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Apple Support App

Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple. Find answers with articles tailored to your products and questions. Call, chat or email with an expert right away, or schedule a callback when it’s convenient. Get a repair at an Apple Store or a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support is here to help. Note that certain features are available only in select countries.


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  • Dud On Arrival 1/5

    By GladIdidn'tpay$
    Can’t get answers without paying $$! Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised! Don’t even think of calling—odds are you’ll be shunted to some “3 party” support individual on Mars that starts by asking for money. Just another Useless Helpless Meaningless excuse for App support. I would try Twitter instead. They’re better. C’est la vie.
  • Great service long wait though 5/5

    By Mugen:3
    Service is great but I advise anyone who get a look alike Apple message call Apple right away because there are HACKER,SCAMMERS you name it they got it be careful.
  • Quit your job, hang do not disturb sign and grab snacks. Your wait time is HOURS 1/5

    By clearBluewater18
    Completely over rated products. I’ve been having an issue with Apple Music (seems Apple always has one problem after the next) I have this problem since January. I’ve gone to Apple store where I get a “tech” who knew absolutely no more then I did and blamed the car maker for the problem. I download this app where I spent...oh, I’ll say...50 minutes chatting just for that person to tell me I didn’t have Apple Music that’s why it’s not working and then he/she jumped from that poor excuse to oh well you have share Apple Music and it’s not working because you have to share...(horn sounds) wrong, nope try again. So now he/she will put a ticket in for a tech to call me. Alright, tech calls only to find out he’s not really a tech he works in billing.m, another 15 minutes wasted of me reacting myself from what I just said 50 minutes ago. Now he’s gonna get me over to a tech (hold please) so I hold and I hold and I hold. I look at the time on my phone, I’ve now been holding 30 minutes and that doesn’t include the time I wasted explaining the same problem as I explain prior. Apple is just a name, because they certainly have not proved why I shouldn’t go back to android.
  • Support app doesn’t want to show support status! 1/5

    By Sanjay Panjnani
    I ordered battery replacement since phone is conky. The case is lodged and there is a wait for the part. So far, so bad. Apparently status for any support case can only be found by searching for email updates daily in the the hope that there is progress on the case. I dunno the need for existence of this support app if it cannot provide status on a support case or ideally provide notification pop ups about the same. Guess they are too busy building notification APIs for advertisement companies.
  • Overall good but in store bar code scanner doesn’t work 5/5

    By chaostheory
    Just as the review says, it’s a good substitute for the web app. The only thing that annoyed me was that their scanner for buying things on your own didn’t work. I couldn’t get the new wireless Apple headphones to scan no matter what I tried and yes I know how to scan stuff with my phone; I do it almost every day to keep track of food. I don’t understand how you can get a feature that is no longer new or novel so wrong. I don’t know whether it was the functionality or the UX. Regardless it was a fail. Anyways I must have looked like an idiot in the store since an employee was nice enough to help me check out after a while
  • So hard to make a genius bar appointment 1/5

    By zoomerkind
    This used to be so easy. Pick a day and the time. I've already talked to support and they couldn't help me. Now I'm digging through solutions in this app which I know don't help just hoping I'll get to make an appointment. All I can do is ask for support to call me. Really frustrating.
  • Useless ... so far 1/5

    By gsrobertson1
    So far? ... garbage. Nothing works, can’t or won’t pull up any of my information. This is just taking up data space.
  • So disappointed 1/5

    By Dog of thunder
    Apple will not replace my phone with Apple care nore will my carrier fu”%ck this phone going back to android
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By CyndiB51
    I am seriously disappointed in Apple. I have a perfectly good iPhone 4s and iPad 3, but apparently even though Apple makes their products to last, they choose not to support them, requiring users to replace good, working condition devices by making their apps require IOS 10.0 or above. The older devices cannot upgrade IOS beyond 9.3.5. I can't even get the Apple Store app to shop for a new phone. This Apple Support app requires 10.0 or above. I'm really not happy with how Apple abandons their customers.
  • Doesn't work with older iOS 1/5

    By Fender2000
    The app doesn't work with older versions of iOS, but I don't want to update my iOS because you even admitted that you purposely slow down phones when you upgrade the iOS. There's no reason this app shouldn't be able to work anymore. Terrible.
  • Big Help with Confusing Problem 5/5

    By Haner H
    Just got off the phone with Amanda of Apple Care. She was very helpful and efficient in getting my iPad corrected to recognize my iPhone and not my wife’s for iMessages. Thank you again Amanda.
  • Language issues 2/5

    By YXJLi
    My first language is Chinese, and thus I have my system set to Chinese. However I do live in the states and this app refuses to let me seek help to US reps in English—I have to be forced to switch to either China or Singapore—which makes zero sense. Apple, there are bilingual people in the world.
  • Really 1/5

