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The official app of Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines. Book your vacation online at, then use this app to make the most of your trip.

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  • No way to add boarding pass to wallet 1/5

    By oldtoysNewplastic
    This app gives you no way to add your boarding pass to the iPhone wallet. Useless junk.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Gobrewcrew2017
    Worked great. No need to print tickets ahead of time, just pull up on the phone. Very easy to use and worked for what I needed.
  • The worst. (App and airline) 1/5

    By Paublo the barbarian
    First of all, the app is completely unreliable, delays its updates, and gives false and misleading information. It initially said my flight was set to arrive on time without delays. I ended up never getting an update for the 3 hour delay, which later turned into the flight getting cancelled all together. We, the passengers, were blindsided and severely inconvenienced. I'll never book with allegiant again. I would recommend you cancel and get your flight refunded ASAP and book with another airline. It's not worth the "savings"
  • May work okay 2/5

    By Amodave
    Have not checked it. I downloaded it to search for flights and then book a flight but none of that is possible through the app.
  • App falls short 2/5

    By Mwm308
    This app is lacking something as simple as looking up potential flight schedules. It's only value is if you already scheduled a flight and want to look it up on your phone. You can't book a flight on this app. Seriously..... it's not that expensive or difficult.
  • No bueno 1/5

    By Maxfliestheretoo
    The email said you can use the app to get a paperless boarding pass but there is no option. Worthless app
  • Piece of S*it 1/5

    By Audder damfb
    I am writing this review as I have been waiting 18 hours to get to the Phoenix/Mesa airport in AZ. This airline continually cancels flights and the deals all add up to a normal airline price immediately due to having to pay for everything on the trip. There are multiple issues with the staff and the aircraft. I can understand some malfunctions in the plane, because it is a machine... but the staff are unreasonable and unhelpful. Not only do they not compensate for the garbage airline, but they continually lie to us and never tell the truth about what's actually going on. Spare yourselves from this company and give yourselves a good trip and go to a better airline. My trip has been ruined, but PLEASE save yours. Would give 0 stars if possible, hope this company crashes and burns in the ground.
  • Don't get this app 1/5

    By Rico 212阝
    Wouldn't even let me check in
  • Airline Review 3/5

    By ljfanaticgator
    This airline is an (expletive) joke. This app is lit tho so 3 stars
  • Boarding Pass on app doesn't load 1/5

    By laker_eddie
    Trying to use the boarding pass through the app as recommended by the company and I received error message that boarding pass can't load. Now I have to stand in line to pay $5 to print
  • Book a flight?!! 1/5

    By Angi-Angie
    It would be really good if you could book your next flight through this. 😬😩
  • App Review 2/5

    By Sethcc
    The App works ok at best. Our flight was delayed and was not boarding, the app told us the flight had already left. Also no way to add tickets to your Apple wallet, or share them with others your flying with... but it's what you should expect from this airline.
  • I would rather walk 1/5

    By CagedAggression
    Garbage airline in every sense of the word. You can tell just how bad this company is by how terribly unhappy, and rude their employees are. Then again, I'd be ashamed to work for this airline too.
  • Much better than previous versions! 4/5

    By rt941546
    While most reviews focus on the airline rather than the app itself, this review will focus on the latter. So far, I have had no issues with the use of the app. It does what it should (check in, boarding passes, etc) with fast, responsive animations. I gave this app 4 stars due to the lack of Wallet support found on other airline apps.
  • Have flown Allegiant many times 4/5

    By Flyin granny
    I have flown Allegiant many times and have made reservations for many friends and family. Billings, MT and Stockton, CA are not easy places to fly out of but Allegiant does. Buy the ticket take a carry on and go.
  • Always late 1/5

    By jewels being annoyed
    I can tell you I will not take this airline ever again. The flight out we were an hour late. The second flight we were still boarding and sitting here even though the app says we departed. It is an hour later and still sitting here as the app says we had departed. We kept checking the app because of the snow. Everything said on time and no delays. And it's a LIE. After you pay for everything. You would have been better off with a different airline.
  • Airline and app 1/5

    By E.Beagle
    There is no real savings using Allegiant... it charges for every component of flying. Seriously??? These clowns charge for a boarding pass, to pick seats, use a credit card, etc. by time you're done the "low cost fare" is gone. And the app is useless. Deleting app and booking with a real airline.
  • Won't download to my phone 3/5

    By Chelc6
    Love the convenience of the app but it's not letting me download it!! I'm giving it a 3 star because I loved the app when it was actually working! I wish they would fix it so I could use it again!
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Travlinrr
    After 30 minutes of "error loading", "trouble finding your flight" (after initially finding it), "unable to connect to server", "updating" and then more "updating" and then the final hang after agreeing to the Hazardous Materials question...I gave up trying to check in. My guess is they want your $5.00 at the counter to print a boarding pass for you. This app is a waste of time!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By 🎀😤🔫
    Not useful for anything. Just use the crappy website instead.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Allegiant must go
    Have deleted and reloaded several times. Cannot check into flight to get boarding pass on my iPhone. Multiple people on my last Allegiant flight had app problems and missed flight (no boarding pass access). Cannot even begin to comment on company customer service, ageing poorly maintained fleet and poor safety record. Allegiant is a dog that takes advantage of small air markets.
  • App does not work at all!!! 1/5

    By iPhone 4 for life
    The latest update does not work on iPhone4. It only works on iOS 8.0 and above. Apple does not allow older devices to upgrade iOS, making allegiant2go an obsolete app. I am so disappointed in the app developers. I now give this app ZERO STARS:(
  • Useless 1/5

    By ThurmStarrZ
    You can't book a flight with it.
  • Not completely useless but close 1/5

