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  • Current Version: 2.6.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Anova Culinary
  • Compatibility: Android
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Anova Culinary App

Browse Recipes and Start Cooking directly from the Anova app! The Anova app is the companion app to the Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI and Bluetooth models. Connect the app to your Anova Precision Cooker to start, stop, and monitor your food. Receive notifications about what’s going on with your food, and start your cook right from your phone. With both models you can conveniently browse thousands of recipes and start the Precision Cooker with a tap of a finger. We are constantly pushing to improve and listen to customer feedback, so make sure you keep your eye out for updates! Don’t have an Anova Precision Cooker? Join the #anovafoodnerd family and try sous vide with the world’s best-loved precision cooking device: Key App Features: • Great recipes & guides created by James Beard Award-winning chef, J. Kenji López-Alt • Visual Doneness photos guide you to the perfectly cooked meal Receive push notifications about your cook • Operate Anova remotely, within range. Extended remote cooking capabilities are available exclusively for the Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI. This includes the ability to start, stop, change temperature, set timer, and monitor your cooking status from anywhere. See below for more information on connected cooking with the Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI. With WI-FI, you can spend less time tied to the kitchen and more time doing what you love, with the people you love. When you upgrade to the Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI, you'll get even more flexibility than ever, including: • Remote cooking. Start, stop, and monitor your Precision Cooker WI-FI from anywhere, and come home to the best meal ever. Whether you're heading to work, going on a run, or spending quality time with friends and family, you can check in on the status of your food no matter where life takes you. • Push Notifications. Automatically receive notifications about how your meal is progressing. Anova keeps an eye on what's cooking, so you don’t have to. • Voice Integration. Anova makes it effortless to start cooking, even when your hands are full, with the simple command of your voice using Alexa and Google Home integrations. • New Features. Anova is always getting better with new ways to experience super-simple, pro-level cooking. Keep up with the latest updates to the Anova Culinary App for good things coming your way! What is Precision Cooking? Once limited to the world's best restaurants, precision cooking (commonly referred to as sous vide) is now the fastest growing kitchen appliance category. The Anova Precision Cooker represents the next evolution of precision cooking technology, making it easy and affordable for everyone to reap the benefits of this type of cooking. Precision cooking is extremely easy. It usually involves these three simple steps: 1. Attach the Anova Precision Cooker to a pot and set time and temp using the app or the device interface. Using the app, simply find what you're cooking and hit "start." 2. Put food in a ziplock bag and clip it to the side of the pot. The circulator moves water around the pot, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout. 3. Finish with a quick sear or broil, or even throw it on the grill for a nice, crispy finish.


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Anova Culinary app reviews

  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Pretty good..
    Bluetooth loses connection after leaving the kitchen. App lags and is extremely slow, doesn't update to let you know when the food is cooked because it constantly drops connections. Just really bad user interface. Show the anova interface first and then the recipes not the other way around.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By hannibal87
    This is a piece of junk. It forgot my timer, doesn’t connect reliably (impossible to get on Wi-Fi). If I start it for the first time this week, the app IMMEDIATELY tells me my food is done—it’s not even up to temperature! Giant pile of s*** that needs to be thrown away and redone. I tried searching for “hard Boiled Eggs” and it found nothing.
  • Poor timer function 2/5

    By Borg44444
    I love the recipes and cooking guides on this app, but the timer function is extremely buggy and never works for me.
  • Love Sous Vide, this app is horrible 1/5

    By musicmonkey7
    Just throwing another data point out there - This app is among the worst I’ve ever encountered. The timer function is worthless. The number of times it has notified me that it’s finished cooking when it hasn’t even reached temperature is ridiculous. 98% of the time when I open the app it says restoring, this won’t take long. And it just perpetually shows the same screen. Recipe search is ridiculous too. Even when I had 90 of the words in a recipe title it was saying no results. Deleted the app tonight.
  • Gets stuck on “restoring anova” 2/5

