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Air Canada App

Everything you need for your Air Canada flight in one App: booking and manage booking, flight status and notifications, check-in, boarding pass, Rouge in-flight entertainment and more! Optimized for iPhone 7 and compatible with iPad. By pressing the “Get” button or by downloading the App, or setting up your device to do so automatically, you consent to the installation of the App, its future updates and upgrades and to the Air Canada Mobile App “Terms of Use” that govern the use of App that are available here: You can withdraw your consent at any time by uninstalling the App. For help uninstalling, please contact HOME SCREEN Get contextual updates about your upcoming travel plans, right when they matter most. AEROPLAN®† & AIR CANADA MOBILE+ SYNC Link your Aeroplan account with Air Canada mobile+ to automatically import and sync your Aeroplan bookings (Menu > Settings > Link Aeroplan account.) Your flights are kept in sync across your signed-in devices. NOTIFICATIONS Receive check-in reminders, flight and gate changes, cancellations, booking changes and more. You can receive notifications by push, email or SMS. Customize your notification preferences from Menu > Settings > Notifications. CHECK-IN AUTOCOMPLETE Save your passport or NEXUS information in your Air Canada mobile+ profile to have these details automatically completed during check-in. ELECTRONIC BOARDING PASS Save your boarding pass in the app for offline use, or add it to Apple Wallet. As your flight approaches, the boarding pass will appear on the app's home screen, or phone's lock screen. BOOK FLIGHTS & MANAGE TRIPS Purchase flights and manage your trips (select seats, purchase travel options, change or cancel a booking). For easy payment, simply scan your credit card using the camera on your device, or save your card in Air Canada mobile+. RESUME BOOKING Start your booking, and complete it later. If you're signed in with Air Canada mobile+, you can resume your booking progress on another signed-in device. ALTITUDE® DIGITAL CARD Download a digital version of your Altitude membership card for presentation at the airport, and access to lounges. AIR CANADA ROUGE® PLAYER (IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT) Watch movies, TV shows and more on Air Canada Rouge flights. IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES These functions apply when enabled: • Location: your location data is used to show the closest airport(s) for booking, flight status and check-in. • Contacts: allows contacts you select to receive flight status notifications. • Calendar: your flight information can be to your calendar. • Camera: you can input your Aeroplan, or credit card number/expiry date using the camera. • Notifications: (push and email/SMS messages) are used to send you service messages related to your upcoming travel or profile information. You can customize these preferences from Menu > Settings > Notifications • Wi-Fi connection: used to determine if internet access or a connection is available for the entertainment system on Air Canada Rouge flights. • Your device identity log information (phone model, language, system and app version) is attached to emails you send when an issue is reported via the App. PRIVACY POLICY By downloading or updating this App, you understand that Air Canada may: collect data about your device in order to serve you the correct software, as well as maintain and develop its services; require that you change some of your device settings to use specific features; collect personal information as detailed in our Privacy Policy ( Air Canada, PO Box 64239, RPO Thorncliffe, Calgary, Alberta, T2K 6J7 ® Air Canada Rouge, Altitude and Star Alliance: registered trademarks of Air Canada in Canada ®† Aeroplan: registered trademark of Aimia Canada Inc Apple, Apple Watch, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc (


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Air Canada app reviews


    By Spirit Naples
    If you read this before installing the most recent update....DONT do it! App crashes immediately on opening and/or choosing any service. Like Magic ... Poof! Gone!
  • Worst app for the worst airline! 1/5

    By Cbeckx
    It's only fitting that the worst airline ever has the worst app too! App constantly crashes, doesn't recognize log in credentials, cannot find reservations, and says not a single airport in the world recognizes mobile boarding passes. I love being forced to print my boarding pass. Take this app, your horrible planes, and your ineptitude to be on time and shove it right up there.
  • New account and can’t login 1/5

    By djsnafu
    Really? Create new account and can login fine in computer. Try to login on phone and it says that email doesn’t exist. Can’t even use this app. What to do??
  • Terrible 1/5

    By cpacoach
    What all of the other 1 star reviews said are true. Terrible app, but pretty consistent with the air Canada experience. Worst part is the commercials on the on-demand entertainment.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Jasonbh2
    Can’t login to the app using same credentials as the website. Useless.
  • Total garbage! Do NOT download 1/5

    By BF.Skinner
    Doesn't work at all. Waste of freaking time.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Gerrrude
    Doesn't go beyond the bare minimum at best. If you want to check in don't waste time on the app. Use your computer instead otherwise you will be placed in the last row of the aircraft and then service charged upon arrival if you want to move to a different seat - even when the flight is half empty. (Checking in on the computer allows you to change seats.). Don't waste time with this useless app.
  • I would give 0 if I could 1/5

