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  • Current Version: 4.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Experience Adult Swim anyplace, anytime. Feast on 24/7 marathons of our most popular shows. Chat along with fellow viewers while watching our Live Stream of daily, interactive programs. Cast from your iPhone or iPad to another screen via Airplay or Chromecast. Enjoy our nightly on-air simulcast (cable log-in required). The Terms of Use for this app includes arbitration for disputes – see https://www.adultswim.com/footer/legal/terms-of-use.html


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  • Video issue 3/5

    By DatBoiTdOGG
    When I'm watching marathons the video interface keeps freezing and glitching. Plz fix this cause it pisses me off when the video freezes but the sound keeps rolling. Y'all really need to do some work on the video interface but otherwise everything else is fine
  • Not cool 1/5

    By Thundercats9102
    I like the old version better so you can see all of the shows instead of a couple i mean seriously it takes me an hour to find them
  • I don't know why 2/5

    By jesus Foo
    The app was great before this last update, it easily did everything I wanted it to do and now it's just more complicated than it needs to be.
  • Fatal flaws 1/5

    By Ben Woodruff
    1) Forced portrait orientation. 2) Doesn’t use TV provider SSO. 3) When trying to log in with my DIRECTV subscription after entering my credentials the screen just goes white and won’t allow me to log in. Totally unusable. Needs a major update.
  • Finally! 4/5

    By Alejandropf44
    Thanks for the update. Airplay finally shows a full screen while streaming on Apple TV. However, when you’re watching the “simulcast” and the phone goes to sleep or try to multitask the streaming stops. Other apps like HBO and YouTube let you switch to another app and even lock the phone while still streaming video. Fix this and I’ll give you 5 stars. Having up-next under the TV live stream would be super useful. Thanks guys!
  • Landscape Mode 5/5

    By NickA.Th
    When watching video in landscape mode on iPad, the video apparently attempts to fill the entire screen so there are no top/bottom black bars; however this causes a significant percentage of the left/right portion of the video to get cutoff. UPDATE AFTER DEVELOPER RESPONSE: Double-tapping did the trick! It also works if you tap the fullscreen button and then turn the iPad to portrait, as opposed to just turning to portrait mode like I had been doing.
  • Finally, chat 4/5

    By Deltron Z
    Glad to have chat in there, now you just need to fix the audio looping and the desyncing. Maybe throw in PIP and lights off mode for chat. Update/response: I am watching the live stream when the desyncing issues and looping occur. It seems to happen after the video rebuffers due to poor cell reception. There are also times when the video freezes while the audio continues to play (this one happened in the older version as well). I haven't checked on the other streams and it doesn't seem to be an issue when I'm at home on stable WiFi. Update 2: I currently have it set to 480p, at times switching to as low as 240p with not much difference on T-Mobile's poor LTE network 😕. On a side note please get this app added to the T-Mobile binge-on list so that it doesn't count towards my data plan!
  • Video Failed to Load 1/5

    By MikkiFree18
    That’s the message that I get when I try to watching any of the Dragon Ball Super episodes with a blue check mark next to them. I am an watch the other episodes but I don’t want to skip ahead. I restarted my phone, hoping maybe I had a bad connection or something but that’s not it. Considering that this is what I face the very first time I try to use the adult swim app, it’s disappointing.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Drakdhvjv
    I've been using it for the past few days since it came out, and this app is awesome! I love the marathon streams, and this app appears to be robust. I have not been able to make it glitch out. So yes, it's perfect and better than what I would've imagined. The only thing that I would ask now, is for more featured episodes of Rick and Morty. Thank you, Adult Swim!
  • Amazing how bad this can be 1/5

    By Lssbeialsfidnsidb
    So they added the casting feature which was my biggest complaint. Now I’m amazed how the ads stream flawlessly, but the moment the show starts it buffers every 15-30 seconds. This isn’t a matter of my internet either, I get about 150Mbps and can stream Netflix and other things in 4K/HDR.
  • Apple TV (revised) 2/5

