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Last Updated on: 2021-06-18

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  • Apple Developer

    Apple Developer Apple Developer Tools Welcome to Apple Developer, your source for developer stories, news, and educational information — and the best place to experience WWDC. • Stay up to date on the latest technical and community information. • Browse news, developer stories, and informative videos. • Watch videos from current and past events and download them to watch offline. • Enroll in the Apple Developer Program in supported locales.

  • GitHub

    GitHub GitHub Developer Tools There’s a lot you can do on GitHub that doesn’t require a complex development environment – like sharing feedback on a design discussion, or reviewing a few lines of code. GitHub for iOS lets you move work forward wherever you are. Stay in touch with your team, triage issues, and even merge, right from the app. We’re making these tasks easy for you to perform, no matter where you work, with a beautifully native experience. You can use GitHub for iOS to: • Browse your latest notifications • Read, react, and reply to Issues and Pull Requests • Review and merge Pull Requests • Organize Issues with labels, assignees, projects, and more • Browse your files and code • Discover new and trending repositories ——— Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

  • App Store Connect

    App Store Connect Apple Developer Tools App Store Connect gives you the flexibility to use your iPhone or iPad to manage apps you’ve developed for the App Store. View app statuses, manage TestFlight beta testing, and monitor app performance and sales — all from your device. You can even receive notifications about key events, like when a user posts a review, so you can quickly respond.

  • Scriptable

    Scriptable Simon B. Støvring Developer Tools Scriptable is an automation tool that enables you to write scripts that integrates with native features of iOS such as files, calendars, reminders, documents and much more. An extensive support for widgets enables you to write your own widgets using JavaScript and run the scripts on your Home Screen. Your widgets can show any data and be customised to look just the way you want. With Siri Shortcuts you can present images, tables and more in Siri as well as making Siri read out loud a text when you run a script from a Siri Shortcut. There's a growing gallery of scripts to get you started with Scriptable. Here’s a few examples of scripts you can create: - Ask Siri whether a web service is down. - Create a widget that shows data from your weather station. - Postpone the next event in your calendar half an hour. - Check what is currently on TV. - Manage a list of movies you would like to watch. - Upload files to an image optimizer and store a URL to the optimized image. - Receive a notification with the weather report every morning. - Create todos with prefilled data in your favorite todo app using URL schemes. Features include: - Write and run JavaScript. - Auto complete of variable names, functions, keywords and properties as you type. - Access lots of native iOS features from your JavaScript code, including managing files, calendars, reminders, contacts, photos, location, pasteboard, web views and more. - Create your own widgets. Your scripts run on the Home Screen without needing to open the app. - Siri Shortcuts enabling you to present images, tables, websites, HTML and more in Siri as well as making Siri read out loud a text. - Support for input and output parameters in Siri Shortcuts. - Easily schedule rich notifications to run your scripts periodically. - Work with files and directories from third party apps using File Bookmarks. - Synchronise scripts to all of your devices using iCloud Drive. - Scripts are stored as plain JavaScript files and can be browsed using the Files app. - Assign one of over 800 glyphs and a color to a script to easily identify it in your directory of scripts. - Run scripts directly on your Home screen using widgets. - Run a script by 3D touching the app icon. - Run a script from a share sheet and process the inputs. - Schedule notifications and run a script directly from a notification. - URL schemes enabling you to run scripts from other apps. - Support for x-callback-url enabling advanced integration with other apps that support x-callback-url. - Export and share scripts. - Example scripts helping you get started creating your own scripts. - Extensive documentation for all the native APIs you can use in your scripts. Available offline in the app and online on - View the documentation in a separate window on iPad. - Support for dark mode. - Customise the editor to your liking.

  • Termius - SSH client

    Termius - SSH client Termius Corporation Developer Tools Termius is more than a mere SSH client – it’s a complete command-line solution that’s redefining remote access for sysadmins and network engineers. Securely access Linux or IoT devices and quickly fix issues from the comfort of your couch via your mobile device. Termius Free Features: · Termius is available for all major mobile and desktop systems. · Enjoy a beautiful, hand-crafted interface. · Support for SSH, Mosh, and Telnet sessions. · Supports ECDSA and ed25519 keys as well as chacha20-poly1305 cipher. · Termius is always ad-free. You are not the product. · Pair credentials and servers for quick access. · Create groups to define shared settings and themes. · Tag your servers to stay organized. · Terminal touch with support of CTRL, ALT, and arrow keys. · Multitask with split-view support. · Get that desktop feel with Bluetooth keyboard support. Remap Caps lock to Esc, Ctrl, or other combinations. · Map physical input like shaking your device actions like undo or close session. · Make it yours with 12 colorful themes and adjustable fonts. · Power through late night sessions with dark mode. · Make multiple connections to the same host or connect to multiple hosts. · Import keys with iTunes file sharing in ext, OpenSSH, and PPK formats. · Protect your credentials with PIN · Port forwarding and tunneling let you encrypt nearly any service or connection. · Preview active SSH sessions with an adaptive user interface. · Built-in assistance and troubleshooting. Feel free to ask a question anytime! Premium Termius Users Enjoy: · A 14-day FREE Trial · One subscription covers all your mobile and desktop. · Sync settings and credentials across all devices with AES-256 end-to-end encryption. · Protect your credentials with Touch ID or Face ID. · Protect your account with two-factor authentication · Keep your keys on your machine with SSH agent forwarding. · Copy files with ease with our two-pane SFTP support. · Save your fingers with snippets of commonly used shell commands. · Run snippets across multiple servers at once. · Autocomplete saves you keystrokes. · Set custom environment variables. · Easily and securely paste a password (especially handy for sudo). · Import your desktop’s ~/.ssh/config file via the command line. · Host chaining (jump host). · Background sessions support. · Port Knocking: secure your ports from unwanted scanning. Premium Termius users are first to receive access to new features and updates! Termius is reinventing the command line experience. We strive to make remote access for admins and engineers a more productive and enjoyable experience. Termius Premium Subscription is available through an auto-renewable annual subscription for $99.99 or monthly subscription for $9.99 (prices vary by region).  Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription will renew automatically. Cancellation of a future subscription may be done up to 24 hours before the end of an ongoing period. The actual subscription may not be manually canceled before its termination date. Subscriptions may be managed, ​including disabling of auto-renew, in the Account Settings after purchase. A Premium subscription allows you to create an account in the Termius system for synchronization and backup. A subscription may be used under one account on multiple devices across all by Termius supported platforms. A subscription may be used both for personal and business purpose. Please review our privacy policy and terms of use

  • draft app

    draft app fullsenders, inc. Developer Tools draft is a new way to get quick answers

  • Pineapple - Build Apps

    Pineapple - Build Apps Dhamova, Inc. Developer Tools Pineapple lets you create mobile applications on your iPhone or iPad without code! Just drag and drop elements, add actions, customize the appearance of your app, and let Pineapple do the rest for you. Pineapple transforms what you’ve done into a real app by generating SwiftUI code in the form of Swift Playgrounds files or even Xcode projects. Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account, or at the end of your trial period if eligible. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled within 24-hours before the end to the current period. You can cancel anytime with your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription. Privacy Policy: Terms & Conditions:

  • Surge 4

    Surge 4 Surge Networks Inc. Developer Tools Surge is a web development and proxy utility. It is designed for developers and therefore requires professional knowledge to use. These four capabilities form the core workflow of Surge: · Takeover: You can take over the network connection sent by the device. Surge supports both proxy service and virtual NIC takeover. · Processing: You can modify the network requests and responses that have been taken over. This includes URL redirection, local file mapping, custom modification using JavaScript, and many other methods. · Forwarding: You can forward the taken over network requests to other proxy servers. This can be global forwarding or with a flexible rule system to determine an outbound policy. · Intercept: You can intercept and save specific data of network requests and responses, and you can also decrypt HTTPS traffic with MITM. Highlighted Features · Takeover all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to an HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5/SOCKS5-TLS/Snell proxy server following highly configurable rules. · Record and display HTTP requests and responses sent from your iOS devices, including body and header. · Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and GeoIP lookup. · Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, and proxy connections. · High performance and suitable for intensive use. · Block ads by domain rules. · Local DNS Map (equivalent to /etc/hosts). You can use this function to switch the production/development environment for your app without changing any code. · All features work on the cellular network. · Decrypt HTTPS traffic with Man-in-the-Middle. · Perform URL rewrite. · Fully IPv6 supports. · Header rewrite. · Safari extension to add rules. · JSON, text, image and video viewer for the captured body. · Album mode for the request list. · Pre-filter for capturing. · HTTPS proxy protocol supports client-side SSL/TLS certificate validation. · Scripting: Use JavaScript to extend the ability of Surge as your wish. · Sync profiles cross devices with iCloud Drive or Dropbox. · DNS-over-HTTPS, TLS 1.3 and more advanced features. You may read the online manual for more information: Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy:

  • ZappyCode - Coding at Any Age

    ZappyCode - Coding at Any Age Nick Walter Developer Tools ZappyCode! The fun way to learn code :D Here in the app you can take all our courses and learn various skills like how to make apps and websites! You can also learn several programming languages! If you've ever felt learning to code was boring, you need to give us a try.

  • Pyto - Python 3

    Pyto - Python 3 Develobile S.p.A. Developer Tools Pyto is a Python 3.8 IDE for iPhone and iPad. Run code directly on your device and offline. You can run scripts from Shortcuts and code your own home screen widgets. Features: - Python 3.8 with all standard libraries - Full Python REPL - Code user interfaces - Smart code completion - Use pip to install pure Python modules from PyPI - Access scripts from everywhere - Preview images and plots on console - Multiple windows for iPadOS 13+ - Run scripts and code from Siri Shortcuts - Code your own home screen widgets - Interact with other apps thanks to x-callback urls Included third party libraries: - numpy - matplotlib - pandas - PIL - scipy - astropy - statsmodels - skimage - sklearn - cv2 - lxml - Bio - cryptography - bcrypt - zmq - regex - gensim and more! The libraries listed above require an internet connection to download. However, they remain on the hard disk after the import. Take advantage system features with the following modules: - pyto_ui - Build an user interface - pyto_core - Extend the editor - widgets - Home Screen Widgets - notifications - Schedule notifications - remote_notifications - Receive remote notifications - background - Run code in background - bookmarks - Bookmark files and folders - sharing - Share items and pick files - pasteboard - Clipboard access - userkeys - Save values on disk - sound - Play sounds - music - Access the Apple Music library - photos - Accessing photos and the camera - location - Access user's location - motion - Motion sensors - multipeer - Peer to peer wireless connection - apps - Open third party apps - xcallback - Interact with other apps - sf_symbols - A list of SF Symbols names - watch - Complications and static user interfaces for the Apple Watch

  • Bluetooth Inspector

    Bluetooth Inspector George Garside Developer Tools Discover nearby Bluetooth peripherals and inspect their services for information and characteristics. • View information and signal strength for all peripherals and devices, updating in real time as you move around. • Get battery level for your own Apple devices (signed into the same primary iCloud account) — no need to install the app on all your devices. • See model identification broadcast by devices around you, mapping the Apple device identifier to the marketing name. • Extract software and firmware version strings from devices broadcasting this information. • Read any characteristic's value, even for services not well known and are custom to the device being interrogated. • Write characteristic values back to the peripheral as string, numeric or hex (pro). • See a history of the value of a characteristic since the session started, timestamped to when the value changed (pro). Get support on Twitter @grgarside or Constant use of Bluetooth connectivity can drain your device's battery. Bluetooth connectivity is only used when this app is in the foreground and up to a few seconds after being backgrounded to safely disconnect from peripherals being interrogated.

