, the app spins for a second and resets both the map position and zoom level, making it impossible to click pins in dense areas. When I scroll the map, don’t scroll it somewhere else. I’ve already specified the area I’m interested in. When I zoom the map, don’t change the zoom level. I’ve already told you the area I’m interested in. If there are no results in that area, then show no results.
  • This app doesn’t work for me 1/5

    By emmett1740
    I get links to pkgs and when I try to reschedule using the app—it asks me to sign up. So I enter all the information and then the app says I’m already signed up. Frustrating.
  • Horrible company 1/5

    I’m expecting a VERY IMPORTANT package. I was advised it would be here today! It was expedited For an over night shipment because of how important it was. Well turns out it won’t be delivered until Monday. I wanted to call to pick it up at the Titon falls location but they’re closed? But my package got there this morning. Customer service is horrible, no compassion whatsoever ever! Shame on you UPS!
  • Latest APP is pathetic. 1/5

    By Jim MLB
    Old app used to show me track data for items being shipped to MY ADDRESS. But no more. It never shows them. And the constant asking to log into MyChoice after ALREADY LOGGING IN is a sign the UPS and their contract developers are at the bottom of the food chain. I refuse, when possible, to enable vendors to use UPS. Local office marks my packages delivered and then employee delivers the packages an hour or more later on his way home. Unethical company. Reported this to corporate several times. Horrible app and horrible company.
  • Scanning tracking numbers doesn’t work 2/5

    By HugoVT
    I haven’t been able to successfully scan a label to track it! In essence, worthless app!
  • The Ups is the Worst!!! 1/5

    By Yanks12234
    You people Are THE WORST AND I MEAN THE WORST! I payed for a package to be delivered Express next day! It was the day I was waiting for my package and I was tracking my package and it said that their was an attempt made to deliver my package on Monday knowing that I was home all day long and they said Tuesday and they said the same thing that we tried to attempt to deliver your package but no one was home and i was home again on Tuesday and guess what? Same thing happened on Wednesday and I was home all day and they said the same thing! And I still don’t have my package! When I payed for it to be delivered since Monday! Worst Company! No good Quality and service!!!!
  • Terrible App and Company 1/5

    By Brady_wil
    My package has been in my hometowns post office for three days now and ive tried to pickup and tried to upgrade the delievery service but no luck with either because of how glitchy the app is. I then spent an hour on the phone with customer service which got me nowhere. DO NOT USE IF U NEED YOUR PACKAGES FAST, Will get no help or answers from the app or website Aswell as this app has fake reviews corrupt company and terrible mail carrier
  • Frustrating! 2/5

    By cook4love
    This app says that you can log in to get an estimated delivery window, but then you get stuck in a loop where it keeps asking you to sign up, but then tells you there is already an account with that address. Very frustrating. Only knowing that my package will be delivered by the end of the day is not helpful.
  • F 3/5

    By GrimCasualty
    I love UPS but I put my order to come in two days and so far it has been 2 weeks and I still have not gotten it
  • Took time off Work, Package no Show 1/5

    By S2DH
    Took most of my day off work and UPS didn’t deliver inside their window. In fact they’re almost an hour late and I’m missing meetings. Other companies are able to give real time tracking, and while I don’t expect that from UPS, I do expect a continuously updating delivery window. I know you keep track of where drivers are on their route. Please don’t waste my time anymore by providing shoddy unreliable information.
  • Billy Bob Billy Bob 2/5

    By tongue do
    It’s OK but I think somebody stole my identity I don’t know how you guys let people take edit people guy didn’t he
  • ... 3/5

    By Ahsiek81
    Can you tell your workers to start knocking on the door after they deliver a package? Especially when they say a package will be delivered by 9pm and they don’t deliver it until 9:30 pm.
  • No relevant info & functions 1/5

    By Sillee8
    Doesn’t provide UPS courier’s employee number who handled your package No button on app if package that was marked as Delivered, never arrived Can’t see signature/ name of person who signed for package UPS has one job: to deliver packages. This app should facilitate the tracking of your packages w/ more detail and accuracy while allowing better interaction by customers who are not receiving important deliveries that are marked as delivered.
  • Defective 1/5

    By Brandon458
    There is no way to sign into this app. It won’t accept my old password and there is no way to enter a new one.
  • Managing Deliveries 1/5

    By ftedd
    Used to be able to use the app to sign for packages after having setup UPS MyChoice. Functionality went away, replaced with an endless do-loop to sign up for MyChoice, which rejects my attempt to sign up because...I already am!
  • Crap 1/5

    By jaikalis
    App glitches and unreliable!!!!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Bigcat9017
    Horrible app. Rarely works, always down, etc..... waste of space.
  • Text Alerts 3/5

    By Winter.Marino
    I’m not receiving text alerts
  • Great app 5/5

    By Brenlez91
    Works great.
  • Meh.... 2/5

    By Bob1222113
    Not real impressed. The app says you can sign for packages on it, but then will not allow you to. All the options to ask for a two hour window for delivery to changing delivery are now defunct and will not work since update. Before, I would have given it at least a 4 star review.
  • Ups has the best app! 5/5

    By Big Daddy Lamar
    Ups has the best app!
  • What’s with the app? 2/5

    By RealNewsForOnce
    The app takes a while just to boot up..
  • UPS AP 2/5

    By tdowdy
    Ap freezes up frequently, a few functions like changing delivery locations do not work. I live in a high rise condo with a mailroom, not a choice on Ap as a delivery location. Also, no help or comments location
  • Upgrade issues 3/5

    By D.C. In The House
    No longer saves the Nickname.
  • . 1/5

    By Awesomeist game ever Suso ski
  • Junk 1/5

    By Swt Caroline Rocker
    The app constantly directs me to apply and yet I have an account! I answer questions to ensure who am and we go in circles. I just want to know WHERE IS MY PACKAGE!!
  • App not working properly 4/5

