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A&E TV Shows App

Watch full episodes of The First 48, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, 60 Days In, Live PD and many more and access exclusive video extras wherever and whenever you want, right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The A&E app gives access to full episodes and clips from all that A&E has. New content is added all the time. PLEASE NOTE: A&E CONTENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO STREAM IN THE UNITED STATES. The A&E app allows you to: •Watch full episodes and clips of your favorite A&E series including The First 48, Born This Way, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, Intervention and many more. •See exclusive clips and deleted scenes from A&E shows, never before shown on television •Create a profile with A&E so you can continue watching episodes between your iOS devices and the web The A&E app is free to use. If your TV provider is supported you can sign in and get access to even more content. More TV providers coming very soon! Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about the digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.


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A&E TV Shows app reviews

  • A&E 1/5

    By Pepe2093
    They play WAY TOO MANY ads. It’s hard to watch a show when it keeps getting interrupted by constant commercials!
  • Painfully slow 2/5

    By sil3nt_nick
    Often won’t load or buffers frequently.
  • Eh 3/5

    By NoelleKiely
    Okay app, wish it had some updates features like auto play. Also find that they take a very long time to add shows, even ones promoted as online next day.
  • Super convenient 5/5

    By Ameliakristine
    I use this application every single day. It makes watching my favorite shows convenient for me to watch at any time. Being a busy mom, working with full time school, I don't have a lot of time to watch programs at the time they air. There are commercials, which can be annoying, but no more than what shows on television.
  • Countless ads! 2/5

    By Henryhill25401
    Countless repetitive ads continuously throughout the shows. Why pay for cable if you have to watch 30 mins of ads per hour long show?
  • Expires when 3/5

    By richuroo43
    Would be so much better if you could please add dates to when each episode expires.
  • Sub titles 5/5

    By Dac1121
    I’m huge fan of this channel. I love intervention, teen under cover and other shows like that. This is just an idea. And I’m sure this is probably the first time hearing about it. I am legally blind. So many of your shows have subtitles why can’t you make them black instead of white. It is so difficult to enjoy a lot of the shows because I can’t read what was just shown I have to rewind and watch it again. Just an idea
  • not working. 1/5

    By daishadee
    i haven’t been able to watch anything on the app for over a month now. every time i try it says there is an error message that says “no account returned” even though i am logged in to my tv provider.
  • A & E 3/5

    By Trace408
    I love the show content. And that's the only thing that keeps me watching. There are ads every 5-10 minutes and that can be super irritating. It's also annoying that it doesn't remember where you were in an episode and you have to try to fast forward to find where you left off on something. Great shows, but the app could use some upgrades.
  • It’s not AE - It’s COMMERCIALS 1/5

    By Slick_ice
    40 minutes of show is actually 10 minutes of show and 30 minutes of COMMERCIALS. I totally understand that you must stick commercials everywhere but come on LOL
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rsw86
    Love the app awesome you offer so many episodes
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Coming Late To The Rating Game
    When running ads this app will crash. Then restarting the app, the watched program starts from the beginning. This app crashes on ad after ad. I would think A&E would be able to produce a much better app. (Perhaps they could hire more senior/experienced developers, QA engineers, and product owners.) App still (8 Jan 2018) crashes during the ads. More senior developers and testers should be hired. App (2 Feb 2018) plays commercials whenever it feels like it. This is still a problem. Bugs should not, for the most part, be continually found by users. Does A&E even have a QA Department?
  • Ads Much? 1/5

    By XIJustJudIX
    Seriously? More ads than show. Get a grip A&E. I’ll be watching other networks. Thanks.
  • The Ads are RIDICULOUS 1/5

    By Dotty33444
    You get like two minutes of viewing time and four minutes of ads. At least three ads back to back. It’s outrageous. Hardly worth it.
  • So loud! 3/5

    By ErinStone
    There are long ads, but the sound jumps like crazy! It is twice as loud when it cuts to commercial!!!
  • Wonderful 4/5

    By NCBOY1983
    This is works wonders on my iPhone and iPad! There’s always something on I enjoy watching! The only downside to this is the amount of commercials. That being said, may I suggest a paid version where you have the option of opting out of commercials. However, thank you for having a wonderful channel where not only it’s entertaining, informative and most importantly very educational.
  • Ads are awful; code for AppleTV bad 1/5

    By Classicrun
    The ads are awful. There are so many and they just keep repeating. I tried getting the Apple TV app to work and that was hopeless. I kept typing the code it gave but it said it was invalid. So, none of the apps worked well.
  • I like the app. 5/5

    By Nightz
    It allows me to watch my favorite show. The ads are kinda bad but not terrible.
  • Relentless Advertising 2/5

