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The browser game phenomenon comes to iOS! Play online with players around the world as you try to become the biggest cell of them all! Control your tiny cell and eat other players to grow larger! But watch out: players bigger than you will be trying to make you their lunch. Survive and eat long enough to become the biggest cell in the game! With new controls developed especially for touchscreens, offers the same addictive gameplay that millions have already enjoyed on PC. Play online in free-for-all action and use splitting, shrinking and dodging tactics to catch other players - or avoid them! Use a variety of special secret skins with the right username! app screenshots app reviews

  • Great game, bad lag 3/5

    By Shark attacker!
    I love this game! I have a lot of problems with lag and crashing. I also do wish there was a way to trash the potions that you don't want and are taking up your inventory.
  • Lag 1/5

    By Fuji Gaming
    This game lags to much and when you get to 21k you can't go higher you should just auto split like the computer version!
  • Hey such good luck 4/5

    By Amber Renea Howard
  • Used to be great before the bad connection issues 3/5

    By Onevoiceinacrowd
    I used to absolutely love this game and I still do but the connection keeps messing up and since it's a live game, it makes the game almost impossible to play. If the connection issues were fixed, I would still love the game though...
  • Good game 5/5

    By Alexander_Ava
    It's kinda laggy and I don't like that u need wifi to play
  • رائعه 5/5

    By mdmn
    بس فيه مشكله اذا صرت كبير يطلعني الرجاء حل المشكله
  • Needs new setting option...... 2/5

    By Acawizard11
    Needs a new setting to change bottom size because on iPhone se it's basicly impossible to play how small they are it's not getting my touch please add this as a new setting.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Brisa catynore cattiness
  • Good job on coins 5/5

    By Kdvdjdfb
    Thanks for the free coin you give me when I login to Facebook and
  • Trash 2/5

    So sometimes you get lucky and get to #5, but when you barely spawn there's a guy who has 100 k mass and splits 1029 times. Then an ad comes up and when u watch it, you come back in and get eaten again. Then another ad comes back up. I don't recommend to play this unless you play on pc and on a site that gives you a bunch of mass when you spawn
  • Worst game ever made. 1/5

    By Montana mills
    I would rather be cuckolded by a 7'4 13 inch endowed bodybuilder than to play this game for another second of my life.
  • Rarely Fun 4/5

    By Anais426
    Much fun
  • crashes everywhere 2/5

    By Captfuntime
    Almost every good game I get a crash. And it wouldn't bother me much if everything I did before the crash was credited. Quests often don't give anything when I succeed because of a crash. Please fix.
  • Make It Stop Please 1/5

    By CocoBirdGaming
    I enjoy the game but it won't stop crashing my game. I'm 1st place until it kicks me out. Please make it stop :)
  • The Game Itself 5/5

    By Keota's iPhone 5s
    Look, there are many haters, but those are people who don't know how to play. The game itself is EPIC!!! I rate t a 5 star because of how great it gets every single update! It follows greatly with the computer version and the good thing is that YOU GET MORE SKINS! Look, every update they add skins, or Atleast they do. The downside is that the split rate is too fast, but other than that the game IS AWESOME!!
  • Plz fix lag 3/5

    By I lave agario
    When I play it lags.Also when I'm first place it crash.when I keep getting eaten. Miniclip plz fix bug/crash/lag
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By Awsomekid3
    The controls are terrible and you can barely see. I'm disappointed. ONLINE IS BETTER!!
  • What's wrong with my anime skin?? 5/5

    By ƬψƬ ☢ Ƭяσχχ
    Every time I get into agario my eyepatch anime skin disappears,why? Can you fix this bug please miniclip,but agario is a really cool and awsome game I like it,thank you........
  • Commercialized to death w/ no improvements 1/5

    By Found Wanting
    UPDATE: Game play performance and some ad bugs have been improved, however removing a star as the developers are GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY!!! So many ads, non-stop, and setup so you click on them to redirects to the app store and websites. The ads are so much that boycotting the app is not out of the question. This could also be a reason they want you to die frequently. ---------------------------- This is a fun game, however, it has come down to having horrendous & relentless ads (30second videos), there's no content filter (you can have ANY name, so not recommended for children), & the gameplay has poor balancing to allow you to start from the bottom and grow, not easy and almost impossible to grow when playing players half the screen (and it would be nice to set your screen resolution to avoid giant enemies). The updates have had more to do with adding in-app purchases rather than improving the game and experience. They added Rush mode to address some of this and it doesn't work, stuck waiting forever to join and rarely does.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Salvador714
    Every time i try to go into agario i crash and i keep trying to get in but i keep crashing
  • Sad but true 1/5

