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With an security system, you can monitor and control your home or business in real-time and from anywhere - from your iPhone, iPad, or your Apple Watch.’s interactive security, video monitoring, energy management, and home automation solutions give you instant awareness and remote control for the places you care about most. With Apple Watch support, your home is always at your fingertips, and on your wrist. Glances let you quickly see home status, and through the watch app you can control your key devices and even view live video from your home. Note: This app requires a compatible system and an interactive service plan. Feature availability varies based on system, equipment, and service plan. Visit for more information. Remote features: • See what’s happening at your property • Arm or disarm your security panel • Watch live video and recorded clips from your security cameras • Turn on or off lights • Set the ideal temperature • Lock or unlock doors • View images of important activity captured by image sensors • Search your complete system event history • And much more! With, you can also receive real-time email, text message, and push notifications for the specific events that matter to you. Beyond important emergency related events, you can also immediately know when: • Your kids get home from school • You left for work or vacation and forgot to arm your system • The housekeeper arrives or leaves • The garage door is left open • The dog walker or cat sitter arrives • There's flooding or a water leak in your basement • Your children open your medicine or liquor cabinets • Someone changes your thermostat settings • Your security system is disarmed (and who disarmed it) • Someone attempts to log into your account • And much more!

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  • Good app 4/5

    By GG777kl
    I like this app. It is very convenient, and I have not run into any issues with it. What is missing is a panic/alert button. This should be added, because a person should be able to press the alert button for emergencies, especially when they are away from their home.
  • Just what I wanted 5/5

    By Gavinjenkins
    This was easy to setup and easy to use. I don’t have a lot of integration, however it does just what I need it to.
  • Solid system 5/5

    By Jamey is a great singer
    Love the app! Very user friendly. Love the system
  • Always crashing! 1/5

    By Mandag90
    Every time I open the app it’s stays loading and will give me an error message! It’s so annoying for the app to not work when I leave my house and can’t set my alarm! It’s suppose to be a convenience and it’s turned into an inconvenience! Fix it!!!!! Also it’s not just on the iPhone it also doesn’t work for a Samsung! Since my husband has that phone. So we know how crappy the app is!
  • The Worst App For The Worst Company 1/5

    By Spend to much on iTunes
    A security company that creates an app that always times out! What good is that when you hear the doorbell ring and have to log in each time. If any app should have the ability to be monitoring on ones phone, you would think it would we this one. Do not go with!!!!!!
  • Even partial HomeKit support would be a big step 3/5

    By ParkerV
    While extending with full HomeKit support - inclusive of arming/disarming & locking/unlocking functionality - should not be taken lightly and needs to be done correctly, I can’t think of any reason why lights, thermostat, and all the alarm events can’t be exposed to HomeKit for automation routines. Side door open event - turn the HomeKit lights on. Please provide basic HomeKit event integration and non-security integration ( lights and thermostat)
  • No Homekit support 3/5

    By kittycat262728
    The lack of homekit support is really starting to get troublesome. This is the only integrated device to not support homekit, and is therefore the only thing in my house not included in my homekit automations. Honestly if they just added this one thing the app would go from one to five stars for me, since its usefulness would increase exponentially. Really hope to see this added soon... Edit: Gotta say, thank you very much to the developers for answering my review so quickly. That’s literally never happened before and it really shows how seriously they take input from their customers! I really do hope that homekit gets added soon, but I had to bump up my review a few stars in light of this response. Knowing that they’re listening to their customers gives me much, much more confident in the platform and it’s future. Keep up the good work and hope to see this added in the future!
  • Love the app !!!! 5/5

    By JR8103
    I use the app every day. The most recent video enhancement is awesome. I love the ability to side swipe through the various outdoor cameras. The redesigned video screen is great !!!
  • Times Out Constantly 1/5

    By Jason628357
    About 95% of the time, the app times out when I try to arm my alarm. It does the same on my husband’s phone. It’s been this way for the year we’ve used it.
  • No reliable ! 2/5

