Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App

Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App

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  • Current Version: 5.7.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AAPTIV INC.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App App

Aaptiv lets you workout when you want, where you want, the way you want. Get unlimited access to audio-based fitness classes led by certified personal trainers. Find the perfect rhythm with a playlist of music you already know and love. Experience more than 2,500 workouts in a variety of categories including running, elliptical, race training, rowing, strength training, stretching, yoga and more. With 30 new classes added each week, there's a workout for every interest and fitness level. • Access 2,500+ trainer-led, music-driven workouts anytime • Refresh your routine with 30+ new classes added every week • Workouts from 7 minutes to complete training programs • Fitness classes for every level ranging from running, cycling and elliptical to stretching, yoga and strength training • High intensity interval training (HIIT) to help you more effectively burn calories, build muscle, and lose weight • Amazing playlists filled with the music you already love • Full marathon, half marathon, 10K, and 5K training programs • No wifi? No worries! Download classes to listen offline


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Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App app reviews

  • Awesome, Wonderful App 5/5

    By Royce Rolls
    This is one awesome app that got me on my feet. Being winter here in mid-west it was hard to go outdoors or get to a gym with my busy work schedules. But this is one awesome app that gets me all charged & ready to work out no matter how tired I am. It’s that extra push that keeps me going. Great job Aaptiv. Love the concept. Keep up the great work.
  • I enjoyed the workout 3/5

    By Fmario20
    I love the workouts but the downloads keep getting messed up. Half way through it will restart the workout and leave me stuck trying to find where it left off. On a cardio workout it can be very frustrating.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Nish1980
    I love this app but my only issue with it is that I can’t listen to my own playlist when doing the works. I wish that this could be a option and the instructor voice just cut in. Other then that I love the app.
  • Just needs a couple extra features 4/5

    By user0717
    I love Aaptiv. I NEVER pay for apps, but after the free trial I decided to keep the monthly membership. The talk vs music ratio is perfect for al the workouts I’ve done. I am leaving this review for the sake of giving suggestions for the next update. I have a couple things that would make usage easier, but overall I love the concept. 1- a search feature (for example, if I want to search “lower body” when browsing the stretch category) 2- the ability to bookmark a category to the top (for example, I am following the half marathon plan and have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the list each time I open the app) 3- is it possible to have a louder audio option? My iPhone on full blast is still only so-so with the background noise of a treadmill and a busy gym.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Piggieville
    Horrible app have contacted several times to cancel and they still keep charging my account. No one ever response to email not to I mention horrible to find someone to contact.
  • Happy subscriber 5/5

    By Rnab123
    I’ve been using Aaptiv for well over a year now. It’s a great app—there’s a workout for everything and I can use the variety to get myself out the door when the last thing I want to do is work out. Thank you: it’s worth every penny.
  • Best workout app out there 5/5

    By nycsoccerlady
    As someone who really needs a coach or trainer to help motivate and feels lost in the gym otherwise, adaptiv has become my every day go to workout app. It helps me stay consistent and motivates me to be better every day!
  • Mr RAY 5/5

    By Patdanclarke
  • NEEDS WORK!!!! 1/5

    By Biz123
    Unable to download workouts to watch!!!!
  • Latest version crashing 1/5

    By Luke121oz
    Crashes when opening any class
  • Unexpected charge 1/5

    By kmapast
    I downloaded the app to check it out because it sounds very helpful. I was surprised by a charge because I didn’t even use the app or sign up for anything. I don’t think downloading the app to explore should equate to a subscription.
  • The bomb.com 😎 5/5

    By Aprilleigh1217
    This app has changed the way I work out/exercise/meditate. Actually, I never meditated until I downloaded this app! Cesar & Jade are my favs! I use it at least twice a day!! This app has made me devote more time to my yoga practice, but more importantly MYSELF. I notice I’ll do one workout, then will just keep going! I would like if there was a “search” so I could just “search” for a trainer/workout that involves what specific area I want to work on, instead of scrolling through. Other than that, this app ROCKS!
  • Life changing 5/5