    By guerrota79
    Could be a five star game.... if there weren't so many if's. Like if there weren't so much lag. Like if the game didn't crash every five minutes. Like if they had a team mode so solo players could do their thing. Like if they cared less about making money and more about pleasing their customers and loyal fans !!!! Get it together devs...... we won't wait forever! So effing tired of getting booted just when I get to a decent size !!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE: Still laggy and crashes constantly !!!!
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By kenna_cam
    I love it so much but here's a tip don't die 😌
  • Have to pair with others 3/5

    By ThaiUser
    Or get eaten. Can't play alone. Too many adverts too

    By XanYung
    Not going to lie, the game is great. Very fun and competitive, but the servers are way to packed and there is way to much lag that just flat out ruins the game. The space of the maps need to be increased to let smaller people even have a chance of surviving. Again servers are way to crowded and when you have 6+ giant Orbs roaming around there's no way you'll stand a chance of getting big. But besides all that the game is good.
  • Why can't I play Rush Mode??!!?! 2/5

    By David T. (ĻẸᎶĘƝƊ๏ᗪคVḭđ)
    Dude every single time I try to play in Rush mode it says it won't take more than 30 seconds to let me play but it freezes and stays like that forever, do you have an answer for that???!!!!?!THAT'S RIGHT, NO!!!!!!!
  • The reason for my rating of five stars ✨x 5 5/5

    By js0lari
    I love it's super fun and easy to play if you don't have a Facebook account than play as a guest like me! I hope you love it too 🤞
  • Too many cheaters/bugs 1/5

    By The420master
    If you like playing against a bunch of chineese letters that all team up and never let you play, this is the game for you
  • This is a good game like ultimate 5/5

    By Bro realy
    Did you need to bye this you will die of fun litteritly you will fall on your face it's so good boi do not try to say this is a nother random app this is LIGIT
  • good 4/5

    By Cbeast911
    it glitches a lot
  • Lag 2/5

    By Mr.crabz
    The game is great but I have a problem with lag and I think everyone who play s it does
  • Good game 5/5

    By Hhg_6
    Ineed skin
  • Good 2/5

    By Garibai101
    Love this game. It should have party mode, where the player can play against friends by user name. Also do something about the login. I lost all my levels and skins just because I wasn't signed in with Facebook.
  • I love this game 5/5

    By Puppet Pete
    It's awesome
  • Okay,not great 4/5

    By The J Machine 😀
    Slow! Why does it make you turn into smaller blobs when you get huge?
  • Bots 5/5

    By Cooldude123456689101112
    Hey can you put bots on mobile
  • Awesome!! 4/5

    By 2Wing0nut10
    I love this game! It is by far my absolute favorite! The reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because it needs a zoom function. A lot of people are using cheats or hacks to have a zoom function and it makes it a lot harder for those of us who don't have that option. Other than that and the occasional lag or shut down of servers randomly, it's an awesome app!
  • It's Fun When Your Big 3/5

    By ᄂΣGΛᄃY
    It's fun when you get big so when your small it's really boring it also crashes when ever you get big.
  • Internet problems 4/5

    By cadebow
    You have perfect internet to play
  • Great game 5/5

    By Imamotherfucker
    Really great game. Big fixes really helped

    By Brady0234
    Very good time waster super fun I only ask that for next update you add a friend list and a chat cause I want the people I team with to remember me by being my friend and chat to say stuff like hey I gotta go bro kill me and stuff like that.
  • I'm not going anywhere near the border 5/5

    By Assffffff
  • Too Many Ads 2/5

    By Nfnsnsnn
    There are so many ads that my entire family, and everyone in my grade that has this game deleted it. I know the ads are there because this is a free game, and the creators have to make money, but there is an ad just about every time I get eaten. It is the most annoying thing ever, so I just go play different games instead.
  • Ich finde es einfach cool 5/5

    By lucas the kiler
    Ich finde das Spiel cool
  • Lotta lag 2/5

    By Jusididjrjdjeijnn
    This game lags a lot.
  • Super Addictive! 5/5

    By A super weird bug!
    I played this the begging of last years and this game is great!
  • no sirve en mi iPhone 6plus con la última versión iOS 1/5

    By jordan montenegro no sirve en mi iPhone 6plus con la última versión iOS
  • Used to be great 1/5

    By dstric03
    The classic game... What's not to like? Now it's ridden with advertisements. These ads come up literally every other time that you die in the gameplay. Nice way to make a few quick bucks to ruin the enjoyment of the game, Miniclip.
  • One thing 4/5

    By CinnomanJam
    Great game but when I do free offers it sometimes doesn't work
  • Do but don't 1/5

    By 💪🏽😃😃
    It is a great app but it has too much lag and then other people come and eat you. And you can't play offline.😩
  • Addictive! 5/5

    By Brian Orozco
    Great game app comments

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