Acorns - Invest Spare Change from Purchases

Acorns - Invest Spare Change from Purchases

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Acorns - Invest Spare Change from Purchases App

►WELCOME TO MICRO INVESTING◄ Investing was for the wealthy. Now it's for everyone! Acorns helps you save and invest small amounts regularly into your own diversified portfolio. Start with just your spare change and join over 1 million who have taken steps to improve their future. It only takes minutes! ►FEATURES◄ ○ Painlessly invest your spare change into a diversified portfolio of ETFs of over 7,000 stocks and bonds automatically ○ Easily invest more - with Recurring Investments (daily/weekly/monthly), One-Time Investments, Referrals, and Found Money! ○ Watch your progress – check in on your account from anywhere ○ SIPC Protected – up to $500,000 is protected against fraud so your money is secure ○ Stay educated – Gain access to our online personal finance publication, Grow Magazine ○ Withdraw anytime – at no charge. ►WHAT THE WORLD IS SAYING◄ FORBES: “The app makes investing effortless.”[1] ABC NEWS: “If you set aside just $5 every couple of days you would have set aside $1,000 in a year.”[2] WIRED: “Acorns simplified the often tedious and complex process of investing.”[3] US NEWS: “Acorns offers a unique solution to overcoming the mental barrier: ‘I just don’t have enough money to be investing.’”[4] ►TRUSTED AND INTELLIGENT◄ ○ 256-bit encryption to keep your information safe and secure ○ Automatically rebalances your portfolio ○ Automatically re-invests your dividends for you ○ Diversified Portfolio includes hundreds of international companies, corporate and government bonds, and real estate. ►PRICE◄ Acorns costs $1 per month for accounts investing less than $5,000. After your account grows past $5,000, the fee switches to 0.25% per year (@$5,000 that’s about $1 a month). That’s like 3 semi-fancy cups of coffee (you know you do it) a year, just to invest in your future. In order for Acorns to invest your spare change from purchases, which is part of why we charge $1 per month, you will need to connect a bank account. Worry not - we've got 256-bit encryption. That's a nerdy way of saying we're as secure as the people you bank with. Now, stop reading and get invested. This app is operated by Acorns Advisers, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Brokerage services are provided to clients of Acorns by Acorns Securities, an SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Investments are not FDIC insured and may lose value. Investing involves risk and investments may lose value, including the loss of principal. Please consider your objectives and Acorns fees before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results. “Acorns”, the Acorns logo and “Invest the Change” are registered trademarks of Acorns Grow, Inc. Copyright © 2016 Acorns and/or its affiliates. Information about FINRA is available at Explanatory brochures about SIPC protection are available upon request or at [1] [2] [3] [4]

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Acorns - Invest Spare Change from Purchases app reviews

  • I'm loving it! 5/5

    By Jadegodinez
    Was a huge delay on my money transferring it in. Which I contacted the support for it, and they were very helpful. I also receive an email explaining how they are expanding more they expected. Which sums up a lot of the lag issues, but so far Iv had my funds in there and am already making money!
  • Won't let me cancel 1/5

    By @AndImPo
    I just downloaded today (foolishly without reading the reviews first) and I too cannot email them to delete my account. I've turned off the round ups but my bank is still linked. I've also set the monthly investment to $0 but I've seen others say they still make unauthorized debits while your bank is linked. Anyone have the direct email to the support team??
  • So far, so good.. 5/5

    By Lowpros50
    I have been using the acorns app for the last 5 1/2 months. There have been a few updates/upgrades that seem to be evolving nicely. Although I am down 6%, I attribute it to the 2000 point decline in the Dow & other Global factors.. This app is a great way to save without having to Felix. That's right, I don't really feel the losses either. This is a long term investing plan that pays dividends. Although there have been some negative comments related to this app, I like the idea of Acorns and I'm going to stick with it. Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.. Remember, It's all a game.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Fan name: _Jolly_
  • Not working correctly 2/5

    By A.RoodAwakening
    I've received two emails advising me that my transactions--including the initial $5 requisite deposit--have been "processed" but the app continues to show them under "Pending." I've logged out and logged back in several times but the app refuses to sync. Hey Acorns: Don't send me email telling me I'm up to date on processed transactions unless the silly app states likewise. Where is my money??
  • Update is buggy. Doesn't work on watch anymore 2/5

    By Mikeyboy117
    This app is a great way to save money but since the most recent update you can't check your investments on the Apple Watch anymore. Please fix!
  • Great so far! 5/5

