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"A MUST HAVE APP" by NY Times, USA Today, Lifehacker. Over 20 million people rely on to stay organized and GET MORE DONE! It's the simplest most powerful to-do list, calendar & reminders in one app.'s To-do list lets you: ● SYNC SEAMLESSLY in real time between your mobile, desktop, web and tablet. ● GET REMINDERS for a scheduled time or when you reach a particular location, so you never forget a thing. ● WORK TOGETHER with shared lists and assigned tasks, for increased productivity.'s Calendar lets you: ● EASILY VIEW your events and tasks for the day, week, or month. ● SYNC SEAMLESSLY with your phone’s calendar and your facebook events, so you don’t miss anything. ● QUICKLY SCHEDULE MEETINGS with smart calendar coordination with your colleague’s schedule. ● FOLLOW UP WITH TASKS after a meeting, while it's still fresh in your head. The Assistant takes care of tasks right from your to-do list. For a small fee it can do your: ● Gift shopping ● House cleaning ● Grocery shopping ● Home Repairs ● ...and much much more, so you don't have to. THE ASSISTANT SAVES YOU TIME FOR THE THINGS THAT MATTER, like being with your family or even reading a book! Want more? No problem. You can also: ● FOCUS with a daily Moment to prioritize tasks for today, tomorrow, and someday. ● QUICK-ADD tasks by voice, with our smart auto-suggest, by email, or through integrations with Alexa and more. ● BE DETAILED by attaching sub-tasks, notes, and files, including from Dropbox or Google Drive (Gdrive). ● TAKE NOTES whenever you get an idea for a to-do, a book to read, or a vacation to take. Get the productivity boost you're looking for in a single app which combines a calendar, to-do list, and a smart assistant who'll do tasks for you so you don't have to. Getting Things Done (GTD) has never been easier! Use it for home life, work life, and anything in between. People use as a calendar, reminders, task list, checklist, a notepad, a board for sticky notes, a project management tool for small teams, a daily planner, day scheduler, and much much more to reach their goals. Best of all, this life manager is free for basic use!'s basic to-do list + calendar is free to download and use. Premium upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited access to the daily moment, themes, files and collaboration to help you accomplish even more for $2.99 a month or $26.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase. The Assistant service has a 10-15% service fee in addition to the cost of completing your to-do list task. It's rolling out now, so if you want to get on the waitlist early, just go to sign up in the app. Our Terms of Use: Our Privacy Policy:

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  • Very practical and easy to use 5/5

    By Heidilynnie
    I like the list maker and how it lets you list it as today, tomorrow, a certain date, or sometime. I love the calendar too.
  • Ehh 3/5

    By woops what
    It’s a great app overall, but I need somewhere to keep my schedule. It was the main thing I was looking for. And what I mean for schedule I mean like a school schedule. I wish this was more student friendly. Uninstalling it till they make it student friendly.
  • Update didn’t push 1/5

    By trendyylime
    Received the marketing email about new features so I was excited to try them out in my premium subscription. However, it seems that The new features did not push to my device (8+) and there is no update option In The AppStore. Haven’t had a response from customer service. Not what I expect after paying for the premium subscription.
  • Update broke my theme 1/5

    By Kdogg3403
    I had the free version (deleting my account) and with the newest update, they broke my all black theme. Now they want me to pay for what they just broke. No thanks!
  • No recurring tasks without $2/month fee 1/5

    By STEVEss3133432
    An app such as this is so simple, yet they want a recurring fee for basic options.
  • Ruined by update 1/5

    By Seankytonk
    I have been using this app for years and loved it. The recent update makes the app unusable and it is now asking me to pay $2.99 a month. I deleted the app and downloaded a different free list app. Problem solved.
  • Needs update 5/5

    By gata247
    This app is killer!! The perfect “To-Do” app, you won’t find a better on out there. However, WE DONT NEED EVERY LIST I APPLE REMINDERS SYNCED, JUST THE TO DO LIST. Why would I need my bucket list in Really, really, really, would like to see that Apple Watch integration also. But this app is STILL boss!!
  • Good 3/5

    By Kate218
    Earlier on I would have given 5 stars but, more recently the app works slower and slower. It is very annoying when I have to wait for it to respond to anything I want it to do, change, move, or add.
  • Great Please Make Apple Watch Version 5/5

    By jdm071
    Love how it integrates with Alexa. However, I’m having continuous problems getting IFTTT to sync with Apple’s lousy reminders app so I can’t the lists on my watch to update.
  • Unique To Do List App 5/5

