Amazon Fire TV Remote

Amazon Fire TV Remote

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  • Current Version: 1.0.16
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AMZN Mobile LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Amazon Fire TV Remote App

The Fire TV Remote App enhances the Fire TV experience with simple navigation, a keyboard for easy text entry (no more hunting and pecking), quick access to your apps and games, plus voice search. Voice search is powered by the same voice search engine as Amazon Fire TV and supports the entirety of Fire TV’s integrated video, app and game catalogue. Note that voice search does not work directly inside individual applications such as Netflix. Features: • Voice Search • Simple Navigation • Playback Controls • Keyboard for simple text entry • Quick access to your apps and games Compatibility: • Multicast-enabled router required • Designed for simple navigation and playback control of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick • For gameplay, use the remote included with your Fire TV or the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller


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Amazon Fire TV Remote app reviews

  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By B1asfamous
    This app couldn’t find my fire stick if it was shoved up it’s
  • Love it! 5/5

    By kirby.gg14
    I like it way better than my roku app, it connects fast and it doesn’t have ads.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Esponja
    As another reviewer said, keeps interrupting whatever program if you change to another app.
  • Will not register 2/5

    By Kim M.P.
    Hey I cannot register my fire tv the unit keeps saying wrong name ect ...
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Akilles3090
    Really satesfy whit the app and everything what a genius great job
  • Doesn’t connect 3/5

    By Megneg
    I love this app when it’s working. My remote stopped working altogether which led me to this app but I’m always having issues connecting. There is no rhyme or reason for it not connecting. I delete the app, reload it, sign out/in etc. I just wish you could fix the connection issue.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By HawaiianAngellegnAnaiiawaH
    The remote app disconnects every few seconds, a lot of the fire tv apps don't fully work with this remote, and the button functions are very slow to react.
  • App works great!!!!! 5/5

    By thurstiiiie23
    I love my little Amazon Fire Stick wireless remote!!! It always works and its so much easier using the keyboard on my phone than having to sit there and go back and forth and up and down to each little letter! My eyes are bad too, so it's even more of God send for that too!!!
  • Infuriating 1/5

    By Loved DK on PC
    You have one job, App. One job! But no- can't connect. Refresh? Still no. Kill all the short cuts? Maybe. Physically stand up and unplug to power cycle the Fire Stick? Oh, connected. Baby the directions function or it'll count dozens of clicks and crash. A fine stop gap if you lost your remote but I get the feeling, maybe unfounded, that they keep this App lousy and prone to failure in order to "encourage" users to break down and Buy A New Remote: the simple pleasure of browsing media is broken by this unstable app.
  • Download Now, Highly Recommended 5/5

    By Lal250
    I have an iPhone 7 and my boyfriend has an iPhone 10 and this app works phenomenally with the fire stick. Easy to use, very convenient, connects easily to all fire sticks allowing you to choose which fire stick you want the remote to connect to, and so far has zero bugs. I’ve had no issues with this app within the past month. Personally, even if I still had the fire stick remote, I would still use the app over the remote any day. Interface is nice, clean, and easy to use, and resembles the remote exactly. If it’s free, why not?
  • Loser 1/5

    By webmanwho
    It loses the connections constantly. And FireTV lost YouTube and replaced it with garbage web browsers that crash. Huge mistake buying Amazon hardware.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By megza!
    We downloaded this app because our remote stopped working and is on backorder for a few weeks. The first time we used it, it was great. But when we’ve tried to connect after the first night, it’s a crapshoot whether or not it decides to pair again and NONE of the troubleshooting tips solve the problem. I don’t even know why Amazon bothered with this app. It’s awful.
  • Great 5/5

    By Crusty4nia
    No more need for batteries!!! That's all that matters to me 😂
  • Often just won't connect 2/5

    By Kyrios_03
    Busted sometimes ya feel
  • Ok app 1/5

    By Don't get until they fix it
    Easier to use than the remote that comes with the fire tv or stick. Using the keyboard on your phone or tablet is so much better than using the remote. The biggest issue is that the app loses connectivity to the stick a lot. Sometimes it won’t reconnect. It can be a nuisance. Overall, good app, just fix it...
  • Never works 1/5

