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You have better things to do than go to the store. Skip the trip and shop for tens of thousands of daily essentials and gift items through the Amazon Prime Now app. • Two-hour delivery is FREE and one-hour delivery is available in most areas for just $7.99. Prime Now is available from early morning to late night, seven days a week. Currently available in select areas including: - Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Berkeley, Brooklyn, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles & Orange County, Miami, Minneapolis & St. Paul, Nashville, New York City, Northern Virginia, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle & Eastside, and Virginia Beach. • Shop for groceries, gifts, goodies and more from your favorite local stores: - Chicago: Plum Market, Eataly & Eataly Vino, and My Fit Foods - Indianapolis: FreshThyme - Los Angeles: Sprouts and Bristol Farms - New York City: Westside Market, Eataly, Gourmet Garage, Union Square Wine & Spirits, Vintage Grape Wine & Spirits, and Billy's Bakery - Portland: New Seasons Market, World Foods, Uwajimaya, and Cupcake Jones - San Diego: Sprouts, Bristol Farms, Northgate Market, and Keg N Bottle - San Jose: Sprouts - Seattle: PCC, Bartell Drugs and All The Best Pet Care • Get delivery from your favorite restaurants: - Atlanta: Aviva by Kameel, Chai Pani, Flip Burger, Flying Biscuit, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Varasano’s Pizzeria, and many more - Austin: Boteco ATX, Chi’Lantro, Clay Pit, Michi Ramen, Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill, Southside Flying Pizza, Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop, Terry Black’s Barbecue, The Backspace, and many more - Baltimore: City Cafe,HomeSlyce, Indigma, Locust Point Steamers, Matsuri, Shiso Tavern, The Helmand, and many more - Chicago: Big Star, Dove’s Luncheonette, Chicago Q, RPM Italian, RPM Steak, Balena, Big Bowl, Wildfire, Butcher & The Burger, M Burger, Beatrix, Tallboy Taco, Publican Quality Meats, and many more - Dallas: Blue Goose Cantina, Bryan Street Tavern, Ellen's Southern Kitchen and many more - Houston: Beaver's, Dish Society, El Tiempo Cantina, Empire Café, Happy Fatz, Hay Merchant, Luna Pizzeria, Piola – Midtown, Thai Gourmet, Carrabba’s, Max’s Wine Dive, P.F. Chang’s and many more - Los Angeles: Umami Burger, Baby Blues BBQ, Wokcano, Hurry Curry of Tokyo, Feast from the East, John O’Groats, and many more - Manhattan: Billy's Bakery, Pick a Bagel, S'MAC, Empanada Mama, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, Junior's Restaurant & Cheesecake, Le Pain Quotidien and many more - Miami: Baires Grill, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, La Provence, Madero, Michael’s Genuine® Food & Drink, Morgans Restaurant, Spris, and many more - Orlando: Hawkers Asian Street Fare, Artisan’s Table, Dexter’s, Graffiti Junktion, Tamarind Indian Cuisine, Mamak Asian Street Food, PF Chang’s and many more - Portland: Pok Pok, Sizzle Pie, Waffle Window, Luc Lac, Habibi, East India Co. Bar and Grill, and many more - San Diego: T Deli, Tajima Ramen House, Carnitas Snack Shack, Alforon, Mama’s Bakery & Deli, Rubicon Deli, and many more -San Francisco: Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers, DOSA, Les Clos, M.Y. China, The Monk’s Kettle, Pressed Juicery, Rosamunde Sausage Grill, and many more - Seattle and the Eastside: Cactus, Wild Ginger, Skillet, Marination Station, Re:public, Café Yumm, Ten Mercer, Mamnoon, and many more - Tampa: Taco Bus, India’s Grill, Renzo’s Gourmet, Curry Leaves, Queen of Sheba, Byblos Café, Datz, Piquant and many more


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  • Never Again 1/5

    By Houdini214
    It used to be great, you'd order $20 worth of stuff and get free delivery in 2 hours. Now it's $5.99..... Yes, the order amount is lower I'd rather spend $20 and get items than spend almost $6 on the delivery-especially since the place they bring it from is literally AROUND THE CORNER FROM MY HOUSE. I'll never again be using this service. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Amazon. App works great otherwise.
  • Love, love, love 5/5

    By ttgrim
    I have used Prime Now around 5 times. I usually do the 2 hr delivery, which is always on time. I paid extra one time for the 1 hr delivery. It also was delivered on time. It’s great to be able to track my packages. I have no complaints. I’ve been very pleased so far.
  • Bad selection, slow delivery, terrible hours 1/5

