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Airbnb App

Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb. Find adventures in faraway places or your hometown, and access unique homes, experiences, and places around the world. Book everything your trip needs, or start earning money as a host. BOOK HOMES Choose from over 4 million homes across 191+ countries. Search by price, neighborhood, amenities, and more. BOOK EXPERIENCES Go on experiences led by local experts, whether it’s for multiple days or just an afternoon. Explore Seoul's underground music scene, hunt for truffles in a Tuscan forest, or give back to the community with a social impact experience. DISCOVER PLACES Find the city’s best bars, restaurants, and secret spots. Get the latest recommendations on where to go from notable locals, celebrities, and hosts. RESERVE TABLES Discover and reserve tables at the most sought-after restaurants, hand-picked and powered by Resy, right from the Airbnb app. (US only) For travelers: • Book homes and experiences for your next solo journey, family vacation, or business trip • Search for last-minute accommodations or long-term rentals • Save your favorite homes, experiences, and places—and invite friends and family to plan the trip with you • Reserve tables at popular restaurants, ahead of time or on the spot (US only) • Add experiences and events to your itinerary • Message your host and get directions to your home For hosts: • Share your extra space or lead experiences that showcase what makes your city great • Update your listing and calendar availability • Share what’s special about your neighborhood with a host guidebook • Message guests and manage their reservations


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Airbnb app reviews

  • I love Airbnb 5/5

    By Holls1212
    It is great!
  • Hosting made easy! 5/5

    By TF4LH
    Airbnb has been AMAZING for us! It is very easy to set up your site, and they are always there to support you if needed! We are enjoying our hosting experience! Stephanie The Fan 4 Life House La Quinta, Ca
  • Airbnb iPhone app 5/5

    By David Andes
    The Airbnb app is very easy to use. I am the host and have four units currently on Airbnb and I have never had any issue dealing with the app. I highly recommend this app
  • Love! 5/5

    By Chick Pea Woman
    We love traveling in hosting! Airbnb is a wonderful thing – meeting new people and making new friends.
  • Love Airbnb and love the App! 5/5

    By SQ15
    Airbnb has completely transformed travel. I’m staying in a cool flat in London while I host guests in San Francisco. The app is so comprehensive and easy to use. I love that you can seamlessly switch between travel and host. The host options are many and VERY helpful. I’m editing my posting while waiting for the Tube. So happy with this app.
  • Best remote management app 5/5

    By Lug,jyglyfkutfufkyfl
    We could not do business without Airbnb
  • Airbnb is the best. DONT use VRBO 5/5

    By tiggerchic
    Airbnb is BEST!! I booked through VRBO and after I rented an apartment and it was not livable with brown running water as 1 of the problems & VRBO only gave me half my money back. They stole $800 bucks of my money sonIll never use them again!!!
  • Nice update to the 'My Stats' view 3/5

    By BrobalStones™️
    Nice update for hosts to the My Stats view! Provides the historical detail that previously required copying and pasting everything into a spreadsheet Update: 10/17/2017 Past and future months under the My Stats view has not worked for some time now. When you tap previous or future months, nothing happens...Will update star rating once this issue is fixed.
  • A positive experience 5/5

    By Cap'nTom
    There is a learning curve during which a new host must learn to follow their instincts and be selective about who they rent to. I find that it’s better to miss out on a rental than to take a chance on someone that doesn’t seem to fit. Almost every one of my guests was a delight to host! Airbnb hosting is a seamless relationship that I can recommend to anyone. It’s fun and profitable.
  • Excellent service! 5/5

    By happyairbnber
    Love Airbnb! Excellent service, easy to use with a clean look. Thanks!
  • Best thing since sliced bread 5/5

    By Jessica Dal
    Airbnb is a life saver- great way to travel - great way to rent- So much better than hotels, I love being able to travel with my dogs
  • Forced to install app when trying to book on iPad 1/5

