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  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Adult Swim App

Streamlined. Slicker. Smooth. The updated Adult Swim app focuses on delivering dependable live simulcasting of our on-air broadcasts.* * May require cable provider login. The Terms of Use for this app includes arbitration for disputes – see


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  • Terrible App! 1/5

    By 12chris21
    This App is so bugged it will take you hours to watch any video, it's laggy and the adds get on endless loops and never stop playing, not to mention it crashes and freezes every 10 mins. Avoid at all costs!
  • Won't play episodes 4/5

    By mswdl
    So I've had Adult Swim for a few months now, no problems at all, but the past month or so most of any episodes that I try to watch will not play. It will play the first set of 30 second commercials and then the screen freezes and takes me back to the episode lists with notification: "error, video unable to play". I have deleted, redownloaded and restarted my IPhone multiple times but it always happens in a matter of time. I'm hoping this will get fixed because otherwise I feel that [adult swim] app will be unusable for me.
  • Still no Bright House/Spectrum support after all these years 1/5

    By Beyonbee
    Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Time warner blah blah copyright blah blah cable provider blah blah. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue. Just fix the Spectrum issue.
  • Love the app but... 4/5

    By Hannah Maxine
    I love this app because I can catch up on my shows or just watch them anytime. But there should be a way to opt out of commercials. Even if I have to pay for it. I didn't mind the 5-30sec commercials but then I saw the 3min one numerous times and tried to see if there was a way to pay for an add free app. Found nothing.
  • Is this how it works? 1/5

    By Papyrusnyeh
    Am I not supposed to get all rick and morty episodes? I’m really confused I just wanna watch rick and morty but I can’t. It even has all the season two episodes in the pictures for the app, but I don’t have them. I entered my channel provider and logged in and I still only have he episodes from when I hadn’t logged in. Please fix this, and if it’s on purpose this app deserves the one star I gave it
  • Casting 3/5

    By Zach5278833652
    Can you make it so that you can cast the video onto an Apple TV? I have to have it mirror my screen, but it doesn't work very well.
  • Not good needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Minkis Kazino
    This app has pretty much all the shows mislabeled order. A lot of time it will only play audio with no video. The app is useless
  • No Bluetooth 1/5

    By aaronphillip13
    This app doesn't have any way for you to put it on your tv, Xbox, chrome cast, etc. Nobody wants to watch a show their phone screen.
  • Ads too long 2/5

    By Stiiiiiiiiiii
    Need to lower length of ads tired of 3 minute ads
  • Not Directv Now Login 1/5

    By Pookie from Richmond
    [adult swim] supports PlayStation Vue but not DirecTV Now.. though our package includes [adult swim]. Please add DirecTV Now to your cable provider list!
  • Not streaming friendly 3/5

    By Archie..
    I grew up on adultswim shows and downloaded this app to watch Rick n Morty and I really wanted to support the brands I grew up on. Nevertheless the app or adultswim in general doesn't offer any payment options to get rid of ads. As a grown fan of AS I don't pay for cable and wish to watch my Dragonball and Eric Andre cable free. Please fix this issue it will make you money. Hopefully.
  • Barely works 2/5

    By punk rox
    Every ad plays perfectly but the shows do not. And they never seem to support or fix the app. So much for watching Rick and Morty any time soon.
  • It won't let me watch 1/5

    By User72701
    I download this app and it told me to sign into my local tv provider. Which I did and the next it does it says login in error. So I uninstall the app and try again and it still says login in error. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.
  • Kinda garbage 1/5

    By Amanahahahah
    It's just not good
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mattistopheles
    App forces me to sign in through my cable provider and then tells me I can't watch because AS isn't included in my subscription. Um...I'm watching AS on my television right now. Clearly it IS a part of my cable subscription.
  • Hi 2/5

    By Tehehanmfldndns
  • A complete mess 1/5

    By nrduren
    1) Ads break in a few seconds before the scene finishes. 2) Airplay does not work unless mirroring. Bizarrely, the ads will, but not the actual video. If using normal Airplay, the audio will play but a video or still frame of the live show will show on the TV. 3) Swiping up from the bottom of the screen when in landscape on an iPad causes the video to jump forward due to the poorly designed time bar at the bottom. 4) Quality of streams consistently degrades several times an episode.
  • Casting 3/5

    By Totally sass master right meow
    It would be a better app if I could cast it on my chrome cast not just my little phone all the time
  • Add Chromecast Support Please! 3/5

