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The official app of Allegiant Travel & Allegiant Airlines. Book your vacation online at, then use this app to make the most of your trip.

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  • App works, but lacks features and has issues with boarding pass details 3/5

    By BurkeT26
    Overall the app works well, but it doesn't offer a lot of details that are always included on the full boarding pass such as having an infant on the pass. We almost couldn't make it past security because we didn't have a printed copy of the boarding pass. Those details should be available for the app.
  • Can't Book 1/5

    By Pjeff97
    Can't book a flight on the app even though the sample screen shows it. Waste of time.
  • What's the Problem? 4/5

    By Lazyblob
    Downloaded the app, did everything I expected it to that I use Deltas app for at least. Just missing Gate detail. Still have to look at a flight board to know where your gate is which is odd.
  • Flight disappeared 1/5

    By Shelby1996
    The app doesn't deserve any stars!! Does not update in real time, in fact never updated! Said I was ineligible to check in using the app, so because I couldn't check in, it wouldn't load my boarding pass! Deleted the app and re downloaded it thinking that might fix the glitch and my flight iteanrry disappeared and wouldn't accept my confirmation number. Please fix the issues!
  • One star rating deserved. 1/5

    By ShawnCBR600RR
    Nothing about this app works, it's horrible.
  • App not working 2/5

    By tgman11
    I have been trying to use the app for over a week with no success. I keep getting the following, "Hmmm...Something seems to have gone wrong. Please try again. (1888R)" Allegiance says the app is working. Both my wife and I get the same error on multiple devices.
  • Great trip 5/5

    By lafeclinton
    The staff was very nice and helpful. No problems will fly with Allegiant again soon.
  • Fail 1/5

    By KipHinMaryland
    Cannot get boarding passes. App will not even open properly. Your IT staff needs a little work.
  • Yeah 2/5

    By Jroupe
    So maybe you dummy's can't read but if you look at the description, it specifically states you need to book your flight on the website then manage your trip on the app soo....
  • Like the airline 1/5

    By Vvgdf
    Can't book flights from app Horrible
  • Horrible App - drains your battery 1/5

    By Rhenthorne
    Not user friendly- just let us put our boarding pass in Wallet like every other airline. Kills your battery.
  • Nothing is right with the app 1/5

    By Pranitk
    So stupid. Can't book the flight with the app. Ah what a awful customer service!
  • Horrible App / Site 1/5

    By eBrit
    Nothing user friendly about the app or their site. Been searching for a complete list of flight routes and times for data wo any luck. Without a doubt the hardest airlines site and app out there to book a simple flight.
  • Can't book flights in the app 1/5

    By Gezika
    It'd be nice if you could book a flight on the app because your website isn't very mobile user friendly to book flights and see what airports have flights to other airports. 👎🏼
  • No Apple wallet? 1/5

    By Mac/Apple Lover
    How do you miss this feature?
  • Worked great! 5/5

    By Markciu
    No problems at all- worked perfectly.
  • Horrible employees at the new Austin south terminal! 1/5

    By Hidjrjebwnsoc
    The two female customer service agents at the new south terminal in Austin on April 20,2017 at 1:45pm should be relieved from their jobs!! They were more worried about going on break rather than helping myself and other customers who had missed our flights because we were not notified about the Allegiant airlines moving from the main ABIA AIRPORT TERMINAL to the South terminal. The basically refused to talk to us and only offered us a piece of paper with the Allegiant customer service phone number. These people are absolutely worthless for the company and shouldn't be in customer service jobs if you don't want to work with the customer.
  • Worked fine 5/5

    By AllergyDoc
    I'm sitting in the airport right now after checking through security with this app. Worked perfectly.
  • App is junk 1/5

    By JS FL55
    Just like their non-existent customer service, allegiant app is complete junk. This airline cares zero about their customers and doing the right thing. Obviously it's all about the money, not about safety, customer service, or training their employees how to do their jobs. App will not connect to the internet, so it's now my problem how to get a boarding pass without paying even more to fly this lousy airline. One star only because it won't enter without something. Real rating: -10 stars!
  • Worked Great 5/5

