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Amtrak App

Discover the convenience of traveling with Amtrak. With the Amtrak app you can get simple and intuitive access to all the travel information you need, whenever you need it. • Show your eTicket while onboard, including multi-ride and monthly passes. • Purchase one-way, roundtrip, multi-ride and monthly tickets • Check train status • Search for station information • Save trip information to your phone calendar • Load your eTicket into Apple Wallet • And so much more All this, without the hassle of your laptop, making calls or printing your ticket. For help or feedback on the Amtrak app, go to

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Amtrak app reviews

  • Connection lost... always 2/5

    By ESBaum
    When it's connected to the network, it's great. Too bad that's almost never.
  • Ok at maybe 3/5

    By Me the one I
    I have not used this on a trip before I thought it was pretty cool but I discovered that it at s missing stops for example it told me that Salem OR did not have a train stop and I needed to take a bus but it did have a train stop and I did not need to take the bus
  • Stopped working with cellular data. 2/5

    By Thomsonfarm
    I've used this app forever and now it won't work without wifi. Says connection lost. I deleted and reinstalled and still not working. Grrrrrr
  • Broken 1/5

    By delanezz
    Can't login. Get an error every time I try. Worthless to me.
  • No Purpose 1/5

    By little j. fortin
    What is the point of the app if it doesn't stay synced to my AMTRAK account? Also, the app does not retain data on your upcoming trips. I need to go to my email and find the trip information event time I want to plug it into the app. Adds one or two more steps to the ticketing process.
  • Useless, missing station information... 1/5

    By runnoft
    App must be suffering from some type of database failure, but the station information is missing. This rendered the app almost completely useless and their app support page is a complete disaster. What a shame...
  • Not working 1/5

    By Me14991980
    App keeps saying it can't find my email address even though Amtrak website has sent me many emails.....? Plz fix
  • Good for non frequent use 3/5

    By Clark6050
    I don't take the train often so i don't need to use this app very much. I have a feeling that's how a lot of people use this app though. If you are just using this app to present your ticket then you will be fine.
  • Functional. Barely. 2/5

    By jantipod
    Yes it can book tickets. But it continually logs you out of your account and forces you to log back in (in the same transaction). It can only store certain kinds of reservations (?) so not all your tickets are stored in the app. And who knows how to add your Rewards # in if you didn't have it handy the first time.... There's no excuse for such terrible UX and functionality these days. Really disappointing.
  • Frequent traveler 1/5

    By Hmtn2254
  • CRITICAL ISSUE:Network was lost connect 1/5

    By Gbert2015
    The app no longer works. Keep receiving network connection was lost. Please help ASAP
  • Won't work on the train 1/5

    By Smudge Puppy
    It lost my 10 pack of pre purchased tickets I paid $92 to get. So then I was required to pay cash on the trip and they charge extra for using cash!
  • Loses network connection 2/5

    By (w
    When I try to log in. iOS 10.2.3, iPhone 7. I've got four bars, hell, even 🍏music is keeping up.
  • Missing account functionality 2/5

    By Moogleii
    No way to see trip history or refunded credit.
  • Pointless 1/5

    By ohsnapitscc_
    Pointless! Doesn't work at all!
  • App does not work 1/5

    By Kow-Bash
    Whenever I try to purchase a ticket the app tells me network connection lost. My phone can have 4 bars and all others apps work correctly, except the Amtrak app. App is worthless if it doesn't work.
  • Connection lost... always 1/5

    By Sportsfella25
    They need to delete their app and start over. Re-develop it. It's terrible to say the least. Every time I just try to book a ticket and give them my money it says network connection lost. I tried.
  • Small tweaks would go a long way 2/5

    By MrblackNJ
    Would be great if you could pull-up reservation details with name or SSN. Also, would also be nice if could pay for upgrade using different credit card than one used for original purchase.
  • Lost Conbection 1/5

    By Captain-RR
    I had no idea why it keeps doing this, but approx 30% of the time it says "lost connection" instead of giving the info. VERY IRRITATING!!
  • Ms 1/5

    By Uber disgruntled
    Very poor functionality
  • Need this app to be so much better... 2/5

    By Bkjaz
    Amtrak should take a look at any airline app (esp. Delta) and use them as the benchmark for what frequent travelers expect in their experiences with companies and organizations within this category. Shameful app experience...and the on board train riding experience not too much better...
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By MamaStuck
    App worked fine when last I used it. Now I Have an updated iPhone 7 and repeatedly getting "connection lost" with LTE or "SSL error" on wifi. Will resort to paper ticket. First World Problems, I know but this doesn't help their already dismal image.
  • Poor App 1/5

    By Rider Dunn
    App dose not work under cell data connection. App only work with wifi connection. The train status is not update frequent enough and only get update after arrive the station. No a useful App to check train status.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By achef33
    I can't get any information for booking a trip. Goes right to error. Unacceptable.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Saraswalk
    Charged my card twice and I did not hit submit. Trying to call Amtrak customer service is non existent.
  • App has connection issues 1/5

    By TehRoflNife
    App is not useable, can't even connect to the network.
  • vHMIV 1/5

