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Stay current with the latest full episodes and video extras from your favorite AMC Original Series. Episodes are available in season, with no login required for many season premieres and all video extras. Full seasons require a login from your TV provider. Login through these providers: AT&T U-Verse, Charter Spectrum, COX, DIRECTV, DISH, Optimum, Xfinity and Verizon FiOS, among others; to view the full list of providers please go here: Our lineup of original programming includes: The Walking Dead Ride With Norman Reedus Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics Fear the Walking Dead Halt and Catch Fire Preacher Talking Dead Comic Book Men Better Call Saul Turn Into the Badlands The Son Talking with Chris Hardwick This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.


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AMC app reviews

  • Won’t play latest episode 2/5

    By User8472938
    It will not play the latest episode with the latest iOS update.
  • TWD 1/5

    By Chichi919
    I can't ever watch my episodes on the go. For some reason I can watch clips all day but the episodes will say error or just simply will kick back out. It's so frustrating not everyone can sit at home to watch their episodes. God forbid you travel! I've used my cellular data or wifi and nothing boots it up. I've checked for app updates and frustratingly enough there aren't any. Please get it together or allow us to watch episodes from our laptops bc yes I even went to on my laptop and it directs you to download an app on your phone or tablet. Yet the app DOES NOT WORK! I do not watch anything on AMC besides the walking dead and it is frustrating that I cannot watch it at my convenience.
  • Won’t play 1/5

    By Cat lady aab
    Trying to watch the latest episode of TWD but it won’t play. It has a play icon but noting happens when I click on it.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Manuthechamp
    Why is this app lagging so much . I can’t no tv shows on this app. Worst horrible app man.
  • App not working 2/5

    By J Guns
    Tried viewing the recent TWD episode on both Apple TV and IPhone app and neither one is working. Tried to view it through my iOS browser but episodes are only available through the AMC app, which is currently garbage...
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Spookydoker
    Why does this say that the latest episode of the walking dead is available to watch and when I go to click play it won’t let me watch it. It lets me watch all other episodes but this one and it clearly says it’s available. Fix this issue
  • Dead App, Indeed 1/5

    By Efengy
    This app constantly logs me off. The shows always have a delay prior to opening or never open at all. The only option is to force close and try again...FYI, this process doesn’t always work.
  • Twd 1/5

    By Social worker 46
    It does not let you watch it. It’s not free. I’ve missed two seasons, and always have to catch up. I’m starting to think if you can’t even watch something for free, on time that says they provide it, then I’m about to stop watching it all together.
  • keeps crashing 2/5

    By ksksksjndjndbfbdbsbd
    i try to open this app but i cant go 10 seconds without it crashing on me needs fixing
  • Waste of time. Won’t let you watch 1/5

    By Triple Double Awesome
    All I wanted to do was watch The Walking Dead But it kept asking me a bunch of questions about my TV provider. Once I finished the questions it just brought me back to the first question. It was one big circle. Make this easier to do guys.
  • Easily the Worst Streaming App 2/5

    By RemyLebeau266
    The only steaming app I use that consistently blurs the image to buffer. This is also the only app that never works with mirror play. This app also makes you sign in more than every other app (about every 2 weeks). Get it together.
  • No Apple Airplay support 1/5

    By Funkyfree
    Why in the world is there not an option to play this app through Apple airplay. I mean really at this point every video app should have that basic option. Get it together AMC.
  • Slow lags freezes all around fail 1/5

    By Lilrockermom
    This app is one of the worst tv apps out there. The providers are not alphabetical and there is no provider search option. There is no download option for seamless viewing. The app rarely ever plays. Not friendly with cable to tv from phone/tablet. Very disappointing that the tv channel with one of the most watched shows isn’t better than this. Take a page from some of the other apps.
  • Ads on ads on ads 1/5

    By Ryansullivan909
    We get it, you have to have ads but seriously? How many ads are you going to have? Deleted the app Wong reinstall again
  • Use to be great 1/5

    By bob9324438978954y
    This app can no longer cast to my vizio... what happened?!?
  • Can’t watch an episode unless connected to WiFi? 1/5

    By BigTisch
    It appears that unless you’re connected to WiFi, you can’t watch anything. I downloaded the app to catch up on TWD’s new season...I take the train into work, so it’s a perfect chance to knock out some episode catch-up...but this app won’t play if streaming with data plan. Makes this app completely worthless for people in this type of situation. Every other video streaming app (NetFlix, Amazon Video, DirecTV Now, Comedy Central, etc) works fine when using data.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By K5 Custom Baits
    I've had this app for over a year. Always watch it in the same location. But after the last couple updates it will no longer load. Says slow connection speed. Even though I have full service and on a wifi connection. No matter where I am it says slow connection
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Chugabooe
    Have had this app off and on for awhile. It will work and then not. The latest BS says video null even when logged into your service provider. This app is the only way I have to watch Walking Dead. Just about done with it all.
  • Video Playback on LTE 1/5

