AmpMe - A Portable Social Party Music Speaker

AmpMe - A Portable Social Party Music Speaker

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 5.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Amp Me inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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AmpMe - A Portable Social Party Music Speaker App

Are you looking for the perfect social music party app? AmpMe brings music and friends together! Surround yourself with sound and take your party to the next level with AmpMe’s giant multi-speaker setup using nothing but your phone. Play your music (as loud as you want) by simply syncing your devices to create one powerful sound system. Party with your friends anywhere, anytime, and any way. AmpMe: Be the speakers. Are you ready to party hard? Here’s how: 1.Download AmpMe to your phone and tell your friends to add the app to their devices as well. 2.Host your own party or join one. 3.If you’re the host you basically get to control EVERYTHING! (Well, not really. But, you will get to control the music. So, add your favorite songs, albums, or even create your own playlists. ) 4.Hit “PLAY” and get ready to parrtyyy!! (This is the part where you invite your friends. Unless you don’t have any or want to party alone; but that would be boring.) 5.Sync your device to your friends’ devices and, in seconds you and your friends will become the speakers. AmpMe is compatible with smartphone, tablets, and bluetooth speakers AmpMe is currently available anywhere, except outer spacer; but we’re working on that. Stay tuned for our new features. Who knows, we may be taking moonwalking to the next level. (Please note that AmpMe is not responsible for any public disturbance complaints. We also ask that you not mention our name when your neighbour warns you for making too much noise; we wouldn’t want to get a bad rep.) Music Library (local music on your device) isn't supported on : iPad1,1 , iPad2,1 , iPad2,2 , iPad2,3 , iPad2,4 , iPad3,1 , iPad3,2 , iPad3,3 , iPad3,4, iPad3,5, iPad3,6, iPad2,5, iPad2,6, iPad2,7, iPhone1,1, iPhone1,2, Phone2,1, iPhone3,1, iPhone3,2 , iPhone3,3 , iPhone4,1, iPod1,1, iPod2,1, iPod3,1, iPod4,1, iPod5,1 Note : Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. AmpMe is now 12+ and YouTube Search is now in strict mode

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AmpMe - A Portable Social Party Music Speaker app reviews

  • Doesn't sinc up well 1/5

    By Legoluster
    Someone is always delayed.
  • Lame. 1/5

    By Jta59
    This app would be slot better if you could actually play the songs directly from your phone instead of using YouTube. You have to choose each individual song to play. Not the best at thinking things through.
  • Killer 5/5

    By Torn Winter
    This app is dope
  • Best ad ever 5/5

    By BennySaucee
    I only downloaded the app to write a review, and tbh haven't opened the app and do not intend to but just needed to say this app has by FAR the best ad ever bravo
  • WOW 5/5

    By ~Sof
    AMAZING wow love this app works when you connect to Bluetooth too!!!
  • Cool 5/5

    By Abdjcdm
  • g 5/5

    By Abdulelah1
  • Great 5/5

    By Damrcus
  • Function 1/5

    By Zach5278833652
    Your last update made the app not work at all. I play it on my iPhone and try to connect to my iPad but there is no sound. That is the whole point of the app and it isn't working so if I could give zero stars I would! Put this up in February and yet again the app does not work...
  • Can get better 3/5

    By PTX5ever
    It's simple. Making it so u an take away rights to Dj in your own party would make it might better than taking it away from everyone
  • Great but slow 1/5

    By Colin3452
    Really really slow
  • Add more music options 4/5

    By Jacob_Gamer
    No pandora that's what I mainly use add pandora and it would be 5 stars it's good but just add pandora
  • Great app 4/5

    By Greg Martakos
    Great app
  • It's a no go 1/5

    By Bill Mcfly
    App won't even open on my iPhone 6. The app itself just turns dark for a second or two and then does nothing
  • App works great, but ANNOYING orientation for the app. 1/5

    By 21chip
    I love this app, but on iPads and larger devices, you can't use landscape view on the iPad. It's annoying to hold an iPad in portrait mode. PLEASE fix this, and I will rate the app 5 stars. Thanks
  • No pandora 4/5

    By bjs107
    Get other applications like pandora and apple play on here and it'd be a 5 star app. Personally I don't use Spotify or YouTube soo I don't use this app often. Works wonderfully when I do use it though!
  • Missing a CRUCIAL feature 4/5

    By themanskepta
    Love the idea of the app and in general it works well. It's just missing the simple thing that is a password for parties! How do you not have this yet? I love that it uses Spotify now, studied with my friends using this app and it was a great time and Spotify made it great. The party lags and pauses a fair bit which can be tiresome, and it needs passwords on parties and it will be ideal. Download this app as there's nothing this integrated.
  • Interesting 4/5

    By Throat Yogurt
    Interesting idea, and it kinda works, but one good Bluetooth speaker is enough so I don't see the point of this app other than connecting to playlists from long distances.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Alawy16
  • Improve 2/5

    By Pedrog100
    They should let you play with other apps like YouTube and pandora
  • Good App 4/5