    By g3ud0
    Great app for streaming King of The Hill on my phone, but I'd rate this app a 5 if it had Chromecast support.
  • Rick and Morty won't play, commercials will. 1/5

    By Zenwalrus
    For 4 weeks I have tried to play a newer episode of Rick and Morty after signing in the commercials play flawlessly. Then one of 3 things happens: 1) Black screen but can hear the sound 2) episode freezes and can never be recovered or played. 3) after 15 minutes of rebooting and replaying it plays but is pixellated. But the commercials fire up and appear in HD glory. I just can't believe this and do not recommend the app if you are a R&M fan. Absolutely frustrating.
  • No casting 1/5

    By Buyituseitbreakit
    Add chromecast/tv streaming please, its kind of a standard expectation for video network apps
  • Their ads play perfectly! 1/5

    By 337is
    Like every time I am forced to reboot their app because it's lagged out, lost sync, or crashed. There seems to be 1001 ways for the content to be screwed up in their delivery system, except for ads. Those stream perfectly. Every time.
  • Errors on errors 1/5

    By DanTheOwl
    There's always an issue with log ins and verifications of their own shows. "Unable to validate content" this and "Error logging in" that. I wish Adult Swim would spend more time on their app and less on trying to be funny.
  • Can't sign in with direct TV 1/5

    By Bah & humbug
    Title says it all
  • Won't let me sign in to cable provider 1/5

    By McFarlandb85
    What the hell. I can't sign in to spectrum. It keeps giving me some weird page to set parameters. This is insane. I just want to watch rick and morty. Seriously, put some money and effort into your app!
  • Used to work fine 1/5

    By Puredangles
    This app used to work fine. Now it will not let me watch any exclusive content that is supposed to be available when signing in with my ISP. Specifically when I try to sign in with Spectrum login, I'm not directed to the Spectrum login page. The second screen that says "sign in" just blanks out and doesn't load any data. This app needs serious re-design and overall improvements
  • Literally unwatchable 1/5

    By carsonJEFFRIES
    Unless you like your show to freeze every 33 seconds to be followed by an endless loop of commercials and frozen frames while the audio is still playing in the background. If that's your thing then this is certainly the app for you.
  • Apple TV or airplay? 2/5

    By Mathew71
    Adult Swim either needs an Apple TV app or at least airplay!!! The lack of both is a clear oversight. Also why does the app not support horizontal viewing? That's almost a given for any app that is made for the purpose of watching a video.
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Abdholmes
    WTH is this garbage? This is Cartoon Network. They make a ton of money yet can't cater to the demand of their customers? Their app randomly stops working, doesn't have a login option based on your cable provider, has only half of the episodes of your favorite shows, and has an anti-user friendly format. See you guys on YouTube
  • Log in error? 2/5

    By Abbylynn2015
    When I try to watch the newer episodes of shows it comes up saying log in error, when I already have logged in and there are green check marks by the shows. This can get really frustrating.
  • THANK YOU! 5/5

    Thank you [Adult Swim] Rick and Morty changed my form to see the things, open mind cartoon and my favorite one, great job and effort! Greetings from Mexico!
  • Needs a LOT of work.... Good app if you want to watch the same commercials in an endless loop. 1/5

    By dbiggss
    I can deal with a few bugs here and there- stuff happens- I understand... BUT... c'mon! The forced portrait mode in the selection screen is one thing, but the app has now continuously gets stuck in a mode where it does nothing but continuously play commercials without going back to the show. I will be watching a show up to the point where commercials come in; then, I will the app endlessly goes into a loop of commercials and will just continue on and on until the end of time. If I'm lucky, I can back all the way out of the episode, cancel and kill the app, restart my phone, reinitialize the app, open up the show again, watch yet ANOTHER set of commercials, and then pray that it will not continue to just to play the same friggin commercials over and over and over and over and over and over and, you get the point.… words cannot express how FRUSTRATING and angering this is ... it's not my device and definitely not anything on my end- I am more than technically proficient enough to isolate the issue from being caused be anything on my end of the equation(I'm not a developer, but do I work on iPhones and other Mobile devices in a professional capacity, on a daily basis, and I am used to encountering and fixing all types of issues.... ). This happens to random episodes with multiple shows-
  • Very bad experience 1/5