    By Moogleii
  • Can’t Trust the Timer Functionality 2/5

    By Mike and Joy
    As previous reviews state the app looks nice and has great recipes however two things: [1] - timer fails to work properly both when preset or with saved “my recipes”. [2] - my recipes will save recipes but when activated will not correctly add in the time even when time is saved. Please fix so this can be a 5-Star app.
  • App is Worse than Badic 1/5

    By ChuckDrake
    It’s so inexpensive to build a decent app, what is wrong with the people at Anova? Can’t use the app on my iPad, which is what I use for all cooking...why can’t I use the iPad? Because the crappy app only displays in portrait mode only and is not built to rotate into landscape mode. That is basic app dev 101. Oh, main screen of app has great pic of NY Strip on “Easy Recipes for Beginner”...tap on it and voila, no recipe for the NY Strip! Anyone user test this app before releasing it? Nope.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By pandaepidemic
    This app is straight up trash it always disconnects from Bluetooth and when I'm trying to heat up the water it will bring up some recipe from last time and tell me to do the finishing steps
  • Issues with timer 2/5

    By Enock
    The app seemed to work well until I started adjusting the timer for custom recipes. It seems to mistake hours for minutes and minutes for seconds. I set a timer for two hours and I i received a notification that my food was done about two minutes later. Because of this, the app has become just a recipe data base for me.
  • Great content (I.e, recipes), significantly sloppy and broken device integration. 1/5

    By Yungtacosalad
    The good - recipes The bad - timer (Incredibly glitchy and unreliable. If the actually Anova stops cooking for any reason [low water, for instance] the device's timer and the app's timer become mismatched. The Anova will reheat to the right temperature before beginning the timer again, but the app's timer won't respond at all. Also, the timer notification is inconsistent and inexact. The timer will also begin when the water is overheated, which defeats the purpose of a set it and forget it feature when using warmer water. All of these things make the app very hard to rely on for cooking.) - using recipes with the device (When using preset recipes in the app, the app will prevent any tweaking of temperature/settings and also has timer problems.) - setting temperature - controlling the Anova at all In general the connectivity experience with this app is just bad. Since so many important features only work halfway, I find myself setting all kinds of timers, looking at recipes without using their in app script, and generally using a hodge podge of methods to get through what is advertised as a very simple cooking method. All this app needs to do is do what is advertises well, completely, and clearly. Right now it feels very broken.
  • Timer is awful 1/5

    By Meaculpaz
    Made the mistake of trusting the timer, when I checked in on it it was reset, same problem as other reviews. I’ve got some expensive steaks in there and a lot of hungry guests and I have no idea how long it’s left to cook. Absolute piece of garbage. How do you not get something like the timer right when the whole point of the device is to get two things consistently right: temperature and time. Guys you should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • Good 3/5

    By Liza41
    I like that it has the steps I would just like a more guided video like other sous vide apps
  • App is useless for controlling the circulator 1/5

    By TerryTateoOfficeLB
    I bought the wifi version of the circulator thinking I could avoid the connection issues people have been facing with Bluetooth. The timer function of the app is incredibly glitchy. The circulator and the app will often go out of sync. Don't use this app to time your cooks, use the timer on the circulator.
  • Great in theory but full of bugs 2/5

    By mggi
    For example, if you name your recipes when you cook, it will automatically save them to “My Recipes”. This would be great, if it didn’t randomly delete or change an existing recipe when you do so! It seems like you can have more than 3 recipes before it deletes one, maybe this function completely useless.
  • Controlling the unit from the app is awful 1/5

    By legolas154
    The Anova cooker has been great so far, the app leaves a lot to be desired. Pre-heating the water is so clunky and the app starts sending me alerts that “time’s up”and to proceed with “finishing steps”. If I try to clear the alert it basically only lets me “stop the Anova”, which is useless and actually turns the whole thing off. I can’t jump to the actual cooking and start a timer from there. There needs to be a way to manually control the Anova unit from the app, instead of just pre-programmed functions.

