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ADT Pulse ®

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  • Current Version: 8.1.0
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  • Developer: ADT LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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ADT Pulse ® App

The ADT Pulse® app allows you to control your home or business security and automation system from virtually anywhere. Using your iOS device, you can manage your home or business security system, surveillance cameras, lights, locks, thermostats and more! With a tap or swipe you can easily help protect what matters most to you, and enjoy an additional level of peace of mind. With ADT Pulse, you can: • Arm your system before you leave your home or business from virtually anywhere in the world. • Turn on your lights right from your app before you arrive at home or work. • Ensure you have turned off small appliances after you leave your home directly through the app. • Lock and unlock your doors remotely to allow the dog sitter or others to enter your home when you’re away. • Receive alerts when your children arrive home from school and view live video to check in on them. • Adjust your thermostat or put it on a schedule that fits your life. • Set up custom automations and schedules with vacation modes for the ultimate amount of control for your home! Interested in an ADT Pulse system for your home or business? Visit or call (800) ADT-ASAP. To use the ADT Pulse app, you must be an active ADT customer and subscriber to ADT Pulse interactive services. Note to ADT Pulse customers with “jailbroken” devices: Security is ADT’s paramount concern. To that end, our product security policy prevents us from allowing access to Pulse through “jailbroken” devices. Jailbroken phones allow users of smartphones and tablets privileged control, or root access to various components of the operating system. Preventing the use of mobile apps by jailbroken devices is a security industry best practice, as it can help mitigate the impact caused by various forms of malware, viruses and spyware. We recommend using as an alternative to accessing your Pulse system on your mobile device. We’re sorry for any inconvenience. Please contact customer support with additional questions or concerns regarding this issue. License information available at or by calling 800.ADT.ASAP. CA ACO7155, 974443, PPO17232; FL EF0001121; LA F1639, F1640, F1643, F1654, F1655; MA 172C; NC Licensed by the Alarm Systems Licensing Board of the State of North Carolina; 7535P2, 7561P2, 7562P10, 7563P7, 7565P1, 7566P9, 7564P4; NY 12000305615; PA 090797;
MS 15019511

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ADT Pulse ® app reviews

  • Junk 1/5

    By Real bad!
    ADT must be writing their own reviews. This app used to be “not so bad,” but now with the latest update it is junk. It takes forever to open. Once it opens, it takes forever to connect. Then it might finally work, but often it just shuts down and can only be accessed after restarting the phone. Why does it have useless things like the temperature? Are theses additional non-essentials what causes it to lock up? At any rate, I just use the keypad. I don’t have enough time to wait for this piece of junk to decide to work.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Nice idea... crappy product.m
    I paid extra for my system to have access to the pulse app and the thing never works. I have to enter my password generally at least twice to log in and it doesn’t recognize my fingerprint when logging in with Touch ID. It always times out when I try to set the alarm from the app. And it usually won’t connect unless I’m on WiFi. This app is a waste of time and doesn’t work.
  • Fix your app!!! 1/5

    By yrmdt
    Well, congratulations! The new and improved bugs in this app now make it impossible to disarm the system! Yay! After a recent update, it was constant login issues (even though the password/pin was 100% correct), followed by a good stretch of just “okay” (the app is awful and wonky even when it does work). Now, several family members have tested it and none of us can disarm the system after logging in successfully. What’s the point of having an app that functions so poorly?
  • Stopped working after forced update 2/5

    By Lordpebbles
    Updated on its own yesterday and is not working at all today, I have to use the website or do everything manually. I hope the alerts work or there will be a problem if there is an issue...
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Stmike27
    This app works less than 25% of the time. Absolutely useless. Out if town and trying to arm system remotely? Nope. App fails and closes. Want to make sure the kids are home from school and safe? Nope. App will not open. I am canceling my service as this is unacceptable performance.
  • I would NOT recommend 1/5

    The ADT system is far from secure. After spending hundreds to have cameras, sensors and control panels installed, my alarm began automatically disarming itself - after being armed (often in the middle of the night). ADT has been unable to rectify the issue. I honestly feel less safe with the system than I do with it. I would NOT recommended.
  • Reedickulouse 1/5