    By Buffy12863
    App worked great for me. Boarding Pass worked great
  • Works 5/5

    By mlm5em
    Works for me, will update once checked in successfully.
  • Alligiant's App is as bad as their Safety record 1/5

    By Me not u seas,
    This failed attempt at a mobile APP is worse than Bad. It is virtually unusable. The "new update" now excludes all iPhones with older OS. The older version of the app is downloadable but then forces you to update the newer version. (That won't run, it's a snake eating it's tail) Total waste of time . Allegiant then Forces you to wait long in terminal lines so They can gouge another $5.00 for printer boarding pass. NO e-ticketing available Decrepit aging aircraft. Under staffed counters. Over worked & underpaid pilots , Maintenance workers. (Feel free to research pilots open letters warning passengers) This airline is dangerous. And the APP reflects their level of apathy.
  • Allegiant app 1/5

    By Crwade
    Crap so far
  • Limited- with online/in-app disconnect 1/5

    By Irishpan
    Were unable to pull up boarding passes from online check-in on the app. Were not able to check-in using app for return leg of journey after checking in online for 1st leg.
  • Cannot upgrade via app 1/5

    By Lcreely
    I have tried to update my seats several times and it never goes through. So frustrating.
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By Farkle870
    Immediately following a fresh app install, upon launch it falsely detects a new available version and forces you into and endless update loop.

    By iGotBank
    The app is really simple and easy to navigate. I read a lot of the reviews posted here and I noticed that a lot of the problems people are having are mainly due to people not reading the instructions. I think that the app is great. You can scan multiple boarding passes on one phone and you don't have to worry about finding a printer or any additional fees. The ticket counter agents are a great resource to use if your having issues with the app. They even have hand outs that help you check in on the app. It only takes 2 seconds to read the instructions in front of you. A lot of people are quick to blame the airline instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.
  • MUCH Better Than Before 5/5

    By jake(ob)
    Simple, useful, and most importantly, now usable!
  • Allegiant Airline is trash 1/5

    By Jimdsrggg
    The flight got delayed twice from 2:00 to 6:00pm. As I'm typing this, not sure if the plane is going to show up.
  • Please Add a Flight Booking to the App 3/5

    By Dddoaneviajenciaow
    The biggest downfall of the app is definitely the inability to book flights. This would be a great addition and I'd give 4, maybe even 5, stars if we could book flights directly from the app. As for the airline and the booking, I understand paying for bags, but I despise that you have to pay for a seat. I understand paying more for extra legroom or extra comfort, but basic seats should be included in the ticket price. Nonetheless, Allegiant is still typically the cheapest airline for my most common destinations, even after paying for my seats and my bags, so I can't complain too much.
  • Update! 5/5

    By Jc838
    The update is much better. I'm glad you can easily check in online and choose your seats, etc. I still wouldn't buy a ticket on it but it's useful once the ticket has been bought online.
  • Glitch or may be it's not a glitch 1/5

    By Dixierx
    Booked a flight for 4 people and paid for the assigned seats over a month ago. On the day of the first flight I tried to check in using the app 6 hours before the departure time and it kept saying there was problem with my selected seats and kept asking me to purchase an upgrade. I went to the airport 5 hours early and the employee at the check-in counter said those seats were still open and she fixed the issue for me. Same thing happen again with the app when I tried to check in the day before my returning flight. Can't go to the airport hours before departure time this time and the seating issue is yet to be resolved. So frustrated with the app and this airline. The app definitely gives you false information and you can't get a digital boarding pass unless you use the app. You just can't have a smooth trip when you fly this airline.
  • 3x more value 5/5

    By Tr33some
    Save $5 by loading boarding pass on the app. Choose seating at check-in on app. App didn't cause problems or refresh when phone was asleep for a bit. The flight was comfortable, normal space, no free snacks or drinks. My second time. And way more affordable and gave an hour to board, arrived early, no crowds, friendly. Bought ticket day before flight from Vegas and 3 times cheaper than Southwest at the time. Just check fees when booking. Really smooth flight.
  • Don't think you'll book a flight easy!! 1/5

