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Apple Support App

Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple. Find answers with articles tailored to your products and questions. Call, chat or email with an expert right away, or schedule a callback when it’s convenient. Get a repair at an Apple Store or a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support is here to help. Note that certain features are available only in select countries.

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  • Great App! 5/5

    By sorry4ever
    This app is very good for finding help on anything you need. Love it! :)
  • After such great service, this app is a disaster 1/5

    By Hikerdad
    Unable to schedule an appointment at my Apple Store. Routed though a list of menu options that dead-ends without listing the problem my phone is having or giving me the option to schedule a visit.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Agame47
    This app was wonderful! I used the chat because I don't really like talking on the phone, and it was incredible!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Helilo
    I bought this phone in US and now I am in US. But because I am using my hometown language, the app won't let me select my location to US. Thus the app became useless.
  • 09399622809 5/5

    By Aylar(🎼🎧🎤🎷🎶♣♣♣🎬🎻🎹
  • Often unresponsive 1/5

    By staunchnortheasterner
    Every other time I try to select an option for the reason for my case, the app freezes as the menus make a fancy Keynote-esque transition & I have to double tap my iPhone 6s's home button for it to do anything again! And yes, both the app and iOS are as updated as they can be! Today, I created a Support case in that app to let Apple know about it! I need them to help me with this very annoying and recurring issue!
  • Why isn't this a factor app? 5/5

    By Taj McElrath
    I didn't know about this app until I went onto Apple website and saw the app? I have always thought you had to chat online. Didn't even know there was an app. This should be on every iPhone as default when you buy an iPhone
  • It's a good app 5/5

    This app is very supportive that's it
  • Great App 5/5

    By Tyreke Walker
    This should be a native app.
  • Sosporte Tecnico!. 5/5

    By jcpalos72
    no me puedo quejar de apple! da buen Servicio las pocas veces que estado en la tienda es como sentirne con sus aplicaciones en mi casa! seguro! i love u Manazanita!
  • Apple please read this 5/5

    By DNut06
    Hey Apple I was just wondering if you could create a screen recorder that can record anything and not just the web! The reason is me and my friends want to record us playing Minecraft. The plan is to have different point of views. Like my friend has the camera recording on his screen then I'm also recording so we can switch the camera between us. That kinda thing. So Apple please make an app like this sometime in the future.
  • Vanminy12 5/5

    By vannyminy
  • Solved my problem 5/5

    By xxjtk316xx
    I downloaded the app and within a few minutes of joining a chat my in app purchase issue was resolved. Really nice experience and the advisor was helpful. Highly recommended
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By JennL98
    Thank you for helping me resolve my issue so quickly and efficiently! I appreciate it immensely.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By rae096
  • One Must Be Patient 5/5

    By bonerock2U
    I would like to voice my opinion on Apple Customer Service. I also noticed that someone left their opinion about Apple and made the remark that Apple had some of the worst Customer Service?? WOW! I was completely taken back when I read this. Apple the Company and it's Customer Service, Sales and Technical Support departments are some of the best in the world today!! Before I discovered Apple, it was a daily headache with Apple's so-called competitors. I would not even put them in the same category. I love Apple and I am just sorry that I had not found Apple sooner!! The very few times I have ever had to contact Apple, the representative that I spoke to immediately knew how to help me and let me tell you it is a norm for Apple to go above and beyond and they do it because they truly care about their customers and are very proud of their state of the Art products. I have never spoke to anyone that was so eager to want to help. Apple gets an all 5 stars across the board. The only thing I want to say to Apple is keep up the AWESOME work!! You guys are the greatest!!
  • This is great!! 5/5

    By 200316351
    Everything about this is awesome! Theres so many things they can help you with and fix. this is a great app that i will keep on my phone!
  • Email support 👎 3/5

    By Playstationfan418
    Its 2017, why is Email the main and only option for support!?!? Message system, call center, etc. anything would be better then email.
  • Discussion support access? 3/5

    By bapplem
    This app doesn't seem to provide access to the apple support discussion community boards, which often have great contributions, instructions, and opportunities to learn to DYI. Am I missing something?
  • Furious and disappointed 1/5