    By Tryin2Stay+
    The new ADT app will NOT support anything less than IOS 10 in spite of what the website professes. Older iPads using 9.3.5 are now excluded from the app. Not that the app ever worked reliably. Last straw, giving up on ADT, APROPOS SINCE THEY GAVE UP ON ME.
  • Can’t arm on the 6 plus 1/5

    By CanDoApp
    I have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled and the arm feature has never worked on my 6 plus. Ever. I’ve had this phone forever and never been able to use this app successfully. I worked in software development for a developer and I can’t understand how Apple is allowing this app approval. It’s clearly a problem.
  • Unstable? 1/5

    By showtunegeek
    The cameras are all online in the security portal and hub. In the app, however, only two cameras are showing. The other two are ‘offline’. Called ADT to troubleshoot, with their recommendation to alert the app developer. Not sure why ALL CAMERAS ARE functioning normally in the security hub of the house, and only two in the app. There is a bug in the app.
  • App problem 3/5

    By Amr Kumar
    ADT is good but on phone app crashes all the time sometimes it take forever to open hope they fix that issue
  • Surprisingly Utilitarian 4/5

    By mamaTony
    This app was not available the last time we had ADT - such a bonus. Anytime we can Arm/Disarming etc. without pressing the buttons it is a big deal. Yrs ago those same ADT LOUD buttons ‘saved us’ as we watched a 2nd fl TV, in a condo. Our neighbors’ ADT beeping sounded ‘different’ that night... because it was a burglar trying to disarm our system! - FAILED, & caught! Thank you ADT. But now we don’t have to annoy our neighbors at 3:30am or 11:15pm. We use this app to quickly view the place first and then we disarm b4 quietly walking in. - Why not 5 stars? Because of setting limitations that would be helpful. Ex: changing how many times emails are sent for armed, disarmed, etc. . Truly happy with the app.
  • Total crap 1/5

    By ZippyFuzzball
    Was prompted to upgrade since it needs OS 10 or greater and can't do crap on my ipad now since it is OS 9.3 (waiting for some sort of upgrade). Downloaded a "compatible" version of the app and guess what....DOESN'T work. Looks like ADT has lousy user testing before releasing upgrades. Why am I not surprised.
  • freezes phone 2/5

    By nicolabathie
    i love this app when it works but it freezes my phone and most of the time it doesn’t let me log in/freezes before it even opens the log in page.
  • Susan 4/5

    By Spergie
    I love the app I have not had any problems regarding the app or the system. The only thing that I would recommend is that there’s a panic button that I can use wherever I am, in the home or out in the world in case of emergency.
  • Please fix issues 1/5

    By Kristi1003
    Please update for iPhone 10 screens. The screen is cut off. And I keep having connection issues! Please fix.
  • New App Issues 3/5

    By Jwjcnas
    This new App has issues. It doesn't work. After pressing update from the App Store, once at the store, it says open like it already updated? Except when selecting the open button it loops back to the need to update app screen??
  • ADT is behind the Times! 1/5

    By Chiefjessej
    Poor Camera Quality, poor motion detection with minimal capture. Alarm 911 response is worthless! We had an entry, we were not at home out of area, alarm went off, ADT called on one # in our list of three phone contacts. They left a message, then did NOTHING! Luckily, Im LE, and our neighborhood is full of cops, so we called one who happens to be the local Chief of Police and had them check. The point here, is the ADT failed to do what they were paid to do. They dropped the ball. Protect America is even worse! To get quality Alarm systems, you need industrial systems with redundancies and Armed Response! Those usually run a minimum of $4000.00 a month on up. The App only works half the time and is constantly failing. ADT is poor! I am a 28 year Police and Security contracting expert with 2 advanced Graduate degrees in Homeland Security. I know security, thus personally, I would never endorse ADT. They really need to update their quality control, camera systems, settings operations, emergency response operations, customer service (use people from the US who speak English and not overseas call centers) App settings and application profiles and finally some redundancies to ensure quality security for EVERY customer so they feel safe and their property is kept safe. Thieves know. FIX it ADT! Chief of Police (r)
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Cmndo brndo
    Never connects to my unit. There's no way this horrible app has this high of ratings.
  • So buggy 1/5

