Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

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  • Current Version: 4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Adobe
  • Compatibility: Android
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Adobe Photoshop Sketch App

Draw with the power of the Photoshop painting engine and a variety of built-in brushes, pencils, pens and markers. Create realistic watercolor paintings and import all your favorite Photoshop brushes for even more creative possibilities. Easily send your artwork to Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Illustrator CC as layered PSD files. Artists tell us they love the:  • Ability to add multiple image and drawing layers they can restack, rename, transform and merge.  • Access to 14 tools they can adjust size, color, opacity and blending settings. • Flexibility to organize their favorite tools and colors in the toolbar. • Control of individual brush settings like pressure sensitivity and velocity. • Perspective and graph grids. • Multiple stylus support for Adonit, Wacom, Pencil by 53 and Apple Pencil. • Option to work with shape stencils they can pinch to scale, trace, outline and stamp. BUZZ FROM USERS AND PRESS “Go team! I am so excited to be using this app on my new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil!” – David K Manuel Try using Photoshop Sketch with: Photoshop CC Illustrator CC Capture CC You can also take advantage of other Creative Cloud services like:  ADOBE STOCK Search for and license high-res, royalty-free images from inside Sketch. Incorporate quality imagery into your work. CREATIVE CLOUD LIBRARIES Get easy in-app access to your assets — including Adobe Stock images and brushes created in Capture CC. DIRECT TO DESKTOP Send a file to Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC with layers preserved. It automatically opens on your desktop, letting you effortlessly build on your idea.  POWERED BY CREATIVESYNC Adobe CreativeSync ensures that your files, fonts, design assets, settings and more all instantly appear in your workflow wherever you need them. Start your creative work on any device and seamlessly pick it up on another. GET FEEDBACK Publish your work to the Behance creative community and get feedback without leaving the app. You can also share through Facebook, Twitter and email. 2GB FILE STORAGE Use of Adobe mobile apps requires a free, basic level of Creative Cloud membership, which includes 2GB of complimentary storage for file syncing and sharing.  *iPad mini 2, 3, 4; iPad Air; iPad Air 2, iPad Pro only ------------------------------------------------------------------------ MORE STORAGE (Optional in-app purchase) If you need more than your allotted 2GB of Creative Cloud file storage, you have the option of purchasing an additional 20GB for $1.99 (US dollars) a month. The recurring payment is automatically charged to your iTunes account. To stop service, simply go to your account Settings and turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of your billing period. Prorating is unavailable — when you turn off auto-renew, service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period. The Fine Print You must be 13 or older and agree to Adobe’s terms and privacy policy, viewable at: Use of Adobe mobile apps and online services requires registration for a free Adobe ID as part of a free, basic level of Creative Cloud membership. Adobe online services require an Internet connection, are not available in all countries or languages, and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice.


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Adobe Photoshop Sketch app reviews

  • Privacy 1/5

    By fivekan
    "Send Usage Info: On" This app collects and sends all sorts of data about the user automatically. User privacy has no value to Adobe. Until this is fixed, this is a one star app.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By DeeValore
    Great app for fashion illustrations and mood boards! Super cool to use with my Apple Pencil! Love the fact that it’s free as well! 👍🏾
  • I wish it was great 2/5

    By Flr3rt
    I regret this app is just a doodling app and not much more. As an illustrator I love the Kyle brushes (that I already have on my desktop) but the only professional thing i can do with Sketch is just that, sketch for clients on the go. And I could as well have a $5 sketchbook and take a picture with my phone. Will you at any point enable 300dpi and/or the capability to import a document in its full size?
  • Best drawing app 5/5

    By Mshindo I.
    This app makes portability a breeze and the cloud integration in addition to the ease in which files are exchanged with your Mac puts adobe sketch at the top of my mobile pipeline.
  • Easy 5/5

    By rkcmike
    Quick, easy and fun!
  • Most realistic drawing app 5/5

    By DoItRight1984
    Smooth. Easy. Works. Looks great.
  • here here 1/5

    By mac70graphics
    rip adobe, so many other fine art/photo apps, at reasonable prices, with NO monthly fees, you were once good, but alas you just want to empty bank accounts
  • Do I need to register? 2/5

    By Robert Tee
    Just downloaded this app. Unable to use unless I provide my name, birth date, and agree to receive email from Adobe. Is it not possible to simply use this app for the occasional fun of casual sketching without providing this information?
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Caroline12341
    This works extremely well and is an incredibly unique drawing and sketching app that provides much needed views and outlooks on drawing styles.
  • RIP Adobe 1/5

