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Angry Birds 2

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  • Current Version: 2.18.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Oyj
  • Compatibility: Android
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Angry Birds 2 App

Join millions of players worldwide to fling birds and stop the pigs in a nearly endless number of destruction filled challenges. Challenge other players in the Arena, or band together with friends in a clan and complete epic challenges together! FEATURES: – NEW Clans! Band together and take on clan challenges together. – Multiplayer Arena! Compete against others for high scores. – Level up! Upgrade your birds to increase their scoring potential. – Spells! Use spell cards when you need to deal some extra damage. – Download for FREE! ----------------------------- Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. This game may include: - Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13. - Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse to any web page - Advertising of Rovio products and also products from third parties This game may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. When the game is played for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:


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Angry Birds 2 app reviews

  • Update 5/5

    By benabdh
    Can’t update the f****ing software!
  • Does not open 1/5

    By Choboc (YT)
    I tap to open it and it just tells me to connect to internet. I am on WiFi and cellular so what is wrong?
  • Fun game but 4/5

    By Daisy Toki
    I am on level 182 and is getting boring. Everything looks the same. If we progress and get to different worlds I wish every world was different and well thought out instead the same world but different name over again. Also I’m tired of fighting the same boss pigs, there needs to be more hardcore bosses and challenging pigs. I understand you aim for kids also but it has potential to do more.
  • Hay Robin Fix this Crashing game 1/5

    By Panther Bob
    All this game does after the no more tickets update is crash. PLEASE fix this game
  • Angry Birds 2 5/5

    By Raf178
    I love the game so much and it is the best game ever and my dad loves it too
  • Bugs 5/5

    By Jrfhfjgnfsgfbfvb
    There are some good bugs. (Don’t try to perform them, as your account can get banned!) • One that was (and still is) broken, but was toned down, making it exponentially harder. • One that is still around, hard to perform, wastes a lot of time, but if your lucky, you can grab what you want. • One that was patched last update, rewards were small, it requires actually playing the game. • One that is probably very known, how a bird can fly to the next room and destroy it. • One time I clicked watch video and no video showed up, giving me the bird for free. After failing, it gave me the option to watch another video, pulling up the video and giving another bird. • Weird friend gift/treasure spawns can give you whatever it was without touching it, popping it for you. There were also bad bugs. • On my account, every time there is a new level, it will say 3 Stars with a high score of 1, completing the level and getting 3 Stars earns no Stars to your Star Rank, earning Stars is only from the Arena. • Also on my account, I can’t change my Avatar, nothing works. • This may only be for the iPhone X, when going into the app, your touch input may register and tap (or spend) whatever you pressed. It gets annoying! • A weird encounter, my red bird once rolled through a pig, it was a real pig, I popped it after. • A popular opinion, rigged Tower of Fortune? After many times, I have made it to floor 30 a few times with no pig, I still believe it’s rigged. • The Arena rigged? Probably. Here’s my list of bugs, great game overall!
  • How good this game is 5/5

    By Penguin De Boi
    This game’s execution was amazing. Love this game!
  • Oh well 2/5

    By Monkey Trick
    The original was a great puzzle game. This one is a beautifully rendered P2W. Not much skill needed, just some cash.
  • Angry Birds 2 5/5

    By fighton68
    I love how the graphics look and how future looking it is. Thank you so much for creating this app/game.
  • Amazing !🐦🐦🐦🐦🐤🐦🐦🦅🦉 5/5

    By Sevipants
    Loading takes a long time but the quest the mini games yayayayyayayayyayayayay
  • WAiting on Hearts/Lives WHY? 3/5

    By MaiTaiChynaDoll
    That’s the only thing that would make this game better I don’t think I should have to have a time limit on my enjoyment of this app it just ridiculous we already hav to deal with ads. No other birds game was like this
  • Developers have stopped listening?? 2/5

    By Apparently in like company
    Developer took away means to contact within app. Spend resources in clan battle, double or triple your score and game typically simply crashes before score updates. Reopen, and there is no way it will pick up where it left off, as it does after pausing other gameplay modes.
  • No title 5/5

    By coolguy448
    I love it! But I want them to keep the football helmets.
  • Glitchy and rigged. 2/5

