AOL: News, Email, Weather & Video

AOL: News, Email, Weather & Video

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  • Current Version: 4.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: AOL Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AOL: News, Email, Weather & Video App

Stay informed, entertained and in touch with AOL, an Apple “Top Free News” app. Get today’s headlines, fast-loading AOL Mail and trending videos right from your phone with the AOL app. Receive breaking news alerts instantly even before opening the app and never miss the urgent notifications you need throughout your day. Whatever you enjoy reading, the AOL app has you covered: News, Entertainment, Finance, Lifestyle, Sports and Weather. Plus, check your AOL email, send messages, receive real-time email alerts, manage your inbox and access all your AOL and phone contacts. AOL News - Today’s trending headlines, news, entertainment, finance, lifestyle, sports and weather - all in the AOL app - Read news and stories from popular sites like TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Engadget, Daily Finance and AOL Sports - Get instant push notifications for breaking news stories AOL Mail - Fast-loading email with tools that save you time - Manage your AOL Mail from anywhere - Access all of your AOL and phone contacts easily, in one place - Swipe to delete, move, mark or flag emails - Tap just once to empty all trash and spam AOL Video - Enjoy informative or LOL video clips that interest you the most - Find the top news stories, hottest entertainment buzz, and even funny pet videos Social & Weather - Social sharing: send articles and videos via Facebook, Twitter and email - Check weather in your location with a tap Manage Ad Choices:

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AOL: News, Email, Weather & Video app reviews

  • Garbage! 1/5

    By okyougo
    Simply put, it doesn't work!
  • Worst App 1/5

    By TMZ3
    This is the slowest email app I have ever used! I'm sorry Verizon does email.
  • Content Complaint 1/5

    By Vtrocker48
    This complaint concerns AOLs content on both this app and your online web site I read the stories but I am always shocked when I come across a story about animal abuse and other sad animal stories. I tend to avoid scrolling through your stories in case I come across some of these stories. It can ruin my night. There is no place for these stories mixed in with other news and entertainment stories. I have no actual complaint with this app. Tks
  • New app 5/5

    By tnormz
    Very happy with this app. Like it better than the previous app thru Verizon/iPhone. I have had the same email thru aol since the beginning of the internet so there was no change there!
  • AOL/Aim app 5/5

    By #DIVAC2
  • Good For Now 4/5

    By Drea667
    I just downloaded this app and I like so far. Five Stars Update: After using this app for weeks,I Honestly love it!! Keep it up!!
  • All read 1/5

    By L.A.Rankin
    No way to mark all read. Stupid. Conversion from Verizon was a Charlie Foxtrot. So happy to kiss Verizon good bye, but thus far, AOL is worse. I belonged to AOL in the 1990's, now I'm back.
  • Adds are a rejection for trust in compliances 3/5

    By a jerome
    Being free is a five offer. But the advertisements keep coming even though every option has been clicked NO? a deception of trust sold as an Add free Free email service. Selecting NO adds has a glitch subject to change without notice and sending adds anyway, is a Russian Contract. I'll be opting out soon enough involuntarily as I wish it was true ....that the service was add free. I might have even upgraded to premium if the free version was as it was sold as add free. Thanks for the trial and hope for the day that the truth of services is exactly what it means....add free. Arnold G.
  • AOL APP 5/5

    By fmcgvo
    Works great so far. Aol is back. I have missed you.have now been using AOL APP for months with no problems at all. Yes great app. All you need in one easy to work app.
  • Great app 4/5

    By I'm a new iPhone user
    I was very concerned about what to do when Verizon stopped their email provision but the transition was seamless and I got to keep my email address. More importantly I'm impressed with AOL's clear visual display and a spam feature that is pretty robust. All I have to do is go to the spam folder and hit only one button to make it all go away. In fact have stopped using apple's email feature to get my mail, which has cleared up a lot of space on my phone.
  • AOL mail server 5/5

    By Sdarco
    We the recent acquisition of Verizon mail to AOL , I was cautiously optimistic. I can say the transfer and access of my Verizon account to AOL was Easy and thorough. With the AOL app it makes getting emails quick and simple, no more multiple passwords. Nice work AOL
  • AOL App - Enjoying the Newsfeed 5/5

    By Awesome615
    Aol's newsfeed covers the most important subjects and stories of the day, everyday. I love the fact that the app makes everything easily accessible including the mail and settings.
  • Good job 5/5

    By atutuben
    I love this app
  • .png images do not open in APL app. 3/5

    By Mr. Goldbug
    No provision for file or photo attachment. Does not forward embedded or attached file or photo.
  • Review 4/5

    By scrofie
    Very informative. Super organized.
  • Great App!! 4/5

    By Dis nerd
    Everything literally at your fingertips.
  • Change payment method. 1/5

    By Gail C ST
    It's impossible to change payment method on the app. I've looked all over the app and it's ridiculous that this isn't a choice. I give up.
  • Not sure yet 3/5

    By pdeaun
    I was forced to change email Services by Verizon. I wanted to keep my Verizon email address so I chose AOL. I'm having problems transferring my sub accounts over. So far there are too many ads and I feel that 999 a month is too high to pay to get ad free services
  • Very Good Valuable 4/5

    By Jalen da Raven
    Updates you on all news. Im bad about not knowing whats going on outside the sports world but now my phone updates me on the very serious news.
  • Review of App 5/5

    By Sharobo
    This is such a good app! Really enjoyed it.
  • Support scam 1/5

    By RocketTalk#1
    Have had trouble now THREE times with the AOL system NOT letting me open MY paid for service. Now they say I have to pay a ransom of $69 or they won't fix my service. In the meantime I still have to pay the monthly bill because I have a contract. Now if only Ransomware worked for this AT&T Ransom.
  • AOL 4/5