  • xTerminal - SSH Terminal Shell

    xTerminal - SSH Terminal Shell wanmei shao Developer Tools xTerminal is a complete SSH client, securely and easily connect to your servers. * Interactive console. Robust terminal, running commands reliable and fast. Eg: running top command to monitor realtime system status. tail -f log file. * Reactive editor. Edit your documents with vi/vim just like on the computer. Support CTRL and arrow keys. * Multi sessions. Connect to multi sessions, easily add/remove/switch sessions. * Snippets. Save your favorite commonly used commands and easily run them. Group snippets by labels, search snippets by name, command or labels. * Device management. Add your SSH servers, Group devices by labels. Search routers by name, host, or labels. Connect by password or publickey authentication. * Easy to use. Pull to refresh, search highlight, sort list devices/snippets and drag to reorder. * Live ping. Monitor device live ping with ms and TTL. * Device discovery. Discover neighbor network devices and saved them. * Port knocking. Minimize a risk of hacking attempts, protect your servers with secure sequence. * Recognition. Protect your devices with TouchID/FaceID on app launch and on resume. * Sync. Backup and restore device/snippet list with iCloud. Have same settings on all your iOS mobile devices! * Copy and paste. Easily run command from clipboard or copy terminal output to clipboard. * Universal App for iPhone and iPad. * All your credentials and data will only be stored on your iPhone/iPad. An SSH client program is typically used for establishing connections to an SSH daemon accepting remote connections. Both are commonly present on most modern operating systems, including macOS, most distributions of Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris and OpenVMS.

  • Koder Code Editor

    Koder Code Editor Reny Mustika Developer Tools "Koder for iPad: Nerds Rejoice! You Can Code on Your iPad" -- GIZMODO / App of the day -- "Koder’s simple yet efficient interface is designed for touch editing. At just $5.99, you get an editor with a well-designed interface at a great price. If you want to code with your trusty iPad, then Koder is for you." -- AppAdvice -- "An accomplished code editor for many programming languages" -- 148Apps -- "Editing code on your iPad should never be that difficult again" --KillerStartups-- "The developers at iCodeLabs have done a great job optimizing the iPad’s real estate for code editing" --theiphoneappreview-- "The app for instant project creation and code editing, perfect for developers and programmers on the go." --tipsfortablets-- -- Koder was listed on the App Store as a 'Staff Favorites' in 82 countries -- Koder is a code editor for iPad and iPhone. It does have many features including syntax highlighting, snippet manager, tabbed editing, find and replace code, editor theme, remote and local files connections, and many more. With Koder you can code anytime and anywhere, no matter if you're at your desk or while on the go Features: - Syntax Highlighting ( Supports more than 80 languages : actionscript, actionscript3, active4d, ada, ampl, apache, applescript, asm-mips, asm-x86, asp-js, asp-vb, aspdotnet-cs, aspdotnet-vb, awk, batch, c, cobol, coffeescript, coldfusion, cpp, csharp, csound, css, d, dylan, eiffel, erl, eztpl, elixir, fortran, freefem, gedcom, gnuassembler, haskell, header, html, idl, java, javafx, javascript, jsp, latex, less, lilypond, lisp, logtalk, lsl, lua, markdown, matlab, mel, metapost, metaslang, mysql, nemerle, none, nrnhoc, objectivec, objectivecaml, ox, pascal, pdf, perl, php, plist, postscript, powershell, prolog, python, r, rhtml, ruby, sass, scala, sgml, shell, sml, sql, standard, stata, supercollider, tcltk, torquescript, udo, vb, verilog, vhdl, xml ) - Code Autocomplete - Code Function list - Access and Manage your Dropbox, (S)FTP, webdav and local files easily - Built In Terminal (SSH Client) - Tabbed editing - Extra Keyboard with Custom Key (Snippet) - Document Picker Support to open/import/export other app files from/to Koder - Find and replace code - Previewer Browser with View Source function - Editor theme with Custom Theme Editor - Extra Key / Additional Keys on Virtual Keyboard with open+close brackets keys - Screen-Lock, Manual and Auto Lock - Extracting Zip File on Local project - Sophisticated File Browser - iOS "Open In" support, from Koder to other app - vice versa - Change file/folder permission (CHMOD) on FTP/SFTP projects - Folder Synchronization between Local Project and FTP Project - Uploading files from desktop from browser or iTunes sharing - Expandable editing space - Bluetooth Keyboard Support - and many more … - Support multitasking for iPad - Support editing files from Working Copy using drag and drop NEWEST - Support Dark Theme - Compatibility with iOS 13 BUG REPORT/ PROBLEMS/ IDEAS : If you have any problems when using Koder, or you have ideas for Koder improvement, please mention us or message us directly at twiter @koderapp

  • Brook - Undetectable Proxy/VPN

    Brook - Undetectable Proxy/VPN Realink Transportation Limited Developer Tools Brook is a free, not detectable, client-server, open source proxy/VPN software. * Brook supports Brook, Brook WebSocket, Shadowsocks, Socks5 protocol. This is the iOS client. I don't provide any server, that means this client only talk with YOUR OWN SERVER. You must deploy your own server that source is at:

  • شكون - كاشف الارقام ليبيا

    شكون - كاشف الارقام ليبيا Ebtekar Information Systems LTD Developer Tools Use Shkoon to identify and block unwanted and unknown Libya calls on your handset. تطبيق شكون لمعرفة وتحديد الارقام الغير مرغوب في استقبال مكالمات منها في ليبيا

  • Jayson

    Jayson Simon B. Støvring Developer Tools Jayson is a simple yet powerful JSON viewer and editor with Siri Shortcuts, Share Sheet Actions and URL schemes. Features include: - Browse JSON files stored on your device. - Toggle between viewing JSON in a table or as syntax highlighted text. - Tabbed interface to quickly switch between files or different objects in a single file. - Use multiple splits to easily compare JSON documents in a single file or across multiple files. - Multiple windows on the iPad allows for even more options to browse and edit JSON documents. - Parse text or the contents of a URL in your clipboard to JSON. - Siri Shortcuts that parse JSON from a text or a link stored in your clipboard. The shortcuts can open the JSON in the app or preview it in an interactive notification. - Share Sheet Actions for parsing JSON from plain text, loading JSON from a link and importing files as JSON. - URL schemes for parsing a text, loading the contents of a link as JSON or parsing the contents of your clipboard. - Choose a location on your device to store imported files. - Highlight a key from a child of an array to quickly get an overview. - Short videos that help you get started with the app. Features that require the "Unlock Everything" in-app purchase: - Switch between light and dark themes. - Changing the visual appearance, including the app icon, accent color and type icons. - Opening more than two tabs.

  • iSH Shell

    iSH Shell Theodore Dubois Developer Tools A Linux-like shell on iOS. You can edit files with sed and cat, move them around, and more!

  • Text Editor.

    Text Editor. TAPUNIVERSE LIMITTED COMPANY Developer Tools This is a simple yet powerful text editor that let you browse and edit any kind of text on your device and on the cloud (including iCloud, Google Drive, Box and more) FEATURES: ————— ◆ Browse and edit all kinds of text on your device and on the cloud ◆ Support TXT, RTF or any file that can be read as text like HTML, CSS, JS ◆ View text in any font and style ◆ Rich Text editing ◆ Share your files anywhere ◆ Dark Mode support Text Editor+: • You can subscribe to unlock dark mode and unlimited usage. • Subscription auto-renew at the end of current period, unless cancelled 24-hours in advance prior to the end of the current period. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Per Apple policy, no cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Once purchased, refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Terms of use: Privacy policy:

  • LibTerm

    LibTerm Develobile S.p.A. Developer Tools LibTerm is a command line interface for iPhone and iPad. Includes what you need for coding C programs! Commands: ls, lli, ifconfig, ping, readlink, id, chmod, clang, telnet, host, du, link, dig, egrep, bc, date, gzip, nslookup, python2, fgrep, mv, python3, md5, say, luac, ssh-keygen, xargs, diff, cd, tee, chksum, lua, touch, dc, tar, chflags, rm, sort, uniq, awk, printenv, chgrp, find, mkdir, tail, df, pwd, opt, chown, gunzip, compress, llvm-link, nc, uptime, sed, setenv, stat, uname, sum, head, wc, cat, echo, unsetenv, unlink, pbpaste, rmdir, uncompress, curl, ln, cp, whoami, rlogin, tr, env, whois, pbcopy, python, grep, nm, jsc, clear, sh, help, exit, open, package, edit Edit text files and code with a graphical editor and syntax highlighting with the 'edit' command. Not enough commands? You can code your own scripts with Python 2.7, Python 3.7, Lua 5.3, install third party commands or even compile and run C code with the 'clang' and 'lli' commands!

  • Spectre VPN

    Spectre VPN Passion Only Developer Tools * The best way to connect Supports Shadowsocks and Trojan protocol, the lightweight, efficient yet powerful proxy applications. * Protect your privacy Multiple strong encryption methods that ensures your internet data will never be seen by third-party. * Simple and free Intuitive design makes life easier. Last but not least, it's free!

  • SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet

    SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd Developer Tools The world’s best intelligent & advanced SSH Client app to manage and connect remote servers for your iOS and Mac devices About SSH Client: SSH Client is an on-the-go SSH-Telnet app which is best putty, console, shell ios app with powerful remote access & terminal emulator. Our app is an enterprise grade mobile app built for all kinds of needs to manage servers. Our comprehensive features are not limited to terminal keyboard and language support, multi-session capability, bluetooth keyboard support but many more. Most famous and loved because of its Administrator-Friendly approach, we have also taken into consideration our valued customers suggestions and constantly releasing updates for SSH Client to become reliable and robust in real world usage and development. • Private key files can now be directly imported in multiple formats (RSA, DSA, Putty) using iTunes sharing from other apps and Clipboard • RSA / DSA key generation and authentication and share it via email or Clipboard • Get ‘Local Notification Alert or blink’ before the connection starts terminating • Quick retrieval of last top 3 connected servers to join instantly SSH Client Functionalities: • Launch (Run) a saved command / script at connection startup • Connect with your servers using username, password or private key authentication through SSH • Configurable ‘Standard and Non-Standard’ port Adaptive Terminal: • Customize Terminal like background, foreground, cursor colour selection • Standard Terminal features including ‘Terminal Emulator with Editor’ • Personalize Terminal Size • Support Terminal Screen copy / paste and easy text selection Server Folders: • Organized groupwise server to easy and free manage and control interoperability in a blink. Customizable Keyboard: • Fully External / Bluetooth keyboard support • Special keys such as Esc, Tab, Ctrl, /, :, -, !, |, $, * • Built-In keyboard keys with fixed keys like Ctrl, Alt, Tab, Esc, Up, Down, Left, Right and F1-12 Easy Connect: • Run multiple prompt sessions at a time • Active connection counts indicator at App Badge • Configure and manage unlimited future sessions to reduce workload Gesture Control: • Pinch Scaling Terminal Screen • One touch on / off for Auto scroll • Single tap connection / disconnection from ‘Home Screen’ Key Handy Features of Free SSH Client (Best Putty, Console, Shell App): • Works over mobile Cellular or WiFi network • Use Custom or Mac Built-In fonts • Uninterrupted operationality in ‘Portrait or Landscape’ modes • Multiple editor supported like Vi, vim, pico, nano, etc • Built-in Passcode features • Its ‘Universal Binary’, hence, no need of buying 2 apps for iPhone and iPad SFTP Functionalities: • Quickly create, rename and delete files & directories • Easily edit text files • Upload and Download files from your device to your server and server to your device Know about supported technologies: Protocols : SSH, SFTP Channel types : Session Shell, Session SFTP, Local Forward iOS versions : 14 Subscription Details: - Subscriptions allow users to have prompt access to all features with unlimited access for all platforms – Payment will be charged to iTunes Account – The free trial period lasts for 7 days and automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours - User can manage subscriptions & auto-renewal by turning it off from Account settings after purchase - All features for all platforms will be disabled upon completion of the subscription Terms of use: Contact us at [email protected] Most welcome for any suggestion or feedback as we always keep on adding new features based on our customer's feedback and requests.

