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  • Talk Again

    Talk Again Yael Dollberg Health & Fitness -Talk Again is the easy to use companion to people experiencing Aphasia or surviving a stroke - helping them find and voice basic words -Talk Again contains hundreds of pictures and video clips with legend and voice titles, divided into simple item categories - Item categories include: feelings, people, food, objects & more -Talk Again enables the addition of items such as relatives - to fit the world of the specific user. -Talk Again is designed for ease-of-use and beautiful pictures.

  • 梦幻挂机版-十年经典

    梦幻挂机版-十年经典 LIN JIAN YUN Games 游戏介绍:《梦幻挂机版》是一款人物画面精美且浪漫的回合挂机手游! 酷炫技能组合,玩家可带领着自己的英雄以及仙侣,追寻着世界上妖魔频现的真相。还等什么,赶快来战斗吧! 关键字:仙侠 回合 梦幻 唯美 西游

  • Shutterbug.

    Shutterbug. Christiano Covino Photo & Video Use any of our baby tested, parent approved sounds to grab your childs attention to capture that perfect moment.

  • ChamCham GO

    ChamCham GO Timothy Mupoperi Games Chamcham GO is a game of focus, bravery, determination and relentless efforts to accomplish. There is no better way to enjoy yourself as you exercise your mind that this amazing game, Chamcham GO. This is a simple but very well engaging and addictive game for all age groups. Chamcham is on a mission to reach the powerhouse. He must avoid being taken down by the vicious area crocodile (Krapo) which attacks aggressively, from the ground. Chamcham must also avoid the area eagle (Poncho) which attacks from the air. With a blend of concentration, determination, courage, and tenacity, the mission is possible & Chamcham will make it to the powerhouse and take over the throne. There is no margin for error. *WHY CHAMCHAM GO* This game natures the desire to accomplish and it is: -Smart entertainment at its very best. -A family friendly nonviolent game for all age groups. -Brain-teasing and funny -Has stunning graphics and sounds -Has exceptional animations -Has three thrilling levels. Featuring: Chamcham (the champion) Krapo (the area crocodile) Poncho (the area eagle)

  • Winning Fishing Pro

    Winning Fishing Pro Winning Fishing Sports Helping you find and land bigger fish. Recording catches is a breeze. Great for leisure sport and commercial fishers and conservationists. Password protect your personal database and log in to see your catches on any iOS device

  • Sir Questionnaire

    Sir Questionnaire Pascal Bestebroer Games Sir Questionnaire is a turn-based hack’n’slash game, where you enter a dungeon full of loot, creatures and mystery. Each room gives you two options to choose from, choose wisely and survive room after room, collecting loot which will help you defeat more and bigger monsters as you venture deeper into the dungeon! Take pictures of your various encounters and complete your codex with information on the various entities that roam the dungeon. Take on Quests as you enter every game, ranging from easy to hard, with each quest type giving you a reward for your next game. The harder the quest, the bigger the reward, so again: choose wisely! Learn monster weaknesses, alternate uses for the many items in the game, and uncover secret items and hidden area's in this procedurally generated adventure

  • ADR-Labelling Game

    ADR-Labelling Game Suomen Kuljetusturva Oy Education ADR-Labelling teaches the players the basics of markings dangerous goods transport vehicles. Players can either place the markings on pre-made cargo or load the vehicles themselves. Once the cargo has been selected player is tasked to place all the correct orange plates and ADR labels on the vehicle. Game is designed to give additional support and an interactive training platform for people studying for their ADR license.

  • Bling Pro - Sparkle Camera

    Bling Pro - Sparkle Camera Linlin Zhang Photo & Video Shine bright like a diamond. Have fun adding beautiful sparkle effects to your photos and videos. Make your life brighter, with sparkle effect and sparkle video. With Bling Pro, you can enjoy these features: • Shoot the video and photo with impressive Glitter effect. • Choose videos or photos from your camera roll to add stunning sparkle effect. • Adjust the number of sparkles with Bling power slider. • Swipe left and right to change effect. • Share your photos and videos (like to Instagram) and brighten your day. • No Ads. Need some help, got feedback, have an idea? Please send us an email at [email protected] Note: this app needs permissions to access your photos and use your camera.

  • One Deck Dungeon

    One Deck Dungeon Handelabra Studio LLC Games Adventure calls... but you don't always have time to spend hours optimizing your character sheet or managing your inventory! One Deck Dungeon lets you jump right in to bashing down doors, rolling dice, and squashing baddies with style. Get a full roguelike game experience, boiled down to its essence, and captured in a single deck of cards and a handful of dice! One Deck Dungeon is a dungeon crawling adventure game for one or two players. Each time you play, choose one or two of these 5 brave heroes: • Mage - There's rarely a problem in the dungeon she can't solve with a spell. • Warrior - Her favorite dungeon activity is squashing her opponents immediately. • Rogue - Watch in awe as she dispatches monsters with style. • Archer - Accurate, brilliant, catastrophically deadly. • Paladin - She seeks out danger and shields her allies from deadly enemies. After every game, your heroes make progress toward unlocking up to 15 new talents, building up their power for future games. There are 5 dangerous challenges to face: • Dragon’s Cave - The thick-skinned wyvern who occupies this dungeon prefers her heroes on the crispy side. • Yeti’s Cavern- If you can survive the freezing winds and biting cold, an abominable snowman awaits. • Hydra’s Reef - Chop off one head, and another appears! This regenerating venomous monstrosity is a slippery foe. • Lich’s Tomb - Hordes of undead foes, evil curses, and magical wards. What could possibly go wrong? • Minotaur’s Maze - Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! Expansion cards are available via In App Purchase: • Phoenix's Dungeon - Only the bravest heroes can handle the heat! • More soon to come! Once you know your way around the dungeon, a game takes about 15 minutes. It might take a little longer if you're learning, or a lot shorter if you jump into a pit of spikes. Warning: do not jump into a pit of spikes. All cards in One Deck Dungeon have many colorful boxes. Roll your dice, and attempt to fill in as many boxes as possible. For every one you don't fill, you’ll suffer consequences in hearts and time! Once you complete an encounter you'll be able to learn a new skill, acquire a new item, or gain experience to level up your hero. Welcome you to the world of One Deck Dungeon. Adventure awaits! One Deck Dungeon is an officially licensed product of “One Deck Dungeon” from Asmadi Games. For more information on One Deck Dungeon, check out

  • Joojoox

    Joojoox baris celik Games Joojoox's math begins with very simple numerical recognition exercises but quickly offers challenging calculus exercises. This game is rich in content: it offers 4 levels of fun and educational exercises. Olive, the little mouse needs your help. Let's start by solving these exercises and enjoy the trip in company Olive. Main features: 4 levels 50 questions on each level Superb graphics and animation in tutorial class.

  • 나의 글쓰기 노트 : PenCake

    나의 글쓰기 노트 : PenCake Diffathy, Inc. Lifestyle ◆ 주제별로 묶어서 다양한 이야기를 쓸 수 있는 심플한 글쓰기 앱입니다. ◆ 일상, 육아, 반려동물, 여행, 다이어트 등 다양한 주제로 일기를 써보세요. ◆ 생각 노트, 시, 소설, 수필, 가사 등 다양한 장르의 글을 써보세요. 글쓰기에 집중할 수 있도록 최대한 심플하게 디자인하였습니다. Dropbox 백업/복구와 텍스트로 내보내기가 가능합니다. 버그와 건의사항은 앱 내 '의견 보내기' 기능을 통해 연락주시면 신속히 반영해드리겠습니다.

  • lockdbox

    lockdbox alexandru popescu Utilities lockdbox is a personal wallet application, that helps you securely store login information and notes. By using lockdbox, you always have access to login information for tens or even hundreds of accounts that you have to manage. The storage is fully encrypted and can be easily backed up and restored through iTunes. Stay tuned for future releases!

  • Wing Shooter: invader ever war

    Wing Shooter: invader ever war Than Toan Games ***A truly REAL LIGHTNING ACTION game*** Enter the amazing sci fi fantasy world to shoot down star invaders. Embracing super challenging bosses protected by air monsters. All come with real lightning actions make this one of the best spaceship game that can be play on tablet, phone or WATCH. Not only show them your skills of a born gunner, but pick the right ship as well in order to complete your missions. Finish easy, normal then hard, which is the most brutally beautiful mode. May the thunders lend you their strength... to save our world from this long dark war. Because you are the chosen one, the best pilot, the last hope!!! ***Get it now*** From Cakeogame with love, P/S: When play on watch, turn sound on for best experience...

  • В рот круглый год

    В рот круглый год Veronika Belotserkovskaya Books Для этой книги Ника Белоцерковская отобрала самое лучшее для осенне-летнего сезона - все то, что можно приготовить из сезонных овощей и фруктов, разложить по банкам, разлить по бутылкам, и потом с удовольствием есть весь год до следующей весны, угощать друзей и приносить в подарок. Соленья и варенья, джемы и маринады, соусы и наливки, рецепты от лучших шеф-поваров Италии и Франции, и конечно мам, бабушек и подруг. #консервируйэто!

  • 100 Questions - Youth

    100 Questions - Youth Mark Tiddy Games The 100 Questions app displays a random question when you shake your device or press the button. The questions have been designed for use in mentoring or group settings by youth workers wishing to get to know young people more. You could use it in a one-to-one setting or at the start of your group! It includes questions around: - Getting to know each other - Hopes & dreams - Beliefs - Social justice

  • Tranquility & Relax

    Tranquility & Relax KISSAPP, S.L. Health & Fitness

  • Who's In The Room

    Who's In The Room ART SIMS Social Networking Who’s In The Room is unlimited business networking to meet business people on your Phone. Who’s In The Room is a business to business mobile app that allow anyone with an iPhone to meet business people and communicate via text message to business people anytime, anywhere, anyplace in the world on your iPhone. This is instant business networking that app users control. When you login you will become part of the worldwide business database for Who’s In The Room worldwide. You will send text messages to any one login in Who’s In The Room business people pictures, profile and you All users of Who's In The Room can view profiles & text messaging to communicate with each users. We will us apple GPS to find the location of the user in the location they are in weather they are in a bar with 10 people or at a conference with 2000 people. Who’s In The Room GPS shows minimum and maximum of those users in the database. This a business to business mobile networking app. This app is for business people to find and meet new business people in all walks of life in business anywhere in the world to communicate what business services you provide and how users can do and create business.

  • 연예인 닮은꼴

    연예인 닮은꼴 JEASUNG LEE Entertainment "머신러닝 알고리즘으로 알아보는" 나랑 닮은 연예인 찾기 인공지능이 알려주는 나와 닮은 연예인을 찾아봐요. 성별, 나이, 표정까지 분석해드립니다.

