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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

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  • Current Version: 6.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: All Recipes, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner App

Introducing the most amazing Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app yet! Designed to delight, Allrecipes’ Dinner Spinner has been reinvented as the most popular food-focused social app with a community of more than 30 million home cooks who play a part in helping cooks discover and share the joy of home cooking. The latest version of the app is better than ever: • Feed: Personalized for you and gets smarter with every recipe you save and make; and each Taste you follow. • Improved search options: Search by keyword, ingredients to include/exclude as well as by dietary need & ready in time. • Swipe: Swipe right on recipes, to quickly view more recipes you will love. • Favorites and Collections: Save your favorite recipes for quick access anywhere and create, organize and share recipe collections to make finding favorite recipes a snap. • Cook with what’s on sale: See which recipe ingredients are on sale near you! We’ll also suggest a recipe when you walk into a store (select stores). • Step-by-step cooking videos: More than 1000 mobile-friendly recipe videos with step-by-step cooking instructions and you can skip to the parts you want to see quickly (Tablet). • Sharing: I Made It feature makes it super easy to brag about your cooking triumphs with friends – on Allrecipes, and in your Facebook feed. • Cook profiles: Everything you’ve created, saved and made… in one convenient place. • Shopping list: Just tap to add entire recipes or ingredients to your shopping list. • Updated, streamlined design that’s the same across your phone, tablet and PC.


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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app reviews

  • Years of service 5/5

    By Truleighblessed
    I have been using AllRecipes for YEARS, and have recommended it to friends. To me, other apps don’t add up. It meets all my needs as far as a recipe app.
  • Printing 1/5

    By River Dawg
    Can no longer print from app. Printer button is gone
  • Angry 1/5

    By Gerryt240755
    Been using this app for years. I updated this app the last time. Lost all my favorites , now I can’t even log on. Very angry, will probably delete this app now and try to find something else.
  • Deleting 1/5

    By Quicksilver477
    I hate this app anymore. Too many annoying pop up ads. Trying to look at a recipe and a pop up repeatedly comes up even after dismissing it. This used to be a great resource but now it's not even worth my time so I'm deleting it.
  • Wish I had a choice without ADDS and Stop Refreshing! 2/5

    By MingMing201
    Well, now your need for greed publishing adds, interferes with other apps. Shutting them down, with video adds. The only use for this app, is to find recipes, and import them to a usable app. Don't I wish I had a choice. First, and yes I've tried to call your contact line, to no avail. The adds interfere with the shopping list! The adds, sure while the site needs the adds, they conflict with the shopping list, and the constant jumping screen waiting waiting for adds to POP up is irritating. Give us a choice to pay an annual fee without adds. And this idiot add regarding the IRS, eeeeeegadssss, the pop up at the bottom is once, but running the same add in the middle with that ugly human on it, Please do you read these reviews. Give us a paid app choice! Please! Can you stop auto refresh Please!
  • To be clear, the rating is for the app 2/5

    By SunshineOnMyToes
    I keep checking for an update, but despite the app being stuck on “Fetching recipes” for the last few days, one has yet to become available. I started using Allrecipes almost 20 years ago, so the site within itself is so amazing I’ve had little need to venture elsewhere for recipes in two decades of use. Think that makes the current frustration even greater... I have ingredients for recipes I really would like to be able to access on the danged worthless app, because my Safari kinda has better things to do.
  • Please make better 2/5

    By Rip off and scam
    I love the reviews on the recipes and pics.. but the app itself needs a lot of work. I would love to be able to search categories like on the website. Browsing for recipes isn’t easy or convenient in the app. Also browsing by most popular or highest rated etc should be easier. Please improve the app bc I really love the website.
  • Need WiFi 3/5

    By Deafinit
    As soon as I leave a place with WiFi the app stops working. It’s just the app. Problem is, if I go to my web browser the search isn’t the same as the app, so the recipe I was previously looking at is no where to be found. I just want to cook this particular casserole, fam.
  • Please Add print button!!! 3/5

    By Kim..W
    Please add print button to iPhone app!!! It’s VERY annoying that I can’t print a recipe from my iPhone and that I need to use my computer to print the recipe!
  • Just too slow now 1/5

    By lwriv7
    This app just seems not to work anymore. Constantly takes forever to load. Crashes a lot. It’s a shame because I love the site and have found a lot of great recipes here. But it has gotten so buggy lately...
  • Sign in with google??? 1/5

    By Hagsybagsy
    I use google to sign in when using the website, but the app seems to not support this. I cannot use it with my account so what’s the point?

