AOL: News Email Weather Video

AOL: News Email Weather Video

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  • Current Version: 5.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: AOL Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AOL: News Email Weather Video App

Stay informed, entertained and in touch with AOL, an Apple “Top Free News” app. Get today’s headlines, fast-loading AOL Mail and trending videos right from your phone with the AOL app. Receive breaking news alerts instantly even before opening the app and never miss the urgent notifications you need throughout your day. Whatever you enjoy reading, the AOL app has you covered: News, Entertainment, Finance, Lifestyle, Sports and Weather. Plus, check your AOL email, send messages, receive real-time email alerts, manage your inbox and access all your AOL and phone contacts. AOL News - Today’s trending headlines, news, entertainment, finance, lifestyle, sports and weather - all in the AOL app - Read news and stories from popular sites like TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, Engadget, Daily Finance and AOL Sports - Get instant push notifications for breaking news stories AOL Mail - Fast-loading email with tools that save you time - Manage your AOL Mail from anywhere - Access all of your AOL and phone contacts easily, in one place - Swipe to delete, move, mark or flag emails - Tap just once to empty all trash and spam AOL Video - Enjoy informative or LOL video clips that interest you the most - Find the top news stories, hottest entertainment buzz, and even funny pet videos Social & Weather - Social sharing: send articles and videos via Facebook, Twitter and email - Check weather in your location with a tap Manage Ad Choices:


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AOL: News Email Weather Video app reviews

  • New Update 2/5

    By Erle2bed
    2/18/2018 The most recent update to this app makes it impossible to click several emails and send them to one particular folder. Each one has to be opened one at a time, and then sent to folder, forcing us to flip through folders too many times over and over. Can you make the next update so there is a “Send To” button on the email page with clickable boxes like you do the “Spam?” Thank you.
  • Mail on phone keeps crashing 1/5

    By SuperdudeMaster2006
    It’s very aggravating to type a message and almost finish when the app crashes and closes itself. It doesn’t even save it in drafts and then I have to retype it again. It does this to me everyday. Please fix it. It’s been doing it for about 2 weeks EVERYDAY at least once and sometimes twice.

  • Not great! 1/5

    By Meisha48
    Having issues logging in! It should of stayed to where you don’t have to keep logging in. I am pretty sure I am entering my password right still can’t get on.
  • App unusable after latest update 1/5

    By Pufi
    I can no longer sign in to the mail after the latest update. It says that there is a problem but it can not fix it. App is useless now. Please fix your app!
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By C440
    So my aol app updated. Now I can't logoff as there is no longer an option in the settings to sign out. I'm not happy AOL!
  • Disappointing! 1/5

    By Garlic Freaky
    Not working with iPad 2 after updates! Frustrating!
  • Small screen 1/5

    By marineshark
    Your latest update has shrunk the screen fix the goddamn thing you morons
  • Alisa 3/5

    By GreenEydgirL9
    All of a sudden I can't get into some bug wants me to remove my email I have had for 20 yrs stating expiration errors
  • Problem fixed!!! 4/5

    By Tdogusa76
    •Update: Problem stated below was fixed in the latest update! Thank you!!! -------- I just updated the AOL app and it says my "login has expired and that I must login again." When I go to login it says "unable to turn on account." This is weird and has never happened before. Need help please!
  • No Way to delete Contacts or edit my method of payment 1/5

    By readimportant23
    Aol been around forever and I paid 7.99 forever just to keep my Folders with 20 plus years of records. Now I cannot use the download version on Windows 7 because it take control of my Router and Mcafee Security screws up. Since i use my ipad all the time, I cannot delete old contacts or the auto add feature or even change my method of payment without turning on Windows computer.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By garden!?'
    I cannot find where to even send an email. Not user friendly.
  • New changes are not good 2/5

    By Alma W
    The recent update automatically sends messages to old mail. I prefer the way the app worked before this update. The least you could do is offer a setting to allow a selection of how we want to handle mail when reading it.
  • I don’t know what to do!! 1/5

    By Earl1204
    I keep trying to switch accounts within the app and it shuts down every time.. This is very inconvenient
  • AOL update 5/5

    By W.412
    The AOL App update version 5.2.1 made the AOL mail unusual able on the iPad 2 because the app will not use the AOL account when you try to load it for mail. Updated version 5.2.2 dated February 14, 2018, fixed the problem on the iPad 2. Now it works as all ways
  • Great 4/5