    By Linbidhof
    I had a very frustrating time trying to book a hotel in Italy. I could not book without giving a picture of my government identification and also a picture of myself. I was unable to do this without installing the app. It took a long time and was very frustrating.
  • Ms D 1/5

    By indayon
    I tried to reserve a house , they will not honor it because I had no ratings yet. This is my first time to use it. How can I have a rating? I already sent my picture and drivers license. This is not a good company. I went to home away from home and no problem. I paid with my credit card and I got the place. Thank you Home away from home. I hope you’re not related to Air BnB.
  • Can not remove stored government ID? 3/5

    By Babadook1981
    On iOS 11, iPhone 8 I tried removing my ID and the app says it was successfully removed, however, going back to my profile it shows up again with the option to remove it again. Please fix.
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By Jbhurtz
    Does not let me click an option for confirming email. (Get a message, phone call)
  • Worst costumer service 1/5

    By j0hnpau1
    the room I booked ended up being fraudulent. I called Airbnb at 7pm when I found out. They promised to call me back with in 30min with a solution. I didn't get a response until 11pm(4hrs later) after I called them back a third time. they finally told me there was nothing they could do for me and just to "book another room." They didn't even offer my money back. I had to demand it. I ended up paying more for a hotel.
  • Sticking with hotels now 1/5

    By uppiuma
    Airbnb USED TO BE great. Not sure what changed but no longer the case. After going through a verification (in spite of being a long time user) process that cost me hundreds of dollars in hotel bills waiting to for the red tape, six weeks ago, I went to book another Airbnb to escape the horrendous air in Marin for the weekend. They said I needed MORE verification. So I wrote them explaining I had just rented an Airbnb a few weeks ago and time was of import as the air we are currently breathing is hazardous. They sent a form letter in return. I'm pretty amazed at their callous indifference. I've never had a hotel make me wait three days before I could book. I'm done with this company.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Jewelljanell
    Do not trust this website guys , I was scammed out of 800$ on here , only gave it one star because I had too
  • Buggy signup 2/5

    By Jknight611
    Tried to sign up. It said I wasn’t old enough. Nov 1 1953 wasn’t old enough. Oh well Won’t bother with this service
  • Worst experience ever 1/5

    By identity theft risk
    I was recommended by multiple people to use this business for accommodations in Florida. My experience was horrendous. I completed all the appropriate steps as listed on their site, yet was unable to reserve a house. After multiple calls, I was told I needed a photo of myself. I did that. Still could not place a reservation. More calls to their customer support. I then learned I had to submit front and back photos of my drivers license or complete passport photos. None of my friends who use this site regularly have ever had to do this step. This step is not listed on line as a requirement in their simple 5 steps to get started. I gave in and submitted my ID photos. Still unable to get a reservation. Multiple calls, long waiting times with the response being....that my problem was being submitting to higher up tech support and some one would call me back. No call backs ever happened. I was emailed instead, so no human had to talk with me. I was told that my credit card would be billed a small amount and I was required to show picture proof of it on my credit card statement. At that point I had enough. I should not have to show anyone my credit card statement. Again, none of my friends were required to do this. All that personal data is not needed... and I’m now risking identity theft. I spent a total of 8 hours that day trying to get a reservation that never happened, wasted a day and ruined my birthday. I did however, receive a follow up call 2 days later asking if I still wanted to reserve accommodations with them. I nicely asked them to delete my account and all my personal information. Hopefully, they did. I can promise you.... I will never use this business again nor will I ever recommend them to anyone. Biggest mistake I’ve made in a long time.
  • Airbnb has gone downhill fast 1/5

    By Aajshaw
    We rented our house out on airbnb for 3 years, hosted hundreds of groups with a 4.9 star rating when all of a sudden airbnb canceled all of our upcoming bookings and our listing with no explanation or reason. We never had a single issue and many guests returned to stay at our home multiple times. Don't trust or put any faith in airbnb; it's been over a month now and we still have no idea why. Do not trust them with your property or your guests. Use instead or (no service fee on find your
  • Airbnb is too bad shady expensive crappy 1/5