    By Shadow2997
    I owe an Apple TV and this app isn't available to be downloaded and still isn’t so I don’t like the update, i am still wondering when it will become available through the Apple TV and not mirroring. Thank you
  • Could be easier to navigate 4/5

    By Ultima34
  • Screen goes black 1/5

    By Zealotkyle
    Screen goes black during tv show after commercials
  • The update is amazing! 5/5

    By thehawaii
    Two words. Chat and Archives. I can finally catch up on the streams from my phone.
  • Now is a Great app 5/5

    Thank you for adding screen cast. I can now watch my favorite shows on the TV.
  • So Hooked! 5/5

    By KPOB-TV
    Absolutely love this redesigned app! The interactive chat feature in the livestream rules. Great job!
  • Directv now 5/5

    By Goodboydog1
    Add directv now as a cable provider
  • Please consider making a separate toonami app from Adult Swim 4/5

    By Ultra deoxys
    As of 02/01/18 started working a lot better than update before
  • Quality video streaming 5/5

    By Eye4UX
    The app gives access to some of the best adult swim content and the team is very responsive to feedback.
  • Chromecast! 5/5

    By Adraze
    Solid work pals, this is what we’ve all been waiting for.
  • Chromecast! 5/5

    By Chaos.Zero0
  • Prayers Answered 4/5

    By Mathew71
    The user interface could still use work and a horizontal mode would be cool. Also integrating the app into the tv app would be awesome. However my biggest complaint was the lack of AirPlay. With the latest update they have added airplay. I also gotta give props to Adult Swim to alerting me as soon as airplay was added!
  • DirecTV NOW isn’t included 1/5

    By Kagevazquez
    You can’t log in using directv because the developers believe it’s a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix even though you can watch adult swim directly from the direcTV app smh developers all I can say in the words of spongebob is “iTs A StReaMing SErViCe”
  • A tour de force 5/5

    By jhumbug
    I can tell a lot of work went into this.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Tay_wuvs
    I wish I was able to see all of the seasons and episodes
  • Won't load videos 1/5

    By Elias946
    I've logged in and out several times using my provider, direct tv, and still get an error message when I try to watch anything. "Unable to validate content"
  • Ultra Mega Love 4 This App 5/5

    By Queeblo 545
    I love using the [adult swim] app and being able to watch my favorite shows anywhere at any time! I love watching the live streams like SMB, William street swap shop, Fish center, and Bloodfeast. Also I love being able to watch my favorite toons, live action shows, and Anime! I use this app everyday and every night, I also use the website on my laptop and my PS4! Sometimes I stream on all three devices at once I just Love [adult swim]! Thank you for making this app and please continue the wonderful work! [adult swim] FOREVER!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Sweeniepacman125
    Missed a lot of the episodes watching on TV so I thought I would catch up on this. Doesn't let me watch any episode that I missed though. Only the ones I've already seen.
  • Please put work into this app for us fans please update for iPhone X also 1/5

    By jzndjs
    Please put work into this app for us fans please update for iPhone X also
  • Improvement needed 2/5

    By Fruit loops captin crunch
    Please add chrome cast to this app, I think a lot of people will like it better.
  • The new updates give it a lack luster from the original 1/5

    By once a mastershake cosplayer
    I remember when the adult swim app first came out there were tons of awesome features you can choose if you didn't want to just watch or stream. They did away with all that. Why? Now it became a mediocre app that's not even worth going on. It seems that adult swim are cutting back on the gem of what they used to offer.. this is not just referring to the app but the events and their main website to just name a few. Adult swim is going down the drain.
  • Missing DirectTV Now provider 1/5

    By suburbanantihero
    Giving this a one star because it does not include DirectTV Now in the TV provider list. Most other apps support it now.
  • No Cast support 1/5

    By ryjacs
    This app is terrible but no streaming (e.g. chrome cast, fire tv, etc) is the worst
  • Update for iPhone X Users 2/5