  • Kodex

    Kodex Bruno Philipe Resende Silva Developer Tools Kodex is an advanced code editor which brings powerful and desktop-class editor features to your iPad or iPhone: * Multi-caret editing, to quickly transform code selections. * Regex search and replace, with template matching and replace-all-matches. * Minimap which allows quick scroll navigation though the document. * Multiple window support * Syntax highlighting for over 150 languages. * Trackpad support with custom gestures to add cursors (ctrl+shift+click). * Auto complete feature (currently only for HTML). * Add as many guide columns as you wish (default 80 and 120 characters). * Configurable tab size (default 4 spaces), or insert spaces when pressing tab. * Draw hints for invisible characters such as new lines, tabs, and spaces. * Customizable key bindings, so you can configure Kodex to use the same key combos you are already used to. * Kodex smartly preserves your open documents so that your work stays as you left it between launches. * Light and Dark modes. Kodex is integrated with the Files app, so you can easily open files from any other app, and from your iCloud documents folder. You can launch Kodex QuickEdit from any file sharing view in any app to edit its contents without launching the main Kodex App (be aware this functionality depends on the host app implementing the sharing activity properly). Included are 10 editor themes, and several monospaced fonts for code editing (you can install your own preferred fonts using system profiles). Font size and line spacing are adjustable, so you can configure Kodex to best fit your preferred screen size, arrangement, and orientation. Kodex is not a compiler, and you can not build or run the code you edit from it. Think of Kodex as a NotePad++ or Sublime Text substitute for iPhone and iPad. Kodex is currently optimized for external keyboards, such as Apple's Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro, or any bluetooth/USB keyboard. More virtual keyboard features will be added in a future version.

  • HTTP Catcher

    HTTP Catcher MESS LAB LTD Developer Tools HTTP Catcher is a web debugging proxy. It can be used to intercept, inspect, modify and replay web traffic. You don't need to connect to a computer, HTTP Catcher records HTTP traffic under Wi-Fi and cellular networks in the background. HTTP Catcher makes it easy to test your apps and websites, and you can view requests and responses directly. HOW IT WORKS HTTP Catcher creates a local VPN on your device. When you start to capture web traffic, HTTP Catcher will launch a local http proxy in VPN process. All of your web traffic will be forwarded to the local http proxy via VPN. FEATURES * Decrypt HTTPS traffic * View WebSocket * Block URL * Replay request * Modify requests and responses on the fly * Domain name filter * HTML, JavaScript, CSS reformat and re-indent * HEX viewer * DNS mapping

  • WebSSH - SSH client

    WebSSH - SSH client MENGUS ARNAUD Developer Tools WebSSH is an awesome SSH, SFTP and Port Forwarding client! You will keep it in your pocket for a long time (◕‿-) Supported protocols : SSH, SFTP Supported channel types : Session Shell, Session SFTP, Local Forward Supported iOS versions : 14 - SSH Functionalities ▪ Port Forwarding (Local) ▪ Launch a command at connection startup ▪ Connect using : password, challenge (two factor authentication), RSA / DSA / PuTTY Private Key ▪ Emulation : XTERM-COLOR256 / XTERM / VT100 ▪ Profil management : background / foreground colors, font size, backspace sequence ▪ Keyboard : Virtual or Bluetooth ▪ Bel : Vibration (sound for iPad) - SFTP Functionalities ▪ Create / Rename / Delete files and directories ▪ Edit text files ▪ Upload files from your device to your server ▪ Download files from your server to your device - mashREPL ▪ Use a local terminal without any Internet connection! ▪ Run commands such as cat, ifconfig, uptime, route, etc. - Multiple Screens ▪ You can open multiple screens in order to do all you want : SSH / SFTP / WHOIS / PING and more at the same time ! - Network Tools ▪ Ping ▪ Whois - Keyboard Keys ▪ Special keys Esc, Tab, Ctrl, /, :, -, !, |, $, * - Access Protection ▪ Touch ID / Face ID ▪ PIN code - Translations ▪ English ▪ French ▪ Russian ▪ Spanish ▪ Korean ▪ Simplified Chinese ▪ Italian ▪ German ▪ Portuguese ▪ Portuguese Brazilian ▪ Polish ▪ Danish ▪ Swedish ▪ Japanese ▪ Turkish ▪ And soon your language :) Do you want a new feature not available into WebSSH? Contact me! Do you want to translate WebSSH in your favorite language ? Contact me!

  • a-Shell

    a-Shell Nicolas Holzschuch Developer Tools a-Shell is a complete local terminal emulator, allowing to run most Unix commands on you iOS device. You can transfer files using scp and curl, edit them with vim and ed, process them using grep, awk and sed. a-Shell includes Python, Lua, Perl, JavaScript, C, C++ for programming and TeX (texlive 2019, including LuaTeX) for text processing. There are also multiple network utilities: nslookup, ping, whois, ifconfig... Type help for help, help -l to get the full list of commands. a-Shell can be controlled from Shortcuts: run commands in order, process files in a-Shell, get the results as text or files, transfer files to other apps... a-shell uses iOS 13+ “multiple windows” ability, so you can run multiple shells at the same time, with different commands, in different directories. You can edit a file in one window with vim and process it in the other with python. Compile your C or C++ programs to webAssembly using clang or clang++, and execute the resulting binary. A complete webAssembly SDK is included (WASI-libc). a-Shell is the complete version. If you need a smaller app, and you don't need a C compiler, a TeX engine, or numpy and matplotlib, there is a-Shell mini.

  • V2rayHub

    V2rayHub 中华文交所 Developer Tools It is a tool software to help you manage VPN account information and share VPN application. You can do the following things through our app: 1. Manage private VPN server and account information. Private information will not be uploaded to any server. 2. Query and share VPN information shared by others, and the shared information will be uploaded to our server for others to query and display. (for the shared VPN, please contact our function to send an email. After our approval, relevant data will be displayed.) New VPN: Click add +, select SS and vmess to add VPN information of different protocols Import VPN: SS, vmess can import VPN by one key via QR code Share VPN: One click to generate link text and QR code image, making sharing easier Delete: Select a record in the form and click Delete to delete the currently selected record. Modification record: Select the record in the form and click the relevant information attribute to modify the record information. [description of auto renewal VIP Member] 1. Subscription price: subject to in app package price 2. Subscription cycle: 365 days, free trial for 3 days 3. Payment: after the user confirms the purchase and makes payment, it will be charged to the iTunes account 4. Unsubscribe: to unsubscribe, please manually turn off the automatic renewal function in the settings management of iTunes / appleid 24 hours before the expiration of the current subscription 5. Renewal: Apple's iTunes account will be deducted within 24 hours before its expiration. After the deduction, the subscription cycle will be postponed for one subscription cycle 6. Privacy Policy: 7. Terms of service: of_ CN.htm

  • Pastel

    Pastel Steven Troughton-Smith Developer Tools Capture and collect color palettes with Pastel! Pastel is an app for amateur developers & artists (like us!) that lets you build up a library of color palettes to use in your projects. With drag & drop on iPad, drag colors out into other apps that support dropped colors, like Pages and Keynote, or many third-party apps from your favorite developers, so you can use your Pastel library as your master color collection across apps. Seamlessly sync your library across devices with iCloud. Analyze photos from the photo library or from Files to determine their dominant colors — choosing specific colors manually if you wish — and save their color palettes to Pastel. Includes a variety of color pickers, like wheel, RGB sliders, and crayons, or pick named colors from your color library that you curate yourself. On iPad, drag and drop from the sidebar to any palette. Copy a variety of developer-focused code representations, like RGB, hex, Objective-C, Swift and SwiftUI. Paste hex codes into the sliders color picker. Copy a pixel bitmap representation of a palette to paste into your favorite pixel editor, share a screen-sized version to set as your wallpaper or Apple Watch face, or export a palette to Procreate®. In the free version, try out the built-in library, and add your own palettes up to a limit of 20 items total. Upgrade to the unlimited version using in-app purchase.

  • HTTPBot

    HTTPBot Arvindh Sukumar Developer Tools HTTPBot is a powerful HTTP & REST client that allows you to make requests and inspect responses on the go. With HTTPBot, you can - Make requests and view responses from anywhere. - Debug API issues even while away from your terminal. - Collaborate with your team by importing & exporting Postman collections, and by syncing with the Postman API. FEATURES - Powerful request editor provides a GUI for easily editing requests. - Auto-formatted responses according to content-type, optimised for mobile. - View detailed metrics for requests and responses, including size, duration, SSL and more. - Native support for GraphQL requests - edit queries and variables directly, without having to go through the post body. - Import & export collections from/to any document storage provider, like iCloud Drive, Dropbox and more. - Supports authentication using Basic, OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0. Securely store auth credentials for frequent use. - Save frequently-used variables in environments - Filter & query responses using XPath & JSONPath - Support for Postman collections & environments, including sync with Postman accounts on the cloud PRICING HTTPBot is available to download for free. However, certain features require the purchase of the HTTPBot Pro Unlock within the app. We offer both a yearly subscription with a 14-day fully functional trial period, as well as a one-time purchase for a lifetime upgrade. All plans unlock the app on all platforms where it is supported. LEGAL Duration & price of each subscription is displayed in the app when upgrading to Pro. Payment will be charged to your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless it is cancelled atleast 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage your subscription in your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of the free trial period is forfeited as soon as a subscription is purchased. Terms of use: Privacy policy:

  • 力扣 LeetCode - 算法编程职业成长社区

    力扣 LeetCode - 算法编程职业成长社区 领扣网络 Developer Tools 力扣(LeetCode)App 全新功能,支持移动端代码编程,实时判题,让你码不停题。 - 学习提升,快拿 Offer - 力扣社区,有问必答 - 脑力健身,极客必备 全球极客职业技能成长平台,想要提升技术能力从这里开始。海量技术题库、求职面试经验、充足技术干货等你来,力扣助你职业技能快速成长! [趣学习] - 免费力扣题库、剑指 Offer - 职业化编程 - 上万社区题解 - 企业面试考题 - 技术交流分享社区 「扣代码」 电脑不在身边,iPhone 也可实操代码学习编程。针对 iPad 全面优化,配合键盘、鼠标、快捷键,动动手指、刷刷键盘,让你迅速开启不受打扰的沉浸式编程学习体验! 「刷题解」 无论何时何地,掏出手机 “刷刷刷” 就能学习算法和数据结构。把碎片化的时间投资在自己职业能力上,让你面试信心倍增、技术深度更深、工作职级提升! 「看讨论」 求职面试经验、职场生活、名企内推、技术学习心得等你来讨论,更有百万极客为你解答技术成长难题。 「追达人」 这里是互联网技术达人云集之地,快完善你的个人战绩,来这里和他们交流切磋,也能提升一下自己的综合实力哦! 「享会员」 开通力扣 Plus 会员,尊享 2000+ IT 名企面试题库、LeetBook 专享内容及优惠、Playground 不限量、多题目自定义模拟面试、企业模拟面试、题目面试热度、极速判题、编辑器智能模式、Debugger 调试器、积分加成等 10 大专属特权。 力扣 Plus 会员自动续费服务说明 【订阅周期】 连续包月产品。30 天(1 个月),90 天(3 个月),365 天(12 个月) 【订阅价格】 连续包月 79 元 / 月,90 天 199 元 / 季,365 天 499 元 / 年 【付款】 用户确认购买并付款后记入 iTunes 账户 【自动续订】 苹果 iTunes 账户会在到期前 24 小时内扣费,扣费成功后,顺延一个订阅周期 【取消自动续订】 购买连续包月项目,除非您在当前计费周期结束前至少 24 小时取消订阅,否则项目会自动续订,您的账户将在当前计费周期结束前 24 小时内收取续订费用。关闭 Apple ID 开通的力扣 plus 会员连续包月服务,可在 iOS 设备“设置” - “iTunes Store 与 App Store” - 选择 “Apple ID” - 点击“查看 Apple ID” - 在账户设置页面点击“订阅” - 取消订阅 【隐私政策】 【会员服务协议】