    By Scamyou
    Adobe’s creative ecosystem makes it almost impossible to be creative without signing up, signing in, digging into your bank account.... monthly, working without a network connection and paying for another upgrade to the application. I’ve been working with Apple products since 1989 and I consider myself to be fairly tech oriented. I bought an iPad Pro specifically to work with lightroom and other Adobe products. Honestly, I can’t get half of their products to work anymore. Unless you are some kind of Adobe fan boy, you will realize that there are other products out there that far surpass the performance and price of most Adobe products. Save the monthly fees and your sanity from trying to get this bloatware to operate as you would expect and FIND ANOTHER WAY. Adobe was is king once upon a time but all empires eventually collapse. Adobe is more interested in connecting to your bank account for its monthly extraction than it is interested in creating a product that are actually useful. I don’t want your slow cloud, I don’t want to be stressed out with my machine can’t remember my Adobe ID so that I can use your app, I don’t want another monthly fee so that the application that I already purchased will do what it should already do. Skip this product and go give your money to a developer who will actually make your creative experience seamless and enjoyable. Like Procreate. Now I’m gonna go delete all of adobes applications off of my iPad Pro and I will never look back.
  • Very Nice 👌 3/5

    By NxyFire
    Easy to use and figure out except for inserting images but I may just be stupid I can’t find a way but over all it is pretty good so yeah... I have nothing else to say why are you still reading this and why am I still writing? Sorry for my lack of proper sentences and bad spelling/grammar
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 5/5

    By Guate_08
    Greeeeatttttt app!!
  • Already using Procreate 1/5

    By Adam Srxghu
    Sorry but I have to work with my PS in order to work with this. I don’t like having to go back and forth between PS on my computer and Sketch on my iPad.
  • Nearly perfect drawing app 5/5

    By Doorweller
    I think it’s safe to say that most graphic work will be done on touch screen in the future. Adobe takes this prediction seriously with their Sketch App. Great brushes (although more would be better), functionality is great, but I’d like to see more of that as well. I’d like to see the addition of a select tool as well as more ability to alter imported images. Over all a very solid app.
  • We Want Brushes!!!! 5/5

    By BroadwayDude1
    Just a couple more brushes(including the fill tool), the free transform tool to let me warp my layers, and I think this app would be just perfect. Amazing app guys!! Update: well, you guys did it. Satisfied as I am, I say this is the best app for drawing. Huzzaaa Update 2: maybe a storyboard template? I may be asking for a bit too much, but the program feels great for doing storyboarding.
  • It is pleasant but needs a positionable mask shield 5/5

    By Mr. Smith Goesto Washington
    For people who shade and need districted blocking
  • Easy for concepting 5/5

    By RaphB
    As an art director, it has gotten so east to use, plus my kids can explore their creativity👍
  • I hate it 1/5

    By e.amayas
    I hate it it makes no sense why don’t are email has to be are name???? And it’s so confusing DON’T GET THIS APP!!!
  • Age 1/5

    By US!Sanspai_blueberry💙
    This is something that I've experienced with with a few apps and has never ceased to amaze me. The app clearly states on the app store that it is for ages 4+, and being older than 4 years, I obviously decide to download it. I sign up, but woopty-doo, access denied. Why? Because it states that the app is for everyone 13+. Please fix this.
  • The Adobe apps are limited 2 say the least... 2/5