    By Nabeela92
    I'm running out of words! How many times I've been ditched and betrayed by Airbnb homes! All shady haunted houses which no one will ever live in! We paid and left many houses all shady creepy houses! I have finally uninstalled the app bloody bulls ! I would not suggest anyone to book any house from this app all ARE HAUNTED AND CREEPY SHADY
  • I love the service, hate the app (rarely works) 3/5

    By longoriafd
    I love using Air BnB, it allows me to utilize my house in the more effective way. However, the app keeps having issues. It almost always can't upload and usually has a "network error". If they could fix that so I can manage my house and communicate with guest better, I'd appreciate that.
  • Major Issue 2/5

    By EastCoastFloridaGirl
    Verifying your ID (by scanning a driver’s license or a passport with your phone’s camera) is completely non functional, yet you have to do that in order to make a reservation. I tried deleting & reinstalling the app. No go. I did an internet search on the topic. No solution. Tried to find a way to reach Airbnb. Not one. I ended up going old school & making my reservation on my laptop & uploading pics of my id. All in all, it was almost enough to make me walk away from this reservation.
  • Discrimination/Misleading 1/5

    By Mëçø
    Be careful with Airbnb. The app is misleading because it doesn't show full details like it would a browser. First time using Airbnb and my last because of how they handled a simple refund on a host who hid the fact that the bed was an air mattress. Allows for discrimination towards black people and minorities. Never even got a chance to book since nobody approved my requests.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Gfeugeh
    This app is horrible!!! You're better off going on the website
  • App gets stuck on verify ID 1/5

    By Zzzzzzzzz222
    At time of booking the app asks to verify ID. But crashes. This is awful as it's my first time using it. I've spent 2 days now trying to get help and book a stay but alas, it's not happening. No way to call for support. What a miserable business. I see I'm not the only one.... grrrr
  • DO NOT DO THIS 1/5

    THIS WAS ONE OF THE WORST MISTAKES OF MY LIFE! Honestly, before you go ahead & book with these people, think to yourself for a minute, how do you know what kind of person the host is? How do you know what kind of person the boarder is? How do you know what kind of person the room mates are? YOU DON'T. We stayed at this seemingly nice little place with deceptive pictures ( the room barely fit the bed in it), we were told we would have 2 male roommates, by the 3rd day staying there we weren't sure exactly HOW many roommates we had, we know it was more than 4. 4 single male room mates who hated children and according to the hosts, constantly complained to them if my child so much as giggled. One of them being an alcoholic. The alcoholic would puke on the kitchen floor, complain about my baby making any noise at all, talk down to my husband all day while I was at work, eventually I came home 3 days before our stay was up and the drunk had accused us of taking his clothes, like uhhhh dude I've been at work, my husband is overweight, the drunk was the size of a twig, just no. We ignored it as normal civilized people would do, because, he's drunk... and around midnight that night they had a "house meeting" with the hosts about how to get us out because we have a baby and the guy was still all drunk ranting about clothes. So then apparently according to the hosts, AIRBNB told the hosts to SEARCH through OUR THINGS!!! After they searched and found nothing, we had enough and left. THIS ALL HAPPENED AT MIDNIGHT. On top of all of this, the hosts contact us several weeks later requesting large amounts of money for the strangest things ever. Like having the living room deep cleaned... we never even entered their living room. Not to mention during our stay, the young roommate would bring over his several sex-friends and leave condoms on the floor of the bathroom. It was a filthy environment with mold growing in the toilets and we never ever should have done this app, never will again. It's actually quite traumatizing seeing "Airbnb" anywhere.
  • When a rental triples in price.... 1/5

