Alarm Clock for Me.

Alarm Clock for Me.

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  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Apalon Apps
  • Compatibility: Android
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Alarm Clock for Me. App

Wake up and go to sleep to your favorite music, get your own collection of exclusive designer clocks, know weather conditions in your area, cook or work out with a multifunctional timer, and light up the darkness with a powerful built-in flashlight! FEATURES: * Choose from stylish designer themes for the clock: Ultrasonic, Retro, Digital (Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow), Wordy, Odometer, ThinLine, C-Motion clock * Create your own wake-up playlist with the best music * Background alarm support: alarm will ring even if the app is not running * Go to sleep to your favorite songs or white noise * Check live weather conditions and temperature * Change the screen brightness so that it doesn’t blind you after a good night’s sleep * Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight * Convenient app settings. Get easy access to any option you need. Alarm Clock for Me provides the functionality of 6 indispensable apps in 1: ALARM - Wake up to your favorite music - Set multiple alarms with different tunes - Background alarm support: alarm will go off even if the app is not running! - Easy access to the nearest alarm from the main screen - Huge Snooze/Stop alarm buttons - Add your notes to the alarm! - Adjustable volume of Sounds/Music - Vibrate / Fade in / Snooze options - Shake-to-snooze when alarm goes off CLOCK - Exclusive designer clocks - Vertical and horizontal modes - 12 or 24 time format - Show/Hide seconds - Show/Hide day of the week - Auto-Lock when plugged in ON/OFF - Auto-Lock when on battery ON/OFF - Customizable auto-lock time SLEEP TIMER -Use the shortcut on the main screen to go directly to the sleep timer settings - Create your own playlist with your favorite songs - Shuffle music ON/OFF - Adjust the volume of Music/Sounds - Go to sleep to white noise WEATHER - Check live weather conditions and temperature - Automatic detection of your current location and weather conditions display in your area - Weather conditions and temperature in any location you choose - Temperature unit: Fahrenheit/Celsius - Show Weather ON/OFF FLASHLIGHT - Shake your device or double tap on the screen to switch on the flashlight TIMER - No matter whether you are cooking or working out, multifunctional timer will always be at hand! Beautiful. Reliable. Versatile. Get the alarm clock that you've been looking for! For complete access to all Alarm Clock for Me features, you will need to allow access to the following: *Notifications – otherwise, alarm will not ring; *Location data to provide you with the weather forecast for your exact location; *Media library so that you can set your own music as an alarm or a sleep timer sound; *Camera to activate a powerful built-in flashlight; *Photos to give you a possibility to set them as countdown pictures. Privacy Policy: EULA: AdChoices:


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Alarm Clock for Me. app reviews

  • Yes 5/5

    By Fvhhmb
  • Alarm 5/5

    By Grannalin
    Very reliable.
  • Obnoxious ads 1/5

    By Jasgjuhgfsujhg
    First time I use the app I try to open settings and a giant ad with no apparent way to close it takes up the entire screen. (The “find 4 hidden objects ad)
  • Ads! 1/5

    By Jeffofjohnson
    Ads ruin an otherwise great app... ads flash and blink all throughout the night completely interrupting sleep!
  • Yess 5/5

    By Vrggfjjsdk
    Amazing felling great bout life
  • Thanks 5/5

    By akiramist
    I can now wake up and not be late
  • Mr Walker 5/5

    By LaGree Walker
    I love this app
  • Ads and glitchy (can’t seem to truly delete the app) 1/5

    By Sparkling Accordion
    Like everyone else, yes the ads are annoying and sketchy, and despite their annoyance I understand this is the gamble you take with free apps. However, I would not be writing this review if not for some weird glitches. Even while properly updated, the app would randomly shut down, freeze, etc. More interesting though is that even after deleting this app, it frequently pops up on my home screen (it disappears immediately after deletion but I will later notice it back after a restart to my phone). I thought I should note this because I have never had this experience with any of the countless apps I have used, and does have me a bit concerned.
  • Close 4/5

    By veritas4ever
    Would be perfect if they showed the amount of time left until the next alarm and if you were allowed to add more than one countdown to a date.
  • What happened? 2/5

    By JerryTheRhino
    Been using this app for a long time, it wont allow me to play my personal music anymore. I keep the app open all night and silent mode off and it plays their default music which doesnt wake me up. Very frustrating havent had an issue with it for a very long time.
  • Dios altísimo les 5/5

