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Apple Support App

Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple. Find answers with articles tailored to your products and questions. Call, chat or email with an expert right away, or schedule a callback when it’s convenient. Get a repair at an Apple Store or a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support is here to help. Note that certain features are available only in select countries.


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  • Wrong Phone Number on Account 4/5

    By GreenIydMonsta
    I’ve been trying to figure out how my Home phone number got attached to my account in the Apple Support App. It’s not attached to my Apple ID or personal contact information in any way and there is no way to change the number on the account details page. Double checked my Apple IF account page and my iCloud information and the number is not listed. Really would like the option to edit this as I have contacted support a few times and forgot to change the number and wondered why I hadn’t received a phone call, only to figure out the wrong number was being dialed. Other than that the app is great.
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By xxmaddog
    Apple support is pretty bogus. In the end apple support is terrible if you have a real problem.
  • No search capability 1/5

    By Rockooobaby
    I’ve tried several times to get help using Apple Wallet on this app. You can’t search for anything. You just get a long list of articles. App belongs in 19th century.
  • Verizon iPhone users Abdallah & Najah Odeh 1/5

    By Al Odeh
    My wife and I buy coins to play games but we never get credit , sorry but we can’t waste our money for nothing please try to help us solving this problem, we do appreciate your help .
  • Glitches 2/5

    By Caliboy805
    I can’t really use the chat option. Sometimes the app would lag, the text box would disappear and disconnect from the Apple representative where they’re able to message me but I’m unable to message them. The chat is pretty much useless!
  • Update ruined everything 3/5

    By fairies68
    iOS 11 has ruined all my devices. Everything crashes, has glitches, Bluetooth turns on by itself, texting problems. This is the worst update I have ever seen. There have been several updates since 11 and it still has problems.
  • How about IPhone 5C 1/5

    By Davidglock444
    Is there a possible way to upgrade IPhone 5C? Thanks
  • Worthless 1/5

    By 2MigoandMe
    I downloaded this app to try to schedule a store appointment and after 10 minutes of following all their inane prompts got a screen saying "no support at this time". Absolutely useless, even worse because it wasted my time.
  • App bug 1/5

    By Murraymor
    The Apple Support App updates won't recognize when 10.3.3 is already installed and wants to down-grade the app install.
  • Won't Update 2/5

    By CA flyer
    Interesting app, but on my iPhone 5, stuck with iOS 10.3.3 forever, now, it won't update. Or it does, but quickly wants to do it again. I will problem delete the app to avoid the annoyance.
  • Latest update states won't work on this iPad 4/5

    By Bladehunter
    This app works great. I tried the latest update but it states the app won't work on my iPad 3. What is wrong here.
  • F @ ck You 1/5

    By Ajdi Europe Albania Sarande
  • Simply never have fully assisted me 1/5

    By Ghosty108
    I've used this about 5 times, all 5 times my issue went unfixed. It's easier to just use Google to resolve problems, no wait time either.
  • Nov 3 2017 update 1/5

    By Boyinthepenaltybox
    Updating this App I get an error message: this version requires iOS 10.3.3. App description indicates requires iOS 9 or later. My iPhone 5c is running iOS 10.3 3. Why does this update not work on my phone?
  • Good 5/5

    By Landis the Destroyer
    I suppose it depends on the people whom you chat with that makes the experience either enjoyable or painful. So far, they have been very helpful with me and guided me fixing whatever troubles I have with iOS devices or helping me choose what I like.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By En7erDragon
    Really convenient way to interact with apples customer service. Brand experience should never end with the purchase of a product but how to maintain and service the product too
  • I like 5/5

    By Looney_Mike_1983
    Very responsive. Very helpful
  • So impressed! 5/5

    By Josieknits
    I was able to chat directly with someone who fixed my problem in less than five minutes. He was so nice, knowledgeable and speedy! The chat option is awesome.
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By trey-is-awesome
    They helped me fix things on my phone and responded with the quickness! I love this app
  • Check this out 3/5

    By Mahfuz_Sayam
    Why it doesn't support in iPhone 4S?
  • Incompatible but shows on App Store? 1/5