    By Luiemartins
    Love this app, blessed aol
  • Last update is messed up 2/5

    By HondoGJ
    Changing things since last review when I said - The app works just fine. Just hoping beyond hope that Verizon doesn't destroy it as they have started to do with Since most recent update, can't sign into my mail. So it begins.
  • App now keeps crashing!! 1/5

    By Iluv2lips
    Just did the latest app update. When I’m reading an email or responding to an email or have opened a link from an email, the app crashes. Does stay open very long before it crashes. Very frustrating!! Please fix!!
  • Email login error after latest update 3/5

    By Chip in Clt
    This worked well until the latest email. I continually get an email log in error which can not get corrected. Guess I will obtain emails fromAOL via web from now on. Update: my original note should have read "....worked well until the latest upgrade". I have deleted and reinstalled the app. Issue appears resolved. This user does not appreciate having to perform such tasks due to an upgrade. I will increase my rating due to prompt response from developer.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Snoopy Come Home
    Why can't I send files? I am so annoyed by the lack of that feature. You force us to use this app only to not offer the full features you offered before. Also, for some reason my mailbox always shows 2 extra new emails that I can't seem to find anywhere. Beyond annoyed. 😤
  • Terrible Software Update 1/5

    By cis sal
    Please let me know how I can remove this current software to go back to the previous one? It must of updated on its own and I hate it. It's set up to waste my time. After reading an email, it's bring me all the way up to my newest which is highly annoying. I'm left displaced and then trying to scroll down.
  • FIXED - After this update it's completely broken 4/5

    By DRLx2/2
    Like they suggested, delete your email and add it back. Everything is working again. Updated 2-12-18 HELP! I updated tonight (2-11-18) and now it's broken. I get an error message saying something about refreshing my password I think, when I try to turn the switch to on, it repeats the same thing. Sooooo, I am unable to use the app for AOL email. Using an iPad4.
  • Bam12 1/5

    By Bam1228
    Says password has expired Fix it won't work. Even pops up while looking at articles. This is I believe the second time it has happened to me after an update
  • Wrong design for mail 1/5

    By Jimbax67
    The last version wasn’t the best, but all necessary buttons are on display and easy to find. Also mails that are read disappear on the list when read. Have to jump to the old mail box to set it as unread again if you need to hold it. Before an easy click did that. Hope it gets fixed better. Just bring the unread to the visual selection and retain the read mail in the new mail view until the app is closed. REF: Developer response. I see no changes to the app at this time. Open mails now seem to jump to the SPAM folder when closed. Totally wish we can backload.
  • Last AOL version 1/5

    By Al8807
    Does not allow you to sign out. All the previous versions allowed you to sign out. I hope this will be corrected soon.
  • Aol app 1/5

    By Squirrelgood
    No longer have a sign out for email. Don't like email already open when you go into the app. Don't like this version.
  • Latest release will not recognize my existing email 1/5

    By Etball01
    When I try to read existing email, I now get a message saying my account have expired. When I press the "fix" says "something went wrong pleas try again later. It has been two days. Hard to believe a major company would allow this failure to be sent out. Please do not do this if you do not work on weekends, which you apparently do not.
  • Criminals 1/5

    By KeepLiving
    Criminals who enjoy hacking and doing all kinds of wrongs and if U check with the BBB U will see they don’t follow the laws.
  • Verizon email addresses don't work well with iPhone 2/5

    By Anonymous4587
    Still can't send mail from my iPhone, iPad and PC work so I know I have the correct settings. The search feature is useless.
  • May delete 1/5

    By Jt the princess
    This app was fine til the update came along. I only use the app for email & nothing more. I have people I know in my contacts but have others that I didn't add. I would give this a 5 star rating but that's not gonna happen. I can't even access my email. Every time I try to use it I get oops sorry you're email session has expired. I try to open it & it says something went wrong try again later. If you can't get off you're Arse & get this FIXED I'm deleting this app
  • Sign Out??? 1/5

    By emarducks
    I really don’t like that it is not possible to “sign out” of the account.
  • New Update is Crippled 1/5

    By That Honda Kid
    Updated and now it won't let me log in, says something went wrong.
  • Foreclosing often 3/5