    By Rickat207
    This should be a great app but the ads are just too much. They are ridiculously repetitive and there are far too many of them. For example, I saw so many promos for an upcoming film that there’s no point in going to see it since I feel as if I know all the lines by heart. Additionally, I signed in with my TV provider and have been subjected to endless ads for my TV provider. It’s just not worth it.
  • Ads Crash App 1/5

    By Evydev
    Interactive ads keep crashing the app. When you reload the app you have to watch the commercial again. That is the definition of a negative experience.
  • Live TV 2/5

    By Usxminntac
    It would be nice to watch live TV on the app through the cable or dish subscription
  • I am constantly having to reactivate my AppleTV 2/5

    By MominAmarillo
    I literally get about 24 hours worth of viewing before I have to revalidate my credentials. On top of the same three commercials for the past 5 months (“teens in foster care will love you just the same.), I’m over it. I love LivePD, but will just record it on the TiVo and fast forward through the commercials. It’s not worth the hassle.
  • Ads Ads Ads and more Ads 1/5

    By Chad bai
    45 min program and there are FIVE different breaks for Ads. EXTREMELY ANNOYING!! Worst TV app I have seen
  • Apple TV 1/5

    By bmnelson112
    If you are using this app on an Apple TV you might as well add the activate login to your bookmarks because you’ll have to re-activate your device EVERY DAY. If it wasn’t for Live PD I’d say to hell with it.
  • The Ads Ruin This 1/5

    By Kathyisfree
    I’ve been stuck inside the last couple of days with the January Snowmageddon on the East Coast, and watched lots of A&E catching up on my shows. I have to say the quality, frequency, and repetition of their commercials is horrendous. On two successive days, watching different programs, I was subjected to the same awful ad, every five minutes, over and over and over. They have to do better. Other Apps aren’t like this. It will make me think twice, maybe four times, before watching in the future.
  • APP has too many ads 1/5

    By techiemomof1
    Crappy viewing experience full of ads. Asking to view 30 seconds Interactive ads or wait 3:00 longer to view your show is more annoying. I don’t watch this channel anyway.
  • Pd live cut to 20 mins 2/5

    By Ulivebitch
    Why did pd live get cut down to 20 mins? What the hell is going on.
  • Best app ever!!!!! 5/5

    By Kemion1228
    When the episode I’m watching is over it starts automatically when I press the Next Show button and it has good quality
  • Greedy,controlling,money hungry! 1/5

    By Amybtru
    The limited choices of free episodes of anything are destroyed by poor quality annoying repetitive commercials! Some of them are so loud you can’t hear other people in the same room with you!!! So my phone is up on the entertainment center with adapter to watch it on the tv and the screen comes up saying you need to hit continue to not get the full 3:00 straight minutes of commercials while below that it has a countdown timer ticking down the seconds til you get reamed cuz you didn’t hit continue!!! Are you kidding me!?? This happens 4-6 times per 40 minute episode!! Do you realize I’m trying to relax and watch a show I’m on the couch my phone is not in my hand to play your stupid games and jump up every time to hit continue so you can make more money off of me. You’re disgusting. Disgraceful! What’s wrong with this country! You don’t give a flying F about the humans comfort or happiness to enjoy a show. You care about money! Don’t waste ur time on this joke of a money making machine!
  • To many Ads!! 1/5

    By apple need adobe flash player
    Horrible! Horrible! You cannot get through an episode without constant ads! It is not a simple 30 second ad either. Once the ad finishes playing it’s starts over & over again! It also freezes & screen goes black! I just deleted it!
  • What a joke 1/5

    By Survey ER
    I started binge watching A&E episodes online through google and it was great . The ads were annoying but at least when watching from a browser you can FF the ads and get through them quickly . I decide to download the A&E ap thinking it would be a better experience . It is much nicer looking but there is no option to FF or skip the ads ! No point to having the ap when you can watch and skip ads with a browser is there ? I mean at least give me the option to pay a monthly fee like Pandora does to view with no ads. I would gladly pay.... dummies . Goodbye .
  • Not authorized!! 1/5

    By msmnda
    I can watch any show except the ONE I want to watch. When I click on it to play it says user not authorized. I just watched other episodes of the same show two days ago. Now all the sudden I’m not authorized. Extremely annoying.
  • Love the convenience but... 4/5

    By Lot68
    I can watch my shows anywhere! Addendum The app does have the live feature. I miss that.
  • New commercial options 3/5

    By akpenney65
    I love the A&E shows but really dislike the new option of playing commercials. Just play the commercials and get on with it. I don’t want to interact with them and when I choose the other option it takes much longer for them to play. Again, just play the commercials and get on with it.
  • Now they turned off plug-in watch 1/5

