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  • Current Version: 3.1
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Streamlined. Slicker. Smooth. The Adult Swim app focuses on delivering dependable live simulcasting of our on-air broadcasts.* *May require cable provider login. The Terms of Use for this app includes arbitration for disputes – see http://www.adultswim.com/mobile/one-app/terms-of-use.html


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  • Umm, A few short things. 3/5

    By English Agua on YouTube
    First off, it is great that these are free, but... So why do RnM have only some, the only reason I got this thing is because Hulu is late on Season 3. Also there is a weird pause glitch thing.
  • Ah,...Hell Yeah!!! 5/5

    By eyeInvent
    This app works GREAT! I’ve had no problems at all. Nor did it require me to sign in w/my cable provider. So, 👍🏼👍🏼! I’ve give 5 thumbs but I only have two hands.
  • Not supporting chromecast in 2017 1/5

    By xylude
    Cmon seriously?
  • No chromecast 3/5

    By Drakdhvjv
    3 stars for the selection of shows and lack of chromecast capability.
  • Needs updating 2/5

    By han207
    With such a wide audience, I'm surprised the app is not more updated. Developers should really make the app compatible with chromecast and other devices instead of forcing viewers to watch on their phone.

    By CudderMan
    All I’m trying to do is watch some freakin Rick and Morty but they don't have Episodes 3-6 of Season 3 on the app. Do they just expect me to skip those 4 episodes and be ok with it?????? Unbelievable
  • Minimalist 3/5

    By Dread Lord CyberSkull
    In some ways this app’s UI feels a bit cleaner than other channel apps. But that doesn’t come without a few problems. UI-wise, the menu bar on the bottom of the screen seems underutilized (putting the title bar from the top of the screen in the bottom is a bold design choice that negatively impacts function as that area is commonly occupied more usefully by shortcuts). The app is missing two important features: TV integration and an Apple TV version.
  • Don’t bother. 3/5

    By GankedYaNub
    Do you know what I hate about networks that create apps for the episodes? They advertise the app as a “free” method of watching your favorite shows, but, once you download the app, you realize that all or most of the content you were hoping to access is restricted by a Cable Television Subscription Identifier. Honestly, if I wanted to pay for television I would just DVR your content, buy it, or stream it online for free on some sketchy website. If you can’t make your content available for the cost of internet advertisement, which I am happy to watch and consume, then you should refrain from hosting content entirely. What’s the benefit of trying to make Cable Providers relevant? Television is a dying market, make a subscription service to capitalize on new trends or suffer the venture consequences.
  • Can’t log into spectrum 1/5

    By Digitalsolid
    Error 404, you need to use the correct web address for us to sign in. It’s been a long time now let me see the shows I pay you for.
  • Y U NO Apple TV? 4/5

    By Leethellama
    Seriously, why u no Apple TV app? I await your response.
  • Need improvement 2/5

    By Gfhhth
    No support for Apple tv. No support fot Chrome cast.
  • Seasons 3/5

    By ITz meeeertin
    Honestly I love the app I don’t watch TV but mostly watch it on my phone. I have a problem though and would be a good change, you guys should release all the seasons 1-... in order for all series and actually have them 1- the current one that is playing. Let all the episodes be available not just season 4 and only #13(episodes) please make a note of this and change it other than that amazing app for sure
  • Chromecast Capability? 1/5

    By Disgruntled Hockey Fan
    Where’s the chromecast capability? What age are we living in? Oh the humanity
  • Lol Screw this I’m just watching them on YouTube 1/5

    By SuperVenom20
    Had the app open for 5 minutes. I tried to watch a show and was treated with an ad. Okay whatever. Try to at least make the ad full screen. As soon as I touch the ad it takes me to a separate page for the advertisement. Sure. I wait the 30 seconds for the ad be over and my show starts. Yay!! Wait the brightness is too low. Lemme adjust it real quick. Okay done now back to the show. Oh what’s this? An ad that lasts 3:30. Nope! Time to go back to YouTube! 👍
  • Too many ads, repetitive, potential to be so much better 1/5

    By Dave-o-Rama
    The content is great. But the ads are ridiculous. I've seen the same ad for Geico a million times to the point that I start despising the advertiser. But the latest issue (10/30/17) is that the new season for Tim and Eric’s bedtime stories doesn’t play past the 5 minute mark. Any episode. The swirling load icon appears...ya I will try reinstalling but can you guys refresh connection on launch? Sheezes mateezes we are paying for this content via our cable subscription so don’t phone in the app performance please.
  • No Chromecast support 1/5