    By pink floyd, David gilmore
    First off, let me start by saying that I've had nothing but positive experiences with the Anova device itself, and will sous vide until the day I die. It is a complete game changer in terms of flavor, and ease of use. It is fail proof!! It is such a shame that Anova has invested so much time into the device and they wanted to make a great wireless experience for their users. They must have recruited some high school students who are watching Application Development YouTube tutorials to build this app. It has so many flaws it makes the Sous vide experience very annoying and complicated wirelessly. I haven't had one session without an issue or a bug; I have multiple issues in every session! The app will tell me the device is preheated and to insert my food, okay I have inserted my food and restarted the timer because it didn't auto start like it should have... ten minutes later I get a notification that the device is preheated!! You just told me that!! And not only that, the timer is gone as well! You better keep an eye on your time because the anova app has no sense of time, or will completely forget that it was even timing something in the first place. Very frustrating. Another thing, the anova device must be flying through space and traversing worm holes because I will receive notifications that my food is ready and it'll still have 15-20 minutes left on the timer; this thing is living in the future without a doubt. I could tell you 10 more bugs but what's the point? There are enough bad reviews on here for anova to understand that the architecture and development of this app is laughable. This is 50% of what you're selling with the wifi version Anova. Overall though, I may have to reset the app a few times and reset the timer, I've had to reset the temp once, and have always been able to cook from work using the ice bath setting. Coming home to cook food is genius. Just get the bugs worked out. Get the app right and you have a device that'll literally change lives. Sous Vide is that good.
  • Good content, poor execution 3/5

    By Ann-NYC
    I love the explanations of the time and temp ranges. I love the ability to save my own some/temp settings. I'd rate a 5 for those features. But The actual connection to the device is unreliable. Sometimes the app says that food is done way before the requested time. Sometimes it get laggy confused in between the preheat and cook phases.
  • GREAT DEVICE but only Two stars for the APP 2/5

    By jml1243
    First the unit is phenomenal and I would recommend 10 times over. Then we reach the for the app, oh the app. Such promise and even more so of failing to deliver. The app was buggy 9mos ago when I purchased the ANOVA, I wasn’t so concerned with the app as long as it could set timers w/notifications. Well, it couldn’t even do that very well. Less than 10mins into my first cook and I’d already received 14 notifications of a .01 change in temp. With no options to adjust the sensitivity I finally had to shut off notifications which is a big reason for having the APP. The APP also used to allow functionality for the Apple Watch (I also turned this off on the first cook), so today I saw there was yet another update to the app which I decided to try and download for the first time since purchasing. I like the new timer option without having to for through multiple steps and figuring since they updated this feature I’d try and set up notifications again but wanted to use my Apple Watch while my phone was in another room charging. After searching on my watch, then inside the watch App Store I was left empty handed and figured maybe I missed something. I logged in to search for the app on the AppStore for iPhone and to my surprise it no longer supports the Apple Watch. Basically they’ve given a small option that we’ve been asking for which works well but take away even more options which are useful to its functionality and a reason why people purchase the ANOVA. I’d say charge $10 less for the unit and ask for $10-15 to pay for an APP and funnel the APP $ directly into making a user interface that doesn’t have so many limitations. This is not a difficult setup and frankly an even easier APP to develop. I’d like to see ANOVA open source the code to connect to the device so others could write an app that users can 1:add their own recipes (for only their viewing) vs having to rely on chefs who submit their own (which sometimes is not the best in a final product) 2:allow adjusting of notifications sensitivity 3:create a watch app functionality (which you used to have) 4:allow for recipes to be added (for personal use) from other apps.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Poffyo
    This app is garbage. Also the anova only connects to Bluetooth 25% of the time.
  • It used to work great... what happened? 1/5