    By Nick Name 187
    This app is not reliable since it doesn’t not sync properly with my live watch alarm panel. My panel always tell me which sensors are open or closed while has difficulties sync. So if I am away from home I can never tell if I left a window or a door open .........
  • Push Notifications Unavailable 5/5

    By cakirke
    Prompt response from the developers - confirming that adjusting account permissions via master account in the web portal now has it working as expected !! Application generally works well but push notification doesn’t work on iPhone X. When installing, there is no permission dialog for push notification and there is no entry for the app in Settings => Notifications. In the application under Notifications, the Push Notifications switch is in the off position and disabled - unable to toggle to on position. Removing and reinstalling, including with a >24 hour wait and phone reboot, doesn’t have any effect.
  • This app is terrible, too many failures 2/5

    By DNAHi
    I’m still unable to launch the app. I have tried uninstalling and relaunching with no success.
  • Apple Watch App needs work 3/5

    By 3nigmatic1
    Please update the Apple Watch app to work as a standalone. I ha e the cellular Apple Watch app but can’t use the app without my phone being nearby; doesn’t work as a stand-alone and it is very slow.
  • False alarms 2/5

    By Hawkeye!4077
    I have used this app for about four years. Periodically when I set the alarm from my iPhone it sets without an entry delay even when I do NOT check the “no entry delay” box. This happens fairly often and should be fixed.
  • Thermostat not responding 1/5

    By RunnerGraham
    The thermostat portion of the app has not been working, and I am not able to get the heat to work when combined with the smart thermostat. Not a great solution for winter time. Very disappointed.
  • Used to work great, now...not at all 1/5

    By Mbragg255
    I’ve had my security system for a year now. It worked flawlessly through but the past two months or since IOS 11 came out, I get error and time out 8 out of 10 tries using the app to unlock my door. I shouldn’t have to be two miles away from home and later in the evening for the app to work. I removed the app, reloaded it. Put on another iPhone and an iPad and none work. The alarm company came and said my signal was great. I depended on this app but now I hate it. It even went so far to say the system was disarmed yet when I got home it was armed. Total failure.
  • Use to work great, not after last update. 1/5

    By MonkeyMADIm
    Consistently times out or doesn’t change status. Worked great until the last update. Doesn’t matter if you are on WiFi or cellular, very inconsistent.
  • Error 3/5

    By TDTrttHCT
    I would like the app a lot, but at least 50% of the time that I try to arm my alarm from the app there is an error or it times out.
  • Needs a bit of work 2/5

    By CurlyAnnie
    Can’t delete notification history. Five months ago I resolved toe issue but the “low battery” notification is still on my phone and on the website. App fails routinely, even when connected to WiFi.
  • Please fix!! Iphone 7 plus 4/5

    By rja87
    Always worked fine. went on vacation last week and app is not working. i really needed it to work to let neighbor in my house.. will not send signals anymore.
  • Fine but... 3/5

    By Happy sox
    Lately whenever I go into the main thermostat page, the app will freeze immediately and then will crash out. I have deleted and reloaded and still have the same issue. I can change the temp in the dashboard but can’t do anything in the thermostat page specifically. The app is good but could use a more intuitive approach to it.
  • Frustrated 3/5

    By gwilml
    Several times now my app stops updating and recording my doorbell camera images. For instance this past time it hasn’t updated since 1/2/18 and today is 1/20/18! We changed companies because of this doorbell camera offer and now it’s doesn’t update often.
  • Network Connection Error 2/5

    By GymJorts
    I upgraded to an iPhone X when it came out and began having issues with this app. It does not allow me to login when I’m on a cell network, only when I’m on WiFi. There’s no easy way to contact the dev to report bugs either.
  • Issues with the IOS app. 4/5

