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You have better things to do than go to the store. Skip the trip and shop for tens of thousands of daily essentials and gift items through the Amazon Prime Now app. • Two-hour delivery is FREE and one-hour delivery is available in most areas for just $7.99. Prime Now is available from early morning to late night, seven days a week. Currently available in select areas including: - Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Berkeley, Brooklyn, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles & Orange County, Miami, Minneapolis & St. Paul, Nashville, New York City, Northern Virginia, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle & Eastside, and Virginia Beach. • Shop for groceries, gifts, goodies and more from your favorite local stores: - Chicago: Plum Market, Eataly & Eataly Vino, and My Fit Foods - Indianapolis: FreshThyme - Los Angeles: Sprouts and Bristol Farms - New York City: Westside Market, Eataly, Gourmet Garage, Union Square Wine & Spirits, Vintage Grape Wine & Spirits, and Billy's Bakery - Portland: New Seasons Market, World Foods, Uwajimaya, and Cupcake Jones - San Diego: Sprouts, Bristol Farms, Northgate Market, and Keg N Bottle - San Jose: Sprouts - Seattle: PCC and Uwajimaya • Get delivery from your favorite restaurants: - Atlanta: Aviva by Kameel, Chai Pani, Flip Burger, Flying Biscuit, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Varasano’s Pizzeria, and many more - Austin: Boteco ATX, Chi’Lantro, Clay Pit, Michi Ramen, Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill, Southside Flying Pizza, Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop, Terry Black’s Barbecue, The Backspace, and many more - Baltimore: City Cafe,HomeSlyce, Indigma, Locust Point Steamers, Matsuri, Shiso Tavern, The Helmand, and many more - Chicago: Big Star, Dove’s Luncheonette, Chicago Q, RPM Italian, RPM Steak, Balena, Big Bowl, Wildfire, Butcher & The Burger, M Burger, Beatrix, Tallboy Taco, Publican Quality Meats, and many more - Dallas: Blue Goose Cantina, Bryan Street Tavern, Ellen's Southern Kitchen and many more - Houston: Beaver's, Dish Society, El Tiempo Cantina, Empire Café, Happy Fatz, Hay Merchant, Luna Pizzeria, Piola – Midtown, Thai Gourmet, Carrabba’s, Max’s Wine Dive, P.F. Chang’s and many more - Los Angeles: Umami Burger, Baby Blues BBQ, Wokcano, Hurry Curry of Tokyo, Feast from the East, John O’Groats, and many more - Manhattan: Billy's Bakery, Pick a Bagel, S'MAC, Empanada Mama, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, Junior's Restaurant & Cheesecake, Le Pain Quotidien and many more - Miami: Baires Grill, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, La Provence, Madero, Michael’s Genuine® Food & Drink, Morgans Restaurant, Spris, and many more - Orlando: Hawkers Asian Street Fare, Artisan’s Table, Dexter’s, Graffiti Junktion, Tamarind Indian Cuisine, Mamak Asian Street Food, PF Chang’s and many more - Portland: Pok Pok, Sizzle Pie, Waffle Window, Luc Lac, Habibi, East India Co. Bar and Grill, and many more - San Diego: T Deli, Tajima Ramen House, Carnitas Snack Shack, Alforon, Mama’s Bakery & Deli, Rubicon Deli, and many more -San Francisco: Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers, DOSA, Les Clos, M.Y. China, The Monk’s Kettle, Pressed Juicery, Rosamunde Sausage Grill, and many more - Seattle and the Eastside: Cactus, Wild Ginger, Skillet, Marination Station, Re:public, Café Yumm, Ten Mercer, Mamnoon, and many more - Tampa: Taco Bus, India’s Grill, Renzo’s Gourmet, Curry Leaves, Queen of Sheba, Byblos Café, Datz, Piquant and many more

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Amazon Prime Now app reviews

  • Dumb concept/app 1/5

    By p@is
    Claim to deliver to San Antonio and I can get same day shipping to my area on tons of items through the normal amazon app, but Prime Now is "not in my area." Yet my coworker who is just over a mile down the road can. Arbitrary is arbitrary.
  • Food and groceries in an hour! 5/5

    By M. Isabela
    I discovered this app today and ordered delivery (from an app) for the first time ever. Was surprised it was available in my relatively small city so SHOUT OUT to Amazon! Got restaurant food AND grocery items delivered in an hour and I may never leave my home again.
  • Good 4/5