    By Tyler, The Reviewer
    This app used to work pretty well, but lately it’s taken a turn for the worse. Yesterday when my sous vide got up to temp the app wouldn’t sync with it then randomly it sent constant notifications to my watch as I was putting my food in the water. I had to take my watch off it was literally like every two seconds it would ding and say my food was done. I think I will quit using the Bluetooth feature until they fix some of the bugs with the app.
  • Keep an eye on the timer! 2/5

    By Tahoe Jimbo
    I use this App because setting the timer on my early-ish cooker manually is nearly impossible. (Seriously, whose idea was it to require you to toggle from °F to °C before you are allowed to adjust the timer? And then make you switch it back!) Setting the timer in the app itself is only slightly easier, since it can’t seem to remember what you last set it to. And god help you if you adjust the timer while the cooker is running. Or set the temp and timer too quickly. For a happier experience, always stop the cooker, wait for it to beep, enter the new time and press cook. Even then, wander over to it and ensure that it displays the time you entered. Seriously. I do not trust this thing, or the app at all.
  • Can no longer control the sous vide cooker via WiFi 1/5

    By Nmb11
    And the login feature seems to be broken also
  • It’s OK 2/5

    By Dan Serious
    The app lately seems to randomly disconnect from the device. I’d get an alert that my food is done, but there is still 8 minutes left on the device. I had some pork in for 24 hours, and randomly in the middle of the night (5 hours in) it decided it was done. Luckily, it never switched off so my food was still cooking but there is clearly an issue with the timer. I also wish recipes you put in yourself would save - sometimes I might want to cook something at a different temp but my own recipes should just stay as I initially put them in. App was great in November 2017, last couple of updates have negatively impacted it.
  • App is not working so great after the latest update. 2/5

    By Unforgiven2
    Took forever to connect. Ended up cooking without the app. Please fix.
  • Useless timer 1/5

    By tehdaev
    Started cooking something for 45 minutes. I checked on the timer *some time later* and find out there is no timer! It started with one and just lost track of it. What a complete failure. They can’t eve get a simple function like that working.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By dtbeach
    I’ve never gotten it to work properly. It hasn’t worked with WiFi since I got it for a year. It now won’t even work with Bluetooth. I wish they would put in a web interface. That would make so much sense. It would be great to use from afar and from my computer in my house. It would work on tablets as well.
  • Does not work as advertised. Skip it 1/5

    By Ordinary citzen
    The app does not work as advertised at least not with iPhone. When you select a recipe within the app, the app tells the Anova to preheat. Once preheat is done the app alerts for “Cooking Done” even though you haven’t started cooking yet. Issue seems to be when your phone goes to sleep the BT connection is lost and cooker thinks it’s done, disregarding the timer setting within the recipe. Tons of complaints about this in the Anova user forums. I wrote to Anova and their response was not helpful. Use the app for guidance but set a separate timer on your phone.
  • The app detracts 2/5

    By Thousand races
    The device on its own creates the perfect cook you expect assuming you know what you go yourself into. The app on the other hand makes me want to throw the device out the window (or at least back into its box and returned). The app setup is not the easiest process: assuring you aren’t on the 5g WiFi, being close to the WiFi for the initial connection to the Bluetooth , the fact that there is a secondary connection to the WiFi, the idea that you need a username and password to set this thing up, the act of unplugging the cooker and taking its dripping holes over to the other plug so I can be close to the wifi to start the process over again only to be rejected at least 5 times, deleting the app, downloading the app- again, and finally GIVING UP ON WIFI as the final blow. But my eggs come out good.
  • Have to reinstall the app each time I use the cooker 1/5

    By Snag234987
    The only way I can get the app to recognize the cooker is to reinstall each time I use the device. Four cooks - four installs. I then have to go through the entire setup process each time. I should be able to plug in the device and start the app to start cooking without having to reinstall each time. Once it is installed and working I love the results but this is getting ridiculous. I will return the device as defective if this happens again. Not only this but you can’t manually control the timer. If I don’t want to reinstall the app each time I use the device I guess I’ll have to use the timer on my phone Update: 6 cooks - 5 reinstalls. It works great after reinstalling the application each time but that is just wrong. I’m sending the device back as defective. There is no way this is the correct behavior.
  • Love the cooker - not the app 2/5