    By googlegot
    I can never find anything that I actually want. Staple items like normal non-ratcheting screwdrivers just don't exist in prime now world. Food delivery would be great, if they delivered at reasonable hours, and the fastest anything has arrived has been over 3 hours out. If by some miracle I hit their order minimum of $30 (plus a delivery tip of 10% which amazon won't just pay it's employees), they inevitably don't deliver that night. I'm talking next day delivery when an order WOULD be placed at 8:00pm. "Prime now" is basically "Prime in oh, say 12-18 hours" This would all be fine if THE APP JUST SAID THEY WON'T DELIVER TONIGHT BEFORE I WENT PAWING THROUGH THEIR BARGAIN BIN GARBAGE HEAP OF CANCELLED ORDERS AND JUNK FOR 20 MINUTES LOOKING FOR SOMETHING I DON'T NEED BUT IS >$1.58 SO I CAN HIT THE $30 ORDER MINIMUM! Just let me tip more money or something. I will GIVE you $1.58 to not make me dig through your grandma's garage sale of a store looking for a low value item. I honestly feel like I'm shopping a closing retail location with the lack of desirable stock. It's more worth it to drive to any retail store than to try to find and subsequently purchase anything of value on Prime now.
  • Doesn't work, says my zip code is invalid 1/5

    By Antoine987654321
    When I manage to get past the network error on my zipcode entry, it's only to be told that my zip code is invalid. I'm pretty sure it's valid, given that Prime Now works from the website, just not the app.
  • Unreliable with Sketchy delivery 1/5

    By Rickh619
    There is no guarantee that your order will arrive, the product will fresh, complete, accurate or your order won't be rolling around in someone's filthy trunk for hours. Same with the food delivery. Contract drivers will pick up food from 3-4 different restaurants and make 3-4 different deliveries. No guarantee that it will arrive on time or arrive at all. Almost certain that is going to be cold and probably unsafe to consume. No thank you. Better services out there.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By MarinnaG
    Fast and reliable! Love it!
  • Very Convenient 5/5

    By ArjunMitraReddy
    Fast and Reliable Delivery
  • No longer worth it. 1/5

    By Kevnburke
    When the service first started, it was awesome... but it has gone down severely. How many times can you order from a restaurant and it is cancelled on you 30 minutes later? Why do the drivers always forget items. When using it for grocery or home goods I have had drivers be on their way and then just cancel it right at the last moment it could possibly be delivered in the delivery window. Amazon to its credit is quick to offer discount coupons for the problems, but I would rather have the goods or food. It's clear they grew too big too fast and are just unable to keep up with problems.
  • Terrible service. Don't even bother. 1/5

    By Andannelley
    I placed a small order at 12 noon and my delivery window was between 2-4pm. No big deal. However, the GPS showed the driver staying at the same location during the entire delivery window, and not even bothering to drive anywhere until 3:50pm. Then, at 4:50pm, I could see that the driver still had not driven even remotely close to my location and I get a message saying the delivery was not able to be completed. Pathetic.
  • Ultra Convenient 5/5

    By Cloaca of the Sea
    As someone who lives in a metro downtown without a car, this makes getting groceries infinitely easier. Before I would have to walk 20 minutes to the grocery store only to be able to bring back a few days worth of groceries. With Amazon Now, I can order as much as I want to (either same day or the day before) and have it show up a little after when I get home from work. However, about twice now have I been missing serval thugs from my order which is really obnoxious as that can throw off dinner plans. Amazon was kind enough to give me a $10 credit after mentioning this and a refund of the missing items.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By ellstych
    I have used the prime app to get food delivered on multiple occasions. The first order was fine, but the last two the delivery was very late and when it told me my delivery was close to coming, the person stopped at two or three other houses before coming to mine, forcing me to wait for much longer than I thought I would have to. It is not a helpful app as I usually order and then kick my self for having to wait 4 hours for what I ordered instead of just going to the store and not having to pay a delivery person to be late. Very disappointing.
  • Absolutely lame 1/5

    By SammanthaR
    In order for this you have to live in a giant city like downtown area. It's lame! I don't live in a small town in the middle of nowhere I don't understand why amazon has to be lame
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jackmeatball
    I've tried this site a few times because I love Amazon but this service is terrible. I always end up having to go to the store anyways because there always out of stock on things. One time they cancelled my order for no reason and didn't bother to notify me. Then they said they give me a $20 discount on my next order and never did!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Nipun007
    Very disappointing
  • Pretty good but two service issues.... 3/5