    This app is horrible to say the least. It doesn't even process the basic functions. Waste of my time
  • Would be great if it would work 2/5

    By Kpeck403
    It worked up until I needed to for my trip and then it constantly states "network connection failed". Waste of time
  • Horrible app 1/5

    This app doesnt support a common use case. I bought my tix via web site and used my guest rewards account. I want to see the trip I purchased show up in the app. I'm logged in to the app so it knows my guest rewards account but it wont show me my trip unless i enter a confirmation # AND email address/phone #. So i do that but if i come back to the trips section later on, it asks me AGAIN for the confirmation # and the email address/phone #. Rinse repeat. This is worse than a paper ticket.
  • I wish There will be a zero star rate 1/5

    By Jean Balasa
    Terrible app. Unusable for the most part.
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Maverick8002
    Terrible app! Simple date time selections don't work properly. Completely useless!
  • Same complaints as everyone else 1/5

    By curtfsf
    Doesn't store credit card, doesn't remember most frequently used stations, and doesn't work for checking departure times or buying tickets unless I'm on WiFi. It's just barely better than useless.
  • Utterly bad 1/5

    By Laszlo Binker
    A number of months ago, the app lost the ability to work on cell phones unless you were connected to wifi. That is correct, the phone app does not work over phone carrier signals, you have to find a hotspot. Sure you can use Amtrak connect, but you better have a good vpn on your phone since you are going to broadcast your credit card info and security code, email, phone number and address.
  • Constant errors and crashing! 1/5

    By USCtrojanhorseOU
    What's the point of this app if it is always crashing and has errors? iOS 10 and an iPhone 7. Not hardware or OS related. The app, much like Amtrak in general, is complete trash.
  • Can't connect to network 1/5

    By Prasios
    The app always defaults to can't connect to network when I try to log in on both wifi and cell. All other apps work. Basically the app is useless
  • Amtrak App 2/5

    By BestMomYvonne
    Leaves a lot to be desired. I'm a Senior and can not book the Senior rate using the app. I have to go on a computer. Also train status should list both scheduled arrival time and actual arrival (and departure) times.
  • Why the low rating? 5/5

    By Asmota34
    If you want to easily buy a ticket, later access that ticket, and add the ticket to Apple wallet, this app has it all. Very easy and user friendly. I do not understand the low rating.
  • Poorly made 1/5

    By Christopherface
    There is NOWHERE to contact any customer service from this poorly made app. On top of the fact that it keeps logging me out for no reason, repeatedly while I'm in the app using it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Marry Wanna
    This app is horrible it's good for nothing. Don't waste your time
  • 2 Fatal Flaws 1/5

    By k2redline
    Overall a promising App, however 2 flaws kill it. First, Amtrak can't store a credit card so you have to type it in every time. This is something that every website on the planet can execute and for a train ticket, having to fumble with my credit card while I am rushing for a train is a deal breaker. The second issue is that I can't buy ticket or search train status on cellular. I have to create a hotspot with my iPad and trick the app that I'm on wifi. What a disaster in lost productivity. I guess the only good news is that because every Amtrak train is so late, there is plenty of time to jump through the hoops if this failed app.
  • Doesn't work on lte network 1/5

    By Mikeabc1234
    I'm having the network connection is lost error many others have reported. It renders the app essentially useless.
  • No connection! 1/5

    By Aleks8
    Always says "network connection lost" !
  • Error network connection lost 1/5

    By Bling2017_rider
    App is useless. Network connection lost error
  • Amtrak ap 4/5

    By oleostrut
    The Ap needs a MAP of the system.
  • Calling It unreliable would be a compliment 1/5

    By Dj8877123
    App can seldom be counted on to work consistently and properly. Several times in way to station and while at station app couldn't work and had to print out ticket defeating the purpose. Other times just wanting to check times for train, again wouldn't work and had to search email... doable but again defeats the purpose.
  • Not user friendly. 1/5

    By Kutcher69
    Doesn't link reservations you have to enter your numbers to look at them. Doesn't offer finger print sign in or remember me option. Poor overall design and pretty useless.
  • Use to work great won't work with iPhone 7 while on LTE. 3/5

    By railrat
    I liked the app till I got the iPhone 7. Now I can't use it while on LTE. Only on wifi.
  • Credit card 3/5

    By Surfliner San Diego
    It would be better if the app stores credit card info. It's painful to key in the info every time.

    By Chocopamela
    I've been using this app for years and now it's completely useless! I doesn't load my information, it won't let me select and buy tickets, and even when I use my computer and then try to pull up my ALREADY PURCHASED TICKET, it says, "network connection was lost", and doesn't reload or anything. FIX THIS APP ASAP PLEASE! I use it regularly and this has really put a damper on my travel booking!!!!!!!
  • Really??? 1/5

    By geonewbie
    Not sure which is worse, the app or Amtrak service. We are in the Midwest and it can be hours late but the app doesn't reflect that so can spend a lot of time sitting and waiting. Why is it so hard to have an accurate status?

Amtrak app comments

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