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Applebee’s App

We’re bringing your Neighborhood Applebee’s right to your fingertips. Through the Applebee’s new and improved app, we’ve made it simpler to order ahead, search nearby Applebee’s locations, and get the latest news and updates. New and improved features: - Order from a full Applebee’s menu with pictures. - Choose between Pick-Up or Carside To Go. - Save favorite restaurants and orders for easier future ordering. - Easy step by step ordering allows maximum customization.


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Applebee’s app reviews

  • Nonexistent card won’t let me order 1/5

    By Fluteplyr
    I can do everything in the app until I go to pay and it tells me some random card is not found or invalid and that is not the card that I input. I’ve had this problem for awhile and it has left the app unusable for me.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By Ashbash 131313
    FIX THE APP!!!! It ridiculous, orders are being made wrong and it’s the apps fault not the restaurant!
  • No room for comments. 3/5

    By bella.m<3
    There should be place for comments. If I don't want tomatoes, I don't want them. Let me tell you no tomatoes! (: Thanks.
  • Requires a credit card to order needs Apple pay 1/5

    By x9rj4kc9NAIuzwU0DWI7
    Add Apple pay as a payment method please... I am not going to add a credit card to your unsecured database.
  • New app needs works 2/5

    By pjsun33
    I am not sure why this app was cleared for release. Very buggy. Have to load every page twice to get it to work and then wasn’t able to send my order through. All that work for nothing. Just call or go online to place your order. Save yourself the trouble.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Pebbles330
    This app is terrible. You’re forced to only choose from the choices they have listed even though you know they offer other options not listed, and no where can you request those options
  • Needs Work 2/5

    By ITSMEE2
    Should be able to customize my order. I don’t want wonton strips on my Thai salad but can’t edit. Check out Panera app - it is perfection!
  • Needs update! 1/5

    By Wannab_bsn
    Used to love this app. They changed it to allow for paying via the app which was great but due to fraud they stopped allowing CC payments online. There is no option to pay at the restaurant so I cannot process my online order. NOT HAPPY, PLEASE FIX!!!
  • App issues 1/5

    By Tazz13075
    The app will not update so I deleted tried to reinstall & still won’t download. iPhone X.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By 2F20 is my Jam
    This app is fantastic ... love Applebees and their drink specials
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Lysssssssssa
    Easy to use, fast service
  • Where’s the Fries 5/5

    By Love my Fries
    Love the app, but how do you order fries? My son likes fries with his wings.
  • Updated app is horrible 1/5

    By RomeosMom
    This "updated" app is in dire need of help. Side item selection was a mess, no place for notes (to hold something, put.something on the side, etc), forced me to pay online rather in store, took gift card info but never charged it.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Bubbbhjggjdd
    Need an option to edit an order. For example I get fiesta lime chicken but instead of rice I like to get broccoli. In the restaurant it's no problem to order it that way, why can't I do it on the app? Also, when ordering wings the only option for dressing is blue cheese or no sauce. Where is the option for ranch???? This app definitely needs some work!!!!!
  • Won’t let me pay 1/5

    By The Will of Willdom
    I cannot pay with only a gift card
  • Great app 5/5

    By Blazd
    Lol @ ppl rating the restaurant not the app
  • Works for me 4/5

    By Bazza!!!!
    Unlike other reviews I’ve seen this app worked perfectly for me. The only reason I give it four stars is because it was hard to use in some areas in the ordering aspect. But all in all very easy app to use
  • Stupid 1/5

    By Cowgirl_from_hell
    I ordered my food and it said it went through we got there and they didn’t have the order therefore We just wasted time waiting for our food we never got when we could have gotten something else
  • App has clinkers 3/5

    By dinner to go
    Great food. Great people. Excellent service at CarSide but the app needs some work. I got home and the order was different than what I thought I ordered. (Wrong side order). When I tried to review what I had ordered I couldn’t pull it up. Just got the bill summary. I would give 5 stars to the restaurant but 2 to the App.
  • Not great tonight. 1/5

    By Percy129
    I had the 8 ounce steak. It was cooked ok but it was the toughest steak I have ever had at Applebee’s. The onion rings were to greasy and the Applebee’s in farmingdale was very drafty. As your server came buy so did a cold breeze.
  • New Update has error already. 2/5

    By NYGriego
    I can’t have the Mexi-Ranch and that’s not an option to remove on any of the foods that contain it. There is no additional space to leave a comment before making a payment either. Why should I have to call up the restaurant just to remove an obvious option? Please fix, thanks!
  • Eh 1/5

