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Albert - Money Management

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Albert - Money Management App

Albert is your financial genius – the smartest, most powerful financial assistant around. Albert connects to all of your accounts and puts your financial plan on auto-pilot. Saving up for a rainy day, budgeting, tackling debt, investing, taking care of family and your retirement – we’ll help you set it up. Our team of human financial geniuses guide you through your financial journey and answer your most complex questions. FEATURES * A personalized financial plan, on auto-pilot. * A team of financial geniuses, on demand, always a text away. * Save automatically with your Albert Savings account, directly in the app. Withdraw your money at any time, quickly and with no fees. * Save for goals and move money instantly between your goals. * Smart notifications that alert you when things are happening with your money – like new subscriptions, a tax refund, an upcoming bill, or an unwanted fee. * Automatically sync all of your financial information in one place - all of your transactions, bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, even your car and home. Albert supports thousands of financial institution in the U.S. * Get an automatic, intelligent view into your budget. See your income, bills, and spending in one place SECURITY * Your peace of mind is our highest priority. * Albert uses bank-level security to ensure that your sensitive personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored. We don't store your banking credentials, and we work with the world’s largest financial institutions to hold our servers to the highest standards. * All funds held within Albert Savings are FDIC-insured up to a balance of $250,000.


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Albert - Money Management app reviews

  • Great for saving 5/5

    By Sheldin:)
    I’m trying to save for a summer internship and a few other things and Albert is great for this! Albert takes the funds from your accounts and puts it into an external account so you don’t spending it without thinking. But Albert allows you to withdraw your money whenever you need it!
  • Eye opening! 5/5

    By TashRuz
    I knew that we needed to reign in expenses, but Albert showed us just how much we were in debt. Total life change. I now feel so much more in control. My only complaint is that it keeps logging me out, and I have to re-log in each time; even when using thumbprint.
  • Scam — withdrawals from bank account daily 1/5

    By Krissy Bodge
    The app says the “smart savings” saves $10-50 a week. Instead they charged me over $80 via 3 transactions in only the first 2 days of having the app.

    By Sperezjulio
    Downloaded the app to briefly check it out - I ended up setting it up and then deleting it because it simply wasn’t what I was looking for. No hard feelings. EXCEPT, a week later it just takes $20 dollars from my account. I re-download the app and try to make a withdrawal...the app tells me there’s no funds available...but it has $20. ???????????????? If you’re going to have an app that automatically takes from peoples accounts, they better just as quick be able to withdraw it.
  • Intrusive and misrepresented 1/5

    By Kacych
    I got 7 or 8 screens into the set up process for this app and felt completely trapped. This is not a monitoring app like mint or others - you very quickly realize that you’ll be paying a monthly fee and even more upsetting - this app is going to actually move your money automatically and and on a regular basis. It’s advertised primarily as something that might help find savings and opportunities where one might be overpaying. Then you come to the screen where the app informs you that you’re going to “Start saving with Albert.” There was never once an option to cancel or undo something in the set up process. Every screen only had an option to “agree and accept” no choice to decline a part of the service. I’ve never regretted downloading an app more and I hope I haven’t put my accounts at risk by providing (what I hope is temporary) access to Albert.
  • “Support?” 1/5

    By SB1199
    Couldn’t locate my bank to link. Only solution listed was to contact mythical support. Seems too intrusive as well.
  • Terrible, Don’t sign up for “Smart Savings” unless you want your account siphoned everyday 1/5

    By Valclement
    I was excited at the prospect of better tracking my bills and creating a savings account using little amounts of money I “wouldn’t miss”. They claim the amounts will vary but typically $10-50 per week. First off, they could never connect to any of my accounts other than my main checking account, convenient that, so I was never able to fully utilize the bill tracking. Then I signed up for Smart Savings and at first it was cool since they were taking a few dollars here and there. And then in the last seven days they took over $160! $61 on 1/30 and $80 on 1/31 alone. Pretty “smart” tool considering I have a mortgage and a loan payment coming out on the 1st that I now I have to scramble to cover because they took so much. And I have to wait for all the transactions to process before I can transfer my money back and wait another 2-3 days to get my money. Don’t waste your time or lose your money to the app.
  • Doesn’t work very well 1/5

    By Lukachick
    I couldn’t sign in to accounts, the ones I did were incorrect, and I’m not interested in the savings part of it. Will be looking to another app to track spending/investments.
  • Great Money Mangement 5/5

    By ExoticAdam
    At first I tried the saving they offer but I didn’t like it as much so I set it to 0$ a week. Since I already have a direct deposit saving with my bank. I love using the app to track my spending, and I also love looking at the app and seeing me slowly but surely lower my crazy 🤓 spending habits.
  • Thank 5/5