    By EnjoiSkate26
    I’ve tried multiple times to watch a show on the app with LTE and I get nothing more than a sign in to a provider screen and the buffering wheel. When I load up a different streaming app like Netflix the video plays instantaneously. Pretty lousy app since I can’t watch on WiFi when I’m on the train.
  • Live viewing on AMC app 4/5

    By Georgie12_
    Spectrum option for live viewing on the AMC app not just on desktop site please 🙏🏽
  • Why all the commercials? 1/5

    By Krunos
    Do not download, unless you like AMC forcing you to watch endless commercial breaks in-between the shows. It gets annoying when you already pay to watch their shows.
  • Cannot watch a single show! 1/5

    By kristifunari03
    Video will not load. Thought it was just my phone (Apple iphone 7s) but it didn’t work on my Apple TV as well. Every other app that I use to stream episodes just fine...EXCEPT for amc. Please AMC...get it together!!
  • Chromecast bug /commercial volume 1/5

    By Zombie Flikr
    Playback will jump roughly 5 seconds back multiple times per show. The the commercial volumes can be extremely loud out of no where.. scarier than TWD
  • Awful 1/5

    By Dipper14
    I can't even open the app. Constantly just keeps crashing. Tisk tisk.
  • Streaming de-sync 3/5

    By Netosama
    The app de-synchronizes with chromecast and the closed caption goes away and no option to put it back. Sometimes the CC is not in sync with the show
  • After 15 min wait gave up 1/5

    By Disappointed...1234
    Just downloaded the app on my iPhone tried to watch an episode but after waiting 15 min for it to start playing all I got was the buffering page! Gave up and going to delete this app, for it’s a joke
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By C_Dansyy
    I would think that AMC would actually have an app that works. Been trying to use this app over the years and it always does the same for a few minutes, just enough to get your hopes up.... and then....freezes, hourglass, skips and everything else that is annoying. Restart WiFi , reboot iPad? Nope. Nothing helps. Too bad because it could be a great app. Makes AMC look like hacks.
  • Worst streaming app in the store. 1/5

    By Bama525
    How an app can be this terrible is beyond me. It has progressively become worse over the years. I've had better viewing experiences with static riddled analogue tv. Also, how about real time streaming? Actually, hold off on that and get decent picture clarity first...
  • App is worthless if you don’t use it on Wi-Fi!!!!! 1/5

    By Dcowboyscr
    This app is utterly useless unless you’re using it on Wi-Fi! Otherwise episodes won’t play. AMC needs to get it’s act together this is unacceptable. This used to be a great app but after updates, whenever you try to use it on anything but wifi it won't play any episodes! It just infinitely loads! Every other network tv app I have: NBC, FOX, ABC, FX, NEFLIX, HBO, ETC works great.
  • Where do I start...? 1/5

    By Hyperhealer3
    Recently canceled Netflix figuring I can always use the AMC app to rewatch Breaking Bad whenever I want. Only to realize that the app only features 3-5 episodes at a time when they want you to see it. I find this unacceptable in the Information Age. The transition from show to commercials then back to show is so clunky at times that it’s annoying... and why are there so many of them? Deleting this app as soon as I finish this review.
  • Totally cool 5/5

    By Yvhvubu. Ibj ubt tcyvu
    Totally cool
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Ngc60
    Used to work great but ever since last update the app crashes every time I try to sign in. Please fix.
  • Blaring loud ads 1/5

    By Sparta2020
    Nothing but EXTREMELY LOUD ads. Causing my speakers and windows to shake and the neighbors to hear from outside. This one particular ad seemed to be made to troll users advertising some website with people screaming / singing in a dark room. Only it was 100x and cut out abruptly, as if to shock you into their product. AMC needs to sTOP LETTING TROLLS RUN THEIR ADS! I hate this app and it's just a plow to buy their extra crap service.
  • audio BLASTS at commercials 1/5

    By M L O
    Seriously fix your commercial audio. It scared the crap out of us tonight and always. Its not normal audio advancing like usual , its 10 xs the deciblrs. The app is also very buggy . The app skips sporadically to commercials then content for not a normal break. Worst video application.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Diddy745
    iPhone is fully updated. App closes every time I open it.
  • Okay? 2/5

