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Angry Birds Blast

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  • Current Version: 1.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Angry Birds Blast App

Blast into a new Angry Birds puzzle adventure game! The birds are trapped inside balloons, and you can bet the pigs are behind it all. Tap matching balloons to blast them to smithereens and free the flock! Use your balloon-bustin’ skillz to outsmart the pigs and save birds in over 600 egg-celent levels! Find the smartest way to solve puzzles, crack high scores, and earn three stars. Grab rewards every day in the Daily Quest. Already got ’em? Then go join the weekly events or chase down this month's puzzle pieces. Blasted through those? How about taking on the world in the global leaderboard? There’s plenty to do, and an ever-growing number of levels to master so get BLASTING! Features: · 600+ FUN LEVELS – with more added weekly! · PICK UP AND PLAY – any time, any place even OFFLINE! · TEASE YOUR BRAIN – with challenging & strategic gameplay! · CREATE BOOSTERS – rockets, bombs, laser guns! · DAILY CHALLENGES – earn free rewards and boosters! · WEEKLY EVENTS – Mighty League, Treasure Hunt and more! · PUZZLE CHASE – find pieces to new puzzles every month! · PLAY WITH FRIENDS – connect to Facebook, yo! · GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS – earn your spot with high scores! · iMESSAGE STICKERS – a little Blast for iMessage! ---------------- Need some help? Visit our support pages, or send us a message! ---------------- Angry Birds Blast! is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Either way, you’ll have a blast! Get it? I’ll see myself out... Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:


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Angry Birds Blast app reviews

  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By sjjrd3331
    Play more than I should. Keeps crashing even after the updates. You don't get the life back.
  • Interfering Auto birds spoil this game. 3/5

    By Dracoverdi
    This can be a fun game with a good deal of strategy. But the auto popping “helper birds” are just infuriating. They pop things too early and wrong places more often than not. At least the Angry bird franchise has made some effort to make their games enjoyable without requiring big in game purchase expenditures.
  • Get High Enough They Break Their Game! 1/5

    By kgilding
    Very irritated with long animations breaking the flow of the game. Game Deleted.
  • It was fun while it lasted 1/5

    By Torie84
    Great game to play but now I can’t play anymore because every time. It tries to load the game but doesn’t. It was fun while it lasted.
  • New update is a thumbs down 2/5

    By Writecath
    While I like the game this latest update isn’t working right. Can’t play the challenges because the game keeps telling me I have no internet connection when my internet is working. Frustrating. Support desk has NOT gotten back to me. Like a lot of other reviewers, I’m less than thrilled with the total lack of gold coins to keep playing with ever being given. More than greedy by the developers. My other complaint is that when you gifted an hour of free play, you lose it if you don’t have time to play the game right that very minute.
  • Great 5/5

    By 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵💩💩💩💩
    I think that this game is amazing. It needs a five star rating definitely but takes much time
  • Use to love 1/5

    By Mechie625
    I loved this game. Play it all day. That is until it stopped opening up. I haven't been able to open the app for days. Yes, it's updated. But the opening screen comes up, then the game just closes. Was fun while it lasted.
  • Exc 4/5

    By 35loco
    Súper loco
  • Cut us off! 2/5

    By Chachasmama
    They used to give you a free help if you watched a video .. they TOOK THAT AWAY.. and added nothing... getting less fun so 2 Stars.
  • Update Very Buggy 1/5

    By Jswanano
    Lost all the puzzle pieces I had already collected on about level 37 for some reason. Also am not getting all the rewards the game says I'm entitled too. This update is the buggiest I've seen.
  • Great in the beginning 3/5

    By Mr.bontastic
    I’ve been playing this longer then I’d like to admit. It’s very fun and if you need to pass some time say waiting for an appointment or what not this certainly will help speed the time along. There are quite a few levels that you have to pay to beat. By the time you get to level four 541 you cannot beat them without using tools and or purchases. I’ve given up going further and just play in the tournaments. You have to be careful though because you will end up spending more than you win. I can’t think of a bigger waste of money but I do enjoy the game. Again I’m not planning on going any higher than level I am at currently which is at about 560
  • Fun but has English Language & Continuity Issues 3/5