    By Lincles
    Having to reinstall the app to reconnect to the cooker is not ok. There needs to be a feature in the app to reset the connect and go back through the pairing process. I don’t know if it is the app or the cooker that keeps loosing its brain - but every time I cook I can’t connect to the cooker again until I uninstall the app andre-pair to the cooker. The app itself could be better and have more timer options (like delay start - or scheduled start) and not so tied to recipes, but I guess functional once paired. (I have he WiFi cooker btw)
  • Worked twice ... 1/5

    By MC789345
    When I first setup the app, it worked perfectly. It connected to WiFi no problem. Then, the third time I used it, it wouldn’t connect to WiFi or Bluetooth. I deleted my app and unplugged the Anova to reset everything. I can now connect to Bluetooth but the app crashes every time I try to connect to WiFi. I sure am glad I spent more money to get the WiFi unit that doesn’t work on WiFi ...
  • Timer stinks 2/5

    By BrianAGuy
    The device is great, app seems good, but man. The timer. I don’t need constant alerts that my timer is up. Figure out how to fix this, devs. It makes me not want to use the app.
  • It just works 5/5

    By RussellK
    I’ve been using this app through a variety of changes. The most recent version came out while I was having Bluetooth problems, so for a while I used it in manual mode (there was enough information on their website that the app was unnecessary). Technical support sent me instructions on connecting the Anova to wi-fi and I haven’t had any problems since. The app is wee-designed and easy to use; now I’m cooking with my Anova (using this app) 2-3 times each week. The recipes, guides, and programmed mode make cooking a breeze. The app just works – at least for me.
  • Timer function non-functional 2/5

    By Kristi A
    I use my sous vide 4-5 times a week and love the results. Having the timer function work seems integral to the app.
  • Still buggy 2/5

    By werDewoh
    With no timer set, the app sends ‘cook complete’ notifications in infinite loop while the app is in the background. Frustrated the app is so light on features (temp stability graph? More complex timing options?) and instead seems focused on selling the thing I already bought with food pictures.
  • Just bought and you immediately want me to upgrade (ugh) 2/5

    By jawapy
    I just bought the Bluetooth version of the Anova, got it home, setup a vessel and used the app to connect. Great, it connected right away, BUT the first thing I am hit with is an ad saying I should have bought the WIFI model and do I want to buy it now? If you really want to sell WIFI, then make the same hardware and offer a software upgrade. Then you could have me for $30 or $40 more. I would have to box this one up, take it back to the store and then wait for yours. Were you planning to offer a trade-in? If I take this one back I am buying something else. I bought this one because Target stocked it and I would like to prepare something today.
  • Not working well with new iPhone X 2/5

    By Rogue5227
    Worked well with previous phone, but now WiFi keeps resetting, with app asking me to enable WiFi/Cellular. Only temp fix is to delete app and start over. However, it just repeats. Hopefully this is a bug which will be fixed.
  • Timer stopped working. 2/5

    By Dale Jung
    It worked alright but now the timer disappears after preheating.
  • Timer not working 1/5

    By PubMariner
    I've loved my Anova since I got it but with the last update my timer no longer starts with a recipe or guide via the app. Since the timer is literally 50% of the process, it's pretty important. Fix the timer and the app will be great again.
  • Somethings not right. 2/5

    By Chelsea clock lover
    I downloaded this app this AM and have food cooking right now I set the timer for an hour and 5 minutes later it told me that my food was ready. I checked the cooker itself and it still said there was 55 minutes left. I reset the time for an hour and after a little while got a notification that the food was done. I went and checked this time there was still 36 minutes remaining on the cook timer. So far I am not impressed.
  • Rookie to Sous Vide but app works 4/5

