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Amtrak App

With the Amtrak app you get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it. • Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes. • Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets • Check train status • Search for station information • Save trip information to your phone calendar • Load your eTicket into Apple Wallet • And so much more All this, without the hassle of your laptop, making calls or printing your ticket. For help or feedback on the Amtrak app, go to

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  • Useless 1/5

    By KellyKid513
    Tried to download my reservation to my phone (and put my tickets in my wallet) and was told this app cannot do that "due to the way the ticket was purchased". Now I have to print them out and keep track of them while keeping track of kids, too. The whole reason I wanted this on my phone was that I would have one less thing to worry about, but it is a waste of my time.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Protojack
    Doesn't even show all available trains. Book through the website.
  • Times, Tickets, Free Travel 5/5

    By Homer J D'oh
    I like how I can buy a ticket, and it remembers that I am a NARP (National Association of Railroad Passenger) member and gives me the 3 day ahead 10% discount automatically, and also as an Amtrak Guest Rewards member, my points accrue automatically when I buy via the app. Between accruing points for using Amtrak for short and long distance, and my Amtrak Guest Rewards MasterCard, we just had a free round trip Seattle to Iowa in a sleeper car, for two, to attend our daughters graduation, meals included. Nothing like railroad French Toast in the dining car with hot tea and juice after a good nights sleep and a shower to make Eastern Montana truly beautiful at daybreak. My e-tickets are right there on my iPhone, via the app, to show to the conductor or baggage checkers. But I also write down my reservation number in case there is a site hiccup. Sometimes it won't let login (says password off, it isn't, try again later) but that's not just the mobile app. Train Status check is great while on the train and when getting picked up, dropped off, or doing the same for a friend. Sad that Trump wants to shut down all long distance Amtrak so that half of rural service will end, no more sleeper cars, and then 21 states will have no rail service. I thought he said he was about infrastructure?
  • Does not allow disability fair booking. 1/5

    By Benjamin from CA
    The Amtrak app does not allow you to purchase tickets using the disability fair option. When you click on the passengers with disabilities option in the app it just tells you to go to the mobile website and offers to take you there. What is the point of getting the app if it is just going to take you back to the website. To add insult to injury after going to the mobile site and making the purchase it will not allow you to add your ticket to passbook or bring it up in the app. It tells you that option is unavailable. This is a major fail I hope gets corrected soon.
  • Amtrak service awful 1/5

    By J2643
    Had a password, but no longer works. Tried many times to use "forgot password " feature. Never received email. Absolutely useless.
  • Information only half there 2/5

    By RKinCU
    Bad app for people not on train. Once the train has left the "from" station it disappears from list. It's almost impossible to find out when train will arrive at the "to" station so you can meet person. App appears to be only to sell tickets. Not help people travel.
  • Fails miserably 1/5

    By MikedVT
    Does not include all current reservations. I am told to ditch and redone load but cannot do it
  • Timezone is off on notification 2/5

    By W.Gustin
    I have used the app off and on for the past few years. Yes, it is improving. But, my gripe today is on time zones. I purchased a ticket the day before travel for an 11:03AM departure. I get a notification from my Apple Wallet eTicket this morning confirming an 8:03AM departure. I checked my timezone settings, the ticket, online scheduling search engines, and called Amtrak to make sure the 11:03AM was valid and not stating an EDT timezone. It appears the notification is stuck on the east coast despite everything else correctly noting and set to west coast times. Please investigate and, at a minimum, consider adding the time zone info in the app ticketing info to avoid stressful morning notifications like this one. Thank you.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By RACaparaz
    Excellent app for traveling without printing the receipt. I can easily use the receipt in my Amtrak app to be scanned.
  • Good at what it does 4/5

    By Garbade
    It does the basics well, but is missing features like time tables and route guides.
  • Crummy login procedures 2/5

    By Nicholas.Varzos
    Regularly losses password and user name at supplier side. Must phone in to have correction made.
  • Rewards trips not part of app 2/5

