Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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  • Current Version: 1.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp App

Get back to nature in Animal Crossing™: Pocket Camp, the new Animal Crossing mobile game where you take on the role of campsite manager! You're in charge, so you can decorate your own campsite however you like! Make it fun, make it cute, make it sporty—it’s up to you to craft the kind of furniture and amenities that will make your camp a must-see for animals visiting the area. Steps to Creating Your Best Campsite - Help Animals As You Explore! While visiting different recreational spots, you'll meet new animals who could use a little help. They'll be looking for fish, fruit, bugs, and other things to get their camping adventures started—and when you help them out, you'll earn Bells and craft materials in return! • Craft Furniture and Amenities The craft materials you earn by fulfilling animals’ requests can be used to craft all sorts of furniture and amenities for your campsite. Just open up the Craft menu and place an order with Cyrus, the hardworking handyman from Re-Tail on the Road. Then sit back and wait! Or, if you're in a hurry, you can move your order to the very front of the line by using Leaf Tickets. You can purchase Leaf Tickets with real money, or earn them through regular gameplay. • Your Campsite. Your Way. The joy of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game is creating a space that suits you and your style. Your campsite can be anything you like—from a traditional space that celebrates nature to a flashy fun house with concerts and rides. It's all up to you! You can also customize your camper, visit your friends' campsites to get ideas for your own, and meet new animal friends as you explore recreational areas! • Host Animals at Your Campsite As you grow your friendships with different animals, they'll want to visit your campsite. Craft and decorate with their favorite items, and you’ll be able to host them whenever you like—even if you change up your decorations completely! Note: This game is a free download with in-app purchases. Note: A persistent Internet connection is required to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Cellular data charges may apply.


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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app reviews

  • Fun, but insanely repetitive 3/5

    By Pokebored1
    This game is fun, but it's so repetitive. Basically, pick fruit, catch bugs and fish, give them to people that request them, make furniture, invite people to your campground *yawn*. That's all there is to it. I really am going to need more to go on if I keep playing. I'm giving it 3 stars because it is well made.
  • But why can’t I have KK Slider and Tom Nook? 5/5

    By Nicole's Sister
    But why can’t I have KK Slider and Top Nook? :(
  • It’s a good game! 4/5

    By Destiny.commm
    I love this game but you should be able to actually play with your friends and see them moving and also a new feature should be where you can type and talk to other people
  • More fun than you think 5/5

    By Mystic0wl
    I was really skeptical at first not knowing what to expect being a hardcore animal crossing fan. But Nintendo never disappoints, this game has no issues fast loading wonderful music and overall it’s super fun and darn close to the mechanics of the original console games. 5 stars.
  • LOVE IT!!! 5/5

    By Kmlb207
    Love it!
  • No content 2/5

    By spacehat0079
    Was fun and charming at first, but get a day or two into it and you’ll realize there’s nothing fun to do. Pick up seashell, give to an animal. Build chair with materials. Continue giving fruit and fish to the other animals for a week so you can afford a table. That’s all there is to this. Other Animal Crossings had simple multiplayer fishing trips and such. Not this game! I bet it the App Store only allowed people to review items after apps have been installed for a week, the average score would be WAY lower.
  • Excellent game! 5/5

    By Rukkio
    Pocket Camp is a well-made, fun game. You can play without buying things with real money, and you can "meet" other players in-game. I have not experienced any bugs or issues yet. The customization options are excellent. Collecting supplies is very fun too.
  • Awesome, but needs more. 3/5

    By MissAdriee
    I’ve played Animal Crossing since I was a kid and had a GameCube. So, I was super excited to play this. Unfortunately I feel like I ran out of things to do very fast. There’s not a whole lot to do. It’s really a waiting game!
  • More camp space! 4/5

    By Lex Raguindin
    I love the game and enjoy it very much, but my only complaint would be the lack of camp space. I believe that we were able to buy more camp space then it would be an incentive to keep playing and earn money to have a bugger camp space and have more creative freedom instead of being restricted to one area. Other than that it’s an awesome game!
  • Amazing game 5/5

    By Emmamengmeng1988
    I played the ac years ago, I was waiting for the cellphone version of it for years ! The game didn’t let me down! It is so much much! I play hours and hours! So hope there r more animals and clothes as the Ac! Good job!
  • Good Game But Favoritism for Android 3/5

    By Fluttah
    I love this game and it’s overall pretty fun. But iPhone users get passed over since android users get exclusive items! Try to be fair Nintendo!
  • Bad bugs and glitches 1/5