    By Mama Bear 98
    Set up a call through the app which was fine. However, the person who called me sent me 80 miles away because the local store didn't have any appointments available. Found out once I got here I didn't have all the info they needed AND that I could take it to the local store WITHOUT an appointment, something that neither the app nor the human rep told me. What a clusterf*** of a Saturday.
  • Awesome app and great customer service! 5/5

    By grimreaper208
    Was a little hesitant about the app, but found out it works well and is quick! I recommend it if you're having issues with apple products. They helped me with my iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Good, but... 4/5

    By JustinDontez
    I wish there was a button to go straight to setting up an appointment at an Apple Store.
  • Agree with Devin! 5/5

    By aafcrazygirl
    I too have had all,Apple devices since the iPhone 3GS, iPads, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Apple TV and convinced family and friends to purchase. I have contacted Apple multiple times, and had 100% success! I have fallen in love with all my Apple products so much..I have become my own Apple help as well to family and friends.
  • PR 1/5

    By From Fram Sauce
    I try to Norton antivirus program which didn't work was not what I wanted I cancel it I was charge for it anyway and I can't get rid of it I can get my money back and I can't get it to stop they will keep charging me and they won't stop
  • Amazing app but 5/5

    By NLH90
    I had question about iPad, It was easy to use the app and scheduled a call back. I think many people don't know about this app, if they do then don't know what to do with it. Apple should make this app a default one and make ads about it.
  • Red Panda Beth is crazy. 5/5

    By Devin thorpe
    I downloaded this app just so I could respond to a 1 star review left by Red Panda Beth that said Apple has horrible phone customer support and that couldn't be farther from the truth. I've had every iPhone since the 3GS and no other phone since, I had the original MBP 15" Retina Display, multiple iPads, 3 Apple Tv's, and the AirPort Extreme router 4th and 5th generation so I've called tech support or customer care, whatever you wanna call it. In all the years I've owned Apple products and have been calling customer support not once have I had a bad experience. To add to that great phone support I've received from Apple I was actually able to pre-order almost every iPhone I've had to date by calling phone support and asking that when pre order becomes available that they call me asap so I can place the order with them and it has always worked out great. To leave a 1 star review and say that it's horrible is just a blatant lie, and to suggest everyone else is having the same problem is crazy.
  • Broken - Support sessions are not showing up in history 1/5

    By Binnytheball
    Support sessions are not showing up in history and I can't get the transcript of the last chat I had concerning my problem.
  • This is ripping me off and I will make sure you don't get a ding dime 4/5

    By Markgreco
    Please stop robbing me please your gimmicks are horrid oh you have malfunction crap to to try and cheat people so you are just limited but ripping off people who are just curious I will be reporting to consumers all over about how you messed up my iphone
  • Saha 5/5

    By iUday Saha
    Support and help
  • How'd I Ever Do Without???? 5/5

    By Cap_1 User
    First off, this app should truly be STANDARD on every iPhone produced going forward. I've had a few issues with my Apple products here and there and EVERY single time I was able to hop right on this app, chat with a live person, and have my issue resolved efficiently. Do yourself a favor and get the app. While you're chatting, you can still use your phone as normal and will get notifications when the support agent has sent you a message.
  • Satisfactory customer service 5/5

    By JJ Abrams Tank
    And these days, that's asking for a lot in that title. I might not like the repair price and I'm disappointed that I didn't pay for AppleCare but that was a exceedingly decent end to end customer service experience.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By fatsvernon
    Didn't know it existed. Needed a replacement AirPod charger case. Looked it up on Safari. Was led to the apple support site. While there I got into a chat with support. Everything went super easy and quick. 5 minutes later my replacement is paid for and on it's way. Downloaded the app immediately for future use. Highly recommended
  • Should come preinstalled... 5/5

    By DeeTe123
    I had never heard of this app before. While looking for support in the website I saw it. It did take time to get a hold of someone but as soon as I did my problem was resolved within a few minutes.
  • Haven't tried it just yet but.... 5/5

    By Britney Nicole segura
    I'm sure the is going to clear up a lot of issues! Personally I think this should be a defaulted app already downloaded onto the phone,macs,pads,etc.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ChaosBlack001
    Used this app several time . Each time super easy and convenient. I can make my reservations, schedule a call , couple of times selected get a call now and my phone rang with a rep ready to go ... this app is awesome!!!!!!
  • Very helpful! 5/5