    By Suzanne3604
    In a word: Mediocre AB Blast is made by the same folks who are now doing AB Pop. To me, it’s clear that they aren’t native English speakers because poor Red, who explains most new features, has the worst grammar and syntax issues ever. Doesn’t anyone quality-control these aspects? It’s funny and sad at the same time. The graphics are mediocre but I have-surprisingly - enjoyed the puzzles, which are generally quite clever. I adore the Daily Bonus levels. Also, they have added additional side games to facilitate players’ abilities to win extra power-ups and coins. On my App, I’m able to go to the ‘Royal Fountain’ area a couple of times each day and find 1-2 treasure chests which hold about 500 silver coins apiece. The Puzzle feature and the Team Race, Treasure Hunt, etc., can also boost your coinage. You don’t have to use power ups, but they help. One aspect of this game that bothers me is the lack of continuity over time and levels. During the early part of this game, players collected Hatching birds for additional prizes. That entire feature is just gone about 1/4 way through the game. Without explanation. The weird continuity elements and the horrible shredding of the English language are extremely unprofessional in a game with the Rovio label. I suppose most people aren’t bothered by such issues but I am. Which is why I don’t spend much coin to play. If you have played Toy Blast, then you understand what I mean about the mediocrity of Angry Birds Blast. It’s really quite a shame, when we all know that Rovio can well afford decent game developers and continuity/quality control staff.
  • It was fun... 3/5

    By drafh
    Until levels got too difficult. I will not spend days or weeks trying to complete ONE level. The game is supposed to be challenging, but not impossible. Stopped playing and moved on to another game.
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By Cerro17
    As you advance through the levels the play gets more and more complicated. You are left with no choice but to pay for coins and tools you'll need to get through the level. F**k that! I couldn't advance pass level 49 without paying so I erased the game from my phone.
  • Fun, quick, addictive 4/5

    By Wįll
    Fun, well balanced game (easy yet can be hard, if that makes sense). One request that probably breaks their model but I'd love to see: the ability to save "1 hour unlimited lives" rewards for a time when you can make the most of it! I generally play on 10-15 breaks. Getting a day 7 reward (etc) for 1hr unlimited never seems to work out, timing wise.
  • Please make it work sideways on iPad 3/5

    By User name Dr. Blue
    I would of play more often if this game can play sideways
  • Angry birds fun is but 2/5

    By ????!!!!!..!!!?
    It's not the end for angry birds Star Wars I can't do the review to the game because I don't own it so I have to do it here it's not the end because of the upgrades you're forgetting the force awakens racer lover is wrong it's not over because of upgrades it's not over because the force awakens and why are most angry bird games Ab pop it's about nothing but popping big someone they haven't done anything to the birds and ab blast why did you make the Music so annoying for the trailer and the ad
  • New Obsession 3/5

    By ButterCreamVette
    As if I needed A new game to be hooked on 🙄😄 Pros: Very fun, challenging Cons: Only 5 lives provided, and, why do I have 17k silver coins and I cannot buy gold coins with them? Update: still fun, but losing it’s appeal. After playing many levels over 20 times, I’m convinced the program is sabotaging the moves. The levels get harder, and are eventually geared towards your using boosts and spending real money. Some levels are not explained. Example: a multicolored wheel, that includes black when there are no black bubbles in the whole level to burst next to the wheel...???? Might be time to find a new game to play. Do note that it may say $2.99 for coins, but iTunes charged 10 times that much. A credit claim has been submitted.
  • Game not working 3/5

    By paulasramblings
    I love the game but after the last update my touch screen stops working and I’m losing lives , people may say this is apples fault but this is the only game this happens on ... I’m going to end up deleting it if it keeps up as it’s just not worth it
  • Get addicted 5/5

    By XLusciousLeahX
    I usually play this game every day. There’s times it feels like I can’t beat the level and want to delete the game, but then I’ll beat the level. Been playing over a year and it’s been fun.
  • So fun to play!!! 5/5

    By Zannarama
    Love this game! Can’t put it down!
  • Get stuck on certain levels for weeks!!! Silver Star Coins??? Puzzle Pieces??? 1/5

    By Jacq1219
    It’s like groundhog day...Turned this game into a joke!!! Silver Star Coins...Been playing for a while...Never discovered...What are they for??? Puzzle Pieces...Can’t use them or don’t get the right pieces???
  • Super fun, but glitchy 3/5

    By Emily81
    I really love this game. But there have been probably 5 or 6 times I have passed a level only to have the app not recall that I have done so when I come back later. Other times the app has crashed and the same thing has happened. It’s extremely frustrating to have worked hard on a level only to have to do it again.
  • More Gold 3/5

