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  • Current Version: 3.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: 7-Eleven, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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7-Eleven, Inc. App

Put savings in your pocket with this convenient app from 7-Eleven that rewards you for buying the drinks you already love! INTRODUCING 7REWARDS℠ Imagine getting your favorite drinks for free. Now you can with 7Rewards℠. Buy 6 cups, and any 7th is FREE! Any cup, any size, your way, every day. Start earning 7Rewards today with three easy steps: · Download the 7-Eleven app to join. · Scan your app barcode at every checkout. · Any 7th cup is FREE! COUPONS Your member barcode earns you free drinks and so much more. Scan it at checkout to redeem exclusive offers on 7-Eleven and partner products. STORE LOCATOR 7-Eleven is always on your way. Find the store closest to your route or anywhere in the country, heart your favorites and find out which locations provide services like hot food, Redbox®, gas and propane tanks. GIVE FEEDBACK We’re here to make your day better. Please let us know if you think we’re doing a good job or not. Submit feedback in the form of a question, complaint or compliment at any time in the app. COMING SOON… The new 7Rewards℠ launches soon! Get ready to earn points for every dollar you spend* and score exclusive bonus offers to help you get rewards like free food and drinks even faster. Best of all, you can still get every 7th cup FREE. *Points exclude services, fuel and age restricted items including tobacco, lottery and alcohol.


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  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Tranquility hippie
    Despite all the advertising about the app, it doesn't even work. Every time I try to use it, I get a window saying I am on the phone, even though I am not, and that I am off-line, which is not the case in reality. I emailed 7-Eleven to say it wasn't working a few months ago, and someone wrote only to say they would get back with me, but no one ever did. Don't waste your time on this scam.
  • Doesn't even work 1/5

    By A Dog-Person
    I've been using this app for a while with no complaints, but recently the format of the app changed and now I the barcode doesn't scan! Basically I can't get any of the coupons to work, and I can't get free coffee. It's not worth it now
  • Not working 1/5

    By Daaiisy19
    Stop at 7-11 every morning for the past 18 years... had to download the app after the little speed cards... All week this app has not been working... (and yes I have deleted and reloaded) You owe me 3 free coffees by now ! I'll give it 1 more week...
  • Update buggy 1/5

    By MatLo83
    Please fix the bug with the new update- I can no longer access my rewards! ☹️👎🏻👎🏻
  • Not fun or cool 1/5

    By Alpinlowe
    I love 7-11 for my morning coffee. This app though is a waste of time and doesn't work. When it does work it is still a lot of effort and pisses people off behind you in line who have to wait for the clerk to figure out how to scan or honor your "free" cup. Lots of bugs! Lately the app lets me get to 5 cups or stars and then resets before I got credit for my sixth cup. Not cool. So I have been using this app for two years with an average of 15-20 purchases per month. I have only gotten credit for two free cups of coffee. Your app and program are a waste of time and cheat people who really try to use the rewards program. It won't track all your purchases. Don't bother with the app for any rewards. And it seems 7-11 could care less. Good luck talking to customer service.
  • Problem scanning on iPhone 5s 4/5

    By ErrantSpore
    As others have mentioned I tried to use my iPhone 5s app at a 7-11. It did not work. The app on my Moto G5 Plus works fine. I visually compared the barcode on both apps, and the one on the iPhone is different than the one on the Android phone. Could that be the cause of people's problems? Edit: After reading the other reviews, contacting the developer, and trying different devices, I am changing my review. The app works fine, however to get an iPhone barcode to scan you have to increase the screen brightness to maximum and the clerk has to hold the scanning wand for several seconds. But it does work and I am now getting credit for my purchases.
  • Drinks buy 5 get 1 never works 1/5

    By bulgy the whale
    Ever. I've downloaded the app 3 separate times and registered and re-registered. Never registers the scan. Then the clerk gets mad at me too. No thanks. I'm done.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By iCenYcbX
    You must have a way to remove the app suggestion on the lock screen. I'm no where near a 7 eleven and it been on my screen for the last hour during my commute home.
  • not connected,your device is not connected check airplane mode 3/5

    By The-ER
    not connected,your device is not connected check airplane mode This is the error message I get after the update. The airplane mode is off, 7-Eleven please fix this problem September 18 ,7-Eleven reached out to me with a solution to the problem I posted above. Thanks for the help
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By tishageorgeann
    I live in Oklahoma and every time I open the app it says that there are no stores around me. Weird considering that there are multiple in my town alone. I tried to use a deal one day and the worker literally told me that 7/11 did not have an app? Makes no sense. Needs to be available everywhere, not just in certain states.
  • Don't update 1/5