  • Beatball Metronome

    Beatball Metronome Dmitry Klochkov Music A metronome with perfect timing, minimalist design and Ableton Link support. Highly accurate clock engine generates perfectly timed metronome clicks. Jumping ball animation provides very natural and perceptible visualization of beat phase movement. Feel the beats clearly even with the volume turned all the way down. Play in sync with other apps or devices using Ableton Link. FEATURES - 20 to 300 bpm tempo range - 1 to 16 beats in a bar - 5 sound presets - Tap tempo detection - Italian tempo names - Ableton Link support (a technology that synchronises beat, phase and tempo on multiple apps or devices. - Highly optimized code: small app size, low memory and CPU footprint.

  • Math Street Challenge

    Math Street Challenge Iñaki Campomanes Education Math has a reputation for being difficult and boring. But, like everything else, they can become a fun and exciting game. This game aims to bring mathematics to the street, and allow young people, and not so young, to learn numbers, mathematical exercises from sums to equations, and even physics, by studying the behavior of water with the hose. This game is therefore intended to complement the math studies of anyone who wants to enjoy a fun time on the street, at school, or in any open space. How to play. Remember this game makes use of augmented reality. Be sure your device is ready to support it. The game is designed to be played outdoors, with the player in the middle of an imaginary circle on which the scenario is generated. There are two types of mathematical panels: static and dynamic. The static panels propose random exercises, of configurable difficulty, whose numbers have to be searched through the stage, and bathe them with the water of the hose that we carry. Dynamic panels appear anywhere, but can be repositioned, or even invoked manually, and contain three solutions. Irrigate with water the correct solution. Dragons, on the other hand, allow an error to be subtracted, although sometimes they will cause the opposite: they will add up to an error. So the player must decide whether to use them or not. The rocket, when it takes off, multiplies the points obtained by two during the flight. The maximum time, from infinity to two minutes, can be set to resolve static panels. Dynamic panels can be invoked as many times as desired, but always one at a time. After the game is over, a final screen with the results and statistics will appear. This screen is always accessible from the main menu. Happy math!

  • Maya's Mission

    Maya's Mission Maulik Sutariya Games Planets are in danger... To save them, you must make it out alive with all the magic orbs. Embark on this heroic journey with Maya-The OrbsGuard, through the bewildering enchanted worlds, hidden deep in the outer space, where every step you count is spell-bound. Features : • Unique path-detecting gameplay • Space-centric design • Mesmerising soundscape • And...lot of Teleport-magic! Challenge yourself in 21 Mindfully-crafted worlds to save the universe!

  • My Little Princess : Fairy

    My Little Princess : Fairy My Town Games LTD Games Welcome to Little Princess : Fairy Forest, its a magical forest just waiting for you to explore. Play with the forest fairies, discover all the friendly animals, visit the tree house and collect the magic rocks see what they do. Little Princess : Fairy forest is an imagination game where every thing is possible. With lots of new locations and characters our game offers a huge play value for kids and parents! Over 20,000,000 kids play our games worldwide! Why Do Parents Like Our Games. Little princess fairy forest dollhouse game has everything kids love. First we don't have any rules in the game, what kid likes rules? The game is pure imaginative fun, your kids will have a blast playing with this amazing digital dollhouse set. Dressup the little princess and the fairies with lots of different clothing and costumes. Enjoy artistic and creative play elements. Guaranteed hours and hours of pure fun. *Easy enough for a 4 year old to play with, Exciting enough for 12 years old to enjoy!* Game features: - Fully connects to other little princess games which means you can move clothing, characters and accessories between games - 12 new locations to explore in the little fairy forest and lots of new animals and friends.Pretty little fairy garden, treehouse, shops and more! - Awesome new characters you can move around other little princess games. - Over 300 different accessories, clothing, plants and magical rocks all ready for your fairy tale story adventure. - No Rules, No Stress. Pure imagination fun. - No 3rd Party Ads, No IAP, Free Updates and upgrades coming soon! Create your own fairy tale, Play as you wish, do what ever you want, interact with what you love. It's that simple! Recommended Age Group This game is suitable for all ages, especially for 4-12 years old. Older kids can play alone while you, as a parent, can play along with your 4-6 years old child. Game supports multitouch for your convenience. We Make Games That Kids Want To Play As you probably know, we read each and every email, message or tweet you guys are sending us. Keep proposing ideas, helping us with bugs you find or just connect to say hello.Please don't forget to rate the games. Facebook: Website: Twitter:

  • Espresso Log

    Espresso Log Alex Olsson Food & Drink Espresso Log will track and organize your shots, coffe beans, grinders and recipes. By utilising beautiful, informative presentation of your data Espresso Log will help you analyse and improve your skills as a barista. Expresso Log replicates the industry standard SCA coffee cupping scoresheet with easy-to-use sliders and buttons for convenient and fast input. Every search and cupping session can be saved in CSV or HTML format to your iCloud folder for easy access. FEATURES Coffee Beans Library • Extensive Search Functionality • Add New Coffee Beans • Tracks Roast Date Shot Timer • Large, Clear Display • Pre-Infusion Split Time • Audio Cues • Autosave to Extraction Log Extraction Logs • Extensive Search Functionality • includes SCA Cupping Scoresheet Functionality • Add Photos, Notes and Tags • Tracks Roast Date • Tracks Grinder Settings Share Logs, Recipes, Coffee Beans, Cupping Scores • Save to iCloud • Send by E-mail • Share via Instagram Track Coffeine Intake • Integrates with HealthKit DISCLAIMER: SCA is a registered trademark of the Specialty Coffee Association. Use of the word does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the SCA.

  • Obscura 2

    Obscura 2 Ben McCarthy Photo & Video The best camera is the one you have with you. But what if that camera was improved with pro features, a gorgeous interface, intuitive controls, and was always with you? That camera is Obscura. Camera ———————————————— Obscura is designed to make it fast and easy to capture stunning images. Whether you're shooting in portrait or landscape, the Control Wheel fits into your hand perfectly. You won't be fumbling around trying to capture a photo when you're in a hurry – everything is accessible with one thumb. Finely tuned haptic feedback gives the devices a sense of physicality, so you can feel every adjustment. Format ———— You can shoot in a wide range of formats: • RAW - capture more details and allow for a greater amount of flexibility when editing. • HEIC - a new image format that uses advanced compression for high quality files at smaller sizes. • JPEG - You can never really go wrong with JPEG, can you? It just works everywhere. • Live Photo - combine high resolution photos with video clips that bring your images to life. • Depth - allows you to apply exciting portrait mode effects and more. Filters ———— Obscura includes a bunch of gorgeous filters to add style to your images. There are 19 included filters, perfect for a wide range of scenes. • A Sepia filter unlocked by sharing the app with friends • A Black & White filter pack, including 8 filters. Especially good for dealing with low light and striking architecture. • An Analogue filter pack, including 7 filters. These work great for giving a cinematic look to your images. Other Camera Features ———— Obscura has all the features you expect in a great camera app, including: • Flash control • Grids • Shutter Timer • Spirit Level Library ———————————————— With a single swipe you can browse your library. But Obscura doesn’t just have a simple image browser, it’s much more powerful than that. Here’s what you can do: • Edit - Apply Obscura’s gorgeous filters to images you’ve just captured (or images from other, lesser camera apps). You can save the filtered image as an adjustment, or as a new copy. • Share - There’s a good old share sheet, so you can share with your friends, and open images in other apps. • Copy - quickly copy an image to the clipboard, so you can share it with ease. • Favourite - Mark an image as favourite. Simple. • Hide - Not every image is for everyone to see. It’s cool. We get it. • Delete - Goodbye forever little photo. • Trash - Obscura has a neat little feature where you can add photos to a special trash album, so you can delete them all in one go. Efficient. Settings ———————————————— With a wide range of customisation options, Obscura works your way. You can change the effects of gestures, secondary capture formats, and even the app icon! Privacy ———————————————— We believe that your personal information belongs to you. Obscura doesn’t collect any information about you, so there’s nothing to share with third parties, nothing can be hacked or leaked, because we don’t have it. We think that’s best for everyone. The only data we see is the opt-in analytics that’s automatically collected by iOS. See more about it at Extras ———————————————— Obscura has a Notification Center widget, which makes it quick and easy to access the app from the lock screen. Press firmly on the app icon on your home screen to quickly jump to some of Obscura’s features. Requirements ———————————————— Not all features are available on every device :( Focus Peaking - requires iPhone 6 or newer RAW capture - requires iPhone 6S or newer HEIC capture - requires iPhone 7 or newer Depth Capture - requires Dual Camera (iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X) ———————————————— Made by Ben Rice McCarthy More info at

  • Sudoku -:- Premium

    Sudoku -:- Premium Priti Kaloni Games Sudoku is one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. The goal of Sudoku is to fill a 9x9 grid with numbers so that each row, column and 3x3 section contain all of the digits between 1 and 9. As a logic puzzle, Sudoku is also an excellent brain game. If you play Sudoku daily, you will soon start to see improvements in your concentration and overall brain power. Start a game now. Sudoku doesn't require any calculation nor special math skills; all that is needed are brains and concentration.At the beginning of the game, the 9x9 grid will have some of the squares filled in. Your job is to use logic to fill in the missing digits and complete the grid. Don’t forget, a move is incorrect if: • Any row contains more than one of the same number from 1 to 9 • Any column contains more than one of the same number from 1 to 9 • Any 3x3 grid contains more than one of the same number from 1 to 9 It’s extremely easy to play, though hard to master. Fortunately, with this game, you’ll be able to play this awesome game on the go no matter where you are. Plus, it comes with a number of awesome features you won’t find elsewhere. The interface is extremely intuitive and light. There are no distractions and it does its best to stay out of your way. When you begin a new game, you’ll be presented with a few options:the difficulty level of the board,option to allow background music and sound effects,option to view your last 10 high scores and much more. Gameplay: The board is easy to read, which is a massive plus. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played a version of Sudoku only to give up because the interface was clunky. How difficult could it be? Luckily, it hits the nails on the head here. After starting a game of Sudoku the timer begins and you can begin filling in the Sudoku board. In order to place a number all you need to do is select an open space on the board and the press the picture of the number. It also allows you to pencil in numbers so that you can try out various combinations without having to lock in to any single solution. If at any point in the game you feel absolutely stuck, the application is able to give you hints in order to get you back on track.When you’re done, it reports how long it took you to finish the game and difficulty–a great feature for competitive solvers. WHAT'S MORE: Solve any Sudoku picture puzzle instantly. Just capture an image of an unsolved Sudoku puzzle from your camera or pick from your photo library and the OCR capability used in this game will do the rest. Hey, wait! Would you like to solve those captured puzzles by yourself without any assistance? If so, we have covered that part too. Features include: 1) Optimized for HD res 2) 3 difficulty levels(easy, medium and hard) 3) Puzzle Generator which can create billions of different puzzles at multiple difficulty levels from Beginner through to hard 4) Cool background music and sound effects 5) Wide range of assistance including smart hints system, pencil-marks and tap to highlight to help beginners 6) Solve button-Automatically solves the puzzle for you 7) OCR solver 8) Create your own Sudoku puzzle and challenge your friends 9) No IAP and no ADS... This game can help you train your brain and keep you mentally fit everyday. This puzzle game is for kids and adult of all ages, play by yourself or challenge your buddies. Have fun…Enjoy:)

  • Tiling Puzzles - Premium.