    By JustSomeone55
    Why no Chromecast?
  • Rick and morty 5/5

    By 🐓🐔🐤🐣🐥
    Great app
  • It's fine. 3/5

    By Captain Zesty
    Navigation is a pain. Seeing the same 15-20 second commercial on a loop for 3 minutes is maddening. But, it's free. Edit: I recieved a dev response to my original review basically saying "there are ads because it's free." That's fine, but my complaint wasn't about the ads, it was about the bugs including one that had me stuck on a loop of the same ad. It only stopped at 3 minutes because I forced the app closed and restarted it. Ads are fine. Bugs are a pain.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Ddddddaaaaaaannnnnnnggggg
    Never had an issue with the app before. However I am unable to watch anything now. Constant error messages saying unable to load video. Playback errors. Videos will stop buffering and crash. Have to rewatch ads after going back to the episode selection screen when reloading a video. Hey, but those ads will load and play consistently without a hitch! Priorities!
  • No Chromecast option 1/5

    By ColdWinterNights
    I can't believe that it's not possible to cast using the app. Practically every other streaming app has this capability! Only downloaded the app so I could cast to my TV 🙁Guess I'm not watching Adult Swim.
  • Some archived streams are back... 4/5

    By VoodooManNC
    I'm a big fan of the streaming content on the website, Fishcenter Live, Williams St. Swap Shop, etc. We now have a few of them back, but still would love to see Williams Street Swap Shop. Add those to the Show list & a 5 star review will follow, it's a deal!
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By cleggerbyte
  • Needs DTV Now Support 4/5

    By cjrennison
    Please add DirecTV Now as a supported provider. App works well but is pretty limited to me without this support. Thank you. Update: Appreciate the developer’s quick response to my review. I have updated my rating to 4 stars to reflect the good support, and sent a note to DirecTV Now support to see if they’re able to get this working. DirecTV itself is supported, so shouldn’t be difficult to get DTV Now working. Hopefully I can make this a 5* review when I have access to all of the content. Have always thoroughly enjoyed AS’s programming.
  • Chromecast Support? 3/5

    By Xoab3utifulst0ryxo
    Only way for my to watch my Adult Swim shows, don't wanna be reduced to watching on my phone. Would love this app to be ported to PS4 or offer casting support!
  • No chromecast support 2/5

    By Picneec
    I’d love to use this with chromecast
  • Rick and morty 5/5

    By The Father Figure
    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty is a copypasta, which fans of the animated television series Rick and Morty use to respond to criticisms of the show. The text, which may have been originally posted sincerely, refers to the high-falutin and self-congratulatory way people talk the show.
  • Awesome App!!! 5/5

    By Sincere83
    I could be wrong (I mean most of the time that I watch adult swim I’m usually zoned out on my meds lol), but I don’t remember the app media player not having a landscape mode. Everything else is awesome. I love the app and it does exactly what it’s suppose to do far as content, but it’s a bit weird that you can’t turn your phone or tablet so it can be full screen though. I’m hoping the next update fixes this issue, because I’ve also noticed that not only can you not get full screen on the app you can’t do much of anything (like volume control, rewinding back and so forth). Again I’m happy with the programming and app for the most part, but this is the first media app that I’ve seen that has such poor player features. I guess I’ll just continue to watch it through the site, maybe ya’ll are trying to drive people to use the site. Than though why have the app developed at all if that’s the case since the website seems to work better? Sorry I’m rambling lol as I tend to do I just wanted to bring it to ya’ll attention (as I’ve seen other people have done as well), and hope that ya’ll will fix an issue that would make the app easily 5 stars. Thanks for reading and continue bringing us such awesome shows. When I can’t sleep at night I’m usually up watching Adult Swim enjoying whatever weird late night show that’s on lol. Update: I sent my above message a week or two ago and I have to say number one I’ve changed my rating to 5, because you guys are awesome with your response time. I appreciate ya’ll reaching out quickly to help me resolve my issue. Everything is perfect now. Now I’m going to go back and watch my Rick & Morty marathon or Squidbillies lol. Keep up the good work.
  • AS Needs a Cast Feature 3/5

    By R0BZZZZ
    It’s 2017 and I automatically judge any cable / streaming app on their casting availability. I already pay for the cable subscription, why is there no cast feature available on the app itself? Once it is 5 stars from me.
  • Joker24 3/5

    By kissesjerk
    It's a pretty good app but for some reason it won't let me watch the unlocked episodes. It says "Log in Error" even though i've tried logging in several times & re downloading the app
  • Where the casting 4/5

    By B. Goat
    Need to update so I cast it to my chromecast
  • Casting feature to tv 3/5

    By woodward1420
    Cast to cromecast?
  • Cool App 3/5

    By Monay_
    There should be a chrome cast ready feature on here.
  • Ricked my Morty 5/5

    By Mr.hotshots
    Generally this app does what I want when I want. Has every current episode of Rick and morty! Also, I keep finding gems and crazy episodes from the mid 2000's! Hope you guys keep adding more programs to the mobile app! 👍🏿
  • Can't sign in 1/5

    By fm yates
    Would be a great app if it would actually let you sign in. But it just shows you a blank page with no way to sign into the app. Update: Adult Swim suggested I delete and reload the app. I did/tried that before I wrote this post. So. No, that didn't help.
  • McDonald's level disappointment 1/5