    By Buster234657
    This game is fun if you’re looking to just play around… But if you’re looking to advance and play the game as designed you have to fight with the developers and the game itself. It frequently resets itself, sets you up for failure in the tower of fortune and in the arena, and makes it more frustrating than need be; all in effort to get you to you to purchase gems. Is a nice next step compare to Angry Birds one… But Angry Birds one at least this functional and you were playing a game.
  • Oh 5/5

    By Minnie Mouse 🐭!,
  • Needs new levels 1/5

    By Asapidgafx2
    Waiting weeks for new levels is not acceptable angry birds 2. Glad I kept another game on standby while you all get your ducks in a row.yup, sill waiting for weeks...get your game in order if you want to keep players.
  • Nice 4/5

    By Jesucristo05
  • Gay 1/5

    By Army Dolphin
    I’m gay
  • Update? 3/5

    By TSB124
    App won’t open. Internet connection error when there is no problem with internet connection.
  • From:Moses 5/5

    By Kabooty
    Best game ever because I love killing pig
  • Mediocre 1/5

    By Baseball Fan 77
    Compared to the original Angry Birds, this sequel seems nothing more than a money grab with mediocre gameplay at best.
  • Horrible and Scam 1/5

    By amcollins1995
    This game is a disgrace to the name angry birds and the App Store. This game is an obvious ploy to scam people out of money. Limited lives and you have to pay money to keep playing levels. What the **** were the developers thinking putting this garbage out. Also I believe this game is rigged to have some levels impossible to beat without spending money
  • Review! 3/5

    By .|.%*+Trapezoid+*%.|.
    Overall, amazing game and totally brings back my childhood memories. Only issue is that it takes up SO much storage on your phone and it's absolutely ridiculous. Loosing two stars considering that.
  • MT 2/5

    By jabue xjj
    Very fun but reliant on micro transactions
  • I 1/5

    By 2011bear
    It is not exciting
  • Elevator is gone 2/5

    By Hymn56
    New update removed the elevator and I am level 23
  • Deleted since affecting iPad Dock position 1/5

    By Conlet55
    UPDATE: I’ve deleted this game since I need to reboot to fix the iPad docking station everytime I play this game. Very frustrating. I’ve changed my rating from a 4 to a 1 due to the lack of Response from Rovio. Apparently the reviews aren’t read since no response and there are numerous other complaints from other dissatisfied users. ***** I did enjoy playing Angry Birds 2. My only frustration is when playing videos for a free bird it changes the position of the Dock on my iPad . I find it frustrating that I need to reboot the iPad when finished playing to have it positioned correctly. I’m sure people would play more frequently if they didn’t have to deal with this issue. Thank you.
  • So so 2/5