    By Oscar aka big o
    Really Apple Support app doesn’t work??? How ironic
  • Great app 5/5

    By Robb2269
    Great app. Answered questions easy follow choices. Fixed my MacBook Pro in a few minutes. Very happy!
  • Not loading 1/5

    The screen keeps on loading but won’t load all the way.
  • Apple support... 5/5

    By Jeanniep3
    Excellent customer service. Love the chat feature and 24/7 availability. Apple knows how to take care of their customers to ensure a pleasurable user experience, that’s what keeps me coming back! Thank you!
  • Customer reps are 99% of Indian ethnicity 1/5

    By tbf00
    I would like to talk to a representative of my own nationality because I cannot understand any of the other nationalities (99% Indian) I talk to. All the outsourced jobs are just getting traded for reduced quality of service. I’m actually on the phone right now with one and he is so difficult to understand I had to write this. Also, another point, they are very blunt which makes it hard to tell if they’re getting frustrated.
  • Grrrrrrr 1/5

    By Cedarmom51
    So.. b/c my ipad is ois 10.3.3 the app doesn't work any longer on it... i don't use my phone (iOs 11.2.5) nearly as much as my iPad... This is ridiculous! It's like YOU APPLE are forcing us to buy the newest iPad to get the app support! Rude! For 10 years I've been an Apple Girl! Seriously rethinking this choice... but of course that wouldn't matter to you... because there are so many using your products... I'd give the support app a ZERO STAR if that were possible..... I will try one more time to re install the app to my pad....
  • Unusable app 1/5

    By Cajunborn
    Tried to use it and started a cycle as to when I tried entering my name and password it went to update hit update and back to first page and just cycling thru
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By drSpockwa
    I put in a ticket and it said it would call me but then I got emails saying they couldn’t reach me and it was going to voicemail but I was not on my phone
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By AyyyyyyJayyyyy
    App doesn’t seem to work properly. All I see is a blue spinning wheel when trying to book an Apple care appointment. Well done Apple.
  • No help given 1/5

    By Chat Failure
    Very disappointing experience! They ended my chat while I was in the middle of a multi-step set of directives they had given me. My problem was not solved and I had to start all over.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By VolleyBitches
    Firstly, I had no idea that Apple Support had people working at midnight. Secondly, Lauren, the female who helped me was outstanding and super kind. Lastly, I’m sorry our chat got disconnected! My phone was connected to WiFi and Lauren told me to attempt to update my iOS so I did, then we got disconnected which I feel bloody awful about because I didn’t get to thank her. If Lauren sees this, Emily from February 2nd at midnight says thank you and I can use my Apple Music app again! Woohoo!
  • Hi 1/5

    By $(JackieChan)$
    I only got this so I could write a review. Why did you remove the support code from adcap. Now I have to restart. Can you put it back or something. Bye
  • Apple team 1/5

    By Slapped jack
    I would fire every one of you. This is by far the worst service I have ever encountered
  • Worst thing apple ever created. 1/5

    By Merchon
    I just want an email address so I can send a request for support on an App Store card. You cant get the email and I don’t want to send it through this stupid app because I need to attach images. Complete junk.
  • Apple Support 1/5

    By Free to Roam
    Trying to get an appointment time for Apple Support is a real pain! You won’t take calls! You won’t set up time for calls! You won’t do live chats! Hire more people to support your products and payment inquiries. I need Hallmark Movies Now to cease asking for a check in with my Apple code every time I want to watch a movie. I pay for this yearly so it shouldn’t be an issue!
  • Itunes charge 1/5

    By BigAl19970221
    Ive been trying to check/get a refund for 3 charges i have had from iTunes in the last 14 days on my card i was never alerted about. It’s ridiculous when you cancel a subscription and they end up charging you anyways. I was on hold for the “10 minutes” they said it would take and someone answered in silence for 2 minutes and than herd my own echo (assuming he had me on speaker so he herd me say “hello” a handful of times) than they just hung up on me. Apple really starting to lose my business.
  • Trash! 1/5

    By Rev.Matthew
    This app changed my Apple ID. Not cool apple.
  • Nobody will help 1/5