    Tiling Puzzles - Premium. Priti Kaloni Games Please Note: This game is paid, ads free, no IAP, small app size, more functionality and better user experience. If you love jigsaw puzzles, then you've come to the right place: you found the best of the best! The objective of this game is simple: Assemble oddly shaped interlocking and tessellating pieces into groups and recreate the original image. The faster you solve a puzzle, the more you score. Every puzzle is cut differently, so no two are the same. You can choose from 4 to 100 pieces on phones and tablets. Move loose pieces to the margins and zoom in and out to focus on one area. Assemble pieces into groups, then move and connect the groups. This Puzzle saves your works in progress so you can return and work on them any time. It is simple, easy to use, suitable for the whole family to play. You can also create puzzles from your own photos. This premium quality app is the perfect choice for lovers of jig saw puzzles. Game Features :- * Awesome gameplay * Clean UI * High-definition jigsaw puzzles * Up to 100 pieces to choose from * No two puzzles are the same * Nice music and sound effects * Cool animations * No IAP, ads free and much more.... * Last but not the least, you can choose the images from these three sources and make that image as your puzzle image : - * Images provided with this app * PHOTO LIBRARY * CAMERA Overall this is a great time killer and a good brain exercise. I hope you enjoy it. Have fun!!!!!

  • Crushing Candies : Premium.

    Crushing Candies : Premium. Priti Kaloni Games Please Note: This game is paid, ads free, no IAP, small app size, more functionality and better user experience.. The objective of this game is simple : Connect all the candies of the same color and type together with an unbroken stick. Sounds easy but it's really puzzling, so don't underestimate this brain teaser as one stick should not cross the other and you have to cover the entire space to solve each puzzle... Features include :- * Awesome gameplay * Clean UI * Nice music and sound effects * Cool animations * Over 750 Levels(more to be added soon) * Night mode * Texts available for color impaired players * 10 board sizes (5x5 - 14x14) * Great graphics * Hint system * Undo system * Leaderboards and Achievements (compete with your friends) * No IAP, No ADS and much more...... Pair up all the matching candies in a given amount of moves as quickly as possible. Improve your strategic skills to solve each puzzle advance to the next level. Enjoy.

  • !Hexagonal Merge - Premium

    !Hexagonal Merge - Premium Priti Kaloni Games Please Note: This game is paid, ads free, no IAP, small app size, more functionality and better user experience. The objective of this game is simple : Drag/drop colored blocks to create and destroy full lines on the screen both vertically and horizontally. Be careful not to keep the hex blocks from filling the screen. Fill all the grids with the matching colored blocks and enjoy this cool strategy game. Game Features :- * Awesome gameplay * Clean UI * Nice music and sound effects * Cool animations * No IAP, no ads and much more.... No time limit, no color match! Just merge and destroy colored blocks to score points and have fun....

  • 2STRNG

    2STRNG Martin Spanek Health & Fitness Do you really need thousands of exercises, chat, a list of "friends", etc in the exercise app.? I do not! That's why I created 2STRNG and I believe I'm not the only one who will enjoy it 2STRNG focuses on just the most important thing you care about in your training and the pretty design is a bonus.. Features: - Custom Excercises Name Name the exercise as you wish ! You do not need to search amongst thousand others. You know exactly what you're doing. It can be "lifting the barrel" e.g. - Time Management During the planning, you can see the estimated time needed to complete the exercise. During the exercise itsel, you can see the estimated time when you will complete the exercise. Of course there are also times for individual exercises and breaks. - One-Rep Max ,Intensity & Volume A couple of motivational statistics will not hurt … One-Rep Max is automatically calculated using the Brzycki method, Intensity and Total Workout Volume. - No Registration, No Social Network, No Disturbance If you want to go and exercise right now and not fill in the registration form, remember other passwords, or be disturbed by John or anyone else….

  • Paste Tube

    Paste Tube PDJ Apps Entertainment Squeeze paste from a tube! It's oddly satisfying. Touch the screen then slowly move your finger to control the speed and direction of the flow.

  • Objective-C for Xcode 6

    Objective-C for Xcode 6 Geeky Lemon Development Limited Education Do You Want To Create Your Own iPhone and iPad Apps in Objective-C but are not sure where to start? Are you ready to jump right into the exciting world of mobile development but have little or no programming experience? Then this is your course! This Complete Objective-C Course for iOS 8 and Xcode 6 will give you everything your need to start your new career in IOS development, The course has been structured to support Objective-C, Teaching you all you need to know from creating your first project to Submitting to the AppStore. Sell Your App to Millions of Potential Users and earn extra revenue from Ad networks and in app purchases, Making money has never been so easy! Not only do you get the best online IOS development course money can buy or your money back! You also get first class responsive support by email, Twitter or on the Udemy forums, So you can rest assure you have full guidance in your new career! Topics Covered: - Understanding Xcode, Interface Builder, Simulator and Project Types - Objective-C: Full guide to creating full featured apps - Objective-C: Get to know the new language - All Objects, Actions and Outlets possible in App Development - Social Integration: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and more - Storyboards and nib Files - Universal Support and Screen Size Support - Images and Sounds Integration - Full Featured Apps - Saving and Loading: From text to data - Earning Revenue Ad Networks - Full In App Purchase Support - App Store Submission and Update Support What are the requirements? - You will need a Apple Mac computer or laptop - You will need the developer software Xcode What am I going to get from this course? - Over 92 lectures and 11 hours of content! - Full understanding of Xcode and all it has to offer - Learn how to program for IOS 8 to create your own apps - Be able to support all devices and screen sizes - Full explanation of all objects and functions within IOS development - Earn revenue from your apps - Start a new career What is the target audience? - Anyone who wants to develop apps - Anyone who wants to learn how to code - Anyone who is looking to freshen up there skills - Anyone who is looking to make money from IOS Apps

  • Esmuc V1

    Esmuc V1 Markus Sigg Music This app makes the sample set of the Grenzing organ of the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (Catalonia College of Music) available for playing with MIDI keyboards and a MIDI pedal connected to your iPad or iPhone. To learn about the instrument, please visit . Sound and image files are incorporated into the app with the kind permission of the sample set creator, Pere Casulleras, so you don't need to download and install any additional data. For more information about the app and the underlying Napo framework, please visit the support page , the Napo documentation at and in particular the user manual at . To demonstrate the sound of the organ stops, we have prepared a series of videos, see section "Demo Videos" on the app support page. *** For your attention *** This app is a huge download of about 1.3 GB. Make sure there is enough free SSD space on your device.

  • 超级时钟Pro-模拟时钟专业版

    超级时钟Pro-模拟时钟专业版 ZuYuan Zhou Utilities 你们喜爱的超级时钟现在以专业版提供. 有人用她教学生识表 有人用她做电子屏保时钟 有人用她做学习工作时候的番茄时钟 她风格扁平, 多样, 简洁, 高效 她能看天气, 看时间, 看日期 她能看位置, 报时间 ... ... 希望大家能够喜欢.

  • Mindustry

    Mindustry Anton Kramskoi Games Mindustry is sandbox tower defense game. Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Currently has 12 built-in maps and a map editor for creating your own. Supports multiplayer over LAN and WAN, and cross-platform play with desktop versions.

  • Animated Memorial Day Emoji

    Animated Memorial Day Emoji Hoang Trong Stickers Remember those who served. All gave some, some gave all! Happy Memorial Day! There are also flags of following forces: Army US, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine, Pow-Mia and Navy. Make your conversations cuter with these stickers! - Update regularly - The cute sticker, so cool, make a difference for you - BUY ONCE but FOREVER FUN - Drag and Drop the stickers into your iMessages - Layer stickers over each other in conversations in iMessages - Scale and rotate the stickers by using a second finger before you place it on the bubble

  • Summer And Beach Icon Sticker

    Summer And Beach Icon Sticker Hoang Trong Stickers Do you want to impress your friends in these Summer days? Now you can enhance your chat with Summer And Beach Icon Sticker. Make your conversations cuter with these stickers! - Update regularly - The cute sticker, so cool, make a difference for you - BUY ONCE but FOREVER FUN - Drag and Drop the stickers into your iMessages - Layer stickers over each other in conversations in iMessages - Scale and rotate the stickers by using a second finger before you place it on the bubble

  • Tissue And Toilet Pape Sticker

    Tissue And Toilet Pape Sticker Hoang Trong Stickers Do you want to impress your friends? Now you can enhance your chat with Tissue And Toilet Pape Sticker. Make your conversations cuter with these stickers! - Update regularly - The cute sticker, so cool, make a difference for you - BUY ONCE but FOREVER FUN - Drag and Drop the stickers into your iMessages - Layer stickers over each other in conversations in iMessages - Scale and rotate the stickers by using a second finger before you place it on the bubble

  • Cute Carrot Emoji Sticker

    Cute Carrot Emoji Sticker Hoang Trong Stickers Do you want to impress your friends? Now you can enhance your chat with Cute Carrot Emoji Sticker. Make your conversations cuter with these stickers! - Update regularly - The cute sticker, so cool, make a difference for you - BUY ONCE but FOREVER FUN - Drag and Drop the stickers into your iMessages - Layer stickers over each other in conversations in iMessages - Scale and rotate the stickers by using a second finger before you place it on the bubble

  • Animated Cute Flower Greetings

    Animated Cute Flower Greetings Hoang Trong Stickers Let's use sweet greetings with moving flowers in these stickers! Do you want to impress your friends? Now you can enhance your chat with Animated Cute Flower Greetings. Make your conversations cuter with these stickers! - Update regularly - The cute sticker, so cool, make a difference for you - BUY ONCE but FOREVER FUN - Drag and Drop the stickers into your iMessages - Layer stickers over each other in conversations in iMessages - Scale and rotate the stickers by using a second finger before you place it on the bubble