    By Chevygirl19
    Like the food, like the convenience of the app but I can't figure out how to add more sauces. Or there isn't a function to do so, the app is not very clear on where to find things. And I have a different problem with the app every time I try to use it.
  • Need nutrition info 2/5

    By stephilippou
    The title says it all
  • It’s okay 1/5

    By Pixie94
    I like the easy order of food but there’s no pay with cash option. And only have gift card, credit/debit card pay options only. I hate that. If I have to pay when I get there, there should have the ability to pay in cash if I want to.
  • Car side pickup 1/5

    By Corpvet
    Food was not good. Very, very small portions. Steak very chewy. Caesar salad had no dressing. $12 meal hardly worth $5. No more Applebees.
  • Rating the App 4/5

    By DenaliGSD
    The app came in very handy today as the web version was not working. The app is quite easy to get around and easy to customize an order. For example if you get a sandwich or burger you can select items not to include like onions, tomatoes, etc. I hope they include a section on future updates to get extra condiments, or any special requests.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Sheryl50
    I placed a curbside order tonight and for $20 it was awful! First off it was supposed to be done by 8:02pm I finally called around 8:15pm to see what the hold up was when I finally got my food my sandwich and fries were cold and soggy in a tray and plastic bag, my side order was ok although not very hot either, I ordered a brownie bite with ice cream that I ate first but the brownie was hard and cold! Definitely not worth $20! I won’t be back and yes I tried calling to complain to Mgr but was put on hold and nobody came to phone! Customers apparently don’t matter to them!
  • Carside disaster for the 3rd time 1/5

    By Kelly Smith MP
    We ordered a party platter of the chicken fingers ENTREE, which claims to serve 5-7 people. While the chicken fingers appetizer platter also feed 5-7, it clearly stated that the fries (in menu the picture) were not included. For $8 more you can order the ENTREE VERSION and presumably receive fries for 5-7 people as well. Another reason you might believe fries were included with the $8 up charge could be the fact that a mandatory selection for a side order had to be made for the order to process. On the list of side order choices, fries were nowhere to be found. And why would they. Since the picture displayed the fries as part of the package and the appetizer version clearly stated that it did not include fries. So, I was confused and surprised when once again I arrived home to feed the family and my order was incomplete. Giving it more thought, the restaurant had contacted me by phone 5 minuets after my order should have been completed to inform me that the garlic bread I ordered and paid for was unavailable. I thought when I said “no big deal, I understand. You can just take that off the order” I did not realize, until I checked my receipt, that it was up to me to remind them to also remove the charge from the bill. When we returned to pick up the fries and clarify the prices, we were expected to appreciate the single serving of garlic mashed potatoes that were supposedly included for free. FYI the mashed potatoes cost less then the garlic bread we were not refunded our money for. Additionally, the $5 coupon they are promoting was also not honored. Instead, after a 10 minute debate on the subject and our offer to return home to retrieve the food that was at this point ice cold, we were again expected to appreciate the $10 coupon they provided us in place of the money we were overcharged. Thanks a lot! But I prefer to choose how and where I spend my money instead of being forced to redeem it through more products and services of the same restaurant that screwed up the last three orders my family and I have placed in the past year. Here’s my suggestion...try to order from your own app and see how that goes. Items are often removed from the app menu and other items are advertised poorly and incorrectly.
  • No Honey Mustard 1/5

    By wilbu7689
    The only thing I actually like about Applebee’s is their honey mustard. The chicken tender platter is advertised as coming with honey mustard, so I assumed that it would be in the box. There is no honey mustard in the box, and it made me cuss for the first time in 15 years
  • Horrible service.. 72nd Tacoma WA 1/5

    By BdongPvong
    I set an estimated time for 945pm. I arrived at 940 and waited until 1025 to get my food.. when it came out all of the to go boxes were flipped sideways so they can be crammed into one bag.. everything was basically spilling out of the containers.. I spoke to the manager and he said it would take another half hour to remake.. I will never go to Applebee's again.. if I could rate a zero I would
  • Yum! 5/5

    By bullfunga the unrelenting
    Great food, great service, great app
  • What's app got it wrong 2/5

    By wantsmorebetter
    First the 3 burgers we ordered were wrong. All were ordered well done. One was done well, one was partially raw in middle, one was completely raw inside. What was absurd is burger description says comes with tomato pickles and mustard. But if you don't add them to the order you get a burger and cheese not even the Applebee's sauce was on the burger. Wow!
  • Good 3/5

    By tryme1020
    App is good but could be more functional for sure, definitely would be worth while make some changes to it
  • App is is crap 1/5

