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VLC for Mobile

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 3.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: VideoLAN
  • Compatibility: Android
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VLC for Mobile App

VLC for Mobile is a port of the free VLC media player to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It can play all your movies, shows and music in most formats directly without conversion. It allows file synchronization with Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, iTunes, direct downloads and through WiFi sharing as well as streaming from SMB, FTP, UPnP/DLNA media servers and the web. VLC offers support for advanced subtitles including full SSA compatibility, multi-track audio, and playback speed control. VLC for Mobile is completely free and open source.


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VLC for Mobile app reviews

  • Download format changed 5/5

    By AmethystChick
    The app is awesome but can no longer download my TV shows because the format changed to mkv after the last update. Is there a way you can change it back? Other than that it's great.
  • Question about skip time 4/5

    By Epoi
    Swiping right/left skips forward/back by a variable length of time, depending on total length of the video. For example, in a movie that’s 2h 43m in length, swiping forward skips by 491s (swiping back is same for me). This is impractical. That’s what scrubbing is for, imo. I read an old review that suggests these gestures used to skip by set amounts (30s forward, 10s back). Have I missed a menu setting? Was this (variable skip length) deliberate or an oversight?
  • Fix the renaming bug 3/5

    By Darkboy4321
    When I try to rename, enter the new name of the song and click confirm, it is still the same. Please do fix this mates
  • An app that actually works 5/5

    By nonayerbidniss
    Let’s face it, the iPad is an over-priced bit of plastic with a ton of over-priced apps that rarely work as advertised. I’m astonished that the iPad doesn’t play AVI files out of the box. But I tried the VLC app and was impressed with how intuitive it is to use. It’s free and it plays AVI along with other formats. Couldn’t ask for more than that.
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By Nikolay Shpurik
    Absolutely love this app and it’s functionality. Hands down its great for free. Some issues I am experiencing so far is when I am streaming over the “sharing over WiFi” it’s stops after 15 min of playing and loading doesn’t go end further. Also when you moving many files in one folder the order of the files goes backwards (which doesn’t make sense) and you have to drag them manually to get the order right. Keep it up guys, you are absolutely awesome! 👍👍👍
  • Broken playback 2/5

    By Yayayayayata
    My locally stored mkvs have glitching and cause crashes. Occasionally I'll have a black screen with only audio playback.
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Joegom
    Please fix problem After pausing anything and closing apps you cant resume playing again it will restart the video you was playing from the beginning
  • VideoLAN but yet it says Mobile 1/5

    By warpedal
    I am confused. How could it be for a local area network yet somehow it is now be named for a Wide Area Network with the word Mobile.. almost like someone thought they were going to include this product to insult me.
  • Can’t import from iCloud Drive 3/5

    By Rombocket
    As of the latest version, trying to import a file from iCloud Drive does nothing. It will not open or play.
  • Won’t open files from other apps like Dropbox 2/5

    By scstraus
  • AirPlay functionality..? 1/5

    By Umut Akparlar
    Please add AirPlay video streaming to app.
  • Can’t play videos from iPhone 4/5

    By بو خليفه ١١١
    This is one of the best apps that I’ve been using for years. However I don’t know what happened the last several months. I couldn’t play any video on my iphone or iPad. Please help.
  • A God Send 5/5

    By Pnume_Chomppsky
    I pretty much just use it for audiobook files but this is everything I could have asked for. Remembers where you left off and has adjustable speeds. I use vlc on my pc too. It's free and it's the best.
  • Crashh 3/5

    By Craig Z. Smith
    I get random crashes here and there even when i pressed done, or while in watching which dosent save my playtime
  • Great app but... 4/5

    By mohammadalijf
    Vlc is really great app i use it both for mac and iOS. But there is a need for some UX improvement... in network stream the header always stick to the head which gives a little room for streamed list. It would be great if header would also scroll with contents or at least become compact. Also the streamed list gets full and wont show newly streamed movies and i have to remove all items manually.
  • LOVE THIS APP! 💕 5/5

    By FLCricket
    I’m a totally mobile user and find this App fits the bill perfectly for practically every video file type I’ve thrown at it for the last two years. Yes, a few bugs after several Apple updates caused some minor grumbling here and there but no other video app came close to the job. 💗
  • Almost 3/5