  • i臨帖之乙瑛碑

    i臨帖之乙瑛碑 GXL Education 古有颜真卿以黃土掃墻,歐陽修蘆荻代筆畫地學書;而今我們用iPhone練習書法! 如同真實的書寫,控制筆畫需要借鑑演示,耐心練習。用逆鋒慢速入筆,可以寫出較粗的筆道。加速移動并適時脫離,可寫出漂亮筆鋒。 - 以手指移動速度及加速度改變筆道寬度。 - 自动评分。 - 原碑欣賞。 - 每個字都有書寫演示,顯示軌跡。 - 可在米字格,九宮格和無格中切換。 - 可為顯示毛筆模式,以免手指阻擋視線。 - 可存儲所寫,并且可以改變大小和排列成為作品。 - 背景可用預設的中堂,條幅,橫幅和對聯等。 - 可自選圖片作品背景。 - 可導出作品圖片,電郵作品和分享到新浪微博。 - 印章製作和嵌入。

  • English Phonetic Dictionary

    English Phonetic Dictionary Huong Nguyen Utilities This app provides the phonetic dictionary of English language. ● Dictionary: - Search for phonetic transcription of a word - Search words that have similar sound For example: find all words with pronunciation containing “æ” (trap, map, batch, etc) find all words with pronunciation ending with “eɪdʒ" (judge, age, rage, etc.) find all word with pronunciation starting with “ɪg'z" (executive, exemplary, exempt, etc.) - Hear the real pronunciation from human (both british and american) - Create your own list and add a word into that list. - Write note ● System-wide Keyboard - Custom IPA keyboard with phonetic symbol - You can use the keyboard in other apps if you enable it in the settings ● Basic features: - Search for phonetic transcription - Search for word - Bookmark feature - Pronunciation audio - Custom IPA keyboard ● If you want to give feedback, please use the feedback feature in the settings

  • Fast Food Cafe Master Kitchen

    Fast Food Cafe Master Kitchen Raj Rani Games Use your yummy recipes to cook delicious cuisines through this addictive "Fast Food Cafe - Master Kitchen". Manage the chain of restaurants as you grow on by cooking Yummy Food and collecting gems. Unlock 5 restaurants and feed the world with your own customized mouth watering recipes. You get to cook amazing food with a wide variety of ingredients available and serve the customers your own mouth watering cuisines with a grin face. You will love this food cooking game and enjoy the Fast Food Cafe - Master Kitchen. 

Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in this FREE addictive time-management game! With a choice of unique locations, from Desserts and Fast Food to an Oyster Bar and Oriental Restaurant, you will be able to practice your skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniques. 

 Use different ingredients to cook tasty dishes. Try all the possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. Decorate your restaurants to attract more clients. Make your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to make your customers’ experience more personal and memorable – just like in real life! 

Upgrade your kitchen and produce an even greater variety of dishes. Oh, and did we say that this game is as addictive and as engrossing as fever? 


upgrade your cooking tools and improve your skills ! Create, decorate and run your own fine dining restaurant! Craft exclusive decorations by upgrades. Buy and trade fresh ingredients and cook increasingly delicious dishes. Build yourself a dock, get a boat and start importing exotic ingredients! Serve your finest cuisine to customers from all around the world. Increase your popularity and see how all the VIPs become regulars!

 So Download now and encourage us by giving your feedback as we really appreciate your reviews.

  • Million Dollar Question

    Million Dollar Question Andy Volcy Games Million Dollar Question is a fun and easy to play trivia game that allows players to answer multiple questions in 5 challenging categories. players will have 3 minutes to answer as many questions as they can correctly in a category that they have chosen, the player that has answered the most questions correctly will be the daily winner with highest points for that category. 5 categories mean players have 5 chances to be a daily winner by earning the highest score in the categories.

  • PixTag

    PixTag Neil Cameron Photo & Video A new photo tagging app, PixTag was created to make life easier. For anyone who loves taking photos and wanting to file them in a way so in the future, you can find them again with a click of a button! Maybe that recipe from a magazine, a gardening reference in a book, or a serial number off a fridge. It is ultra-simple and it works. Use for anything you want to find again instantly by entering a keyword which you add after taking your pic. Plus you can file in groups of your choice for simple searching. Easy and useful for everyone!

  • Pro Mirror Cast for ROKU TV

    Pro Mirror Cast for ROKU TV Digital Star Tech Inc Lifestyle It is easier now than ever before to mirror from your iOS devices to ROKU TV with our app. Stream from your iOS devices to ROKU Please follow these steps: * Log in with your information * Create a broadcast to your Roku TV * Go to your upcoming and stream * Open youtube app on your Roku TV * Look up your livestream Enjoy!!

  • English Spanish Dictionary PRO

    English Spanish Dictionary PRO Phan Phuoc Luong Education This is a PREMIUM version had REMOVE ADS "The best free Spanish dictionary available in the app store!" Featuring the highest quality English-Spanish dictionaries and a Word of the Day. Use it as a handy reference tool and translator or as a fun way to learn new words in Spanish. FEATURES: ● English-Spanish-English Dictionary - Full English-Spanish and Spanish-English dictionary with examples, regional usage, and contextual information. - Much faster to search. - Words are auto suggested as you type. - Audio pronunciations for dictionary entries available in-app (internet connection required). ● Conjugations - Full conjugation tables for all tenses now available for thousands of verbs. - Irregular verb conjugations are highlighted in red. ● Translators - Many language you can translate (internet connection required). - Simply type the phrase that you want translated. ● Word of the Day - Learn a new word each day! - Language guide maybe helpful for you learn Spanish everyday. We hope you enjoy the app. Be sure to leave a positive feedback rating and tell your friends if you like it. And as always, good luck with your Spanish! ¡Hasta luego!

  • Space War !!!

    Space War !!! Jose Luis Medel Grimaldi Games Play with Space War on your iPhone or iPad and remember those Arcade games of the 80's. With a careful soundtrack and typical sound effects in these games. Upload your score and you will be among the top ten.

  • UniqueDay

    UniqueDay Chunyu Xu Lifestyle UniqueDay 是一款可以记录过去和未来天数的 App 生活中有很多值得被记录的日子,比如生日,纪念日,那一年开心的日子,畅想未来的某一天,这些有仪式感的日期应该用交互更优雅,UI 简洁的 App 存起来。在某一天浏览翻看时可以直击心灵深最深处。让你情不自己的去回味去畅想。这种仪式感一定要有,哪怕微不足道,但却很美好! 简洁明了的 UI 设计,优雅的手势操作。 交互上弱化了按钮,跳转新界面全部可通过手势操作完成。 如何更高效的使用: 从屏幕左侧边缘向右侧滑动呼出设置界面。 当添加完新日期后,可从屏幕右侧向左侧滑动呼出分享界面。 在维护新事件时,可通过下拉手势进行关闭。 简单的,纯粹的。 新浪微博关注 @FewerApp 可以获得更多关于 Fewer 的信息,问题建议直接私信即可,我看到都会回复的。

  • Universal FlightLog

    Universal FlightLog Julien Geneste Utilities Manage people, aircrafts, simulators, gliders, types, airports, flights, simulations, glides. Powerful database, based on Realm : search all activities, or only flights, glides, or simulations. Automatic night time calculation. Automatic D0 and A0 calculation. Automatic statistics generation. For any question or request, please send an email to: [email protected]

  • Sleep Sounds Pro - White Noise

    Sleep Sounds Pro - White Noise Linlin Zhang Health & Fitness Fall asleep fast with high-quality sounds from around the world. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and fussy babies. Sleep Sounds Pro will lull you or your child to sleep with calming and relaxing sounds. Download the app today and sleep like a baby tonight! Sleep Sounds Pro helps ADULTS sleep by: - Forming a sleep association that cues you to fall asleep - Helping you feel calm, relaxed and soothed. Sleep Sounds Pro is also an intelligent sleep tracking alarm clock that can effortlessly measure and track your sleep quality. This alarm clock wakes you with the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. Start your day in a good mood with this intelligent and caring clock next to your pillow! TRACK YOUR SLEEP QUALITY WITH ACCURACY - Advanced sleep analysis algorithm. - Detailed sleep stage diagram (Awake, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep) and sleep session statistics. - No calibration required. OPTIMAL WAKE UP TIME - Sleep Sounds Pro analyzes your sleep and wakes you in your lightest sleep phase. - Adjustable time window for the smart wake up period. SAFETY - Low power consumption. - Works in Airplane mode. DETAILED ANALYSIS - Detailed sleep statistics and sleep graphs for every night. - Easy to share your sleep chart to friends. Download Sleep Sounds Pro now to start sleeping better tonight.

  • Persian Moji

    Persian Moji Paymon Ghazanfarpour Stickers Our goal is to create a fun new way to communicate with your persian friends! Please enjoy!

  • Al Muslim - Islamic Companion

    Al Muslim - Islamic Companion Khawar Saleem Malik Education Al Muslim is the mobile application that provides variety of features to a muslim to help him practice the right islam. Al muslim is the islamic companion, providing variety of extensive feature for muslims. This is a complete package app that covers the all aspects of the islam, its extensive features includes salat timing, finding qibla direction, quran, hadith and many more. The remarkable feature of Prayer timings notifies you about the prayer time according to your current location, this is a very helpful feature for any muslim, it keeps reminding a fellow muslim about the time of prayer by setting customizable alarm for the upcoming prayer. This feature prevents the constraint of finding accurate prayer time on the internet or on other source, al muslim provides accurate timing of all five prayers with respect to your location. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are or whether you are travelling, Al muslim will provide you the accurate prayer timing according to your current location. The prayer timing module has variety of features that will notify you about the time of prayer. You can set alarm with beautiful azans of various famous mozens, it doesn't matter if you are living in a non-muslim state because you will hear the azan for the prayer on your mobile. Finding the direction of qibla is most important in order to perform the prayer, So now if you are travelling or you are present in a non muslim state, Al muslim will help you to find the accurate direction of the Qibla . The qibla module has variety of qibla dials to make finding the direction a wonderful activity. Moreover this app is assisted with visual qibla, you can see the qibla on map from your current location and total distance. Quran is one of the most important part of the islam and al muslim has considered it as a priority. You can read and listen to quran anytime and anywhere. This module is assisted with various option to optimize the user experience by providing different font sizes which may help in reading quran and its translation. It is also assisted with quran player so that you can listen to the beautiful recitation of holy quran. Finding a mosque and halal food spots is also a big constraint in non muslim states and as well as if someone is new to a location, Al muslim has cater this constraint by providing mosque and halal food finder, so now you just have to enter your current location and it will find you mosques and halal food spots near by to your location. Moreover Al muslim has a additional feature of Ayat of the Day, where you can learn and understand a ayat every day. Dikr module also provide various duas to be recited with a highly digital designed tasbeeh. AL muslim has a user friendly interface which provides better and easy interactions, providing the promising features to remove all your constraints . Al muslim is a complete islamic package and a companion to assist you in your daily life.