    By Adrian83144
    This app has a lot of issues, never work when you need it
  • Used to work 1/5

    By spookman2010
    Now if you do anything on the app and then close it. It resets the fire stick to the home screen
  • Disconnects to often 3.5 4/5

    By Jessieeeeeeee15
    I love this app! It is seriously a life saver.. but the only down side is that you have to reconnect pretty often. :/
  • Better than Apples, Volume Control? 4/5

    By tmfish02
    This is a way better remote app than Apple TV. Love the button for all your APPs displays better on your phone than on screen. Needs volume control. Apple TV remote does this, but their APP does not. The Amazon remote not this APP have volume control. Next is make this into a Universal remote. One remote to use them all. I’d even pay a little extra for that option. The company that can offer Universal control, I would use their product stream box more and probably exclusively.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By Dragon Attack76543
    Highly inconsistent and always drops. I only use it because the actual remote goes through countless batteries.
  • Terrible connection 2/5

    By turnthetv
    This app is terrible. It takes over 5 min to connect which is ridiculous! Improve ASAP
  • It doesn’t connect 1/5

    By Kshsjsbsjbdjshsjdn
    No matter how many times I check the help section or watch every YouTube video available, it never works. The code doesn’t pop up on the screen even after disconnecting everything and checking the wifi. I’ve tried multiple times, but it still nerve works.
  • Remote was wonderful 2/5

    By Nativebunny
    I’m the type of person to lose remotes and find them later. U loved having my phone to use as a remote when I didn’t have my remote or I was at a friends and they couldn’t find theirs or we just didn’t feel like looking for it. The remote worked great! All of a sudden today the remote can not find any fire TVs. I unplugged the fire tv. I checked for updates which there are none. I deleted the app and redownloaded it. Nothing works! I gave two stars cuz it did work great at one time but it lost three because it doesn’t work anymore. I will change the rating to one if it’s not fixed soon.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Police radio fanatic
    My remote control mysteriously quit working. I have two amazon fire devices. I have 2 controller- neither would work on my downstairs tv- both worked on my upstairs tv. So this app was a great find.
  • Needs to stay connected!!! 2/5

    By Jscairono
    Firestick remote is hit or miss plus the kids constantly lose it. The app would be great if it wasn't for it having to reconnect every single time you leave the screen, even for just a second. It should stay connected until we decide we want to shut it off for good. It's annoying when you need to pause really quick but have to wait for it to reconnect. Shouldn't be that difficult to fix.
  • Great 5/5

    By Dave teeqa
    Takes a little bit to get used to the gestures but after that it's great
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Leroyoyogogo
    Not bad
  • Works but glitchy 3/5

    By Trinigalsweet30
    I downloaded the app cause I lost the remote while moving. The app is convenient since I alway have my phone nearby; however, it looses connection with the WiFi frequently. I have to close out the app and restart it to regain connection. The keyboard option is nice when searching. An update to fix this bug would be great.
  • turns on tv at random times 2/5

    By sylvia3200
    everytime i get a notification my TV turns on and I don’t know how to stop it
  • When it works, it works great 2/5

    By Almond E. Brown
    I had the same experience as other users. The app worked after the initial dl. Maybe about 2 months. The the real fun started. Sometimes the app would connect. Sometimes it would not. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I closed and reopened, still nothing. That, my friends, is super annoying. I don't recommend this app until they work this kink out.
  • Lousy 1/5

    By Jos_linn
    This app doesn’t even open! I’ve tried deleting it and reinstalling and nothing you can’t seem to open the app. Why have it in the App Store if it doesn’t work?
  • What happened? 2/5

