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Amazon Music We’re changing the way you find and play the music you love • Listen to tens of millions of songs with weekly new releases • Take Alexa with you wherever you go - simply by using the push-to-talk function within the app to access Alexa’s voice controls. No searching or browsing required – just ask Alexa, wherever you are. • Explore curated playlists and stations, always ad-free and with unlimited skips • Access your favorites with offline listening • Listen free with a Prime membership or get more with Amazon Music Unlimited More ways to listen: Amazon Music Unlimited • Choose from tens of millions of songs, thousands of curated playlists and stations, and get personalized recommendations • Stream weekly new releases from today’s most popular artists • Download your favorite albums, songs, and playlists to your mobile device for offline listening. Your music is available anytime, anywhere Music Included with Prime • Enjoy a curated catalog of two million songs, playlists, and stations • Always ad-free and included with your Prime membership My Music • Listen to music you’ve purchased from Amazon – MP3 or AutoRip CDs/Vinyl. Your Amazon purchases are stored for free in the Amazon cloud • Play music already stored on your iOS device – you can mix with Amazon Music Unlimited, or Prime Music songs to make your perfect playlist. Visit us at: If you subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited via iTunes where available, payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and your membership will automatically renew monthly unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the then current membership period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours before the end of each membership period at the rate of your selected plan. You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal anytime by going to My Account or through iTunes. See for the Privacy Policy and other terms applicable to your use of Amazon Music.


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Amazon Music app reviews

  • The best 5/5

    By edrin ahlfeld
    This app is great and I think it’s the best app that plays music.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Causijrlejfbrejjdndjjd
  • Great for Prime Members! 5/5

    By Musicals57
    Tons of music you can choose from like pop, 80's and 90's, alternative, etc. No technical difficulties so far.
  • BUG Fix Needed now... 3/5

    By Listening and Loving It!!!
    I previously gave this app 5 stars with no complaints. I’ve used this app for years and a huge advocate for it HOWEVER since Christmas, there is a huge BUG. I spend time creating a playlist and the songs do not show on other devices. So I just made a playlist for my son of 88 songs on the ipad. The list is accurate on the device where i created it. Go to my ipod or iphone and it only shows 37 songs! This the 2nd time it has happened!!!! Why is this happening? Songs are not syncing so I have to create the actual list on EVERY device. So pathetic. PLEASE FIX and I will change my review.
  • Library vanished after update 1/5

    By fortwendy
    Poof gone...... what's up with that Amazon?
  • Absolutely Best 5/5

    By Gatorade2020
    I'm starting to love all things Amazon.
  • Amazon Music 5/5

    By lu2drm
    Love it, listen all day!
  • Great music! 4/5

    By Dovvie
    Love all it offers but not always quick to load and play.
  • Free music! 4/5

    By bulletoothjohnny
    Nice app, bug issues aside. My only complaint is that the stations can be a bit repetitive, but it's a classic case of beggars and choosers. It's an included service with my Prime membership so I won't whine too much. Perfect if you have an unlimited plan and like a decent mix of tunes.
  • Usability for car use is practically zero 1/5

    By cbDejaVu
    For a massive company like amazon to slop something together like this just hurts the amazon name. 1 - The main feature that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE COMPETING streaming music services has is either the ability by default or at least an option to “normalize” the volume between songs. This is by far the most annoying aspect of this app making it basically unusable when from one song to the next you are either blasting out the co versatile I. The car or you can’t hear the song at all requiring a massive volume adjustment between just about every single song. There is no reason for this and every other streaming service and music player on the App Store has this feature. 2 - thumbs up and thumbs down ratings aren’t remembered. As far as I can tell they don’t do anything at all. Every time a song I’ve rated thumbs up or thumbs down plays its rating doesn’t show. Either make it work or remove it if you can’t be bothered to make it functional. 3 - screen sleeping when plugged into power. This is another feature that every other player out there does making it useable for use in the car. Instead this app goes to sleep requiring waking it up and signing it in to use the app. 4 - resume playing music after a phone call. If you get a phone call that is shorter than about 30 seconds the music will resume otherwise you have to completely restart your playlist or station all over again after being on a phone call for more than a minute. The app should pause the music and resume after you are finished regardless of whether it is a 2 minute phone call or a 2 hour phone call. This just makes the app annoying to use.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By AppreciationNation
    Acts weird from time to time when you exit then reopen that app for a while but other than that it is a quality music app.
  • Good app! 5/5