    By Ken's Catnip
    Needs better syncing between devices. And I have YouTube Red I'd kinda like to keep it that way. ❤️ Thanks.
  • STAY LIT 🔥🔥🔥 5/5

    By BroderickTurnerFacebook
    This app is absolutely great. It's so cool to pair up with friends and essentially have a silent disco. Only "complaint" is that I can't just simply shuffle a playlist I've already made. It's somewhat painstaking to have to queue and move individual songs in order to keep the same songs from playing in the same order. Other than that, you can def find me on this app.
  • Fantástico! 5/5

    By AlejitoRomeo
    Que más puedo decir? Fantástico... 1000 puntos
  • Spotify 2/5

    By beedous_
    This app seems super good but please make it so you don't have to have premium on Spotify but if they change that 5 stars
  • Great 5/5

    By Cappidoo
    It is great for party's because u can link tons of speakers together and have like surround sound!! Totally recommend it
  • Bloototh 5/5

    By Fgggnffsggbg
    Bloooittooooth is back and better than ever
  • Great app but 5/5

    By Kid kid 26
    This is a wonderful product u can't get much better used it with my friends to turn up on the way to a competition best decision ever, but it drains battery extremely fast and u can't make a party without location services
  • 🗣Turn up with ampme🙋🏻‍♂️🎉🔥🎶 5/5

    By party mode on🎊🎉😝🙋🏻‍♂️
    Totally recommended! This app is definitely one of the best app out there. I really like this app but there are some songs that have like 10 seconds playing in silence I personally think that it would be even better if this app had the Crossfade option.
  • Carson 5/5

    By BennBishop
    This app is dope. Perfect for when no one has a speaker. We literally just used it at a party and it was lit. G8
  • Wooooow! 5/5

    By MIgu & Pishool
    Good job!
  • Add more music options 3/5

    By Fart funkleson
    I use tidal and there is no option for ir
  • It runs smoothly 5/5

    By DRS23232
    Cool app! Way to go.
  • Great app‼️ 4/5

    By Braydog 326
    This app is great! Perfect for family parties and parties at the pool! I would like for AmpMe to add the option of using pandora as that is what I primarily use for music. Overall it's a very great app though!
  • Thank 5/5

    By Golden sweat
    Thank god for this new update to disable guest DJ's ❤️❤️❤️😍🐒
  • Very cool 4/5

    By x472MASTERx
    Only problem is that the music over a short time goes out of tune. Otherwise this is a great app!
  • Why change a song 3/5

    By Jimmyjam12399
    The app makes some songs sound different and changes the pitch of the songs
  • Not quite my tempo💩 1/5

    By Anony731
    You can't sync with other devices which is the point of this app. Don't get if you are a drummer!💩
  • Wow!!! 5/5

    By Christian Balseca
    The best app ever!!
  • Aids 1/5

    By NEM-blowing Os
    I got aids from this app while having gay sex; pretty sure it was the app tho
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Josh4x4
    I can think of a ton of uses for this app
  • Ehh 2/5

    By Kitten hols
    I think that if it had pandora as a source thing it would be so much better. I'm not very happy with it!
  • Wont work... 1/5

    By Samuelg13000
    I click the app and it doesnt launch, ive tried redownloading and all that, still wont work. Please realease an update to fix this.
  • One of the best music apps 5/5

    By Winter.Sean
    I have never came across something cool and unique as this!
  • I am going to call this the best app ever;) 5/5

    By Adghcbbvv
    I want to be like everyone else who comments on these apps and call it the best app ever because i need attention and my opinion matters. jk lol it actually is a pretty good app;)
  • It's a cool app and a great idea. 4/5

    By Chrischoate149
    I think the app is a great idea and is awesome for parties, school, etc. but I just think they should add a option to listen to Apple Music on the app. And I also think they should make it to where it doesn't keep playing the same song and actually go threw songs on your playlist(s). But overall great app, just need some improvement but it has good potential.
  • AmpMe 5/5

    By CudiverseCudelato
    It's AWESOME
  • Genius idea❤️❤️😱😱💥🔥🤓🤓 4/5

    By VSAngel613
    I'm always out random with my friends and we wanna put on music but it's waaaay to low from one phone So just stoked about this helpful app😝😍 Thanks 🙏 hope it runs efficiently (Also mayb have deal with YouTube to allow us to lock phones while playing to conserve battery).
  • Great app, awesome sound!! 4/5

    By Freakadelique
    The more devices, the better!! But... can we get some support for Slacker Radio? I have used them for years now, and all my favorite music is pinned, and I can use music downloaded to my device, so I don't double dip the data. Slacker (as all streaming music services do) uses data, AmpMe uses data, and it's killing me :-(. Give me Slacker and I'll give you 5 stars!! Deal?!? Please?!? LOL
  • No connection 1/5

    By ealiagh
    I have been trying itmany time during 2 years ago but never connected to my another iphone, both are always updated as always ❌
  • I wanted to rate this 5/5

    By His doughnut
    This is a genius idea that we all needed but were too lazy to make. This is great for parties,sports,or just sitting around. I definitely recommend this app

AmpMe - A Portable Social Party Music Speaker app comments

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