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AirWatch Agent

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  • Current Version: 5.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AirWatch, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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AirWatch Agent App

VMware AirWatch® Agent app gives you easy access to apps, email, Wi-Fi and more to maximize your productivity. The app is the link your IT team needs to grant you access to those resources. All personal data, including personal email, text messages, photos, videos, web browsing and phone calls are protected and won’t be shared with your IT department. VMware AirWatch® Agent also lets you: View Device Details Access up-to-date information on the status of your device and ensure you stay in compliance with corporate rules set by your IT department to maintain access. Stay in Touch with IT Instantly access email and phone support from your IT department with fast access to important updates. View Telecom Usage Ensure you never exceed data usage limits on company-issued devices with easy data usage monitoring features. For more information, please visit NOTE: VMware AirWatch® Agent will not operate without the required VMware AirWatch® infrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator with any questions.

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AirWatch Agent app reviews

  • App broken on T-Mobile US network 1/5

    By mohpa
    The most recent update has broken the apps ability to connect on cellular data network of T-Mobile in US. I contacted my company support and they don't seem to understand the issue and have refused to help.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Thisappisoneoftheworstappever
    Terrible app. Drains battery, responds to half the emails I send, fakes info so user thinks everything is ok, blocks Uber, is down most of the time, and is just too hard to use.
  • My phone was not responding for 3 days ..until I deleted this 1/5

    By JKasu
    My phone stopped responding. I can't even call or message some one as it takes for ever to open phone or message and also it restarts it self. I took 3 days to figure out that this is caused by air watch agent. I deleted many apps before deleting this and nothing worked. As soon as I deleted this app, I had no issues with my phone.
  • Locks up the phone intermittently 1/5

    By Keiroch
    It's hilarious to read the five star reviews. They're all shills, shame on you VMware. FAIL.
  • Caused a reset on my phone 1/5

    By Avensdesora
    I woke up to my phone having switched from cellular network to wifi, downloaded and installed an update without my permission. I promptly removed big brother from my phone and will not be doing that again.
  • No Issues here 5/5

    By WayneHanson
    Works as advertised. Not sure what all the complaints are about buggy and battery drain. Uses <1% on my devices and hasnt crashed or caused any issues.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Jaycee80
    Error every time I try to scan QR code. There should be an alternative
  • Horrid. Simply horrid. 1/5

    By Number_99
    Total productivity killer. Why would any company torture their employees with this junk.
  • Boss 1/5

    By Mr. MKE
    What a POS
  • Worst app ever seen! 1/5

    By Mikecasd
    Buggy app wasted me a lot of time. After upgrading to iOS 10, it reports my phone is jail broken. It disconnect my company's email account. When I try re-log in, it shows same page again and again. Very buggy and unreliable. I'm wondering why my company uses this app. I would strongly recommend IT stops using this poorly written app. Not for enterprise users.
  • Problematic 1/5

    By the0nly0ne
    Either the app is broken, or its difficult to administer, but email has been broken for days and the app shows connection errors.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By WhyEbayWhy
    I used to be able to check my email using my cell phone. Then my company required AirWatch and I am no longer able to read or send email.
  • App not compatible with iOS 10 1/5

    By Simpsonb33
    Similar to the review posted in early November, I was having issues with my texts and emails freezing after 15-30 characters. I completed the same actions as previous review (wiped entire phone, met with Apple and had them try as well) and I noticed everything would work until I installed this application with my work email. I finally paid the $200 for a new phone bc my carrier would not cover. Got my new phone, did not install my previous backup. Phone was working all day until I installed this application. I work in a very large company and everyone is required to use this application, and not everyone has the problem, but it has been maddening.
  • Gracias 5/5

    By jcpalos72
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Ponjdug
    I really don't like it.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Jarrough
    No issues, gets my data on the phone
  • Broken Agent 1/5

    By Sir Braxton
    No longer compatible with iPhone 5c. Only "solution" is a factory reset.
  • I don't need it 1/5

    By XearthcrisisX
    The application works is not very stable, I had to restart the device many times. I can not work with him, it is always crashes.
  • Causes iOS 10 keyboard to freeze 1/5

    By VFD Guy
    After installing iOS 10 my keyboard would cause my iPhone to freeze. Originally thought it was the iOS 10 was at fault for the problem. I factory default did the phone and found that everything was working perfectly. It is after I install this app and set up the system that my iPhone keyboard no longer work. The keyboard will freezes after 5 to 30 characters. This prevents me from working effectively as I have to keep finding hotspots. To answer emails and I can't respond to any text messages. To prove that this app is what causes the problem I factory default my phone again, installed every app that I've ever had on my phone and everything still works fine. Ran this phone for three hours without any problems. I then installed this app and set it up on my phone. And I'm back to not being able to respond to email or text messages because the keypad freezes. To unfreeze the keypad have to close that app and then power cycle the device. In short it is not iOS 10 compatible. This app worked OK on iOS 9
  • Horrible!! 1/5

    By KarmaKomma
    Awful app! Have re-installed and still crashes and slows my phone down. is this truly the software option? come on now
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By Silleeeee meeeee
    It was okay for a while, then made me re-enter my passcode 2-3 times each time I logged in. Now it won't accept my passcode. I just tried to reinstall with no resolution. I just downloaded the most recent version iOS on my iPhone. I need my work email available. This is essentially useless.
  • Disaster 1/5

    By This app is unequivocally bad
    Has slowed my phone to a crawl, and constantly requires reloads. I get the need for corporate security, but this is horrendous.
  • Got to get this fixed 1/5