    By matt.maurer
    First off, why is there no Apple TV version of this app? That is kind of the point of TV apps you know? Secondly, this app is super buggy. I'm using AirPlay to get video to my TV, since there is no Apple TV app. This is a super crappy way to watch video that we supposedly left behind a few years ago. Besides that, the app has randomly crashed in the middle of a show. Other times it has worked, except when it plays a commercial. Commercials cause it to lock up and once again crash. Probably a lot better experience to watch Adult Swim anywhere else.
  • Hard not to hate 2/5

    By Ghostinthetoast
    Cool that Adult Swim has an app with the newest Rick and Morty episodes. Yay, that's nice. BUUT it crashes during the halfway commercials EVERY TIME. Can't load the second commercial, just spins and spins, you back out, yu tell it to resume, and what do ya get?? My god if you said a commercial give yourself a star but noo, you get a commercial, then you get 4 seconds of show, then you get the d*mn payload of commercials again, which then crashes again, and you get to do the whole thing over. Just f* aweful. Btw I bought the first 2 season dvds - this show is great, support it! Re: developer response - it's episode agnostic, it happens for nearly every episode I have watched on both my iPhone 7+ and my wife's iPhone 6+.
  • This app is not working properly 1/5

    By Ale.LlaqDab
    I've been trying to watch Rick & Morty the past two weeks, the new episodes and it always gives me trouble to stream it through my Apple TV. It freezes, it doesn't load, is asks me for the login repeatedly times. So since is not compatible with the AppleTV I will give a better review when it does.
  • I'd give if 5 stars if it was Google Chrome enabled, or even Apple TV enabled. 3/5

    By Lost in Investigation
    I'd give if 5 stars if it was Google Chrome enabled, or even Apple TV enabled. Maybe I'm missing something. Pleas work on that guys.

    By Please Fix this problem
    Glad I can watch my shows but disappointed that I can't stream it onto my Chromecast like my other TV network apps
  • Don't download 1/5

    By 007zcrash
    I have a cable provider and I still can't stream rick and morty
  • Pain In the Head 1/5

    By skeleton.tiger
    Sorry guys but main problem for me is that on any of the marathons the stream will freeze or become unresponsive after the first minuets or two. Same thing happens on the website as well. I'm on a 6s.
  • Can't really watch any shows 4/5

    By Jwizzle12123
    Can't you just put ads on your shows instead of trying to get people to log into their cable provider? Cable is dead don't sink with the ship. Edit: First time I've ever had a developer respond to a review. I respect that a lot. I'll adjust my rating because of that.
  • Half way point looping on ads 1/5

    By ihatelowfatmilk
    Playing an episode half way through to commercial break then it just keeps on playing ads over and over again and never loads the 2nd half of the episode. Fix it!
  • No Direct TV Now option. 1/5

    By donroy309
    Provider option for Direct TV but not Direct TV Now. Also doesn't appear on Apple TV.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By Bunnyflipflops
    App will not let login to my cable provider.
  • Infinite Ads 1/5

    By Jimbofreshdiggity
    The ads in this app are ridiculous. It shows two at the beginning of a show (not bad), but then when it goes to show ads at the middle of the episode, it is endless. It'll show 2 minutes of ads and then locks the phone. When I unlock and restart, it shows ads again and then locks the phone. Rinse and repeat. If you don't mind watching 29 minutes of ads in the middle of every episode, this app is for you.

    By Goodboydog1
    Can all directv now as a cable provider and put in airplay.
  • Please Add Landscape Support For iPad 3/5

    By Editing Name
    Based on the review scores I wasn't going to download this app. I'm glad I did. Linking my cable provider was a breeze. Only small complaint is that it'd be nice if the app worked in landscape on my iPad.
  • Awful 1/5

    By secordry
    The only thing that streams are the commercials
  • Screen freeze to ad and repeat 1/5

    By Bookworm Meli
    Terrible app! Ad as you start watching, fine, two minutes in the video would freeze but the audio continues. I try to refresh then Boom 3 minute ad block, then Boom video frozen with it's audio still going. Im embarrassed to admit how many times I tried to watch. Fix this or don't make us watch it via the ap.
  • Doesnt even work 1/5

    By dfuyrscvhjiyrssxvtdbhf
    This is the worst app ever. The only that works are the commercials. They apparently are too stupid at adult swim to figure a way to have theirs actually load up. Dont even waste your time.
  • Screwing me 3/5

    By BuffWalrus
    This app is not letting me watch subscribed shows when it shows I'm already logged in. Need help devs.

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