    By RachIsFunny
    I spent all my extra time before work using this app. So I don’t have time to write about it. Use it, I only pay for this and spotify. No I don’t use anyone’s Netflix.
  • What is happening?? 1/5

    By besswahl
    Every time I click a workout the app crashes. I love this app!! Help me!!
  • Hard work pays off 5/5

    By marktaylor22
    I follow Weight Watchers, hit the gym 3-4 days a week and use Aaptiv with my headphones and I feel amazing. I power through workouts like none other. The motivation is top notch. Highly recommended.
  • The worst! AVOID 1/5

    By olm76
    Music is lame. Workouts are full! Their customer support is the pits. Save your time and money!
  • Favorite app 5/5

    By JRod 66
    My favorite App!! Not just favorite for working out... but my FAVORITE APP. Some music is not my style but work my butt if either way
  • For an audio only work out it’s good but... 3/5

    By Jordan_O
    I would have kept using this app/would come back to use this app if they change two things. First, the instructors of the work out need to more accurately describe the motion or movement you’re doing. There were a few times with different instructors that I had no clue what I was supposed to do. During multiple workouts I had to stop and Google what they were trying to describe and I still didn’t get a clear answer. With audio only, descriptions need to be crystal clear and a reminder of proper, safe technique should be repeated. Secondly, the music choices are good but don’t always sync up with what the instructor wants you to do. Playing a song with a slow tempo when you’re quickly running in place is very awkward. I would like to be able to turn off the suggested music paired with the workout and play my own underneath what the instructor is saying. If this I already a feature in the app, I did not know it existed.
  • so practical and amazing 5/5

    By Gabi meme me
    wow!! just got this app and as a full time student and dancer, finding regular classes to do is troublesome so this app is perfect. you have SO many options and i felt super motivated. LOVE LOVE IT!
  • Tired of auto renew scamming 1/5

    By gnh1711
    Please contact me to remind me of auto renew, prior to debiting me. I’m tired of companies taking advantage of users this way - especially when it is so undeniably easy to avoid.
  • Needs better descriptions 3/5

    By schottieee
    All in all this app is great. I just wish the written descriptions would give a minute by minute play by play. I’ve selected workouts that I thought would be awesome, and 5-10 minutes in, they aren’t as hard, or are too hard, as I would like. Since I workout before work, I need to be as conservative with my time as possible, and better descriptions would help me decide the correct workout to do before getting ready for work, so I don’t have to cut my workout short so that I make it to work on time. On the plus side, this app has made cardio much more enjoyable and I HATE cardio!!!
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By Val79
    Ray is awesome. Several problems with the app: - you can rate each workout, but you can’t provide additional feedback, so if a specific workout could be improved, no one knows - the ratings for each workout aren’t saved, so I don’t know what I rated each - some of the instructors have the exact same workouts multiple times with only very slight variations - I don’t think the instructors try to do the workouts - the beat of the music doesn’t often match the exercise I’m going to look around for cheaper options. $10 is too much
  • Oh no!! Crash alert 4/5

    By iGooch76
    I love this app. Almost done with my trial and absolutely decided to subscribe. I get to the gym and the app is crashing. Over and over. It’s saying “Oops, response status is unavailable.” Nooooo!! I tried on WiFi, off WiFi, resetting everything. Ugh. For $100 yearly, I’d be bummed if this happens regularly. Otherwise it’s amazing.
  • Genre options 1/5

    By turah.
    Hi! I love the idea of the app and it seems pretty awesome, but my one complaint would have to be the fact that there were no Christian music options. I love to workout but I personally don’t listen to many other genres other than Gospel or Christian contemporary. For that reason I chose not to use the app. Would love to see some other options show up one of these days.
  • Motivational....but price 4/5

    By Ashleed85
    I love this app, but I think charging a 99.99 a YEAR is a little steep! Maybe a one time fee or better yet, monthly. As others have stated, circumstances arise and you aren’t able to take full advantage of the app, it would be nice to only pay for the months you need? Or charge for it quarterly?
  • Makes boring runs fun! 4/5

    By amack604
    Love Candace and Ben. When I run in the city they give me goals and I have gotten a lot faster since I started using Aaptiv. Sometimes the recordings can skip or not download correctly.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Samklan
    Paid my money and tried to use it, but it won’t connect. So upset
  • Robbed! 1/5