    By VisionFarm
    As someone who generally likes grocery shopping, I am surprised by how much I appreciate buying groceries from my phone. However, while the app seems well-designed, there are two considerations with the service that prevent me from using it more. 1/You can't edit your order after it is submitted. As I am a shopper who goes to the grocery store to buy 3 items and inevitably leaves with 12, the problem that arises is that I submit the order and immediately think of at least one more item that I need. As there is a window of time between when the order is submitted and when the shopper contacts me to say he/she has started shopping, I know there's a window in which editing is possible even though Amazon will not allow edits. The solutions available to me are to either a/submit a new order for one or a few items and pay a delivery charge for the subsequent order or b/go to the grocery store myself, which was what I was using the app to avoid doing. 2/The quality of the produce received can vary for unknown reasons--perhaps because a/the produce available was substandard, b/the shopper doesn't take the time to carefully select the produce, or c/the shopper doesn't know how to recognize and select quality produce. These two issues aren't enough to stop me from using Amazon Prime if/when I just can't get to the store, but they will prevent me from using the app more frequently.
  • GPS is really bad on this app 3/5

    By emeraldc
    First of all, I use the app multiple times per week as I build my order and have delivery from two different stores usually every week. The app could have better notations when making a grocery store item purchase. There should at least be a note section to the shopper. Having had issues with shopper piling heavy melons on top of fragile and easily bruised herbs, it would be nice to be able to make a note to kindly make requests of the shopper. My real issue is with the GPS feedback on the driver delivery. Sometimes they are at my door, have rung the door bell and turned around, leaving perishables on my porch, blocking the front screen door before I even get a text telling me they are on the way. Today I kept having to refresh my app to see where the driver(s) were because their car icons never moved. I have the best of the latest iPhone and very fast WiFi. I have backup cellular assist set in case the WiFi were to be slow (which it isn't). I have location services turned on and all the possible notification settings turned on for the app. You really need to improve the GPS for the drivers' app and for the shoppers' app because something isn't working and knowing when the grocery order is arriving is a real big deal when you have a two hour delivery window and you need to be at the door or they will just leave your stuff on the front steps blocking the door so you can't even open it. Of course that is a whole different issue. One can see in almost real time the UBER EATS car on the road moving toward one's home and the excellence of that app's GPS is so great. It matters. It needs your attention. Your company knows it matters.
  • Use it weekly 5/5

    By Cllarre
    Endless La Croix delivered to me at my fourth floor walk up on a hot summers day?! Count me in!
  • Wine Not? 2/5

    By A.Dero
    Why the f@$k would this app not have wine available? It is literally the ONE thing I would want delivered. Especially when having a girl's night in. Think about all of the drunk driving this would cut down on.
  • restaurants no longer works for me 1/5

    By _ju
    every time i try to order from the restaurants feature now, it allows me to see restaurants are available but once I have added items to my cart, the restaurant (no matter what it is) is listed as unavailable on the checkout page.
  • Eh 2/5

    By The one true yeezus
    They have a wide variety of places to get food but it takes way longer to deliver than if I order from door dash or Uber eats. I wouldn't have this app if Uber eats and door dash had all the same restaurants
  • Error Messages AND Viewing Past Orders 1/5

    By Williams77
    "Amazon Prime Now appears to be having trouble. Please try again" .. It happens constantly; primarily when tapping to read all reviews. Leaving a review is impossible. I've used this app about 3x a month and each time, I hope the bugs get worked out. But, no. Apparently, no one is paying attention in the dev department or they don't care. Further, when I login to my primary Amazon account, I'd like to view all my Prime Now orders without having to use this app.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By steelysajia
    This app is a life saver!! I have used it plenty of times! My produce has always been great and any fragile items have always been well and properly packaged whether it's temperature or otherwise. One thing I ask to add is more variety of meat. Like actual meat not just the slim frozen chicken fingers selection. It would be nice to be able to order some steaks etc..
  • Awesome 4/5

    By captainmorgan109
    Awesome concept awesome app. Probably the one thing that need some work is the tracking map. I have to keep closing the app and reopening it to update it. Also what would be nice it is to have a estimated time of arrival as the delivery happens.
  • Avoid Amazon Restaurants 1/5

    By Uaedaien
    The restaurants part of this app leave a lot to be desired, especially when you rely on app to suggest local restaurants that are outside of your delivery area. Also it automatically adds a tip which is ridiculous.
  • Not so good, app or service 2/5