    By frostbite films
    ... I know mobile apps can only go so far, but the clumsiness and clunky way you are forced to use fingers vs Apple Pencil (looking at you, @Apple ) so now that I had the time to play around I came to this conclusion: 1) The apps did surprise me with what they could do even with the limitations; however I am a CC subscriber and I cant imagine the confusion of some things missing for those who don’t. Even with the added functionality via my subscription that brings me to- 2) If you have a ton of idle time and you want to keep your files in progress on your desktop handy to make quick changes or test things out then the Photoshop-based ones are...ok. I just finished doing a simple sky replacement and I spent 2.5 hours on it ON THE PHONE- and yes I am glad I can save it to Photoshop or Creative Cloud to finish later, there was still so much I saw you were SUPPOSED to be able to do in the app but, like I mentioned at the start, precise ANYTHING is so tedious and brain boilingly cumbersome when the “magic select” tool (which IS awesome) leaves just those itty bitty pieces you have to fix and there’s just no help for it, I could only clean up with “feather” or the u explained versions of “edge” with feather, and these other weird ones I don’t get. So yes I have avoided much use of the Adobe iOS “suite” from fear of functionality loss - I wouldn’t recommend it for someone like me, being a ocd perfectionist and get stuck insisting you have to just get that ONNNNNEEEE edge... But I get the idea and I am gonna see how the apps actually integrate to the Desktop suite. **Note: I am sorry I had to take a point off tho, because of Adobe’s influence they need to lean on Apple to hurry already with the Pencil working with my 8plus; there is no reason NOT to do this because people are still going to buy the iPad Pros but for quick sessions or fixes on the subway or at lunch or at home if you only have access to CC at work, the portability is key and lack of a precise tool is the only thing I can see raising the current apps/tools to the next level. So because no Pencil, I had to dock a star. Sorry! But please PLEASE somebody tell Cook most people don’t want a phone as yet another addition to what is already overinflated cell plan prices, but if they suddenly were able to sell 5 million more @ApplePencils (maybe have a refurbished sale for a initial lower price..?) then the more frugal and USEFUL product would be flying off the shelves like a scene from Poltergeist!
  • Requires signup 1/5

    By Kyleh6180
    They don’t mention it requires you to sign up so they can use your personal info!
  • Great but, 4/5

    By Noveanworrior23
    As an amateur artist I am loving this but there are some things that should be in this app for example a duplicate button, more brushes (not much of a problem). I’m having some trouble with using the app, when I make a line sometimes it makes dots instead of a line or it just doesn’t make any lines at all. overall this is a great app for beginners. 😃 (to developers, I read your response) unfortunately I am unable to give you feedback through the app. I will instead watch a YouTube video on duplication. Thank you for both responding to me and telling me how to clear up the matter. 😃😃
  • Amazing app but... 3/5

    By Felixthejosh
    The inability to use your creations on other platforms or communicate with other adobe programs is mind numbing
  • Highly impressed 5/5

    By msaid76
    I have most, if not all, of the drawing apps for iPad and this app has quickly become my favorite.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Shawn Brook Williams
    GREAT drawing app! It’s trickier than it should be to extract a PSD.
  • Apprehensive, but I'll try it 3/5

    By turbolarry52
    While most of the reviews that I've read or favorable, I hope the limitations of my software will not prevent my enjoyment of using this app. What I mean is that I have a MacBookPro from 2011 and iMac from 2009. Because of my finances, and that I already own full versions of Creative Suite Master Collection 3, 4 and 5. The main functionalities of photoshop are the same with all versions, just new bells and whistles to simplify the processes have developed. And with my ownership of these software packages, I'm in no position to donate them to the Smithsonian, and I can't afford $50 a month for a perpetual subscription for Creative Cloud. That in turn, I realize I'll only be able to go up to, maybe Yosemite or El Capitan on my Macs and still run CS5. (Is that correct, Adobe?) That means that with Sketch, I wont be able to bring it into CS Photoshop on my Mac. However I do have the basic CC on iPhone. But is that have the features on it to bring "Sketch" files into photoshop cc for my iPhone. I wish there was a website that makes it easy to find compatibilities between application versions and your Mac and it's OS. Such as what happened when I upgraded iOS 10 and to my chagrin, could not sync up my iPhone to iTunes. Then I had to obtain and install OS 10.9 Mavericks.- but still can't run iPhoto (or photos). That means I have to now install Yosemite. The workaround is google photos. I like it, but what happens when Yosemite is installed and photos is nor the app? What happens to my google photos from the last 2 years? Tough to keep up with all this, but I can use the help to see if sketch is still worthwhile.
  • Way better! 5/5

    By Rexy bobs
    Love the new ‘paint on layer’ feature and brushes. Brought over some classic ps brushes through cc cloud too. I want a brush that doesn’t continue to build value if you don’t pick up the pencil. Keep improving please!
  • Marlena Ducksworth 4/5

    By Marlena Ducksworth 💎
    Only if they added an Keyboard to type on !!!!!
  • App is amazing, just things lacking 3/5