  • WaveAdd

    WaveAdd Martin Kirby Education Add two waves (transverse and/or longitudinal) and see the resulting wave. Change the frequency, wavelength, and amplitude of each wave on the fly. Select: unit circles, amplitude bars, reference line, wavelength markers, amplitude markers. Slow, stop or merge the waves. Use presets that show beats, standing waves, and constructive/destructive interference. See constantly updated values and equations of position, velocity, and acceleration. Designed for teachers by a teacher.

  • AWS Cert. Advanced Networking

    AWS Cert. Advanced Networking Alexandru Cebotari Education This application helps to ensure your preparation for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty Exam. Expert review of AWS fundamentals align with the exam objectives, and detailed explanations of key exam topics merge with real-world scenarios to help you build the robust knowledge base you need to succeed on the exam—and in the field as an AWS Certified Networking specialist. Coverage includes the design, implementation, and deployment of cloud-based solutions; core AWS services implementation and knowledge of architectural best practices; AWS service architecture design and maintenance; networking automation; and more. You get access to interactive learning environment and study tools, which features flashcards, a glossary, chapter tests, practice exams, and a test session simulator to help you track your progress and gauge your readiness as exam day grows near. The AWS credential validates your skills surrounding AWS and hybrid IT network architectures at scale. The exam assumes existing competency with advanced networking tasks, and assesses your ability to apply deep technical knowledge to the design and implementation of AWS services. This book provides comprehensive review and extensive opportunities for practice, so you can polish your skills and approach exam day with confidence. - Study key exam essentials with expert insight - Understand how AWS skills translate to real-world solutions - Test your knowledge with challenging review questions - Access study tools, chapter tests, practice exams, and more Technical expertise in cloud computing, using AWS, is in high demand, and the AWS certification shows employers that you have the knowledge and skills needed to deliver practical, forward-looking cloud-based solutions. The AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide – Specialty Exam helps you learn what you need to take this next big step for your career.

  • 薬速データ 2018

    薬速データ 2018 YAKUSOKU LLC Medical ・医療用医薬品の写真、一般名、薬価を確認できるアプリです。 ・薬速(無料)から検索するとさらに便利になります。

  • CCNA ICND2 200-105 PRO

    CCNA ICND2 200-105 PRO Alexandru Cebotari Education This application covers 100 percent of all exam 200-105 objectives. Providing detailed questions on IP data networks, switching and routing technologies, IPv4 and IPV6 addressing, troubleshooting, security, and more. The CCNA certification is essential to a career in networking, and the exam can be taken in two parts or as a composite. Whichever you choose, this application is your essential guide for complete review and test knowledge of: Master IP data network operation Troubleshoot issues and keep the network secure Understand switching and routing technologies Work with IPv4 and IPv6 addressing With the help of this application you will get access to best questions which stress all modules of knowledge about Interconnection Cisco Network Devices, in order to prepare for the exam. You will get access to interactive learning environment which offers practice on questions and electronic flashcards. You can simulate a real test session with feedback at the end of the test, or just practice on questions and get the feedback right away - it's up to you. PRO Version features: - 1450+ questions to practice - No ads

  • Ruler AR

    Ruler AR Sike Software Utilities ARKit ruler is a easy tool for measuring, in your pocket. Measure the length and width, area and much more, using the camera of your smartphone. Just install and use.

  • Image Deblur - Blurred & Shaky

    Image Deblur - Blurred & Shaky Francesco Pellaco Utilities Image Deblur is a professional tool that lets you remove the blur from your photos. Thanks to its deconvolution algorithm it is possible to bring out the details you are looking for from your photos, with high precision. It is really useful if you need to get important information from your photo! What does this tool do? - Focus defocused photos, letting you see their details such as text or blurred subjects; - Remove motion blur from your photos, generated by fast moving subjects or your camera (following a simple motion trajectory), such as shaky hands; - Tune the focus and motion blur angle thanks to its high precision controls; - Fast result computation with preview changes; - Outputs a color RGB or Grayscale restored image to the camera roll; - Supports high resolution images; This tool does not only sharpen the image, it literally removes the blur, and reduces it when severe blur is present. Please be aware that: - This is a professional tool, follow the in-app explanation in order to learn how to use it correctly; - High resolution images will be scaled if hardware limits are exceeded; - The purpose of this tool is to bring out the desired details from your images, not to improve the image in its entirety, especially when severe blur is present;

  • Voice Rec Pro

    Voice Rec Pro Marcel Mendes Filho Utilities RECORD • You need just one tap to start and stop recording. • Recording time is limited to your device's storage capacity. • Record from the built-in mic or AirPods. PLAY • Seek backwards and forwards during playback. TRANSCRIBE • Turn speech into text, then search the text. • Support for over 30 languages, independent of your device's language setting (requires data connection, as the audio is sent to Apple's servers for processing). • Format as you record with punctuation command recognition. SHARE • Share audio or text to other apps on your iOS device. • Share to your Mac using Airdrop. ORGANIZATION • View recent recordings or browse your library by date and time. • Search by filename or transcription content. • Rename recordings.

  • Eleven Islands Puzzle (Full)

    Eleven Islands Puzzle (Full) Denis Konovalov Games Disaster struck the Tribe of the Eleven Islands. A volcano eruption covered the tropical islands with lava and ash, which destroyed their houses and crops. It’s up to you to restore houses, groves and crops for the tribe members. Help the young heroine rebuild her house on the 11 islands. Collect three juicy pieces of fruit in a row, excavate the tribe’s magic totems, and defeat the demons of the volcano to restore the tropical tribe’s prosperity! - 100 game levels! - 30 island upgrades! - "Moves", "countdown" and "relaxed" playing modes! - Fillable boosters! - Square matches!

  • Advanced Synthesis MatrixBrute

    Advanced Synthesis MatrixBrute Nonlinear Educating Inc. Music There’s no doubt about it: The Arturia MatrixBrute is one of the most powerful analog monophonic synthesizer around. In this course, synthesist expert Marc Doty opens up his bag of tricks and reveals new ways to use the MatrixBrute to create amazingly cool sounds!

  • 고잉홈(Going Home)

    고잉홈(Going Home) SungHeum Lim Games 고잉홈(Going Home)은 좀비들로 둘러싸인 집에 남겨진 아빠(월터)와 아들(마이클)이 힘겹게 생존해 나갈수 있도록 하루하루를 버텨내고 올바른 선택을 해야하는 텍스트형 게임입니다. 총 50여 개가 넘는 할 일 목록과, 약 400여 가지의 다양한 선택분기를 통해 월터와 마이클을 끝까지 생존시키세요. * 선택에 따라 곧장 바뀌는 세 가지 상태! 사소한 선택일지라도 그 선택에는 결과가 따라옵니다. 월터의 정신력, 마이클의 정신력, 좀비로부터 살아남기 위한 생존지표 등 세 가지 상태를 최상으로 유지하며 스토리를 진행시키세요. * 플레이 할 때마다 달라지는 할 일 목록들! 이전에 했던 선택들의 합은 매 번 다른 할 일 목록을 제공합니다. 처음에는 분명 집 안에서 무료함을 달랬었는데, 다음 번 플레이에서는 좀비들에게 쫓길수도 있습니다! * 방대한 스토리 좀비로부터 생존하기 위한 월터와 마이클의 사투는 딱 7일간 지속되지만, 그 안에는 흥미로운 이야기가 가득합니다. 50여 개가 넘는 할 일 목록들은 매번 조금씩 바뀌며 플레이어에게 신선한 이야기를 제공할 것입니다. * 멀티 엔딩 월터와 마이클은 좀비들과의 사투에서 끝까지 생존할 수 있을까요? 생존한다면 그 마지막은 어떤 모습일까요? 결말은 항상 그렇듯이 플레이어의 선택에 달려 있습니다. * 충격적인 반전 좀비로부터 도망다닌지 7일 째 되는 날...과연 무슨 일이 일어난 것일까요? 여러분의 플레이로 그 결말을 밝혀주세요.

  • Roll On Dices

    Roll On Dices Peter Guerra Games The game "Roll on Dice" stimulates the reflexes; promotes relaxation, focus, and memory. This game structure is completely reduced to the essentials. A clear structure makes the game easy and efficient. Generally understandable Introduction, Game-, Result-, Setting- and Info-Destinations.

  • Course For Europa Reason 10

    Course For Europa Reason 10 Nonlinear Educating Inc. Music Europa is brand new in Propellerhead’s Reason 10, and it’s an absolute beast! Get ready to demystify this shapeshifting instrument in this revealing course by synthesis expert, Rishabh Rajan!

  • PhotoRooms

    PhotoRooms Rajeev Radhakrishnan Photo & Video ‘PhotoRooms’ is an application that will be very useful for every individual 1.Who wants to keep their images in a separate room with stories related to each Images/moments. 2.Who wants to share their pics in the Room as a single pdf file instead of selecting each one by one. 3.Who wants to create collages of your pics in the room and share it to your friends. 4.Who wants to create blogs on the go and share it with your friends and readers. You can manage the images inside the room by sharing it individually or you can delete the images/stories from your room if it is not required.You can also remove a particular room if you no longer required it. It will be a great tool for bloggers since its chatting like interface will help you to create blogs on the go and share it across your readers. Even though you are not a blogger ‘PhotoRooms’ chatting like interface will help you to convert your experiences to blog whether it is related to travel, hobbies like cooking, technical tutorials etc So what are you waiting for, download it and add it in your tool set for managing and sharing your pictures,blogs and collages.

  • Shapyze

    Shapyze Jing Mei Loh Games Think you are good with shapes and colors? Well Shapyze is here to make you think again! Featuring a fast paced gameplay with colorful graphics, Shapyze challenges you to spot similar shapes or colors and match them as fast as you can! This is a game that is made to be easy to learn and fun to play! With Shapyze, there is bound to be countless hours of fun!

  • Partbook

    Partbook Jean-Yves BEGUE Music Cette application vous permettra de : - Regrouper vos partitions de musique au format PDF - Afficher vos partitions automatiquement avec le lecteur de PDF intégré ou le lecteur habituel de votre mobile/Tablette. - Editer et sauvegarder vos listes de programmes - Synchroniser les affichages de plusieurs mobiles/tablettes Androïd/Ios sur un même réseau Wifi local (Box, Routeur). - Synchroniser l’affichage de vos mobiles/tablettes à celui d’un Ipad utilisant l’application UnrealBook (Sup V2.5) sur un même réseau Wifi local (Box Routeur). - Fonctionnement en mode Client/Serveur - Prise en photo vos partitions pour les intégrer à votre répertoire - Enregistrement de votre interprétation ou votre commentaire. - Sauvegarde Restauration en local ou email du répertoire - Gestion d'un programme de partitions - Zoom mémorisé des partitions ( Paysage / Portrait) - Enregistrement audio d'une interprétation ou commentaires rattachés à une partition - Mise à jour du répertoire par Itunes ou par Fichiers joints (pdf ou zip) à un email (Pour des Informations complémentaires connectez-vous sur : Toutes vos remarques seront les bienvenues à l'adresse email : [email protected]

  • StocksAZ

    StocksAZ Rasmus Harbo Finance Compatible with: iPhone 6, 6Plus, 6S, 6SPlus, 7, 7Plus, 8, 8Plus, X Doesn't support: iPhone 5, 5S, SE. A toolbox app for investing in stocks. Learn about stocks through theory, examples and a quiz. Current languages: English.