    By Preciousbwoy
    Waiting for the service in my area!! Will rate accordingly once available :)
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Cliquot
    I've used the app & service since it became available in Orange County, CA in fall 2015. In my delivery area I can shop from Amazon, Sprouts and Bristol Farms. Each item shows who offers it and the price. The minimum order is very small for an invaluable service. Their shoppers text you if something is out of stock and ask if you want a substitute. Delivery couriers are polite & trustworthy. You can get everything from toys, books, printer ink, cards & wrapping paper, fresh flowers, canned goods, frozen foods, deli items, organic produce and grass fed beef to light bulbs, electronics and diapers! I'm thrilled they recently added restaurant delivery, too. I usually choose the 4 hour delivery option, which goes to midnight, but you can order for the next day, too. Try it!
  • Wrong address on profile when contacting customer support 1/5

    By bobalooandthebigjew
    Had to spend 10 minutes trying to find the address associated with my profile. Out of the 30 addresses I have -- it was a 3 year old address that I have never had prime delivered to.... bush league amazon.... bush league....
  • Dont know what happened 1/5

    By bmc_16_95
    Been using this app for a year now. Decided to buy some items today but few minutes after I received an email that my purchase was cancelled. I dont know why, I have enough money in my account but it keeps leaving me on "payment options" screen.
  • Delivery Minimum Now Absurd 1/5

    By Goods12
    Amazon used to have a reasonable $20 minimum for free delivery. Now, it appears the company has changed that to a $35 minimum. For one-person orders - even two, really - this is bloody ridiculous. I don't know why the change was made, but I know I won't be ordering via Amazon anymore. Nice work, Bezos.
  • Stupid App👎🏼 1/5

    By Kimbomo
    I'm shocked at how stupid this app this! I'm in a major city and they say they don't deliver in my area either.
  • Amazon Restaurants not worth using. 2/5

    By Zephoku
    I was a heavy user of Amazon Restaurants. The minimum for free delivery is absurd. It has no use for a single, or even two people use anymore. After this change, I'm not using Amazon Restaurants at all anymore. If prime now goes the same route, I'll be uninstalling the app.
  • Delivery Minimums Are Outrageous 1/5

    By sethfri
    $20 minimum to even place an order was already way too high, but at least I was getting free delivery. Now, I have to spend that much just for the opportunity to PAY you for delivery? No thanks. I'll be taking my business to Postmates and UberEATS
  • It's good but needs some fixes 4/5

    By Alchemisto
    Also I wasn't happy with the tips that I have to pay especially when I paid 100$ for prime now. However when I talked with one of the delivery contractor who worked with amazon he explained that contractors get 18$ an hour and they used theirs own cars plus gas and insurance and driving about 100-150 miles a day not to mention there are no benefits whatsoever. So tips plus wage what makes this job okay otherwise it's not worth it at all. Anyway I use prime if I really don't have time to go grocery shopping or guests are coming in this case it's a saver
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By LantAlot1313
    Won't let me sign in, at all...
  • Make it in New Orleans 1/5

    By Beast1.3.2$
    Make it in New Orleans. It will be better in New Orleans! Please
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Stayathome4893
    This works very well if you live in areas that have the Prime Now service
  • Restaurant delivery minimum is too high 2/5

    By N21xx
    You're asking me to get $35 worth of food to get free delivery, otherwise pay $5? I'm fine with tipping $5, but if I'm ordering just for myself, you expect me to spend $35 + $5 tip tax? No thanks. This isn't your main Amazon store where I can easily spend $35 to get the "free" shipping (not really free since I pay for Prime membership), but $35 for food is too much.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Darrow1
    Not on my iPhone. Don't know about a Droid.
  • I like it but.... 3/5

    By Thisisnotgoodatall
    It's a good start. I'm a mom of four and taking all of them to the store is usually crazy, so I love that I can order diapers or laundry detergent and get them ASAP if I forget to pick it up when I'm alone. They have a decent number of items but hoping more are added quickly. What I really hate is the tipping. I'm on a tight budget and I already pay $100 a year for my prime membership. I think this should be included and Amazon should pay their employees well enough that they don't need tips. I ordered 24 dollars worth of stuff (8 items) and it automatically added a 5 dollar tip (which you are able to change within 24 hours of ordering). Feeling pressure to tip makes it not worth it. I wouldn't mind tipping if it was a very large order or something really heavy but if I'm ordering three bags of groceries, the drivers wage should be covered enough that I don't have to tip $5. Come on, Amazon. Pay your drivers a decent wage.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By You me St Pt
    App doesn't work...continuously ask for zip code.
  • Not available in my area 5/5

