Anghami - انغامي

Anghami - انغامي

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.6.10
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Anghami
  • Compatibility: Android
21,644 Ratings
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Anghami - انغامي App

Want to have access to unlimited music, get recommendations that fit your style and keep all your songs in one place? (بالعربي في الاسفل) Anghami is the MENA’s largest music streaming app and it has everything you need. Discover, play and download from a library of millions of Arabic and International songs, make playlists for every minute of your day, and share them with everyone. Or let Anghami surprise you with ready-made playlists that will make you fall in love! * Create your personalized music library - Gather your favorite songs and create playlists for your every mood and occasion. We will recommend music according to your taste. The more you play, the better the recommendations will be! * Discover new music - Let yourself be carried away with the best hits from your favorite artists non-stop by choosing radios or exploring playlists curated by our own team of experts. * Find your musical soulmates - Discover music through people whose music style fit yours! Share your best discoveries on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Messenger! * Play on all your devices - At the gym? Play Anghami on your iPhone or on your Apple Watch! At home? Connect to Apple TV! Driving? CarPlay is the best copilot! * Stay up-to-date - Follow your favorite artists and we will make sure you stay up-to-date with their new music! * Enjoy high-quality music - Enjoy music in pure Dolby so you listen to top quality and use little data. Get all this for FREE, or aim for more by enjoying the ultimate Anghami experience with one of our plans! *** ANGHAMI PLUS *** * Get unlimited downloads and skips, play them without internet and without ads, and sing along with the right lyrics. All for 4.99$/month or 49.99$/year! *ANGHAMI FAMILY PLAN* Get 6 Anghami Plus accounts for less than the price of 2, and enjoy all Anghami Plus features with 5 of your close ones. All 6 Plus accounts for only $7.49/month! *ANGHAMI STUDENT PLAN* Enjoy the ultimate Anghami Plus experience with 50% off! Availability and features may vary by country Problems? Feedback? We are ready to answer any of your questions on هل تريد الحصول على موسيقى بلا حدود، توصيات أغاني تناسب ذوقك ومكتبة موسيقية تحفظ فيها كل اغانيك المفضّلة؟ أنغامي هو أكبر تطبيق موسيقى في العالم العربي ويحتوي على كل ما تحتاج إليه. اكتشف واستمع وحمّل موسيقى من مكتبة تضمّ ملايين الأغاني العربية والغربية، أنشىء قوائم موسيقية لكل دقيقة من يومك، وشاركها مع أصدقائك. أو اطلب من أنغامي أن تفاجئك بقوائم موسيقية جاهزة لكل مناسباتك! أنشىء مكتبة موسيقية خاصة بك - اجمع أغانيك المفضلة لتنشأ قوائم موسيقية لكل مزاج ومناسبة، واحصل على توصيات موسيقية تناسب ذوقك. كلما استمعت إلى موسيقى، كلّما كانت التوصيات أدقّ! * اكتشف موسيقى جديدة - اختر موسيقى أو فنان تحبه عبر راديو أنغامي و استمتع بموسيقى دون انقطاع، أو اكتشف موسيقى جديدة عبر قوائم موسيقية أنشأها فريق من الخبراء. * ابحث عن أصدقائك في الموسيقى - اكتشف موسيقى من خلال مستخدمين يحبون موسيقى تناسب ذوقك! شارك أفضل اكتشافاتك على انستجرام، واتساب، تويتر، فيسبوك، ومسنجر! * ابق متّصلاً أينما كنت وعلى جميع أجهزتك - استمع إلى أنغامي على هاتفك أو اتصل بApple Watch أوApple TV وحتى CarPlay في سيارتك! * ابق على اطلاع - اتبع الفنانين المفضلين لديك وكن اوّل من يعرف عن أجدد الأغاني. * استمتع بموسيقى عالية الجودة - استمع إلى الموسيقى بجودة دولبي! استمتع بأحسن جودة من دون أن تصرف الكثير من بيانات الإنترنت. احصل على أنغامي مجاناً أو اختر اشتراك من اشتراكات أنغامي! *** اشتراك أنغامي بلاس *** * حمّل وتخطى كل ما شئت، استمع من دون انترنت ومن دون إعلانات وغنِّ مع كلمات الأغاني بسعر 4.99$/الشهر أو 49.99$/السنة. *اشتراك أنغامي العائلي* احصل على 6 اشتراكات أنغامي بلاس بسعر أقل من 2 وتمتع بجميع ميزات أنغامي بلاس مع 5 أفراد من عائلتك بسعر 7.49$/الشهر. *اشتراك أنغامي للطلاب* استمتع بكل ميزات أنغامي بلاس بنصف السعر! هل تحتاج إلى أي مساعدة؟ الفريق التقني في أنغامي مستعد للإجابة على أسئلتك


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Anghami - انغامي app reviews

  • Good but still has some room for improvements 4/5

    By Omarsudani
    Some downloads disappear for me and must be downloaded again, why does that happen? It pisses me off. Please redesign the app it’s been the same for too long just make it easier to use but other than that it’s a great app...
  • Feature request 4/5

    By Usadsaf34
    Please add a feature where you can listen to your arabic songs only in favorite section. Or listen to internation one. Not mixed. 5 stars if feature added. Great app!
  • From Top to bottom 1/5

    By Just a music fan01019292
    Ok it's good but too stupid .... always adding some feautures to force us subscribe in anghami plus like limited skips and limited times to listen to an artist ... when u become perfect u do stupid things !!!