    By MarzanoStudios
    Downloaded, there was coupon on app for 5 off twenty, added order, came to 29.50, applied code and it said 24.50, went to cash out it said “cannot use on guest order”. Called the location they knew nothing, got so made I just gave up. Wish I just made ramen for dinner, the sodium in that would not have raised my blood pressure as much as the frustration with this crap app did.
  • Decent app 4/5

    By AmandaHac
    I have used this app multiple times and my biggest complaint is that it no longer allows you to store a credit card or pay with a credit card. The only payment options are “pay at store” or use a gift card.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Krier13
    Showed up when the app said my food would be done and waited 20 minutes for cold food that was half the serving size I normally get when I go inside. Very disappointed.
  • 1st time curbside order 3/5

    By Cinlou4
    Reason for only 3 stars is I called from car to see how long it will be and the hostess answered the phone in a rush, said wait I’ll go check, never asked for my name or order number! Really!?!? how was she going to check? I blurted the number before she got away. I watched through the window while on hold for 5 minutes. Finally went in and said "Hi im the customer you currently have on hold to see when my order will be ready" that's when she ran back to ask! Guess what, they are putting it on now would you like to pay!!! Okay so I have learned you pay before you get the food in the curbside order industry! Yes I fell for that too! Hey here comes my order now! Hurrying waitress said “No this is not yours it’s C***** “You have one more item and yours will be ready!” Guess what both our names start with a C. I waited anxiously wondering what’s next haha. Guess what’s next. Waitress brings out C***** food (car beside me) then she comes to my window “what’s your name again”? “C***” I say. 1/2 hour and on my way home. Stay tuned to see how good the food is and if it’s really mine!
  • Not Optimized for iPhone X 1/5

    By Sodderlund
    App looks super tiny on the iPhone X. Hope the developers update it soon.
  • Always forget stuff 3/5

    By Seems pretty easy to do
    Flood is usually good and the always bring it out on time but they always forget sauces and butter and sour cream idk why but if we order anything that has a sauce or side they forget it. Last 3 times I ordered baked potato they forgot the butter and sour cream. If they could remember that I would give a 5 star but I can’t do that when they leave things out of my order
  • Card 1/5

    By Shaw atoms
    Was not able to use my gift card for Payment on the app. Had to use my credit card.
  • Awesome Service 5/5

    By Hertz App
    This location normally gets it right but tonight I️ ordered the Riblet dinner with 2 orders of fries and got all the way to Platte City Mo to find out I️ never received my fries I️ called the store and to my Surprise Ms. Kala answered the phone and made my night by replacing my meal next time I️ come in Thanks Ms. Kala
  • Whyyyyyy did we bother 1/5

    By tonjarose
    We were trying to do Applebee’s pickup quickly and easily to finally use a gift card we got 2 years ago. So not user friendly or intuitive at all! Errors all over the place for little things and definitely not quick and easy. If we would’ve known, we could’ve went and sat down and ordered in!
  • 5off25 1/5

    By Tatesson8
    Gave a coupon for first time users for $5 off $25. Tried to use it and it said not for guest services. Rip off.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Nmarco85
    Great App, so easy to order. Nice job Applebees
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jdjdwpshfqodjspxkwkakdkqks
  • No drinks 1/5

    By Wings Fan44
    Ordered for the first time with the app. Only one drink came home - none of the kids drinks were given. Super disappointed
  • Most of the menu isn’t here 1/5

    By tazoop
    I was going to place an order through the app, but most of the menu wasn’t there. My husband was home looking and texted me what he wanted and half wasn’t in the app. I had to call to place the order.
  • i like it 4/5

    By i eat here alot
    only thing i don’t like is when i order online there is no comment box on the order like..”add cup of ranch, an cup of A1 suace” or even just a list of suaces u can choose from!!! would be nice i always have to call after i place the online order😐
  • Don’t bother with the idiots reviewing the customer service 5/5

    By Dr. Jan I Tor
    It’s a pretty solid app and it provides a coupon for the first order. It’s nice hat they incorporated the option to mix the 2/$20 or$25
  • Terrible experience 1/5

    By Giu8994
    Waited in my car and nothing... It was the time it was estimated to be done. I ended up having to go in to get it, only to wait another 10 minutes when the worker had said it was ready. Come home and my boyfriend’s burger has NOTHING but cheese, when it was supposed to have bacon, pickles, & onions. We ordered medium well and it was very rare. Also, I ordered my broccoli without garlic butter and it definitely had garlic butter on it... My salmon was overdone too. Applebee’s fails us once again.

Applebee’s app comments


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