    By Jorgito y mi amor necolasa
    bendiga buenas dias todos bendiciones
  • Great App 5/5

    By Pepdavis
    For those interested in a great app then this it!
  • ? 5/5

    By oozpop rabbits
    I literally have no idea why these apps want us to rate them
  • I love this app 5/5

    By natalie palazzolo
    Thank goodness you made this app
  • Not just ads but SUPER ads 1/5

    By Valenslunara
    Normally ads don't bother me and I know I'm gonna get the generic "it's because it's free" but honestly, if it's a decent app that works well I usually buy the premium version. The quickest way to turn me off of an app is to bother me with not just one advertisement for the app I'm currently using but then ads for their other apps and they both have text pop ups AND the full screen ads that you have to click the little x. And let me tell you, when I'm trying to wake up and suddenly being annoyed with ads is how you get me to uninstall the app in less than a day. Your pushy tactics are having the opposite effect, I'm not going to reward a company with my money that does that.
  • Rocks 5/5

    By 22IrishMike
    I usually don’t like alarms but this app makes it easy.
  • constant 4/5

    By TNCBC
    Great except for constant ads
  • Awesome app!!! 5/5

    By Mooseismyboy
    Love this app!! Hasn’t failed me yet!!!! Using for 2 years 😁
  • Great Time 5/5

    By 74Farmgirls
    Love this app for my iPhone 8 Plus. Love how easy to set for my alarm. Love the sleep timer setting, countdown setting, the vivid graphics, and accurate local weather in real time. It’s a winner just as the iPhone is a winner for Apple.
  • Pill time 5/5

    By Yo mamma816
    I never had to take a pill twice a day and this was so hard to remember. Thanks to this app it’s really helps me..
  • Alarm 5/5

    By Music lovers dream
    This alarm doesn’t only have the time, it counts down and has the weather forecast and mph, and it’s the best alarm that I’ve ever seen!!!😍😍😍
  • Sweet 5⭐️ Went for the upgrade! 5/5

    By McSear
    This alarm clock app tested out solid for me over 3 weeks. Dang solid value – I went for the upgraded version w/o ads. Love the xtra features; loaded, easy to use. I check out ~6 similar ad-supported apps last yr. Only 1 came close to the 5-Stars. #RECOMMENDED ...iPhone 8 w/ iOS 11.2.1 Feedback: make the “soothing” fade-in alarm actually pleasant for my wife; she wants 30-60 sec like the 2nd best alarm clock by *pala.
  • Good 4/5

    By cant sleep claton
    This alarm is the only alarm clock that wakes me up but notifications to many

    By ohiocoop
    Worst ap ever! full page ads pop up CONSTANTLY, I mean every time you try to do anything. You can’t even set the alarm! You have to keep closing and reopening it unless you want to pay $4.99.
  • Me 1/5

    By And seriously
    I'm deleting this app in less then a 12hr download. It is so slow and extremely slow to respond even after it opens
  • Simplicity 5/5

    By Levant b
    Basic, simple, and easy
  • cool cuul 5/5

    By Chaingunfighter
    me n this app r chillin. i like the flash feature. a lil extra get-me-up haha!
  • Use another app not this one 1/5

    By Excited consumer
    The free version is terrible. The pop ups are obnoxious and bothersome. The first night I used this app the alarm didn't go off because of an overnight pop up. The alarm went off once before it quit working. This was the free version. I decided to pay for the full version because of the pop ups. Once again it worked the first night and that was it. The app doesn't do the one thing it's designed to do... wake you up with an alarm. I recommend trying to find another app and not wasting your time on this one. I deleted the app and wish I could get my money back. This app is terrible. Also the fact that you have to leave it open to even work is garbage. If you accidentally close it good luck. This is very inconvenient to the user.
  • Def Working 4/5

    By Shan342018
    I needed a louder alarm because had gotten use to my reg one & being late was starting to be my norm.. So far this one is working only wish had a lil more tones to choose from.. Other than that I like it
  • worst alarm clock app 1/5

    you have to open the app the whole time when you are asleep so that it will work buy it did not alarm because the battery drained because of it! its a useless alarm clock!!!! do not install this worst bad app with plenty of ads!!!!!!
  • This app 5/5