    By AndargachewD
    I really like the interface, and how it combines my to do list with my calendar in a user-friendly way. My appointments to-do list is in the same area! Feedback I’d give is to have a way I’d be able to prioritize tasks. For example, you can have your big three tasks bolder, in a different color, or with a noticeable star next to them. Definitely have them on the top of the list for that day. Your other tasks would have the standard appearance in font).
  • I like it.. but 3/5

    By katv85
    I like this app, and it’s the one I’ve found to be the most useful. But I would never pay a monthly premium for it. That’s nuts. And I’d never pay $30 bucks a year either. You guys should just have a free version and premium version people can buy, I would buy it.
  • Feature Request 4/5

    By GYOS23
    I would like to be able to add a to-do from an iMessage. Sometimes I'm sent lists and I would think it helpful if an option were added to add from messages or within context menu. Also--apple watch app please. :-)
  • Superb 5/5

    By KodingKoala
    I've been using this app for almost two years now, and just recently bought the premium package. It's no surprise that, with the right usage, this app makes so many things more manageable. From daily activities, to completing school work on time, to managing upcoming events, to keeping up with studying, to creating a mini wishlist of books to read or movies to watch. Everything I do is now facilitated by the app, so thank you. A small however: I wish the desktop version was just as good! Maybe a calendar on the desktop as well, but as a developer I know it's no easy feat to streamline new features into an app. But I'm not one to minimize the value of something because it lacks perfection. I look forward to seeing how great becomes in the near future.
  • Idea! 4/5

    By Frustrated02630
    I’ve been using for the past year and I can not express how easy it is to use! The integration between Alexa and Siri platforms are great!! The ability to manage tasks is beyond simple and the the notification options are great!! there anyway the developers can separate ones shopping list from daily tasks? When I try to go through those daily tasks, having to deal with a shopping list is a little time consuming and annoying at times... Otherwise, a truly great app and one worth getting!!!
  • Best To-Do App Needs Apple Watch Support 4/5

    By SerenityJLee
    I’ve been using this one consistently for a while now, and I really love it! It’s simple enough to not get in the way of me using it in a hurry but has enough options that I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. That being said, I recently got an Apple Watch and was excited to see how worked on it. I was surprised to not see any integration, since it’s such a popular app for iOS. It’s tempted me to switch to another list/to-do app just so I can have that, as it’s a key part of having smartwear. I hope you will consider! The iPhone app is really great, but I may uninstall and find something else until there is some functionality for the Apple Watch. Edit: I’m so glad to hear that an Apple Watch app is on the way! I’m going to stick with so my information stays current. Customer service is great, quickly responding to users’ concerns.
  • Huh? 1/5

    By 88sarah8888888
    What happened to the add a task +? I can’t see how to add a task with this new version.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By LittleMissMeow
    I use to really like this app until the recent update. I can’t get my activities to go to the designated place like I use. I am on the hunt for something else. I don’t know why developers mess with a good thing! Support contacted me but I can’t put anything back like it was. Very aggravating! The new update really messed up a good thing! 🤬Until this is fixed I won’t rate this anymore than a one. To the developer - Please stop trying to contact me. I have been in touch with your people trying to see how my issue can be fixed. It should be simple. It takes forever for anyone to get back to me. I shouldn’t have to pay to have someone help me faster. If the people who help with this app responded as fast as they do to people posting reviews things would be great! I haven’t heard from anyone in two days on the issue I would like fixed. Apparently I have angered someone. I get a response every time I edit this review. These people keep sending me the same response daily. Too bad they don’t contact me to help me the issue I have! I have been waiting and all I get is this response to my review. Forget this app and get one that the developer will assist in helping if you need it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Hornsby376
    Completely inconsistent. Decides which list it wants to sync with Alexa at random even though only one list is synced with Alexa. Deleting this app and looking for something else.
  • is my secret sauce 😍 5/5

    By Adarim
    It’s super easy, fast and helps me organize my life
  • Functional, Ambitious and Aggravating 2/5

    By Marst Machi
    Doesn’t let me choose which reminder lists to sync, just adds all of them. If you have reminder lists that don’t necessarily involve action it can be annoying. Even more annoying are the notifications that “encourage” me to interact with the app, the most recent of which put my entire “Someday” list onto my calendar and expected me to organize it (my wife doesn’t even nag me that much). Also if your eyes are sensitive you’re pretty much over a barrel because all of the themes are behind a rather expensive subscription based pay wall. They can never seem to get an update right, either. It’s always two updates in two days. That gets pretty irritating as well.
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By Truedesetinee
    I love this app, but I need it on my watch! Is that coming soon?
  • Um dos melhores! 5/5

    By TheLucasAquino
    Esse é o melhor aplicativo para gerenciar tarefas que eu encontrei.
  • Love this app. 5/5