    By Smarkel83
    I read the reviews and looked at the details after downloading the app. When I actually read the details as far as where this service is available, I understood why the app didn't work for me. I guess that just means before downloading an app like this and writing a poor review, you should make sure the service is available in your area otherwise, people like myself will more than likely not even try the service at all.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By NapVivo
    Can't get past zip code. Even tried reinstalling. Fail.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Don Keigh
    Hangs up in loop between "shop now" and zip code prompt.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Duckieer
    App doesn't work. Asks for zip code to shop. When zip code is entered, it says they are serving in that area but when I click the "shop now" button it just asks me for the zip code again.
  • Doesn't work on iPhone 1/5

    By What the blank
    I was introduced to Prime Now by a friend. She showed me on her Samsung how it worked so I downloaded it to give it a try. After putting in my log in information, it prompted me for a zip code. It will let you know whether you are in a prime now zone then prompt you to shop now. However, the shop now is just an endless loop. Zip code, shop now, zip code, shop now. Total waste. Thanks anyways Amazon.
  • First delivery good experience 5/5

    By H. Glendale CA
    Just received my first grocery delivery. Milk was still cold; expiration date a little sooner than at market (10days vs 2weeks), but ok for me. As other reviews stated, the map doesn't help much, but on my iPad there was a button to call the driver, which I did. (The button didn't show on my iPhone). He answered promptly and I was able to give him extra directions to our off-the-street house. His English was a bit weak, but he followed the directions correctly. I plan to continue with this service.

    By Levi2428
    Got my groceries in less than 2 hours in TAMPA FL I AM AMAZED!! Lady was very nice too Frozen food was still cold
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Rokujuashohua
    Orders are not delivered, drivers are lazy. Order elsewhere.
  • Didn't have our ice cream 1/5

    By Buninthe0ven
    Wanted to try the service, but didn't make it far because they only offer one flavor of breyers ice cream. What kind of sick joke is this?
  • Good idea, awful results. 1/5

    By AIDV
    I can't never use the app. Never find what I am looking for. Deleting.
  • NO SERVICE.... at all?! 1/5

    By 🐰💖🐰💖
    I've used prime now for food delivery about 5 times and every time my order has been wrong. not once, not twice, but every single time. I'm not sure if it's their back end system that's a problem communicating with the restaurant or WHAT. But not only am I paying and forced to eat food that I didn't even order, but there is no way to contact anyone that has to do with this. You cannot contact your driver. You can only contact Amazon Customer Service... the general customer service who has no sense of urgency about your missing dinner. I've gotten transferred so many times I honestly think they created this service and forgot completely about it.
  • Anti-intuitive 1/5

    By waltafhgdbjmhdc
    Unable to find the delivery option.... I have Amazon Prime because I want things sent to my house. A list of restaurants that are not close to me is worthless lol
  • So great for a busy life 5/5

    By Jaypea29
    I use Prime now all the time. I live in LA. Where else can I get eggs and bacon and an iPhone cable delivered to me in under two hours for free and only pay a tip? It's awesome. They beat grocery store prices on a lot of items too. So many choices. Need a last minute gift but don't have time to shop? Want to make a cake but don't have all the ingredients and can't go out? Sick at home but need groceries? Prime now. I love Amazon.
  • 3 star app, 5 star service 3/5

    By Mo_leto
    I've only used the service once (the delivery guy just left) and did not use the app to place my order. The fact that this app does not have real time tracking is a big problem for me. There is a tracking feature but it only updates every minute or so (even refreshing does not update). This is the same as the website. I understand the security issue but it's still annoying. Also, the tracking is not the same between the website and app once the deliverer gets close. I was tracking on both, and while the website showed the guy parked outside the map showed him two blocks away still. I just tried this service out as a test, buying some groceries for dinner, but I will definitely be using it more often.
  • I am in hell 1/5

    By Kellybearrrrrrrrrr
    OMGG they erased my last review because the nickname was taken, I do not know if my night could be worse. Whoever was delivering from Gardena to San Pedro in the South Bay Area on 3/25/17 in the delivery window of 8 PM - 10 PM, I hope you know suffering like I know suffering now. God will smite you and everything you hold dear, you sick freak. I am in an apartment complex with several dogs that will bark if you so much as sneeze, so we would know if a delivery was attempted. Suddenly at 8:55 PM, I was sent a text saying my delivery was attempted. Um... at home, with all lights on, ears perked waiting for the delivery EVEN WITH SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS DESCRIBING OUR GATE! If someone had so much as even stepped foot outside of their car, a dog would bark. No delivery was attempted. I hope so much whoever you are you read this and your dreams are haunted by my ghost because I'm probably going to die of hunger. And Amazon is HORRIBLE. Why not give customers a number to contact the driver like LITERALLY ANY OTHER DELIVERY SERVICE?!?!?! Or have the driving call before marking you as "undeliverable"?!?! As another user stated, Amazon customer service was unable to locate the driver, the drivers name, or number and had to refund my account. But you can't refund the two hours spent waiting or the extra time we had to take to leave. Worst app ever. Worst idea. Your self-service store will blow up in your faces and you'll go bankrupt.
  • First Impressions 1/5