    By Indian5001
    The title is self-explanatory; however, it would be nice to have any tv watched show from Adult-swim to fill the entire screen of the iPhone X. Since the app does not fill the entire length of the phone; there are two awkward black spaces. I’m just disappointed because Adult-swim has always been ahead of these technical problems, but sadly I am mistaken that you missed out on this one. Please create an update soon. Thank you.
  • Cool but like... not cool enough 3/5

    By Bvrger-kween
    First off how come those pussies at Cartoon Network get chrome cast capabilities and I don’t. Secondable, that was my only complaint have a nice day.
  • WTH!! 1/5

    By Colombiansoul324
    Just DL and have not been able to watch one show!! Keeps saying error over and over I can watch the stupid commercials but no show! Delete!!
  • Chromecast 2/5

    By k vengeance
    I'd gate five stars if there was Chromecast support
  • Why no casting ???? 1/5

    By Whyhbo
    Crappiest of all the TBS network apps just get the ppl that do the TNT app to do yours because whoever is currently doing is not doing a good job at all.
  • App Keeps Closing on Me 2/5

    By Jimbob16
    Re-connected my cable provider to the AS app and tried watch a show but it keeps trying to load commercials. However, it cannot seem to load the commercials and then displays a "reload player" option. Unfortunately when I hit this button, it causes the app to crash.
  • When will AdultSwim be available for Apple TV!!! 4/5

    By T_o_M_a_5
    Please!!! That's all i want for Christmas!!! Bring it to the big screen!!! Everybody want's that so make it happen!!! ADULTSWIM ON APPLE TV 2018!!!! I need my Samurai Jack & Rick & Morty!!!!!
  • Works 5/5

    By woofcry
    I just understand what’s up with all the reviews saying it doesn’t work. My app works fine. Maybe just a bunch of whining complainers like usual? Yep. Good grief it’s cartoons for crying out loud! That adults watch. Maybe that’s the problem it’s a bunch of kids in grown up skin. This app works fine and is great for catching up on your shows.
  • Seasons 1/5

    By ITz meeeertin
    So I have like this huge problem with the app. I mainly watch rick and Morty but I don’t really watch it on the tv, what you guys should do is release all Episode’s from season 1 to the current season because honestly it gets pretty boring/ annoying just having like 3 seasons but in different order from s.12, s.3 s.6 you know just doesn’t seem like a well put app. Please respond on if you guys can or why you can’t Thank you
  • Not in order 1/5

    By doggofroggo
    I don’t own a tv, or one of those so I can’t watch all th episodes. I was hoping to catch up on Rick and Morty I mean I get not having ALL the episodes but you could change it in order I got 1 2 3 4 10 and I was so confused plus I couldn’t get to the second sesson
  • R&M 5/5

    By Cole stafford
    I wish their was all episodes from rick and morty season 1 not just a few
  • Feature Request: Cast Support 2/5

    By shroomy dan
    I love adult swim! I love it so much I need to watch it all the time. Sadly I cannot watch it all the time due to a lack of support for streaming to Chromecast and Firestick. Please Adult Swim devs, relinquish me of my suffering, and add support for these very popular streaming devices.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Markdabiss
    Freezes a lot after and during adds then won’t start to play anymore.. also needs to be updated to where you can watch recent episodes of shows.
  • Why no cast option 2/5

    By SamanthaDarko13
    That’s really my only complaint is that I can’t cast it for whatever reason

    By Kyle C3
    Please please fix the simulcast, I cant watch it for more than 5 minutes without getting the error. I use this app every night and it's very irritating that the simulcast will not work!
  • No simulcast and no Chromecast 1/5

    By ajws7036
    The app will not let me log in to my tv provider (spectrum) and also chromecast support like CN app would be nice.
  • Umm, A few short things. 3/5

    By English Agua on YouTube
    First off, it is great that these are free, but... So why do RnM have only some, the only reason I got this thing is because Hulu is late on Season 3. Also there is a weird pause glitch thing.

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