    By therapyneeded
    I like printing my recipes. Better than getting my phone or iPad all gooped up with food. I once emailed you guys about adding a print button. That was maybe 2 or 3 years ago. You said not an option. Why not??!!
  • It USED to be a Good Cooking App 1/5

    By EricS
    I really liked the Dinner Spinner, when it really did spin, when you could have multiple grocery lists, when you could check off items as you shopped, when the Kitchen view or timer view or cooking view (I forget exactly what it was called) was available. Struggling and being frustrated with an application is not worth the time and effort.
  • What happened 1/5

    By X9tx76
    I used the paid Allrecipes Pro app and love it. Now it is gone and we get this free app with ads. Horrible.
  • Won’t search; never loads “My tastes” 1/5

    By Mark R. Lindsey
    This app version barely works at all for me. The worst part is that it appears to work, but won’t.
  • Help! 1/5

    By Barrowdp
    I ran the latest update today and now my app keeps crashing. 😞
  • Too many ads, can’t focus on recipe 1/5

    By SoCal12
    Everything pulls focus away from the actual recipe I’m trying to prepare. This used to be my favorite app, but not anymore. Disappointing.
  • The ads :( 4/5

    By All4FFF
    I use this app a lot...several times a week on average. I do not like the ad function, however. I don’t mind ads popping up. What I do mind is when they stop my music from playing while I’m trying to cook, then having to restart my music when the ad is done playing. Annoying.
  • Away with the good, bring in the bad 1/5

    The old version of this was soooo much easier to navigate and find recipes. It is much simpler to go to the website now than to use this app.
  • Vibrations too distracting 1/5

    By LAN8787
    Every time I use this app my phone does pulsing vibrations like a heartbeat. It’s too distracting to allow me to use the app. The vibrations stop as soon as I close the app. This is definitely the weirdest reason I’ve ever had to stop using an app!
  • No category search 2/5

    By Lms718
    Huge fan of Allrecipes but this app needs some improvement. Would be nice if it had the same functionality as the website, such as searching by category.
  • Deleting app now 1/5

    By drcrittic
    I used to use this app ALL the time, but now with the constant pop up video ads - Bye-Bye!! Not worth my time! There are plenty of other apps out there.
  • Ads everywhere 1/5

    By johnnydangr
    This app is unusable for cooking. There are apps all over the screen. Horrible!
  • Loved it but... 3/5

    By Lilmya11111111
    Now there seems to be a huge lag in which sometimes I’m forced to close the app and start from the beginning when I select a recipe from my feed to view, or when trying to search for a specific recipe.
  • ads shift screen 2/5

    By patapra
    every time a new ad loads, the screen shifts, making it really difficult to follow a recipe.
  • Crashing on iPhone X 1/5

    By Jordan Ryan Moore
    The app consistently crashes several seconds after I open any recipe on my iPhone X. Same story on my wife’s iPhone X. This app is now unusable. Update: This still occurs, even after their update that adds “iPhone X support.”
  • They put in ads 1/5

    By EvanSei
    They added ads in the latest version.
  • This app is s##t! 1/5

    By Gschwob
    We had the All Recipes Pro app and happily paid for it. It’s obvious that the only people that love this app never used the old app and certainly didn’t pay anything for this new free app. The new app is worth exactly what I paid for it...NOTHING!!
  • Good recipe app! 🍅 5/5

    By Train *
    My go to recipe app! Thanks so much for listening to us and adding a notes option! This will really help me to remember the changes I make to suit my taste. I would also recommend Yummly and Food Network apps for variety.
  • It's good and it's free. 5/5

    By Ahnomaly
    It's good and it's free! What more can I say. The app typically gives me general cooking times for food I want to make, and recipes that I can alter when I'm bored. I like the dinner spinner feature and the various ways of searching recipes by what you have on hand etc. it don't remember it crashing on my phone or iPad, so I think it's a winner overall.
  • May contain malware 2/5

    By Scherherazade
    I keep periodically encountering malware-like screen jitteriness from this app. 2 or 3 times over the last several versions, it has jiggled so much that it is unusable and I just have to keep closing the app each time I open it. Invariably, sometimes soon afterwards, my husband's Android detects malware in my texts to him. When I delete and then re-download the app, the jitteriness disappears and the malware detections also stop. I just had my most recent onset of Allrecipes jitteriness yesterday. As usual, it has not gone away on its own. Uninstalling again and not feeling great about this.
  • Awful interface. Can’t see content through ads 1/5

    By Casdifhseucmvhs
    Okay, so it costs money to make content. I get that. But other apps, like Food Network, have small and inconspicuous ads. This All Recipes app, you can’t see the content through the crap. Use their website and hang some of the excellent app store ad blockers off Safari. I like to give a website a fair shake, but when they treat me like that, I don’t care about their revenue anymore. Adblock and ScriptScrap, ahoy!
  • App is worthless right now 1/5

    By Dlajunk
    Developer has not updated to most recent ios, so cant even open it. Even previous versions had poor search functions.
  • Miss the add free version 1/5

    By twentythreeOh4
    I had purchased the ad free “pro” version, but it was discontinued. Now only have this version, which has no way to get rid of all the annoying ads. I hate adware.
  • Used to be fine, but now it’s useless 1/5

