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ABC News - US & World News App

Watch ABC News directly from your iPhone and Apple Watch - Watch news clips from your favorite shows including Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, This Week and 20/20. Get breaking U.S. and world news or catch up with the latest stories in entertainment, politics, sports, health, technology, science and business: - Watch streaming live coverage as news breaks - Multi-task - Browse and read stories as videos stream - Listen to ABC News Radio in the car or wherever you are - even when you are in other apps - Get personalized alerts & a custom ‘News Inbox’ keep you from missing stories for the topics you care about STREAMING NEWS - VIDEO CLIPS & ABC NEWS RADIO: No Cable subscription - No problem! Get hassle free news, wherever and whenever you need it, no signup or service required! Our new iOS ABC News app lets you stream news from anywhere, whether you have WiFi or just a 3G connection - No need to log in or have a cable subscription. Not interested in reading the News? Watch local and national news clips, check out news slideshows or listen to ABC Radio! 2016 ELECTION COVERAGE Stay up to date on the latest 2016 US election coverage! Learn about how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are doing with top-notch, un-biased US election coverage! Get up-to-date information about their running mates, Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, we can get you the election news, polling and election results you are looking for. Learn about presidential election debates, the vice presidential debate, and all the hot-button issues. Get all the news, polling, reports and election day results that you need here for the general and local elections! NEWS ALERTS THAT YOU CONTROL: The ABC News app lets you set up and control a personalized list of alerts, so that we can send you push notifications about the topics that interest you. You can tell us how often you want to get the push notifications, and when. No need to wade through a bunch of news that you don’t care about! We will help you find exactly the stories, articles and videos that you are interested in. NEWS CATEGORIES INCLUDE: -US News -Politics -Local Interest Stories -International News -Investigative Reporting -Lifestyle & Entertainment News -Health -Financial Stories -Technology News -Sports Reporting -Travel SEARCHABLE MULTI-MEDIA NEWS OF ALL TYPES: Read, watch or listen to news that you want to hear! The ABC News App lets you search to find exactly what you are looking for. You can search by keyword, show or topic. We also have sections for ‘Trending News’ ‘Top Stories’ and the ‘Daily Rewind’ which will show you a visual recap of the events of the day! SAVE FAVORITES & SET ALERTS: Want to skip straight to your favorite topics? Save stories and topics you like in your Favorites, and we will automatically add those stories as well as any follow-up news related to those stories. Your ABC News Favorites holds just the stories that you care about. LOCAL NEWS STORIES BY GEOGRAPHY: Watch local stories from ABC stations in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh & San Francisco. SPORTS STORIES FROM ESPN: Want to know when your favorite teams are playing or how they are doing? The ABC News app is all over it. We can store news stories and updates about domestic and international sports news & events directly in your bookmarks. We can even send you push-notifications about certain teams. Just customize your settings to tell us exactly what you want! We have NFL, NBA, NHL, tennis, golf and everything newsworthy in sports.

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ABC News - US & World News app reviews

  • I Love ABC News 5/5

    By CeCe0666
    ABC News is my go to for finding out what is going on locally or worldwide. I enjoyed the alerts so I know when something major is going on.
  • Good app! 4/5

    By kcwolf4u
    This app loads quickly and with few exceptions. During a recent outage in my area, I found this app to keep up on current world events.
  • Excellent News Application 5/5

    By Dominicisco
    There many news application and I have downloaded several of them. However, this is best news I app that I have experienced so far. It's does keep up all news updates Loca, National, and International. I definitely love ABC News!
  • Excellent!!! 4/5

    By megamarvelous
    You're complete coverage of the Pope's visit is amazing! Thank you.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Miss Pinky 1234567890
    It delivers, doesn't crash, well researched news.
  • I had to download this stupid app just to read an article. 1/5

    By Christmasgill
    Here's some news for you ABC, using a web browser is just as easy as an app. A link to an article of yours wouldn't let me open it though the web, so I had to download this app. Very moronic.
  • The ideal news app 5/5

    By 76412)$7;;$84:
    This app is perfect. You can tag and save stories on the ABC site. The articles a a solid collection of interesting and necessary items.
  • Very Good App! 5/5

