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Stay informed with breaking local, national and global headlines directly from the world’s definitive source for news. Available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, AP News by The Associated Press features a personalized experience containing: * A feed with developing stories from your followed topics. * Customized news alerts tailored to your interests. * Curated content hubs for deeper insights into major news events and story lines. * Award-winning photos, videos and articles from around the world. * Local-interest stories from newspapers and broadcasters.


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  • Slowwww 1/5

    By alindco
    This new version takes forever to load. Glad I saved the older version
  • Crash and Burned 1/5

    By drdonjr
    The new AP News program is awful. Terrible visual layout. Hard to get desired information. Difficult to read. Back to the drawing board with that one. The old version was easy to navigate and read.
  • Step backward 1/5

    By Loki00001
    This app is a POS compared to what it replaced. The layout is messy and a GIANT step backwards from the nice streamlined app it replaces. AP was my go to news source because of the old app. Now its just as bad as its competitors. I would also like to know why I suddenly have to enable GPS to get my local news. The old app allowed me to set my home area by zip code but if I dont allow the new AP News to snoop on my exact location like a creepy stalker.... no local news for me! Stalkers are creepy AP. Dont be creepy
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Awesome d00d
    This version is so much worse than the AP Mobile one. Hell, I can't even open the app most of the time because it just crashes. Guess it's time to find a better news app.
  • Worse 2/5

    By Brucemcdou
    The previous AP app was ok but not great. It had functionality to customize the order of the news topics and eliminate those you didn't want. Occasionally AP would scramble the order or insert an unwanted subject so you'd have to go through the process again. Now, frustratingly, they appear to offer the ability to customize what they call "My News" but it doesn't actually work. Articles are shown in a single continuous string, not by separate topic and not in the order you requested. Why offer customization if you don't actually do what the customer requests? Also, AP is another news app that is expanding the number and size of photos at the expense of print. I want the news not a picture of the news. Again, their phony "customization " offers a radio button to minimize photos but it doesn't make much difference. Just frustrating. I appreciate that AP is one of the few remaining legitimate news sources that doesn't charge for access. Perhaps if they offered a "premium" service that actually allowed you to customize the layout and topic order I would pay for that. But this update is a step backwards.
  • Great news app 5/5

    By DaSparks
    Impartial news well put together. A+
  • Good app 5/5

    By moaber
    So far so good
  • Great, timely and thorough coverage 5/5

    By ElyceSF
    My main source for news - even though I read 6 other websites and watch he news daily. Informative, appears to be well researched and informative.
  • Good source w/o the mess of opinions 5/5

    By Wave1998
    This is a nice alternative to some of the other news apps that have a lot of editorial. Straightforward, thoughtful, fact based reporting. Notifications are not as plentiful as other sources and I think that is a plus, too.
  • Will not open 1/5

    By Gundo guy
    The app keeps crashing and will not open. It is impossible to rate this new version of one of my favorite apps.
  • New app is bad 1/5

    By Ninjor**
    They have essentially changed it to allow more ads to make more money. The new system is slower, locks up, more difficult to navigate, and is far from an upgrade in my opinion. To bad they are cutting support to old ap app. A real shame.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By Gameboy1589
    The app stopped working as soon as I downloaded this latest update.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Twa020558
    It's different but I'll get used to it. Great coverage and still my go to app for news every day.
  • Won't open 1/5

    By BareFootTrucker
    Would love to write a review, but it won't open so I have no idea if it's good or not.
  • New App is a stunning failure 1/5