    By Myota
    This app has helped me to keep track of my spending so easily! I see what my spending is vs my income each month and the app catches any reoccurring fees that I can then take care of if they’re not something I opted for. I’m grateful for the easy breakdowns and clear explanations of where my money is and where it’s going. Also the feature that lets you save money is great for people like me who find it challenging to put money aside for a rainy day.
  • Awesome App and Works Great! 5/5

    By Quick Jeff
    This app does what it’s supposed to do. Some people don’t understand how it works and bash it. It’s intended to help you put money away without you realizing. Before I knew it, I had $2,000+ in my Albert savings for a rainy day! Love it!!!
  • Thankfully! 5/5

    By Sarah.m.curtis
    I place where I can save money without anyone knowing about it! LIFE SAVERRRR!!! ❤️
  • App feedback 1/5

    By Cesar Salgado Salgado
    Why can’t I log into the app please fix this problem
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Annoyed222
    I love this app... tracks all my spending
  • Needs work but has potential 2/5

    By Gatorman02
    I like the idea of what this company offers (though I did not intend on using the savings account it really wants to set up for you). Unfortunately, though, the app just had too many bugs and errors to be worth the hassle. Perhaps I'll check it out a year from now and see if it's improved, unless 20 other apps offer the same service between now and then. Quick tip: the initial setup process tries to force you to set up a savings account with them, but if you do not need another savings account just close out of the app and reopen.
  • Useless 1/5

    Was excited about the idea of managing my money better, but was so disappointed when (as part of the sign up process) they first asked to automatically start pulling money from my account in order to "save" it with Albert. Then the next prompt was asking how much MORE money I wanted to throw into Albert. THEN the next page asked for a monthly fee! So they already asked to take a chunk from my bank, then asked to take more on a weekly basis - and I understand this is to "save" it with Albert, but 1) we all know it's just a way for the company behind Albert to get more money into their business 2) i wanted an app that would manage the little money i have and NEED (this person ain't got no pennies for saving). Plus, when I connected my bank account, Albert didn't even load my numbers correctly. The amount it stated I had in my account almost gave me a heart attack, I had to log into my bank to make sure I actually didn't somehow loss hundreds of dollars. I'll be deleting Albert today 👋🏼
  • Excellent App! 5/5

    By Uniqueanddifferent
    I rarely download apps and this is the very first time I have ever taken the time to review one. I’m incredibly busy and it’s getting harder and harder for me to keep good track of things. Albert let’s you save, invest, get expert advice all in one place. I haven’t used the advice part but it seems cool. It’s supposed to be a human that you’re talking to. What’s been most helpful is it identifies spending patterns. I’ve already canceled 3 monthly subscriptions. Thanks Albert! I’m a fan.
  • Huge personal information needs and a forced Wells Fargo savings account 1/5

    By nopedotjpg
    I work for a bank, so I was looking for ways to help my members handle money by testing this out first. I was good with the app till it started wanting auto transfers and even though it says you can cancel later...why couldn’t it let me cancel now? We all know people will forget to cancel and then have money being sucked out of their account monthly and then they will come to me for a dispute in a month or so. Everyone knows how simple minded some people are, and this setup process literally forced me to set up an auto transfer from my account to a new Wells Fargo savings this app apparently made for me. I immediately canceled and contacted them to have my account deleted. I also wasn’t too good with giving up so much private information. After they downloaded my transaction history, they wanted to know your birthday, address, phone number and more... I literally was just looking for a simple app to scan over my transactions to see what it found. I’m sure this does a lot more but I deleted it before I found out. Just my opinion.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Don gotti 175704
    Why the hell does it make you go through allllllll the steps THEN tell you there’s a monthly fee.. I would not recommend this app at all... absolutely useless!
  • Very easy to use and communicate 5/5

    By Trangmeo118
    Albert is An amazing app! At least better than my local bank’s app. It gives me better interest rate + I really love the personal texting customer service. I feel like my concern is catered to the right person. Sometimes it can be a little bit confusing due to its update but it’s ok. Been using this app for 1 year and it’s been good so far
  • Hopeful! 5/5

    By jdavila48
    I just began using this app and so far it seems legitimate. Very insightful and easy to navigate. I’m going to give it time and see how secure and helpful this app will be. I’m hoping it will work, I will be back in a couple of months to leave another review!
  • Limiting 3/5

    By AnotherCustomersReview
    Great potential but limits you to their financial products. I guess you aren’t allowed to have goals in other savings accounts except for alberts. Yeah their savings rate is competitive but not the best.
  • This app helps with life 5/5

    By Justinjjj
    Thank you Albert for helping me start saving and doing the things I’ve been placing as goals.
  • Bank errors 1/5