    By JLB1234567
    I've been beta testing this app for a couple months and it has been running flawlessly. It's a great way to invest without realizing that your investing. Fees are low and it's an index fund that's designed to match the market. (5-10% annual returns). No complaints so far. Jesse - VT
  • Microsaving is the way to go 5/5

    By murphjj3
    This app is the first thing that has ever made me save successfully. It keeps it invisible and painless. I love it. I've saved nearly $2000 in 6 mo and it shows me that I can save more. The bad reviews here are about its usefulness as an "investing" vehicle but there is no way that can be judged accurately in the current volatile stock market. Ignore any comments about investing that don't involve a minimum 5 year perspective. Since the app hasn't even been around that long, you can't ding that aspect of their performance yet, FWIW.
  • Foolish and Outlash Reviews, here's my honest opinion as a avid investor 5/5

    By Andrew_elias
    I've been using acorns for a couple of months and I must say I have been very impressed. Before acorns I had created this portfolio on etrade that was based on many statistics of my life and acorn does a nice job of getting what it needs elegantly without overwhelming. So aside from the actual signing up is its process for everyone ? Of course not. Many avid stockholders would love to have some sort of hybrid control where they can allocate a portion to "catch a wave" per say. Acorns is built for the everyday person and comes with 6 portfolios I believe. From aggressive to conservative. I've been reading a few reviews around here and I don't understand any of them other than the one where someone had trouble closing an account because I haven't tried that. Someone had complained that their trends didn't reflect anything in the stock market, and here is when your portfolio comes in. It's divided into bonds, stocks, and real estate. So only 1/3 at most should reflect your gains and losses but these portfolios try to steer you away from investing in stocks due to rapid fluctuations. At most around 30 percent is the most you'll get from any portfolio. I will undoubtedly advise this to anyone who is looking to save up AND invest especially those without the proper knowledge in the market. It's an all inclusive investment tool and yes it's very easy to deposit and it may take up to as 6 days to withdraw any money. This is genius to me! This is a long term goal and that 6 days is really dissuades you from throwing money in and then just taking it out. It's not a checking account not your savings guys. These are your investments
  • Good, but limited 3/5

    By Warren's Buffet
    Great idea and makes it easy to save and invest small amounts if $. I'd like to see a clearer breakdown of gains vs what's been deposited. I'd also like to see more investment options.
  • Great app, some glitches 3/5

    By turtlegirl13
    This app is really great and easy to use, however it has crashed several times while I was trying to use it which was frustrating.
  • Don't get this app 1/5

    By Jlong82
    This app is essentially the same thing as falling asleep on the couch with a bunch of lose change in your pocket and then waking up with a bunch of it missing and you not being able to lift the couch cushion to get it back. The fees are also bad and when you realize you'd be better off just buying a piggy bank and want to close your account it's such a pain. I've been waiting on my money for almost a week now. How hard is to electronically transfer the funds?
  • Terrible performance 1/5

    By Wagasee
    I understand markets fluctuate, but the performance of acorns isn't fluctuating, it is consistently down ever since I started using it 7 months ago. They have lost me a significant chunk of money.
  • If you like to lose money this app is for you! 1/5

    By Jennytai
    Over 9 months and hundreds of dollars funneled into this scam app and I've never gained a dime. Always in the red. Whoever picks these portfolios out has no idea what they are doing! What a rip off! Even when the things in your portfolio are doing well, acorns does not reflect that. I'm pulling my money out by the end of the week!
  • Don't waste your time or money 1/5

    By TooSexy4u.x100
    Don't do it. Trust the reviews that are 1 star. The app try's to lock you and your bank account into the app/website for the long term. When realize the app isn't making you any income, they make it hard to disconnect your bank accounts and close your account. Don't waste your time creating an account. Invest in something you know is real.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Richard D. Moore
    I’ve been beta testing this app since May, and everything works pretty much as advertised. Apparently Acorns was swamped with high demand after the rollout on the App Store, but everything appears to be functioning smoothly now. There has been some concern about high fees for low account values. Your approximate break even point can be calculated from $1200/(ROR - 0.5) where ROR is the rate of return of your investment. Using the Dow’s current average gain of 12% over the past 5 years $1200/(12 - 0.5) = $104. Of course with a lower rate of return your break even point will be higher (6% —> $218), but compared to alternatives that require a $2500 minimum initial deposit and charge $7 - $10 per trade, Acorns is a sure winner.
  • Still needs works 2/5

    By Mease87
    Originally had a 5 star rating for this app but changing it to 3. The concept and the app itself is great. They just need to work on a few things before I deposit any serious money into my account. So far I feel deposits take too long to go from pending to processed. The app jumps back and forth between putting your passcode in and your full password. I don't know if it's true or not, but some of the people say you need to have at least $200 in your account to offset the fees. Hopefully some things will be updated so I can feel more confident about this app.
  • সঞ্চয় 4/5

