30 Day Fitness Challenge Log

30 Day Fitness Challenge Log

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  • Current Version: 3.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Vigor Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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30 Day Fitness Challenge Log App

Ready for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge? Start training today to see tangible results and get fit! New workouts, fitness plans, and exercises with HD video tutorial are now available. Get your whole body toned and feel like the best version of yourself. Drop any extra weight with minimum struggle (nothing comes without any effort!) and see a noticeable difference in your shape in 30 days. Try it now, follow the 30 Day Fitness Challenge and see your fat cells melt away. What does 30 Day Fitness Challenge offer you? Invest some minutes everyday for 30 days of your life and observe your body getting into the shape you aim for. Start with regular warm ups followed by exercises that will slim your entire body. Weight loss have never been more achievable, thanks to the newly updated content provided by professional trainer agencies. Workout and exercise plans are all personalized based on your fitness level and time availabilities. 30 Day Fitness is both your perfect personal trainer and fitness tracker, you will see great results as soon as you will start training! Take it easy on the first couple of days and gradually increase your counts per set. Surpass your expectations, achieve your daily goal, and share it with your friends on different social platforms. See your weight drop and your muscle grow in no time. What will happen after 30 days of exercise? You'll finally have: • Toned arms • Flat tummy • Peachy butt • Skinny thighs • Bikini beach body • Sculpted abs More than 600k downloads worldwide since 2016 and thousands of daily active users with enthusiastic experiences: "It's simple to do, I just love it" user from the US, Sept 2017 "Never used a more effective app, while being on a diet at the same time. I had abs within a month. Would recommend to anyone who can take exercises!" user from Australia, Sept 2017 "Great way to get started on fitness journey" user from South Africa, Sept 2017 You are special and so is your body. Take care of it and stay away from diseases like diabetes and obesity by exercising daily. Download 30 Day Fitness Challenge app now! Need help with our product or want to show us how great you look now? Send us feedback at support@vigor-apps.com 30 Days Fitness is suitable for people of any age and fitness condition. However, please seek medical advice and make sure to read our policies before you start. Privacy Policy: http://vigor-apps.com/tos.html Terms of Use: http://vigor-apps.com/privacy.html •••Subscription terms••• - 1 week free trial. No commitment: cancel anytime with no charge. - Weekly subscription for only USD $9.99 Choose our PRO plan to unlock all the fitness plans and truly test your endurance. •••Good to know:••• - Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account 24-hours prior to the end of the free trial period. - Payment will be charged to your iTunes account 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. - No current subscription can be cancelled during its active subscription period. - Any unused portion of free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription prior its expiration.


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30 Day Fitness Challenge Log app reviews


    By Lyric Talor
    I downloaded the app with a 7 day free trial but i didn’t see a place to cancel my prescription so i’ve been getting charged and i can’t stop it. there’s not even a phone number or website on the app.
  • Have to Pay Right Away 1/5

    By Jason Landers
    I can’t even use the app... have to pay to start...
  • Have to pay. 1/5

    By Mbenz1025
    As soon as you put your basic info in, it asks to try one week free then $9.99 a month. :(
  • Don’t download! 1/5

    By Pinkrabbit333
    Basically you’re downloading a pop up ad. It doesn’t let you try anything. You open it and it pops up the ad. You can’t click out of the ad. Don’t download.
  • Can’t check the previous exercise 2/5

    By Linjiahung
    I can’t go back to see the exercises that I did previously nor check out the workouts on the other dates.
  • Payment required 1/5

    By Money,,,,
    I decided to use this app, only to find that I can’t do anything without paying 10 dollars first. Why charge someone when we don’t even know the quality of what we are supposed to pay for?
  • You have to pay 1/5

    By SeanPaul333
    I tried this app and you can’t get past the screen were it says for the premium plan
  • False advertising 1/5

    By dubasie
    Sure, it is free to download but you can’t even view anything in the app, let alone sample it, without first agreeing to premium trial of one week, followed by a weekly charge of $7.99. I mean, if this is okay, couldn’t any app start marketing itself as free only to find out you can’t even access it without paying a previously undisclosed price?
  • Pesima aplicacion 1/5

    By Is very goodd
    No te la dejan usar amenos que pages que pesima aplicacion

    By BrittanieCox
    If I could give this app 0 stars I would but I wouldn’t be able to write a review that way. !!!!!!!DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!! You download the “free” app & they won’t even allow you to start using it, this ad pops up saying “first week free” then you have to pay like $8 A WEEK to keep the app & you HAVE to sign up to get past the ad. It’s a major joke & I would tell people to take their health & fitness goals, good intentions & hopes for a healthier life somewhere else because this app is is marketed as free to catch your attention then you’re trapped into paying - a ridiculous amount may I add.
  • This is not free! 1/5

