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Watch full episodes of Born This Way, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, 60 Days In, Live PD and many more and access exclusive video extras wherever and whenever you want, right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The A&E app is a great new way to access full episodes and clips from all that A&E has. New content is added all the time. PLEASE NOTE: A&E CONTENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO STREAM IN THE UNITED STATES. The A&E app allows you to: •Watch full episodes and clips of your favorite A&E series including The First 48, Born This Way, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Intervention and many more. •See exclusive clips and deleted scenes from A&E shows, never before shown on television •Create a profile with A&E so you can continue watching episodes between your iOS devices and the web The A&E app is free to use. If your TV provider is supported you can sign in and get access to even more content. More TV providers coming very soon! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about the digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.


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A&E TV Shows app reviews

  • Ugh! Save yourself the download time... 1/5

    By Kanani206
    I love A&E shows! However, this app is frustrating. Mid-episode it glitches out and I have to restart and go through all the ads again. And speaking of ads, why is it necessary to have a million each time?!! It’s taken me an hour to get a little over halfway through an episode of Leah Remini’s show because of all the ads and glitching. I think I’ll be deleting this mess soon.
  • Update repeats ads and closes mid-show 2/5

    By 7dulci
    Used to like it, was easy to watch, but updates are just crap. Ads appear to be problem, they info auto-repeat often when doing 3 minute ads, but both 3 minute ads and 30second ads will cause app to close. Then when I go back in, it starts show at the beginning. So frustrating.
  • App doesn’ t open 1/5

    By BossLadyBee
    Every time I try to open app on iPad Pro, it will freeze on the logo. Not good.
  • Easy to navigate 4/5

    By Jenl633
    So. I just finished watching Elizabeth Smart’s Autobiography. All I can say is she one amazingly strong, inspiring, and brave woman. That being said, and this has NOTHING to do with Elizabeth Smart’s story, but. One thing I noticed while watching her powerful documentary, was the amount of commercials during her show. I watched the first episode On Demand, and the second episode on the app while I was getting my monthly MS infusion treatment. I was so distracted by the amount of commercials, as well as the frequency of them on the app, I feel I didn’t get the full impact of her story. I understand the commercials have to pay for the app to be up and running, but is there anyway to give and option to skip a few of them? I have no idea how apps work, or how much they cost, so this may not be possible. Either way, keep up the good work with the app and the shows you offer 👍😁
  • Unlock the episodes!!! 1/5

    By H3575423
    The episodes I want to watch are always locked. There’s no point in having this app.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By Smpete6451
    App closes itself randomly while in use. When I get it going again and select the show I was previously watching, it starts over. Fine. I fast forward to roughly where I left off, and am first forced to watch several minutes of ads. Once the ads are nearly finished, the app quits again! So annoying! Prior to the most recent update, the app almost never quit on me.
  • All over the place 3/5

    By Dana Weaver
    If you start watching a show you better have time to finish it because if you have to shut it off it will not resume where you left off, it will start at the beginning. So annoying! Or if I am watching on my phone and then cast it to my tv the show will jump back about 5 minuets. And you better have the volume remote close by because the same 3 commercials that are played repeatedly are 100x louder than the show.
  • Screen recording errors recking havoc 1/5

    By LalalaPOOF
    I have no screen recording satires enabled on my iPhone yet you still insist on not allowing me to view this app on my tv with a connector. His is ridiculous!! Please fix this bug ASAP.
  • A&E 1/5

    By Jav559
    Way way way too many commercials more than if on tv!!!!!!!! I deleted the app!!!!!

    By TrailerTrashLite
    I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still times out before loading any of the programs. It used to be great, no problems at all. Completely useless now. This has gone on for months! DEVELOPERS: WHY WON’T YOU FIX THE PROBLEMS???

    By Kdi33
    I know apps will have a few commercial breaks but this app has too many! When it’s local ads, or those low budget ads, the volume blasts so loud I’m startled and have to run over to my speaker and turn it off. I’m just going to watch the shows I like on third party sites, because I’ve watched 300+ commercials and know A&E got their money, so I don’t care.
  • Crash crash after crash 1/5

    By Luvsfish
    After the recent update it is constantly crashing during the ad. I know on the update info says “fixed some bugs” well can you undo what you guys did? Because never had a problem until it was updated. Thanks
  • Ads cut out frequently. 2/5