    By Nalu0
    It’s a fun game but random transactions in game sometimes don’t take or progress resets. Also, in game purchase took money out of App Store but did not deliver in game purchase.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Niighttowl
    I would enjoy to see more of interactive community with friends.
  • Nintendo Does It Again!! 5/5

    By TMNT/DISNEY Lover
    I love Mario Run, but Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the cutest and most amazing game Nintendo has made for mobile devices!!!!! I just got it today and I can’t put it down!!!! Thanks Nintendo for an amazing game!!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ahgski
    You should buy this game. It keeps me entertained and it’s really fun. All the things you can do in this game is so fun, you’ll love it. The only downside of this game is that you run out of leaf tickets and you have to unlock one of the worlds. Other then that this game is super fun. You should totally buy this game 😊
  • why i can’t put 2 rugs down man 4/5

    By Magilmer
    this game is freaking amazing, it relaxes me & calms me, everything about it is addicting and harmlessly fun, but the ONLY THING that made me put 4 instead of 5 stars, is I CANT PUT TWO RUGS AT MT CAMP, i want the Christmas rug in my indoor space and the fluffy rug under my Christmas tree outside :’( can y’all pls do one update it’s driving me crZy omg
  • Feeling like a kid again! 5/5

    By $$Rusty$$
    This game is the only game I found that is just like all the other Animal Crossing games I’ve played in the past. I really like how there are characters in the past games as well, seeing them again just makes me happy bc I have shared a bond with most of them in the past games. This game is somewhat different than the past games but it’s the same atmosphere, story, and characters. I highly suggest playing this game if you are a new player or an experience Animal Crossing player
  • Fun at first then boreing 2/5

    By fadefang
    The Game is fun at first but when you really get into it it gets very boreing the materials take forever to get there no events or goals really just run around trying to make animals happy enough give random items
  • Good Game! 5/5

    By Kawaii_DragonWolf
    This is a amazing game! But, when I wanna play I must restore my data which is kinda annoying. But I cannot wait for the newest update with the gardens! :3
  • I love the game but it is having glitches 3/5

    By Unicorn_Farts99
    Hello I’m loving the game but I’m on level 15 and I have been trying to level up my friendship with Apollo but it’s glitching so I’m staying only on friendship level 7 and I have done so much and it’s just leveling saying I’m getting points up but nothing is changing it is still doing this and I’m getting disappointed with it because I was looking forward to the new stuff but I love the Christmas pack
  • Cute Game, Need Friends :) 5/5

    By Kendra l. Star
    🌟💫FEEL FREE TO ADD ME, LETS HELP EACH OTHER OUT!! 😊✨ 76640835819 76640835819 76640835819 76640835819 76640835819
  • Mine games plz 1/5

    By killer isaac
    I fink all the feracher should get a mime game… like the Carpets you clean as a mine game…and please make sure that You have cats and dogs in a update!
  • Hi 5/5

    By cuter cat
    Yes it is so CUTE AND GREAT!!!!!!!!
  • mhm 5/5

    By MitzyKitty
    best game thanks nintendo
  • Too costly 3/5

    By Exactflea
    It sets you up for failure—Frustrating when you can’t get the bugs & fish you need to complete a visitor request.
  • Good so far, needs tweaks 4/5

    By pdRydia
    Please consider the following: - Unique dialog for each camper...they need their own personality like in the main games! - Item sorting...give us a way to sort our items, even if it’s just an automatic sort. My items are so messy! - A kudos counter...I’d be more inclined to give kudos to friends if it was being tracked like this, I know people like to see their numbers tick up - Easier market box’s super annoying to have to go to your friend’s camp, walk over, talk to them, and open up their market box *just to see if they’re even selling what you want* - Alerts when friends need help getting into the quarry...I like helping people do this, but I don’t get alerts when they need help? - “Ask all” option when asking for help to get into the quarry...why do I have to ask people individually? It’s silly - Turn off kudos long as there’s no overall counter, I don’t care about kudos, I’m tired of being alerted to it - Already owned icon...when I go to buy something in the Marketplace, I want there to be some kind of icon indicating if I already own it or not Pleased with updates so far and looking forward to seeing how you respond to this design feedback!
  • Fun! 4/5

    By Dulcita727
    Very cute game with good graphics and lots of options on how to decorate your camp and who to befriend and invite! Suggestions to the makers: Please cut down on the dialogue, gets old when you’re turning in stuff. Please have us stay in menu with the character instead of having to click on them 4 times to turn in requests. Please add more variety to the shops, seems like same stuff is always there. Please take away the covered space when you’re upgrading or putting in a new amenity, seems like there’s always something under construction which takes away the cuteness!
  • Nintendo😘😑👍👌📱 5/5