    By MattyBra13!
    Guys, I need this app for work, but it has crashed my iPhone 6s with iOS 10.0-1. It causes the phone to shutdown at ~30% battery every time. AppleCare verified with kernel exception reports. Removed it and all works. Please get it fixed.
  • AirWatch 1/5

    By Helmet For My Pillow
    Pain in the butt to install! Worse than a DNC meeting!
  • Big Brother 1/5

    By Farcaster1
    Big Brother is watching
  • Too unstable 1/5

    By Was hopeful
    My iPhone and iPad have performance problems, crashes, and huge lag times multiple times per day. This app has caused my more delays and wasted my time when I could have been productive. The hidden cost of AirWatch's bad software is costing companies a lot of money and they don't even know it.
  • User 1/5

    By Corp E-mail User
    Why a corp IT team would pick an app that corrupts your contacts, messes up your calendar and generally causes havoc, is a mystery to me.
  • Thanks everyone 5/5

    By Justin3887808
    I'll continue too do better
  • Consistently does not work 1/5

    By AngryFan03202011
    They have been fixing the issues, but with lengthy downtime and the app is inconsistent when it works. Unreliable.
  • Works fine 5/5

    Been using this for about 2 years now. Helps me get my work email just fine. No battery drain. No issues on my iPhone 7 plus and iOS 10 beta 1. Don't listen to the others who claim they know what's going on. Most of the reviews here are garbage. People will whine about anything and everything they don't understand.
  • Poor design 1/5

    By Jarrod Waddell
    Difficult to navigate. Poorly designed.
  • Apps and email 5/5

    By gtg462w
    Registering my device was easy. Allows me to get access to my work apps and email.
  • Not working with iphone7 2/5

    By Theycallmekurt
    Just upgraded to the new iPhone and now I am unable to go through the set up process. Keep getting time out errors. Unable to find information on support site
  • Trash how are they going to take off Game Center 1/5

    By Update assets?!!
    My school took off the Game Center how
  • avoid at all cost 1/5

    By S4757
    Best app if you want your device to freeze and drain battery like crazy. I would rather miss my company emails than have this junk on my phone. Worst app I installed on my phone ever.
  • Karen 1/5

    By Karenm75
    Does not work with IOS 10
  • Does not work 1/5

    By chinniecat
    Does not work with 7 plus keeps saying loading...needs fixed
  • Not working with iPhone 7+ 1/5

    By Blackjack Joe
    I just got an iPhone 7+ and when I try to use this to validate to our corporate network, it hangs displaying "vmware airwatch" I need this to establish access to email and servers. I'd give this zero stars if I could.
  • Poop 1/5

    By Aaaaaand No
    This stuff is grade A crap. Swthazeley... Yes it does drain battery and anyone who says this isn't an invasion of privacy is some sort of spy or is unaware of what privacy is. Go home shill.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Wileewonkee
    My school requires this app and it's pretty much the NSA on a smaller scale. They see all your data and also can remote control the iPad. It drains my battery too. I'll probably delete it soon because I never had it last year and nobody said anything. This will probably be deleted soon. -Alejandro
  • Wow 1/5

    By Bigmeatyclaws5
    This app is a requirement for my school iPad. The iPads are a waste of time and money in themselves because teachers and students alike don't like them. However this app tops it off. I actually tested and it drains my battery roughly 1.5x faster than without the app. Not to mention the fact that they can "monitor" any and all data that I look at. It is unfortunate what the pads are doing to our curriculum, but this app only furthers the restriction.
  • Much improved 5/5

    By Swthazeleyez
    Does not drain battery like people say. If you don't want it on your personal device, delete it but stop saying the app stinks or its invasive. @Bob you need to learn how to use the review. They don't delete, the tab shows "this version" there's another for "all versions". Smh
  • Negative stars 1/5

    By Big bob 173849
    They keep deleting reviews. Keep reposting. Terrible battery drain. Terrible app. Invasion of privacy.
  • Needs to be updated to support iOS 10 1/5

    By AppleManifesto
    Needs to be updated to support iOS 10 not sure why it hasn't been updated since May. Please update soon!
  • Productivity killer 1/5

    By Was hopeful
    I never had touch screen problems until I installed this for use at my company. Now, the screen registers touches in the wrong location, mistakes swipe gestures for selections, and just completely misses some touch input. Now notifitions have stopped working. SUCH A LAME APP! I understand the need to manage mobile devices but VMWare should be ashamed of providing such a low quality solution and companies should be ashamed for selecting AirWatch.
  • Worse than the NSA 1/5

    By .Agent BOLOGNA
    Literally gives access to view/delete/modify your apps, contacts, emails, basically anything private you have is no longer private. Also downloads 3 other apps with it and prompts you to change the passcode on your phone... Steer clear of this one unless you're on a company phone.
  • Notifications Are Not Working 2/5

    By Special109
    Just installed. Don't get notifications. Updated settings in app and on iPhone Settings to allow notifications and sound. Nope! Not working.
  • Bad app. Doesn't load now without being connected to the device management server 1/5

    By Mklovessmurfs
    How do you load on an app that requests you be actively connected to the device management server network, when you need the app working on your phone to connect to your device management server?? This is flawed logic and total garbage.
  • A little confusing... 3/5

    By CampbellHome
    Finally got the app loaded. No problems checking email or with other apps. Just wondering why there are three apps on my phone from Pepsico after this process? Agent, app profile, and PEP Apps
  • Worst MDM App 1/5

    By AgentMerqqq
    Slows your phone down, drains your battery, emails won't load. My quality of life has been ruined by this app. It's a shame big companies like NOV are trusting and using this now. Sigh. :-/

AirWatch Agent app comments

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