  • Augmented RealityTreasure Hunt

    Augmented RealityTreasure Hunt Math Adventures Education Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt is a mathematics unit of work for Year 5 to 8 students (Grades 4 to 6) set in the context of a four-day treasure hunt. Students work collaboratively to find and solve clues that will lead to ‘real’ treasure. It has been designed to introduce students, teachers and parents to augmented reality. It shows how augmented reality can enhance the learning of mathematics and 21st century competencies as well as bring excitement into classrooms. Click on Explore to see and try the augmented reality, that will magically appear before your eyes, before the treasure hunt begins. Click on Day 1 to start the treasure hunt. A teacher or person acting as the teacher is needed to fully experience this game. Teachers need to read their information to the end. Happy treasure hunting!

  • Happy Children Stickers

    Happy Children Stickers George Mincu Stickers Happy Children Stickers contains a lot of stickers created especially for iMessage with beautiful and happy children. - Nice sticker collection - Tap a sticker and express yourself clearly Check them out!

  • Healthy : lose weight

    Healthy : lose weight Poya Mesbah Health & Fitness we know that sleep is too important so we have calm sleep for you also we have good exercise for losing weight we care about your health download it now it's only 0.99 $

  • 早教启蒙英语 Hats on top 2

    早教启蒙英语 Hats on top 2 duola chen Shopping Hats OnTop 强烈地传达出一种运动和活力的状态。戴上帽子,动身准备出门,就意味着准备好去探索世界! 一套让老师和学生都一样积极、踊跃、乐在其中的英文课程,内容丰富多彩,包含互动游戏、歌曲、故事等。 Hats on top 是一套美式畅销教程,在欧美国家和非英语母语国家都广受欢迎。 教程秉承概念式教学理念,以主题式故事贯穿全书,兼顾语言知识学习和生存技能培养,跨学科知识能力层层递进, 配套齐全,让学前儿童带上思考的帽子,去发现周围的世界,在发现中学习,在学习中成长。 教程充分使用歌曲、重复的口号、故事多方面的教学理念让孩子对知识有更好的吸收,教程重心是为了锻炼孩子在课堂上能大胆发表意见的能力。 本套教程为共分4个级别,此应用配套第2级教程内容。 ■多元感觉教学 满足不同儿童学的学习需求,促进英语学习吸收。 ■趣味教学,任务明确 平衡素质教育和与应试教育,高分高能。 ■跨学科学习 激发语言,数理逻辑、艺术、科学四大领域的学习智能,奠定全人类教育开端。 主要特色: 1 Concept-based course (概念式教学法):真正把儿童当作学习中心和主体,让他们自发学习,而不是让他们被动接受知识。 2 大牌作者团队,纯正美式英语,教程版面设计新颖活力,大量全彩图片应用,非常适合儿童学习,激发他们学习兴趣。 3 强调早期认字和识数能力:让儿童从一开始就感知并领会字母和发音的正确方法,从而逐步建立起他们的音位意识。 4 课程设计成长:伴随着儿童的成长,不同级别的课程设计也随着相应变化,真实反映出这种重要变化。 5 开发儿童多学科知识:通过特定学科内容学习,一方面儿童提高了语言技能,同时不知不觉中儿童的数学思维、个人和社会意识、沟通技巧、艺术修养以及各学科知识面都有很大程度提高和发展。   Hats on top 2 课本目录 Unit 1 This Is My School Unit 2 My Toys Unit 3 All About Me Unit 4 At Home Unit 5 I Like Food Unit 6 Clothes Unit 7 The Farm Unit 8 Going Places Unit 9 Good Night Unit 10 The Noisy House I Like Writing

  • ScaleCharts - Guitar Edition

    ScaleCharts - Guitar Edition Rickey Lutz Music ScaleChart offers a very simple way to construct and review guitar scale diagrams, with equally simple maneuvering capabilities. A great resource for learning, memorizing, and practicing popular guitar scales; it also makes a handy quick reference when you're on the go. To construct the scale you need, simply SWIPE RIGHT/LEFT to cycle through the scales, SWIPE UP/DOWN to change the key, and DOUBLE TAP to adopt one of the available alternate tunings. The notes for each Scale and Key combination are listed below the fretboard. The following scale diagrams are available for each key: - Major Scale (Ionian Mode) - Natural Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode) - Harmonic Minor Scale - Melodic Minor Scale (Ascending) - Melodic Minor Scale (Descending) - Major Blues Scale - Minor Blues Scale - Major Pentatonic Scale - Minor Pentatonic Scale - Modern Lydian (Mode) Scale - Mixolydian (Mode) Scale - Dorian (Mode) Scale - Phrygian (Mode) Scale - Locrian (Mode) Scale - Diminished Scale (whole-half) - Diminished Scale (half-whole) - Whole Tone Scale The following tunings are available for each scale/key combination: - Standard Tuning - Standard Eb Tuning - Standard D Tuning - DADGAD Tuning - DADADD Tuning - Drop B Tuning - Drop C Tuning - Drop D Tuning - Drop DD Tuning - Open A Tuning - Slide A Tuning - Open C Tuning - Open C6 Tuning - Open D Tuning - Open E Tuning - Open F Tuning - Open G Tuning Note: For guitar scale aficionados, where more than one (or many) tuning definitions are referenced by the same name, what appeared to be the most modern or popular definitions were selected.

  • Calc In Tiles full

    Calc In Tiles full Thomas Koldgrov Education This is the full version of Calc In Tiles - Do calculations in each of the 20 tiles - Combine values from other tiles - Add text, symbols and colors - Each tile has its own log. Go to previous calculations, edit them if necessary and put back into the tile

  • Father's Day Greetings 2018

    Father's Day Greetings 2018 TecsoftApps Stickers 15 beautifully styled Father's Day stickers.

  • 富士山ビューポイント

    富士山ビューポイント Hirataka Saito Travel 標高3,776m、日本最高峰の独立峰である富士山。 その優美な風貌は日本の象徴として、また世界文化遺産として、日本国内のみならず、海外でも広く知られています。 この『富士山ビューポイント』は、その富士山の美しく雄大な姿をよりいっそう満喫できるよう、地図や写真とともにビューポイント/撮影ポイントを紹介するアプリです。 現在、103箇所のビューポイントを登録しておりますが、今後も新たな情報を収集し次第、随時更新していく予定です。 以下、主な機能を紹介します。 [地図から検索] 地図からビューポイントを検索します。地図上のアイコンは、「山梨県」が青、「静岡県」が赤、「神奈川県」が緑、「東京都」がオレンジ、「千葉県」が紫で表示されます。地図上のアイコンをタップすると、ビューポイント名が表示されますので、そこをタップするとビューポイント情報が表示されます。 [現在地から検索] 位置情報サービス(GPS)から現在地を取得し、現在地に青のピンが表示されるとともに、そこを中心に地図を表示します。地図上のアイコンをタップすると、ビューポイント名が表示されますので、そこをタップするとビューポイント情報が表示されます。また画面下部には、コンパス、現在地の高度(海抜)、速度を表示します。 [エリアから検索] 「山梨県」「静岡県」「神奈川県」「東京都」「千葉県」の5つのエリア毎にビューポイント名を一覧表示します。ビューポイント名をタップすると、ビューポイント情報が表示されます。 [ビューポイント情報] 写真とともに住所、マップコード、簡単なコメントを表示します。ボタンが「ビューポイントMAP」と表示されている場合、そこをタップすると表示されている写真を実際に撮影した場所が航空写真で表示されます。また、「現在地からのルートMAP」をタップすると、地図上にルートが表示されるととともに、地図上のアイコンをタップすると、「現在地からの直線距離」と「ルート上の移動距離」が吹き出し表示されます。 「NaviConへ送る」をタップすると、株式会社デンソーのアプリNaviConを利用してカーナビに地点を送信できます。 「Google Mapsで開く」をタップすると、Google Mapsアプリが起動し、当地点を中心に地図が表示されます。 「Apple Mapsで開く」をタップすると、Appleマップ アプリが起動し、当地点を中心に地図が表示されます。 [富士山ライブカメラへのリンク機能] 以下の富士山ライブカメラへのリンク機能があります。 ・絶景くんの富士山中継 ・絶景ちゃんの富士山中継 ・山中湖長池カメラ ・忍野八海カメラ ・河口湖北岸カメラ ・本栖湖千円札カメラ ・富士市茶畑カメラ ・芦ノ湖眺望カメラ ・ライブカメラ富士山ビュー 御殿場 ・ライブカメラ富士山ビュー 富士宮 ・ライブカメラ富士山ビュー 清水 [富士山周辺の気象情報] 富士山周辺の気象情報として、以下の情報へのリンク機能があります。 ・山梨県の気象情報 ・静岡県の気象情報 ・神奈川県の気象情報 ・富士山のアメダス ・雨雲ズームレーダー [注意事項] ※地図を表示するためにはネットワーク(Wi-Fiもしくはモバイルデータ通信)に接続されている必要があります。 ※位置情報サービス(GPS)がオフの場合、現在地を「富士山」として扱います。 ※ビューポイントに掲載されている6~9桁のコードはMAPCODEで、㈱デンソーの登録商標です。 ※NaviCon連携機能を利用する場合は、事前にApp StoreよりNaviConをダウンロードしておく必要があります。 ※「NaviCon」についての詳細は、 サポートページをご覧下さい。 ※モバイルアナリティクスツールReproを利用して、利用者の画面操作に関する情報を収集します。

  • 邮件转化工具

    邮件转化工具 gelei xu Utilities - 一键转化eml文件为csv文件 - 附件也能转化出来 - 支持iTunes File Sharing - 支持从其它应用导入eml文件或包含eml文件的zip文件 - 支持导出转换后的csv文件至其它应用

  • Beam of Light

    Beam of Light Beam of Light LLC Lifestyle A través de esta Hermosa App, tendrás la posibilidad de mantenerte más en unión con Dios, la Divinidad, con la Paz, con el Amor. A través de los mensajes diarios que compartiremos contigo podrás comenzar tu día en mayor armonía y tranquilidad. También, podrás escribir diariamente tus deseos, escribir el por qué y de qué estas agradecido. Además, podrás mantener una línea directa con Dios a través de nuestras oraciones, afirmaciones, y meditaciones.