    By an artists that loves to test
    I really love how I’m able to import custom made brushes from my laptop using creative cloud. The app replicates the brushes exactly like how I would use it on my laptop. I do wish you could be able to import back a psd file to the app but since that isn’t available yet, I would have to work on other apps instead for that feature. It feels limiting since you can’t bring your work with you on mobile. The response is amazing, but sometimes when I’m working on larger canvases, that’s when it lags. Some things I’ve noticed I keep looking for that could have probably made the app more efficient : - ability to import back psd files ( if you can export, then why can’t you import back?) - clipping layers - fill bucket tool - selection or lasso tool - copy, paste, cut I have other ones to mention, but I think those are usually the ones I keep looking for. Basic tools.
  • Really need selection tool 4/5

    By Mat 9038452
    Hi, it’s a great app! But If I can mask or draw within a selected area, I’ll be able to draw like what I did with Photoshop. It’s a way to get clean outlines. Thank you!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By cutiecatgirl
    I love this app it is great! If you want to make some good art this will definitely help believe me there are so many wonderful things if you download the app
  • Problems with exporting files 3/5

    I love the drawing program part of it, but when I try to export, it often spools out and doesn’t upload.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Mel stokes
    Does exactly what I need it to do
  • It’s Amazing 5/5

    By Skrvri
    I think it’s amazing how I can do whatever i want. Instead of having a restriction from certain things, as I’ve seen in different apps.
  • Paper color 5/5

    By Claromecco
    I love this app, I love that I can import new brush tools and expand my brush tools as I’m inspired. It has great functions and is easy to use. I need to dink with it more as I can’t figure out how to change the paper color. It is off white rather than a nice bright white. Please fix this !! :)
  • Awesome 5/5

    By addiejtate
    This game is so cool. My friend introduced it to me and I love it!!! Thx bestie!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Kathhicks
    I’ve really just begun using this~ it has really been coming in handy with my designs that I am applying to clothing* looking forward to using much more~
  • Nice selection and great app! 3/5

    By LuvApL
    Good amount of brushes to choose from. Easy to share creations. Ability to store creations in the cloud. Not good for phones/smaller screens. No text box.
  • Amazing application:room for improvement 4/5

    By elmaestro9555
    This app is truly amazing, what surprises me is its free. However there is room for improvement, i.e. add a copy paste select feature, although you can duplicate layers, its not the same.
  • Wonderfull, but could use a few features 4/5

    By BurningNow
    The app might have this, but I wish that there was the option to move shapes by selecting them.
  • Adobe sketch the best 5/5

    By Danielle Kight
    The best sketch app. I love the integration with the adobe cloud. I've created so many beautiful creations with this app.
  • Awesome. 5/5

    By Dewey L.T.
  • Adobe SKETCH is DOPE! 5/5

    By Mscoronet
    Great drawing App! Enjoying my journey!
  • Thrilled 5/5

    By Lemilyrogers
    My art business has taken off because this program has massively sped up my process!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Sbevrard
    Well worth the download
  • Horrid 1/5

    By This app is lifeee :) :)
    The app crashes every stroke of the brush. Giving up on this.
  • Jumping juju beans!!!!!! 5/5

    By tautaun
    Well, I love cheese but it is so much fun to play and it is a good way to pass time with my family and I will always love to have cheesy bread with my own food here and I am a good waitress the food was very fresh and delicious 😋 is the chicken 🐔 was the best I’ve I had a lot better and I had a good experience here the food is great the food that is really really the food and I will always be happy 😃 was the day we got to the restaurant to get your order and the staff is very good the service was good too the food is so much better food 🥘 was the best I had in a good long time.
  • For professional, creative, visual and casual drawing 5/5

    By JhonC17
    Honestly this is the best application where you can enhance, create, design and Bring your innovative art pieces to life. So far the best app for sketching and editing on the iPad Pro!
  • Simply Perfect 5/5

    By syddystars
    Definitely the best free sketching app. Every serious artist should have this one!
  • Can’t open Non-Native PSD files. 3/5

    By Somekinaking
    While this app in general is absolutely fantastic it doesn’t work well with the other adobe apps. You can import files from Creative Cloud, you can open psd files that did not start in Adobe Sketch despite being able to save Sketch’s files to psd. So if you wanted to move from your laptop to your iPad you could not and if you saved it from your laptop and try to open it back up in Sketch you could not. I would honestly give this a lower rating if it weren’t for the fact the user friendliness and other features were not amazing. It’s sad to see that other creators drawing apps can not only save in psd, open it, interact with adobe’s creative cloud and still offer all of sketch's features and more baffles me. I would love to continue using this app but the inability to crossover makes it a no go for me at the moment.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch app comments


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