    By Happy Wfi
    I went to buy a NEW phone from my provider T-Mobile. I was so excited to get a newer, cooler phone w/ all the new features I wasn’t getting from having a phone from 2016. I was told I could get any phone I wanted & Dress be to the T-Mobile store. They only had one model of phone in stock & the reviews on that phone weren’t good..all saying their screens crack & some were even already cracked out of the box. So my only option was to switch to iPhone, the associates all had iPhones but I really didn’t want one & after hours of asking I had you pick something & I said give me whatever is best out of the iPhone(latest models 7/8 Plus etc. & she & they asked I what I use my phone for mostly?..My entire life..I was sure to let them know where I lived & I DO NOT have WiFi, internet or anywhere around. They sold me 1 out of 2 phones they had..latest iPhone & the one that came out this past yr. saying the ONLY DIFFERENCE is pictures. I don’t take pictures much I don’t use social media much but I was excited to start because I’m hoping to feel better soon.(Crohns Disease)I needed a phone that would get the same signal as I’ve always had & I asked every SINGLE Question applying to my circumstances. I ended up w/ an iPhone6s Plus. Cool..ovr $600.. more than triple amount the $ I’ve ever spent on a phone & it’s been the WORST MOST STRESSFUL TIME IN MY LIFE. Obviously I realized within days that iPhones are extremely slow & Apple couldn’t even do diagnostics the several attempts & phone appts I’ve had in the 1st 14 days. Chats in person u name it. All day every day. The very last day I had to return/exchange the phone I had an Apple appt ovr the phone again,but was also on my way to just drive an hour away to an Apple Store I’d found out about from T-Mobile in person & phone. She couldn’t do a diagnostic as well she didn’t know why. I was on a very busy Main Street in a city driving to the Apple store(I pulled over for the phone appt & where I should have full service I had one 1 bar or 2 just like everywhere. So I’ve driven to peoples houses to hook up to my mothers WiFi full strength & it’s so slow & the battery just DRAINS ALWAYS LIKE RIGHT NOW. & I just got this phone from Apple yesterday. He barely paid any attention. Took my phone & brought out the same model phone same wrong color EVERYTHING???!! But now I don’t even have any contacts or any of my apps. APPLE U NEED TO FIX THIS. My mother got a warranty exchange for a different phone or upgrade to a different model. By now obv. I researched EVERYTHING on iPhones & u know & i know all about this iPhone 6 series issue. Every single problem I’m having I’ve told everyone about BEFORE i ever looked anything up & it all makes sense. Question?? If these phones need knew batteries b/c if their shelf life & some r good & some aren’t depending on when they were made etc. Thn why did the associate yest. Just give me the same phone saying my issue was the phone didn’t have a Bluetooth card whatever that is..I haven’t problems w/ B.T a couple times but these other issues r huge in comparison. Now I’m back where I started but w/ everything that took a mo. To get on my new iPhone. It said quick set up $ he pushed set up manually!!! I don’t have WiFi! I can’t..I got a call today same come u never answer? I got a text frm my mom asking about my new phone & why she hasn’t heard back. I guess it was from four hrs prior & nobody can hear me but I can hear them JUST LIKE MY OTHER BRAND NEW PHONE. & my 1 tiny little bar of service. My Samsung J7 had full service everywhere & here at home connected to all my devices & I find out it’s newer?!! Someone please help. Apple set me out weeks for my in person appt. within my 14 days(including 2 holidays of being closed. Ok gotta go my phone is dropping 20%. I haven’t even installed apps yet & keep my screen light low as it goes. I’m gonna end up in the hospital and it’s gonna be on you so I hope u help me. I’ve tried EVERYTHING LIKE I SAID W/ T-Mobile & Apple & I’m right back where I started but worse & a mo wasted. To start allllll over my life is being ruined literally. I don’t blame all of Apple but the associate yest rushing us & giving me whatever phone he picked..? Not ok..I should be picking the phone & the color all of it. I’m done begging & driving all ovr I just did & had to get my mother to take her weekend to go with me an hour away. I’m 34 years old. So I EXPECT a positive resolution. U have my #. The several chats & dozens of calls. Jennifer Hyatt. I really don’t feel like joining all of the lawsuits or getting one on my own. I will, but w/ this disease..or without this is EXHAUSTING Beyond comprehension. I literally get sick physically every day ovr this..& here I am alllll that to be right here the 1st day less than 24 hrs later.
  • Karma 1/5

    By pYrOvV
    What it do?
  • 只對支援最新iOS系統? 1/5

    By al™
  • No more updates. 1/5

    By SiCkBoY66
    I’ve been a apple supporter since iPhone 3. Finding out that you have been sabotaging my devices this whole time doesn’t surprise me. My iPads don’t work. My iPod classic bricked right after an update. And your half assed excuse about you slowing devices down for battery life is laughable. I now find I can’t delete your updates out of my phones storage after you download it without me instigating it. I hope they find more evidence of you bricking more devices. I’ve experienced it personally. I hope the law suit that follows is epic and slaps you down hard.
  • App Won’t DOWNLOAD! 1/5

    By rod.musselman
    Huh... I’ve now got 91 other app “updates”, that similarly can’t/won’t download to my 128GB Apple iPhone 6s, now running iOS v. 11.2.1, with 28.73GB of free space. Multiple support requests have essentially resulted in NOTHING! 1/23/18... I now have 233 apps that won’t update. My Apple account balance is $0! I don’t owe any money. My 128GB Apple iPhone 6s is now running iOS v. 11.2.2. My home Wi-Fi connection continues to be reliable. What’s up? Each uninstalled app update CRIPPLES the related existing app! HELLO?
  • Works as it should 5/5