  • Exam Sim For PMP

    Exam Sim For PMP Anand Software and Training Pvt Lyd Education PMP exam simulator provides 250+ practice questions from latest syllabus of PMP certification exam Question types supported are 1. Multiple choice single answer 2. Multiple choice multiple answer Complete explanation is provided for each question in Learn mode, and actual exam environment is simulated in Exam mode. Options to save the results and reviewing questions are provided. Disclaimer: is not associated with Project Management Institute and PMP is a trademark of Project Management Institute duly acknowledged.

  • Color Temperature Comparison

    Color Temperature Comparison Nitrio Utilities Color Temperature Comparison Tool compare 2 difference color temperature on the fly. By input the color temperature value [Kelvin], color are show with color value in RGB and HEX, also indicate the color source for selected color temperature. The Range of Color Temperature. The three primary types of color temperature for light bulbs are: Soft White (2700K – 3000K), Bright White/Cool White (3500K – 4100K), and Daylight (5000K – 6500K). The higher the Degrees Kelvin, the whiter the color temperature. The color temperature of a light source is the temperature of an ideal black-body radiator that radiates light of a color comparable to that of the light source. Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light that has important applications in lighting, photography, videography, publishing, manufacturing, astrophysics, horticulture, and other fields. In practice, color temperature is meaningful only for light sources that do in fact correspond somewhat closely to the radiation of some black body, i.e., those on a line from reddish/orange via yellow and more or less white to blueish white; it does not make sense to speak of the color temperature of, e.g., a green or a purple light. Color temperature is conventionally expressed in kelvin, using the symbol K, a unit of measure for absolute temperature. *This is a universal app that work for both iPhone and iPad. Thanks for your support and do visit for more apps for your iOS devices.

  • Random Meals

    Random Meals Roman Garcia Food & Drink Random Meals is an easy to use app that can help you find a favorite new dish or restaurant. 1. Click the 'Meal Time' button to start 2. Select a meal 3. Watch as the app scrolls through suggestion to see where it will stop 4. Click on 'Find a Restaurants' to open Maps and find nearby suggestions or... 5. Click on 'Find a Recipe' to go online and find a variety of new recipes to try 6. Enjoy! Note: This app makes random suggestions about meals and does not take into account your personal food choices, health issues, or allergies.

  • eLearn-2-Go: Offline eLearning

    eLearn-2-Go: Offline eLearning MaximumSoft Corp. Business Take eLearning modules with you, everywhere you go... The eLearn-2-Go app allows you to store and play back eLearning modules offline. It also allows you to record scores and/or data in CSV files and later on transfer these files to another computer. Users can upload eLearning modules packaged in a zip archive from computer’s web browser, Dropbox and other cloud services, via iTunes.

  • Wisely : Finisterre & Muxía

    Wisely : Finisterre & Muxía Wise Pilgrim Travel Welcome to Wisely! Built from the same up to date database as the other Wise Pilgrim Apps and Guidebooks, 'Wisely' was designed to fill the two most requested needs for pilgrims: Offline Mapping: Download the maps to your phone while you have an internet connection, and enjoy them while you are on the trail. The offline maps are designed for the outdoors and are rendered to show the elevation changes along the route. Map markers include all cities, accommodation options, notable landmarks along the way, and notices about deviations and alternative routes along the way. A click on the pin brings up a description of the route, distances, services available in any given place and accommodation details. Online Booking: Making reservations for the night is now much easier. Every city that has a bookable place to sleep includes a direct link on Likewise, every accommodation option that is bookable online includes one as well. Finding a place to sleep, and finding it on the map, just got a whole lot easier. Please note that this app requires the additional download of the maps, which are about 200mb in size. There is no way around this, an offline map is an offline map. Also, note that this app is in rapid development. This means that updates to it will be frequent over the next 6-12 months as minor bugs are squashed and features are added. These updates will NOT require you to re-download the maps. They will deliver additional content and features. Please remember that this is version 1 of the 'Wisely' series of Mapping and Booking apps. Go gentle on the reviews and please please please send me bug reports so that the app can be made better. You're the best! No In-App Purchase. No signup. Just goodness.

  • 明星2017

    明星2017 yi wang Games 20年后震撼来袭!原汁原味的拉霸水果机! 翻牌比倍,美女图,超真实还原明星97规则! 简单刺激、绝对单机、绝无广告、让您独享欢乐时光! 将持续不断更新、丰富各种紧张规则及特效!

  • Goo

    Goo Black Whale Technology Inc Education Goo is a smart and fun app, which helps your child to simultaneously learn two languages through simple and colourful animations and pictures. Goo is available in English, French, Arabic and Persian. Studies have shown that bilingual children are smarter, and that learning a second language at an early age significantly enhances their creativity, critical thinking skills, and the flexibility of their mind. Goo has six fun and practical categories: The Ocean, The Human Body, Clothing, The Farm, The Jungle and Food. Each category includes many related words, with colourful pictures and animations using a watercolour theme and cheerful background music. The words and pictures are carefully chosen to ensure that children will learn and benefit the most. The user chooses two languages, one as a primary and the other as the secondary. Each word is written out in both languages and there are voiceovers. Our goal is to optimize children's learning while keeping it fun at the same time! Many thanks for choosing our app, Black Whale Technology Goo est une application intelligente et amusante, qui aide votre enfant à apprendre simultanément deux langues à travers des animations et des images simples et colorées. Goo est disponible en Français, Anglais, Arabe et Persan. Des études ont démontré que les enfants bilingues réussissent mieux et que la maîtrise d'une deuxième langue à un jeune âge améliore considérablement leur créativité, leur esprit critique et leur capacité d’apprentissage. Goo propose six catégories amusantes et pratiques : l'océan, le corps humain, les vêtements, la ferme, la jungle et les aliments. Chaque catégorie comprend de nombreux mots, avec des images colorées et des animations aux couleurs d'aquarelle accompagnées d’une musique de fond joyeuse. Les mots et les images sont choisis avec soin pour que les enfants apprennent et s’amusent le plus possible. L'utilisateur choisit deux langues, l'une comme maternelle et l'autre comme secondaire. Chaque mot est écrit dans les deux langues et est lu en voix-off. Notre objectif est d'optimiser l'apprentissage des enfants tout en le rendant amusant en même temps. Merci beaucoup d'avoir choisi notre application, Black Whale Technology يعتبر تطبيقنا تطبيق ذكي وممتع يساعد طفلك على تعلم لغتين في نفس الوقت من خلال الرسوم المتحركة والصور البسيطة والملونة. التطبيق متاح بالإنجليزية والفرنسية والفارسية والعربية. لقد أظهرت الدراسات أن الأطفال ثنائيي اللغة هم أكثر ذكاءً من غيرهم، وأن تعلم لغة ثانية في سن مبكرة يعزز بشكل كبير من إبداعهم ومهارات التفكير النقدي ومرونة عقولهم يحتوي تطبيقنا على ست فئات ممتعة وعملية وهم : المحيط وجسم الإنسان و الملابس و المزرعة و الادغال والطعام. تحتوي كل فئة على عديد الكلمات المرتبطة بها الى جانب صور ملونة ورسوم متحركة تظهرعلى سمات مستوحاة من الالوان المائية كل هذا تصاحبه خلفية موسيقية مبهجة . يتم اختيار الكلمات والصور بعناية لضمان الاستفادة القصوى للأطفال. يختار المستخدم لغتين, واحدة اساسية واخرى ثانوية. تُكتب وتُنطق كل كلمة بكلتا اللغتين. هدفنا هو الوصول الى تعليم مفيد وممتع فى آن واحد شكراُ جزيلاُ على اختيار تطبيقنا Black Whale Technology این اپلیکشن هوشمند و شاد به کودک کمک میکند که دو زبان را همزمان از طریق تصاویر و انیمیشنهای ساده و رنگارنگ یاد بگیرد. اپلیکشن ما در زبانهای فارسی، انگلیسی، فرانسوی و عربی موجود میباشد. تحقیقات نشان داده است که کودکان دو زبانه باهوشتر هستند و همچنین یادگیری زبان دوم در سالهای آغازین تأثیر بسیاری در افزایش خلاقیت، مهارتهای تفکر انتقادی و انعطاف پذیری ذهن دارد این اپلیکشن دارای شش بخش کاربردی و سرگرم کننده است: اقیانوس، بدن انسان، لباس، مزرعه، جنگل و خوراکی. هر بخش شامل کلمات مرتبط همراه با تصاویر و انیمیشنهایی با تم آبرنگ و موسیقی پس زمینه شاد میباشد. این کلمات و تصاویر با دقت فراوان انتخاب شدهاند تا اطمینان حاصل شود که کودکان یادگیری و استفاده بهینه از آنها را دارند. کاربر دو زبان را به عنوان زبان اصلی و فرعی انتخاب میکند. هر کلمه به هر دو زبان نوشته و گفته میشود. هدف ما بهینه کردن یادگیری کودکان و درعین شاد و سرگرم کننده نگه داشتن آموزش می باشد با تشکر فراوان از انتخاب اپلیکشن ما Black Whale Technology

  • iTelescopeCamera Pro

    iTelescopeCamera Pro 康行 Nagasima Photo & Video iTelescopeCamera is a camera app to take pictures with a telescope. # How to use 1. Fix iPhone to a telescope. 2. Adjust focus, exposure, ISO at the camera setting view. 3. Tap the shutter button at the main view. # About Lens This app use the telephoto lens in case dual lens device. (ex. iPhone X, iPhone8 Plus...) # About resolution This choose a proper resolution for a device. It is not max resolution. (ex. It's 8M pixels in case iPhone X)

  • I'm a Flower!