    By R1girl
    First off the recipe categories need to be reviewed. Many of the recipes that show up for low-carb diets are nowhere near low carb. It takes forever to skim through the recipes to find some that are actually low carb. Second, I used to be able to copy the URL of the recipe so that I could import it into Paprika recipe manager, but that option is no longer available in the app which renders this app useless to me. I will not be looking in multiple locations for my saved recipes. I don’t have the time.
  • Needs to be updated 1/5

    By KVZME
    App will no longer work with iPhone 11 operating system.
  • Never worked once 1/5

    By Laffaminnit
    Is something wrong with this app, that it crashes within five seconds of being open? I think it’s a great app... but no way to tell for sure since I can’t actually use it.
  • Huge battery sucker. Glad I deleted. 1/5

    By hanxtrux
    Also mixes up meat recipes in vegetarian category.
  • Best Recipe App 5/5

    By HLMedic1
    This is my go-to app when I need a recipe. Be sure to read the comments on each recipe. They're very helpful. Edit: Give an option to print. It drives me crazy that I can’t print a recipe.
  • Don’t like the heartbeat 4/5

    By Dreadkid08
    This is a good app but one thing I don’t like about it is when you heart a recipe the app makes the phone vibrate like a heart beat. Once it starts beating, it doesn’t stop unless you exit the app, and then if you return to the app it starts beating again so you have to close the app and reopen it to make it stop. It’s very annoying
  • Missing basic functionality 2/5

    By Delphinidae123
    What is the point of a shopping list if you can’t print it? Not possible at all in the iPad app, so I have to go to the browser. Even there, no printer icon exists, so using browser print function results in suboptimal format. Users have complained about this for at least two years with no response from these guys. Switching to Food Network,, Epicurious, etc, etc.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By Cb1111111
    ...and it would be great if I could print receipts from the app.
  • Carole Power 4/5

    By mamacarole
    I love, Love, Love these recipes!!BUT!! I can’t read the authors quotes at the beginning of each recipe! The print is small, which is understandable, but the font is also lighter than the actual recipe! I’m sure this is designed for ascetic reasons, but come on! Help fix this, please!!
  • I didn't think it could get any worse...Wrong! 👎 1/5

    By **fitmiss***
    I hate I ever upgraded the first time. All those annoying ads and user profiles. Also, I would get the same repetitive recipe suggestions, ugh. I thought maybe I should try the new upgrade to see if there was any improvement. WRONG. There is so much going on the screen, I cannot focus on the recipe. More ads and similar recipes over shadow the recipe I am trying to view. I know it's all about revenue stream with ad placement. However, If I could revert back to at least the version I used in 2014, I would be soooo happy!
  • What happened to All Recipes Pro? 1/5

    By WadaGuy
    I paid for the Pro version before but it has not been updated for iOS 11 and is no longer in the app store. (Now this). Is the developer abandoning previous customers and want them to pay him again?
  • Ad’s 2/5

    By Robert Carew
    I love this app but how can I get rid of the ads? Once ads are gone this will be a 5 star app.
  • It keeps jumping down the page to directions while I am trying to look at the ingredients. 1/5

    By Laxer7545
    It keeps jumping down the page to directions while I am trying to look at the ingredients. Glitchy and slow. Going back to using the webpage
  • Used to be a big fan of this app..... 1/5

    By Cyvil94
    I don’t see this latest version as an improvement. I have lost the ability to filter recipes by rating and/or popularity. That is a big loss for me, as now finding a recipe takes way too much time. Also lost the ability to print a hard copy. I don’t do it often, but it is basic functionality. I stopped to write this review while searching for a new, functional, app.
  • Not working for me 1/5

    By Bmtndog
    I downloaded this app when the previous one would not work with the latest iOS. I use Allrecipes when I need some ideas on how to cook a specific dish. This app is not working for me. It often claims it cannot connect to the allrecipes server. I’ve tried to create an account since it did not accept my account. I don’t know if I was successful or not. I can’t log in with the credentials I used to create the account, and I can’t log in with Facebook either. So, without the ability to connect or login, the app is pretty useless. I’ve tried rebooting the iPad with no change in performance.
  • Pretty Good, But Room For Improvement 4/5

    By Wingo1224
    I use this app all the time to try new recipes, and to make favorites that I've saved over the years. The ads are annoying, but I've learned to deal with them. One thing I'm noticing is that there's an apparent disconnect between the recipes that are available on the website and the recipes available in the app. For example, today I saw two Instant Pot recipes on Instagram that I wanted to check out and save to my favorites to try later, but when I tried to find them in the app, I couldn't. The recipes either aren't there, or the search function isn't working. I like being able to say what types of recipes I'm interested in so that the app can populate my feed, but I'd like to be able to dismiss or hide ones that don't appeal to me.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app comments


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