    By jeffneff
    I really like this game but I feel I shouldn't have to buy te gold coins needed to keep playing when the "play on" button pops up. The gold coins should be a little easier to get, maybe give a coin for every 2000 points received, also why are there two scores? Why do I have to "give up" when I don't have enough Gold coins to continue playing? I enjoy it but I ain't spending any money to keep playing.
  • This would be more fun 4/5

    By Lorrieis
    If the puzzles weren't impossible to solve. I'm not sure how much longer I will play it. It was so much fun when I first it's just starting to piss me off! And causing me to be an angry bird. And Rovio? What is your response? You want us to write your review...will you be adjusting the game so it’s not impossible? What say you Rovio??
  • Cash4lyfewife 5/5

    By Sdinikikay
    The only thing I hate about this game is that when I start I CANNOT put it down..... I got things to do want to use my 5 lives and get my stuff done.... NOPE NOT with AB BLAST.....I gotta beat it gotta play currently level 638 and trying to move on up.... luv luv luv the little games you have added and the puzzle pieces I do spend about $3~30 usd a month buttttt it is well worth it.... I do hate it when I get stuck on a level for 3~5day but it’s ok I feel great when I get it beat... Gotta play!!!!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
  • About this game 5/5

    By Makado (that is my nick name.)
    It is a pretty fun but challenging game
  • Entretenido 5/5

    By Miramila
    Me encanta a mí y a mí nene de 5.
  • Needs more perks 4/5

    By Mixonmama
    Love this game!! Just needs more perks to keep me playing...just sayin!
  • Love the challenging game but 4/5

    By Kilowatts311
    Where are the lives people send me? I send out lives to people everyday!! But never receive. Please fix!!
  • Fun for the most part 3/5

    By T-Wolf73
    Generally, it's a fun game. You do get to levels that cannot be won without using special tools. But the game is decently good at helping you get them (and for free). The one area I've grown increasingly tired of is the puzzles you get to collect pieces for and trade in for tools or coin or something presumably nice. Collecting pieces is achieved by completing regular levels or during the daily game. My issue is that I have lost out on all puzzles so far because there's always one piece I just can't get/find. Sure, I have 5 copies of several other pieces that I've already found. But much like McDonalds Monopoly game.. seems that last piece is a myth. To me anyway.
  • Silver 1/5

    By Sman123321
    Still can’t see how to use the silver coins this is dumb. You all still haven’t responded to my question this is the same about the silver coins
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Softskinn
    I play this game every single day at least once & i always don’t stop playing until i’m out of lives
  • 有趣的游戏 5/5

    By letehe
  • Night Flight 5/5

    By Keukalake
    Fun Game. 😉 wish you had more turns to finish, but that’s how it goes.
  • Angry Birds is still number 1😊☝️ 5/5

    By bigboyshaun
    Fun, and very addictive 😊😊😊
  • Great 5/5

    By dshippy11
    Absolutely wonderful game graphics are great and it keeps you wanting more every time I get lost in this game for hours love it great job guys
  • Angry birds🦅🦅🦅 5/5

    By renemendez
    I love this game this is why I’m going to make you review of it
  • Angry birds 5/5

    By Nick Marchese
    The best of all angry birds games
  • Keeps crashing! 1/5

    By Luce13568
    Love this game but it keeps crashing lately!
  • Fun fun fun 5/5

    By Granny Dee
    Great game it’s really additive!
  • Great game but...crashes 1/5

    By prettigapeach24
    I loved the game until the last update. Now it takes forever for the game to load bc it keeps crashing. I haven’t been able to play in 2+ weeks.
  • Good 5/5

    By Amvernorose0099
    Coll nice game i guess
  • Angry birds 1/5

    By gertured
    Takes to long to get through wash level.
  • Love it -shake 5/5

    By shakey raw
    I can sit on the toilet in play this game for hours
  • Freezing problem 3/5

    By Nasheen12
    The app keeps force closing.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By happyhappycustomer11
    This has to be the buggiest program I have ever used Seems like every time I am about to win a new level or a daily challenge the program closes and throws me out. It takes 3-4 tries to load. I am done with it
  • Silver coins 3/5

    By Beccanoelle
    What’s the purpose of the silver coins you win playing the daily challenge? You can’t convert them to the gold coins, buy more gold coins or buy more lives with them. Why am I getting them? It’s a waste of coins from what I’ve found
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Ladybug4113
    FIX THE F!!!Ing APP! I used to love playing this app, but it closes down on me every time I start to play a game. Don't download this app people you will be disappointed. Fix it please!!!!!
  • Great game 5/5

    By Sauranas
    Frustratingly fun!

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