    By Luis 258783258783
    Nintendo you did it again but.. Loan money I could literally buy a lot of things on the game that I seriously need can you please put loan expenses a Little less I am currently on level 17 And I am going broke because I just 💰 30,000 bells🤯😡 and I really would appreciate it if you put the expenses a little less because now I am currently saving up to pay 💰 50,000 😡🤬🤯. P.S. You should be able to sell and bargain clothes and your furniture at a pawn shop to earn resources or bells either one we should be able to choose which one we want from the item resources or bells.
  • A Fun Game to Pass the Time 5/5

    By JuliaBaron2268
    I really enjoy this game! I’ve never had an animal crossing game, excluding this one, so I wasn’t really expecting much since I wasn’t already a fan. I learned that even if you don’t know anything about animal crossing, you can have fun on this game. Some cons: As many others have said, the game does kick you out sometimes. But lately it’s been doing it a lot less for me, especially since the update, so it’s not an issue anymore personally. Another con that a lot of other people have said is that you can only see four market box slots on a players profile. I love using Market Box to get a few monarch butterflies quickly, or some cherries, but it’s hard to see if people have them without going to their camp. I personally have 14 slots, so my friends have to find out what I have by visiting me. The last “con” is that the game is a little bit repetitive. Some dialogue repeats, and the quests are nothing special, just gathering fruit or fish over and over again. The use of leaf tickets doesn’t bother me, because the game is free and Nintendo has to make money off the game somehow. Plus, you can get a bunch of them by doing special goals and leveling up. If I want to build an item that takes 12 hours, but don’t want to wait, I just start it before I go to bed, then use the tickets in the morning because the time is significantly reduced. Pros: The game is very cute and can be enjoyed by all ages. You don’t have to spend all of your time on it, but if you want to then you can. The game is free, and you only have to spend money if you want more leaf tickets. There are rare animals, but you only get asked for one at a time and only on the higher levels. I find the Market Box System very helpful, as well as the fishing nets/fertilizer, since they let you get items quickly. It’s a simple game that only takes a few minutes to figure out! Note: I’m not sure if this is just me, but one thing I have found is that the game never generates the correct insects or fish when I need them. For example- if I need a monarch butterfly, I’ll go to the beach and there will be three tiger butterflies and no monarch. If I need a tiger, I’ll find three monarchs and no tigers. Same with fruit beetles, if I need them then they aren’t there, but if I have too many there are at least three on the trees. Also the same with the fish. Overall, I think that this is a good game that is worth the download, because worse case scenario you don’t like it and just delete it. I am on Level 43 myself, so I don’t plan on deleting it anytime soon. -Have fun!-
  • LOVE THIS! 5/5

    By Basketball-Gurl95
    This Game is absolutely addicting, and fun! The graphics are stunning, the missions are exciting, and overall I love ANIMAL CROSSING TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!
  • FILBERT 5/5

    By BudTUFF
  • Well made bot freemium and a true animal crossing game through and through 5/5

    By James and such
    It rocks
  • Nintendo, you’re succeeding! 5/5

    By De Graws of Alaska
    So far this game as been amazing, and very much long awaited! I know adults and teenagers alike who play this already, and were very impressed. We need bulletin boards for our camps sites! That would make communication between visitors and yourself so much easier.
  • Glitch? Data download every. single. time. 3/5

    By Tweety Bird 101
    I absolutely love this game and want to give it five stars, but every single time I open the app it tells me I have to complete the same data download over and over again. This gets very frustrating and makes it so I play the game less since I done have time to wait on an update everytime I want to play. But other people I know did the data download once and never have it pop up again (like it should be). Please fix this glitch so I can play the game and rate this app 5 stars.
  • best video game 5/5

    By YerAWomanHarry
    This is the best video game. You build things and talk to your friends and then they build things.
  • Downloads ALL THE TIME 2/5

    By Whizzle1987
    Why does it download 205 mb of data every time I open the app???? I would give more stars but some people have data caps on their WiFi!
  • Completely free!! COMPLETELY 5/5

    By Taylor945
    This is the best app I’ve downloaded in a long time. It’s so fun and relaxing, and there’s always something to do! It’s so beautifully designed that when I first downloaded it I was sure that there would be some reason I would have to spend money, since there seems to be no such thing as a free game anymore with all of the in app purchases you have to make to do even simple things, but not this game. Everything is very easy to get. You can make purchases if you want but I never once felt pressured to like I am with other games that back you into a corner to either progress and spend money or stop playing. I am so impressed with this game that I have been waiting for for a year, I recommend it to absolutely everyone.
  • Very neat 5/5