    By Mowntandewey
    When opening the app, you’ll be prompted to “upgrade” to premium. There is no free version. This is deceptive marketing. All there is is a free week trial of their paid service. Straight garbage. The developers are just trying to scam
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Sdees99
    I’m not one to one star but the fact they said it was free then ask you to jump into a subscription was a waste of my time. In app purchase, to me, are something you buy while in the app, not on the outside fence. It a pay for app and for not being up front this gets a 100% 1 Star.
  • Not even worth it... 1/5

    By Upset of updated
    So I got this app and I set it up. Nothing about paying came up. I just finished my first work out that they gave as a suggestion. Then boom I have to pay $7.99 to do or look at anything on the app. Don’t download it..
  • Not free 1/5

    By Momtotwogirlygirls
    Won’t let you try it without agreeing to premium purchase after 1 week. No thank you.
  • It doesn’t notify before the first payment is due 2/5

    By Beach Boy 1924
    I started the week free premium plan. It said it would notify me before the next payment would be drawn from my account.... it didn’t so now I’m $30 down for an app I don’t use anymore and want to cancel my plan. The ONLY good thing is it has good workouts.
  • From the start 1/5

    By Scammeralert23
    So I got curious and downloaded this app. Just so you know every one star rating on here is true this is a scam. I opened the app and pressed “get started”. Then I answered a few questions and then I got the “start working out like a pro” ad right from the start. There is no way to avoid it. You can’t click, swipe, exit, vudu ritual this ad away. I didn’t continue after that because I don’t want to get stuck with a weekly fee that I can’t figure out to unsubscribe from. Also I would never ever pay $9.99/week for any app. I hope this helps steer away people from a big mistake.
  • Good easy workouts 3/5

    By Kva112484
    It a bad app workouts were pretty much all the same and I got bored. Having a REALLY hard time canceling this subscription. Someone please help!!!
  • no. 1/5

    By Me2772💜
    literally cannot use app without purchasing premium version inside this “free” app.
  • Trial 1/5

    By Acroyer
    Represented as a free app when in fact it is only a free week trial. I see may “explanations” of this in the comments but you should not advertise as a free app. Just wanted to try before I committed. But since I had the commit first, no thank you. 😡
  • Totally unsatisfied with the initial experience 1/5

    By Rayan Saeed
    I've to give a disclaimer, I've not used the workouts feature of this app yet. But this is not how a professional app is developed.. Even if you're mentioning in AppStore Description that it contains in-app purchases this is not how you implement iAP. You're telling me I can't even test the app workout subscribing? Even if first 7 days are free at least give me something to test. What if I forget to cancel within 7 days, I don't want to take this as a liability.
  • Description should be updated 1/5

    By Indrajit Shanbhag
    If I can’t use the app at all without subscribing first (even if the first month is free), you should tell me that in the app’s description. That way I wouldn’t have downloaded it- and wouldn’t have rated it so badly.
  • Thought it was a free app... 1/5

    By HATeIoXdog
    I love the concept of the app but it’s listed as top free app and I would expect to be able to use the app. After filling in my info the screen of purchase for 9.99/month pops up and won’t disappear. In my opinion do not list the app as free if a purchase has to be made even if there is a “free trail” most people forget about they have a free trial and then get scammed the next month with a charge.
  • Not free, over priced 1/5

    By Eodonnell17
    I was excited to download this free app, only to be let down by being required to start the “free trial” before getting charged $10/WEEK. I can go on Pinterest and YouTube to find these workouts and challenges for free, so that’s what I’ll continue to do. *App developers- don’t bother copy and pasting your same response you give to everyone else on here. I know I can do it for a week without paying and I know you’re trying to replace a gym. It’s just simply not worth it with other free resources for the exact same idea.
  • Free to download - just list your price from the beginning! 1/5

    By Rhody3
    False advertising that the app is free!!! If you’re going to charge once you open the app you may as well list that it cost $9.99/mo to use! Don’t waste our time with falsely advertising its “free”!
  • U have to pay if u want to use this app?! WHAT?!?!!! 1/5

    By SiRoC.
    I downloaded the app, filled out all this fitness training info, AND I CANT EVEN USE THE APP?!?! APPARENTLY the only way u can use this app is IF u start a free trial and THEN pay 9.99 a month. Such a RIPOFF!!! I was SO EXCITED to use this app. SUCH A BUMMER!!!😭
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Que937
    A free app that charges 10 bucks a month 😂.
  • This has to be a scam... 1/5

    By yazzy queen
    Ok so I’m thinking when I use the app I can start working out and at least USE the app, they didn’t even give me a chance to even use the app and this ad pops up and says “start training like a pro” try one week for free, they give you no choice but to click on the premium plan, I’m thinking this app is for free and they are actually going to give me tips on eating right and working out.. NO! This is a scam they don’t give you a chance to even try the app out! I give this a one star! Fix this problem! I’m going to go download 8fit and see how that works, THIS APP WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME, PATIENCE, AND STORAGE!! Thumbs down 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 Edit: the people of this app gave horrible advice, basically guys this is not a free app they just want you to download it and when you do you have to pay! The reps one person literally copied and pasted the same words to each feedback, I dont recommend this app at all!!
  • Cancel Subscription 3/5