    By Bunby biogas
    Still trying to figure out how to make a playlist from my purchased music.....
  • Most impressive 5/5

    By Olu32
    Amazon has the best music player on the market...
  • Intentionally hamstrung 2/5

    By The Green iPod
    To many features are missing out intentionally prevented. Once I start a playlist, I have to back out a couple layers to set the sleep timer. It is annoying every time. It makes no sense. I want to easily sync my music for use with the player of my choice. Offline music is only available in this app. I want to use this app to sync, not to play. This is another example of Amazon becoming too much like Apple. Seriously?! I would like to manage my cloud playlists on this app. I can't play music already on my phone. I have to have the music in Amazon's cloud. See OneDrive or Google for the right way to sync. I like the access to play music I don't own. The selection is not great, but I can't complain to much about that. I love that Amazon is including more and more with prime membership without jacking up the price. If Amazon wants to compete with Google's YouTube, Walmart's Vudu and with Netflix, they need to be stay universally available and stop migrating toward the Apple model. Very few things chase me away from a service provider faster. As for feature set and ease of use, Amazon needs to take cues from other music apps.
  • Its good 4/5

    By Bad Cow Jokes
    Everything about it is good. The only thing is that there is a downloading glitch and it hasn't fixed in 2 months
  • Update ruined it 1/5

    By basguitarninja
    I loved this app until the latest update ruined it. I can see all my playlists but there are no songs available in it. Hope they fix it soon
  • Tunes 4/5

    By 342579);/
    More fun than a barrel of Unicorns

    By noisygnome
    I have been using Prime music for the last four years. People make fun of me because I don't use their competition streamers (starts with an S) but that's fine! I have loved every minute of Amazon Music and am not looking to change for awhile. It's not too pricey. I know so many lyrics to songs because of this subscription. I love how it shows lyrics. I highly recommend. Even if you don't get prime music, buying music through Amazon is so much easier and quicker than off ITunes which is always having problems.
  • I love it, organized and very portable music 5/5

    By shorejob
  • Song 5/5

    By yourmomwwww
    Rockstar candy paint havvana
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By poochified
    Love Amazon music, great selection and never any glitches. 🙂
  • Best music app 5/5

    By TheImpracticalJoker
    Very few bugs and isn’t too expensive if you already have prime
  • Golden! 5/5

    By Sookiejane
  • Good music app 5/5

    By 14;((;(,g
    I've used it for a long time and never had problems with it
  • Rate message 4/5

    By tnotorious1
    For some reason the when the rate indicator comes on it won't link to the app store to write a review.
  • Works pretty well. 4/5

    By Pickle Chris
    I’ve been using the app for about a week or two. Nothing has happened, nor anything causing it to preform poorly. I pretty much enjoy the app. Can’t complain. Totally recommend to others!
  • Great service-mediocre app 3/5

    By MLRA73
    The Prime and Unlimited services are 5 star excellent! But, please!! - gapless playback!
  • WHAT 1/5

    By Poop out chunks of chicken
  • Love 4/5

    By jdickson34
    Love the app and the unlimited service. Really needs an Apple Watch app.
  • Unsatisfactory 1/5

    By KingClsh
    Not impressed. Complicated, not user friendly, to much navigating in app, and can’t look up and play specific songs/albums from artists. Even with a prime membership, I don’t use this app. Plenty of other music apps, look around.
  • Less than one star 1/5

    By Annoyed by auto-refreshing
    Terrible app! Amazon should be ashamed!
  • weirdness 1/5

    By Arbitrage8
    Yesterday evening, as I was walking the dog, the stream stopped. I pressed play in the lock screen and walked a few more steps. The stream stopped again and I distinctly heard a mans voice say “...can skip to the next...” as if he was explaining to someone how to control the app remotely. Is there some sort of back door into the app?
  • Using Amazon prime as sub bait. 1/5