    By AlanHughes
    I love the fact VLC actually displays the entire file name (I know that is an extremely low bar, but some how Apple has set it that low). VLC seems to keep track of your place in movies also, which is something the MEGA app couldn't do. But now I'm stuck with the problem VLC doesn't yet support "picture in picture" which is something I use almost exclusively watching on my ipad. So whenever that comes, this app will be perfect (other than the ugly orange logo lol).
  • Must sync media from PC 5/5

    By Un plug yourself from them!
    OK after playing around with it & logging into my Microsoft Windows drive account all of my media were located & secondly NOW all of my files plays smoothly.
  • I love vlc but 4/5

    By 'Dan taylor'
    There’s no repeat button as the screenshot suggests, what’s wrong?
  • Used to be my fav apps 3/5

    By Kaitou1
    I’ve used vlc apps for long time for my apple tv and my ipad. It can open many type of file video and still does. However, after the newer updates, now vlc doesn’t recognize my *.srt file anymore. It just play the video without the subtitles. Before I can choose to enable the subtitles or not but now it’s completely gone. On my computer, vlc works without flaw but why on both my ios devices it become completely useless. 😫
  • No chromecast support 1/5

    By Nanu nani
    No chromecast support
  • Counterintuitive 1/5

    By Xpordoubler
    App refuses to let me sort imported videos to folders, and automatically sorts some into folders that I cannot remove them from or add more to.
  • crashed a lot since this update! 1/5

    By trungcali
    Crashed a lot on my iphone 6 with IOS 11.2.6.
  • Will not allow downloads 3/5

    By complexlitigator
    Will show me what is already on device, but when I click on image to download I get a file not found error. VLC plays file without issue so clearly files are present.
  • Would be a good app but 3/5

    By thefisheagle
    The.txt file issue is not resolved, with vlc installed it's impossible to open.txt files
  • When “rewinding” or “fast forwarding”, lose sound and have to restart app 1/5

    By Msullyyy
    I love this app in theory but when I try to skip back or forward in a video, I lose the sound when it starts to play again and have to quit the app and re-start it. Please fix. Happens on iPad Pro (1st gen) and iPhone X.
  • I wish I’d found it sooner 5/5

    By amgamingz
    I’ve been looking for an app like this for so long and I had it on my computer the whole time! Didn’t realize it was on the App Store as well but if u have a large library of movies that u want to watch on your phone this is the best app for it much better than the default Apple TV app
  • Great App! 3/5

    By Bambie03
    I love this app but I wish there was a way to organize my videos. Every time I try they are jumbled when I open it the next time. And I’ve noticed it has been crashing lately. If you could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.
  • It does what it needs to do 5/5

    By Kram Sacul
    An excellent video player that plays just about everything that I need to play. No silly yearly subscription or in-app purchase either.
  • Ok 5/5

    By Abottom241985
  • Great but missing important feature 4/5

    By Alice83
    I love VLC and it’s ability to play almost any file locally or via many network protocols (it even has a smb client built in), buuuuuut the lack of picture in picture support (where you an exit a video app and the video keeps playing in a small movable widget) on the ipad is driving me to look for other options.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By lxraymundo
    App doesn’t open files anymore. Deleted the app, reinstalled, but it still doesn’t work.
  • problem 5/5

    By amin.shZ
    i can't open subtitles in this version
  • Buggy 3/5

    By Ahikanana
    This iOS port of VLC has nice functionality. I especially like the background playback. However the menu & file management is a mess & it's quite buggy.
  • Great Media player, Terrible Organization 3/5

    By Babiont
    I use VLC on my laptop, phone and tablet. Its amazing for what it does, but not how it allows users to go about doing it on apps. Theres so many supported media types, so many features (playback speed, for example), yet all of it is overshadowed by how little (almost not at all) organization is allowed for files. At this moment, users are allowed to make folders containing as many files as they would like. However, there is absolutely no option to organize files within these folders. Instead, the order in which files are added to the folders determine the sequence in which videos will play back. If you wanted to reorganized files within folders, what you would have to do is return the files to the main library and create a new folder. Outside of folders, everything is organized only by file name. I understand that one should be able to organize their files by intentionally renaming the titles, but should we really have to? Would be an amazing 5/5 app, if only the creator incorporated more options for users to neatly organize their files without hassel.
  • Flawed perfection 1/5