    By MarkyGwynn
    It’s a good workout app, but I’m trying to cancel my subscription & the app isn’t even my settings. Help?
  • Trash 1/5

    By 8nes2
    I don't wanna pay for premium!😤
  • USELESS 1/5

    By Hasan Jordan
    It’s not even close to free and you just stole my information
  • Hard to use 1/5

    By This Nickname44
    I can’t figure out how to cancel my subscription.
  • Not Free 1/5

    By aclassicleo
    You can’t use this app unless you sign up for a one week free trial, but it’s $8/month after that. No lite version. Super deceptive.
  • Can’t use 1/5

    By Jeremiah1201.
    Can’t even use it they have an add that blocks everything if u don’t have premium
  • Unable to use without paying, not risking it 1/5

    By Hachix001
    It seems amazing and simple at first to describe your workout lifestyle, and right after, it’s a money grabbing app. It forces the user to pay $7.99 in order to use the app. I would not trust it, since I never use it to begin with. DO NOT USE THIS APP.
  • This is not a free app 1/5

    By Stashersmad
    As soon as you download and set it up, you get a screen forcing you to sign up for a “free trial” of a $10/month plan. Bait and switch much?
  • Hate to pay but may be worth it 5/5

    By cknotts
    Hate that we have to pay weekly for this app but it is very helpful so far
  • Scam , not free at all 1/5

    By Kobo awesome
    $9.99 to try premium ... where’s the lite free version? Guess what 30 day app you got deleted, you’re not the only app out there! Already found 3 legit free ones without subscription! Keep your hoax of free trial or Free to download scam of an app!
  • Can’t use 1/5

    By Lbogoeff11
    I can’t use the app either. It asks me the questions to set it up but as soon as I submit it asks me to start the premium version. There is no way to exit out. I tried deleting and downloading the app again, but same thing. It seems like other users have been able to use the free version. Very disappointing. If you aren’t going to allow someone to use the free version only advertise this as a paid app.
  • Dumb 1/5

    By hdyvsk
    I can't believe that this app would say it is free then you can't use it because you have to pay for the premium version which is the only way to get it to work!!!!!!☹️🙁🙁🙁
  • Scam 1/5

    By Dsv-215
    They are just trying to get you to subscribe. Don’t bother
  • Hidden fees 1/5

    By koolkid:)!
    "Free app!" Lies, lies, lies. You download it and the first thing it says when opened, "Which payment plan would you like?" And even worse, they're contracts. You can't get out of it.
  • Tried to charge me and I deleted. 1/5

    By joe2005
    It’s not free. 10$ a month. SWORKIT is the same thing but better.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Unicorn12389573938492
    I got this app looking forward to a good workout but it made me sign up for this trail workout thing which I didn’t want to pay for. I thought the app was free but apparently not. I gave it 2 stars because if someone was actually willing to pay that amount I don’t know if it works well or not.
  • 0/5 stars couldn't even use it 1/5

    By Lexie-lee
    Free to download with "in app purchases", I figured there would be a "free" version and if you WANTED you could buy the "premium" version. I was wrong! You can't use the app unless you try a "free week" or pay. It's a waste to have this as a "free" download if your going to force people to pay to use the app!
  • Absolute waste 1/5

    By shiva prasad1
    Do not install it as its asks for premium Subscription..without even trying it. Waste of time n energy
  • Expensive! 1/5

    By SSK111415
    I purchased thinking it was 9.99 a month but found out it is 9.99 a WEEK and canceled the membership.
  • Don’t be shady 1/5

    By Fjhdgsyssbscens
    If you’re going to charge $10/week for just using the app, don’t say you’re free on your app store page.
  • Ehh 1/5

    By AskingAlexandria2016
    I couldn’t do anything in the app unless i signed up for a subscription which i really didn’t want to but it wouldn’t let me do anything else 🤬
  • Why can’t I use it? 1/5

    By bollinco2015
    After downloading the app for free, and opening it, I can’t use it. All I get is the pop-up window pushing the premium version in my face, with no way to dismiss it without closing the app. The only way I can get anywhere is if I push the “start my free trial” button and then click cancel. Even then it takes me to an “Are You Sure?” screen that keeps pushing the premium at me, even though I don’t want it. I think it’s rude, deceptive and unfair to the people who think they’re actually downloading a free lite version of the app. I understand he marketing style and wanting people to subscribe to premium, but if you’re going to make a free version of the app, actually let them use it. Don’t just make it a hoax to get eventual subscribers anyways.
  • Free download scam 1/5

    By Bizarre Intentions
    Its really a paid app.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Log app comments


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