    By Big fatty 2343532
    Easy to use. Setting up an in store appointment for a repair was easy and quick.
  • Apple Chat 1/5

    By Sabina_Ackles
    It shows a chat option in the pictures but not in my app?? I do not want to talk with them on the phone.
  • Worst Customer Service and Support Ever 1/5

    By Red Panda Beth
    I used Apple products for years until I first found out about this app a few months. This app should be a default app on every device, and there should be more customer awareness of this app, since Apple obviously hates talking to anyone on the phone. I know I'm not alone in my experiences with talking to customer service over the phone. The call always gets dropped and the people are more socially inept than computers, resulting in an all-day phone call extravaganza. I love Apple products and visiting the Apple Store. But not everyone has time to visit in person or the available technology to schedule an appointment. Even those in-person visits can take hours because of the volume of customers at most stores. Sometimes phone calls are necessary, and, in fact, sometimes quicker and easier than an email or a drive to the local store. For a company so set on creating a user-friendly product, one would think that Apple would also create a user-friendly customer service and support operation.
  • 5stars for its icon 5/5

    By 3x4z
    It have a pretty icon that can be use as company flag! What a blue what a design number 1 for sure
  • Extremely helpful chat 4/5

    By dubc123
    I was having major issues with my message app, it kept crashing when I attempted to open existing threads. The advisors were very quick and helpful and easily helped me come to a solution!
  • Omg 1/5

    By Cartoon45
    Apple Music keeps taking over my music when I just want to listen to my own songs can't turn it offf!!!!
  • App is fine, chat service is terrible 1/5

    By Bradh02
    Started a chat at 9:44. Wasted time with pleasantries and got absolutely nowhere. Got disconnected and had to do it all over again. At 10:20, after no solution, got frustrated and left the chat to leave this disappointing review. There should at the very least be a way for the next rep to pick up where the previous person was disconnected especially since there is a case ID assigned to the initial chat. I expected way more from Apple.
  • I was told my device was out of warranty 1/5

    By yoyowong
    Very disappointed. My safari and Siri icons disappeared after the new upgrade. Asked for advice. Was told to reset my iPad to factory setting. I could lose some of the apps which no longer available. Then she said if not working , i need to get it repaired and my warranty expired. I google on my own and find my own solution.....what a waste of time.....
  • Quick support! 5/5

    By ༺lancer13༻
    I sent support tickets requesting assistance and was contacted the next day. My issue was resolved within 5 days. Awesome quality service.
  • Issues 1/5

    By number1Bugsy
    I Downloaded This App for support and got two reps the first could not wait for me to type?? And proceeded to Log out!! Then I requested another chat representative and he was so confused about my simple question - ( The Question was why is my Safari History being stored? When I browse in Private mode?) I always clear my Search History no matter what!! And in private browsing mode Apple safari is not supposed to keep track of your browsing or History? Well that's not True!! I clear It and when I check my Usage and storage my Safari shows more and more KB's? No Big Deal but at Least answer my question when I Need support! He asked me to clear history on both my phone and iPad in safari I did, then I guess He Logged out of chat . Because when I went back to type in what I Did He was No More??????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jennanj
    I don't know why there is such negative reviews. I placed for a call back, took roughly 3-4 min, spoke with David who was just awesome! Very kind and helpful, fixed my issue!
  • Great Support ever! 5/5

    By zunairmushta
    I've just used this app to resolve my MacBook issue. The Support is Super fast and really helpful. Great!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Vis Berry (iPhone 6s)
    Love this app but I absolutely HATE the app icon doesn't look "Apple like" please change it!! Good 3D Touch use.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By i.mahdi
    The app itself worked for me like a charm, I managed to get support from Apple through the chat feature and solving couple of my problems. Thank you Apple for this amazing app.
  • Why Bad Reviews 5/5

    This app provides all the answers to remedy any issue with your iDevice along with detailed step by step directions to fix it. I don't think anyone can tell you a company that provides better, quicker customer service than Apple. Use the App, get the answers you need and save yourself time

Apple Support app comments

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