    By Cassie Jae
    I’ve used this app for quite a while and I loved it! But then I started having issues with connections to my primary credit union. First it was saying that I owed a few million dollars on my car loan (I don’t). Sent messages go Albert but never got the error updated. Then it stopped syncing altogether. I’ve gone back and forth with Albert about it but no solution. As that’s my primary account it’s basically a useless app for me now. I kept thinking t was because my CU was making some changes but it works on mint so it really doesn’t make any sense to me and I’m about ready to find something else.
  • Can’t add a bank 4/5

    By NickiM3
    I love the app minus the fact that I can’t add one of my banks. It keeps asking me what bank I originally opened my acct with which I don’t exactly understand. I gave up and didn’t add that particular bank but I don’t feel like the app can function properly without me being able to enter all the information necessary.
  • Don't do it! 1/5

    By Chanelrenae
    Albert doesn't have a safeguard when doing automatic savings that prevents you from overdrafting. Use Qapital or Clarity Money instead those companies won't withdraw money if you don't have a certain amount in your bank account.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By CassieJLG
    I’ve been a long time fan of Mint, but this app takes the cake. It gives goals, helps save, and is easy to use.
  • Lost Too Much Money 1/5

    By katykab00m
    I really liked the idea of automatic savings. Unfortunately it ended up costing me more than I saved. It’s stopped monitoring the bank account without any notification, but continued to withdraw money, COSTING ME $102 IN OVERDRAFT FEES. After the account had been overdrawn for several days, the app continued to withdraw money, because it didn’t monitor the account as promised. I don’t think the support team has any intention of making this right. I first contacted them 5 days ago. Do NOT trust this company with your money!
  • Terrible customer service and app! Stay away 1/5

    By Fotolifeguy
    I forgot my password because I had to reinstall the app on my phone. I sent a request to reset my password twice and have not received anything from them yet and it has been a day. I also emailed them twice and have gotten no response. I’m Upset because I have money coming out of my checking account that’s going into Albert account but I can’t access it because I don’t know my password and no one is getting back to me and they don’t have a phone number.

    By sflookout
    At first glance, this app seemed to solve all of my problems. I could get a snap shot view of my spending and budget - plus an overview of my current financial status. But alas - the app seems to be spiraling downwards ... accounts not updating for days ... inaccurate amounts listed in our monthly budget ... vague responses from the “HELP (less) Desk ... My oh ... My ... what on earth can a poor boy do? I guess I’ll have to wait until the next pair of “genius’s” appear ...
  • Not the best 3/5

    By Serhii Aksiutin
    I had been using it for 6 months. The app can offer some decent functionality, but the Clarity Money have done way too good job using the same data aggregator “PLAID”. Go check it out! Recommendation to dev team is either to get more active with updates and features or become a history as the Level Money did.
  • Give me my money back 4/5

    By SinfulGypsyTea
    Edit 3: all problems fixed. Changed to 4 stars ****^^^^^^^^^^^^^* Edit 2: problem fixed. Changed from one star to 3 stars cause if the hassle they put me through and I don't know how to get the money from my accounts back. ******************* Edit: they fixed my original problem but they deleted all my accounts and now it's saying I have no money saved when in fact I had over $100 saved up. So they basically stole my money and I'm waiting for a response from their team. $100 may not seem like a lot but the fact is it was MY money saved and I want it back!!! ******************* Original review: You won’t let me link my bank account , saying I changed my username and my credentials are invalid and it told me to delete the bank and re-add it but when I try to delete it the app tells me I can’t delete my linked bank. So I have money in this app I can’t get back and can’t save either. Give me my money back.
  • Everyone needs this app 5/5

    By Freelander202
    Amazing features and auto savings plan works like a charm. Racked up a nice little egg with no effort or a second thought. Definitely worth the small fee they charge.
  • Frustrated & The App Isn’t Ready Yet. 1/5

    By KristenB28
    I have two accounts that aren’t supported... SchoolsFirst and my Bloomingdales credit card. I keep getting a robot response: “Check back in a few days to see if they’ve been added!”. I can’t get an answer on when that will actually be. Most of my finances are with SchoolsFirst. I’ve been told to enter it in manually, which basically defeats the purpose of this app. I will be canceling once “the geniuses” wake up.
  • Terrible at fixing issues and linking accounts 1/5

    By Sdjgs4
    I’ve been trying set up my Albert for MONTHS. Not only does it NOT let me link my Wells Fargo account by telling me my user credentials are invalid, which is impossible because I login to my Wells app WITH ZERO ISSUES, but I cannot delete an old bank account AT ALL. I’ve written “support” on 3 separate occasions and I continue to get the same generic bull about going to the profile and deleting the institution. I’ve done that numerous times only to get stopped by a message that tells me I can’t delete because it’s linked to the Albert savings account, which I haven’t even set up yet. I’ll be switching to a decent app that doesn’t send you through the ringer of nonsense just to “save money.”
  • Great app but needs to fix income glitch 4/5