    By Jakestar20
    Once I had enough points to use for a rewards points free trip I find out the app or web site can't track this for viewing , seems strange, just link my rewards # to my app account or user account. What if my wife bought tickets for me and her, they should show up on my accounts.
  • Incomplete 1/5

    By Durkweb
    It is impossible to get any of the available discounts (e.g., senior or AAA) using this app.
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By Rich422422
    A totally worthless app. After I signed in, I had to reenter my email to verify that I was the person looking for my reservation. Instead of just finding my reservation, I had to find the reservation number. It still told me that it wouldn't give me the information about my trip.
  • It's great but ... 3/5

    By kbtravel
    I have had repeated problems when entering my credit card. It gives me an error.
  • Amazingly bad 1/5

    By Chess king60
    An absolute joke. You search from city to city and get train number not valid. Almost never can access as it fails to log in most times and data is always wrong. Awful, awful. Jo

    By cherylanr
    Can't select under adult the discounts so have to buy tickets online if want money discount. Otherwise works well.
  • No option to add bicycles 1/5

    By disgruntled123
    App lacks option to add bicycle for the Pacific Surfliner route. There's no point using the app to reserve trips if this feature is missing.
  • Nightmare for customers 1/5

    By djmcboarder
    Bad app, many issues. UI nightmare. Just SOME of the issues: - No notification when train is delayed (notifications on) - Incorrectly notifies forthcoming train time non-stop draining battery w/out option to disable. - Doesn’t remember user login. Every single time the app makes user log in with email and reservation number. - Does not remember credit card info so need to get that out to book a ticket. Sad excuse for an app. Amtrak get it together.
  • Small tweaks would go a long way 1/5

    By MrblackNJ
    Would be great if you could pull-up reservation details with name or SSN. Better yet, reservations should populate like every other travel app(Hilton, SPG, United, etc.) Also, would also be nice if could pay for upgrade using different credit card than one used for original purchase.
  • Great but add a map. 4/5

    By dancingbrook
    Love the app but it needs a map you can search for locations. Looked for Burlington, VT but didn't know the station was in Essex Junction without going out of the app. Also needs to let you create routes that are possible but not obvious? Like Brattleboro, VT to Spartanburg, SC.
  • Sorely lacking 2/5

    By Chicago Organizer
    User interface is poor, resetting my password was difficult, not enough info about specific trains or stations available, just generally bad. There are so many ways an app could be used to improve customer experience (how about ordering food in advance), this app detracts from customer experience.
  • Price will go up as you are about to buy 1/5

    By 26ocb
    No fewer than 3 times in the last two weeks did I search for a ticket and start to buy or modify a ticket only to get an error message telling me it can't continue. When I search again, the price is $40 higher than it was a few minutes ago. This morning this all happened literally within a span of 4 minutes. Total rip off.
  • Ads make this app unusable 1/5

    By westgriff02
    There are so many ad pop ups now on this app! It is completely ridiculous!!! You can barely even navigate the app because of how many pop ups there are! The old app was great, no problems like this. I refuse to use app as is because of how frustrating not the app is to use now.
  • Ok but APP does not allow you to save your planned trips 3/5

    By Johnathan - Vancouver
    Ok but APP does not allow you to save your planned trips
  • App needs improvement 1/5

    I should be able to see my current bookings within hours of making a reservation and this app does not support that. I should be able to transport my reservation into Apple wallet and this app does not support that. Please continue to update the app
  • Getting better 4/5

    By Nibor6
    Wow, much better than the days of Julie!! Will do anything to avoid the automated phone service!
  • Great app but needs Apple Pay! 4/5

    By mr. review 101
    Been using this for years but still no Apple Pay feature or way to link wallet to the app so you can just pay using the same card each time.
  • Best thing to happen to traveling 5/5

    By Ka'amu
    I've traveled up and down California for about 7 years now and the past year or so this app has saved me from last minute trips or having to stand in line to buy a ticket.
  • No schedule 1/5

    By A4 Skyhawk
    Could find no info re trip planning. No schedules or prices. More info going to Amtrak.
  • Really bad app 1/5