    By Shadowx8
    Doesn’t work half the time. Really glad I have to pay for a service that doesn’t even work consistently. 👎
  • Horrible...just horrible!! 1/5

    By William H Bonney
    If you're using the mobile app is the deciding factor on which alarm service to go with, steer clear of this one. I can't believe how bad it's gotten. Every update just gets worse and worse. I login it logs me right out. Sometimes it just doesn’t even open up. Disappointed.
  • Suggestion 3/5

    By Calvin Wong
    You should allow the app to arm from Siri, not disarm just to arm it on the way out would be great.
  • Good 4/5

    By Flexxx7538
    Needs widget support
  • No “emergency” button. 3/5

    By Pretirik
    So far overall it’s a decent app, but... There’s always a but. Not only I can’t arm my “specialty” settings. Like, your only allowed to “arm” and/ or “disarm”. There’s no function to adapt more options on your phone... For instance, I just want to arm the first floor... or arm certain censors or doors. The other negative is god forbid there’s some type of emergency, and you need help ASAP. There’s no way to access the alarm and alert the authorities with one tap (or FaceID), double tap... Whatever, to alert that there’s a distress, quickly.
  • Too long to connect 1/5

    By Lowgetter
    The app takes way too long to connect to the system. This has nothing to do with my phone, cell service or WiFi connection speed. This has been going on since the new look of the app. In the previous/old look of the app, I connected to my system almost immediately upon launching. However, now, this app feels very unreliable. For this to be a security based system, you’d think it would be quicker to connect and respond. Sadly, it fails so badly. I am deeply disappointed about something that use to make me feel secure, now scares me wondering if it will work or not. The app is also not recording (and hasn’t for about a month or so now) to show me which sensors were triggered and what time they were triggered. For example, if I opened my front door, the app never shows it. This is totally unacceptable for a security app!
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Apple Eddie
    Works far less than it does, jams my iPhone too... why oh why is this the worst?
  • Touch ID is gone 2/5

    By liza.s.sotelo
    I used to be able to use Touch ID to log in & out, but now that feature has disappeared. Can this be fixed?
  • Cant update so dont ask me to 1/5

    App keeps failing at launch indicating I need to update, I go to update than it tells me I need to update my ipad software. I go to itunes, itunes says its already updated with latest version, so I have to delete the app and reinstall an older version, daily. Once the app logs me out I have the same launch failure initiating the tedious proces again, this is daily this is bs.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By pokota47
    No longer works with ios9 so it has become useless for a large number of us customers. This is not an example of best practices in software. There's no reason to not have backwards compatibility....
  • Apple Watch and Siri 5/5

    By Bswizzle0202
    App works a lot better now with updates would be cool it it would work with Apple Watch and Siri
  • Unable to upgrade version 1/5

    By hera cheong
    Tried many times still unable to upgrade the application. Even uninstalled and reinstalled again the application still faced the same problem.
  • Good but 4/5

    By Rancho Mirage
    Good app on a iPad. But it needs to interface with Lennox thermostats AND have a Apple watch interface too.
  • Owner 1/5

    By Not satisfied with new ADT app
    Going backwards here. Who is responsible for the new app should lose his job. Glad I have the fob to arm & disarm. Want my old app back working.
  • Works well so far 4/5

    By Undeadrat
    I haven’t had any trouble with this app, although I only got it a few days ago. I like the layout and it is very easy to use. The one thing I would like it to do is allow me to arm the system in different modes. I’d like to be able to arm the system in Max mode when I’m away in order to defeat the crash and smash vulnerability with the system. Otherwise I would say it’s not too shabby.
  • ADT Pulse 3/5