    By kristenp3
    I m currently not able to add a list entry. The plus sign next to the list is no longer there. Hmmm.
  • I had high hopes 1/5

    By nateblackatx
    I thought I did my research before choosing Nope. After purchasing a year of premium access and spending HOURS setting my lists up, I discovered it doesn’t sync between devices. Even the “premium support” feature is bogus. I’m done with this. Trying out Trello now.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Mivisa
    I’ve tried many list apps but keep coming back to this one. It has a clean interface and ability to input a task fairly easily. Suggestions for improvement: 1) Apple Watch app please 2) Some color customization that does not require a subscription 3) Natural language recognition
  • Problem with snooze 2/5

    By Sfsmw
    This is a great application but I don't use it anymore and it's because when I miss a reminder, the app doesn't remind me again. Let me say that, when I miss the reminders which I set using Apple's reminder, it won't stop snoozing until I mark it done. Another fact is I really love reminder apps which when you want to add a new task, you can add it as a colorful sticky note.(Like Google Keep) So I think you would better create a feature which let people to add tasks as sticky notes.
  • Great to do app 5/5

    By Wheres_Chard
    Easy to use, good reminder and widget support even on the free version. Use it everyday
  • Widget calendar fails to load 2/5

    By eggimage
    8/10 times the calendar view in the widget fails to load, requires switching to Task view and back to Calendar to make it reload
  • Great app 4/5

    By DaddyWorks
    Just wish the grocery list items were separate from the task list by default and not listed when looking at all tasks
  • Sync doesn’t work 1/5

    By Loveuxdesign
    Premium account does not sync across multiple devices. I’ve emailed them about it 3x over 8 days and I haven’t received a response.
  • AWESOME APP😍 5/5

    By (Enzo)
    This, app is truly amazing, worked super well and there is no problems with this app I wish I had this app a long time ago cause my dog she has Addison’s disease and we have to give her a shot and we sometimes we forget and this app is perfect for it so we won’t forget to give forget to give her the shot at petsmart. So I am 100% Satisfied. And I really like that you keep on updating your app constantly unlike other apps they tend to update there app every 2 months but you guys update this app constantly and I really appreciate that. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
  • broken 1/5

    By Domomuffin
    this worked great till the update now it won't let you add anything to your lists. kinda useless until they fix it another nice touch: no app support whatsoever, clicking they button does nothing
  • No option to add stuff in my to do list 1/5

    By Ryan4882
    No option to add in my to do list. I don’t see a plus symbol after last update. suggested to uninstall and install app. Did that, now it wants me to log in Facebook, google or email. I’m all set. Time for a new app
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Suzq77354
    I was excited to start using this app, but it kept deleting my tasks and it was not user friendly.
  • Great On Someone Else’s Nickel 4/5

    By Practigal
    This is a really nicely done app and I have used 98% of the “to do” apps out there. The Moments feature is very useful and UI and the flow is well done. The gripe I have is that it is subscription-based which is great if it is out of someone else’s budget i.e. your company is paying for it. I don’t need the collaboration part. I wish apps like this would have a single buy price for people who don’t need collaboration (somewhere under $10). But, $24+ per year?? And that’s if you buy the whole year at once for one device. Monthly will cost $36/year! Where have I been that this is now how the apps roll? And if you are on the ‘free’ program, don’t expect support to respond to your emails in anything less than... well, I’ll let you know. It’s been several days so far.
  • Worth the subscription 5/5

    By KB Bella
    The free version is absolutely wonderful, but being about to track everything from every device is amazingly helpful. Being able to track who is doing what and when it gets done, for both my family and my business, is a dream come true. The look is clean and simple and overall well done.
  • Did not work for me 1/5

    By Disappointed am I
    I got this ap after buying an Alexis Echo — thought it would seamlessly integrate - and be useful. Never was — paid $ for the full version — still not helpful. Would not recommend for Alexa integration if that is your goal.
  • Beautiful app - but I have some suggestions 5/5

    By SomeGirl1999
    I use this app a lot and it’s cool but there are some things I want done to make it better. 1. Allow me to view my day in the block-timeline planning mode (moment feature)... without being in the moment feature. Just a viewing mode for the moment feature. (Add addition viewing window). 2. Re-organize my task by time (when I scheduled to do them) in the “tasks” viewing mode AFTER I did my “moment”. I want to be able to see my task in chronological order of when I plan to do them. (I want to be able to manually re arrange them if I wish to, later.) 3. Allow me to select tasks and then move/delete them as a group, rather than one-by-one only. That is all my suggestions for now. Please read them and send them to the developers.
  • Missing a couple things + bug 3/5