    By raw_a
    why i cant go back to the previous song !?!?! so stupid
  • You rock Anghami! 5/5

    By Sarah Shafeeq
    The best music app ever, it’s much better from the previous version...the sleep timer that you can setup is very helpful!
  • used to be my favourite 4/5

    By Gvxbbdbzzbxv
    how can you disable the scrub and rewind button!! you’re basically telling us, without a subscription you can’t use the app! like i understand we can’t download music and/or listen offline without a subscription but now you’re taking it too far!
  • Why anghami, whyyyyyy 3/5

    By Raghadisk
    This app was my fav! Why is it getting bad?? Now i’m obligated to subscribe to anghami plus so i cld enjoy my music without ads AND with the rewind button!!😥
  • Super!!!! 5/5

    By Lamyaa elhaiuhari jska
  • I can’t go back 5/5

    By soloyolox
    Aight hol up I gotta know this,WHY CANT I GO BACK FIX THIS,but the app is lit
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Kareemalmadi
    Get it and see it for yourself
  • ابداع 5/5

    By semo_3044
    nice music ❤️💃🏻
  • جيد جداً لكن يجب على الاقل إظهار كلمات الاغنيه لكن انغامي من اروع التطبيقات التي اعرفها 3/5

    By وسيم في اخلاقي
  • anghami plus 2/5

    By Noha86I
    The policy of anghami plus is soo cheap. you cannot hear to same singer during a day. you cann’t chose the sentence while song start. or you can not chose the previous song,we need another program to download.
  • Excellent but 4/5

    By Manoonee4545
    Excellent but the downside is the ads
  • Free for christmas 1/5

    By ahmedomar23
    The app is really good But you can make it batter without ads for free for every one just for Christmas time once a year
  • باي باي انغامي 1/5

    By 🧐🧐🧐
    التحديث الجديد. انتهازي وفية طمع وأنانية وانتهازية والتقيمات الاخيرة تدل انه ما عجب احد ارجعو متل ما كنتو 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  • Always 🥇 5/5

    By layalkassar
    Always 🥇
  • Best song app 5/5

    By Awesome 5 stars !!!!
    This is a great music app the best thing is it’ has free songs it deserves 5stars !!!!
  • Worst thing ever 1/5

    By Shushshahd
    The last update to disable so many things in the app its so selfish ,, like whyy??? For money !!!!! I really used to like this app i used it every single day now am not i liked the app before the update and its so silly to disable such a simple things for money. I actually cant see it as a reasonable way for money but congratulations you have lost so many people that used to love this app ...
  • The Service is perfect.. Interface Needs work 2/5

    By HussamRaed
    The user interface not not on par compared to the competitors in the Music Streaming segment. An All-New user interface is long overdue. Also, there is no option to increase the bitrate quality of the music like other services. If you plan to do so.... What bitrates will you support? Others support bitrates of up to 320 Kbps/s, will you support this? Otherwise, the music collection, availability, lyrics features, pricing is top notch. Keep up the good work guys!
  • Bad service 1/5

    By labib01
    I hate the way they stopped the people that doesn’t have the plus subscription from rewinding and scrolling they have to get their things right
  • The new update 1/5

    By Nice..wonderful
    I was in love with this application, but recently in the latest update.I can not repeat my favorite songs 😢
  • This is awesome 5/5

    By The BB gamer
    This app is amazing and definitely deserve every single penny i paid for! But i use it a lot on my apple watch so i would like that the developers add a place where i can turn the volume. And for the phone, i would like a favorite icon where i can instantly switch from one music equalizer to another. And fir the music itself, there are some songs that only come in “radio edit” versions, so i really wish you could put the original versions to! Thank you!!
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Syrian musicians
    Every second 😍
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By Medo6102
    Great selection of music with ongoing updates every while
  • Excellent app, but pricey $$ 5/5

    By Msn90009
    I wish that monthly subscription is low, or to make it yearly for 10$ only
  • Anghami 5/5

    By Nono2014n
    Nice one
  • كان احلى من كذا 4/5

    By Misho27
    كان احلى لما كان تقدر تعيد او تمشي الاغنيه ولما كان تقدر تعيد الاغنيه مئات المرات ياليت ترجع هذه الميزات بدون مقابل
  • Was amazing until they removed everything! 1/5