    By Jean815
    ?Really had to make it complicated
  • This company :( 1/5

    By FelixTruvere
    This company has some audacity. After playing SEVERAL TIMES DAILY for 10 months, I TOTALLY burned-out due to despicable SALES attempts that allow you to “continue” after UNFAIR/UN-WINNABLE game-play situations; & OBVIOUS FALSE-PHYSICS that “cheat” for your money... really stupid stuff. PAY “gems” or be required to START OVER your win-streaks (a long process). Consecutive wins are required. On your final game, you'll be matched unfairly & given an un-winnable game. I shoot you not, this game is SINCERELY ANNOYING. The also game becomes excruciatingly slow to evolve at higher levels as cost to “level-up” birds becomes an insane 40,000 feathers. I am spinning my wheels & spending my money. UNFAIR TACTICS are already used to FORCE these out-of-control IN-APP SALES TRANSACTIONS. For months I was enjoying this app A WHOLE BUNCH as it allowed me to let go of the real world; I played it passionately & I am even a leader of my “clan.” But it’s UNAVOIDABLE to see the BLATANT GREED and VERY ANNOYING GAME-PLAY SITUATIONS that throws itself in your face so often. People play this game to relax; destroy pigs & structures to let off steam... oh boy... trust me; if your having a bad day this game will PUSH YOU OVER & FINISH YOU OFF as you first enjoy, become addicted, then get hit with the ALGORITHMS programmed to know it’s time to PAY UP SOME CASH FOR PLAYING. I can lose 6 Arena games in a row & use all my tickets & spells in the process & there is NO REMORSE from the application. And after consuming 30-45 minutes of my time trying to win 3 consecutive games in the “Daily Challenge,” you give ONE HOUR (better have that time available NOW) on the next daily-task, “Pig Panic.” Must win 3 MORE very difficult games in a row. I lost again today. I wasn’t able to win 3 in a row after playing for A WASTED HOUR ...unless I BUY GEMS to continue that is... Game-play is TIME-LIMITED so that when you fail after spending ONE WHOLE HOUR trying, it feels like “wasted time” = pressure to PURCHASE your win so that the HOUR you wasted FEELS validated. I spent all of my lives & countless gems on Pig Panic & couldn’t get passed a Level for DAYS, failing time after time, after spending my gems AGAIN & AGAIN, & STILL didn’t come close... & I couldn’t use “spells” because it was a BOSS level. See... because they KNOW I’ve spent money before, the know that I might spend money again. Smh. I am burrrrned out. Turn off the app now? Open 8-Ball Pool? Rovio cheats its customers to burn them out before they get to see all of their creativity like level 1000 (cute)... SOOO many levels that I’ll bet a VERY SMALL percentage of downloaders will EVER see due to becoming burn-out too quickly. What is your pressure Rovio? We WANT to play this game. YOU’RE MESSING IT UP! I can’t keep spending gems for EVERY DANG GAME. My Flock Power is 399, I’m at Star Level 83, and I suddenly can’t win MOST games in the arena as they are matching me up against TOO-strong players OR putting me in un-winnable situations in order to take my money & force in-app purchase opportunities. Algorithms are CLEARLY cheating you for your cash. I’ve begun refusing to pay & just taking it in the bo-bo bcuz it’s EVERY GAME & after having over 4000 gems a month ago, I now have 150. I literally sat out loud, “I effing hate this game...” I say that WAY too often to call this app a fun way to pass time. I now just close the app because I get so frustrated with Rovio’s tact; audacity! Too frustrating to play. ESPECIALLY when you add to the fact that birds NOW cost 35,000 feathers to power them up & the prizes SIGNIFICANTLY shrank. 25-150 feathers at a time...?! THAT PACE?!? SERIOUSLY STUPID! I was ENJOYING THIS AHOLES! And the physics act SO unfairly when they cheat... it’s just... annoying! I’m SICK of Rovio’s blatant tact to get my money. This game has amazing POTENTIAL to be the greatest, but it’s DESPICABLE for its greed. ...And their “Editor’s Choice” award/review?? LOL! It says: “ It only took us a few minutes to fall in love.... blah blah...” A FEW MINUTES?!? No kidding!! Me too! You play a while (months), the ALGORITHMS DISCOVER YOU, then YOU discover how much audacity this company has! The BLATANCY! No worries! EVENTUALLY, when you’ve been stuck on a level for a week & they’ve spun your wheels to their amusement long enough; maybe you’ve spent some gem$ trying... and failed... but after about one week you’ll suddenly see GOLDEN pigs showing up in game-play (extra birds/lives if you hit them) & suddenly the game becomes EASY and definitely “nudged” to get you through the level you’ve been stuck on for days PROVING the game is “rigged” with a handicap. If they can make it EASY, oh you can bet they can make it HARD when they need to hit that INCOME QUOTA! ...AND they suddenly will NOT allow a Video/commercial for an extra bird when it’s REALLY needed, they GIVE us “the bird” (laughing pigs) when we run out of lives and they don’t offer that video for an extra life AFTER they’ve trained you to EXPECT a video for that extra life/bird... and even though they’d MAKE MONEY with us watching a video-commercial, it’s not ENOUGH money because they KNOW you NEED that win-streak on game #7 to win the big prize and they’ll make MORE money if they sell you gems rather than offer you a video. Sorry guys. Wanna play? BUY A LIFE. This company deserves ZERO praise for their efforts; I truly mean this. The audacity is unreal... and this all comes from a customer that HAS made it to the 71st floor on the tower & sitting high on the game-stats... Aren’t we select few supposed to feel PROUD? I don’t; I feel jacked around. I come back to read this & say to myself, “Good. This is all exactly correct.” WARNING; PLAY ONLY TO SPIN YOUR WHEELS - DO NOT PAY $
  • Somewhat addictive! 1/5

