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AdVenture Communist

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  • Current Version: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Kongregate
  • Compatibility: Android
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AdVenture Communist App

Welcome Comrade, to AdVenture Communist! Best clicky idle game ever made by human beings, probably! Become glorious leader of your own Communist State, and gather resources to build ultimate super power. Dig potatoes, research experimental upgrades, and make efficient all the means of production to raise to highest ranks. Are you seeing a few red flags? That is good thing! AdVenture Communist features State Approved Communist jokings! Because jokes about Communism aren't funny unless everyone gets them. And when you are getting tired, take break! Communist State keeps producing while you’re gone. Though it will miss you terribly! There are medals to earn! Tasks to delegate! Strangely addictive progress bars to watch go zippy zappy. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a Communism Simulator! Play AdVenture Communist today! Is mandatory government prescribed FUN!


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  • Good but it’s not what I’m looking for 5/5

    By japanfan0716
    It’s great fun clicker but let me know when you make adventure nazi
  • Great, love it!!! 4/5

    By Awesomeman 32
    Communism is best economic system
  • Fun but KILLS battery 3/5

    By me is a man
    It's a fun game, more fun than adventure capitalist id say, but it absolutely DESTROY your battery, my phone will be dead in a few hours if I leave the game running in the background, and will be dead in about an hour or two if I play it continuously.
  • Not original 3/5

    By Tabascopat
    When you first start playing the game it’s fun, but after a while it turns into another non original tycoon game.
  • Great Game! 5/5

    By VyXious
    Papa Stalin would be proud
  • Chicken 5/5

    By Sddfcbnkgcc
    I like chicken
  • Big improvement 4/5

    By Blockking69
    Big improvements over the original adventure capitalist. Adding in a buildings for other buildings mechanic makes it so you don’t just need one thing at all times. Good experience 8/10 because it’s not fully released
  • Great, but needs a lot of work. 4/5

    By bagaboiebailey
    This app is just what I expected from kongragate (I got it after a pop up in AdCap! Came up). But here’s what it needs to be better: -fix the issue where it takes up to 5 tries on average to open the app on cellular data before it stops saying “couldn’t connect to server try again” and actually loads. This gets annoying so just fix it. -make money in actual numbers (like in AdCap! And in office spaces where money was in centillions instead of aa, ab, and ext). -make ranking up and time traveling take quicker each time (I’ve only gotten 2/3 metals for my next rank in the last 3-4 weeks of the 5 weeks I’ve been playing this). That’s all for now. Keep up the good work!
  • True communism 5/5

    By Merpus
    Feel the effect communism will have on this world {-}7
  • Good for a bit 3/5

    By Scipio243
    The game is really fun at first and has a great concept behind it. Once you reach a certain point, though, it’s almost impossible to really make progression. Gathering ‘science’ (the game’s progression/reset currency) comes to an absolute crawl (unless you want to buy it, of course!) and you don’t get enough to justify resetting for weeks at a time.
  • So Fun Comrades!!! 5/5

    By Beeba1000
    All hail Communism, Down with Capitalism, Enjoy Comrades!!! This is so fun and it works great. The system is perfect. I love how each material is needed to make new materials. I play this game for hours and hours. I definitely recommend Comrades.
  • Hmmm... 5/5

    By Tapion konats
    Sounds like a yummy game..
  • Great game 5/5

    By the legendary potato farmer
    It is a wonderful game.
  • 10/10 would play again 5/5

    By OOStriker
    It’s a pretty solid game
  • Boring 2/5

    By Pat Melkey
    The game is just painfully slow. I'll update if updates get pushed to balance the gameplay. The fact that it plays itself is fine but it's basically pay to advance after a couple of days of play.
  • Meh 5/5

    By OUAT_CW
    It’s a great game, easy to play, user friendly, no adds unless you choose to watch one. But don’t download it without trying Adventure Capitalist. I’d personally recommend you try both. Don’t just download this one. Both are free and easy to play but this one is a tad harder to use so you have to get used to the style of the game, before becoming accustomed to it and enjoying it. Great game definitely one of my favorites! Very much excited for an update tho!🦔👍🏻🥑
  • Big bug 1/5

    By Chin boy
    I unlocked the banana plantation but I can’t access it because I can’t scroll down on it so it just sits there useless
  • “Your science will be used to boost your big green buttons!” 4/5

    By stahhzee
    Ever since this dialogue box came up, it hasn’t gone away.
  • Fun, but massive battery drain 3/5

    By minorelf
    Echoing several other folks: I like the game, but can’t play this when not at home tied to the power cord. Even just a few minutes of playing this, and the percent of battery lost is double digits.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By lil tourettes
  • Уранский коммунизм 5/5

    By (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎EZO
    меня зовут Владислав, и я коммунист, это здорово, но было бы здорово, если бы вы могли назвать свою страну.
  • Used to be able to use it 3/5