    By Toxiç
    The app was amazing but after the update they made everything for the premium user like scrubbing and going to the previous song and that made the app worse
  • تطبيق رائع لكن 5/5

    By Mohamed elmotawakil
    تنقصه بعض الالبومات والاغاني هناك خلل (أحيانا) في تزامن الجمل مع المقاطع الموسيقية حيث تتفاوت قليلا اتمنى ان يتمّ اصلاحا الامر قريبا لان التطبيق جميل تنقصه بعد التعديلات الطفيفة
  • Missing main features 2/5

    By sara eldeeb
    Where is the song repeat button and why can’t I go to the previous song any more?
  • Used to be the best 1/5

    By Salma Moustafa
    I was in LOVE with this app, but after the atrocious update I hate using it specially that I can’t scrub or even rewind the song. This is not the way to make money off people!
  • Zeft 1/5

    By chanson song
    كتر خيركوا انكوا لسه بتخلونا نسمع اغانى ببلاش🌚 لازم تعملوا التحديث الجاى تشغيل الاغنيه يبقى ضمن بلس 🌚
  • The new update is an overwhelming disappointment 1/5

    By __Music__💢✨💀👀✨💫
    I dont know what you were thinking with this one. I’ve been using this app for so many years and in just one day I cant even skip to the previous song. Such a simple and necessary action is behind a freaking paywall now. What the hell. This is a clear message to all your users that you obviously put money as your priority and not your users. I cant even tell if it’s just me or not but it seems to me that ads have also doubled in frequency. I’ve never been more disappointed in an app before. The update doesn't even improve the app’s functionality, it glitches and force exits sometimes. I’m really shocked that this is where Anghami is right now. And I’m seriously considering just being done with it completely.
  • Seriously 1/5

    By Divvvva5022
    Seriously you money hungry criminals gonna take the rewind button just to get more money? No you guys can choke and keep your cheap stupid app
  • الاعلانات 4/5

    By yousef maktali
    لولا الاعلانات كان افضل تطبيق بالتاريخ
  • Majed 5/5

    By im love game
    Good music
  • Outrageous! 4/5

    By Anonymous unicorn rainbow
    The music is great and all, but downloading and rewinding songs is only if you subscribed. This just shows how greedy you are. You choose every reason to take money. The only reason im giving this four starts because the music is good.
  • Baaaaad Update!!! 1/5

    By AmaniAlQarni
    Bring the rewind button back!!!
  • Ruined. No rewind, too much ads, can't repeat or skip parts of the song 1/5

    By Noh noh
    I used to love this app and recommended it to everyone, but now I just keep on hating it more and more. Usually I would buy a 25$ iTunes card and let the subscription go for a couple of months till my acc runs out of money and so I recharge after a day or two but this time after my subscription ended I saw that they removed the rewind button, removed the repeat button and u have to listen to the whole song and can't skip parts of it AND THEY BOMBARD YOU WITH LONG ADS. It's like they're trying to force you into subscribing. So do u know what? I'll never subscribe again and I'll never recommend this app again and I'll ask everyone I know to stop using this money hungry app. Such a worthless cash grab that ruined a perfectly good app.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Popular X
    This is the best app ever
  • Love Anghami 5/5

    By InternationalReviews
    A lot of commercials the only thing bother me. Another bad thing it takes so much time to start a song even with a network
  • Forcing me to REMOVE REWIND BUTTON 1/5

    By X i V C i i
    Anghami was really cool before they removed the rewind button, they had this notification at every start of the app telling you that you need to update... but they didn't say that the rewind button will be removed !
  • Horrible 1/5

    By GamersGame
    You have to pay to even be able to rewind through a song or play it again.
  • Stop complaining 5/5

    By Hektik
    I see many negative comments here complaining about the subscription. I see it fair. You have to pay to listen to music. Otherwise Anghami need to listen to the ads for making a payment to the authors.
  • B 5/5

    By Ashwag1415
  • Battery drain 1/5

    By Bilal from kuwait
    My phone’s battery has drained like crazy! I have the iphone 7 plus. And i lose 10% just listening to 2 or 3 songs! I have the anghami plus package. Please contact me as soon as possible. This problem needs to be fixed immediately! Thank you
  • anghami 5/5

    By eng- mahmoud
    the best to the best 💪🏻
  • Not satisfied 1/5

    By muna tina
    I personally used to love Anghami until they made the rewind and scrub for premier members only. But scrubbing and rewind are something normal apps should have and removing them that’s just, why???
  • Repelling updates 3/5

    By Zimbiotic
    As a free user of anghami I respect that they have to somehow force free users to subscribe but the recent update was just Absurd. No scribbling through music?!? Seriously?!?

Anghami - انغامي app comments


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