    By Tmfp524
    I was sent an email that a free item was coming up and the new app didn't have it
  • Member not found...really?! 1/5

    By Livvymk3
    I was hoping this update would fix a lot of problems, but it's only made it worse. In the past I've received a lot of "system offline" messages when scanning my app at the store. Yesterday I bought two fountain drinks and tried to redeem an offer for Haagen Daz ice cream, and Lo and behold, I get the error msg "member not found." Had the clerk rescan from Apple Pay AND the app, still "member not found." Logged out, logged back in, went back several hours later, and still comes up "member not found" upon scan. The newest update has compounded all previous issues I've had with the app and made them worse!
  • Problems 2/5

    By Potcake1964
    It was working fine for almost 2 years but suddenly I started having issues-it keeps telling me my phone is in airplane mode (it isn't). I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it 2x. Still telling me it's in airplane mode.
  • App won't add any cups 1/5

    By MsNikki324
    This is the second time I used the app since the update and it is not registering my cups. I should have three on there but I only have the one that was already there before the update.
  • grumpy23462 1/5

    By grumpy23463
    Downloaded app and the barcode won't load
  • Broken from the start 1/5

    By HisCritic
    I downloaded the app on the recommendation of the lady at 7-11. It logged me in from Facebook, however it keeps saying "getting your barcode". And it sits there. I cannot add to Apple wallet. And under my profile it keeps saying getting you member ID. Looks like I'm not the only one having this problem. Kinda sad it doesn't work from the start. Will give a chance to fix before I go somewhere else.
  • What's the point for the app? 1/5

    By whitetigercg
    What's the point for the app if it doesn't not work at all? Tried to load some coupon and it kept saying the internet is not working. Also I trie fro scan the coupon to use and the cashier said it does not work....
  • Do not update! 2/5

    By dlTunes
    I updated and lost a free cup. It shows there on the app, but won't ring up. I've also noticed at least 2 times where I didn't get credit for my drink purchase. Now this last time I received and email from 7rewards about free Häagen-Dazs, but when I went to claim it, the app didn't show it and it never rang up with the discount. Not a fan of the new layout either. The "deals" and "rewards" tab is redundant. Bar code doesn't want to scan. There should be a "pay" tab that brings up just the bar code and turns the screen to full brightness so it scans better. It also takes longer to load.
  • Trouble shoot or internet is not working 3/5

    By Chocolate Nose
    I like this app from the beginning. Now my problem is the coupons is not showing the barcode like is used to show up from the beginning when I was new the the 7-Eleven app or it say no internet try again later. Please fix the issues problems. Please and thank you.

    By Nickqwety
    Do not download it is a FRAUD GIVE IT A 1 STAR REVIEW!
  • Stole my coffee punches!! And ice cream reward!! 1/5

    By zzzakiyaaa
    Terrible. I purchased coffee twice, two diff locations. The app shows only 1 cup highlighted! Also, this is false advertising to send an email of free Hagen daaz ice cream, all of the 5 Seattle 7elevens today charged 5.79 for it despite scanning my app. The "coupons" tab does not work, repeatedly loads only to say "something got lost on the internet".
  • No more stars 1/5

    By Reaganomics@TA
    I've been buying coffee ALL week, and come to find out that I've not accumulated any stars! What the hell!?! Seems the latest update broke the barcode. I'm guessing by not allowing us to collect our rewards and earn free items, 7 Eleven is saving a whole lot of money!
  • "member not found" 2/5

    By VincentBocchinfuso
    Lost rewards because the app malfunctioned. The developer reached out to me personally and set expectations if intent to resolve. Developer didn't circle back to let me know app was fixed and didn't hear back since. I tried it once after and it did work. Didn't get credit for lost purchases though and the lack of follow through was disheartening somewhat. I'll give it a 2.5
  • Do not update 1/5

    By avgomez14
    I did the update and it kept saying it was on airplane mode. I was able to figure it that it turned off the cellular access and I turned it back on "Cellular" in "Settings." I was able to sign it but I took my 3 stars I had before the update and the Coupons and My Rewards do not load. It's says "Something got lost in the internet." Horrible update. Download the McDonald's app. Buy 5 coffees get 1 free. Plus, coffee is $1.
  • Love the new app 5/5

    By onlyusethistocomplaint
    Amazing that you can add your phone number now
  • Airplane mode 1/5

    By Unfair blocking
    I just updated my am trying to use it says I'm in airplane mode and not in airplane mode. Looks like a lot of other people had the same problems and you please fix
  • Update just okay 3/5