    By Kkpeh
    I’ve always been happy with this app, however my last tracking request won’t save. It also doesn’t show anything more than “received & ready for processing” dated July 27. Today is August 2.
  • App upgrade to made app useless! 1/5

    By OzoneBuck
    App upgraded overnight...all previous tracking numbers were gone after update and when they were put back into the app they are erased and NOT SAVED! Reinstalled app and no change whatsoever. The bug fix this upgrade was suppose to deliver was nothing more than a downgrade in how this app works. I wouldn’t have a job if I delivered this kind of service to my employer...
  • Barcode scanner needs improvement 3/5

    By Appletites
    Barcode scanner needs improvement. If there are multiple barcodes on package and even if you line up with the red line it will try to scan different bar code. Usually have to try to cover other barcodes with other hand to scan main tracking number otherwise it says tracking number not found.
  • Outraged and discussed 1/5

    By papialverto
    I am disgusted by the way I have been treated today in trying to receive my package first of all I never had my package delivered to me then I am told to go and pick it up at a location when I get there I am told my package is not there I drove 45min. Just to find out my package is not where they said it was now I’m told I have to wait to receive my package I am completely outraged by this and do not recommend ups to anyone
  • Privacy Issues 1/5

    By SWB1973
    Have old address in appearing in my account with new tenants shopping history and my past mixed together. Can’t delete it to add my new address.
  • A lot of can’t 1/5

    By BarrettF77
    Can not remove items a label was created and. Not shipped. Can not remove returned items back to sender. Full listing keeps repopulating items deleted. Cannot request items not be delivered and refuse shipment as the app errors out. Still required to contact customer support and get misinformation. Look at the Fed Ex app. Could learn a few things. Also much cleaner
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Chad30go
    First off this app is an aweful JavaScript app. UPS are you kidding me, can’t afford a real developer to create a native app? Second, unable to create account because of “unknown” errors. Literally nothing on this app works correctly. Pure garbage. This was a free download but I really feel they owe me money for wasting my time.
  • The worst 1/5

    By VB strong
    I’ve never written a review before but I had such trouble picking an acceptable user name and password that when they finally accepted them I took a screenshot. Now they won’t let me sign in saying they are wrong. Won’t send me a temporary password saying the user and password don’t match. I’m looking at the photo. I use the Fed Ex app all the time to send incoming packages to stores to pick up if I won’t be home to sign. It’s always open I never have to sign in again and my history is there. One tap to reroute. I like my UPS store but this app is worthless.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By CV1738
    They’re absolutely trash , use another mail carrier
  • U P S 1/5

    By Connie Ann Garner
    Useless Piece of S#¡+
  • Driver can't read!!! 1/5

    By Gen Elmo
    We have a sign on the gate that clearly says: DO NOT PUT PACKAGES IN THE YARD!! DOG WILL DESTROY! PLEASE PLACE PACKAGES IN THE TUB (there is an arrow to indicate the plastic tub attached to the gate). Today the driver who driver (who drives like a bat out of Hell) dropped off a package a package over the fence in to the yard. It landed on one end. The box clearly states: LAY FLAT. Fortunately, I was home and saw the package before our dog did. Not sure when the package was dropped off as I never saw the truck or cloud of dust that follows it. The contents of the package happened to be irreplaceable. UPS PLEASE HIRE DRIVERS WHO CAN READ AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • The worst app EVER! 1/5

    By Lschrandt
    Try to get in, enter ALL of your info and can’t get anywhere using this app! They WILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GATE CODE SO THEY JUST UPDATE YOU TELLING YOU YOUR PACKAGE IS UNDELIVERABLE! This is unacceptable! Go in and attempt to update the “App”, will tell you you’re in the system but all of your information is incorrect. Try to update that SAME info and you are STILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGED! All I wanted to do was add a gate code! Why are these people paid to deliver packages when you end up having to go to the nearest UPS store and pick it up yourself? If I wanted to do THAT I would have set up my deliveries that way in the first place. Very unfriendly web site! UPS needs to change their “lazy” tactics!!! I hate the UPS website!
  • Multiple charges to credit card 1/5

    By jack2493
    This app is a buggy front end for their website. When I upgrade a package to get additional delivery options, the flakey handoffs with the website result in multiple charges. No one at UPS customer service is capable of reversing the extra charge. I wasted hours on the phone with them, and ultimately had to have my credit card company take care of it.
  • Signature required notification missing 4/5

    By Long Ding Dong
    The UPS app works greater than everyone else’s app with one exception. I just missed a delivery because the sender requires a signature, this app would benefit greatly by notifying us that the sender requires a signature and allow for us to provide said signature, the app DOES allow for the release of the package. Let’s see how the next delivery attempt goes.
  • Needs minor fixes 4/5

    By propel639
    This app did rate 5 stars until I sold one of my properties. This app has no way of deleting an address or reprioritizing addresses such that you can choose which is your default. This is merely a small irritant, that if fixed would bring my review back to 5 stars.
  • BrianB 1/5

    By Bib oldie
    App is not user friendly for a iPhone. Can not successfully create an account. Tried 10 times and kept getting bumped out.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By 🙄 lemme tell you tha tea
    Worst customer service EVER , one , they sent my package to the WRONG people and made it seem as if it wasn’t their faults at all . Then it takes AGES to even get to speak to a human , just to get to the person and they were so rude didn’t even try to help me . Then to top all of that off the person I spoke to accent was so thick I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying 🤦🏽‍♀️ never again .
  • Good App 5/5

    By tamartini
    The app does everything it says it will. What more can a person ask for. 😁😁😁

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