    By Burgerofmumbai
    This game just lights me up. I play it when I am bored, and also when I am at home. Although just one problem: the internet problem. I was thinking that you guys could make the people/friends go away when we are playing off internet. If we could play without internet, this would be my go-to game. I would have no other games on my iPad.
  • Need more camp space 5/5

    By HelloJoyv
    I wish we can have more of the land expand.
  • Boring 1/5

    By Katw1024
    Stopped playing the app weeks after getting it. There’s really no motivation to do anything like in the original game where you have a house and have to save for mortgage and etc. This version is just kinda meh.
  • Got Bored Very Quickly 2/5

    By Ladykitchen
    You literally are doing the same things over and over and over again. The little cute doe animals say the same things over and over and over again. The only way to make money is to do the tasks. It quickly gets boring.
  • The Best Mobile Game 5/5

    By Dylangreenlawn63
    This game is absolutely amazing and I've been playing everyday for 5 days. The way it works, balances, things to do, buy, craft, make friends with, experiences and much much more. It's animal crossing new leaf with all the best parts in more that fits in your pocket. I hated timed games where you wait but I love this game because it's so much like normal animal crossing. Also, this is the first game I bought things from (disregarding Pokémon Go) and my only complaint is buying stuff costs way less than I'd like it to be. 100 for 0.99, 550 for 5.00, 1100 10.00, or half of that. Only complaint! Love this game
  • You forgot to put the N in “Ronald” the blue penguin 4/5

    By ARVGaming
    The game is great even though the dialogs are quite repetitive but there is something wrong with one animal, the game has animals to interact to but there is one particular animal that bugs me which is Roald. Roald is a blue penguin that comes at the late game but i knew that name was weird and if you guys can change the name, please change it to “Ronald” or “Roland
  • A shell of the original 2/5

    By Msfairydust
    My love for animal crossing goes back many years-playing new leaf on my wii. The things I loved most about animal crossing were catching new fish/bugs to complete my collection at the museum, visiting Tom nook, ordering coffee that’s too hot from Brewster, buying new Slider songs, getting my fortune read, and catching the random visitors. The excitement of seeing a fin in the water, hoping you finally catch the shark, spotting the tarantula that you can never seem to catch, rolling perfect snow balls to create snow men... Sadly all of those things are not in this version. This is like a bare bones shell of the original. It’s super frustrating because you recognize the game, the characters, etc., but it’s lacking the charm of what made it fun. Sure, you can fish—and catch the same 4 fish. You can catch bugs—the same 3 bugs. There’s no anticipation. I’ve read people say “well it’s free”. Frankly I’d rather pay for something closer to the old version than continue to play this vacant free version. This just makes me miss my wii.
  • Just a request 4/5

    By MusicMaster🎧
    I love the game. I play it all the time but there needs to be a more efficient way to gather craft materials like wool and preserves
  • Wonderful game but... 5/5

    By Hannah =^)
    I love this game way more than I thought I would but the only problem I’m having is that I have updated my camper up to when I owe 50,000 bells and usually I send in 1,000 bells every time I play. Every time I send them in it takes my bells but doesn’t make my loan balance any lower. I’ve been stuck at 49,000 bells for a while and I’ve used about 10,000 bells trying to get the balance to go down. It’s super annoying and am irritated that I can’t pay off my loan because I’d like to keep upgrading my camper
  • Love it 5/5

    By Kitty Cat The One And Only
    I think it’s a great game and I love how it has some aspects of the original animal crossing but I would like it to have more character customisation hair styles, eye colour, etc
  • 💗💗💗 5/5

    By Jennifer Nami
    This is my favorite game! I love Animals Crossing! A cute fun game too play! 😊💗💗💗
  • Very Well Done! 🎉 5/5

    By Cowonahill
    This is what you want when a console game is turned into an app. No micro transactions are necessary at all, the wait times for things aren’t stupidly long, the currency system is balanced nicely, it still has that classic animal crossing feel while not being an exact repeat, and you can visit your friends’ camps whenever you want! There are some things that could be improved upon/added, such as the ability to organize your inventory (currently, there is no option to), being able to see friends real time (maybe in a “chat room” type thing), and moving while inside the campers is a bit wonky. Overall, I’m very impressed and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this app!
  • Great game but with ruining problems 2/5

    By Bagggzzz13
    I adore the game, but I find it EXTREMELY annoying that every time I open the game to play, and I mean EVERY time, it asks me to download more data via wifi. Compared with other online social games, this game by far takes the most data to run, which is unfortunate when it comes to game play.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp app comments


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