  • Working Copy - Git client

    Working Copy - Git client Anders Borum Developer Tools Access Git repositories on the go. Clone, edit, commit and push while allowing other apps access to repositories. Git is a important part of our work-life and iOS can take part in this. The ability to commit even when offline has added utility on a device that moves in and out of network coverage. Cloning repositories gets you a local copy on your iOS device with commits for all branches. You can browse the content from within the app and make changes. Other applications supporting the Files app, WebDAV or x-callback-url has access to these files. Changes made can be committed and the commits can in turn be pushed back to the remote. The idea of doing significant programming on iOS might seem far fetched when you are used to a large screen, a physical keyboard and a full IDE. But just as it turned out that not every email is serious prose, then not everything that goes on in Git is significant programming. Sometimes you just want to update a TODO file or make adjustments to your Jekyll site. Sometimes you just need to add a file the designer sent after hours. If you ever make reminders about small things to do with the code-base, then you should give Working Copy a try. You will spend less time moving stuff around and you will get much better commit messages when you write them for fixes that are still fresh in your mind. You won't be leaving your computer behind any time soon, but sometimes it is faster to just fix things with the device in your hand. When you do need to perform real work on iOS, Working Copy is a powerful tool. Editor has syntax highlighting for more than 50 programming languages and a built-in color picker. Preview images, Markdown and HTML files with a Javascript console pointing to errors in your code. Create new branches and merge or rebase them back, with a brilliant merge-tool for handling conflicts. If you need to automate your work there are Working Copy actions in the Shortcuts app for most operations. Even if you never edit a line of code on iOS, Working Copy is a great companion for reviewing and discussing code. Repositories are cross indexed and with powerful fuzzy search you can quickly jump from a symbol to the declaration or reverse from the declaration to all usages. A graph of your commits lets you zoom out for a overview of the commit tree or zoom in for specifics about each commit, with speed and beauty you won’t find in desktop Git applications. Review the changes your files have gone through with a diff viewer that is great for text and images. There is even hex-dump mode for that obscure occasion. Working Copy is a free download but you need to unlock pro features such as the ability to push commits and manage more than 5 repositories. There is no venture capital, large company or ads funding development and your support through in-app purchase directly sustains development. When you pay to unlock you get permanent access to all pro features at the time of purchase as well as any added the next year. When 12 months have passed you keep all existing pro features but any new ones introduced are locked until you renew your unlock.

  • BLE Hero

    BLE Hero onceLabs LLC Developer Tools BLE Hero is a comprehensive development tool for engineers, software developers, or anyone developing Bluetooth Low Energy enabled products or applications. Light and Dark Modes! Tutorials: - Video Tutorials Under the Help Section DFU Support: - Nordic Semiconductor - Cypress, Silabs, + STMicro coming soon BLE Scanning: - Company IDs from Bluetooth SIG - Search function: Search by any values included in advertisement data - Real-time RSSI plot for each discovered peripheral - Real-time estimated advertisement interval - Full listing of all advertisement data for each discovered peripheral - Favorites support - Ability to permanently ignore devices - Locator Mode! Connections: - Ability to maintain connections to many devices at the same time GATT Interactions: - Attempt reconnection from anywhere in the app! No need to return to the scan results to reconnect - Explore GATT services, characteristics, and descriptors - Read characteristics, notifications/indications ----> Display formats: HEX, ASCII, or UInt8 byte array ----> Read and notification history with timestamps within characteristic view - Write characteristics ----> HEX, ASCII, and Decimal keyboards ----> Write formats: HEX, ASCII, and Decimal ----> Viewable write history with timestamps within characteristic view - Descriptors and descriptor values - Notifications/Indications Logging: - Most detailed logging available - Search function to search for specific events - Logging occurs at a low level, providing detailed information about all BLE events - Advertisement data - Connection events with error descriptions - Disconnection events with error descriptions - Read/write characteristic events with error descriptions - Notification/indication events - GATT discovery events - System status events - Fully configurable: enable or disable each of the log event types - Export logs as text files via email, text, etc..., or save to files

  • Device Monitor²

    Device Monitor² Fast-Devs Project Developer Tools Device Monitor² is a unique app of its kind, optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which allows you to have at a glance all the information on your device quickly and easily. Here are the main features that will prompt you to choose Device Monitor²: • display of data in a simple and easy to understand form; • information on the DEVICE; • information on the DEVICE SENSOR; • information on RAM; • information on the STORAGE; • information about the CPU; • information on the NETWORK; • information on the BATTERY; • information on DYSPAY; • information about the CAMERA; • PDF info export; • iOS 13 and iOS 14 widget; • button for clean RAM memory; • notification for when the RAM is totally full. Oh and let's not forget it's FREE.

  • Haptic Haven

    Haptic Haven David Jacobsen Developer Tools Haptic Haven is an app for iOS developers to test, learn about, and implement haptic feedback.   Features: -Demo all haptic feedback on one screen to easily compare them -See descriptions and use cases for all 9 types built into Swift -Share the code with yourself through Messages, email, airdrop, and more -View helpful links with further information about haptic feedback -Dark mode supported -Alternate app icons available   Haptic feedback is a great way to improve the user experience of an application and all iOS developers should be familiar with it. Enjoy this haven for all things haptics! Make sure to have haptic feedback turned on in your phone's Settings app: Go to Settings > Sound & Haptics > System Haptics. The open source code for this app can be found at:   Questions or feedback? Contact us at [email protected] No ads, no account needed, no personal information collected. Ever.

  • My Device

    My Device Hongseok Choi Developer Tools You can check various information of my device. Information required for App Analytics development and debugging.

  • DNS Client

    DNS Client Sergii Kryvoblotskyi Developer Tools DNS Client is networking developer tool for debugging Domain Name Servers. It gives an ability to create requests in human readable format and interprets responses. Supports all known DNS query types. Currently supported protocols: - DNS over UDP - DNS over HTTPs - DNS over TLS

  • Zoomable - Desktop Browser

    Zoomable - Desktop Browser Actowise LLC Developer Tools Zoomable is a browser that provides a full desktop web experience. It simulates a large and resizable screen and shows the desktop version of websites, so you can stay away from those bad mobile web experiences. • No ads, even for free-tier user. • Zoom freely between 1x and 3x. • Seamless transitions between portrait and landscape mode. • Supports full screen mode. • Save and manage favorites. • Lightning fast and super small install size. • Supports UI customization for both portrait and landscape mode. • Respects user privacy; the app only collects anonymous diagnostic data unrelated to browsing, and you can opt out. • [Pro] Multiple tabs. • [Pro] Customize themes. The app is designed for everyone, it works great with many websites. However, it is particularly useful for developers. For example, accessing App Store Connect and Firebase Console works great in this app because of the screen scale feature.

  • Redbox Toolbox - ASO Analysis

    Redbox Toolbox - ASO Analysis Redbox Mobile PLC Developer Tools Gain an insight into your app’s ASO using the Toolbox. The Toolbox is the perfect app for iOS Developers. It provides you with the tools required to create, test and analyse your metadata so you can improve your performance on the App Store. Toolbox has been created by Redbox Mobile - ASO Company of the Year 2020. We have 8+ years of extensive experience optimising app metadata for global brands. Get started with these key features: APPS App Overview: See key metrics such as ASO Score, ratings and rankings all in one place. Metadata: View existing and prototype new metadata for your app. You can export a comparison and see how your app’s metadata stacks up against a competitor. You can now upload metadata and submit apps to App Store Connect too. Keywords: View daily keyword rankings for your app and compare them against competitors. Rankings: See where your app ranks in any storefront around the world. Add competitors to see how they compare. Creatives: View app icons, screenshots and preview videos across all platforms. Ratings: View the star rating, a rating breakdown and most recent reviews. Competitors: Add competitors to your app that you’d like to compare metadata or rankings against. App Updates: View a list of the most recent app updates. More Details: See additional information about an app such as its App ID, Developer Name & URL, whether it supports Apple Watch, Siri or Wallet and much more! TOOLS Storefront Switcher: Switch App Store storefronts to see if your app has been featured in another country or where it is ranking for specific keywords. Metadata Prototype: Prototype metadata for an unreleased app on the App Store. Column & Comma: Convert values in a table (column) to those separated by commas. Perfect for adding keywords to App Store Connect, the Redbox Platform or Apple Search Ads. Combination Generator: Generate all the combinations for a list of keywords so you can view longtail keywords that you could be ranking for. Top Charts: View the top 200 category rankings around the world. MORE Widgets: Add Toolbox widgets to view rankings, switch storefronts and more all from your Home Screen. Siri Shortcuts: Add one of the Toolbox Shortcuts in the Siri Shortcuts app to automate the process of viewing rankings, switching storefronts and more. iCloud Syncing: Your favourite apps and settings will be saved across all of your Apple devices. Apple Watch: Use the Toolbox app on your wrist to perform a quick app lookup and metadata analysis. Available to install even without the iOS app. Multi-Window: You can open multiple Toolbox windows to compare apps or use multiple tools at the same time. Keyboard Shortcuts: Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform common in-app actions. Share Extension: Instantly open iOS apps from the App Store in Toolbox just by tapping the action button. Messages Extension: Send stickers to contacts using the Messages app. Dark Mode: If you have enabled Dark Mode on your device, Toolbox will switch to the Dark Mode version of the app. App Icon: Toolbox offers a number of different custom app icons for you to choose from. Settings: Customise the Toolbox to your taste with many different customisation options. Use the Toolbox to start optimising your apps and analyse their progress. Get in contact: Email: [email protected] Website: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

  • Servediter for code-server

    Servediter for code-server Develobile S.p.A. Developer Tools Servediter gives you access to an instance of code-server, an online code editor without any setup required. Using a self hosted server is also possible without paying a subscription. You can upload local files and download them back after editing. As the editor is online, you can run Linux commands from the VS Code terminal. You can also personalize the editor and install extensions. Previewing HTML files in app is also possible with a subscription. ( ! ) The app requires an internet connection to work ( ! ) An external keyboard is recommended to use the app since selection with the touch cursor is not supported ( ! ) The subscription provides an instance of code-server, which works well for editing files. But this isn't a full server with root access. Running and testing full projects would be better on a self hosted server. This application is developed and maintained just by me (Adrian Labbé) and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation. Link of the Privacy Policy: Link of the License Agreement:

  • Terminal & SSH

    Terminal & SSH Pavlo Kravchenko Developer Tools Terminal & SSH is a complete command line and server administration solution that provides secure access to Linux or IoT devices and helps you quickly resolve issues from a mobile device. SSH Features: • SSH connection with password or key authentication: DSA, RSA, ECDSA, Ed25519 (OpenSSH format). • Emulation: XTERM-COLOR256 / XTERM / VT100 • Connection settings are securely stored in the Keychain. • Unlimited server list. • Local text editor with syntax highlighting for more than 30 programming languages. • Snippets (saving commands for quick access). • Special keys Esc, Tab, Ctrl, /,:, -,!, |, $, *, F1-F12 SFTP features: • Upload files from your device to your server. • Download files from your server to your device. • Create / rename / delete files and directories. • Edit text files. Network tools: • ifconfig, ping, whois, host, nc (netcat), nslookup, telnet, dig, curl And: • Authentication to the application via Touch ID / Face ID. • Customize the terminal theme. • Adjust the font size. • Support for terminal plugins.

  • Carnets - Jupyter

    Carnets - Jupyter Nicolas Holzschuch Developer Tools Jupyter notebooks are a powerful tool used in education and research. You can write small snippets of Python code and observe the result on screen, combine with paragraphs of text, using Markdown. Carnets provides a complete, stand-alone, implementation of Jupyter notebooks. Everything runs on your device, using the embedded Python interpreter; you do not need an internet connection.  Numpy, Sympy, Matplotlib, Pandas, lxml, bokeh and nbextensions (including ipywidgets) are pre-installed. To see the full list of installed packages, type "%pip list" in a code window. You can add more packages using "%pip install packageName", but only if they are pure Python. If you need scipy, seaborn or scikit-learn, please use our other App, "Carnets - Jupyter (with scipy)". You can share your notebooks with other apps and also open notebooks or directories managed by other apps.