    By KaRinsDad
    App is showing in iOS Wallet but not in Apple Pay now. I always used the Apple Pay shortcut before the update. Please fix or advise. Would also love a widget for quick access to the UPC for scanning.
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Deeroxx
    When I went to a 7 eleven and they tried scanning the app, it didn't scan the barcode. The cashier told me he had the same issue with everyone else who updated the app. Please fix this bug.
  • Slurpee 1/5

    By crcgold
    Where is the portion of the app to find Slurpee's ??? Really you deleted it???
  • Great update 5/5

    By NWCis#1
    Love the new look and feel! Coffees everyday for me!
  • What happened?! 1/5

    By Emieloo99
    I see others are having the same trouble as me... after the update, my 7-Eleven purchase said "member not found" so I got no stars. Now it won't let me sign in because it thinks I'm in airplane mode (I'm not). Please fix!!
  • Airplane Mode?!?! 1/5

    By Shaander
    Seriously?!?! I go every day for my coffee and now I can't get logged in - keeps saying to check airplane mode
  • Worst update 1/5

    By Real-time dude
    I lost all credit from last app
  • Took my free cup of coffee away! 1/5

    By slickshoes
    I updated with a free cup of coffee available. When I got the newly updated app scanned this morning, not only did it not give me a green bar upon beeping, it also took away the free cup of coffee I had already earned. Annoying. I'll change my rating once this bug is fixed.
  • Please Fix your new update 1/5

    By DoRi🐟🐠
    The new app is worse than before, can't even login anymore says i'm on airplane mode. i am not I have full service. I tried again on Wifi and it says my email is not registered for the app. i tried to rest my password and still doesn't work.
  • Scanner won't even come up 1/5

    By Tiffyany
    So upset. Firstly, the app didn't recognize my email that I've always had and I had to sign up as new. Second, the app won't even load a bar code for me to scan at all. Horrible.i Should have never downloaded the new app. Was better before
  • Doesn't Scan 1/5

    By kas76051
    This version won't allow scanner to give me credit for my coffee purchases. Prior version worked just fine. Seems like there is a hardware problem of the POS scanning wands being able to recognize the bar code. Even when my brightness level is changed, the handheld scanning device won't recognize the barcode. Not working on an iPhone 5s.
  • account GONE 1/5

    By noodl3s25
    like others today, used this app everyday, & did the app update today.... NOW logon fails, and password recovery doesn't recognize my email address used! wth
  • 7-11 5/5

    By Musicitunes6
    This app is perfect new look rewards
  • Not logging in 2/5

    By Juuhggffvbj
    Not recognizing my email as log in when I try to recover password. Please help!
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Grayconnorpoop
    It won't let me make an account, or access any part of the app.
  • My fave app 5/5

    By Celkey
    Free gifts and special offers worth going often
  • Can't see rewards 1/5

    By rynpilot
    Just updated and all it says is I do not have permission for this action when I click on deals to see what is available. Useless as I can't use it for anything
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Kahshaudi
    The only complaint I could think of is that sometimes it seems like the app goes through a dry spell where there aren't any deals; I've heard from people that they deleted the app for that reason. Just a thought...
  • Offer promotions don't work 1/5

    By czzzla
    Use the app as it said to get something buy one get one free and it doesn't have such thing when it's scanned.
  • Irritating 1/5

    By tutulena
    This app doesn't work! As soon I signed up, none of the promo items in the 7-Eleven store showed up to be scanned. They told me there were no 7-Eleven stores near me, when I was standing in one. I live in Hawaii and when I go to find a store location, it shows no store locations in Hawaii. I find that weird, since the 7-Eleven stores in my neighborhood said they are participating in the app and the promo deals.
  • Not valid in New Mexico 1/5

    By Anonymousyikyak
    Why is it not valid in New Mexico!? Waste of time!
  • Greatest App 5/5

    By Jonesy612
    I have had the 7-11 app since 2015 works flawlessly for me. It's nice getting a surprise free cup of coffee once a week. In this world you get nothing for free, it's nice to see a company reciprocate back to the customer for their patronage. Keep this good thing going 7-11 👍🏽
  • Perfect!!! 5/5

    By Gdjfbsjfji
    This app is amazing!! Defiantly worth it!! It always has great offers and I love that feeling of satisfaction when you get your seventh cup for free 😂😂. I live in walking distance away from a 7-11, and my stepsister and I love to go there and get slurpees. I definitely recommend!!
  • Not valid in Hawaii 3/5

    By Lilhonu
    Unfortunately, not valid in Hawaii... I don't want to give any rating, but since there's not an option to give no stars as an "N/A", I'm giving 3 since its in the middle and hopefully won't affect ratings too much.

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