    By Battenmatt
    I signed up for the $14.99 a month and was charged $75 out of no where! This app is joke anyways, they tell you to do a workout and show no images on how to perform the exercise. Don’t get robbed
  • This is outright theft 1/5

    By dontkickthebaby
    I have no recollection of ever buying a subscription to this app, yet my credit card was just billed for a large sum by this app. I have been searching for three days to find a way to unsubscribe and have not been able to find one. Nor has Aaptiv responded to two email requests that they unsubscribe me. This app seems to be nothing more than a fraudulent trap. Be very wary. Do not share your credit card details with this service.
  • One yearly payment! 3/5

    By K Pellicci
    The only thing that prevents me from purchasing full access to this app is that they only allow one payment of $99 for the entire year instead of allowing monthly payments. There are so many other apps that are just as good that allow monthly payments.
  • Worth it!!!! 5/5

    By Kungfugirrl
    Great app. Use it every day. Love it. Worth every penny! Signed up for my first triathalon thanks to my new confidence with my running.
  • Inconsistent function 2/5

    By vet onc doc
    When it works is great. Is buggy and often won’t stream even with good wi fi signal. Should screen coaches better. Some are not clear on instructions or lose track of what they are doing midway. Music usually good. Could use more country music options.
  • Awesome and accessible 5/5

    By Subbinblazer
    Let’s start by saying this app is amazing, accessible and fun. I use my iPhone with the VoiceOver screen reader accessibility and the app is functional. I use to pay for a personal trainer as I am blind and was new to the gym. Now, I workout at home with Malik via Aaptiv;he rocks! An app implementation would be to save the recent filter option to allow for a more efficient experience for when we know what trainer and level we like. My trial ends next week and you bet I’m going to subscribe! Thanks for helping me achieve and a great health and fitness lifestyle!
  • Perfection 5/5

    By Word warrior369
    This app is great for a person who likes to workout at home. It’s great to have a coach right in your ear! Love this app

    By ~ *LeAnn* ~
    Okay guys seriously? This app is the best thing that's ever happened to me. $10 a month is nothing compared to the benefits of utilizing the classes available through Aaptiv. Megan Takacs is a god sent! I absolutely hated running or any form of cardio, minus yoga, before doing her classes. Now I run almost everyday and love it! I am a happier, less irritable person and I've gone from a size 9 to a 4. Thanks Aaptiv and a special thank to @meg_takacs 💜🏃🏼‍♀️💜
  • structured workouts of all types and styles 5/5

    By Soasha5
    aaptive has opened my mind to how workouts can be- doesn’t have to be at a gym- can be at home- at the park, with weights or without. I can grt creative and every workout can be unique. I love the creativity it brings to my fitness lifestyle
  • Could be more perfect, but already pretty close to perfect 5/5

    By Gumballgem
    I honestly look forward to working out now. The app is fun, and all the trainers are different, so you can always choose the type of trainer you work best with. I wish you were able to write notes for yourself when you save a workout. I keep forgetting which of my saved workouts is which. And while you’re able to run searches with different criteria in the main sections, I wish you were able to do the same within your own folders. Ultimately, though, I love this app. It’s less expensive than the gym membership I wasn’t going to use anyway, I can use it anytime I want, and doing the workouts in my own home makes me less nervous to try new things because no one’s there to see me look dumb. Seriously, it’s great.
  • Overall good if you like guided workouts 4/5

    By Morganette03
    I do better with guided workouts and really find myself able to stick with working out with this app. Some of the beginner ones are “too beginner” and some intermediate are too tough but it’s easy to adjust a workout in live time. Mostly writing this review to share things I would like to see within the app, especially considering the subscription cost: 1) A more robust skill rating system, maybe from 1-10. It’d be useful when transitioning between levels 2) Better descriptions of what the workout is and/or the ability to filter a search by activities performed. For example, I am focusing on walk/jog/run intervals and sometimes I have to go through multiple workouts to find one aligned with what I’m trying to do. Some are too vaguely described. 3) Display during the workout what is being done, maybe also show adjustment possibilities for easier and harder smaller. There are times when I feel like I miss the prompt because I was watching one of the TVs or in the zone thinking of something else and I have to rewind. There are others where they say what’s coming up and you think it’s supposed to happen then but it wasn’t.
  • Beware!!! 1/5