    By xshyxkittyx
    I played the game last night and I tried to access the game today and it won’t open at all..
  • In communist adCap 5/5

    By LarryYo15
    In communist adCap you do not tap the screen the screen taps you. Great game it’s been fun
  • Drains Battery cuz it’s fun AF! 4/5

    By Friendlysniper
    Get sucked into playing this game, battery dies, bought extra battery pack. I’m welcome. #thisdisabledlife
  • Can’t scroll down 3/5

    By Pudding Wizard
    Can’t scroll down to see more options but very addicting game. Hope they fix this bug soon!
  • Good game 5/5

    By anime lucky
    I like this game
  • Beep Beep 5/5

    By JrAmericnMute
  • Uh 5/5

    By People Per Click
    I just want to support the game XD
  • Garbage Battery hog of a game 1/5

    By Zenwidjet
    Game drain the batter faster than watching YouTube on a crappy connection. Played for over an hour the other day and opened it op this am to see that Only the unlocks had been saved and that ZERO or the farmers miners communes, nurses, etc. had been saved. To add insult to injury the game offered for me to get more comrades by watching an ad...had over 76k from letting the game sit overnight... watching the ad would only fetch another 13k....15% more for 2 minutes of my life and god know how much of my cell phones battery! Delete and avoid like the plague. Just as bad as the desktop steam version.
  • Da Comrade! 5/5

    By Kraw62
    A great change up of the capitalist game, it's a little tough to get science after a little bit of playing but still worth playing.
  • Great Game! But... 5/5

    By theguyintheland
    So I love this game but it takes lots of battery but it’s worth it. I hate the time machine tho cuz I was really good then I was forced to use it. Altogether tho it’s a great game.
  • Better than filthy capitalist. 5/5

    By JamesLaGro
    This came took me right back to old times at Soviet Union. Good solid game. May whoever put microtransactions be sent immediately to Gulag; only bad aspect of game.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By teamwhitney
    Amazing game. That’s it.
  • Very Good Game 5/5

    By Mr.Communist
    I Love This game its so fun and easy
  • The login 1/5

    By Soldierjosh
    Why am I having so much trouble trying to start the game without an error?!
  • Communism 5/5

    By Bknearhoof13
    I love Communism
  • Great 5/5

    By Hi Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    Potatoes that control the world
  • My battery it’s draining faster 3/5

    By Hight esteem
    The same problem my battery does not endure more than noting after I install the game so 3 stars.
  • Help 3/5

    By Gjcjvgjgkyy
    This is absolutely a great game and I was excited to play it. I’ve had AdCapitalist for a few years now so I was excited to see the ad for AdCommunist pop up when I was playing. After downloading the game and almost finishing the tutorial one of the text pop ups saying, “Your science will be used to boost your big green buttons!” won’t go away and has been there ever since. I’m trynna play this game so cmon fix it cmon
  • Better than cookie clicker and clicker heroes combined! 5/5

    By Romo is a winner!
    I personally love clicker games. All clicker games. But this one is my favorite. I that in these types of games you gain progress by not just playing the game, but by just doing anything in general. But this not only does that but, it adds a whole new level of complexity to the genre. There are generators, generator generators, generator generator generators, and so on. Plus there is a level of strategy, because the 🔬 science 🔬 usually upgrades on thing but downgrades something else, and the recycling of experiments and the time travel to rank up. Plus it’s ironic for me to play it, because I’m 50% Russian and playing a game about communism. Go figure. Lol. All in all, just the best clicker game ever made.
  • Fun 5/5

    Kinda of addicted!!!
  • Great game but not what I expected 5/5

    By famousmmos
    I expected what my friend had but it's not but great game
  • Addictive!!!! 5/5

    By Kpmommy2013
    Try this out. Better than adventure capitalist.
  • Was enjoying the game but.... 2/5

    By Matt05h
    So I downloaded this today and was actually really enjoying it until I had a scientist pop up on the screen and now he won’t go away no matter what. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading it and that didn’t work so I don’t know what to do. At this point the game isn’t really playable for me because of this.
  • Good 5/5

    By FancyMudkip10
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sparky545454
    A great game that refuses to take itself seriously. Huzzah Commrades!
  • Awesome incremental game 5/5

    By dfazman
    Awesome incremental game
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Abc2227778
    Great game!
  • Glitchy bug 1/5

    By turtlesareforever
    It’s a battery hog n a glitched up bull all it does is tell me to reset my stuff when I already did yet can’t touch or play anything with the chat bubble in the way
  • Fun but broken 3/5

    By ebachma1
    Half the time you close this app it the clock just stops running on it. You open it up to play hours later to find out it’s just starting from when you last closed it. Makes progressing even slower in an already painfully slow game.

AdVenture Communist app comments


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