    By Droppedoff
    Can't make an app that airplays properly? Then stop making apps. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN'T SUPPORT AIRPLAY?!?!?
  • Cable provider bug 1/5

    By Sasquatch machine
    Update: following the developer advice this did NOT fix my problem. Still borked. New QA/dev team plz. I am an optimum cable user and when selecting this provider it instantly tries to log me in and says it is successful without me entering my credentials. Now I am stuck not able to watch any of the locked episodes. I am on an iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11. Please fix this.
  • Crap 1/5

    By warrentotheg
    I don’t need videos of random people, who think they are hilarious, in their mom’s basements popping up every time I load the app. Kill the auto play junk. Let me play what I click on. Thanks.
  • chromcast please i’m begging you 1/5

    By Iluglee
    please make a chrome cast option available in the next update.
  • Make this the best tv app ever 5/5

    By Rj Alonso
    You guys did great In the past but now it's just mediocre , sluggishness on a iPhone 7 ? Come on man get real and put some effort into your brand stop playing with us , let's see a new update
  • Needs Chrome cast capabilities! 3/5

    By hawkfan1017
    Add the ability to connect the app to my chrome cast and this app would be 5 stars. Love the wide variety of content on the app.
  • Great idea not the best execution 2/5

    By Dl4202013
    I truly love adult swim have been a fan since i was a child. When i saw the app was super excited. The app will run for a bit then will stop streaming the vid or have a black screen where you can hear audio but not see any video. Also it seems to crash pretty frequently. My app stays updated to try and prevent this issue but it just keeps happening. Once this is fixed it will get a better review from me. But as it stands a great idea not great workability
  • Black Screen 3/5

    By GibLane
    Whenever I connect my phone to my TV via HDMI all I can do is hear audio as the screen is black.......
  • Weird App Design & Performance Issues 2/5

    By junyor
    Forced portrait when browsing is a bad idea. I normally have my iPad in landscape for media. The ads play fine, but the show’s video will freeze while the audio continues to play. It’s intermittent, but very annoying.
  • Love this 5/5

    By ElKomanderElm1
    Love this no lag and all the shows are here! Rick and Morty!!!
  • Could do with Chromecast Support 4/5

    By FatherOfMurder
    It’s pretty good for watching shows, especially if you have to work nights a few times a week and miss new episodes, but it’d be a lot better if it had Chromecast Support. I don’t mind watching things on my phone, but when there’s an HD TV less than 10 ft from me, I can’t help but wish I could watch it there without having to wait for reruns. Otherwise, it’s a good app as far as I can tell.
  • So much potential 2/5

    By Bobbycl
    I don't even know where to start. I'll just preface this by saying I'm a big fan and long time of adult swim and their show. This is solely a critique of the app only. The app just doesn't work guys. I have an iPhone 6S 64gb. I've never had a problem watching Amazon prime, Netflix, or YouTube. I have fairly decent wifi at home and I travel to varies hotels so I know it's not just my network. Everything is up to date as well on the phone. My hardware and the wireless networks I use are not the issue. The app freezes often. I'll get 5 minutes into a show and the yellow swirling progress thingy never stops, I've waited hours. The only way to get the show back is by stopping, hitting back, then going back into the show and hiring resume. They of course you have to watch commercials again. This happens at least once every time I watch a show. Restarting my phone and reinstalling the app do not work. What's the issue adult swim? I'm looking at the reviews here and I'm seeing people say the same thing or similar. You really need to fix this. I've just given up watching anything on your except the live stream. The live stream works well but I might as well go find a tv. Fix it. Fix it soon. I implore you.
  • It works after all these years! PRAISE BLACK JESUS! 1/5

    By Beyonbee
    OMG you guys Brighthouse/Spectrum login works! Like when Doc Brown sees his time machine in 1955: IT WORKS! Was it all the complaining I did? Were you guys getting tired of me? I'm still giving one star,for now,since I had to watch the new season of Rick and Morty on DailyMotion and now it's over but the app and website work! PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE BLACK JESUS! Speaking of which I can watch locked episodes of Black Jesus now!
  • Casting to google chrome...? 5/5

    By >Teddy<
    Love the app. Don’t mind the ads (annoying yes, but if it means I’m not paying more so be it) but is there a cast to google chrome option in the near or upcoming future? Cause that would be awesome!
  • How do you write an app this bad? 1/5

    By s4mnation
    Was this developed by an intern during a 2 month stint on a dev team? This app is a joke. Please fire everyone responsible for its development and pull it from the App Store. I mean yeesh, videos don't play, you guys can't figure out how to implement landscape mode correctly, and the app design is terrible. What was even the point? And before you comment, I'm running the latest version.
  • Just tell me why 1/5

    By Dmoney41510
    Tell me why an Apple TV app hasn’t been added?? I just want to know why so I can stop wishing for one

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