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AdBlock App

The original AdBlock - the last ad blocker you'll ever need. We've been blocking ads on iPhones and iPads since 2012 - we know our game :) AdBlock allows you to block ads on your iOS device. Get rid of 99% of annoying popups, banners and video ads. Protect your privacy, limit bandwidth use, speed up your device, save battery and drastically improve your day-to-day iOS experience. The most important advantages of AdBlock are: • AdBlock works with Wi-Fi and cellular networks. You don't need to set it up separately for every network you use. • AdBlock has a local DNS proxy service built in. Use it to see which domains you're device is contacting. Create your own rules and assign any IP address to any domain right on your device. • AdBlock has enhanced DNS proxy rules export and import function. Share DNS proxy rules with other users, easily import rules found on the Internet. • AdBlock allows you to create your own list of domains and synchronise your rules between all your devices using iCloud. • AdBlock allows you to protect your privacy by blocking mobile trackers. Prevent Internet trackers from recording of your activity. • AdBlock does not send your Internet traffic through any remote server. All of your connections stay direct, fast and secure. Ads are blocked on your device. • Setting up AdBlock is very simple! Just download the app, and follow the tutorial to set everything up. • AdBlock automatically updates to the latest version of the filters on every app run. We keep the ad servers database up-to-date for you. • AdBlock comes with a very handy widget to quickly enable or disable DNS proxy on your device. Looking for support? Contact our dedicated support line at


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  • RE: Pervasive iPhone Pop-Up Blocked 5/5

    By MKMTX
    “Congratulations Amazon Gift Card” pop-up was coming up constantly on my phone and I was unable to use Chrome or Safari even though pop-up blocker’s were enabled on all settings. I thought a new Apple update would fix the problem but it didn’t. I purchased and downloaded this app and it solved the problem immediately. Highly recommend!!!!
  • The App is a scam 1/5

    By Segvyu
    This app is a real scam. It doesn’t work at all but you get charged to use it. It’s a shame that Apple would allow this kind of app in its App Store. Guys pls don’t waste your money. Look for another app......
  • Very aggressive at blocking 1/5

    By Newusr
    Very aggressive at blocking 100% legit sites (such as Got tired of turning it on and off and just left it in the off position for good. Waste of money unless they update their list of blocked sites.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By kevin yamaha best
    Been using this for a couple weeks haven’t noticed any reduction of the number of adds, actually I have been getting more adds since I disabled my free add block. Not sure how this is better that the other free add blockers but this one is definitely garbage.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By isaacisdead
    I get more ads while using this than without. Kind of fishy...
  • Works but is not dependable 3/5

    By Music---> YES
    The app when working does a pretty good job, but the problem is it isn’t dependable. It will often just stop working until you re-enable it.
  • Slows down your internet 4/5

    By Wrc4995
    Does what it says for the most part, BUT it kills your internet speed, especially over WiFi. Easily cuts download speed in half, videos take forever to load, etc etc. finally had to uninstall and live with ads in exchange for usable bandwidth. Buy it if you’re willing to live with that trade-off.
  • Doesn't work as advertised 1/5

    By hotelcalendar
    Still getting ads in safari and apps. I even tried adding a custom block list 'fancy boy' and I'm still getting ads ads and more ADS! FFS i paid for this.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By USCgameDude
    The settings on my iPhone won’t allow me to activate this. I read on a Mac site that Apple has disabled the app for violating rules. I wish Apple would take this off the App Store !!
  • Worst instructions I've ever seen 1/5

    By JHC13
    App does nothing out of the box except block Safari ads. Good luck if you use Chrome or other apps. The (very limited) instructions for use in other apps include lines like this: "You need also domain names to redirect. Go to Manage DNS rules and add IP address of your choice (remember: IPv4 and IPv6 ::0 will block communications with domains in your list). Next go to “Import DNS rules” feature in AdBlock’s settings screen. Tap Import DNS rules, enter desired URL to a HOSTS file and tap done. Domain names will now be added to your list and be redirected any time an app request any of them."
  • Not working for me 1/5

    By truewings
    Not blocking pop ups at all. Not user friendly for the not techy type.
  • Don’t buy! 1/5

    By burakozaydin
    The local dns proxy feature doesn’t work. It’s just not blocking the ads. Don’t buy this useless app. I want a refund!
  • Doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By WIPackFan
    This app does not work as I get ads all the time. Don’t get this, much less, pay for this.
  • Feels more useless more and more...... 1/5

    By Kingsta vang
    I've had this app Adblock about two years or a year ago and it's been working perfectly like it said it should from videos on YouTube. It works really well from blocking ads on apps or when browsing on the internet. Reason why I give a 1 star is due to its lacking of performance. It won't create a VPN when it goes into settings. It automatically goes back to the app and it still says Adblock disable. If you (CREATOR or DEVELOPER) that have read this, please fix this bug. I do know this Adblock still have potential. PLEASE FIX BUG
  • Wellll 2/5

    By taylert123
    When it works it works well, the only problem is it constantly is disconnecting and I have to go in the app to reenable it
  • Weak 1/5

    By moha kh
    Most games have in-app ads, including flippy and 2048
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mohammed mosab
    Your application doesn’t work it does block any advertisements anymore anywhere please fix it.
  • Doesn’t Work! 1/5

    By awwsome_juan
    This app since day 1 has never worked as intended. I would like a refund! I’ve contacted the developer and all the workarounds don’t work. Don’t download this app.
  • Constantly crashes 1/5