    By Ether the
    Amazon kinda dropped the ball on this one! They could be the "Costco" of delivery services. The app is ok, but you have to search or scroll through everything. The grocery service is much like a corner gas station, with expensive somewhat weird product selections. Items you buy once, after quickly learning a lesson. You can buy nasty bread isle bread, but peanut butter and jelly is all you can get to put on the bread. Bologna and cheese, forgetaboutit! Just about every grocery store delivers now, so amazon doesn't even come close with what they offer, unless you shop at the corner gas joint, and like high prices, and mini items. They also can't keep the good items in stock, and it might be weeks or months before you see it again. I have the feeling it is overstock and expired goods deals that they are making for the products they offer. Where it sort of shines, is in non grocery products. Need pots and pans, good. Need tools, paper products, other things, maybe. You can get them within a couple of hours. That I do like. They have some high quality offerings in many places, and the opposite. It's a crap shoot! Hopefully they grow it, and expand the product offerings, and grocery offerings. It could be nice!
  • Great service. I use it all the time. But iPad app please! 5/5

    By skennedy789
    The delivery is free, so don't complain about deliveries in the last part of the time window! Sprouts delivery in my area is awesome. Prices are pretty similar to retail for many items, so it makes it an affordable way to get groceries when you don't have a car and live to far from an affordable store.
  • Love Prime Now 5/5

    By mucha_lucha
    Doesn't have everything but it has a great selection of items. I love that it's a free service with my Prime membership. I've ordered all kinds of things and they're all delivered within 2 hours. Today I ordered groceries! So awesome. I especially love that Amazon lets me know where my order is, who's delivering it and lets me track the order process.
  • Terrible selection 1/5

    By Brandon625
    It is too soon for Amazon to launch this service. Selection is extremely limited. Tried search 10 different items and nothing comes up in search. Also the search algorithm used is horrendous. Often it gives me irrelevant results. Not very happy. Maybe need to wait a year while this expands.
  • Delivery is ALWAYS at the end of window 1/5

    By Surfed
    The selection adds a lot to be desired, but it does a good job for last minute shopping. The problem with the service is they give me a 2 hour window, and it's ALWAYS delivered in the last 10-15 minutes of that window. Heading home quickly, and eagerly awaiting an order for an hour and 45 minutes every single time only to have it show up right before the end is a little annoying when I didn't have to rush home at all. If it's that slammed, get more drivers. Another extremely annoying thing about the app is they do not default your gift card balance for an order. You have to manually select it every time, or you will be charged to your CC, with no way of editing it after the order is placed.
  • Avoid and go to the Store 1/5

    By AMFC417
    I've been using this service since moving to the area Dallas 6 months ago. It started off being great but has progressively gotten worse. The bigger Amazon gets the worse the service becomes. The past 3 times I've ordered groceries, the deliveries have happened 30 minutes after the 2 hour window. Anytime the free delivery is offered when you hit the dollar amount to qualify, the service goes out the window. Items arrive thawed out and like they've been in a hot box for multiple hours. After using this 10 or so times, I will be discontinuing using this monopoly.
  • Amazon restaurant is extremely terrible 1/5

    By Howardfreedom
    Recently I ordered 3 times from amazon restaurant. One time wait 80mins with nothing because they cancel the order but only get $10 credit. No contact from customer with 80 mins wait. One time took 120 mins to deliver. One is deliver the different foods. Recommend to use the app Caviar to deliver food.
  • Good selection of restaurants tech inadequate 3/5

    By Calpoidog
    I like the restaurant selection in San Diego. There are many restaurants that aren't on other services. The problem with ordering is you can't see how long the order will take before you order (or if you can it's not very apparent to the user). Today I ordered and found out it would be an hour and a half. If I had known I never would have placed the order. Now I have cranky hungry people at home mad at me. Everyone else makes that part easy Amazon, why not you?
  • You had one job 1/5

    By LiDuBrSoCa
    First time using this service. Ordered 24 items and 10 essential items were missing. They had to issue a refund on the missing items. Should have just packed the kids in the car and shopped for groceries myself. Won't be using this service again.
  • Unable to deliver 1/5

    By Jessi D.
    First order tried to place, I was told one item had to be returned because it contained alcohol -- it was La Croix water. Then when I found one they would deliver, everything was okay, I was told it would arrive soon. Then 20 minutes after I was notified my order would arrive soon, I was sent another notification that my order was unable to be delivered without a clear reason why. The details about why it couldn't be delivered are supposed to be sent to me in 24 hours with a full refund. This app was a waste of time. I had to reach a $30 minimum (which took time to figure out to follow their guidelines) and then nothing. I may try again but with the time spent, I could have ran to the store myself.
  • No chocolove 1/5

    By wannabefan999
    i can't order what I can buy walking in to Sprouts. Guess I still have to walk...
  • Great! 4/5

