Alarm Clock for Me - Best Wake Up Music & Clock

Alarm Clock for Me - Best Wake Up Music & Clock

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  • Current Version: 2.17
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apalon Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Alarm Clock for Me - Best Wake Up Music & Clock App

Optimized for iOS 10. Wake up and go to sleep to your favorite music, get your own collection of exclusive designer clocks, know weather conditions in your area, cook or work out with a multifunctional timer, and light up the darkness with a powerful built-in flashlight! FEATURES: * Choose from stylish designer themes for the clock: Ultrasonic, Retro, Digital (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), Wordy, Odometer, ThinLine, C-Motion clock * Create your own wake-up playlist with the best music * Background alarm support: alarm will ring even if the app is not running * Go to sleep to your favorite songs or white noise * Check live weather conditions and temperature * Change the screen brightness so that it doesn’t blind you after a good night’s sleep * Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight * Convenient app settings. Get easy access to any option you need. Alarm Clock for Me provides the functionality of 6 indispensable apps in 1: ALARM - Wake up to your favorite music - Set multiple alarms with different tunes - Background alarm support: alarm will go off even if the app is not running! - Easy access to the nearest alarm from the main screen - Huge Snooze/Stop alarm buttons - Add your notes to the alarm! - Adjustable volume of Sounds/Music - Vibrate / Fade in / Snooze options - Shake-to-snooze when alarm goes off CLOCK - Exclusive designer clocks - Vertical and horizontal modes - 12 or 24 time format - Show/Hide seconds - Show/Hide day of the week - Auto-Lock when plugged in ON/OFF - Auto-Lock when on battery ON/OFF - Customizable auto-lock time SLEEP TIMER -Use the shortcut on the main screen to go directly to the sleep timer settings - Create your own playlist with your favorite songs - Shuffle music ON/OFF - Adjust the volume of Music/Sounds - Go to sleep to white noise WEATHER - Check live weather conditions and temperature - Automatic detection of your current location and weather conditions display in your area - Weather conditions and temperature in any location you choose - Temperature unit: Fahrenheit/Celsius - Show Weather ON/OFF FLASHLIGHT - Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight TIMER - No matter whether you are cooking or working out, multifunctional timer will always be at hand! Beautiful. Reliable. Versatile. Get the alarm clock that you've been looking for!

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Alarm Clock for Me - Best Wake Up Music & Clock app reviews

  • Alarm clock 5/5

    By Harrybowl
    It works
  • Great App!!!!! 5/5

    By fuji22
    It works every time, flawless
  • Great alarm 5/5

    By bigmyk_247
    Best app ever!!!
  • Good 4/5

    By Sleep machine
    Works fine
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Timmydds
    I rely on this alarm daily. It is perfect. I highly recommend it.
  • Always Reliable 5/5

    By Jb salem ma
    Love this app! I have an irrational fear of oversleeping. I can set this alarm and go to sleep confident it will wake me up when I need to be up. It's very easy to use and has never let me down!
  • Best alarm ever with nice reminding 5/5

    By Mogdeno
    I love it, the way it alerts you and constantly reminding you of either active or inactive alarm.
  • Up grade not what was promises 2/5

    By The Blue Fly
    I up graded to stop ads from popping up on Alarm clock for me. I'm still getting them😞
  • Worked once 1/5

    By Fan of Sammy
    The first morning I used the app it was flawless. Woke up to the song I wanted and it faded in the volume. Second morning I woke up the app had closed the screen on my phone was black and I was running late, not exactly what I am after in an alarm clock. Third morning it didn't work. Luckily I had set the iPhone alarm a little later as a backup.
  • Great features 5/5

    By Cpearl6314
    Easy to use. Love it!
  • Find something else 1/5

    By Janie-Marie
    Loved the design, hated the unreliability. I set two alarms (in case I go back to sleep after the first one), and the second alarm didn't go off even though I was staring at the clock. Plus, you can't dim it enough during the night - it's too bright even at the lowest setting.
  • Terrible. Don't download. 1/5

    By bass4matt1
    The app is required to stay open in order for the alarm to go off. If it's closed or not the app on screen, the alarm won't work. Pop ups within this app ironically cause the screen to lock, and you miss your alarm. An add at the bottom is fine, but when you inundate your users with pop ups, you are defeating the purpose of your app.
  • Wecker 4/5

    By Danches72
    Nice app...
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Tres 1
    Awesome App.
  • Was excited but... 1/5

    By LeaseBeast
    ... the ads made the app force quit in the middle of the night. Luckily I wasn't relying on it for an alarm but that will be the last time I take that chance. One star.
  • What Happened 1/5

    By JP Cav
    Worked great for a couple of years. Latest upgrade began endless ads that will only end if I pay $. It also began to cease it's alarm function and can no longer rely on it to ring.
  • I like this app !! 5/5

    By Lahleepop
    Works well with my ipad .
  • Emits Too Much Light At Night 2/5

    By startuptechie
    I love all the features but two. I have the paid for app. 1) You can dim the text and graphics with a simple swipe across the face of your device but it doesn't dim the background. The background, while colored black, is not black. It emits a lot of light near your head - annoying at best, deprives you of deep sleep at worst. Is it possible to dim the background? Yep, iHandy does it with their alarm clock. This could be easily fixed. 2) My eyesight is poor, like many people of all ages, and the numerals are too close together even in landscape mode to see easily at night. They blurr together when the app is dimmed. Again, the iHandy clock is superior in this respect. This could be easily fixed and should have long ago. So the app goes on my last screen and I'll check it out every few months to see if they ever got around to fixing it.
  • Alarm clock 5/5