    By ptukhar
    Lately in the past 2 weeks - When using the app to open or close my garage. It has been failing. Today as an example. I was unable to open the garage using the app. An hour later the garage opened by itself. I knew because I got the garage has been open for x minutes. I was unable to close the garage after several attempts. Later, I took my kids to swim class. This time the garage was closed prior to leaving. At swim class I got an alert the garage was left open. I checked the app. It indicated the garage was open. After several attempts to close the garage, I gave up. I can’t trust the app. I plan to open a support ticket. Can’t have the garage open in the middle of the night. Update: it turns out the issue was with the cell network being congested. The app has been working flawlessly ever since that was resolved.
  • Doesn’t work 3/5

    By Auntie94
    The last few weeks the app doesn’t work to set or disarm my alarm
  • Need to add feature 5/5

    By D is unhappy221
    Please add adding and deleting user codes within the app
  • Not liking the app 2/5

    By Ozblue728211
    This app rarely works!!
  • Notifications 2/5

    By dcowboy95
    Since the upgrade for iPhone X I have not been getting notifications for when the alarm was being set.
  • Keeps timing me out 1/5

    By Mavdog Kentucky
    I wish you could take a look at the issue I am having on 5 devices I own, I sign in and check the box keep me signed in, go to 3D Touch and activate fingerprint and facial recognition and give it a 3 number pin and after a few hours I go to either turn the alarm on or off and I have to sign on again and again !! Why if I have Security locks set to my devices do I have to continue to sign in and go threw these phases again and again ??? Shouldn’t it just keep me signed in and either request fingerprint or facial recognition and just get in ??? To me it’s very inconvenient to have to sign in every time I need to set or deactivate the alarm system, I am a residential alarm customer. Please advise !!
  • Logging in Issues 3/5

    By jfranco142002
    The app is great and it is easy to use. Unfortunately since the last update the app will not keep me logged in on any of my devices. I have enabled Touch ID on my iPad and Face Recognition on my iPhone. It will keep me logged in for 24hrs then I am automatically logged out. Please fix
  • Very poor phone and app services 2/5

    By Leggzdiamond
    I have been trying to log onto your app on my phone for the last three days due to having to get a new phone I need to reset my password you keep saying you sent me an email which I’ve never gotten, and then when I call for tech-support I get put on hold for 15 to 20 minutes just to get hung up on three days in a row. It seems like all you guys care about is getting your money every month. Dissatisfied customer
  • Yet again I have to go back! 1/5

    By Ihop23947
    The app isn’t reliable! Yet again I have to go back because the alarm app says my door is open. Is it? NO. I AM LOOKING AT IT. So either I let it bypass it or go back. Useless. Fun gimmick. Don’t depend on it. This has happened for YEARS. I just armed it inside. Do you think the app knows that? No. Says disarmed. Still says my door is open. It is closed. Panel says it’s closed. THE APP IS NOT RELIABLE. How can you trust it? How do you know it will tell you a sensor has activated in your history if it doesn’t know a door isn’t open or that it’s even armed??? Don’t tell me it’s sensor batteries either. I change them every 6 months and use the next lithium batteries money can buy.
  • It’s not working 1/5

    By Moodestoian
    Since updating this app, my system no longer responds to mobile commands. Neither does the history function.
  • App does not work via LTE 4/5

    By miataguy
    If I try to log in using the cellular LTE network, the app throws a network error 100% of the time. Works fine if I’m on WiFi. But to be useful, it needs to work via cellular. I’ve submitted 2 support tickets and both have been ignored. ) Edit: thanks for the help figuring out the problem. I changed the review to 4 stars.
  • Download failure 2/5

    By Topcop927
    I just got the iPhone 8 (I think that is what this one is) and everything was transferred via Bluetooth. I logged into the ALARM.COM app but only got less than 1/2 our properties in the school list part. I need this fixed ASAP as this having a glitch in doing my job as a police officer. HELP!!
  • Terrible company 1/5

    By kcluvyrpup
    Terrible company, terrible customer service. You can never get through the lines and acquisition after acquisition they just keep blaming the other company. I am YEARS outside of my contract and yet this company will not stop charging my account monthly. Additionally the system reports low battery and you cannot turn on the system at all. It has a screeching alarm that randomly goes off and you can't do anything about it and you can't get them to remove the system from the house. Why would they?! They just charge me monthly for a service they cannot fulfill! Stop charging me and remove the system immediately. I'll never recommend this company. Not reputable!!!
  • Times out daily 2/5