    By Michaeld8
    The new app is utter garbage. Another example of companies changing for no apparent reason whatsoever. People tend to dislike change to begin with, but when the change is a significant step backwards, they go from dislike to hatred. The new app is poorly designed and even worse it's more difficult to search and manage. The menu button in the upper right is minuscule, even on my iPhone 7 plus. Before you could easily see the squares with the top news, sports, US, etc. now it's on a tiny size 1 font that one can barely decipher. The back screen used to be black with white print which I found extremely easy to read. The new one is white with black print and I find it to be more difficult to read, harder on the eyes, and most certainly less appealing to look at. I can only imagine how dreadful it will be to read laying in bed before sleeping or when first waking up. There are settings in the new app but there is not currently an option to make the background light or dark as in the old app. The ads are now more prominent and overwhelming as well. No one wants to see pop up downy or Walmart ads. Note to advertisers, I will avoid your products like the plague if you advertise here with ads that pop up. The app is also much slower to load, probably because of unneeded oversized photos no one looks at on mobile devices. Again, more settings to adjust if you can actually figure out how to use them and even read them to begin with. The defaults are shockingly bad. AP needs to recognize they had a good thing and to just let it be. One could likely find a middle school class to code and design a better app than this developer has come up with. As of writing this review, relative to the prior app, the new app is a stunningly failure on every single measurable level. If it remains I will be deleting once the old app is permanently phased out. MD
  • Dislike the new app 1/5

    By xboom
    I much prefer the old app. The layout with tiles is much easier to use and navigate. The compact layout is much easier to navigate as well. Please go back to the old app and don't force the new one on us.
  • Light Background? 2/5

    By TekuGai
    Where's the dark background option? The old app still wins in terms of function of design. Can't we at least get an explanation why the option is omitted?
  • Works fine, but ... 3/5

    By Zhandarq
    ... the new light teal color, combined with some other layout decisions, gives a feeling of "news lite," as if one is going to get a capsule version of current events because they are simply *rushing* to give us the tea on how best we can incorporate the new color palette into all our drapes, outfits and accessories, and table accents. The gravitas that I have come to expect from the AP is still there, but it's hiding behind those damnable, unending teal-tinted roses in their execrable decorative planters. For God's sake, bring back the hallmark gravitas and dignity of the AP. Now is most *certainly* the time for substance over style.
  • Objective and infirmative 5/5

    By JazziG
    I'm thrilled to have somewhere to go that is objective, factual and informative.
  • New app blows 1/5

    By Old AP app FTW
    The old version of the app is plenty times better than the current version. The current version may have more categories, but what's the use if they are not organized properly. The user interface is cluttered, confusing, and makes reading desired news a chore.
  • Nothing Better Than AP 5/5

    By J_lhuillier
    I wouldn't go anywhere else to get my news as quickly as possible
  • Great update 5/5

    By Dome e cile
    This app is a great step forward for a news agency Americans have come to rely upon even more in our tumultuous and trying times of fake news and slanted, biased news coverage.
  • Keep Freezing & Unable to open news! 1/5

    By AAixinjueluo
    Love the news but it just keep freezing and unable to open article to read, stuck there! This is not the first time since I downloaded it's more than 10 times already, every time I closed it and reopen the app, I spend quite a lot of time finding that stuck news I can't open to see! I am deleting this app! Drives me crazy!
  • Nothing compares for breaking news 5/5

    By marshmallow wig #2
    I'm glad I finally downloaded this. Nothing else like it for breaking news -- especially when you turn on your notifications and add the widget.
  • Awful -original is much better 1/5

    By Wx239wwsty
    Too bad they will be doing away with a MUCH friendlier app than this replacement. The new app does not present the stories as well organized as the previous app. It's like someone said: "Gee, it's time to update the app"- and totally blew it. Where I expect a written story, I get videos. Where is the news? Lots of junk. There is no way to have white letters on a black background so that you can read the news easier at night. This is a complete dud. I thought it was a joke, but I keep getting messages that the old mobile app will be going away soon. Did anyone even beta test this with a broad spectrum of people? Seems like the techies/marketing people got together and decided "Gee, people don't really want to read the news in an efficient way; guess we will dream up how they want to read/view the news without consulting them." I have a LOT of respect for the AP reporters; apparently the developers of this app do not. Nor do they have respect for AP News readers. Disgusting. I will NOT be using such an unfriendly app. If I could give zero stars, that's what it would get. As they say:"If it ain't broke, don't 'fix' it."
  • An essential 5/5

    By Spectral Nerd
    As a news junkie,I really appreciate that this news service of record keeps me up to date 24/7. The articles are succinct, well written, unbiased and accurate. With the alerts, you won't miss anything.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By pixiepunum
    Why did I delete the old for the new? I am viewing in landscape mode, which is impossible to read, as there are words missing from every line. Not to mention the fact that there are no headings (world news, local news, entertainment, etc). I am deleting.
  • Good way to get news snapshots 4/5