  • Code Editor for HTML CSS JS

    Code Editor for HTML CSS JS Sajed Nahian Developer Tools Prisma is the best code editor for web developers and people learning web development. Get syntax highlighting, custom URLs, and unlimited projects. Share your projects with your friends in one click.

  • Grid Draw- Logo & Icon Creator

    Grid Draw- Logo & Icon Creator Bret Lester Developer Tools Now with SVG and PDF support, Grid Draw makes it easy to create and share original, vector-based iconography. Browse a growing collection of vector art created by artists from around the world. Build your own unique creations and share them with the GridDraw community, or keep them private if you choose. Sign in to sync your personal collection across all of your iOS, MacOS and iPadOS devices. It's great for creating any type of art that requires perfect symmetry such as icons and logos. And it works great with the Apple Pencil. Grid Draw works using scalable vector graphics which means you can export your drawings as an image of any size without losing graphical fidelity. Supported formats include SVG, PDF and PNG. In addition to built-in cloud sync, you can save backups of your drawings as simple JSON text. Organize your art with tags. Promote your website on your profile page. Get inspired. -- Privacy Policy Terms of Service -- Grid Draw Full Version is a 1-month auto-renewable subscription. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew up to 24 hours before your next subscription payment is due via your App Store settings page. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.

  • Find IP • Public & WiFi

    Find IP • Public & WiFi Sunil Devram Targe Developer Tools Find your iOS device external and internal IP addresses effortlessly and easily with this app. Key features : • Simple and easy to use with the great user interface. • Instantly trace your external & internal IP address using mobile data or WiFi network. • Continuously updates data based on the network connection. • Share with another device or with friend. • Support all iOS devices with both Portrait and Landscape mode ******************************************* System Requirements : • Find IP requires iOS 10 or Higher Supported hardware includes : • iPhone • iPad • iPod Touch (5th Gen)

  • ServerCat - Linux Status & SSH

    ServerCat - Linux Status & SSH Zhenlu Zou Developer Tools ServerCat is a Linux monitor and Docker Management & SSH Terminal app. ServerCat makes it easy to monitor your server status on your mobile. It shows detail running status of your linux servers and docker containers. It only needs an SSH account without any other dependencies. It will not install any tools to your system. ServerCat is made using SwiftUI, so iOS 13.2+ is required. # Free Features Monitor detail status of your server including: * CPU usage per-core * GPU usage and running process * Memory usage * Network traffic/speed and TCP stats * Docker containers and stats * Disk blocks and IO per second # Premium Features * SSH Shell Terminal * Sync data across all your iOS devices * Create and Manage containers # Supported Linux Distro: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Amazon Linux Image, Alpine, Raspbian, OpenWrt and more # Security: All SSH credentials are AES-encrypted and saved locally. The Cloud Sync uses iCloud to sync AES-encrypted data securely and nobody can inspect your data in the cloud.

  • CodeSnack IDE

    CodeSnack IDE Mobibean, LLC Developer Tools Coding on the go. CodeSnack IDE allows you to code and runs your code instantly in the Linux environment. With CodeSnack IDE, you can practice coding in 16 programming languages using an integrated library of source code samples (1000+ code examples available). App features: - Write & Run Real Code (like on PC or Mac) - 16 Languages Supported by default - Ability to install dependencies and Linux libraries (check out ".config.yml") - Hardware keyboards support - View program output or detailed error (in Real-Time!) - Code examples library (contains 100+ examples) - Sync Between Devices - Great code editor (2 color themes) - Compiler Flags, Input Arguments, STDIN, caching, custom run scripts, etc. This is the only mobile application supporting many programming languages for coding: * Java * Python * C * C++ * C# * Dart * JavaScript (Node.js) * TypeScript (Node.js) * PHP * Shell * Swift * Ruby * Go * Kotlin * Lua * Haskell In addition to the programming language itself, it is possible to choose its version. The app contains the most popular and latest versions of 16 languages. A unique feature of the application is the STDIN support in the application console. At runtime, you can interact with the program using standard I / O streams using the keyboard of your device. This feature of the CodeSnack IDE allows you to work with the program just like it does on a regular PC. Pro subscription benefits: - Up to 8x faster - Sync between devices - Powerful containers sizes "medium" and "large" - No ads & banners Note: Graphics and audio functions are not supported. Terms Of Service: Privacy Policy: Request a Feature: CodeSnack IDE support email: [email protected]

  • Proto for Figma

    Proto for Figma Florian Windbacher Developer Tools Open any publicly shared prototype link in a fullscreen experience, getting the full canvas of your smartphone from the first to last pixel, just as you designed it in the Figma Mirror app. You can even save the prototype on your device, to have quick access if you plan to revisit it more than once.

  • Code Analyzer

    Code Analyzer 卿 徐 Developer Tools The Code Analyzer aims to develop tools that in order to analyze executable files. Currently we support .apk, .jar, .jmod files.

  • Proxyman - Web Debugging Proxy

    Proxyman - Web Debugging Proxy TablePlus Inc Developer Tools Meet a superb Web Debugging Proxy that can act like a middleMan, aka Proxyman.  Proxyman for iOS works perfectly with Proxyman for macOS (native macOS app, Support Big Sur and M1 Chip). ### Features - Capture HTTP/HTTPS Traffic from iOS Devices with built-in Proxyman VPN - View HTTP/HTTPS Request/Response in plain text - Exclusively designed for iPhone and iPad (Landscape and Two Columns) - Share traffic to Proxyman macOS - a native macOS app for better reviewing - Pin working domains - Quick filter with URL, Header Body, and Type of Request/Response (e.g. JSON, Form, HTML, CSS, Document, etc) - Better Request/Response Previewer: Multiple columns, JSON Preview, JSON TreeView, etc - Safe Lock: Protect your sensitive data with FaceID / TouchID / Passcode - Advanced Debugging Tools: SSL Proxying, Block List, Map Local, Breakpoint, etc ### How it works Proxyman iOS creates a local VPN on your device, then forwarding all traffic to a Local Man-in-The-Middle Server. As long as the VPN is active, Proxyman iOS can capture all traffic over Wi-Fi, Cellular Data. ### How about my sensitive data? - Proxyman Root Certificate is a self-signed certificate that is generated in your local machine. Thus, all requests and responses are captured and stored on your devices and Proxyman does not have access to your data. - There are no remote servers involved. What’s in your devices, it’s in your devices. ************* - Support: - Privacy Policy: - Term of Services:

  • VPN Master 1 x Proxy 360

    VPN Master 1 x Proxy 360 CRMarketing Developer Tools ◆ #1 VPN app for Internet Security - DOWNLOAD NOW! Level up the security of your data with Tok VPN by Lingviny. Minimum setup time and effort. Maximum security, productivity, and performance! Tok VPN provides unlimited online anonymity and mobile access to websites and apps while keeping your information secure as you browse. EXPRESS & FAST DEPLOYMENT No registration or login required. Simple one-tap Connect to VPN hotspot. ANONYMITY SHIELD Stay secure & anonymous with a dynamic IP address. NO LOGS VPN 100% no-log x policy on your iPhone and iPad. RELIABLE PROTECTION The professional enterprise VPN solution by Lingviny uses 360 military-grade encryption to protect your valuable information. Testimonials: "Great VPN service and very good iOS client. I've used it all over the world for the last couple of months, with fantastic results and performance every time." - Sietasse "Really easy to use VPN service. It does use up some battery, but honestly I'm pretty sure that's just the nature of VPN." - Cooper Stang ----- You can subscribe to get access to all the premium features and content offered for purchase within Tok VPN. The cost of the purchase is charged to your iTunes account. Subscriptions are auto-renewable and are billed at the rate and period selected depending on the subscription plan. Users’ accounts are charged for auto-renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal can be turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after the purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. - Privacy policy: - Terms of Use

  • Color Pro – P3 Picker

    Color Pro – P3 Picker Nicolas Cook Leon Developer Tools Color is fundamental to the human experience. With carefully-chosen colors, you can evoke a powerful emotional connection. Color Pro is a color picker designed for humans. Everything is interactive and intentionally-designed for accessibility, ease-of-use, and color accuracy. This app will reliably help anyone find exactly the right colors for their needs. Swipe the screenshots. If you need it, you’ll know. Features: • Human color names • Pick from Image/Camera – Zoom to pixels at 50x! • Digital/Ink switch – RGB/CMYK modes • Bits per channel – 8/10/16 Bits, Percentages, or Floating-Point • Display P3 Color Support • URL Scheme (colorpro:///#ffffff)

  • Vibration App Strong

    Vibration App Strong Tien Hoan Le Developer Tools This unique vibrator app is a great and powerful relaxing and full body vibrator massager for your relaxation, pleasure and great satisfaction. The modes on the app will give you a pleasant and relaxing massage that is designed to help with different types of cramps and general body pain without you taking a trip to the gym. This app is a simple to use, very comfortable, and very intense vibrator stimulator for your body. With our app, you get a vibrator - Strong vibrator /Body Massager you can make your mobile phone anytime to vibrate fast on-demand at different speeds. You can always change and fine-tune the intensity and power of the vibrator modes, exactly as you want to give you the desired speed and vibrator.

  • play.js - JavaScript IDE

    play.js - JavaScript IDE CodeSandbox BV Developer Tools play.js brings the power of modern JavaScript development to your iOS device. Finally you can use your iPhone or iPad to develop and run locally your Node.js and React Native applications, no computer or internet connection needed. play.js is a full-fledged development environment with the following features: - A Node.js runtime environment. - Sign in with your CodeSandbox account to easily import your sandboxes and continue working on the go. - In-app web browser with various developer tools (console, node browser, source code viewer and layers inspector). - Project templates: React.js, Vue.js, Next.js and many other frameworks. - Git client with support for the following operations: clone, fetch, pull, push and commit. - Dependencies resolution for Node.js projects. - Real code autocompletion that reacts to your code and modules. - Syntax highlighting for JavaScript, JSX, HTML, CSS, Sass, SCSS, TypeScript, TSX, Flow, Vue, Svelte, CoffeeScript, Nunjucks and Markdown files. - Open in-place support. - In-app documentation. All these features flavoured with a great user experience: a delightful UI, custom fonts, light and dark modes, trackpad support and much more! Get the app and start coding straight away.

  • Python3 Charm - AI Leaning

    Python3 Charm - AI Leaning Phoenix Lab Technology Co., Ltd. Developer Tools Python3 Charm is a software development tool that supports and runs Python3 on mobile devices, with built-in integration of Python basic environment. Professional mobile phone programming development software. Rich in programming foundation, machine learning, deep learning, data science and other courses. Function introduction: Code highlight, more intuitive Support split screen display in horizontal screen mode Console output and input, support the output of specific error stack information Theme and font size settings, moving cursor, easy to read, easy to operate Support PyPI module, built-in integrated pip function ------------------------------------------------ Python3 Charm Advanced Version: 【Unlimited code runs】 【Unlimited use of PyPI function】 【Unlimited use of modules】 【Support custom theme setting】 【Continuous access to more advanced functions】 Support free trial for 3 days. After the trial period, this subscription will be renewed automatically for $[4.49]/month unless you actively close or cancel the subscription. You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by iTunes .The account will confirm and charge you for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Payment will be deducted from iTunes account upon confirmation of subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time. You can cancel it at least 24 hours before the trial period or the end of the subscription period to avoid deduction. Any unused part of the trial period after payment will be discarded. After purchase, you can go to the AppStore account settings to manage or cancel your subscription. Privacy policy: Terms of Use:

  • Device Info Toolkit

    Device Info Toolkit Jonata Oliveira Developer Tools Hardware and software information for your device! With Device Info you can find information about storage, battery, network and wifi, sensors, CPU, operating system and much more. The new version also features internet speed tests, ping and deep linking! Download now the most complete free app in the segment!