    By Judy p.j.
    Fix your update, it won't update!!!!
  • Minor set back 3/5

    By D-CAM
    Its features work on point once it is ‘connected’ with system. Only set back for me is that the app takes like 15 seconds to connnect with system in order to arm/disarm alarm (maybe because I have iPhone6s). May seems as not much time, but for an alarm security system maybe 3-5 seconds should be ideal. About a year ago ADT mobile app worked quicker. After like 3 seconds it was connected and ready for arm/disarm function.
  • Slow! Doesn’t like to connect! 1/5

    By RBev80
    Very slow and doesn’t like to connect. The camera option lags.
  • This app is HORRIBLE!!! 1/5

    By Diahnn banks
    It freezes my phone It takes too long to log on It takes too long for the cameras to display what’s going on my outdoor camera. I’m looking forward to getting rid of ADT ASAP!!!
  • Can Not Update The App 1/5

    By RkmgO
    Not sure what is happening. But, I can not update the app, which means I cannot see what is happening at my home. When I go to update, it shows to open the app, then when I click to open, it takes me back to update! Please fix the software so I can use the app. Thank you.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By StillCantSleep
    Crashes all the time. And it some how manages to crash my whole phone. This has happened over several versions on both my iPhone 7 and now my iPhone X. What’s the deal?
  • Garbage 1/5

    By A.m.e.r.z.
    This app is complete garbage. It never connects to the alarm in order for me to remotely disable it. I generally will open it up to disable it when I am about 3-4 minutes from my house. Since this lost update, I takes no less than 15 minutes to connect. Every. Single. Day. I’ve even tried testing it using my home WiFi thinking it was a data connection problem. Nope. Garbage, just like ADT’s customer service.
  • Cant use more than 4 locations 2/5

    By JollyOllyjoel
    Works with a bit of lag but still decent... Unless you have more than 4 locations.
  • Nice Going 1/5

    By ADT Dud
    Nice going, you updated the app but my IPad 2 says the It has the latest rev. I'm now stuck in a do loop. Bottom line I can no longer access the app through my iPad. Android is still working.
  • Latest update abandoned users with older phones 1/5

    By Bull4824
    Well, this App was not perfect but I learned to live with its imperfection. All I wanted was to be able to turn on/off the alarm system when I accidentally forget to set it when I leave the house. Is it too much to ask for an App to do that and not have to buy a new phone? I'm still under contract and I was sold with the intent of having convenience of arming/disarming the system via by my phone. I know 2 years is a lifetime on phone technology but I believe the new update does not give any new capabilities than the version I have before the update. Big question, can I now cancel my subscription since what I bought does not match what's being offered in the latest update?
  • Pulse 3/5

    By TMA RDM
    Sometimes doesn’t want to work or when it does it takes forever
  • New version does not work on my iPad 1/5

    By Software failure
    I upgraded the app, and now it no longer works on my iPad. Please fix ASAP or I will cancel my service and buy a cheaper wifi option at Home Depot
  • Bad app! 1/5

    By gguillen9
    This app used to be be very reliable. Now it’s very disappointing.
  • Very unhappy customer 1/5

    By ADT disaster
    ADT PULSE SYSTEM AND APP WAS AMAZING BEFORE being sold to a much smaller company. The adt system is totally messed up now -The app wont work, there is no way to UPGRADE the app and its a total non-functioning disaster Couldnt get a alarm to stop ringing for 35 minutes and had to call to "reset" cant use app at all to manage my homes. I USED TO RECOMMEND TO ALL I KNOW BUT NOW WARNING DO NOT GET ADT .
  • Could be better!! 3/5

    By Angbnj
    Good overall. But it takes too long to connect to the alarm system. I also wish it would send notifications for when the alarm is going off.
  • Shameful 1/5

    By Dani J💋
    I previously has this app when I signed up with ADT in 2017. The app was constantly giving me problems and was never working that I deleted the app. Now that I'm trying to download it again, it's giving me the message that it's not supported on my phone and want work on this device. Are you kidding me? The customer service reps are no help. I'm finding me another security system carrier. Bye ADT
  • Does not work on older phones 1/5

    By alancdesign
    App disabled after forcing an incompatible update.

ADT Pulse ® app comments


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