    By concered bread
    I really love this this app but I have a problems, mainly concerning some video stopping while the audio continues/ or heavy fragmentation, I can't recommend till these issues are fix.
  • avi 3/5

    By Zrp1999
    This app doesn't support ".avi" format
  • Works well, with some quirks 4/5

    By Mufasa1234
    I use VLC for streaming my music collection at home and at work through a vpn connection, and it does a decent job, but there are some quirks: - trying to play m3u/8 playlists that link to http sources doesn’t work well, the first track will play, but there is a massive delay before the next track would start. The UI buttons wouldn’t respond sometimes, but only when attempting to play through a playlist. - shuffle isn’t shuffling when the screen is turned off. It works fine initially, but when the screen goes out, the ordering becomes alphabetical, or sometimes it stays fixed on an album. Please fix this!
  • No Equilizer?!? 2/5

    By Be fruitful
    VLC has the most powerful Equalizer for Pc but there’s no Eq for iPhone. Music is no fun without VLC Equilizer. Implement the EQ on the next update, please!
  • More of a request than anything else 4/5

    By TehEliteUnion
    The sorting in this app is a bit annoying and I honestly only use it for saving gifs and webms from chrome, but it'd be amazing if I could sort the videos from most recently added instead of it being alphabetical
  • Airpod audio issues 4/5

    By Aj1984221
    Audio playback cuts out when using airpods and changing playback speed. I’ve noticed this on both an iPad Pro and an iPhone 8. I haven’t noted it using earpods, other headphones or external speakers. Otherwise, the player is excellent.
  • Let Me Make a Playlist 4/5

    By NoNeinNyet
    I’m going to give every single version of this app a 4 star or less review until it lets me make a playlist. And none of this “Put it in a folder, hope your file order doesn’t get reversed, and then it’s functionally a playlist” nonsense. Just a playlist that I can add files to and rearrange the order of. That’s a big part of why I’ve used the desktop version of VLC for so many years and it’s all I’d need to make the iOS version perfect for my needs.
  • having strange problem with gestures 3/5

    By carlos66ba
    When I do the skip forward or backward gesture it jumps 142 seconds. This makes it impossible to use this feature.
  • Crap 1/5

    By geheeheggsgehwu
    Absolute crap
  • Play/Pause video in Apple TV 5/5

    By on-d-go
    Clicking the pause button (in Apple TV remote) while playing a video does pause the video. However, clicking the play button won't resume playing (the paused video). See if you can fix this in a future release. Otherwise great app, many thanks.
  • I will give 5 star if mybissue got resolved 2/5

    By asssaviour
    I want to delete and reinstall it but dont know waht happened to it It showed a blank icon
  • Promising, but 3/5

    By Strum27
    As a songwriter I have been frustrated by inability to organize and play my music on my iPad. I fruitlessly searched for a way to import my music into iTunes on my iPad without success, only finding expensive subscription apps that might work. So, finding VLC, which I enjoy using on my laptop, seemed like manna from heaven. I am able to import my music and listen to it, BUT the file management within the app is enormously frustrating and not intuitive at all, imo. Let me easily select files, create folders, move files between folders, playback groups of files, created playlists and simply play my playlist and I’ll give it 5. I understand this is a work in progress, so i give the developers a good pat on the back for encouragement .. keep going, you’ve got a great start, but there’s work to do! Thanks
  • it’s good 4/5

    By Dwarf Puncher
    would have given 5 stars if auto play and shuffle worked.
  • not up to mac/linux version 1/5

    By Bob X Smith
    VLC seems unable to find videos that are already on this ipad. And there are many. I don't need to get more, just use the ones here. None of the instructions for this problem work.
  • Airplay 2/5

    By musicMadeMadman
    No airplay support??? The Apple TV version crashes after it tries to load the films library on my network, and this one won’t access the AppleTV, so I can’t play anything. Great work!!

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