    By Smk&Roar
    The app was constantly freezing & interfering with my ringer, so I assumed the last update was flawed. I deleted the app, and reloaded fresh- All my progress in the last year and a half was lost in an instant, all the progress facilitated by buying upgrades lost- Just awful- I will be deleting it again after finishing this review- what follows is my last review from a few months ago— Terrifically engaging game, but quite a few glitches in the upper level “arena games” Im in the diamond leagues, near the top, and the game freezes frequently, rather than giving me my “free bird” to help facilitate my win- its a conspiracy, I tell you! The game is fixed! Lol-
  • Nic game 5/5

    By icti83
    Nice game
  • Goats 4/5

    By Sal7ena
    Goats look like fences
  • Breaks the dock 1/5

    By weezimp
    Had to stop playing it because afterwards my dock was all screwed up, off the screen, etc. They gotta be quicker at fixing stuff like this.
  • Great game 5/5

    By SomeWomanInKY
    This a GREAT GAME, but I can’t seem to update the latest version. Gonna lose a customer real soon!
  • Ads 1/5

    By Tugboat. Hank
    Too many ads that repeat too often and run too long

    By Alec Funk
    i havent download it yet but i remember the og angry birds so this has to be good or i’m suing ian reinke
  • Crashes too often 1/5

    By Jm3432
    Was a fun game, but now it crashes regularly, usually at the end of the level which negates your progress. You win! Oops, the game crashed, so you lose! Reboot and play again! You also don't get back the resources you spent before the crash, nor do you retain the rewards. Yet *incredibly*, the ads play perfectly every time!
  • Missing feature 5/5

    By The candy slayer
    Where is the button for the daily prize game? This was one of the better features and gained my daily interest in playing.
  • Addictive 5/5

    By 1bsc2
  • Beware! 1/5

    By Be 33a driver
    Based on the latest update - some improvement, but the PvP event is still unfair when you get matched up with a player who has 10 or 15 flock points more than you have. I'm also sensing a money grabber theme for the elevator! If you are extremely unlucky (which I usually am) you will get a pig card on the second or third level! Ridiculous!!!! Those first 5 levels should be pig free! GIVE US A CHANCE TO GET SOMETHING!!!! I'll give you an option if you are remotely willing to consider it! Reduce the value of the pig cards to allow us to save up some gems to use here. Instead of 20, 50, 100, etc rates; try 10, 20, 40, 80, etc rates. Another idea for the elevator - create a new pig card (big and little cards). Big pig - lose it all, little pig - lose half of what you got... Just my last .02 cents for whatever it is worth before the lousy pigs steal it all again!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Brvlandito
    I personally think this new version of angry birds is way more fun than the first it’s addictive and I love how you can level up your bird!
  • 5-5 5/5

    By Soccerslayer8
    Awesome game very addicting and fun
  • Fun Game but.... 3/5

    By Abendeh
    Too much Micropayment's, forced to watch ads. I understand you need to make money but this is sad, i wont keep this game on my phone.
  • It’s Angry Birds 5/5

    By asocref
    Of COURSE it’s fun!
  • Update 1/5

    By nighttstalker
    The new update won’t let me log in the bar will fill up like 2% then go back down and nothing will load up!!!!
  • I’ve lost my progress 4 times now 1/5

    By LuckiiBear
    No connection. Only game I have problems with...
  • A lot of fun!!! 5/5

    By Noneatthistime.
    A great follow up to the all time favorite AB1!! Must have!!!
  • Freezing 2/5

    By Lizgeer
    I’m loosing my streak because games freezes!!! Please fix thank you !! Does not make me feel like playing when that happens. I love the games I have since 2011 .
  • Fun 5/5

    By tazzvia
    It’s a really fun gamw
  • Well made 5/5

    By jackson36463
    I love to play this! Very Addicting.

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