    I'm a Flower! Svetlana Tokarenko Stickers ___ Set of 18 cute flower hand drawn stickers for iMessage. If you liked that stickers, please check out my other packs by clicking on Developer button below on this page, there are some interesting stuff too! :) ___ For using this stickers in iOS 10, open Messages app and: 1) Tap the arrow button on the left of texting area 2) Tap the app button and then tap the 4 dots button on the bottom. 3) Tap the icon of the stickers and you can start to use them! ;) ! If you can't find stickers after installing in iMessage dock, don't worry, you just need to make them "on" in Manage tab in iMessage store. ___ If you have any questions you can contact me through Instagram, hitting support button on this page. *** © Svetlana Tokarenko, illustrator Instagram: @svetlanatokarenko

  • Soccer Ball Emoji Stickers

    Soccer Ball Emoji Stickers kek teck heng Stickers Why you should install Soccer Ball Emoji Stickers app? 1. Use over 100+ Emoji-Best collection of Soccer Ball Emoji Stickers and Stickers. 2. Fun and Impressive: Show off to your friends with these fun stickers. 3. Buy one and get future updates for free forever. How to use Soccer Ball Emoji Stickers app:- Step 1: Open a message with a friend and tap the”>” button to the left of the text box. Step 2: Tap the app button that appears (it looks like an “A”) and then taps the button that looks like four circles in the lower left of your Screen to open the iMessage app drawer. Step 3: Tap the icon of this Sticker Pack and start sending stickers! Useful tips: *Tap the sticker you want, or DRAG & DROP one into your message. *You can Scale & Rotate stickers by using a second finger before you place it on a bubble. You will get more stickers that we are going to add to these collection in the future. Download Soccer Ball Emoji Stickers now!

  • Happy Memorial Day Celebration

    Happy Memorial Day Celebration salma akter Social Networking "True patriotism isn't cheap. It's about taking on a fair share of the burden of keeping America going." This is the ultimate sticker pack to engage with your partner, friends & surroundings with beautiful stickers. These stickers will keep both of you like you are together! Featuring moments & lovely graphics and great texts to decorate your chats with liveliness. These stickers will help you and your loved ones laughter, fun & most importantly together through your time. Place the stickers on bubbles, images, and even on other stickers. Stickers are designed for iMessage. Updates will feature more graphics and inspirational funny quotes or texts. Quick tips on installing and using Sticker apps: • To access iMessage apps, tap the App Store icon alongside the compose field to see your most recently used iMessage app. • To continue browsing, tap the icon on the lower left corner which brings up the app drawer. From there, tap the plus icon to access the App Store for iMessage, where you can browse and download more apps. Here, you can also go to Manage where you can add your apps to your app drawer. • To use a sticker within a conversation, you simply tap to send or you can touch and hold to place them on top of bubbles, other Stickers, or even photos. It feels just like peeling and pasting a traditional sticker. • iPhone and iPad users (running iOS 10) and Apple Watch owners (running watchOS 3) can receive stickers. On Apple Watch, you can send any of the stickers you recently sent from iPhone or iPad. You can receive stickers on earlier versions of iOS and other platforms but they’re received inline as images and don’t support being pasted on top of text, photos etc. Keep in touch to receive all updates right on your device. Feel free to ask any query on [email protected] ! We would love to hear from you & appreciate your thoughts. So, let's make your moments even more amazing & stunning with April Fool stickers. Download & have fun. Cheers! Let us know your thoughts & ask for new stickers of your choice in the review section. We really appreciate your suggestions to make our apps better. - Love from team APIC

  • Musix - Classical music

    Musix - Classical music United Discount Center LLC Music Musix - all masterpieces of classical music in one mobile application. Musix is ​​an application for classical music #1, which is daily updated with compositions and notes. Musix, this: - A huge collection of the greatest compositions of all ages, in Hight Quality - The most popular collections of classical music: by age, thematic and classical music for children - High-quality Sheet Music Available for Printing ( print on demand ) - Biographies of composers and Stories of composition creation - A single search engine: compositions, collections and composers - User-friendly and simple interface - Play music in the background We're on Facebook: We are also available by mail: [email protected]

  • Happy Memorial Day Greetings

    Happy Memorial Day Greetings Gazi Ahmed Stickers "On what rests the hope of the republic? One country, one language, one flag!" This is the ultimate sticker pack to engage with your partner, friends & surroundings with beautiful stickers. These stickers will keep both of you like you are together! Featuring moments & lovely graphics and great texts to decorate your chats with liveliness. These stickers will help you and your loved ones laughter, fun & most importantly together through your time. Place the stickers on bubbles, images, and even on other stickers. Stickers are designed for iMessage. Updates will feature more graphics and inspirational funny quotes or texts. Quick tips on installing and using Sticker apps: • To access iMessage apps, tap the App Store icon alongside the compose field to see your most recently used iMessage app. • To continue browsing, tap the icon on the lower left corner which brings up the app drawer. From there, tap the plus icon to access the App Store for iMessage, where you can browse and download more apps. Here, you can also go to Manage where you can add your apps to your app drawer. • To use a sticker within a conversation, you simply tap to send or you can touch and hold to place them on top of bubbles, other Stickers, or even photos. It feels just like peeling and pasting a traditional sticker. • iPhone and iPad users (running iOS 10) and Apple Watch owners (running watchOS 3) can receive stickers. On Apple Watch, you can send any of the stickers you recently sent from iPhone or iPad. You can receive stickers on earlier versions of iOS and other platforms but they’re received inline as images and don’t support being pasted on top of text, photos etc. Keep in touch to receive all updates right on your device. Feel free to ask any query on [email protected] ! We would love to hear from you & appreciate your thoughts. So, let's make your moments even more amazing & stunning with April Fool stickers. Download & have fun. Cheers! Let us know your thoughts & ask for new stickers of your choice in the review section. We really appreciate your suggestions to make our apps better. - Love from team APIC

  • Scary Grandpa Horror Game

    Scary Grandpa Horror Game Secure App Development LLC Games Escape Grandpa's house is this thriller game! Run away and don't get caught... Or else.... This new escape horror game is sure to leave you on your toes. Solve the puzzles. Escape Grandpa. Win the game. Simple right?

  • Summer Things Sticker Pack

    Summer Things Sticker Pack ALIN STANUSESCU Stickers Summer Things Stickers contains a lot of stickers created especially for iMessage perfect to use this summer with your friends. Have fun and relax with this nice sticker collection!

  • 小熊过关练 - 小学英语五年级下册(人教版PEP)

    小熊过关练 - 小学英语五年级下册(人教版PEP) yongxin zhang Education 英语语音是英语的本质,学习英语无不从学其发音开始。 ---《小学英语教学法》(第三版) 王电建,北京大学出版社 从示范入手,重复听读模仿,加强拼读对比,关注整体信息,结合真实的场景,从而解决语音,词汇,语法这三要素问题,是小学生学习英语的一套行之有效方法 。 产品功能及特点 【1】课文跟读 【2】单词跟读 【3】单词拼写记忆 【4】重点句型提炼 【5】多场景,多类型听读 【6】单词男声女声发音切换 【7】提示音灵活配置 【8】单词听写逐步提示,激发记忆 【9】中文释义显示切换

  • Waypoint EDU VPP

    Waypoint EDU VPP Magnate Interactive Ltd Education Waypoint EDU is a fun, educational augmented-reality scavenger hunt game for classrooms and families. This is the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) edition, which includes all IAPs from the standard app already unlocked. • New in 2.0, play Indoors! Use our beautifully designed printable Waypoint Cards to play right in your classroom. • Teachers (or parents) use Waypoint EDU to create engaging augmented reality geocaches (“Hunts”). • Setting up a Hunt is very simple – enter a few details, draw a Playfield directly on the map, and enter quiz questions for your curriculum. Or, in Indoor mode, simply place the cards on desks or the floor. • Teachers can transfer Hunts to student devices using AirDrop. • A game of Waypoint EDU is a great reason for teachers to take their classes outside. • Students can learn about ancient wonders of the world like Stonehenge and the Pyramid of Giza and groundbreaking inventions like the telephone and the lightbulb via scale-model AR. • Includes Ancient Rome and U.S. State Capitals, with more content on the way! Please note: the Outdoor mode in Waypoint EDU requires a device with GPS+Cellular to play, though non-cellular devices can be used to create. Indoor mode requires iOS 11.3 or later. Indoor mode requires that the included Waypoint Card PDF(s) be printed. Get outside (or stay inside) and Hunt!

  • 北斗定位(专业版)-GPS手机卫星定位软件

    北斗定位(专业版)-GPS手机卫星定位软件 qiang lan Productivity 中国人自己的定位系统【北斗定位】找人app火热上线,一键发送位置让好友找到我支持短信,邮件,微信,QQ等发送我的位置给好友。 一键发送定位请求,获取对方位置导航去朋友亲人的位置。 支持微信,QQ,短信,邮件等方式发送定位。 支持苹果地图导航到对方位置,支持定位收藏。 本软件生成一个授权获取位置的定位链接,定位链接被对方打开获取对方授权后,位置就可以直接反馈给您。 定位成功推送提醒功能,让您用的更加舒心。 温馨提示:应用将在后台持续使用定位功能,会降低电池寿命。 【技术支持】

  • Duxes

    Duxes True Development LLC Utilities Have trouble making decisions? Tap or shake for a suggestion.

  • myHamburg

    myHamburg lipdila's coding Stickers Die Hansestadt Hamburg ist nicht nur eine Perle an der Elbe, sondern auch sprudelnder Quell an Klischees, Eigenheiten und Widersprüchen. Wenn du Hamburg, den Norden und den hanseatischen Schnack liebst, wirst du von diesen Stickern begeistert sein. Teile Sie mit deinen Freunden, deinen Liebsten und dem Rest der Welt. Hole dir jetzt die myHamburg Sticker App auf dein iPhone und iPad.

  • Glucose.

    Glucose. Mash Ordinateur Inc Medical Overview: ( Tutorial: ) The goal of this app is to help you lower your blood glucose level by analyzing and comparing meal results based on age and health status. You can get the result 2 hours or 4 hours after the meal by comparing it with the pre-meal rate. This allowed me to know the meals that increase my glucose and decrease my medication with the consent of my doctor. Just enter your blood glucose and description of your meal. The date and the time of day appear automatically. The dessert is separated for information. The information is available on 1, 7, 30, 60, 90 or 365 days depending on the choice. Each reading gives the maximum, minimum and average rates for each meal. There are two more sections, at night and before bedtime. Characteristics: - Languages Currently, English and French - Mode The application was created for mmol/L and mg/dL code. We can select the mode that suits us and the complete transfer of data is done automatically. - Graphic A graph in different colors makes it possible to visualize the rates which are too high. - Error corrections An option allows you to change everything, description, time, day, rate etc. - lists Possibility of obtaining six different categories of lists of glycemic rates, from the highest to the lowest or the opposite. You can check the rate variations either 2 hours or 4 hours after your meal. - Printing and sending results. The database can be sent by Email to your computer. In the printer section, you can send a report to your doctor by email or simply print it. .

  • Figure Tech 2

    Figure Tech 2 Rink Tank Interactive, LLC Sports FS Figure Tech is part of the 'Elite Sk8' app series - it is the only app dedicated strictly to school figures! Rink Tank Interactive made sure to preserve the history of our sport by videoing all 72 school figures. The app comes complete with descriptions, diagrams and videos as well! Whether you are brushing up on old skills or new to the world of figures, you’ll never get bored! It's awesome!

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