    By Favorite channel disappointed
    Everything is freezing as I am watching
  • Excessive & repeating ads 1/5

    By BobbyJams
    Not against ads. I understand why there are ads. But the ad breaks are extremely excessive and long. Also ads repeat themselves. So you see the same Academy ad 3 times, followed by more ads. Then 5 minutes after some of the show, the ad break saga repeats itself. It’s almost like you are being punished for watching a show on the app. Then the interactive ad option is always horrendous. On other networks they will sometimes give you the option to watch a longer commercial stint at the beginning to have fewer ads during the show, which is much more desirable compared to this nonsense. The way the ad breaks are currently, it’s pretty much unwatchable.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Darlagb
    This app may be a free download, BUT, I pay for the cable subscription that allows me to unlock shows and episodes. The ad interruptions are more than annoying. They are far worse than watching the shows on cable. I refuse to buy these shows when I already pay to watch them through my cable company, so will just DVR what I want to watch and merrily skip through the ads. Too bad you ruined what at one time was a pleasant user experience.
  • Despicable organization 1/5

    By GregoryXandrew
    The fact that you feel that you're above honesty to make money is disgusting. Whether or not you are a Scientologist, it's unacceptable to spread lies about it. And anyone who's been around it can see through these lies. You deserve any karma that comes your way for this.
  • Crashes during ads EVERYTIME 1/5

    By Batoms79
    Each time an ad comes up it crashes and closes. Can get through a whole episode of anything.
  • Horrible app!!! 1/5

    By F#*K antifa
    About every 4th ad repeats itself endlessly and I have to close the app and restart. And of course when you restart the app you have to start the show all over from the beginning and skip forward to where you left off. Now I'm encountering an issue of the app not recognizing my service provider login. The A&E app is by far the worst tv app of the many that I use.
  • Not Airplay Friendly 1/5

    By iTorpedo
    FAQ states Airplay is not enabled and I’ve found trying to do that you’ll experience crashing after ads making it impossible to finish an episode. For now, to Airplay...better to find alternative streaming outlets until A&E decides to fix.
  • Ads are overkill 2/5

    By PC_Junkie_21
    App is great but there’s not enough variety of ads to warrant streaming in a daily basis. The same ads play during every break. It gets old after a few breaks. And some ads play 2-3 times in one break period. Change out the ads every once in a while. They get dull after about 3 episodes in. Also. If I’m paying for a tv subscription and have to watch ads on tv I’d appreciate the app not having any ads on it. I’m giving it 2 stars due to the repetitive adverts
  • Profiles 2/5

    By Shuniecatt
    Why mist I log in and choose my provider every time I choose to watch this app. I have done this every time I open the app for the last 5 months. It is ridiculous. Every other tv app remembers me.
  • App needs a little work 3/5

    By linz12409
    Love the app because I can watch episodes I miss. But even after making a profile, if there is a show I started to watch, if I leave the app or my phone shuts off and I get back into the app it starts my episode all over again. That gets frustrating when you don’t know where you left off and now your having to guess where you were.
  • Authentication and performance 1/5

    By IDontWantAStupidNicknameDamnIt
    Responding to a previous review A&E reached out about my needing to authenticate seemingly weekly. The reply was that Comcast requires it every two weeks. Other services via Comcast have no such requirement. The appreciated response is unsatisfying. It should be possible for A&E to come to terms comparable to other content providers. The app itself has been more stable. It is still challenging to navigate, and when errors occur it seeks to show more ads (as if the base amount were somehow insufficient - ha ha).
  • More ads than any other app. 1/5

    By SherryGamer
    I've used several tv channel apps & this one is the worst by far! WAY too many ads!!!
  • Why Force Ads? 2/5

    By The-Uncle-Mike
    I am a satellite subscriber. I watch A&E through my provider and catch up on shows I have missed through the app. Why force app users to watch ads when we have to through our providers. Waste of time. A&E can’t be generating that much revenue to make app users watch ads.
  • App issues 3/5

    By Nishka327
    App crashes a lot. Doesn't allow you to return to where you left off before the crash.
  • App doesn’ t open 3/5

    By BossLadyBee
    Frequent freeze on the logo when trying to open app. Not good. When it does work, I don’t like how it doesn’t save where I had left off or trying to speed up and then force to watch a commercial. I believe I pay enough commercial watching on regular schedule with provider, at least make them brief to 10 seconds.
  • Error 4/5

    By LifeisHarsh
    Should be got a new iPhone X not get

A&E TV Shows app comments


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