  • HomeSpy

    HomeSpy Chris Peel Developer Tools Features - View hierarchically: by Zone, Room and Accessory - View by idiom: by Service, Characteristic - See faulty accessories - See edge cases (e.g. rooms with no Zone) - View hidden and custom characteristics - Quickly and easily change a value, including hidden ones - Gorgeous User Interface - Supports iPad - Supports portrait or landscape mode

  • Lua IDE

    Lua IDE Wenhuan Li Developer Tools • Lua IDE with syntax highlighting • Reference manual • Works completely offline • Cloud storage support, including iCloud

  • mDebugger

    mDebugger newfrom Developer Tools Mobile web debugging has been easier. Use various features such as HTML, Header, Console, Cookie on mobile browser for free. Introduce main features. HTML You can check the HTML code of the accessed page. Console You can debug through various commands in the console. Cookie You can change the settings by adding or changing cookies. Header You can easily check Request / Response info. How to use. Join now! We do not ask for any information other than an email address. Register! Register the address of the site to be debugged. You can add / delete the site address at any time. Check your info! You can check and set the necessary information for debugging HTML, Console, Cookie and Header (Request / Response).

  • SFTP SSH Client

    SFTP SSH Client Zhipeng Pan Developer Tools A fully featured SFTP SSH client that allows you to access files on SFTP servers. Open interactive terminal and complete your tasks. Browse directories and files. Easily download, upload, edit and delete. * Access SFTP SSH servers, support socks5 proxy and jump host. * Copy, move, rename and delete files. Directly access and manage remote files, edit text files. * Import and export files. Copy files among SFTP servers and iPhones, iPads. * Import photos/videos from iOS photo library and upload to your SFTP servers. * Dark Theme and Light Theme * Code Editor with Syntax highlight (HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc) * Preview documents. View images, PDF, Word, Excel and PPT. * Preview HTML. Write HTML code and view it, support html, svg rendering. * Connect to SSH servers with passwords or keys. * Open SSH Terminal. Continue your work by mobile. * Run snippets code quickly. * Edit files in Terminal. You can use text editors such as nano, vim, etc. * Send keyboard special keys.

  • Secure ShellFish - SSH client

    Secure ShellFish - SSH client Anders Borum Developer Tools Secure ShellFish is an app that brings SSH to your iPhone and iPad and remote file transfers to the Files app, all in a convenient and easy to use package. Lightning fast, Secure ShellFish helps you access your remote servers and do whatever you need to do – whether that's edit a configuration file or kick off a complete system backup. Even upload files right from your iPhone and iPad – all using the familiar interface of the Files app. By leveraging the power of the Files app as well as Open in Place, Secure ShellFish gives users the opportunity to edit files in their favorite apps (Textastic, iA Writer, Pythonista, Ulysses, and more) and then have them automatically sync back to a remote server. Support for the Shortcuts app is extensive and the majority of file-based operations can also be automated via shortcuts. Secure ShellFish is a free download with an in-app purchase unlocking the full functionality on offer. A lifetime unlock costs $27.99 while a monthly option of $4.99 is also available. This allows us to continually improve the app and support the very latest tools and APIs offered by iOS and iPadOS each year. A 15-day trial is available so everyone can test Secure ShellFish out to make sure it's the app for them. Visit for more information.

  • Terminal Commands

    Terminal Commands Kasim SAGIR Developer Tools If you use Linux or MacOs and you need a command line handbook this application maded for you. And you can save your commands to application. If you want share commands to other people on third party softwares. This application contains the following commands - Search Commands - Pacman Commands - System Commands - Permission Commands - Compression Commands - FTP Commands - GIT Commands - ADB Commands - Network Commands - File Commands - Docker Commands - APT Commands - SSH Commands

  • My Install Identifiers

    My Install Identifiers Kochava Developer Tools Reveal and copy install identifiers including the IDFV.

  • nRF Connect Device Manager

    nRF Connect Device Manager Nordic Semiconductor ASA Developer Tools nRF Connect Device Manager is a generic tool for updating and managing devices running nRF Connect SDK supporting Device Manager module over Bluetooth LE (aka Management Subsystem, Mcu Manager, SMP Server). Features: * Basic: echo, reset * Firmware update over-the-air (FOTA, DFU) * File System * Logs & stats Links: Source code: * nRF Connect SDK: * SMP Server Sample Doc: * McuManager: * SMP over Bluetooth:

  • BluetoothAssistant

    BluetoothAssistant 杭州橘汁科技有限公司 Developer Tools Bluetooth Assistant can help you discover the Bluetooth devices around you, connect and debug features: 1. Device Scan 2. Signal strength detection 3. Device connection 4. Device information reading 5. Data read and write 6. Log data ###### If you have any questions or functional requirements, you can click the feedback button in the App to send an email to us If you are in China, you can join our official QQ group to discuss with us, QQ group number: 171236585

  • Git

    Git Agustin Iturbide Developer Tools Embrace change in your workflow. A version control system allows you to track changes on your files and documents and edit them without fear, you will always be able to go back in time and recover a previous version or compare the differences. Just like using git from the Terminal, but better. Features - Create or open a repository. - Commit changes. - Review the history/log. - Revert to a previous state. - Clone, Pull, Push, Edit, remotes. - Unpack a repository. - View the difference of an edited file. No requirements Seriously, fully native for MacOS and iOS, and you need nothing additional to create a repository and start tracking your files and documents. Privacy and analytics We value your privacy above all, and we are very serious about it. Git does NOT track your activity at any time, in fact, it is fully functional without an internet connection. Your credentials (name and email) are only used to sign your commits, but these are only stored in your device. Git is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. It is designed for coordinating work among programmers, but it can be used to track changes in any set of files. Its goals include speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows. - Wikipedia Try it yourself and let us know what you think.

  • DevToolKit

    DevToolKit 贝贝 贺 Developer Tools Dev toolbox. Using for Ping, DNS, System Front Preview, QRCode, Tiny Url, Web debugging, Json Formate on your mobile phone!

  • JSBox - Learn to Code

    JSBox - Learn to Code YING ZHONG Developer Tools * JSBox is featured by:, Price Tag, AppSolution etc # What's JSBox? JSBox is an Integrated Development Environment for JavaScript. You can learn to code JavaScript here, as we provide tons of utilities to enhance the development experience. JSBox is amazing for both beginners and experienced engineers. Don't you wanna try it out? Don't hesitate to create cool stuff—do it now! # What can JSBox do? Of course you can write JavaScript, but the most important thing is that you can create native iOS utilities, such as: - Upload photos you have just taken to the server - Create a widget to check bus information - Schedule tasks by leveraging date-based or location-based notifications - Design an extension for the Photos app to search photos directly - Design your own widget and keyboard - Make a real-time tool to query the exchange rate - Collect your most important contacts and handle it on the widget There are many possibilities; we believe you can create coolest stuff. # What's in JSBox? JSBox is not only a full-fledged environment for standard JavaScript, but also provides many utilities: - A safe environment to run JavaScript natively with incredible performance - A beautiful editor to write JavaScript, multiple themes, auto-completion, and snippets... - Many advanced development tools: lint, prettier, diff viewer and database viewer... - A desktop extension to write code extremely fast and comfortable - Almost all the cool tech in iOS: Siri/Shortcuts, Today Widget, Action Extension, 3D Touch, Home Screen Shortcut... - A lot of awesome examples for beginner We are still working on it and will introduce cooler features in the future. # Terms of Use # Privacy Policy # Contact us! Please contact us in the following ways. Don't hesitate to report any issues. Thank you! - [Community]( - [Email](mailto:[email protected]) - [Telegram]( - [Twitter]( - [Weibo](

  • Python Recipes

    Python Recipes Fedor Obraztsov Developer Tools - Learning Python 3 syntax on specific code examples. How to get a substring? How to declare a generalized method? These and over 300 of other code samples for Python are available in the application. - The best examples of codes from books and specific internet resources are selected in the program. Finding the best decision on the Internet may demand hours of working time. Ready for use and tested code "recipes" are included in the application - The application is a good tool during the exam or the preparation to the interview because it contains a reference to frequently used operations in different programming languages. - Quick search of the correct example by the code or by the name of topic. Print or send the code example, which you like and share it with your colleagues. - Being a developer, I use this program when I need to remember quickly how to solve a given task in one or another programming language. - In the application, basic examples are available free of charge. About 45% of examples are available at an additional cost. If you can help with translating the names of topics into your language, please contact me by e-mail.

  • SQLPro Studio database client

    SQLPro Studio database client Hankinsoft Development Inc Developer Tools SQLPro Studio is the premium database client and management tool for Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Snowflake databases. Some of the great features include: + Intellisense/SQL autocompletion. + Syntax highlighting with customizable themes (including dark). + Tabbed based interface for an optimal user experience (iPad). + Context aware database tree navigation, including quick access to tables, views, columns, indexes and much more! + NTLMv2 supported (but not required). + Netbios support. + SSH Tunnelling (password and private key authentication). SQLPro Studio supports the following database servers: + MySQL & MariaDB + PostgreSQL + Microsoft SQL Server (2005 and above) + Snowflake Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Price: SQLPro requires a Premium upgrade in order to interact with database result sets. Premium is available as either a Lifetime Purchase or through a Subscription with Monthly and Yearly options. Subscriptions auto-renew within 24 hours of the expiration date unless auto-renewal is turned off in the iTunes account settings. Your Account will be charged for renewal (based on your selected plan) within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

  • DetailsPro

    DetailsPro Fun Focus Software LLC Developer Tools DetailsPro is a design tool made for Apple designers and SwiftUI. — Create with SwiftUI views like VStack, Text, Image, and more — Make real designs without writing any code — Export to Xcode, Swift Playgrounds, and more — Keep up to 5 designs at any time for free; Subscribe for unlimited designs — Design from anywhere you have your iPhone, iPad, or Mac — Share your work with a DetailsPro Design Profile Templates: Kick start your next design update with built-in SwiftUI design templates and community templates that are being updated all the time. Save time and get straight to your idea without having to set up a full development environment. Split Mode: Check your design in Dark Mode and Light Mode more easily than ever by previewing both at the same time. Choose from System, Dark, Light, or Split Mode for your design environment and switch between them instantly. "...the tools you need to start designing an app in SwiftUI using just an iOS device." - 9to5Mac Your DetailsPro subscription will automatically renew unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the current period ends. You can go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Subscriptions to manage your membership. Your iTunes Account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Read more about our terms and conditions here: Read more about our privacy policy here:

  • My Device Identifiers

    My Device Identifiers Kochava Developer Tools Experiment with ATT (AppTrackingTransparency) to view and copy device identifiers such as the IDFA and IDFV.

  • JavaScript Recipes

    JavaScript Recipes Fedor Obraztsov Developer Tools - Learning JavaScript ES6 syntax on specific code examples. How to get a substring? How to declare a generalized method? These and over 300 of other code samples for JavaScript are available in the application. - The best examples of codes from books and specific internet resources are selected in the program. Finding the best decision on the Internet may demand hours of working time. Ready for use and tested code "recipes" are included in the application - The application is a good tool during the exam or the preparation to the interview because it contains a reference to frequently used operations in different programming languages. - Quick search of the correct example by the code or by the name of topic. Print or send the code example, which you like and share it with your colleagues. - Being a developer, I use this program when I need to remember quickly how to solve a given task in one or another programming language. - In the application, basic examples are available free of charge. About 45% of examples are available at an additional cost. If you can help with translating the names of topics into your language, please contact me by e-mail.