    By মিজান
    সঞ্চয় এবং বিনিয়োগের সহজ মাধ্যম
  • Unsure 3/5

    By JJ12384
    I'm not sold on whether this app produces any results from time spent. It could work but I'm doubtful to get any money from this.
  • Loosing money in an up market = fail 2/5

    By Iphone_Aficionado
    So good concept , but poor execution. Not that it's the end of the world but I lost about 9% over 10 months given the market (event the recent down turns) I should have either made a few percent or broken even. Anyways I would rather stick the money in an IRA or savings account then loose more money the makes since in this market.
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Cgriggs2
    Just start using this app and it works great
  • Do not use - you'll lose money and never be able to cancel! 1/5

    By one sane
    I dabbled with acorns for about 3-4 months. Like many other people are saying here, I ended up losing money consistently. No big deal, but yeah - it's a really crummy investment service. The reason you shouldn't even try is this: I have been trying to cancel my account and disconnect my bank accounts for almost a week now. The app fails to connect every time I try to unlink my accounts. I called the service number and was told to email them to cancel. Okay. After doing so, I immediately receive a robo-email stating to simply unlink my bank account, just let the acorns account sit there, and it will eventually be deleted around tax time. So, to my knowledge, you cannot manually cancel your acorns account. And, at least in my case, you can't even successfully disconnect/delete your financial info from the app. At least not in any intuitive or simple way. Avoid this app - definitely not worth the headache.
  • Can't download update 1/5

    By DocPep
    Cannot complete download, tried erasing and reinstalling, no luck.
  • Terrible, don't lose money like I did 1/5

    By Jontuck22
    This app is a great idea... That's about it. If it worked as "intended," everybody would have it, but unfortunately it doesn't. I understand it's not a get rich quick type of thing, but it is a good way to lose money every couple of days. The market fluctuations don't reflect those of the actual stock market and for some reason everyday I end up with anywhere from 5-15 cents in the hole. It's also funny that it takes literally no time to deposit money in the account but it takes forever to withdraw any funds. I think it's a scam and they're just taking pennies from all the users to eventually build quite a large profit off this "free" app. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.
  • Proceed with caution 2/5

    By Forthiola
    While I love the concept of rounding up spare change into an investment account, I have actually lost money with this app. After 11 months I have invested $960, and my balance is $898. That means I've lost $62 which is over -6% of what I've invested! $11 of that is due to fees so they investment strategy of the app has lost me over $50 and that amount increases every day. So disappointing!
  • Definitely adds up. 4/5

    By Knoxy2013
    The app itself is just ‘OK', and there could be more investing options, BUT it’s a great concept and is definitely something that anyone looking to save some money should consider.
  • Unaurthorized Debits 1/5

    By Cora_coraPR
    I do Not recomend this app... They Have made 3 unauthorized debits on my my bank account after I canceled the account weeks ago!!
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By flyingtexan86
    After investing hundreds of dollars and watching my money slip away for months with a loss of -4.5%, I finally pulled the plug and withdrew my money. They make a profit on your money while you loose. Not impressed.
  • Super buggy!! 2/5

    By iGoldLion
    New update makes the watch app random at best... Keeps saying I have to log into the app on the phone for security reasons.... Freezes all the time. Please fix it. It worked fine before.
  • Beautiful interface, easy investing 5/5

    By Chad and Lisa
    Awesome for beginning investors and those who don't have a massive pile of money to put down up front.
  • Best way to save ever! 5/5

    By Lou Bev
    This app is awesome. You are able to invest in small increments into mutual funds with super low fees. It is a great way to save money without feeling it. The app's also super elegant and intuitive. Very easy to use and set up. I am so happy that I downloaded it. My son who just left for college also uses the app to save money and for college students all fees are waived.
  • Great! 5/5

    By KyaJadeMFHill
    Just started but so far... 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Great beginner investment app! 5/5

    By teoperez
    Great way to save up and grow your money slowly for young investors.
  • Small investing 4/5

    By Midwst
    I like how I can start investing with very little money--it allowed me to at least start, even though money is tight
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Mavericker
    Not sure what's going on. Tried to withdraw $125, which was almost my entire balance, and I ended up with an account credit of -$40.00 the next day. This was a month ago, and I have yet to receive my withdrawal of $125, and I've already auto invested another $60, which now puts me at $20 credit. Was told 5-7 days to receive my $125. It's been a month, and I have yet to receive $125, and I've lost another $40 due to the negative account balance.
  • Stay Broke 2/5

