Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App

Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App

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Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App App

Aaptiv, the number one audio fitness app, streams audio-based fitness classes that combine the guidance of a trainer with the perfect playlist, giving you a better way to workout. From beginner 5k training to high intensity elliptical workouts and energizing yoga flows – access professionally guided workouts anytime, anywhere with Aaptiv. • Unlimited access to 100s of fitness classes in running, cycling, elliptical, treadmill, strength training, yoga, meditation, and walking • Full marathon & half marathon and 5k & 10k training programs to get ready for your race • High intensity interval training to help you more effectively burn calories, build muscle, and lose weight • Amazing playlists filled with the music you already love Customizable workouts for distance, duration, intensity, and calories burned • The ability to track your progress directly in app • Health app integration so you can have all your workout data saved in the Health app. Get unlimited access to all classes for $9.99/month, $99.99/year or lifetime membership for $399.99. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee within 7 days, no questions asked.

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  • Very motivating 5/5

    By Sylina Paige
    The instructors are good at making me push myself to limits I wouldn't normally do on my own.
  • Just one class 5/5

    By Ifihadmoney
    I've only done one class of meditation but I'm already in love
  • Motivation and education 5/5

    By DrawerTX
    I've been using Aaptiv about 5 weeks now and love it. It keeps me on a schedule and very motivated during the workouts. I love that I get to choose my workouts based on level and duration. The trainers are supportive and I've learned a lot about running form and endurance already. Love the new ab classes too.
  • LOVE this app and community! 5/5

    By Kbrinco
    I'm one of those people that gets a gym membership and then doesn't go a lot because I don't really know what to do there and don't like asking for advice at the gym... But with this app you can go prepped with a line up of workouts and be done! Outdoors workouts from home are awesome, too and with the support of the Facebook community page, you can't really go wrong! We are a group of all different ages, abilities and nationalities and I LOVE IT!!
  • Finally fun! 5/5

    By Followellfamily
    Absolutely love these workouts.. finally treadmill running is fun:)
  • Love this fitness app 5/5

    By ATLachar
    Can't say enough good things about this app. Trainers are motivating, music is engaging, and there are the right amount of instructions to accompany each workout. Currently training for a half marathon - something I couldn't do without Aaptive. Thank you!!
  • Great way to stay motivated! 5/5

    By Mz Lily
    Helps me push through the times when I want to slack off!
  • Try it, you won't be disappointed. 5/5

    By wellSARAHthinks
    I love Aaptiv. As dramatic as it sounds it's kinda life-changing. It enabled me to become a workout-in-the-morning person, something I've never been able to do before. I get up, drink some pre-workout, and pick a workout for the morning and just do whatever the instructor directs for that morning. I'm pretty sure that at that point, my brain isn't quite awake yet, so it's pretty helpful to just listen to cues rather than looking at a visual workout plan over and over, or having one routine memorized, which can be repetitive. Although sometimes I think I'd like to keep doing the same classes on Aaptiv, I keep trying new ones, and they never let me down. I've used body weight training, walking, running, indoor cycling (my fav since I got a foldaway stationery bike last year), stretching, yoga... I've gone to different gyms with classes for years, and I've never gotten my money's worth like this... Aaptiv, never go away!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Aggie0306
    What a great app. I am enjoying the workouts and guided training. It has helped me navigate through a running rut where I was not able to keep myself motivated. I look forward to the workouts daily.
  • While the workout was good, the music was crude. 2/5

    By WingWright2
    I'm searching for a work out app. I've tried a few free trials and today I decided to try this one out. I'm committed (at the moment) and the poster child for waning willpower... but I'm attempting to exercise more. I have an elliptical and I was pumped to try this app tonight. I turned on a workout with Jessica and she was cheerful and the music had a good beat. Then the lyrics really got to me. They were disgusting. I understand some people are not offended by, "Pull your skirt up, underwear down, and stick it in the air..." but that does not empower me to work harder or to keep moving. It makes me feel sorry for any girl they're singing about and honestly I wanted to delete the app right then. That wasn't the only song that made me raise my eyebrows and by the end of the workout I felt dirty and very sad for Jessica if she felt that music "empowered" her. Anyway, maybe you can put a warning on the workouts about the music choice. A "sexually suggestive music" would work.
  • ☺️ 5/5

    By Dobateloo45
  • So good 5/5

    By Iffjyfigfugc
    Ive been wanting to feel the burn when I do core a workout and with this app I've been able to find it. I like how the trainers talk you through it, really made me want to push myself. Calm and encouraging, I really enjoyed it and plan on getting the premium.
  • Great app 5/5

    By QwertyiopasfhkllXbmm
    Super good for getting me into shape and I love the monthly challenges that keep me motivated and organized
  • Awesome workout! 5/5

    The app really showed me how to workout properly and the music selection really got me in the zone!
  • So far, so good 4/5