    By BuycottTrump
    I LOVE the “moment” feature so I keep coming back to Anydo to see if the missing features I need have been added. 1. There needs to be a way to see if a task has subtasks, notes, etc WITHOUT having to click on the task. Things get missed because I don’t know more info is associated with the task. 2. Moment needs to cycle through every single task. It seems to skip a lot of them. I end up doing the moment process multiple times to see everything. Also there may be a bug... I could not get the app to open today after I updated it. -1 for bug and -1 for missing features. Will update when fixed. If these two things were added and bug fixed this would be a 5 star app!!
  • iPad version now 5 Stars ***** 5/5

    By iBryan3G
    With the latest v4.16 update the iPad version of now has all the functionality the iPhone version has long had! Good job! Look forward to future updates.
  • Great, miss the old functions 3/5

    By trevykoz
    This app was fantastic! Used it every single day. Wondering if we can have the ability to add to specific lists back? I now have to add then drag to the list I want it in. The font is all zoomed in now so it makes it difficult. Please help!
  • Apple Watch 5/5

    By DavidWayneCarpenter
    Everything about this app is amazing. I love it. It’s almost flawless for me but an Apple Watch supported version would make it complete! Please consider making that a possibility
  • Screwed up all of my Reminders lists 😤 1/5

    By kmjansenNCSU
    Great app except don’t sync with Reminders because it will insert due dates, re-order lists, delete reminders, and all of this odd behavior continues to be triggered by interacting with said Reminders, even after deleting the app. I had to recreate every single Reminders list I had after installing this app which would not seem like a big deal except for that I have an illness which leaves me neurologically impaired much of the time, take many medications which are organized into various Reminders lists, and have them synced with my family’s Reminders apps so they can keep tabs on the life sustaining medications I can’t afford to miss but often forget to take. Trying to get better organized with ended up costing me about 18 hours worth of work re-creating all of those lists as I am slow and cannot afford to mis-input any information. Please add a warning ⚠️ that your app will alter one’s Reminders lists in ways other than keeping them in sync with Otherwise, seems like a good app that would be useful if not for this Reminders quirk.
  • Great app but missing some stuff 5/5

    By reviewed in detail
    It’s 5 stars for how easy it is to use and yet how satisfying and helpful however it’s missing something unless I just cant find it. It’s the only thing keeping it from being perfect and its the fact that your lists while they technically are “checklists” I feel much more accomplished when I have it set to have a checkmark beside it rather than a line scratching through the tasks. There are many apps out there that let you switch between swiping out a task or having a checkmark beside it and its a small gripe but when I’m a subscribed member this is something that bothers me as it’s show on the app display pictures but isnt in app.
  • Makes me VERY PRODUCTIVE 5/5

    By Lolz
    Adding this app to my daily routine has helped me stay very organized with my business personal life and even my shopping list. The best part about this app is that I can share a lot of these features with my family members to allow them to also be able to take advantage of this amazing to do list application. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their life and become on top of everything that you need organized.
  • Pretty good app! No Apple Watch Support? 3/5

    By Briandea42
    Definitely one of the better to-do apps on the market. I have no interest in having my lists turned into some sort of a calendar, so that feature is pretty useless (yet prominent). A very useful feature that seems to be the only reminder app without is an Apple Watch integration. Please focus less on turning this notepad into a calendar and more on making those tasks accessible on a smart watch!
  • I could successfully delete this app free of subscription! 1/5

    By AR9516
    1- If you want to choose different colors for tasks in the calendar, you should have to pay a lifetime monthly subscription! 2- The app imported all my tasks in reminder app and put them all in Today's category. And I had to delete more than 100 unwanted ones by sliding one by one as done tasks. No way to select and delete them together were found. 3- I don't know why app developers follow the fashioned way of asking for such subscriptions instead of selling them (when you can purchase a software/app there's no logical need for lifetime payment without any continuous particular service. Same as shopping a Microsoft Office software and use it forever). 4- With such circumstances I should appreciate it for letting me feel free to delete this app less than 10 minutes after installation and without having to pay subscription.
  • Couldn’t get past the main screen 1/5

    By Mhardy4444
    The main page that shows all your task lists uses huge tiles. One for each list. I have dozens of lists and sub lists making that interface unusable.
  • OmniFocus Switcher 5/5

    By Lamont23434
    I’ve been an OmniFocus users for years but they aren’t keeping up with modern trends. My main reason for switching was the Amazon Alexa integration, but I do find the user interface refreshing and easy to use. The fact that also interfaces with Apples will encourage me to give Siri another try. It’s great being able to integrate my GTD inputs into one app!👍🏽
  • Folders! 3/5

    By mullmuse
    Adding folders for lists would be REALLY EXCITING! I am hopeful that it’s already in the works. If not, then you’re welcome. To-do list & Calendar app comments


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