    By Lotsoflovegirl
    I would be unhappy as an advertiser. Show plays fine but ads don’t play entire commercial it skips. Do the employees use this app?? They should be forced to play content on it to see the issues. Biggest nuisance is never starts where it left show off at such as live pd. I have to find my place since it doesn’t resume where I left it
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Laneyp0905
    This is one among very few apps that u cannot access on your fire tv stick if u have xfinity. This app and MTV are the only ones I have found like this! I'm pretty sure xfinity is the biggest cable provider around! It is where I live at least and where I used to live also! Get xfinity on your list of cable providers A&E! What doesn't make sense is xfinity is listed on the app if u have it on your iPad or iPhone and if u have an Apple TV also but why not the fire tv stick! Oh and it stops in the middle of shows ALOT, and u can't resume a show from where u left off!
  • Ads Ads & more Ads!! 1/5

    By JayBeeKay
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Enough with all the ads!! It’s ridiculous!!! It even starts with ads so if I want to fast forward halfway through I hafta watch an ad, fast forward, and then watch more ads before I can actually see where I fast forwarded to... I understand some ads but this is a little excessive don’t you think?!?! I like the app other than that, but that’s why it only got one star from me... one of the worst tv apps with all the ads!! 😒
  • 5StarTV 5/5

    By Audg0911
    You like Reality? A&E is unprecedented!
  • Annoying Ads 2/5

    By rdavis61
    I would gladly pay if there was an option to remove ads. Ads appear after only 3 minutes of programming.

    By Kladybug2112
    Honestly I got this app to catch up on Born this way after recently discovering the show. The only things are when you select an episode it starts like 3/4s of the way in and the ad time is ridiculous considering it's the same ads played over and over and over (etc.) again. It gets to the point where you don't want to use the app to watch on account of the same ads being repeated and you start to get annoyed with seeing the same commercial. Other than those two things it's not bad at all, it's just the fact that those two things alone really make you want to delete the late and find it somewhere else.
  • Great programming 5/5

    By Poolguy007
    From First 48 to Leah Ramini Scientology series it’s a great line up. Growing up near Flag in Clearwater I know a bit about Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. Everything everyone on this show has said is dead spot on accurate. First 48 is amazing for showing what homicide is all about and how they solve it. I don’t watch much TV, but when I do it’s usually on this channel.
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By kev_in_atx
    The old A&E app was great. You could stream live shows and it played well with my Apple TV. About a year ago, they rolled out a new app that was full of bugs, and it’s never been the same. Not sure why the switched it up, but they should bring back the old app.
  • Ads, ads, ads, glitchy, glitchy, glitchy 1/5

    By Forevacc2
    So at what point can I begin to watch A program? I downloaded the app to watch commercials? I'm confused. The App is horrible. Trying to get through the "interactive" ads, shuts the app down. I just realized I typed "interactive ads." Got I must be bored. Fix your app, get rid of the ads!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Mrz maiya
    Great apps just add get annoying
  • Commercials 3/5

    By Jfkeska
    Love to watch on my iPad in bed, but there should be no ads!
  • Perfect analysis 4/5

    By Really, Team Lava?!?
    I agree with Jersey Guy 609! His comment is a perfect review. It is exactly the way that I feel! I did rate the app a bit higher than his only because I feel that A&E has the best shows on television. I guess that is why they get away with running so many ads. They know that I will put up with a commercial with Neil Diamond singing at least five times per episode!!
  • A few good shows... 3/5

    By Plant-Lady
    I just got the app, and aside from the complaint most have about the ads, I'm grateful for Leah Remini's show on Scientology and A & E's courage to air it. There's a few more entertaining shows as well. App is easy to navigate and well designed.
  • Love the Leah Remini documentary 5/5

    By theswirlygazette
    The lighting and the streaming of this network is really great on my ipad!
  • 50% of shows are full of ads 2/5

    By rooattack
    I’ve never felt like a company cared so little about actually creating a good used experience and more about destroying every possible reason the world went digital to begin with — so we didn’t have to waste half of our friggin time watching ads!! Just watched walking dead and literally every 5 mins there was 5 mins of 5 ads back to back. Probably the worst app I’ve ever used in my life and displays a desperate attempt to milk advertisers for money. If I wanted to watch ads I would have kept my direct TV!!!! God, you guys are a bunch of dou**ags. So sick of this crap from products. You’re single handidly ruining everyone’s faith in digital experience all over again when we were just starting trusting the new era of digital. Anyway do not use this app or download it. Just buy the dang shows. It’s not worth ruining the entire experience over. Hope you guys (AMC) eventually learn not to be so dumb about your business plans and less obvious about how desperate you are. Really pathetic.
  • Providers 3/5

    By Felinegrl
    Where did Comcast Xfinity go. You had it. Please put it back. Thanks. Thats one of the big ones in Missouri.
  • Worst Service Ever 1/5