    By Patddfan
    Apparently, Apple removed support for 5th gen iPod touch devices in this update, but it still wants me to update the app regardless. What gives Apple?
  • I like it 5/5

    By Filter134
  • REVIEW of the APP ITSELF 5/5

    By Have-Used-App
    To review the APP ITSELF (and NOT the person at the other end), I’ve found it to work very well and makes contacting support really easy. As it already knows your devices, there’s none of the usual identification of you and the device before the problem can be addressed. Obviously, depending on your problem, what happens when you’ve connected will vary tremendously! So, ignore the reviews of people that didn’t get what they wanted immediately. The APP ITSELF is GREAT, and is a big help in getting support!
  • Add a cursive keyboard and email 1/5

    By Rebel baby :):(
    Apple really needs to add a cursive keyboard option to everyone's apple product and also post a customer support email somewhere!!!
  • Best app on App Store! 5/5

    By JoeMow123
    This really is the best app on App Store! They helped me out really quick and are always there for me 😭 apple you da best!
  • IOS 11 1/5

    By Pickard1980
    IOS 11 is garbage. Samsung is embarrassing Apple. I’ve had every iPhone now it’s time to ditch this crap. Tim Cook should be fired.
  • A las oficinas Centrales 1/5

    By Land7
    No tienen alguna forma de poder enviar un mensaje de texto o enviar un e Mail
  • Why do you even exist 1/5

    By Kerf jag
    If your goal isn’t Apple support?
  • NOT user friendly 1/5

    By Dandebsof
    Terribly confusing to figure out how to actually make an appt. and they don’t even list the store hours when you get to that point. I also don’t understand the point of having support be separate from the store app. Apparently this happened awhile ago but I had no idea and searched through the store app for awhile trying to figure that out. No reason for this to be separate and no reason it should be so confusing to use.
  • The Decline of Privacy 1/5

    By Happyhorticulturalady
    Congratulations apple you have made the ios 11 set up on an iPhone comparable to setting up an old Windows PC loaded with malware and spyware. The rapid decline of ethnics since Steve died must have him rolling in his grave. I’ve been an apple fan since the 1970’s. Now I am ashamed of all of you for running the company into disgrace. Appalling.
  • Love, Love, Love this App!!!! 5/5

    By Chris&Ty
    I will NEVER think about going to the Genius Bar again if I have issues with ANY of my Apple products! I LOVE that when I log in and set this app up...IT KNOWS ME already!:). ALL my products are listed and even my brand new MacPro I just bought. The techs that help are so, so pleasant and knowledgeable and have so much patience walking me through each step to resolve my tech issues and I LEARN more about my product then I ever would taking it the the Genius Bar. I love that! Trust me, I am the LEAST computer savvy of the average person, but the convenience of this app makes me look like my own IT Genius. I grabbed every device in my house and worked on ALL of them, from downloading & transfer issues, to actual HD issues and each tech was patient, kind and determined to FIX my product issues! Thank You App developers! I am so thrilled about the convenience and additional tech support without having to leave the comfort of my own home!!! By the way, a few shoutouts to my techs who helped me: Sharath, Rachel, Daniel & Jay!!! You all were DaBomb.Com! Thank you all for such great and personable customer service, patience and your kind professionalism!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • the touch screen has a hard time responding to touch it wont swipe up the control center 1/5

    By pfatchix.pina
    The most recent UPDATE has ruined my 7+
  • NBA 2K18 1/5

    By Shondoor
    This game has been effected by the recent update For IPhone and IPad ! iOS 11.0.3 has effected this game to the point where you almost can not play it ! The screen keeps flashing like a strobe light which is very annoying ! I wish you would pass it on to the company , this is an excellent game and it cost me $7.99 ! I feel like I have waisted my money ! Please let them know they to need to update this game ! Thank you I hope this helps and they do something, because I play this all the time now I can’t !
  • IOS 11.0.3 1/5

    By Richard_66
    My IPhone 7 Plus has an issue with email with the 11 update in which it locks up and I have to reboot the phone to read by email.If an email is down loading the mail app won’t open.
  • What happened to my voice messages? 1/5