    By ronodono
    Ok you can schedule but you can't purchase with points. They should hire the same people that did JetBlue app.
  • Not up to date 1/5

    By Cryhaug
    It is not updated timely. I am waiting on a 6:40 train which is delayed, yet it's still showing on time. Very frustrating.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Rabsoul
    Just like the train service, app is a direct reflection.
  • I can't log in! 1/5

    By mb4213
    Menu screen is messed up and I can't access the login screen.
  • Wow 1/5

    By Jeff_The_Cheff
    Bought one ticket, charged me for 3.
  • Poor login 1/5

    By RT@63
    Never was assigned a password. I tried many times to set up a password, however after more than 10 attempts AMTRAK never emailed the procedure to establish a password. Thus the AMTRAK app is useless.
  • Almost useless app 1/5

    By Shimages
    Other than the mobile ticket feature, this app is useless. No train information, no car information, and no useful information in the app.
  • No PST for Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Lhiner4
    Please correct the time zone issue for Apple Wallet. All alerts are in EST which is not helpful in California.
  • Advertisement spam 1/5

    By Streetlight24
    Stop with the advertising pop ups, took me minutes to check on a train arrival because "Panda Pop" kept Spamming data information block fill in. If you like Panda Pop and all the other useless adds this is the place
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Veejay1024
    I have not had any real issues with the app. However, if you purchase a ticket using a voucher, when you get to D.C. and the crew changes the ticket does not come back up.
  • Minimal but somewhat useful 3/5

    By Keldog4
    Love the e-ticket option. Clicking on Trips brings up my current reservation and e-ticket, nice. But why can't it show the status of my trip? My train was delayed 20 minutes yesterday to find that out, I had to go to Check Status, type in the city and the train number. The status should update when looking at my reservation under Trips (it was still showing on time).
  • Do not use! 1/5

    By MattATK03aaa
    This app does not have any of the deals or cheaper prices that the website has. Amtrak will also not honor any of the deals not bought through the website. I went to the station and they offered 2 for one tickets. I had already bought my ticket on the app and the station would not give me another ticket saying I had to buy on the website.
  • Midwest Traveler 1/5

    By Mideest Traveler
    Useless. Does not show e-pass, unless you enter your reservation code and email. Not practical.
  • Good Idea, Poorly Executed 1/5

    By ProdigalJim
    Buying tickets via the app, having your ticket on the phone ready to scan, all great ideas. But the back-end integration is embarrassingly bad: ever since they tried to create single-sign-on for Amtrak Guest Rewards members the app has been out of sync with Guest Rewards and flunks my password. I've had to change my password eight times in a row. POS.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By dragonfly3637
    App functions well, BUT, no option to change the passenger name when logged into my rewards acct, it defaults to me, and the train status is waaaaay off. The station at the board was 30min different. Real-time status updates, please!
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By Cwebb112
    Between me and my wife, we have taken the train about 15 times. It is late almost every time. I understand things happen, but when not only is it late, on the train status website it changes every 5 min to 10 min later. It makes it hard to plan when to pick ppl up. Also if you look at tickets a lot of the time a plane is cheaper. If you do take the train just plan for it being late and don't trust the time it says it will be there.
  • I can't believe this isn't better after al these years 2/5

    By rgunther
    It's been a few years since I've used the Amtrak app, and somehow it's gotten worse over time—not better. This app feels like it was designed and developed by people who don't personally use or understand basic iOS UX patterns. The menu is triggered by tapping at the top right corner, while "About" occupies the prominent top left button position. About! Why? And while you trigger the menu in the top right, it opens at the bottom of the screen using a control never intended for navigation. While it interacts with Apple Wallet, it's not at all obvious how and takes too many steps to add a ticket to your wallet. Guest rewards isn't really integrated into the app—it opens in a web browser, and you have to log in again to access that information. Oh, and my reservations don't show up in the app when I'm logged in.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By blurd
    NSURLError Domain error -1012 is all I get
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Yolo1367
    This app gave me a headache instead of making my life simpler.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By sirTDC
    Get it together, it's 2017. Disjointed. Frustrating and slow.

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