    By meekoMomma
    This app is just what I needed to help me reach my running goals. I only wish it had a GPS tracker that would signal me when my pace is slowing or when I need to pick it up to meet distance/time goals. I'm going to play with it for the week and determine whether or not I'm going to keep it. But I like it so far.
  • Great! 5/5

    By #justkeeprunning
    Some days it's hard for me to stay motivated during a run! This app has so many workouts that, although the same route, each run is a new adventure!
  • Powerful and encouraging app 5/5

    By LA812
    Love this! What a great idea to put the power of an instructor in an app without paying hefty gym fees!!
  • BEST workout app EVER!!!! 5/5

    By Alliekc124
    LOVE this app!! I went from dreading workouts to actually looking forward to them!! I'm writing this review from my treadmill during my cool down because I just finished an awesome run with Jaime and I feel great! I began using Aaptiv in July and have seen so much improvement in my running. I also love that there are so many things to choose from (yoga, body weight workouts, outdoor runs, etc..)! The music is so motivational and the trainers make it hard, fun and rewarding all at the same time! You've got to try this app!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By MFinn118
    Having a coach in your ear with great motivation, healthy eating and tips along the way. Never boring!
  • Introverts, spend your money on THIS! 5/5

    By Parrot_
    I am not a group exercise person. I do not like working out with others. I do not like working one-on-one with a trainer. I find these experiences embarassing and emotionally exhaustive. I am an introvert, and this app is an absolute godsend. I can go to the gym and select any class I want and have a trainer in my ear, coaching me through (what seems like) my own personal session, giving me tips on form and strength training, without the hassle of group fitness. There are classes for LITERALLY every type of machine at the type, so I get a crazy amount of variety in each week and I am never bored. The trainers are also magical people who know exactly what to say to keep me motivated without overdoing it. I wake up in the morning and am so excited to pick a class for the day, knowing I am going to get a great workout in. I cannot recommend this app enough!!!!
  • Great way to get a workout in! 5/5

    By Cursivelie
    Really motivation to know where to start and end, especially for newbies. I love it!
  • The App I've been waiting for 5/5

    By Emilytherese87
    I cannot say enough good things about Aaptiv, it gets me to work out when I don't feel like doing another boring routine workout. With so many choices and awesome trainers you get a solid workout and have fun at the same time! Shoutout to trainer Meghan who motivates and inspires me to keep up with my fitness and tackle every workout with super strength! I can't wait to see how Aaptiv evolves in the future!
  • Make the treadmill Great again! 5/5

    By SuperKnuckles
    Whew. Workout was intense but doable. For the low subscription fee this blows my previous gym classes out of the water.
  • Would have given 5 4/5

    By Sweetertfrff
    I would have given it five stars but sometimes it glitches out and I can't use the 5k training. But otherwise the workouts are amazing!!
  • A great way to change up your routine 5/5

    By mira69
    I've only been using this app for a couple of weeks. So far the workouts have been great!!! I love that they have something for all levels of fitness.
  • Big fan! 5/5

    By Paigeemcolson
    I tried this app after hearing it advertised on several podcasts and I am such a fan! It is helping me to run farther and faster than I've ever been able to do on my own. It also helps me to remember to stretch which I've always rushed through before.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By suprsam
    I'm really impressed how Aaptiv listens to their customers. They've implemented a number of things over the past year that we've requested. Plus, the classes are wonderful.
  • RN 5/5

    By CLefflel
    Absolutely love this app!! Keeps your motivation level high for the whole workout!
  • Yaaaas 5/5

    By Kdani24
    Best thing to happen to me post collegiate sports. Making up workouts for myself or being a habitual gym rat his never been easy for me. I always had workouts made up for me. Being able to pair Aaptiv workouts with my ClassPass schedule has been life changing.
  • Best thing I ever did 5/5

    By myrippeffect
    As an avid gym hater this is the perfect option for the ADD athletic person. Literally endless options!!!
  • Essential workout tool 5/5

    By Cherry Amore
    Best fitness app I've ever owned. It's become essential. The coaching is fun and music is great.
  • So totally worth it! 5/5

    By The Master
    Love this app!
  • Best money I've spent on an app 5/5

    By JB Kans
    This is exactly what I need to keep me motivated. It's like a personal coach that's with you for every type of workout. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I use this app to get me through workouts. I don't have to think about what exercises I'm going to do and waste my time at the gym; I simply follow the coach and feel confident that I'm getting a good workout. The running coaches are awesome. I would never get through running that long without them. Some coaches are better at describing certain moves than others but you learn what coaches you like over time. If you don't have a gym membership and need motivation to workout, I highly recommend this app.
  • By far the best 5/5

    By Debalina23
    This app keeps me motivated to train. They are always adding new workouts. I love the elliptical and treadmill workouts because they keep me from boredom and up my intensity. Love it!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lima511
    Great variety and very motivating!
  • Free is not free at all 1/5

    By kwkara
    I hate apps that advertise "free", then when you download it's not free at all. I'm not paying $10 per month for a workout app.
  • Best thing ever! 5/5