    By Tone108
    I bought this app because it was apple recommended. Great app but there’s a glitch in the bills section where it keeps reporting my income twice which throws off my bill calculations.
  • Easy 5/5

    By statenisland
    Easy way to take control of life events and plan
  • Fiscal Fitness Overhaul 5/5

    By Tkirks912003
    I love this app. As someone who has a heavy focus on personal finance and fiscal fitness, this app helps me take a peak behind the curtain of my own spending habits AND helps me save, mindlessly. It has helped with the development of a debt repayment plan and made it super simple to see all of my cash flow in one place. Kudos to the creators, you’re changing lives. Thank you.
  • Worse app 1/5

    By exclusivejay
    This app seemed to be good, until they just started taking money out of your account without you even setting it up or even setting up an amount. Be alert ! It takes a few days to get the money back (withdraw) and it doesn’t even let you delete your account or your bank account smh worse app.
  • Stealing Money From Me! 1/5

    By Ccbebow
    I was saving money with the auto withdraw into an “Albert account” and then I stopped it. Yet for the past three months I have been charged $6.00 from them. I’m not apart of anything that charges money in my account so I’m waiting to hear from them on what this is and why I’m being charged!
  • Unauthorized Monthly Charges 1/5

    By C :)>
    This app transitioned to albert genius and without my permission started deducting $6 monthly payments from my checking account. Ive requested a refund for the second time now with no response. Do not trust this app.
  • Incessant advertising 4/5

    By _RcoSve-_
    Simple app I downloaded to save money. Everytime I open the app I have to go though this stupid magic wizard or whatever they’re selling. It’s annoying, for that reason I’ll be uninstalling and taking my money to another account that doesn’t nag me. Update after the developer response, thanks but obviously it keeps happening which is why I wrote it.....update, seems it has been fixed and apparently I wasn’t the only one. You get 4 stars now, gotta work real hard to earn the 5th
  • Can’t get official documents 1/5

    By Ryan572
    Be advised, if in the event you need to have documentation of this savings account, you will not be able to get anything from this service. They only have this mobile app, so a web client can’t get you any information. I reached out to support and they said to take a screenshot. Screenshots aren’t admissible for official documents. I also experienced Albert constantly having to refresh the credentials for my checking account, making the service unusable for the savings automation service. Not worth the headache it can cause, at least not in its current state.
  • Very difficult to withdraw money 1/5

    By Rbose123@$&
    I didn't realize the automatic withdrawals would start right away. It's automatically enabled when you sign up! I wanted to use the app to help see my withdrawals and fees. Now, I'm stuck. Won't allow me to withdraw the money that transferred, so I can't close my account and get rid of the app. Frustrating. Set the app up Friday, it's Wednesday morning, still won't allow me to withdraw my money and close my account.
  • Happy with the app 5/5

    By juwiz
    I switched from Mint when Albert first launched a while ago. This app does a good job at showing spending trends and helping budget. The new update with the genius is a little tricky and makes it seem like there is a paywall now but only for that specific feature. You can still use all of the Albert specific features for free.
  • Great app to manage your money. 5/5

    By Fairmont congregation WV
    Easy way to keep in track of your income and what you spend it on. Even stuff I had forgotten I spent on. AND FORGET WHERE THAT MONEY WENT TO. Albert reminded me where it went and what I spent it on. Thanks Albert app!
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Mishy1289yeah
    I downloaded this app so I could see all of my subscriptions and recurring payments and it didn't find anything. Then asks to transfer money into the Albert account to save for you. Only an idiot would give up the accruing interest that you would receive on your own account. You're losing money here! What a scam!
  • User Beware! 1/5

    By PebblesPages
    Auto savings is an awesome concept, savings would randomly disappear with a note that “They are working on fixing the problem.” Not ok if you plan on having thousands of dollars in this app because you can’t prove how much you had unless you take a pic daily. Genius is a rip off!! You pay them for financial advice, but all they do is answer your questions with more questions. Not once have they actually answered my question!!
  • Losing Money 1/5

    By Gfcszcbkjbvxdf
    I downloaded the app several months ago but deleted the app during the summer since I wasn't using it. Since then, I switched accounts and my paycheck gets deposited elsewhere. Recently, I get an email that my account overdrafted. I check to see what's going on and learn that Albert has been taking my money even though I don't use the app anymore. Now I have to pay an overdraft fee and that money is now lost.
  • Best money manager on earth 5/5

    By ZacharySnader
    You don't have to pay Albert if you don't want to. I choose to because I appreciate the service. Haters gonna hate.

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