    By Ilike it but
    App was designed so that it is NOT at all user-friendly. When I tried to put my discover card information, it did not explain that discover card cannot be used, and only said "numbers only". App crashed in the middle.
  • Can't even access my boarding pass. 1/5

    By kl4nia
    This app is not working. I can't even view my boarding pass. What's the point!
  • This app lost you a customer 1/5

    By rbearry
    Air Canada. Easily the worst international flight experience to date. When I tried to use this app, it got even worse.
  • Quality As Expected - Horrible 1/5

    By Clifford82
    So slow and buggy. Have been trying to check in for a half hour now without success. Airlines set the bar for bad in so many areas. Not surprised apps is another one.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By vertital
    This app refuses to take the sign in credentials that I use to get on the website from my desk top machine. This an astounding piece of clunky software.
  • Can't even open the app 1/5

    By AndHomeAgain
    The email and password that work for and aeroplan don't work for the app? Really, Air Canada, check out how other airlines do this. You're not inventing the wheel here.
  • Easily one of the worst airline apps 1/5

    By Vankash
    I bet this feedback won't get processed or reviewed by the coders. Inconvenient app - navigation is klutzy, error messages don't really make sense, the security features are laughable. The only thing that works is the push notification, but even that comes through several minutes after the airline announces it at the gate. On occasion, I get a gate change message while I am walking to my seat in the plane!
  • Could not even get pass checkin verification 1/5

    By uniformoctober
    If you like spinning circle things then this is your app. Never got past the checkin verification but saw plenty of spinning loading icons. I thought maybe I could select seats with this app but I don't think it's possible
  • Downloaded and immediately uninstalled 1/5

    By Too long trip
    Awful, just awful. Never even could log in. Seriously, did you even test this thing?
  • NEVER Again 1/5

    By chickenlip
    Air Canada's app is better than their airline. I was recently screwed out of $3800 and two U2 shows thanks to Air Canada's ineptitude. Don't bother downloading their app because you shouldn't fly on the absolute worst airline.
  • Buggy and confusing 1/5

    By rbasralian
    Boarding passes are hard to find and sometimes vanish. The app is slow and often unresponsive. By far the worst airline app I've used. Have to wonder whether anybody who developed it has actually tried to travel with it.
  • Worst airline app... Wish there was a 0 star option 1/5

    By Dankulus
    Total garbage
  • Most important feature is not always available. 3/5

    By andrewalba
    The app is well designed, but there are two issues that irritate me. One is a security feature that is understandable in that there is a short session time out. The problem is that it is not always easy to complete web forms before it times out. Small price to pay for security I suppose. What is really disappointing is that electronic boarding passes are not always available after checking in. The main reason for most people using the app is the ability to secure an electronic boarding pass. This may be a limitation based on who is operating the flight and it is irritating.
  • bad 1/5

    By rohanis
  • Can't even login 1/5

    By Snafu273
    Says my email is incorrect. The email is the only email I've been using for over a decade. Same email I login online with, and the same email, my Air Canada receipts and info are sent to. This app is the pits.
  • Can't get a boarding pass 1/5

    By ouTThere10
    What's the point of the app if you can't get a boarding pass...

    Yesterday my airCanada flight showed up 45 minutes late. I missed my connecting flight and I'm still in Haneda airport it's an awful airline but at least the flight attendants are nice!
  • Complete garbage 1/5

    By Morg2747
    I fly often for work and this is without a doubt the worst airline iPhone application of all. Constant errors with mobile check in and flight information is never current. I expect better from such a large airline.
  • Some things good, some things bad 2/5

    By munpip214
    Notifications and flight updates were faster than the airport! Always had the latest information. I had problems because I was not able to check in through the app. The rouge media player greatly struggled to play. I could not do it through my iPad had to end up using my iPhone but still it was terrible quality and buffered multiple times. Also the interfaces old and low resolution and the user interface is terrible. There isn't even a back button.
  • Air Canada App 1/5

    By shaf@aol
    Not happy at all. Unable to sign in to my account.
  • Minimally Useful 1/5

    By Jim Ohio1
    Provides a boarding pass but little else. No airport maps or inbound aircraft info. To check seat map or change seating, user needs to go back through the entire check in process. Almost worthless. Print out your boarding pass and don't bother with this app,
  • Really, really bad.... 2/5

    By Tecerhfefnjt
    You have to sign in with about 3 different accounts (so far...), it shows boarding passes from the outbound flight on your itinerary while on your return trip (annoying to say the least), pretty much every single window is poorly laid out, you can't search for multiple airports in the same city, and only shows time in a 24h format even though you can choose Celsius/Fahrenheit... because lord knows having the temperature on an airline app is crucial... In a nutshell, this app is a reflection of Air Canada as a whole; it is frustrating, confusing, and inefficient.
  • Does not let me log on. Nice job guys. 1/5