  • Stream - Network Debug Tool

    Stream - Network Debug Tool Stream Lab Inc. Developer Tools Before downloading this App, We hope you can read the following introductions seriously. 1. Stream is designed for f2e developers, mobile developers, backend developers, sa engineers, qa engineers and users who have a certain network analyze abilities. 2. Stream is only designed for network debugging. Meanwhile, turning on Stream requires you to authorize VPN permissions. 3. Stream will never upload any user data, and we also expect you to spread to users who also trust us. If you do not agree with the above instructions, we recommend you consider seriously before downloading. Features: Stream is an iOS side network debugging tool, only for QA & development. 1. Sniff HTTP & HTTPS requests, meanwhile sniffing HTTPS requests needs you to install CA certificates. 2. Capture History, preview request body, and response body, supports text / JSON / files / forms. 3. Compose HTTP requests and Replay sniffed requests. 4. Support Hosts configuration, similar to Hosts in the PC features, for f2e developer and mobile developer to switch test environment and online environment easily. 5. Simple support on HAR files, you can export Charles / Fiddler / Chrome / Firefox network records to HAR file and then open in Stream and replay requests. 6. Compatible with iPhone X and iPad MutiTask.

  • Interact - A Field Guide

    Interact - A Field Guide Harley Thomas Developer Tools An interactive guide for SwiftUI to help designers and developers build better apps. – Code snippets and interactive examples for components like sliders, toggles, lists, and grids – Foundational elements like color, typography, haptics, gestures, animation, iconography, and accessibility – Quick access to Apple's official developer and design documentation – Also available on macOS

  • Didimo Showcase

    Didimo Showcase Didimo, Inc. Developer Tools Didimo makes possible user-generated 3D digital humans--fast, high-fidelity and at runtime-- from a simple selfie in about 90 seconds. Integrate your users’ authentic digital humans into your apps, sites and experiences with ease. - Our Didimo showcase app demonstrates the quality and features of a didimo that can be created from a single photo. - Our Didimo cloud-based platform gives businesses and developers the ability to create authentic avatars at speed and volume by integrating our API or using our Unity SDK with your application. This fully redesigned app will support our newest generation pipeline technology and planned future rounds of new features in 2021. Coming soon: - Blendshape based animation - Animation via MoCap - Text-to-speech - Expanded hair library Sign up within the app and receive 10 didimos (with additional didimos added regularly) to explore, test and create your vision. Your account also comes equipped with a high-quality example didimo that allows you to experience a range of features. Learn how to integrate our API within your app, game or platform by visiting our Developer’s Portal ( To sign up and for additional details, visit our Customer Portal ( For general information, inquire at [email protected] and for technical support contact us at [email protected] Note: By installing this app you are deemed to have accepted Didimo’s terms of use at:

  • Credit Utilization Calculator

    Credit Utilization Calculator Felicia Gandy Developer Tools Learn how to measure how much credit you are using with your overall revolving credit. Credit utilization measures the amount of your outstanding credit card balances, personal lines of credit and home equity lines of credit. For adults and children to learn how to manage credit cards and other forms of revolving credit.

  • a-Shell mini

    a-Shell mini Nicolas Holzschuch Developer Tools a-Shell mini is a complete local terminal emulator, allowing to run most Unix commands on you iOS device. You can transfer files using scp and curl, edit them with vim and ed, process them using grep, awk and sed. a-Shell mini includes Python, Lua, JavaScript and webAssembly for programming and scripting. There are also multiple network utilities: nslookup, ping, whois, ifconfig... Type help for help, help -l to get the full list of commands. a-Shell mini can be controlled from Shortcuts: run commands in order, process files in a-Shell, get the results as text or files, transfer files to other apps... a-Shell mini uses iPadOS 13+ “multiple windows” ability, so you can run multiple shells at the same time, with different commands, in different directories. You can edit a file in one window with vim and process it in the other with python. a-Shell mini is a minimalist terminal, designed to have a very small footprint (less than 250 MB). If you need more commands, please consider a-Shell, which has more Python packages, more JavaScript modules, Perl, make, a C and C++ compiler and TeX.

  • Cheat-Sheet

    Cheat-Sheet Bansemer Consulting GmbH Developer Tools SwiftUI is an innovative, exceptionally simple way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms. You're faster in development and it's easier to separate design and logic. SwiftUI CheatSheet show all UI elements and the needed source code. Each UI element is presented in one or more variations. You can try the control and check the functionality. Below the example you see the corresponding code to get this result. It's easy, try it! To allow experienced coders an easier changeover to SwiftUI, all elements from UIKit are assigned to the corresponding SwiftUI elements.

  • QuickText - Plain Text Editor

    QuickText - Plain Text Editor Reo Hokazono Developer Tools QuickText offers a lightweight and intuitive workspace for editing plain text. ## Edit any text file QuickText is designed for editing plain text files such as Markdown, HTML, Tex, or any other kinds of plain text files. ## Customizable Color Themes are supported. Font family, font size and line-height are adjustable. ## Seamless sync QuickText is a document-based app. So you can edit a plain text file on iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. ## Features - Edit any plain text files - Line numbers - Change fonts - Adjust font size - Change the default file extension - Color themes - Undo, Redo - Multiple spaces are supported in iPadOS - iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. supported (OneDrive isn't supported) ## Color Themes: - Light - Dark - Solarized Light - Solarized Dark - Gray - Brown - Dusk Contacts E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @hkzn_fy

  • SF TabBar

    SF TabBar TapTeach LLC Developer Tools Supported by the power of SF Symbols 2.0, with SF TabBar your tab bar possibilities are endless! With over 2,400 SF Symbols, you can create quick peeks at possible combinations for client or personal apps. SF TabBar allows you to: • Label each Tab • Select each Tabs SF Symbol • Decide to show 1-5 tabs • Select the SF Symbol weight • Select your Tab Bar color • Select your label color • Select your tint color • Share the SF Symbol names

  • App Maker.

    App Maker. Joseph Hinkle Developer Tools App Maker is the first app builder made for your iPhone. Make the app you've always wanted! Your app idea becomes a reality here. *Best way to learn coding for Swift and SwiftUI *Export to an Xcode project easily *Auto-ident / Auto-format your Swift code *Explore templates and customize to your desire *Integrate with git *Add animations to your app *Write Swift code *Drag and drop SwiftUI views *Designer and developer modes *Export as an App Clip for testing and collaborating with friends Note: App Maker is not a compiler Read the privacy policy here: App Clip information at: More information at: Contact the developer at

  • Mockup - App Screenshot Design

    Mockup - App Screenshot Design 凯 王 Developer Tools App Mockup is the design tool to create the most compelling screenshots for the App Store. No account required. Design once, use on all devices. We simplify the process of designing and generating professional screenshots for iOS. From a single responsive design, App Mockup exports all required screenshot sizes for apps on the Apple App Store (including iPhone, iPad, and tablets). We are the only tool who provide localization, panoramic backgrounds, 3D devices, rich text with emojis and much more. All exported in high resolution PNG images on demand, ready for upload. Short on time? Muddling through Sketch, Photoshop or mockup generators? Not sure which screenshot sizes you need? Looking for an easier way? You have just found App Mockup. Functions: * Templates Bring your app screenshots to life faster than ever. App Mockup has templates for every type of app. Update device frames, layouts, gradients, title and subtitle at the click of a button. * Store Preview See how your screenshots will look on the App Store and Play Store for every device. You can even preview in Dark Mode. * Devices Choose real devices, solid color or clay frames. Resize, rotate and position the device anywhere in the screenshot. You can even add two devices. * Layouts There are more than 30 different layout templates you can choose from, with more being added every time. * Background Set your background to a solid color, gradient, image or even a panoramic, like we showed you. * Title & Subtitle With more options than ever, update the Title and Subtitle to match your design goals. * Font Picker Choosing a perfect font with the new stunning Font Picker is a pleasure. You can even preview the screenshot before chooing any of the 960 Google fonts. * Translate Translate, localize and export your screenshots for more countries. Instant translation into 38 languages. Localising your app could help reach an additional 40% of the world! * Export One design, export all the screenshots required by the app store, which is fast and easy to use. So please use App Mockup to create compelling screenshots as soon as possible! For Terms of Use, please visit: For Privacy Policy, please visit:

  • Accessibility Inspector

    Accessibility Inspector George Garside Developer Tools Accessibility features help you customise your iPhone for your individual needs. Configure and then triple-click the side button to toggle accessibility features on or off.

  • Programming Notebook LITE

    Programming Notebook LITE Xylemark Games Corp. Developer Tools FEATURES: - Includes Google Colab and Jupyter notebook - Prevents automatic zooming when selecting text boxes to allow for code editing with ease. - Disables bouncing to allow for horizontal scrolling through code cells. - Easier web navigation through the in-app browsers. - Maximizes space available on screen for code editing/viewing

  • Ads Earnings for Admob

    Ads Earnings for Admob Giang Dinh Van Developer Tools Apps Earnings (from Admob) is an app that allows you to keep track of your app revenue from Admob. This is an unofficial product of Admob This app is tool is intended for developers or publishers. You can see your net earnings from your apps. You can do simple analysis of the data and see it as simple reports and charts. Features - Supported data sources from AdMob Reports API - Revenue Charts - Revenue by apps - Revenue by ad unit - Revenue platform - Revenue by country - Daily revenue - Month revenue - Raw data report IMPORTANT: This is NOT official app for viewing AdMob. But it uses official API for both income sources. Please compare data in this app with your data and report any problem you see.

  • ServerStatus & SSH

    ServerStatus & SSH Zhipeng Pan Developer Tools ServerStatus is a Linux status and ssh terminal tool. Easily view server load, cpu usage, memory usage, io rate, network rate and processes. No server-side dependencies, as long as it supports ssh. # Features * Server list quick view. List all your servers with simple load, memory usage, swap usage and disk usage, io rate and network rate. * Overall View. server name, processor name and count, process status and report, load chart, cpu usage and core usage chart, disk free and used chart, tcp report, io tps and read/write rate and network rate chart. * Load View. Load live chart, memory usage chart, cpu overall usage chart and cpu core charts. Overall cpu usage of us, sy, ni, id, wa, hi, si and st. * IO View. io tps and read/write rate charts. * Network View. Network interface tx/rx rate charts and TCP status. * Process View. process list and cpu usage and memory usage. * Ping status in server list, show ms and ttl. * SSH Terminal. Full featured, create sessions and run commands. Interacive console, add snippet shortcuts and reuse. copy terminal output and paste command from clipboard. * SSH Editor. Edit files with editors and enhanced keyboard functions # How it works The app get live data by Linux ssh socket. No root account required, only need a regular user, the app loads proc data and generate reports and charts. The app will not write and modify files on the server. # Data security All configuration and data will only be saved locally on the iPhone/iPad. It will be syned to iCloud if you tap iCloud backup button. # Compatibility The app is tested on Ubuntu16.04, Ubuntu18.04, Ubuntu20.04, CentOS8, CentOS7, Alpine, Gentoo stage3, openSUSE and Debian. It should support all major linux distributions.

  • Debug Anywhere

    Debug Anywhere 慧珠 曲 Developer Tools Debugging web pages on mobile phones. Support source view, cookies, localStorage management, custom script running, custom UserAgent, Incognito mode

  • Golang Recipes

    Golang Recipes Fedor Obraztsov Developer Tools • Learning Golang syntax on specific code examples. How to get a substring? How to declare a generalized method? These and over 250 of other code samples for Go are available in the application. • The best examples of codes from books and specific internet resources are selected in the program. Finding the best decision on the Internet may demand hours of working time. Ready for use and tested code "recipes" are included in the application - The application is a good tool during the exam or the preparation to the interview because it contains a reference to frequently used operations in different programming languages. • Quick search of the correct example by the code or by the name of topic. Print or send the code example, which you like and share it with your colleagues. • Being a developer, I use this program when I need to remember quickly how to solve a given task in one or another programming language. • In the application, basic examples are available free of charge. About 45% of examples are available at an additional cost. If you can help with translating the names of topics into your language, please contact me by e-mail.