    By By VS6
    I like this app.
  • Love It!!! 5/5

    By MS_Mom
    News on the go.
  • ⭐️ 1/5

    By jherman03
    This news station hates America and was part of the biggest racial divide in our country.
  • Mrs. Rizzuto 5/5

    By Rejena
    Great app, love ABC news!
  • Good app from a source with integrity 5/5

    By Multi-Roku User
    The app is well organized and complements their other platforms well. Funny that the negative reviews aren't commenting on the app itself, but are offended that truthful reporting contradicts their twisted, racist opinions.
  • OK SO FAR 4/5

    By Tightlinesinc
    No complaints. I use mostly yahoo news but get switched over to abc news in links from x2x.
  • Wow how can you call this news 1/5

    By America has spoken
    You call this a news channel it's more like a liberal agenda rag, please stop using the term news and journalism when referring to this app, it insults those of us who actually understand what those words mean. Maybe your editor should check the definition on them and a few more, words like fair, unbiased, fact based, you poor people need to get over yourselves and the fact that we now have a republican for president. Like it or not that's how it is you people had the last eight years to screw up this country. We know it hurts to lose, so here's a suggestion, go to a safe space and have a good cry, then put on your big boy pants and come play with the adults! Oh and try reporting both sides of the real stories not just those sound bites and those comments taken out of context that you continue to report on a daily basis! The real journalist like Cronkite are turning over in there graves watching this fiasco you claim is news!
  • ND Director 1/5

    By Karen Yancey
    I think it should be MANDATORY for every mainstream journalist to sit down and watch every interview they arranged with Mr. Trumps children / Every news segment where they denounced the possibility of Mr. Trump winning the Presidential election / Every update that declared every poll stating Hillary was leading! What happened to reasonable, honest, unbiased reporting of the News. Please, I'd love it if Mr George Stephanopolus would begin with watching his interview with Eric Trump. Seriously! Rude! The young Trump's the past 18 months have displayed more dignity than the mainstream media combined. Mr. TRUMP won! Now let him get on with the business at hand. Have you considered the plank in your own eye as you've pointed out EVERY splinter in Mr. Trump's life! What a sad commentary on journalism!
  • ABC News 3/5

    By JackBauer270
    Could you please rename the app ABC News again?
  • Incredible liberal bias, worthless app 1/5

    By Alyaly123446
    ABC's liberal bias is off the charts. I was banned from making comments on their app/website merely because they expressed viewpoints critical of democrats. Worthless.
  • Abc spreads lies 1/5

    By 24Danness
    TYT app better then mainstream media. TYT politics on YouTube.
  • Some News is Over 6 Months Old 1/5

    By Addicted to word games
    Seriously ABC? This is the best you can do? I now use MSNBC as your news items date back as far as June. ABC's idea of a top story is that in June, Lindsay Lohan took a walk with some guy. Really??Who cares?
  • Crap app 1/5

    By Joe Tax Payer
    Not enough news on it. I have to use other apps to get all the news. Ended up deleting it !!
  • Poor jounalism 1/5

    By Mshoneycat8
    Very biased news..lacking facts and balanced reporting.Some articles for example on climate change that were hyperbolic tripe with writing quality on the highschool level...
  • Liberal bias 1/5

    By Turbocharger1983
    You don't deserve to have an app to spread your liberal garbage lies.
  • Good App! 5/5

    By Dr Mary
    I have been following national news for 50 years. ABC News is reliably mainstream with sound background. Revered reports including David Brinkley and Peter Jennings set the standards that ABC News follows today. This app is - reflection of that. Thank you. For those reviewers condemning the App and ABC News for being too liberal or fake news need to accept that good news coverage is not only those that show what the reviewer finds agreeable. ABC News is not infotainment, and this app is not either. Thank you ABC.
  • Liberal bias 1/5

    By Dmaynard
    Stories all liberal biased. Tired of hearing the liberal side of the story. Journalism is about reporting facts not their version of it. Let people decide for themselves. Get a different app.
  • Was looking for news app. 1/5

    By macike
    This is more of an opinion app
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By Mattymue
    Poor quality app. Slow to load.
  • Will never watch ABC News again 1/5