    By 1bookerdog
    Since the new update 11.2 I don’t have visual voice mail. I depend on this tremendously & having to call to sort through 12 messages that I have saved to get to the new ones Is too time consuming. I have a business to run & this is ridiculous! HELP!!!!
  • Relatively helpful 4/5

    By Seansfruit
    It nice to have the option to live chat, but not all topics have the option to live chat. It would be nice if they did
  • They think you're really dumb and treat you that way 1/5

    By Lexuslsc430
    I had an awful experience The technician did not believe in what I was saying and made me feel like a liar by not listening to anything I said. I was not using short words or being unclear. They have no idea themselves about the issue and need more customer technical support communication training. I hope Apple invests more in the training before they go live. Felt like a huge waste of my time. And I became more frustrated than thankful. PROBABLY WHY IT'S FREE. IF YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IPHONES AND OR IT'S YOUR FIRST APPLE PRODUCT IT'S PROBABLY GREAT.
  • Apple is bad 1/5

    By Tripod07543
    You guys are sneaky with the recent ios11 it’s so bad. We want to be able to shut off hardware on the control center. We don’t want to be TRACKED!!
  • Give me back wifi & bt kill-switch in iOS11! 1/5

    By NotAPPLEcable
    Give me back wifi & bt kill-switch in iOS11! This is a poor UX move! Make it right!
  • Apple Buyer Since 1980 5/5

    By Mr. PBW 2
    The tech support team gives a new experience to the term service! Now I no longer have my desktop used up by by notes and computers Apple’s design since Waz and Steve’s garage day’s has renewed our world tech community with products and service all others are in dreamland wondering “what’s next” The new campus may allow a vision of tomorrow’s journey. Well done team users are bound with product also. Pearl
  • Easier to navigate than the website 5/5

    By JRyanNYC
    Shockingly this App is so much faster to navigate and use than their website, more so due to the fact it can keep you logged in and verify your account by Touch ID! Love this App
  • It’s very great 5/5

    By A little hard for beginners
    It helps you with all the problems you have and it’s really awesome and it doemst take up much storage either
  • Worthless and Time Consuming 1/5

    By Teddybear346
    Honestly, this app is worthless. There isn't any reason to download the app because as soon as you do, they diagnose the smallest problems with "you need to make an appointment with your nearest Apple Store". For me, I'd like to just have them help me solve my problem as it was just an app that wasn't working. But instead, I needed to go to a store for them to help me. Ridiculous. Plus the wait time is forever long. As I said, this app is worthless and not worth the wait.
  • Notify reservation availability 3/5

    By Austin&zyruz
    Wish i could notify myself when my nearest apple store has a reservation available so i dont have to keep checking the app for reservations
  • Totally awesome 5/5

    By Souls of dreams
    I love this so much.first I can’t imagine that, they respond so fast . Behaviour very friendly just like having conversations with my close friend.i really like this support system totally great
  • Apple 5/5

    By She'ssbbsnsnsnsnz
    This app is great thanks guys. You guys are my favorite company…
  • Amazing costumer support 5/5

    By Truevenger
    I had to leave a review because I was in shock of their 10/10 customer support. In 5 minutes I was able to arrange an appointment to repair my phone and get the shipping information to send my Beats to them so that they could repair them. Outstanding app!!
  • Goodbye old apps... 1/5

    By Iblown
    Over 100 apps that I’ve had since the silver back iPhone came out years ago... Cool games, fun movie making apps All gone thanks to 64 bit technology... I guess I’ll have to enjoy the selfie app that is the IPhone X 1300.00 Phone ಠ_ಠ
  • Fraud Support 1/5

    By dwstokes
    Useless support app. This Apple customer service app and process is too cryptic and hard to activate usable actions. Stupid use of technology. Stupid use of a support application. No help at all.
  • Chat not available, no reason given. 1/5

    By weven
    App wants you to sift through endless list for your topic and then make a phone call. Chat listed as an option but then not available. Also there is no option for feedback or bug reports. All I want is my full keyboard back.

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