    By pinkhellokitty
    The app works as it should when you want to talk to an Apple specialist.
  • Old Mac ‘hand’ lost in the new New App World 5/5

    By Scott B in Worthington
    I’ve been using an old MacBook (from 2007) and an iPod Touch 3rd gen forever. I didn’t bother upgrading beyond Snow Leopard as I would have to upgrade most of my apps to the insane “cloud” versions AND since most I had already paid for multiple times over the years-and for one company that totaled the cost of a new car-I decided, nope, I’ll make do. And that worked just fine. For awhile. However, every time I checked out Apple’s site or stopped in the Apple Store (we have 3 or 4), I grew more and more envious. The final straw was when I switched careers and was given a mandated phone. It was an Android device, and while not bad, it wasn’t an Apple. So this past Holiday I treated myself to a new iPad. I figured it had pretty much everything I needed, spec-wise, and I already knew Macs inside and out, so it would be a few minutes and then I would be up and running. I was, sort of. The thing I found the hardest to get used to was the melding of iCloud and the OS. I kept wanting to get to the Finder and see the drive icons. Anyway, thanks to the VERY patient and helpful staff at the other end of this little app, I quickly found my way around. Now things are almost second nature. Ha ha ha, uhh...yeah. I,m getting there.
  • Support is not working in my country 1/5

    By hhvghn
    this app is useless for me, becouse I can’t call to support! Your phone is invalid, it said. It isn’t true, my phone number is ok, it’s your app is invalid. It need to support at least email/chat, not only phone call.
  • file a complaint better business bureau instead 1/5

    By BingeBoy
    This app is horrible. Reps pretend to not know anything after they have been given a case id. I recommend filing a complaint with the better business bureau for issues that around defective or bad business practices. Personally I’ve had better success with this approach.
  • Poor support 1/5

    By Rumar
    Terrible. Reps sound like they are guessing during support chats. Better off using google to solve your problem.
  • Annoying!! 1/5

    By A Real User
    I wanted to make an appointment in my local store. There was no option for what I needed, so I made an appointment for a “cracked screen”. Not sure how that’s going to go over. I love the way Apple streamlines, but it tends to make their systems unusable.
  • Forcing me to update iOS 3/5

    By Jorge Star
    Listen I'm on a iPhone 6s and I don't want to upgrade to iOS 11 just so my phone can become slower and sluggish yet I need to settle a billing dispute and the app won't let me because it says to update iOS. Fix that, I need a refund.
  • It is only alright 4/5

    By nt102982
    Needs more detailed support like solutions from the online forums a simple owners manual is what this is
  • Waist of time!! 1/5

    By Charlei1
    People do try to help, but they take such a long time to respond! I mean 2-3 minuets for me atleast. but they are nice and respectful and very kind I will say. But overall there service is not the best because they take such a long time to respond to you. Maybe it was just because I decided to text them instead of calling?
  • They hang up on me. 1/5

    By Troy Howlett
    I was lost of word. When they can’t fix your problem they simply just hangs up on you. Good luck getting “support”.
  • All iOS 11 Updates Have Many Errors 1/5

    By Maxfun lol
    We used to love Apple Support and iOS updates. But now Apple Support does not respond or care and the performance of iOS 11 updates are bad. Too many errors in email and photo editing. It keeps being stuck. It also keeps choosing “people” album for us endlessly. We keep removing all and then they reset it again and put photos in the album cover. Where is the respect for your consumers’ power of choice?
  • App forces you to update to iOS 11 1/5

    By Natzoo_Reviews
    The Apple support app always made you stay current on software updates but upping the requirement to iOS 11 as a starting point is just unnecessary
  • No Older iOS Support 1/5

    By MarioStar998
    I think it's pretty ridiculous how you need iOS 11 to use this app. Some people don't want to update to the latest OS because sometimes it makes their phone worse, like mine. I'd rather keep my 5s on iOS 10 instead of slow iOS 11. Guess I'll just go on the website for support...
  • Can't use if don't update system 1/5

    By JY99332699
  • As a Crow Flies 3/5

    By grayshortsguy
    Until there’s “Homing Pigeon” option for iPhone repair, I see no value in reporting the distance to repair centers in miles “As a crow flies”.
  • Beware of non Apple repairs. 2/5

    By Dwc76
    I set up an appointment at Best Buy to have my battery replaced five days in advance. After waiting for my appointment I was told they didn’t have any batteries in stock. Luckily the Apple store that didn’t have appointments available was able to install the battery. Call in advance stores may not have the needed supplies

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