  • FluxBuilder Pro

    FluxBuilder Pro INSPIREUI COMPANY LIMITED Developer Tools FluxBuilder is the Design tool that guides help you to preview and design the mobile app easily and super productivity. No desktops, design or mobile building skills needed. All you need is your iPad/iPhone and the FluxBuilder app. 1. Flexible Design and Easy to custom Easy to control the design and user interaction by using our pre-made templates or creatively customize your ideal app with our Design Tool. 2. Simple Component Configuration Configure banner images, search bar, categories and many more with detailed properties. 3. Build History Fearless to lose your customizations, we have already included the save function for you. It means you could access your works on different devices. 4. Powerful Integrations The app is compatible with top back-end platforms like Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento, and Opencart. It means you could effortlessly make your own app for your website on multiple purposes: a store, a news app or just a place to show your amazing works. 5. Informative News Receive the latest news and tips from us on how to build your Mobile App effectively. 6. Dark / Light Mode The app comes with a beautiful dark / light theme on both Builder and App Preview. Be creative and explore the new way to build your Mobile app design with us today. Let go!

  • Kodika - No Code App Builder

    Kodika - No Code App Builder Software Limited Developer Tools Create unique, native iPhone applications without any coding skills, only with drag and drop! Design custom screens, give them life by connecting code blocks, link your REST API and later live test your apps in the Kodika app, without the need for other external tools. • Responsive Design Editor - Drag and Drop any native iOS design component. - Customize everything using Inspectors. No coding skills required. - Instantly preview your changes. - Use Pins and Advanced Constraints to create Responsive designs for every iPhone Device. • Kodika Server Kodika Server is the optimal solution to manage all your backend requirements on Kodika Platform. - Email User Authentication, Auto-Scalable Database, Daily Backup, Images Storage - Store your Users and Data without the hustle of setting and maintaining your own server. - Create a dedicated server for your app in 2 minutes. • In-App Purchases - Payments Integration Integrate In-App Purchases in your applications without code. - Subscriptions and one-off products are supported. - Easy to use design elements to show price or to purchase a product. • Import Screens from - Import entire screens using our Zeplin Extension - Transform Groups to Buttons, TextFields, and other Design Elements. • Code Blocks - Combine easy to use code blocks to create your apps. - Search between hundreds of code blocks using Kodika's unique blocks search. - Connect your design elements and code blocks with just a tap. • REST API - Import your REST API Endpoints and use them with just a block. - Support any request type (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH) and parameter type (query, path, body, header). - Autogenerate Data Models from the responses and visually connect them to your designs. • API Datasource - Make the connection of API Requests with your design easier than ever. - Bind your parameters and responses with your elements. • Connect Design and Data with just a Tap - Use our intuitive editor that helps you connect your Design with your Data and API, with just a tap. - Connect your Data models to the Design components. • Custom Fonts - Search and download Google Fonts. - Import your font files. • Push Notifications - Setup and then send your push notifications to your application’s users, all from your iPad. - Test your message by sending it to your test devices. • Import images and icons from: - (Local, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox). - Your iPad's Image Library. • Lists and Grid Reusable Cells - Components - Design your components once and reuse them to create dynamic Lists and Grids. - Support dynamic sizes. - Connect your components with your Data Models. • Navigate between screens - Easily link your screens using any native iOS animation. - Create Navigation Segues and Tab Bars with our simple editors. • Live Preview on any device - Preview your apps in Kodika's simulator or use Kodika's iPhone app to run your apps directly to your phone. • Font and Color Styleguides - Easy to use color-picker to find the best colors for your apps. - Favorite your colors to create your projects' styleguide and reuse them everywhere. - Favorite your font styles to create your projects' typefaces. Learn how to code without a line of code with! For your first steps, check out Email us on [email protected] Privacy policy at Terms of use at

  • Random Color Generator

    Random Color Generator Double Theory Ltd Developer Tools Random Color Generator will help you discover new colors and view their hexidecimal (hex) colour codes, for use in design work and web development.

  • Analytics by Appfigures

    Analytics by Appfigures Appfigures Developer Tools Track everything about your apps, from performance to reviews, right from your iPhone! Make smarter decisions faster with Appfigures' indispensable analytics and insights, on the go. Use the "Try as guest" mode for a live demo. Appfigures packs simplicity and detail into one app: A unified dashboard lets you stay on top of every important metric quickly--from downloads and revenue to ratings. Powerful and intuitive reports give you access to detailed trends. And real-time alerts ensure you'll always have you finger on the pulse. All analytics and insights you need to run your app business: * Downloads - Get a quick overview of your total downloads, or dig into downloads by type, including app downloads, updates, returns, educational downloads, gifts, and promo codes. * Revenue - See your bottom line, including: app and in-app revenue, ad revenue, returns, and educational purchases. * Subscriptions - Analyze your active subscriptions, churn, MRR, and more quickly. * Reviews - Read what your users are saying about your app from all countries, translated into your language and reply with a tap. * Ratings - See how your ratings change over time and by country. * Ad Revenue - Check your ad revenue as well as total impressions, eCPM, fill rate, and more. * Ad Spend - See how your ad campaign are performing across all ad networks.

  • ESP32 BLE Terminal

    ESP32 BLE Terminal Gopi Gadhiya Developer Tools INTRODUCTION: - One-of-a-kind App that is used for scanning nearby BLE devices and also use for serial communication. - Control any Micro-controller that uses any BLE Module like ESP32 through your smart phone. -- This app can send and receive commands via BLE so you can debug your ESP32 based hardware problems easily. FEATURES: - Separate panels for sending and receiving data. - Custom your own buttons for frequent sending of same data. - Monitoring receiving data as ASCII or HEX. - Sending Data as ASCII or HEX. - Auto send commands at timed interval - Selection for \r \n at the end of sending data. - Send Log file of Received and Sent data. - Simple copy option in sent data just long press on data. - Keep Screen on/off option. - Remove Ads option. NOTE: - By default, Received data in ASCII format and It can be changed from top MENU. - By default, Data sent in ASCII format and It can be changed from long pressing of particular Button. - By default, \r\n will be sent on every sending data and It can be changeable from long pressing of particular Button.

  • Screenshot-Make

    Screenshot-Make Shunzhe Ma Developer Tools Quickly generate screenshots for your app submission. Generate an image with a beautiful frame and one line of text you enter. This app supports generating screenshots for: - iPhone 8 Plus (Portrait only) - iPhone X / XR / XS / XS Max / 11 Pro (Portrait only) - iPad Pro (11 inch, 12.9 inch) (Portrait only) Note: You have to run this application on the same device that you captured the screenshot on. For example, you can take a screenshot on your iPhone X, and run this application to generate an store image with that screenshot.

  • KJS

    KJS Guangdong Lianzheng Cloud Computing Technology Co,Ltd Developer Tools 矿金所软件系统系全球领先的计算机矿机租赁算力服务平台。提供多元化计算机算力产品与超低电价。是一个矿机商城与矿机托管服务App,提供btc、eth等多种矿机众筹托管,为计算机程序工作人员提供专业的矿机托管、矿机众筹等一站式服务;解决一般用户参与计算机挖矿门槛高,让每个人都可以以极低的成本计算机算力。 【软件系统】 满足使用计算机或信息处理的有关需要而提供软件和服务的行业,是一种不消耗自然资源、无公害、附加价值高、知识密集的新型行业。计算机信息服务它和计算机制造业同属于计算机工业。与计算机制造业相分离,归属于服务业中的商业服务。计算机服务业的内容包括处理服务、软件产品、专业服务和统合系统等方面,以及计算机和有关设备的租赁、修理和维护等。 【处理服务】 以利用计算机处理能力为主的服务,为客户提供访问计算机或计算机网络的手段。包括受托信息处理,即为客户进行事务计算、科学技术计算、银行或医疗等各行业特殊需要的服务(多为实时处理);数据录入服务;分时方式或整段时间的计算机机时出租;设备管理,即连续地为客户管理和运行(客户自己的或租用的)计算机及信息处理设备。提供服务的形式包括批处理服务,远程计算服务(交互式处理、远程批处理、数据库信息检索、可视数据服务)等。 【专业服务】 以提供专门知识为主的技术服务,包括受托程序设计,即按客户特殊需要设计软件;在软件设计、系统故障寻找、系统和软件实现等各方面提供咨询。针对专门应用领域购入设备,配备专门的软件,构成完整的软件硬件系统,服务给一般用户,或供专门的工业市场。

  • SF Symbols

    SF Symbols FillTable, LLC Developer Tools SF Symbols Tool for Developer. Screen Real Estate is Paramount. Now You can Take Icons On-The-Go. Feature: -If your Mac supports Continuity, you can copy name or image from the App and Paste on your dev environment. -Category, Search and Filters. -Support Dark mode

  • Talon – Webhooks & More

    Talon – Webhooks & More Peroxaan Studios, LLC Developer Tools Talon is a simple tool for users to use, manage, and work with Webhooks on Discord and Slack. It's very easy to use, and allows a larger audience to work with Webhooks in a simple way, without requiring you to know how to code. Talon gets rid of everything complex, and gives you a nice and easy to use Interface thats familiar to use. We built Talon to take advantage of the features that Discord and Slack offer. Talon allows you to save and copy your links inside of the app, so you don't have to constantly go back and forth just to use the App. Also with Talon, you can run POST Requests to any service, just in case Talon does not yet offer something you have in mind. For even more features, you can purchase Talon Pro. Talon Pro is a one time purchase that allows you to shorten links with Talon - and gives you more customizability. Talon Pro will be growing more with future updates. Want to suggest something for a future Talon update? Contact us! Now, that sounds pretty cool and all - but this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for future updates that'll bring more features and functionality to Talon!

  • SOVA Mobile App

    SOVA Mobile App Neiroseti Ashmanova OOO Developer Tools SOVA Mobile App - это приложение для iOS посредством которого Пользователь получает возможность делать голосовые и текстовые запросы к виртуальным ассистентам, созданных с помощью Подробная информация о SOVA и наших продуктах доступна на сайт Функциональность: - Отправка и прием текстовых сообщений от виртуального ассистента - Распознавание голосовых запросов - Синтез ответов виртуального ассистента - Подключение нескольких виртуальных ассистентов

  • Power JSON Editor Mobile

    Power JSON Editor Mobile Jiwei Xu Developer Tools Power JSON Editor Mobile is a powerful JSON editor for app and web developers, and it is ready for working with external keyboard on iPhone and iPad. With Power JSON Editor Mobile, developers could handle JSON files easily on iOS, like viewing, exploring, validating any details of a JSON file. √ Document Browser based - PowerJSON is a document browser based app - Manage JSON files like in Files app - Processing any JSON file saved by other apps - Handle JSON file opening in Files app √ Powerful Tree Editor - View JSON in Tree View clearly - Check JSON nodes hierarchy in a tree - Separated node editor - Keyboard supports ready, it turns your iPad to a productive tool √ Useful Text Editor - View JSON inText View with syntax highlighting - Error indicator when parse invalid JSON √ Multiple Tools - Import content from Pasteboard - Import JSON from web url - Parse not well-formed JSON as JavaScript For more information, please check on

  • SQL Recipes

    SQL Recipes Fedor Obraztsov Developer Tools • Learning SQL syntax on specific queries and commands examples. How to combine multiple tables in a single query? How to sort the result of grouping data? These and over 150 of other code samples for SQL are available in the application. • The best examples of codes from books and specific internet resources are selected in the program. Finding the best decision on the Internet may demand hours of working time. Ready for use and tested code "recipes" are included in the application • The application is a good tool during the exam or the preparation to the interview because it contains a reference to frequently used operations in SQL. • Quick search of the correct example by the code or by the name of topic. Print or send the code example, which you like and share it with your colleagues. • Being a developer, I use this program when I need to remember quickly how to solve a given task in SQL language. In the application, basic examples for all programming languages are available free of charge. About 50% of examples are available at an additional cost.

  • Flutter Font Finder

    Flutter Font Finder Tachyon Factory Inc. Developer Tools Quickly find fonts for your Flutter project. Uses . - Search - Browse by category and tags - Copy code to clipboard - Favorites - Change font size, font weight/style, font height, letter spacing. - Set base font for comparison. Compare fonts. - Show fonts by designer - supports dark mode