    By Asante79
    As biased as I've ever seen. ABC News should be ashamed to call itself a "news network”. Clearly only pushing the liberal agenda.
  • Promises 1/5

    By vaughn&peggy
    George S. was going to leave if his gal lost. Promises, promises
  • Fake news 1/5

    By Disappointed7537
    Extreme left slant
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ryanc0989
    Great app
  • Works better but needs better layout 4/5

    By *SPAWNGA*
    Update: The app is now stable enough to grant a higher rating. Not a fan of the layout but at least it works... Changed rating from 5 to 2 stars. Since the last update, the app only works during the day. It completely stops working during the night, to the point where the logo is just frozen on the screen. Went from a great news app to shockingly mediocre. I'm actually impressed in a really bad way...
  • ABC News 2/5

    By Altemt328
    I liked the app the way it used to be, before they changed it to this. Now, or doesn't appear that I can shut off the "daily rewind" feature to just be shown news.
  • Notification harassment 1/5

    By ParentTeacherL
    11/17/16 in app notifications at 6 am est and again at 7 am est of who the president and local senator election results 9 days after the election. Total harassment of customers by abc personnel. Deleting app.
  • Great 5/5

    By Annette Orona
    I love this, very accurate and reliable news!
  • DISGUSTED!!!! 1/5

    By LoveInspires
    Literally nothing but LIARS!! Deserve ZERO stars!! You have utterly failed and refuse to acknowledge it let alone clean house and do anything about it. People want the news not your arrogant interpretation of it. Deleting the app and never watching your channel again. One day soon you will fail beyond repair yet your inability for a company wide innerreflection won't allow you to see it coming. Good riddance.
  • Dewy wins 1/5

    By Dent De Leon
    If ABC missed the most important political story in US history, how can I trust it for anything else? Deleting the app.
  • Great programming. 5/5

    By Seventy+
    Does need some work on allowing the screen to go to Landscape full screen mode.
  • ABC tries to create riots 1/5

    By Te258y
    Look at the A b c headline "Nation divided protests in Several cities ". Two or three cities doesn't make a nation
  • Almost flawless. 5/5

    By Eternal Optomist
    'Nuff said.
  • ABC News 5/5

    By SherryMn
    Rely on this app for my daily news. It is current and also notifies me when something pops up. It is one of the apps I go to every day. Like the headline bars for a quick update.
  • Thank You! 5/5

    In the world of apps, some have updated and left some of us 4S and other users unconnected. Thank you for still including us. Not everyone can buy the latest, very expensive phone. You seem to understand. CBS updated theirs so I can't get it; but,I CAN get YOURS!! Thank you so very much!
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Joeynlaw
    Excellent app. Among the best of all major news apps.
  • Crashes constantly! 1/5

    By Jukirk
    The last two updates have been worthless. I finally got the app opened today, read one story and got the spinning wheel of loading death. Never had loaded again. I'm an ABC girl, but this is ridiculous!
  • Awesome app,a must have app for news lovers 5/5

    By Lubuspear
    Now I can watch news around the world ,thank you very much
  • ABC news app 5/5

    By Ralphie7
    Great App,Keep me up to date on what's going on in this crazy world of ours.
  • Fixed now 5/5

    By TJ_girl
    Yay, the last update has fixed the problems plaguing this app the last couple of months. Very satisfied (but I still hate the pro-Hillary stories..)
  • Great interface! 5/5

    By Lopstranight
    In world full of apps with information overload, this app makes it super easy to digest the news and top stories. The live coverage feature is seamless and really impressive! Love this app.
  • I love if 5/5

    By I luv musically
    I love it
  • Awesome app 3/5

    By cph630
    I really love this I use it constantly through out the day everyday.
  • Appalling 1/5

    By Jgspine
    Nightline is the absolute worst in conveying stories about the candidates for the Presidential election. The past several weeks have been so Clinton biased it is appalling. Nothing ever mentioned about Hillary's corruption and potentially illegal activity but tons on negativity about Trump. So one sided it's sick. This show and network is truly disgusting.

ABC News - US & World News app comments

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