    By Boddington87
    I like the app when it works, but it crashes several times an hour, it is easy to tell because pop ups just start appearing
  • Didn’t Do What I Need It To Do 1/5

    By WadeDan4th
    I had been using AdGuard but it would not prevent these annoying ads from that cannot be closed and you either have to close your tab and relaunch or try to go back even though sometimes it won’t let you. I thought I’d try this since it was so highly rated but it doesn’t work either. Can anyone recommend a better app?
  • Still having in-app ads 2/5

    By GlassICE
    I purchased this for 2 bucks but I still having ad troubles inside an app which don t have a premium to remove ads
  • Does not enable 5/5

    By Nidos1111
    Great program. Eliminated the trash-ups. Enables effortlessly.
  • Good 3/5

    By Buicnbtcnudbjo
    Just got it and seems great
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Valentina6464
    I’m still seeing ads if not more of them. What a rip off.
  • Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By FreshLojic
    Been using it for a while and I’ve haven’t seen it actually work even on Safari. I try to block ads on safari and I still see them and get pop ups. I gave it two stars in hopes that I’m just not using it right 😢. Could use some insight.
  • Did absolutely nothing. 1/5

    By kmarmet
    What am I missing? I had all the same ads when I tried this.
  • Does not block ads 1/5

    By TorpidKraken
    This lets about 99% of ads be shown and I’ve seen no improvement on websites except for an occasional blank space. Why did I pay for this app? I set it up step by step and followed the prompts yet it still doesn’t work. I do not recommend this at all.
  • It works (hopefully) 5/5

    By TheThirdVopat
    I like it , a lot. Thank you for making the app, it is very easy to use thank you :) definitely a 5 Star app from 🇱🇷. Thank you!!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By iCHKIM
    Doesn't even let me enable easy list, and doesn't seem to be compatible with IOS11.2.5 Getting message ”Could not communicate with a helper application”
  • لم يتم عزل الاعلانات 1/5

    By marwantd
    البرنامج لا يوقف الاعلانات لا في التطبيقات
  • Almost perfect! 3/5

    By Jaylen Yancy
    Works exactly as intended, except it doesn’t start automatically, which is a shame because I often forget to start this app again after a power off or restart.
  • Fix the Widgets 4/5

    By Ramos PC
    The widget says Unable to Load no matter what I try! Please fix otherwise okay add
  • Great 5/5

    By 3al002
    Amazing App
  • Won’t work on IPad 1/5

    By Crazie man
    I’ve followed the instructions perfectly. I have reinstalled the app multiple times and rebooted my device. It still doesn’t block a single ad in safari or other apps. It seems other people running iOS 11 on an iPad are having this same problem. DO NOT BUY UNTIL DEVELOPER FIXES THIS ISSUE!!!
  • Used2use 1/5

    By used2use
    Not happy with this one. Saw a few results early on but now every time I enable it it knocks off VPN and never loads. I disable and everything works well. I feel this does more than block ads.
  • Doesn’t seem to block those YOUVE WON pop-ups 2/5

    By Rural Realtor
    I purchased this to stop the above mentioned pop-ups while reading on-line news, checking Facebook, or searching the internet for dentists, products or anything. Needs some serious improvement.
  • Don’t waste your money 1/5

    By Jl93231
    Didn’t work and can’t get any help from them.
  • Great but.. 4/5

    By Jacobahalls
    Can we please add support to stop Javascripts from loading on certain sites that we choose?
  • Awful app 1/5

    By zeldakix17
    Doesn’t do anything.
  • The most stupid app ever 1/5

    By 7assooniii
    This app is really useless and doest block any ad its just a waste of 2$ I really need my 2$ back!
  • Big lie 1/5

    By Aliresm
    It doesn't work.its a big lie to gain money
  • Amazon gift scam slips by this 1/5

    By poconsumer
    This doesn’t work for the 1 thing I purchased it for. The amazon pop up scam. Complete waste of time and money.
  • Horrible SCAM 1/5

    By BillyVoz
    SCAM BEWARE Does not work. Does not do what is was promised to do. ZERO changes on my device. NONE. I demand a FULL REFUND.
  • Takes for ever to sync with iCloud 2/5

    By FrankSmarts74
    Needs alternative cloud storage breaks iCloud sync sometimes it never stops sync unable to activate because syncing constantly
  • All lie 1/5

    By melina_iphone
    Not blocking redirect. Installing VPN!!! Complete waste of money
  • B 1/5

    By Ghfgjmccn
  • Very effective, but turns itself off 3/5

    By ...Josh...
    This app works well and blocks many ads, especially video ads, though many pop-up ads get through anyway. The biggest problem is that it’s not persistent. Leave your iPhone alone for any significant length of time, such as overnigh, and the app will have turned itself off and you’ll need to manually turn it back on again. Defeats the purpose significantly.
  • Maybe it’s me 1/5

    By Dmikeyj
    Honestly I can’t see any difference between when Adblock is enabled vs. when it isn’t enabled. There isn’t much in the of help or setting guidance, so I can’t recommend adblock.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Wcwstar
    Ads still pop up!
  • Only works for major apps? 3/5

    By ululonoH
    With the blocker enabled, I play smaller games that have ads enabled and I find that video adds, banners, etc. still appear, despite the “99% blockage rate”. I would like to know if I’m doing something wrong? Certain setting not enabled? I would raise the review then...

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