    By Kathy leroy
    I like it cause it helps out a lot
  • Excelente!! 4/5

    By Alrato15
    Muy buen despertador
  • This Alarm can be really good ! 4/5

    By AVmilano
    It's a good app, it needs more features so it's smarter !
  • Love apps 5/5

    By Yenisvette
    I Love the app is good
  • Used 6GB on my iPhone and iPad! 1/5

    By BasicReader
    Seriously: this app used 6GB of space on my devices. I loved it until I ran out of room and saw the culprit. It's gone now!
  • Worst alarm app. Don't download. 1/5

    By Socks neocon
    I downloaded this app because of some issues I have with Apples alarm clock. This app spams you with ads, doesn't allow you to close out of it to have your music wake you up, and most importantly it didn't wake me up this morning. It buzzed and gave me a notification but it never played any actual sound to me, despite the setting to play sound. Honestly I just want an alarm clock and this app is a horrible excuse for a service.
  • Alarm shuts itself off 1/5

    By walksmot
    I've used this alarm app for years. I don't know what they've done but it's terrible now. It shuts itself off during the night, and I've missed numerous meetings and a flight. What was once good is now totally unreliable.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Brayan58264
    Awesome app
  • Love this app so much fun 5/5

    By Mg564828245(
    lol my dad is so amazingly shocked when he saw this app
  • Thumbs up 5/5

    By Phoebe830163
    Great app
  • ItzKelz 5/5

    By Itzkelz39
    I love it❤❤❤❤
  • Useless 1/5

    By Spazticus_Prime
    Works once in a while, but only if you leave this app open all night. Which would be okay if not ideal, but if the phone alerts you in the night that you've received an email or text it will shut off and the alarm won't go off. I'd upgrade if it worked, but depending on this app only makes things worse.
  • Ffhigv. Jj 5/5

    By Beltrain19
  • Don't trust it to go off 1/5

    By Depcdivr
    Too many times the alarm didn't go off because the app wasn't on top. Don't trust the alarm if you really need to get up on time. If the clock stays open all night it works ok but if anything forces the clock to the background it is a crap shoot if the alarm will force itself to the top and go off.
  • This app is great!! 5/5

    By Jalaldhtvfbxhjakd fbxh
    This app works really well, has lots of nice features, and is much better than a conventional alarm clock.
  • No good 1/5

    By Quinoa lover
    If you need to wake up at a certain time, stay away from this app
  • Used to be great until... 1/5

    By Topher_Cat forced an update. Now ads pop up at night. Granted, I understand that it's a free app and if I want ad free I'd have to purchase the full version, but the fact that you have pop up ads opening at will and controlling the app is disturbing and irresponsible to your users. The ad will pop up every night. I'm not sure what time, but it's a nightly occurrence. If I don't wake up at some point randomly during the night and happen to think about checking my phone, the alarm will not sound in the morning. The ad has the alarm silenced. The alarm is still tuning in the background; it calls for you to snooze it or turn it off and acts as if if is functioning, but it has been silenced. I'm deleting this app. I loved it because it worked with my music, was completely customizable, and displayed an nice big clock at night, but that's not worth the anxiety of a malfunctioning alarm clock.
  • Broken by ads. 2/5

    By Botar Akutabi
    Worked fine at first but then ads would pop up while I was trying to set my alarm and would mess it up. Then some game ad would light up my room at all hours of the night. Fix your app guys.
  • Love it 5/5

    By J dog1976
    Loving it , thanks
  • User 5/5

    By Npauln
    Works as advertised.
  • N/a 5/5

    By Tylerlerch
    Wakes me up so it does good!
  • Very Good 4/5

    By Wildkat15
    I really like it but you have to keep the app open all night if you want iTunes it wake you up and your phone will fall asleep to but other then that it's awesome 😊
  • Alarm clock 4/5

    By Ripsfarm
    So far I've had no problems with this app!
  • READ THIS 1/5

    By Jessicahill101loverofu
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sha Mula Tmf
    Excellent app
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Quels4138643
    I love this app and it work very good
  • 👍🏼 5/5

    By Tytylor
    Awesome app!
  • Don't get this app! 1/5

    By SkyPrincesa
    I had downloaded this app and it was supposed to be free. Just found out on my Itunes account that I was billed 74.99!
  • It Just Disappears Now 1/5

    By sjpvac
    Worked ok in the beginning but now the ads will make sounds at night which disturb trying to sleep and the clock often disappears at will during the night. Look for something better and more reliable.
  • Not good anymore 1/5

    By Meileen37
    Used to work great, but they broke it. Now the advertisements will suddenly come on in the middle of the night, putting a bright white screen in my face. Please fix this app!
  • best worst 5/5

    By Ranch-o-rama
    thid alarm is the worst
  • Great Clock and Alarm 5/5

    By RALM 53
    Great App!

Alarm Clock for Me - Best Wake Up Music & Clock app comments

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