    By Crack masser
    What airline app doesn't all you to plan and book trips? This sorry app. What a joke!!
  • Useless app 1/5

    By slurban4
    No point in keeping an app that doesn't allow you to search for fares/flights or book anything. Step it up, Allegiant.
  • Great for my purpose 5/5

    By Gramps621
    I only use this app for checking flight status and to use as a boarding pass. Performs perfectly.
  • Garbage doesn't do the one job 1/5

    By I heart yoga
    This airline is awful. So is this app. I had to search five times for it to find my reservation and I entered in the exact same thing every time. There is absolutely no reason to have a standalone app for people to pull up boarding passes on phones.
  • Broken iOS 10 1/5

    By kevindeluca1
    I just downloaded the app and I am stuck in an endless loop. Every time I open it it asked me to tap the "upgrade" button to install the new version of the app. If I go to the App Store there is no new version. This app is completely broken and worthless. They should be giving us free tickets in lieu of the broken app.
  • Terrible airline = terrible app! Zero stars. 1/5

    By HansWheel
    This review isn't for the weak app, but rather the airline itself. DON'T fly allegiant if you can help it. Let's see where do we start... - Nickel and dime passengers for everything...$5 for a boarding pass!? Really? - Baggage costs skyrocket if you don't specify and pay for checked and carry on items at booking - Have a pet? Better read all the fine print and (purposely?) confusing requirements which can lead to additional fees. Also, forget about checking in online with a pet. - Delays due to low staffing (can't blame the employees. If it's this bad to be a passenger, working for them must be horrific.) - Oh and a $75 fee to rebook if you miss your flight (which we missed due to a terribly inefficient check-in process that took so long they weren't checking bags by the time we got to the counter) - Monster fees to use a credit card vs debit card. - Shady practice of not making fees clear until the very end of he process. Makes comparing to other airlines nearly impossible unless you want to spend hours researching. - Oh and the crap app didn't notify me of the 2 hour delay. - I'm sure there is more...I haven't even gotten on the plane yet. Only positive is, I'll no longer despise flying Delta.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Grandpa526724
    App is great for already booked trips! Allows you to check in and also check your flight status.
  • App is for electronic ticket 5/5

    By IsabelRae
    I'm not sure why people are trying to book flights on this app. This app is supposed to be used for checking in, viewing gate and flight information, and for electronic tickets. I haven't had any trouble any of those things. The app actually gives you updates about your flight (delays and gate changes) so you don't have to go to the prompter. It is very useful!
  • Can't plan or book? Lame. 1/5

    By A security nerd
    Primarily downloaded this app to look at flight options, fares and book flights. Can't do any of these things, and when I tried to see flight info by just searching status, it wanted additional info beyond my airport (the other airport). For an airline that routinely uses unconventional fields (not LAX or PHX), and only has 2 flights per week per other city, this is silly. Lame app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By 65GT-350
    Like everyone else. Can't book a flight so no reason to keep the app.
  • Half an App! 1/5

    By heaviland
    I want to be able to check information about booking a flight before I need to worry about checking the status of my flight. This app is getting deleted!
  • Seriously! You can't book a flight 1/5

    By knarf78501
    What a waste of my data usage.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Oregon123
    The app says my flight leaves at 5:15....get to airport and BOOM, doesn't leave till 645! What garabage!
  • Pointless App 1/5

    By msbri2u
    There's NO point in an airline app that doesn't allow you to book travel. There are several other apps to use to track flights so this app is pointless.
  • No option to search flights 1/5

    By Deez nutters
    Archaic app. Deleted within minutes. No ability to plan travel.
  • Can't make a reservation 1/5

    By Rons 1st teview
    What sense is an app that won't let you make a new reservation? That's the case with the new app from Allegiant. Go somewhere else to make the reservation and then you can use it.
  • You can't book flights? 1/5

    By Kjbubbbs
    What's the point in having an app you can't book flights with? Makes no sense.
  • Can't book flights 2/5

    By Wampdaddy
    Disappointed that I can't book flights on this app
  • Not a smart move Allegiant... 1/5

    By WaaacckkkAF
    Same as previous reviewer stated; horrible update. Unable to review or book flights on this app. Seems a little odd to go on their website to view flight availability, then get on the app to "make the most of your trip." Deleting app ✌🏽️
  • New app is not good 2/5

    By Bianca 007
    I can no longer find the information on flights that I could with older app, DO NOT like the upgraded app; should be able to find available flights and choose one
  • Great for what is needed 5/5

    By Briankrebs
    I have only used this app to check in online and to take a picture of my boarding pass. It has worked every time and I personally am a huge fan of allegiant airline.
  • Limited functionality makes it worthless 1/5

    By Eric Stammer
    As other reviews said. They followed the rule of : if it aint broke...fix it till it is!!
  • Can't Search Flights, Site Not Mobile Friendly 1/5

    By Monzai Vega
    I can't search for and book new flights, website isn't mobile friendly for iPhone 6s. Kayak doesn't show Allegiant flights. Get it?
  • Why do you have this app..... 1/5

    By Dc1413
    If you cannot BOOK a flight????????
  • Good for what I need 4/5

    By Inndyjim
    I use this app to check in and get my boarding pass. I check my flight status and also it has each of my trips so I can refer to dates and times. I don't use apps to book tickets which seems to be what everyone complains about. I want that on a full screen as there's just too much information to look at when booking and considering trip options.
  • Serves a purpose! 4/5

    By AtxWombat
    I appreciate the fact that this app allows me to proceed directly to security without having to bother with printing out a ticket! This is a serious time-saver for a person who doesn't have a printer!
  • 👍👪 5/5

    By itzghellerz

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