    By QASTP
    Preface : I'm typically against writing a review of an app for the company at hand. With that said, I couldn't review the person who jacked up the price, lies about my card being charged, etc. I'll keep it short and sweet-er, I mean factual: -pick airbnb for 2 nights (auto-accepted/confirmed) for 384.08 -got excited, card is billed -owner sends email stating I owe 739.10 as he forgot to gouge for the game rate -file complaint with air BnB -reservation cancelled, card still charged but allegedly refunded. This was my first experience with air BnB and it reminds me why I use home away. I have a 5-star rating as a tenant, and have rented 10+ places with no issue on HomeAway. It's unfortunate they done take these things seriously.
  • Calendar issues 2/5

    By West82
    The app can be very helpful managing our listing but I have to say that I can’t access the calendar three to four days out of seven. This is a big deal as I am out of the house most days and have fairly full bookings. Not being able to see my calendar from the road is a huge problem. I have contacted Air BnB for this and other issues that I have had with app access and pre blocked dates opening up without any adjustment from me. I have yet to get a response about either issue.
  • AirBnB is great, but App has issues 3/5

    By Sueifn
    If I type in my dates of travel, why do I still get search results which are unavailable for these days? It would be much easier if the app filtered these results out, otherwise what is the point of entering my dates of travel?
  • In need of improvements 1/5

    By Lolodoll
    This has to be one of the crappiest apps on my phone. Constant issues connecting when I know it's not my phone or network. They really need to invest in addressing longstanding issues.
  • The best way to travel!! 5/5

    By Lulubarney
    We adore Airbnb. We've had nothing but excellent experiences.
  • Please 3/5

    By فلاااان الفلااااااني
    Please support the arabic language
  • Allows for discrimination 1/5

    By Nyandsyd
    After booking a room through AirBnB for BnB in Ireland and the host accepting the booking, we were later told by the host that they were "fully booked" and they had to cancel the listing even though our credit card was already charged. The host was still allowed to advertise the same rooms for the same night in other listings even though they said they were "fully booked." AirBNB allows a single host to advertise multiple listings for their rooms showing that they are available with no consequence whatsoever. This allows for blatant discrimination and/or overbooking of the rooms. I will just stick to hotels in the future so as to not have to deal with this nonsense.
  • App is crashing. Not helpful for running business 1/5

    By MovingAunt
    Fix the app
  • It is crashing non stop on iOS 1/5

    By Okccccc
    It does not stay open more than 20 seconds
  • App is constantly crashing. 1/5

    By Austinguy83
    Won’t stay open for more than about 2 seconds
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By There's only like 15 spots
    Won’t stay open
  • App keeps crashing after September 4th Update 3/5

    By JennM
    I’m trying to log in and communicate with the person I’m staying with but find it hard when all the app does is CRASH! It won’t let me open it at all. I’ve tried deleting and uploading it onto my iPhone 7S! PLEASE HELP!
  • App keeps crashing upon open 1/5

    By Mjd122292
    App crashes when I open, downloaded it again same problem
  • Not great 1/5

    By marksd40
    Crap and cumbersome. Hotels tonight didn't have options in this location
  • Scrolling issues 3/5

    By rabiehf
    App persons: I wanted to leave a nice review for the host and the location, but I couldn't stomach the scrolling or inability to see the text on page. It kept scrolling off the page every time I hit the space bar or return. This made it frustrating and I just couldn't stand to write anything more. This would be an easy fix for any basic programmer. Just sloppy work done by your app guys/gals! Come on airbnb. Let's get QA doing their job.
  • Love Airbnb 5/5

    By Malaga6
    For the past two years, I have found my Airbnb experiences in LA and in NYC to be great value and very pleasant for housing. It is a less sterile and anonymous experience than a hotel stay and cheaper too. It is a chance to be in another person's living space, to glimpse their lifestyle and interests, and to be part of the sharing community. I've learned from each guest experience and I've appreciated these Airbnb places as unique and unforgettable - in good ways!
  • Almost as good the Airbnb website 5/5

    By acao
    Easy to browse listings and book places to stay. The only thing I prefer about the website is the map view of search results, but for the convenience of booking an Airbnb right on my phone, this app does the trick.
  • Airbnb has made the world better 5/5