    By Dolzlane
    I like everything except the noise it makes when you get an email. I have to turn the phone off so I don't hear it and I have missed important calls. Is there a way to disable this? I already turned off in settings.
  • Can't attach documents - useless! 1/5

    By Cambo1234567890
    If you ever have to attach anything other than photos, don't go through the trouble of using this mobile app. It is useless without this basic capability.
  • The One I Read 5/5

    By Never Enough...
    Like the human interest stories and world topics. Always say I am too busy to read but then find the time. My internet provider sends "teasers" and I bite, need to get app and skip the additional misc. extra from other news groups.
  • Perfection For AOL Mail Users 5/5

    By Alktat
    I highly recommend this app. Just be sure to not enable the app to use your own contacts if you want to use your AOL online address book.
  • Not AOL happy 1/5

    By Not AOL happy
    Forced to migrate from Verizon to AIL (AIL). AOL app won't recognize my password and the interface is too busy.
  • No sound on videos 2/5

    By KLJ.......
    At first, I thought there was no sound on the videos. I wasted quite a lot of time figuring out how to fix this. Turns out, the default for videos' sound is muted. Every time you want to watch a video, you need to click the right side of screen to turn on volume. Not very user friendly. I am using iPad Air 2. It is the only application that has this issue.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ssizem
    My provider decided it was going to discontinue my email address. I had two choices I can either pick another email provider or go with an AOL app offered through my current provider. I reluctantly chose the AOL app thinking I would hate it. I am very impressed and i absolutely love the app and sorry I didn't have it years ago.
  • Like it! 5/5

    By spc8472
    The way the mail is organized is perfect for me. Fast and simple. Nice job!
  • New AOL App--Satisfaction 4/5

    By Zen4me812
    AOL migrated my old emails very quickly, and efficiently. I also enjoy the ease with which I can read the latest news stories, which are customized to my media interests.
  • My aol 5/5

    By Stacey and Big John
    I really love this app, it gives me all my emails here on my phone so I don't have to long into a desktop to ck mail!!!!
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Zhadas
    Love it. It's helped me a lot
  • AOL app 5/5

    By GMWwife
    I love it. One of the best apps hands down.

    By EugLoz1284
    It is the best app ever!
  • Communication For Dummies 5/5

    By Larry Love 47
    Great news app. It's AOL on the run. Great job in keeping up with the times, AOL.
  • Great 5/5

    By btomago
    The app is very easy to use and has a nice 'clean' feel to it. Everything is easy to find and the news is relevant and up to date. I'm am happy with this app. ⭐️
  • Mister 4/5

    By Phukew2
    Since turned over my email to AOL I was left with little choice. At first I was upset but now I'm glad I was moved. Going through AOL for my Verizon mail has made my life simpler. I like the AOL app.
  • I really think AOL is not secure! 1/5

    By Staci35!
    I continuously get duplicated emails as if my email address has been compromised. Please fix this asap!!!!
  • News app is unusable 1/5

    By Jimpolkat
    When attempting to read a news article. The app is so busy reloading ads that the article will reset itself to the beginning of the article, even if you are half or two thirds through reading. I can't finish an article. Sorry but I loaded the app yesterday and will delete it soon. (I was converted from Verizon. Net).
  • AOL 5/5

    By kathysmartass
    Love it, use it daily. It's my go to email service!
  • AOL 5/5

    By Hakerz
    Had to move out of Verizon.Net due to the closure of Verizon email. Switched to AOL with many options and I like it.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Kvay2k
    I love this app.. keeps me informed.
  • Experience 5/5

    By Writing Maven
    So my friends laugh at me when I give them my email address. "AOL?" they ask. That's so old. You are showing your age." Well, I laugh when their email servers go down, their security is compromised, or they are bogged down with junk. All I think is age discrimination. And when I think that, I know that experience is still the best teacher.
  • Great works 5/5

    By Chendellaw
    Keep it up
  • What Happened? 4/5

    By Sallyshouse
    UPDATE: Please update and fix this app! It is so slooooooowwwww that it take at least three times longer to read my mail than before. Please fix this, I'd hate to go back to gmail over this. I've used the AOL app for years. Now, it is so doggy and slow I'm ready to dump it. It was never like this. I have to sit and wait just to delete or mark an email as unread. I love how easy it is to navigate with app; it is quite user friendly, but if it is not fixed soon to speed up the process, I will be gone. Come on AOL, you can do better than this.
  • The worst app yet. 1/5

    By ricmgre
    This is the worst app I have ever seen. Uses more memory than all the other apps I have, six pages on my iPad mini. Does not have any way to control the news feed. New email jumps to old mail before I can even open it. If AOL can't design a better app than this, they need to get rid of AOL.
  • The real thing 1/5

    By Tell it like I see it
    I am deleting the app first I hate AOL news that always shows the President in a negative light and they also forget that a large portion of AOl users are conservatives. People laugh when I tell them I still have aol account
  • I have been on AOL since 1996 4/5

    By John Meekins
    I have been on AOL since 1996. I like it mostly for email. I used to go in there to see the chat rooms sometimes. It is funny how many of the political types are still there from years ago.
  • Good 4/5

    By heather moon beam
    It's not too bad. It keeps everything connected so when I delete something on a computer it will be deleted on another computer or phone. I like it.
  • I like it 5/5

    By YMom48
    I've had AOL it seems forever. I use it daily for various reasons. Now I can use it from my iPhone. It's easy to be able to access AOL from my iPhone. Very handy!

AOL: News, Email, Weather & Video app comments

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