    By Reads slot
    A bit left leaning but mercifully brief
  • Always Crashes 2/5

    By MLKMQ
    Love the content BUT crashes ALL of the time
  • Instant crash 1/5

    By MJ1893
    when opening the app... worked before... I'm on iOS 10.3.3
  • Terrible "update" over ap mobile 1/5

    By Kritikal Critic
    Used to load straight into category view. Now have to click an icon to view categories. How is AP deciding what loads first rather than clear category view up front an "update". I'll keep using mobile till it sunsets then switch to Reuters which is sad.
  • AP News keeps me updated ! 5/5

    By msainz214
    Keep it up ❤️
  • Crashes on opening 1/5

    By JilianLikeyTimehop
    Love the push notifications but not interested in app only for that! Never can open app!
  • AP ruined the News!! 1/5

    By Wyoming Goldprospector
    This is new agency is worse than CNN and I'm being bias. Photos take up more than the actual news article in the layout. The "My News" is junk which I don't care for it & then The news sections is gone unlike the mobile version where I only want to see top news, us news, & oddities. Who cares about entertainment, lifestyles or sports, that's not news. With this app you have to scroll down forever to even find a funny article or something that's really important. Not with this new version. The night mode is gone too, I like being able to view in night mode 24hrs a day, it makes it easier on my eyes. The ads are extremely aggressive, if I wanted to see ads I'd turn on the tv and watch the 6 o'clock news. It's not customizable like the AP Mobile and it crashes constantly. Currently using iOS 10.1.1 Unlike the AP Mobile app which now seems to be not updating anymore news articles was much better than this piece of junk app. AP Mobile was my only news source to get the news & fact checks. I deleted this app because it's time to go back to the 1800's to fetch a newspaper, oh wait I can't do that because of news agency like you & social media have ruined it. I've had AP Mobile from day one and now that it's gone you lost another user, thanks for nothing AP!!
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Dodger Fan79
    Worst source of news you can get. Way to politically slanted. Do not trust any article you read on this app! Double verify the source first. That is more than AP does before they post info.
  • The AP News app works great! 5/5

    By Evbv415
    The most recent version of the app works seamlessly with my iPhone. It loads quickly, scrolls cleanly and I really like the '1 minute news' feature. I couldn't ask for more!
  • Start the day off with AP news ... 5/5

    By Neidermayer
    Great app. Well laid out.
  • A keeper 5/5

    By trolleydodger1
    Great news app. Easy to customize to your own interests. Updated frequently. Thanks
  • Easy so see stories and easy to navigate 5/5

    By suzanna d.
    I love this app. I prefer this format over some apps that just show you a picture without much information included in the story. It helps me determine what I want to read quickly.
  • Real news, minimal fluff. 5/5

    By Eno Valley Boy
    Real news, minimal fluff.
  • Not Functioning 4/5

    By SmartieMark
    I enjoy the AP News app. However, the latest release of the app does not open. The opening screen shows for a second and drops. Not an issue with my device.
  • Great app 5/5

    By ErnieZimm
    Nice improvements
  • Bye 1/5

    By jswlawyer
    For a long time, the AP app was my go-to for news. No more with this "update." Pure garbage.
  • Not a better app 1/5

    By racerchic33
    Of course lost prior prefs because it's a new app, within 1 minute I was transported back to thr 1990s with a BLINKING install button for Yelp app - sigh... ads are one thing, visual distractions like that are not forgivable. Delete...
  • Review of AP app. 5/5

    By jaclds43
    I have great respect for cutting AP world and local news.
  • Crashes since update 2/5

    By Tom568
    Takes too long to load and crashes with regularity if you scroll to quickly.
  • Can't open app at all 1/5

    By Tucci Fam
    App won't open at all.
  • Like it a lot 5/5

    By KMBphoto
  • Great news Great App! 5/5

    By chezrolland
    Get it and fight fake news.
  • Animated ads are very annoying 1/5

    By Dapertutto
    The new app is fine but they now have animated ads that overlay graphics over the articles while you're reading them. This is very annoying and distracting, and frankly insulting to their journalism and their readers.

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