    By @Sigil
    The app: The interface is clunky. The tracking is almost useless. The app constantly shows products that are not in stock. That is unacceptable. Some itms are listed in the wrong area, which often mean they are not in the correct area.
  • The best 5/5

    By Mercedescordeiro
    I love Amazon , Now I love more Thank you so much much for the best service
  • A lazy person's dream. 5/5

    By EGawAlaska
    Used Prime Now for the very first time this morning and LOVED IT. I do t have a lot of time to go and spend at grocery stores so this was awesome. I only purchased household items, (cat food, laundry detergent, ext.), but it was way better than going to Kroger and THEN to Petsmart or Petco. Best app ever. I didn't experience any issues with time or my order. Only improvement I would like to see is the ability to make a favorites list like you can on the normal Amazon app.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Albaby4
    I have been an amazon prime member for years, and was so excited to see this new service. I put in my order and they texted me many times to tell me how my order was progressing. I could see my driver was right down the street via the map they provide, and then my order was cancelled on their end. I called customer service immediately and they were unable to reach the driver or give me a reason for cancellation. 2 hours of my night wasted for nothing, HUGE disappointment.
  • Amz has no idea what is/isn't in stock 1/5

    By Charles H H
    Beware ordering groceries. Love the service...when I don't get a text saying they are only delivering part of my order. How the heck do they not know what is and isn't in their inventory?! Two days in row they call me to tell me my order is missing half the items. Not what I would expect from Amazon.
  • Delivery tracking horrible 1/5

    By Alex Alexzander
    I like the service but I don't understand how billion dollar companies like amazon can't seem to make an app that actually works. Your delivery tracking just doesn't work at all. Would you please fix it. Do us all a favor and actually release apps that actually work.
  • Unreal 5/5

    By Joru
    I'm eating a bag of grapes and a pint of Talenti after a short 20 minute wait. I love you amazon
  • What the heck?? 1/5

    By thisislong9
    Ship item shows sign of use for me. Parts were dirty. Very disappointed.
  • Nationwide 2/5

    By Bella Jaymes Cullen
    This should be nationwide not just certain cites that y'all deem fit so if y'all could do that please!!!
  • Restaurant delivery is terrible 1/5

    By EWsicko
    The driver only gave me 1/2 my order & when I realized it & called he said "oh well, I'm just the driver, I guess you can call the restaurant but I'm done with your order." I called the restaurant - they were very helpful & gave me a refund for the undelivered food & told me the driver left 1/2 my order behind. They offered to call another Amazon driver but I declined bc DUH. I'd rather pay for delivery bc it gives the drivers accountability.
  • Needs iPad App 5/5

    By Joel Then
    I love Amazon Prime Now, the service is stellar. Please make an iPad-friendly version of this app!
  • Absolutely perfect quality and speedy delivery! 5/5

    By Equisite wine
    I recently ordered from Amazon prime now with the "within the hour delivery" for some grocery items I forgot and they arrived super quickly within the hour and good quality items!!!! It's all exactly what I ordered! This was so perfect for me with a little one going grocery shopping again after forgetting some things takes more energy and time away from nap time for my little one. Also, I left a note in the note section to leave it at the door even though perishables were in my order, because I was nursing and they did just leave it there and mark it delivered!!! I highly recommend for families and everyone! 👍👍👍
  • Simply doesn't work 1/5

    By Iiiiiiiiikklljjhh
    Amazon PrimeNow didn't work on my iPhone 6, it doesn't work on my iPhone SE, and it doesn't work on my iPhone 7+, all of which had/have the latest iOS. I get the same error message on each device, which kicks me back to the zip-code entry field. I live centrally in downtown chicago, which is supposedly a market they serve, and I'd use it frequently if it worked. Website just kicks me to the app.
  • Very little selection 2/5

    By Tee777-3987
    I think it's a bit overpriced and very little selection of items. I hope this improves because I would love to use this app more often.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Jackcperu
    Doesnt work on my IPhone! Been with the Amazon tech for over 25min and they cant solve it!
  • They need new drivers 3/5

    By Missstew1992
    I had one guy get lost down the street for over half an hour!i told him where to go several times yet he kept going the opposite way and barely spoke English. Very frustrating!
  • App not working 1/5

    By SingSmile
    My favorite and much need app is now taking forever to load, only to tell me that I should check my network connection because PrimeNow can't be reached. My connection is fine. I even restarted my phone and the app still won't open.

Amazon Prime Now app comments

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