    By Pajskiblu
    I cannot book flights, all I can do is add existing trips, check existing online then look here? Why bother it takes more time to open the app than to check online. app needs to allow booking!!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Therack12346
    Requires wi-fi to update and download a boarding pass, that is not an option in an airport. Useless.
  • Fix Location Services Options 1/5

    By Gr8ScottyP
    All apps that only allow Always and Never without the option of While Using the app, I give a 1 star rating. Fix and I will change my rating, otherwise I have to adjust my settings manually every time I use the app.
  • No way to add boarding pass to wallet 1/5

    By oldtoysNewplastic
    This app gives you no way to add your boarding pass to the iPhone wallet. Useless junk.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Gobrewcrew2017
    Worked great. No need to print tickets ahead of time, just pull up on the phone. Very easy to use and worked for what I needed.
  • The worst. (App and airline) 1/5

    By Paublo the barbarian
    First of all, the app is completely unreliable, delays its updates, and gives false and misleading information. It initially said my flight was set to arrive on time without delays. I ended up never getting an update for the 3 hour delay, which later turned into the flight getting cancelled all together. We, the passengers, were blindsided and severely inconvenienced. I'll never book with allegiant again. I would recommend you cancel and get your flight refunded ASAP and book with another airline. It's not worth the "savings"
  • May work okay 2/5

    By Amodave
    Have not checked it. I downloaded it to search for flights and then book a flight but none of that is possible through the app.
  • App falls short 2/5

    By Mwm308
    This app is lacking something as simple as looking up potential flight schedules. It's only value is if you already scheduled a flight and want to look it up on your phone. You can't book a flight on this app. Seriously..... it's not that expensive or difficult.
  • No bueno 1/5

    By Maxfliestheretoo
    The email said you can use the app to get a paperless boarding pass but there is no option. Worthless app
  • Piece of S*it 1/5

    By Audder damfb
    I am writing this review as I have been waiting 18 hours to get to the Phoenix/Mesa airport in AZ. This airline continually cancels flights and the deals all add up to a normal airline price immediately due to having to pay for everything on the trip. There are multiple issues with the staff and the aircraft. I can understand some malfunctions in the plane, because it is a machine... but the staff are unreasonable and unhelpful. Not only do they not compensate for the garbage airline, but they continually lie to us and never tell the truth about what's actually going on. Spare yourselves from this company and give yourselves a good trip and go to a better airline. My trip has been ruined, but PLEASE save yours. Would give 0 stars if possible, hope this company crashes and burns in the ground.
  • Don't get this app 1/5

    By Rico 212阝
    Wouldn't even let me check in
  • Airline Review 3/5

    By ljfanaticgator
    This airline is an (expletive) joke. This app is lit tho so 3 stars
  • Boarding Pass on app doesn't load 1/5

    By laker_eddie
    Trying to use the boarding pass through the app as recommended by the company and I received error message that boarding pass can't load. Now I have to stand in line to pay $5 to print
  • Book a flight?!! 1/5

    By Angi-Angie
    It would be really good if you could book your next flight through this. 😬😩
  • App Review 2/5

    By Sethcc
    The App works ok at best. Our flight was delayed and was not boarding, the app told us the flight had already left. Also no way to add tickets to your Apple wallet, or share them with others your flying with... but it's what you should expect from this airline.
  • I would rather walk 1/5

    By CagedAggression
    Garbage airline in every sense of the word. You can tell just how bad this company is by how terribly unhappy, and rude their employees are. Then again, I'd be ashamed to work for this airline too.
  • Much better than previous versions! 4/5

    By rt941546
    While most reviews focus on the airline rather than the app itself, this review will focus on the latter. So far, I have had no issues with the use of the app. It does what it should (check in, boarding passes, etc) with fast, responsive animations. I gave this app 4 stars due to the lack of Wallet support found on other airline apps.

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