    By Riley539
    Based on my estimates you'll give over half your expected return in fees. Not the path to riches (for you anyway, the broker will love you). Example: $40/month rounding. This is about what I'd do as an active debit user and based on my BofA "Keep the Change" savings. $1/month= 2.5% fee. Annual fee= 1% Expense ratio in fund= 1% Therefore you'll PAY 4.5% in fees before you make a dime. Long term market returns are about 8%, so you'll give more than half of it away. If you can, just go to Fidelity, Vanguard or TRow and set up a $100 a month plan for a 0.7% total fee and keep your market returns. Nice design though! :)
  • bad app, lost money 1/5

    By Sinbadddd
    Never saw my account go up once after a year. Consistently lost money in acorns, looking for a new option.
  • Sadly disappointing. 1/5

    By richieresearch
    I wanted to really love this app. The concept was brilliant, the execution fell very short. Long story short, still an awesome concept that still just isn't perfected. The whole experience feels very "Beta-ish" and when your actual money is involved, that's not very assuring. Maybe they'll get it someday but it's not even close to there yet. I cashed out my funds (which you can't even do down to the penny so you end up feeling robbed for change).
  • Making Money with change 5/5

    By Franknitty163
    Great app works just as advertised. I have watched my extra change grow steadily. Love being able to deposit money into the account aside from the change. Excellent picks in the portfolio. Easiest way to save money.
  • Investing with acorns is like flushing money down the toilet 1/5

    By Jcdentonkiran
    I thought it was a great idea because I have zero knowledge on investments. The projections for different portfolios made it look so interesting. I setup a recurring deposit every week and been waiting patiently several months to see some positive returns only to be disappointed. The numbers are horrible. I lost 6.2% over several months. The only time the chart goes up is when you deposit money and then it's all downhill from there. The choice of funds is rather poor and the worst thing about it you cannot do anything about it! I'm waiting patiently to minimize the losses before pulling out my money and closing this account for good. In my opinion it's better to invest your money somewhere else. Even a savings account wouldn't be a bad idea!
  • Account strength no no 2/5

    By Shadesking13
    I don't want to set up a reoccurring deposit and I don't have a second round up account I want to attach. Get this 70% account strength out of my face.
  • Great way to save!! 5/5

    By OMGitsKevinR
    I love saving money with Acorns! It makes investing simple, and fun. I truly enjoy opening the app everyday to see how much I've saved from my round-up purchases! I highly recommend Acorns to anyone who is looking for ways to save money!
  • Apps crashing 1/5

    By Aries-821
    Did Acorn apps team even test this update before deploying for public use?? Disappointing...
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Missythanghigh
    I used to love this app. But now that the new update has come my app shuts down if I try to leave the main screen so I cannot add or withdraw money from the account nor look at my history. I am annoyed because I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it still doesn't work. Fix this please!!!
  • New to this app 5/5

    By Desidumes
    I'm new to this app and being a stay at home mom I can earn money while being with my son so far I love it
  • Love it so far! 5/5

    By Chicka44421
    This app is a great idea for the beginning investor! Learning to watch the market can be fun and Acorns is a good introduction to what I hope is a future in investing. The app is easy to set up and easy to use on a daily basis. Watching the numbers change during the day, even by pennies, is more exciting than staring at a savings account, and encourages my attention (and my deposits)! I am still waiting for compatibility with Mint, but I'm sure that will come soon.
  • A bit buggy 2/5

    By Lewis Moten
    Both the app and the website are buggy. The app suggested that I start with $50 initially, but once I clicked the button - nothing happened. I kept trying to get the button to work and even changed my initial investment. After a while, I stated that my initial starting value of $470 was pending verification from the bank. Tech support was able to help. I couldn't cancel the transactions through the iOS app because the buttons had the same problem. I went to the website and canceled them there. The feedback and support issue areas of the website keep having errors, so you cant' report bugs to them.
  • Acorns is NOT replying to emails for deleting account! 2/5

    By Rastajayy
    I am not happy!!! They clearly state that by emailing acorns about me wanting to delete my account they will get back to me, I have already emailed then twice separated by a whole week! They have yet to reply! I want my account closed and they are not writing back! I am NOT happy!! But the concept of the app is great, I was interested in their motive.
  • No longer works on Apple Watch 1/5

    By Philvaud
    Used to be good now it's not, caused 2 to 3 errors on my watch daily. About to uninstall entire app
  • It's good but expensive 3/5

    By AaronL21
    Not a bad service and encourages good financial behavior. But the fees are very high if you put in less than $5000.

Acorns - Invest Spare Change from Purchases app comments

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