    By bferguson157
    Absolutely the most motivating and sure fire way to start working towards your fitness goals. I have never really know what I need to do and when I need to do it, but Aaptiv has changed that! I'm able to customize what I do to go towards my own personal goals and that makes things so much more fun. Personal trainers are way too pricy so this is the best find I've had! Megan's runs in particular are my favorite!
  • Not allow to use free trail even 1/5

    By India against Aamir khan
    Every time i click free trial, "in app purchases are not allowed" message shows
  • All The "Push" You Need 5/5

    By Letmebb
    Just try it. You will absolutely love it. Great workouts and great trainers!
  • If you're on the fence, read this. 5/5

    By Meli117
    I hate writing reviews. I never know where to start, and 9/10 times I just end up clicking the "no, thanks" button when prompted to write a review. I'm making an exception this time because I tell EVERYONE I know about this app. I have been active my whole life, but have a hard time finding the motivation to work out by myself. I also have access to a gym that is fully equipped with wonderful machines. This app makes it convenient and SO EASY for shy people like me to get the most out of my work week. I'm awarding the first star for ease of use. The layout and filters you can use to find new workouts saves you from scrolling through endless lists. It's extremely well-organized and thoughtful. The only feature I wish they would add is a "playlist" option, so that I can pre-download a whole workout routine and just have it play seamlessly. The second star is for the trainers they find to walk you through each workout. These people are encouraging without being condescending and have the added benefit of being extremely likeable. Although, to be fair, they don't know how many times I've stopped during an exceptionally difficult set. 😞 The third star is for sheer VOLUME of workouts. Y'all. There are SO MANY. They also are constantly adding new ones! It's really quite impressive. The fourth star is for variety! It seems as though every week a new workout category is added. I also love that they include meditation as part of the range they offer. I find that I really appreciate not having to subscribe to 3 different apps to get similar offerings. The fifth and final star is for Aaptiv's ability to adapt and change. I have had the app for roughly 6 months and they went through several different interface changes and have grown exponentially, especially in terms of the services they offer. I have yet to see any other fitness app do this with as much finesse, or as quickly. Every update makes the app easier, and more pleasant to use because they are adding thoughtful changes. After the free trial, I became a yearly subscriber AND bought a subscription for my sister as a Christmas gift. For anyone even curious about working out more without spending $$$ money on a gym class (I'm looking at you SoulCycle) this is totally worth it! Working out on your own schedule, while also having positive guidance is almost too good to be true. 💪🏼
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Efpn7
    This is amazing and so convenient! I love I can use it in the privacy of my own home or wherever I am away from home. Love the low price, great value for what it offers. I will tell others how excited I am to have found this wonderful app. I love how I can use it for the activities I personally do like yoga, walking , and abs. Thank You Thank You!!!
  • GET IT 5/5

    By EmboCe
    This app is incredible. I feel like I'm at soulcycle, but minus the $30 ea ride 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 I always seem to oversleep my 5AM alarm to get to the gym and this app makes me want to race to the gym after work! It's a personal trainer in your pocket!
  • Best work out app! 5/5

    By Dkooooooooooo
    I have never enjoyed running mainly because mentally I couldn't keep up. But this app and the coaches have done an amazing job keeping you engaged and motivated throughout the classes! It's a great audio app for all the other workouts! I love this app so much, so worth paying for the subscription
  • Great Push 5/5

    By Ladydevildog
    I do a lot of my work outs on the treadmill this App gives me the push I needed. The difference in my work out experience is night and day So I've been using the app for 3 months and I still love it. They are so responsive to the users suggestions and they keep improving it. I would recommend this app to anyone
  • Love it! 5/5

    By MilEB2
    Great app! Made me enjoy walking on the treadmill.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Becka K
    Before this app I despised cardio... now I look forward to it! Completely changed my workouts. Love love love
  • The Best!! 5/5

    By Love Aaptiv
    Aaptiv is so awesome and I loved it! I can't count how many days I was so tired after work and didn't feel like going to the gym and just wanted to go home. However, as soon as I would put my earbuds in, I would start the best workout every time! I strongly recommend this app. to anyone just starting out or trying to find their fitness motivation:)
  • Phenomenal 5/5

    By Struggle chick
    This app is like have a personal trainer. The only thing you have to do is turn it on. it makes it much easier to work out by yourself particularly if you're new to fitness
  • Great! 4/5

    By Heintzelman11688
    I use Adaptiv workouts at least 4 times a week and I love the trainers, the music, and the variety! Things that could be improved: when you open a workout description it would be nice to see equipment needed and depictions of some of the exercises- sometimes in the strength training classes they throw out an exercise that I have not heard of or know by a different name and have to pause and look it up on Google. Also, I would like to see more workouts that incorporate gym equipment (even if it is just the bench). Overall I love this app!
  • Amazing workout app!! 5/5

    By Jazzae'
    This is by far the best workout app I have ever tried. I enjoy all the variety of workouts that are offered and the feel that you have a personal coach with you every step of the way!!! Amazing!!!

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