    By AJnLsMom
    When I downloaded this app and signed on for trial, I used for 3 days. I was NOT aware that it was going to charge me for a full year at day 31!!! There is no where to contact them in regards to this! It’s all a loop that just tells you you’re screwed. My credit card was charged $99!! I thought when I signed up it was an $8 a month charge. Very misleading!
  • Glad for the advertising! 5/5

    By UTsloth
    Saw ads for this on Facebook so I thought I’d give it a try. 1 day into my 30 day (free) trial I was like “yep, going to do a year subscription” no complaints so far!
  • Totally Worth The Cost! 5/5

    By CK1inthe405
    I've experimented with different workout apps and none has lasted more than a week or two. Aaptiv is the exception. Why? The workouts are incredibly varied & the trainers are superb. I still take classes at my home gym and work out on my own. But especially when traveling for work, the folks at Aaptiv insure that I'm on target. They remind me that I'm often supposed to be uncomfortable and that I'm supposed to stretch afterwards and then they make it easy to do. As a result, my fitness level has increased appreciably in the first month when work, travel, and the standard January cold should have meant a decrease in fitness. I LOVE Aaptiv!
  • Mom app of the century 5/5

    By Samkay64
    Love this app so much. Getting to the gym with a kid has been a challenge for me. This app lets me fit in workouts when I have time and there are so many that I can tailor my workout to the time constraints I have. Love the trainers, who are positive and motivating. The different levels of difficulty mean they meet you where you are. Very much worth the money for me.
  • You get results! 5/5

    By ASpuck
    I have been using Aaptiv for two years and I can’t live without it. I lost 18 lbs and have kept it off. I work out to it at least 5 times a week. It’s great as I travel for work and I can take my personal trainers everywhere I go. The music is great and the instructors keep you motivated and the results make you want to come back! I have tried many apps and this is by far my favorite!
  • Great concept, workouts for every type 5/5

    By JenJentheEngine
    This concept is perfect for people like me, who don’t have time to get to the gym every day. With 2 kids under 3, time is precious, and Aaptiv makes the very most of that precious time. Only have 10 minutes? No problem. Training for a marathon? They’ve got your back. The music is great, and the workouts are always challenging and encouraging. Some trainers are way better than others, and it helps if you know what some workout terms are (think renegade rows, burpees, etc). This app is well worth it.
  • Be careful.... 1/5

    By Gslrrl
    Tried the trial. Found most of the music offensive. Went to cancel, but using the directions on their website, I tried to cancel on my iPhone but it said it was already expired. 30 days later was charged $99. But when I asked them to refund, they refused and said I didn’t cancel in time. Tried twice...absolutely no help but they did cancel “for next year”. Good grief. Guess they really care about their customers.
  • Scam 1/5

    By KtNewport
    Impossible to cancel, have stolen money for months. Don’t bother.
  • Best Fitness App 5/5

    By OU Fire Man
    This app is outstanding. Complete game changer for me. Streaming on Apple Watch is the only thing lacking and I suspect the Aaptive team is working on it. Right Aaptive team?!?
  • Videos 4/5

    By liya_fran
    I love this app. I just wish you could add videos for the cycling, yoga and stretching. For running the audio works well but for other types of workout would be excellent to watch videos.
  • Quit 1/5

    By Molliejube
    I have been trying for months to cancel this. Rotten customer service. Please cancel my subscription NOW. Pam
  • Deceptive!! 1/5

    By Snmom1235
    When I signed up I did not leave my cc info, and I definitely did not sign up for a yearly plan. In less than 30 days aaptiv went through the iTunes Store to charge me for their most expensive plan. Per their terms and conditions, as well as their response, they will not refund or cancel the year subscription. If I could give them a zero I would. Any reputable company would just cancel and refund. Sleezy!!

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