    By ghosthdss
    Pretty good and very easy to use
  • So far amazin 5/5

    By Nisi-Gaming
  • Does Not Make Noise!!! 1/5

    By font1095
    this app doesn’t do the one thing it’s supposed to do: make noise. the few days that i did have it on, it gave me a notification banner on my lock screen, but it didn’t actually ring to wake me up. i looked at the other reviews and it said something about it needing to be open to work properly? but i can’t leave my phone on all night long just for an alarm. i switched back to the built in apple alarm and it works just fine. imo, if this app can’t even have the most basic function of an alarm clock working properly, there is not much of a point.
  • Very confusing Not Boomer friendly! 3/5

    By HarrysAPPLE1!
    Very confusing; not boomer friendly
  • Garbage 1/5

    By fergawesome
    Got it to wake me up. Set it and personalized the music from my phone. It worked one day and hasn’t worked since. Had it a week. Set it to never sleep when plugged in and it goes into sleep mode during the night.
  • Great app 3/5

    By david.perez
    A lot of advertising is the downfall it’s a great app not excellent but great
  • Not Reliable 1/5

    By Wj2222
    Sometimes it goes off, sometimes it doesn’t. The fade in option does not work. And the volume setting in the app does not work. Not good.
  • Pop ups 1/5

    By Anthony Berryhill
    Seriously, pop-ups all through the night. Should I claim my 1000 dollar prize? Uninstalled.
  • What up 1/5

    By Yugguth
    I paid the $3.99 and the ads came back the next night!
  • Extreme amount of pop-ups! 1/5

    By GeriLS
    First, yes I know this is a free app. But the over-whelming amounts of ads, most prevalent pop-up ads that open my browser and tell me I've won a gift card, are limiting the functionality of this app! In a matter of minutes, this morning I had 6 windows opened in Safari by the same gift card ad. It is making this app not worth the hassle! I can't even leave the app open to use it as a clock. The ads take over my screen. When I open the app to check my alarms, ads pop up before I can get to the alarm screen. Yes, I could pay you $4 to remove your highly annoying tactics trying to force me to pay for the upgrade. Or I can ignore your coerced marketing, delete your app and find another of dozens of free apps to replace it. OK - I just read reviews of the paid app. It appears that the pop-ups also occur in the paid version. Definitely searching for a better alarm app!
  • No comment I'm kinda mad 2/5

    By BooBoo11!
    So I tried to get the alarm that wakes you up with your favorite song.and this is what it gave me I get it.and it dissent to what it says it does so that's a lie this app seriously lies.😡😒
  • List of alarms missing 2/5

    By hsnowhope
    I love all of the recent upgrades except one... the list of alarms is gone. I really liked that feature.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Ajax74
    Totally worthless app!!! You keep pushing the ads by claiming it is is junk!! Ads open while you are sleeping and cause the alarm to not go off. Didn’t think you needed more feedback than it is totally worthless.
  • Alarm clock 5/5

    By Beautiful. Babe
    It’s awesome I love it.
  • A True User-Friendly Wake-Up Alarm 5/5

    By Alarm_4_Me_Enthusiast_7
    I'm glad to have the "Bell" sound which may also be set to "Fade In." Regards . . . Mike C.
  • Less than 1 star 1/5

    By Cuboy4u
    I have had this app since I got my first iPhone you know the 4. I’m now in a 7. I too like everyone else understand that there are advertisements on the (free app version). Yet I’m finding it relatively funny that the same computer generated response from the developers is the same for every comment or complaint. But until today I must say it is so nice getting the message (you for a free iPhone or a free Amazon card) every time i open this application. So thanks in advance for my computer generated response
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By Walan Family
    Too many attempts to access personal information before you can even set an alarm. It wasn't clear if alarm was actually set - did not sleep well worrying about waking up Too many attempts to get you to download so many other apps - so hard to get away from them! Makes use this up so difficult and regretful
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Noizemetalworks
    Alarm volume level doesn’t work. Alarm is inaudible. Banner ads do not dim with the clock making this version unusable as a clock. Uninstalled. Pop up notifications are annoying.
  • Nice interface, but ad bombardment 3/5

    By SquigglyOfficial
    Can hardly set an alarm without ad bombardment. Shouldn’t ever take 5min to set an alarm. If you’re unlucky enough to get one of the ads that redirect you to safari then you have to start over. The interface is nice.
  • MY REVIEW - LFB 5/5

    By leroy649
    Great LITTLE app in a BIG way.

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