    By mzdtravels
    I love Airbnb. I meet wonderful people from around the world. It affords me my own travel where I meet more wonderful people... ;)
  • It just like all the other companies 1/5

    By Jvnice
    When they started in 2007, it was great new and innovative where everyone was treated fairly, now that they are a billion dollar company, with the help and effort of all the hosts around the world, they have opted to marginalize some of the people that got them there and is no longer subjective. For example, back then if in one flat where three different bookings occur, in one listing two different reservation happen and one reservation in the other, if two out of the three had a great time and give it a 5 star review, but 1 didn't like it and gave it a 1 star review, the two people that gave it a 5 star would be considered more, but now it's different, now Your overall average has to be above a 4 star, so for every 1 star review you have to get 4 different 5 star review for the overall average to be above a 4 stars or they will deactivate your account. What they don't seem to get is that reviews are subjective and you are never going to satisfy everyone, some people are perfectionist and if it's not perfect to them, they will not give you a 5 star review no matter how above and beyond you go. It is easier for people to give you a 1 star over a 5 star. Back then they used to have a balance anything below a 3 was bad anything above a 3 was good and if you could prove the person writing the review was lying or exaggerating their case managers had the ability to remove the lie. Not to mention before if someone cancelled, they weren't able to write a review, but now if someone cancels and never even goes to your listing, they have the option of leaving a review for something they never even experienced, and can go by someone else's opinion. At in point in time they had partnered with handy to offer cleaning services for the listing, and after some guest still didn't leave 5 stars because of "cleanliness," handy saw how subjective and unrealistic airbnb was being and they decided to terminate their partnership and they still don't get it. Everything with airbnb has to do with star reviews, they want to compete with the hotel industry without putting in the work and support the hotel industry gives. The hotel industry gives training, support, and is impartial to the point they take every opinion or issue into account separately and determines the best course of action of a resolution, not like some airbnb case manager, that basically side completely with either the host or the guest and do not do a good job investigating the issues. I can go on and on about how they just care of making money off the guests and hosts, and not attend the issues at hand. Last example, they charge he host and the guest a percentage for using them as a platform, if I am not mistaken, it is about 8 percent, so they get an 16 percent cut from each reservation. But if the guest has an unexpected circumstance and has to cancel, they refund them the reservation cost but not the 8 percent. So the host loses their reservation but airbnb doesn't not give back their 8 percent. Now inversely, if something happens to the listing, if the host has an unforeseen circumstance and they cancel, the host not only loses the reservation money, but they have to pay back the guest the guest's percentage, while airbnb keeps their 8 percent. They are not sympathetic to anyone, but by far their biggest problem is the review system which they base everything off. The brand new case managers are worse, because at least the older experienced ones know how to keep everyone happy. Now they have also expanded to Ireland and china to try to avoid legal persecution and those are the are the worst type of case managers because they are complete robots and don't even try to find a resolution to issues. I had an issue with and I reached out to airbnb first then went to a friends funeral, I got back around 5pm and noticed that the case manager from Ireland (Theresa) had emailed me at 12 noon (us eastern time)and gave me 3 hours to respond or they would completely side against me, 3 hours! By the time I came to respond, she had already made up her mind and since she was going by Ireland airbnb, they was nothing I could do. Not every situation is bad, but when it does know that you will not get the support you need.
  • Helpful App 5/5

    By SassyLD
    I appreciate using this Application as a host. Easy to navigate, plus Airbnb sends helpful updates and provides them as tips as well when using the app.
  • Slow to load, but has what I need 3/5

    By sNaps monster
    The app is always slow to load. Might be the slowest app in my iPhone. Otherwise, it has all the essential components that a host or a guest would need.
  • Dope app/ efficient and shiny 5/5

    By Kilojules
    If you're on the fence about airBNB as a service, take it from me (random guy on the internet) it’s worth it. My education has me flying about to random cities with minimal notice- and I’d be skint broke if I didn’t have access to this app

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