    By DrJCO
    Mobile app will NOT let me log on. Just logged on with my laptop so I know email and password are correct. App seems pretty useless so far.
  • Initial barrier to useage- why? 2/5

    By 8348438e39
    Why doesn't it accept my pefectly valid air canada password? It seems to want me to create an *additional* mobile password, and linking it to my Aeroplan number appears to be a premium traveler privilege? Airline apps should be the easiest, most intuitive apps out there- given the fact that many users will be accessing it on the road or in stressful travel situations.
  • Possibly the worst mobile airline app 1/5

    By Meaculpaz
    Nothing works. Requires you to log in with email instead of the loyalty number. Login on site works fine but it doesn't recognize the email. No way to get on phone from the app, help menus are utterly useless, keeps prompting for password change but when you do the forgot password process it says that it can't change the password. No way to manage flight with just the booking reference code either. Terrible.
  • Cannot log in 1/5

    By Nobodys_Side
    Even though I can log in on the website, it won't allow the same account to be used in the app, and they provide no support
  • Feels like they didn't even try 2/5

    By Scrabbaholic
    I hate to be snarky, but this app feels like the developer didn't even try to build and design a good app. Part of it is the ridiculous problem Air Canada already has by not being completely connected to its mileage program Aeroplan. The need to have to connect the accounts feels redundant and wastes my time. The developer should take a look at the Delta Airlines app, which is marvelous. At a minimum I should be able to open the app and see my Aeroplan FF#. But nope. There's a link to submit ideas, so I thought I'd submit THAT as an idea for improvement, and weirdly, it sent me to a generic form used for solving customer service issues with a flight. As for user experience, do you all not care? Because it kind of seems like that. And it's pretty consistent with the abysmal customer service I've received from Air Canada and Aeroplan. (Sigh.)
  • app does not update the boarding pass gate # 1/5

    By Air Canada fan
    app does not update the QR code boarding pass gate # when gate changes .
  • Unable to even sign in 1/5

    By the-harley
    Unusable because the sign in is different than the website
  • Awful User Experience 1/5

    By mendozavr
    Why does this app require a different set of credentials than the Air Canada website? It is particularly baffling because if you want to import any existing bookings, the app asks for your Aeroplan credentials anyways.
  • Bloody awful 1/5

    By CommunityGadfly
    Although I can access my account via the webpage, I'm unable to use the same password for the App. Customer care is unable to assist.
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By Daniel HoYong Lee
    Unable to log in. Worst airline app ever.
  • BAD! 1/5

    By UserInWA
    What exactly is the purpose of this app. Practically none of the features work. They all come back with a message saying it can't be done! Compared to other airline apps, this app is terrible.
  • Amazing new interface 5/5

    By Fredmira
    Like how they give you all the information needed, like changes in reservations. It includes prices too.
  • Nothing is working 1/5

    By Madd_scientist
    Can't sign in, can't check in, can't do anything. Restarted the app. Rebooted the phone. No improvements. Please fix this ASAP! I depend on this app for all my travels.
  • Won't let me check in 2/5

    By william.g.lane
    The app looks nice and seems to work without any problems, but then I get to the final check-in screen and it says "Check-in is unavailable at this time." It's 5 hours before my flight, so that's not the problem. Annoyingly, when I am forced to press "Quit check-in" it asks me if I really want to quit. Of course I don't, but you're not giving me a choice!
  • Huge improvement 5/5

    By Astroturf
    Great improvement over the previous feature-limited version. Great job!
  • What is "Air Canada mobile+"?! 1/5

    By Chaos215bar2
    Why can't I sign in to my account and retrieve flight information using the same credentials (Aeroplan number) as I do on your website?
  • Doesn't succeed at doing anything 1/5

    By Tburgueso
    Try to log in — progress wheel, never completes. Try to book a flight — progress wheel, never completes. I don't get it... why should I use this thing?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By DQ123
    Terrible! When I upgraded to this new app, I lost all of my bookings. I tried retrieving them manual and it gives me an error message
  • Still no Apple Pay support 3/5

    By avrilko
    UI looks much better, but the app still doesn't support payments via Apple Pay.
  • Flight time discrepancies. 3/5

    By Calipso1
    The app displays the wrong flight departure and arrival times. App shows flight departs at 11:30, Website shows 12:45 Which one is correct ? Need to fix bugs.
  • Time to do some innovation! 3/5

    By HankGuo
    As of today Air Canada has just announced of the new delivery for the entire fleet. It is very exciting to see the change that the best North American carriers doing! The Air Canada official site is starting to looking great! While the app needs to be redesigned as well!

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