    By SoCalGal79
    I keep trying to write an important email to someone and the app forecloses every time I’m a ways into it. There have been a couple updates recently but nothing updated fixed the problem.
  • TMI 1/5

    By jjfromthebeach
    All I want is access to email. The rest of the clutter just uses up memory with a blatant liberal bias. No bells and whistles would suit me just fine.
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By N_8dog
    Too slow. Too many useless time consuming graphical transitions. Opens up to inbox instead of folder view. Obnoxiously long delete confirmation graphic. Etc...
  • Bad got worse 1/5

    By letmeleavereview
    AOL app has always been the worst app I deal with then they go and make changes in the latest update and it's even worse!!! Delays in loading and receiving and now totally not user friendly!
  • Just No 1/5

    By Caitlyn70
    Between only being able to see half of my screen, seeing the same spam senders show up over and over again, and now I cannot get anything to load? Complete waste of time and effort. Definitely uninstalling this app, and will just have to wait for the online website to get back up and running again. Holy horrible. After using AOL for 15+ years, you would think they would have it pulled together better than this.
  • Don’t like the latest update 2/5

    By MsReta
    With this new update, sometimes I am unable to delete or move an email to a different folder. Those options don’t show up.
  • Why does mail take so long? 2/5

    By gutsylass
    Ever since the last update, this app now defaults to all the news feeds and then takes forever to load the email signin. C’mon, we pay for the service so cut back on the ads and let us get our email!
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By gaylemae
    Can’t quickly delete on iPhone the spam! It’s overwhelming.
  • Marked Spam is never put in my Spam folder... 3/5

    By Ol' Mac II Dude
    ...or if it is, why do I keep repeatedly getting Spam from the same sender? I’ve been an AOL member for 31 years, and if I really don’t want to keep getting Spam from the same sender, I’ve got to go to the AOL website, find the page to block Spam, and physically type in the address of the Spam sender! Why is this so difficult, AOL? What good is it if a user marks an email as Spam if it’s never going to be handled as Spam? This is the most annoying thing no matter which means I have with accessing my email. Otherwise, I like the App. Especially when I want to read an email in full screen where the text size is increases accordingly.
  • AOL mail 1/5

    By Lizard1950
    I personally can’t stand it! I really liked the old setup much better. New is not always better.
  • Latest Update is Crap! 1/5

    By Lovnrock
    The latest update is a total departure from a fully functioning app! Grey type over white background makes it difficult to read emails. The boxes preceding the message is distracting and unwanted. Type size won’t allow a large enough size to make reading easier. Little control over configuration. I don’t care for the latest update at all!!!!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Amanda in Alabama
    Why did they change what wasn’t broken. It’s harder to read and use everything. This was a bad surprise after a 12 hour work day. Wish I could move my email address to another provider. Plus they make you pay for the desktop version wish is full of ads and moves at a snail’s pace.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Pktb1972
    Not happy with the update. Now you can’t delete an email while it is open. You have to go back to the inbox and delete it from there.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Travel Savant
    This app is totally unreliable. Last check-in you show I have several hundred new messages. (True) Then there are NONE shown. And you tell me “you have zero messages” (WRONG). No amount of fiddling, tapping & reloading works. Purely 3rd rate!
  • Crappy new update 1/5

    By Peydiddy1
    The new update is awful. Hard to find opened emails. Look is awful. Need to go back to the old way. Disappointed
  • New Format Stinks 2/5

    By Nayzie
    I hate the new update for this app as far as the mail. Terrible!
  • Mail automatically goes to Old Mail 2/5

    By Ja in Wa
    The latest version that automatically pushes an email to Old Mail after it is View is horrible. It used at least stay in your Inbox until it was refreshed, now you have to remember to do so before you close the message or all kinds of extra steps to get it back in New Mail.
  • They ruined it 1/5

    By Mtlcwbp
    As of the last update it’s unusable. I can no longer screen mail in my phone at work because once I open it it automatically moves it to old mail. Now instead of just swiping and marking keep new, I have it exit out of new mail, go to old mail, find the email, swipe and find the appropriate app, open that and mark as move to new mail, exit out of old mail, go back to new mail and then I just quit because it’s not worth it. After over 20 years with aol I am now looking for new email etc because it’s not just in the phone. It’s also all the horrible changes with the new AOL gold.

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