    By Tesa Ginae
    I'm a woman on the go with 2 kids, and sometimes I forget to run to the grocery store after work because I'm constantly running other errands. This app helps me out a lot! I love it, they deliver fast, and the store options are great! I would give it 5 stars but sometimes they don't have what I want.
  • Unreliable Contract Drivers 1/5

    By So it's just me
    I've been pretty happy with Amazon Prime Now, especially when I'm deadbeat tired from a long day at work and I want some simple groceries. Today was a huge disappointment from an extremely high valued company like Amazon. I was tracking the delivery like I always do and then I received an alert that read, unable to deliver. I'm always home when I order and always tracking so I don't miss them. Come to find out the drivers are not employed by Amazon. They are independent contractors like say Uber. From what was explained to me. To me.... that's a huge risk. I couldn't talk to anyone like their manager because they have no manager. They are their own boss per say. So this means I can't 100% rely on them to come through on delivering an order as what is promoted/ promised. I have to wait days for my refund. I hate that part of the process but yeah I'm glad it's refunded. Now I'm hesitant to use Prime Now even though I've purchased a year membership from them. I understand the concept for the company to save expenses on leasing vehicles and insurances etc but how will they hold the contract driver liable for not delivering??
  • Never has anything I need. Waste of time 1/5

    By LinTunes
    If you need medicine, toiletries, or other sudden items, look elsewhere. Amazon Prime has an amazing selection while Prime Now has much less than your local Target. Do not waste your time. It will be unavailable if listed and not there if you need a particular brand of medicine. They stock next to nothing. It is amazing how little there is to choose from in major cities. Waste of time.
  • No iPad version 3/5

    By fireQuartz
    'Nuff said. Good service though.
  • Vendors won't load 1/5

    By Ljdtown123
    First tap was on Sprouts. Wouldn't load. App is generally slow. I love Amazon, but this app needs work.
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By RrMaybenot
    Polite delivery people, on time and no problems after several orders. I check the button that prevents substitutions, so if they don't have my exact product, they just leave it out rather than substituting another product. They communicate with me on the iPhone texting and I can watch on the map exactly where the driver is. Excellent Prime feature!!
  • After hours of waiting 1/5

    By Cute face Jas
    My delivery said it was delivered but it was never delivered and all they could offer me is a refund and told me that I have to re-order my purchase again and wait for hours and hours again for something that might not even show up. They should have a way to contact the driver or contact the facility to check to see what happened?
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Thanatossassin
    Don't bother with Prime now. If the driver calls and you don't answer right away, your order is cancelled. Useless trash, stick with regular Prime.
  • Useless 1/5

    By 7macaw
    Selected the slowest delivery in the amazon app three times, so supposedly I should have gotten $15 credit in this thing right? Nope, not there, so deleting the app. Really, I'd love to use the slow delivery speed in exchange for something useful. Not a pantry credit, not a phantom prime credit. Just discount a dollar or two from the purchase, enough of these dances!
  • Terrible System and Support 1/5

    By Dfnskqps dbsn
    My mother sent me a gift from Amazon and the courier called me. When my phone disconnected I had to download the app in order to call him back. When I went through all the steps to call the courier there were no orders shown on the screen. Then I called customer service, and they advised in the 10 minutes I had jumped through all of their hoops just to get someone on the phone the package had been marked "undeliverable". So they were refunding the money and I had the option to order again. Even though their courier was no more than 10 minutes away I have to jump through all these hoops. When I called my mother to let her know she was crying and upset because she's been unable to get anyone on the phone. Very disappointed by the service. Next time you want to be treated like crap just go down to Wal Mart. Same service, more convenient location.
  • Love! 5/5

    By Spesh2323
    Slightly obsessed (not because I'm that lazy, well...moreso because it really is a lifesaver.) App functions smoothly, deliveries are reliable, prices comparable and oftentimes lower than B&M stores. I also like the reduction in shipping box waste from regular prime.
  • Do not buy 1/5

    By Kgrl3
    Apparently I bought this app put in my zip code and it simply says we are not delivering to your area yet. Oh ok great thanks. Waste of money
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sunnydayz77
    The guy delivered all of my heavy grocery items right to my front door on the third floor and on the 4th of July holiday! Amazing service :)
  • Can't Get Past Logon 1/5

    By JaredFromSanAngelo
    I can't get past the login screen. Get stuck at the "captcha". Tried around 10 times, gave up, then uninstalled. No way to get help.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By wethejordan
    This app will charge you $5 extra for the prime 2 hour delivery + $5 on top of that as a tip! So whatever you order will cost you $10 extra to receive even though we all pay $100+ a year for the prime membership anyways. Ridiculous

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