    By primetime680
    This app with the Bluetooth Anova works and have not had any issues. Quick connects and if I go to far from station always connects back up. Improvements to the app are minor but having a video of how the meat ‘fineness’ would be better for rookies. I can see once you have used it a while then you know what temperature you want. Being able to adjust and create in ‘my recipe ‘while not being connected is inconvenient, as after the meal you might want to adjust or maybe before the meal you want to put different settings in. I am always looking at other apps or websites to get averages, since I am new, and it seems like other apps ask you if it fresh or frozen and how thick it is. I feel that is being more specific and is helpful and more confident. I would love for this app to have everything I need and no need to look at other apps for confidence. Great app but I am hoping for improvements.
  • Simple and Easy 4/5

    By celluloid freak
    The app finds your immersion cooker be it on Bluetooth or wifi without any fuss. During use current temp., set temp., time remaining and a progress bar are continuously available to check the status of your cook at a glance. With push notifications and remote control from anywhere it is difficult to mess up.
  • Notification spam over and over and over 1/5

    By ksjhdflksjdflksd
    While it’s heating up it spams me over and over forever. Once per second. This is utter garbage. How do you ship something like this?
  • Cooker, A+; App, FAIL! 1/5

    By Mjfencer
    This App is a total FAIL! I bought the precision cooker with Wifi and Bluetooth (read, more money) so I could set my meal up for a cook and start remotely. I should have saved myself some money. IF you can get the connection made to your home network, dont count on it staying connected. I basically control it right from the cooker, the app is so unreliable. The app, and by extension the cooker as advertised for its capabilities, are complete failures. Save the cash and by the cheapest Anova cooker you can find without the Wifi or the Bluetooth. Neither work at all.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Tlove7811giveup
    This is crazy!! The app simply does not work. We tried to connect the unit via Bluetooth and Anova was unable to recognize it. My iPhone was able to recognize the unit however the unit couldn’t recognize that it was connected. The other reviews about changing MY WiFi password was recommended but is ridiculous. Anova should be able to recognize if it is connected or not. The unit should work. How I’m I supposed to cook utilizing the app? It may be easier to purchase a different brand...
  • Great product, terrible app 1/5

    By xoshooter
    Wow Kenji, you need to find the app designers for Joule and hire them immediately. You have put your name behind a good product with a bad app. Dax and Sheppard would understand. Fire your app designers. In this day and age it is inexcusable. Hopefully it’s not your brother in law.
  • Great device, poor quality app programming 1/5

    By yrsl
    The app (or the device’s firmware, I’m not sure) is extremely buggy when it comes to setting time. VERY OFTEN it forgets the timer settings transmitted from the app to the device during a preset routine, and then, when the target temperature is reached, the heating cycle just goes on indefinitely, without the timer running at all. Very bad quality of programming! Just to be clear: the Anova device itself is great, it’s the convenience features that are poorly implemented.
  • WiFi .....what? 2/5

    By Elio Juan
    The instructions call for you to place the Anova 5 feet from the router. WHAT? The router is in the living room the Anova is in the kitchen. Well ok it’s only for initial setup they said. But not so. The Anova losses contact with the WiFi and I’m not home. So I have to return home to see if I can make it work. But wait the trouble shooting section tells me to bring the Anova within 5 feet of my router. B....... Anova needs to fix their WiFi in their units. I don’t cook next to my router I cook in the kitchen.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By TechyMark
    The setup was super easy. The device lost contact with the app, or vice versa, within 5 minutes and I haven't gotten it to reconnect since.
  • Useful for cooking info (also buggy) 2/5

    By Canmore AB
    A somewhat useful app with lots of room for improvement. Bluetooth connectivity is intermittent with iPhone 8 Plus. Annoying repeat notifications cannot easily be acknowledged or cleared. Had to disable all Anova notifications. Almost as buggy as my smelly Precision Cooker with its headache inducing electrical smells so now I use this “showpiece” appliance out of sight under a hood fan

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