    By Crimson07242
    If I spent 11$ a month on 11 songs, after a year I’d have all the songs I want; but then there’s Amazon music. Beware the mainstream songs on the radio. If you want a collection of what you really like they hide it behind another subscription.
  • So much better than iTunes 5/5

    By GG GG
    I’ve been frustrated for a long time by the constant changes and dumbing down of iTunes. Although Amazon music is not perfect, it’s so much better than iTunes that I don’t use iTunes anymore. Amazon gives me access to all of my music that I have burned over the years as well as just about any song I’ve been able to imagine. Neither is cheap in absolute terms but apple’s equivalent costs $10 a month and Amazon is 7.99. Amazon also lets me ‘share’ music by downloading or streaming to any device. Apple still requires a physical connection and iTunes makes managing songs opaque at best. If you want to stream random pop, maybe there are other solutions, but Amazon really nailed it for those with big music libraries. The interface could be a little more intuitive, but it’s early days yet. Easily ten times better than iTunes!
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By SmokeBreather
    After update it’s really bad. On full bars and/or strong WiFi. All other apps work. Constantly will not load music stream. Please fix.
  • Love using Alexa!! 5/5

    By BrDArt
    Really helpful to use Alexa voice commands, especially in the car! Thanks!
  • Amazon music 5/5

    By Icecubes deniss
    Love this app! I have prime and I have access to all the music I love
  • Podcast in Amazon Music 3/5

    By Darana99
    All of a sudden my podcasts are in my music library. Very very unhappy about it. I often just use my entire music library and now I have to skip through podcasts instead of enjoying my music. What gives?
  • Won’t let me login 1/5

    By Bshsisbhejnauw
    I have literally reset my password 3 times thinking it was on my side of things and of course it wasn’t. I triple checked everything including my email and password. It just won’t let me login, if amazon would like to help that would be great.
  • Very slow response 1/5

    By Teo Patiño
    It takes several seconds for the music to start on my ipad and on Echo dot.
  • Amazon Music - It's Great 5/5

    By Mike 799
    I used to use Pandora, but I haven't used Pandora since Amazon Music came along. I love Amazon Music and it just gets better as time goes on. Pandora just doesn't compare. I would set up a station on Pandora and the selections would stray further and further away from the sample artists that I put in when setting up the station.
  • Useful 5/5

    By Big noble
    I enjoy the playlist feature.
  • Bugged for more than a week 1/5

    By Molly J Moon
    When the app updated last week, all my song preferences disappeared. I figured I’d have to devote some time to rebuilding it, but that was in vain: every time the app closes, my preferences disappear again. Doesn’t matter how many times I thumbs up or down the same song, it’s forgotten as soon as I shut the app down. I had hopes that this week would fix it, but it’s still just as broken.
  • Requires prime music membership 1/5

    By PersyJack
    I have prime membership and i can play any music on my echo. I thought this app would give me access to the same but no it requires prime music membership which is additional $8/month. It’s too expensive for me to listen to a song once in a blue moon
  • Amazon unlimited 1/5

    By Honeoye, NY
    This is now my primary music app. I’ve had a few. At first the amazon unlimited seemed great. But now after many months of listening and trying to train the stations, the music service seems very “limited”. I constantly hear the same songs within an hour or two of listening. Maybe it’s my genre(hard rock/heavy metal) because most like the crap played on the radio. I don’t know. All I know it that for the extra $96/yr on top of the $99/yr prime membership, it just doesn’t seem worth the money. I mean there is more music in every genre that you should be able to go days without hearing the same songs. Not impressed. Thanks for reading.
  • Apple watch support missing 1/5

    By mathisfunzy
    Add Apple Watch support
  • Enjoying Amazon Music 5/5

    By SherlockWriter
    Amazon Music is one of the great benefits of Prime. It even helps me get to sleep with the nature sounds.
  • Quality app 4/5

    By Sasquatch Gaming
    The price of a $100 a year covers most of the music but there are still a few that it doesn't cover and I think the price should be all inclusive.
  • Works well. ui is nice 4/5

    By --**
    I don’t stream music much. It is nice to have my cd “auto-ripped” as soon as I purchase it though. Instant gratification! 😎 too bad it’s not ripped lossless; oh well I can manage that on my own when it arrives.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Geo dash 0974478965326
    Just the best, period.

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