    By FJB53
    First you have to have a cable or other service provider before you get to login. Then A&E runs 3 to 8 ads in their commercial breaks. It doesn’t let you fast forward back to the show. I feel I’m PAYING FOR THE SAME THING TWICE.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By 1tootsiebelle
    Of all of my tv and movie apps this is the worst ever. Cannot watch any shows at all. When you try to select tv provider, no provider list opens. Will not let me watch on Spectrum app, even though we can watch on tv. I used to be able to watch it until Spectrum bought Bright house. Furious and frustrated! If I can watch A&E on tv, then I should be able to watch it from Spectrum app and A&E app. HORRIBLE app!
  • I can’t watch anything 1/5

    By piper&saylorbostons
    When I go to select my TV provider it just loads and doesn’t do anything
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Gratefulgamecock
    I have the google cromecast & I use to could always stream A&E, but now it never loads. Nothing has changed on my end.

    By HL Consulting
    Please, STOP with the ADS! I already downloaded the app and then log in through my service provider (which I pay for) so why are you requiring me to watch ads???? Other than that, the shows I watch are great!
  • Love A & E 5/5

    By Attie's gma
    I love A&E and all the shows they have to offer
  • Great App 5/5

    By KennyBookseller
    Love your shows and great option to watch shows like that expose cults like Scientology and the IRS who grants them religious status despite the ruling of the Supreme Court. There is always at least one show running that gets my interest from start to finish.
  • Now they turned off plug-in watch 1/5

    By Favorite channel disappointed
    Because I don’t want to pay for another box are use the app on my iPad and plug it in to my TV now they blocked it so I can’t watch it so guess what I’m not watching this channel!!!!!!!!!! So mad!!!!
  • Live option 5/5

    By katrinaclotilde
    I’d like to be able to watch A&E live from the app, otherwise no complaints!
  • A&E Review 1/5

    By Madame Bouda
    I used to like it when the app provided a live segment now, I do not.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By woofcry
    This app won’t work most of the time.
  • Glitchy and pathetic 1/5

    By IDontWantAStupidNicknameDamnIt
    A&E. You promote great programs like Leah’s and then burden it with a horrid app that repeats content as glitches that repeats content as glitches. Episode 7 was so bad I thought I’d reset everything which only made things worse reset everything which only made things worse. And then, instead of the normal ads to program ratio of 1:1 I was rewarded with 2:1 and a fast forward/rewind that was unusable. And it shows that advertisers don’t want to sponsor such a train wreck a train wreck. The same ads every break. Every break. You seriously have a fetish for repetition. You seriously have a fetish for repetition. Unfortunately you have no interest in providing competent distribution after people have paid for it with their cable subscriptions and unrelenting ads.
  • I miss hoarders! 1/5

    By BeeTaisho
    Pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeee bring it back!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Fallonm91
    Most of the time this App will not cast to my tv and It will not load certain videos. Also when watching a show the app will make you watch commercials. Usually it will play 2-3 commercials and then get back to the show, but at least 2-3 times per episode the app will glitch and play 7-8 of the same commercials over and over again.
  • Good content but... 2/5

    By Aidan_Bear
    Love the content, but WAAAAAAAY too many ads. I understand you have to sell ad space, but six minutes of ads for twelve minutes of a show is ridiculous.
  • Crap, any improvement would help 1/5

    By Locokan
    It starts with ads, show starts and mid way through sentence we are back with ads, over and over. Your service is like being in the 1970’s We have already paid for this service. How’s about actually providing a service worth watching
  • Glitchy and Will Not Play On Chromecast 1/5

    By Hahaha this is a joke
    I have not been able to watch the A&E app on Chromecast for nearly a month. I am not doing anything different and I have updated the app every time it needed an update. All other apps work properly with Chromecast but this app does not.
  • Live stream 2/5

    By Philip Simon
    Wish the app had live stream available so I could watch shows live while not at home.
  • No picture 1/5

    By SomeWhiteBitch
    There’s constantly a battle every single time I try to cast from this app to my smart tv. Either it doesn’t work at all or there’s sound with no picture. Sometimes I can get it to work after connecting & disconnecting many, many times. So far today I’ve tried to get it to work for about 20mins and I give up.
  • Great 5/5

    By Cheeba11
    All my favorite shows when I want them!
  • Hey don't know if you saw this?? 4/5

    By uncle dame😁
    The guy you arrested in Indiana last night with a bag of coins pretty sure they were silver!! Not sure a guy like that would have that just saying 👍
  • A&E Scientology 5/5

    By Chewdogg13
    Leah R., Mike R., and all that appear on this show are true hero’s. What Scientology is doing is a crime and should face a tribunal for all their crimes against humanity. Stay strong and carry on!

A&E TV Shows app comments


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