    By Seanpsw
    I downloaded this app as the only way to watch season two of preacher. I watched season one on Hulu, decided I liked it, but it was too late. The second season had already aired so I couldn’t watch it live or DVR the show. I downloaded this app and started watching the show (after a lengthy process of running in circles before finally getting to watch, then finding out you have to repeat said lengthy process before watching any more episodes) but three days later they took the show off of the app. I’m not in show business but I am in business. This, to me, seems like bad business. I won’t be apart of season three’s ratings if I can’t finish season two. I checked Hulu thinking it would be on Hulu, seeing how season one is on Hulu, (I thought maybe, Hulu said to AMC, why would people pay to watch on Hulu if AMC is letting people stream for free) but it’s not on Hulu. I also checked Netflix, also not on there. So how do you catch up? Seems like a weird question these days, right? (I’m not the type of person to steal movies or shows) I’m not going to pay Fios, my cable provider, $1.99 an episode to watch OnDemand. I pay enough already for cable. I also pay for Hulu and Netflix on a monthly basis. The show just isn’t that good, but I still wonder why I have the shows app but they took the show off. Why would you do that? Bad business or maybe I’m not seeing the bigger picture or any picture I want to see. Still, none the less, I won’t be a part of season three’s ratings.
  • Amc 5/5

    By lacey (kaine)
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Povfromme
    Won’t play episodes. Tried reinstalling a few times too.
  • Stop making me login!!!!!! 1/5

    By HawkEye1194
    This app is great but I’m giving it one stars until it stops making me re-login in so many times. It’s such a buzz kill. Use the api that everyone else uses to do the login with a single click. PLEASE!!!!! So not user friendly to login all the time.
  • So mad!!!!! 1/5

    By BabyBGrubin
    At first it seems great. Was able 2 watch 2 episodes no problem. Episode 3 comes along and now you require log in to provider!!!!! STOP THIS! Even ABC app is doing better than this! Do not download if you don’t have a cable provider
  • Live the shows! 5/5

    By K9Kerrie
    Only downside is not enough seasons or episodes for some.
  • NOT WORTH IT 1/5

    By AppCritic02017
    *DO NOT DOWNLOAD* Videos do not play even on a brand new iPhone and iPad and with high speed wifi! It tells you, "No login required", and yet videos will not play followed by an alert, (*An error occurred during video playback, please try again later*) the one message every IOS user hates more than anything. Not worth your time.
  • Abysmal 1/5

    By HK45 Greg
    Attempted to watch a show on multiple platforms and it jumps to the next screen saying you’ve just watched it! Able to watch extras but not shows.
  • Does not let me see 3rd episode after working before 1/5

    By Larry2646747
    I have done Everything possible to try and see episode three of The Walking Dead I am a paying customer from Atlantic broadband and all of the sudden I cannot see the third episode after the first and second worked fine without my subscription I am very disappointed as I thought this app was very well and got me to connect to The Walking Dead where I am on able to see it on TV horrible app I’m very disappointed
  • Garbage Service 1/5

    By Ashton LaPorte
    Locked my entire Direct TV account because l entered the password in wrong one time. Now l have to spend several hours on the phone to unlock this. This is complete garbage. Glad l pay for this.
  • Cannot watch anything 1/5

    By Chrissy1421
    I cannot watch anything on my amc app. It was working fine then all the sudden it comes up but when I click on the walking dead to watch the episodes it does nothing. Just sits there spinning like it’s loading but never does
  • What has happened? 1/5

    By the gtra1n
    This app used to work work without a problem, did just what it should. Now, I’ve had to sign back into my provider, and one of two things happens: 1) the app spins ENDLESSLY and never finishes signing in, or 2) I get an OpenAM Configuration screen asking me to log in as Admin to a server. What fresh incompetence is this?
  • Kills battery 2/5

    By Adollin1234
    That app itself work well for me however I have noticed it is heavy on the battery use, I watch 2 episodes of preacher on WiFi with my iPad and it used 52% of the battery which I think is a bit excessive.
  • The walikg dead 2/5

    By Jambug69
    At first was great got to watch the first 2 episodes without signing in. Now to watch the 3rd you have to sign in and give cable provider...what a crock of crap. I downloaded app becouse i dont have cable
  • Ruined my fave shows it’s so bad 1/5

    By Knick-kname
    How do you take a great show and destroy it? By putting it on the worse app ever. I’ve never been able to watch a single episode without multiple glitches. Lots of ads that freezes and I have to watch over again. I won’t watch anymore show on this app. I will wait for it to go on Netflix or amazon and watch there or never watch at all. Maybe I should cancel my cable.

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