    By VSeprin
    This app used to be great. Kids would often lose the remote and this app was a lifesaver. But since the latest update, the app will close the whatever you have open on the Fire TV if you do anything other than user the Fire TV app. If you lock the phone, TV goes back to home screen. If you close the app, TV goes back to home screen. If you open another app on the phone, TV goes back to home screen. Connectivity works fine, functions are good, but this issue makes it unusable. I used this app on my phone and iPad to supplement the remote, but I am not dedicating my iPhone to be a dedicated Fire TV remote, but if I don’t, I can’t watch the Fire TV. Very disappointing.
  • App is trash. 1/5

    By yung crowley
    It really only works when it wants to. Sometimes it won’t even connect to my fire. I’ll wait like an hour or sometimes two and my connection won’t even pop up. Don’t know if it’s my fire specifically. I tried reinstalling it and still nothing. The next day my connection pops up. I’ll leave the app alone and it’ll tell me to re connect and then it disappears again, till I don’t even know when. I say stick to the control, even if you have to buy a new one every year or so. App is really garbage.
  • Skip the app 1/5

    By okbutrly
    Kind of useless honestly. If it’s working it’s great, but it’s connectivity is subpar. My Fire remote stopped working shortly after my purchase and because of the app I don’t even use my Fire Stick often. Shame it was such a waste
  • Never connects 1/5

    By Tarasolan
    Junk app never connects for no reason
  • It works fine. 4/5

    By Frankenkitty
    Easy install, annoying nag screen to review the app, works great with my setup. Thanks!

    By CBehymer
    when you go away from the app the amazon tv goes right back to the home screen.... I don’t like that fix this please
  • Ehh 2/5

    By LoveYannnaaa
    This app was so good at first because I always lose my remote so I was excited to use this app. But as time when on it started to glitch and not connect to my firestick even though my name was right there. It’s okay when it works correctly but as of lately it’s been trash.
  • ANNOYED 1/5

    By Saucybear93
  • Not worth the trouble 1/5

    By chris58!?!?
    Wrote a whole review on this app not working as it should. When I tried to send that to the public it wouldn’t send. Only thing I can think of doing is a Facebook review at this point. Thought I would try once more to get through to media on there app review. It’s a very unstable app. Look again for your remote or purchase one from another source
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Bakerlit69696969
    Really like this and it saved me because our fire stick remote broke!
  • Take Roku as an example 3/5

    By ilk bakışta
    Works okay as a controller but could be better. Actually it should be like the Roku app so we can use the interface and browse the content on our phones.
  • App won’t load 1/5

    For some reason I can’t get app to open(I have a iPhone 6s!! It works perfectly on my sisters phone(she has an iPhone 7 Plus) but it doesn’t want to work on mine......
  • Keeps Disconnecting 2/5

    By Michah Shaw
    My friend got me a fire stick for my birthday and somehow the remote went missing. So I went into the AppStore and found this app and thought, hey this could come in handy! So I connected it but often everytime I press a button it would either disconnect or stop and go. I feel this app does not deserve the 5 stars I’d give any other remote app.
  • App connectivity has gone from bad to worse 1/5

    By Cantstopplanting
    We used to have zero problems. For a few months now, the app no longer connects. No changes have been made to my WiFi network.
  • Good 5/5

    By Happyweare
    We always loose our remotes
  • Closes TV app (Hulu) when closing phone app 2/5

    By CarlitoSTI
    App works as advertised, however when you open another app on the phone, it closes the app you are watching. No not worth using the app if you need your phone to be stuck on the app the whole time Would make it 5 stars if this is fixed
  • Hating Amazon products. 1/5

    By kcDebver17
    Had a new fire stick remote that was missed placed in a move. Having a four bedroom house stuff happens in a move. I try to download the stupid app which is worthless and have us I’m willing to shell out 40 bucks for a replacement remote I have an $80 fire stick that’s worthless! Although I truly appreciate security I’ve signed into my Amazon account! Don’t you think that would be secure enough grrr.
  • Needs an update 1/5

    By Gucci McFly
    Doesn’t work if you use a VPN.
  • Leaving app = go home ??? 1/5

    By ibuycoke2
    Every time I leave the app or lock my device the Fire TV goes back to the home screen. It’s been doing this for a couple of months now and still no fixes or updates to elongate this problem.

Amazon Fire TV Remote app comments


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