    By Betty Beware
    It’s gone from occasional to daily now. Every time I arm or disarm it flashes for awhile then times out. On a good day I can finally get it to work after 20 minutes.
  • The app never works 1/5

    By Linnduh3
    Anytime I’m away from home and want to see tha alarm activity or stAtus all i get is a network error, it’s extremely frustrating! I have tried to un install and reinstall but it does not work ... giant waste
  • Hit or miss- mostly miss 1/5

    By Methos
    I have used this app for four months and it used to work well. Now I can’t arm or unarm from it. The alarm company has been out several times and says it’s not their issue. I even used the online app and that does not work either. When it works it is great, unfortunately, for me- it’s useless.
  • No user management 3/5

    By parisbracken
    The app design is very good and is feature rich with the exception of user management. It is not possible to add or manage existing users from within the app. The only way to manage users is from the website, which is currently broken when accessing on my iPhone 8+. Currently can only manage users from the desktop website, which is very frustrating. I would rate the app higher if it had user management built in.
  • Simple 5/5

    By minnyme626
    Love that it’s simple to use and I can activate and deactivate using my phone. I love the clear views of my house when I’m away. Thank you
  • App now working again! 5/5

    By cant find
    I previously wrote that my app was not working unless I was very close to it. Thanks to the alarm techs working with me, they suggested I check to be sure my cellular data was turned on. I did and somehow it must have gotten turned off and it again works! This occasionally happens when updates are sent out - it will change my settings automatically. Thanks to Alarm for the help they gave to me. Now I know in the future to check this.
  • ¿¿What happened?? 2/5

    By Brhonda44
    Worked for the first month or so then stopped working. Our service provider recommended we reboot the system. I’m not willing to reboot every time it decides not to work. What the heck?
  • Saved video issue 4/5

    By J245hsuehuwh
    I am not able to view any saved videos from my doorbell camera. I can see the video live but can’t see any activity that has been recorded by the camera.
  • Fan schedule 3/5

    By Boiler Doug
    Love the app. It would be great though if the fan schedule was more like the temperature schedules. We live the system fan on at night while we sleep, but you can only have it start at midnight and stop the same day.
  • Just stopped working (update) 3/5

    By J problem
    Fix ASAP! Now the app won’t open!
  • Widget needs help 5/5

    By kennova
    I like the app, and the pre-programmed scenes are quite handy for setting the alarm as you go to sleep or wake up. I use those a lot. The only issue, and I’m not sure if it’s an iOS issue, but the widget doesn’t update properly. For example if my garage was opened the last time the app was open the widget can report its open even after you close the garage until you open the app and then the widget updates appropriately. I see a similar issue in other apps. Maybe this is due to my forcing applications to be closed.
  • Please Fix Widget - iPhone X 2/5

    By Script Some
    Widget used to work. Widget does not work on iPhone X. Widget thinks my phone is locked. Widget is wrong. Widget makes it easier to arm and disarm my alarm. I want my widget back.
  • Missing Feature 3/5

    By Bestbuy-God
    We recently upgraded our system from TC to Before the techs left they went over the system and the phone App with us. I noticed a important feature we needed missing from the App and our Touch Screen Keypad. The Bypass Alarm option. We have to bypass our 1 motion sensor when we aren’t home so the dogs don’t set it off. We were told there was no bypass feature on the keypad or App, and that we would have to login from a computer or go upstairs and use that keypad to bypass motion sensor. I like the app, but that is a basic feature not to have on your App or Touch Screen keypad. Hopefully, you come out with this feature soon.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By ChuckMac45
    Last week the app stopped working. System is ok because I can set at panel but can’t arm from app. Maybe it isn’t compatible with iOS 11? Frustrated to say the least. app comments


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