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Arlo App

Arlo is the worldwide leader in Smart Home Security, and the creator of the world’s first ever 100% wire-free, weatherproof HD security camera. Arlo cameras make it easy to keep tabs on all the important things in life. With the free Arlo mobile app, it’s easy to tune in wherever you are with just a tap of the finger and get notified whenever something moves or makes a sound. Arlo and Arlo Pro wire-free cameras can be placed anywhere, even outdoors, while AC-powered Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus cameras with 2-way audio is great for indoor video monitoring. Arlo works with IFTTT, SmartThings and Stringify so you can build safer and smarter home.


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  • Arlo needs 2 step verification 3/5

    By Popobear
    Frankly, ridiculous that netgear does not require 2 step verification to access their platform. The app is decent and works we’ll enough. The arlo system has some issues and I need to physically unplug one of my cameras periodically but overall it’s good.
  • Very good product 5/5

    By Unggoy runner
    A very good product for the price. Exactly what i was looking for. A wireless system for people like me that are on a budget.
  • Ok, but... 3/5

    By Eddie Hazel11
    Would be great with apple HomeKit integration... and would be good if : • a camera that connects to WiFi that is battery operated • you could view locally stored video on the base station if the internet connection is down • a notification if there is a locally recorded video • better geo fencing and rules, especially for individual cameras • cheaper product Lots of room for improvement NETGEAR
  • Bad update 1/5

    By DC1954
    Everything was working peerfectly until I applied this update. Now my cams constantly disconnect and they absolutely do not reconnect. I have to close the app and login in repeatedly to use my cams now. Arlo wasn't perfect but it worked reasonably well, now its worthless. I would use it with the web interface but that requires Flash Player and thats unacceptable. Adobe no longer supports Flash and the whole point is security so needing Flash was always a deal breaker. Arlo was nice while it lasted but it's not worth the premium price for a system that has so many points of failure. $600 for system that is dependent on an IOS app that doesn't work and a web option that puts you at risk, what was I thinking....
  • Works great. Batteries can be a problem 4/5

    By Atrain5600
    Not all 123 batteries work with Arlo. We just bought the rechargeables, so hopefully we can stop buying batteries every couple months.
  • Decent App. Does what is supposed to do. 4/5

    By Bryan_W
    Since they've fixed the battery drain issue I've been able to use this app a little more. It's slow, but a lot of that is due to the speed of connecting to the internet, then your home router, then the base station, waking up the camera, and then reversing the process to send the feed. It does what it says it does and I don't really have any big complaints about it anymore.
  • Great Product 5/5

    By Washton10
    I have had no problems with this system. Very happy with the performance. I’m planning on adding one or two more cameras.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Furiaroja27
    terrible update, many problems recording the videos and being watching live, fix it please!!!!!
  • Superb Camera 5/5

    By Hgdddgjjvcddvvvvvvv
    We recently bought it from Costco Working superb and we are so happy now we have this great tool to protect me and family.
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By DecorIDRight
    Two cars were broken into on my driveway. Arlo was armed but motion detection did not work. The camera is aimed exactly where cars are parked. Not worth the money.
  • Thanks for adding iPhone X support 5/5

    By ronniemarshall
    Exactly what I've been looking for. I have a spot where wifi is not an option and Arlo Go is simply the best solution out there!! Love it and it is amazing and works flawlessly. Thanks Arlo!!
  • Not as efficient... 2/5

    By Demon_ink
    Lots of bugs!! Motion sensors are kinda tricky ; hoping for arlo to fix all this soon; very disappointed is a hit and miss kinda deal sometimes. Not a solid security system. Would recommend cctv ; better options only bummer is all the cables.
  • Mostly Good 4/5

    By johnsonrandallc
    Overall, I’ve been really happy with the Arlo gear and app. Like others, I wish there was a way to capture a longer video clip. Gear is easy to set up , app is pretty intuitive. I have not used any similar products.
  • Good not great. 4/5

    By mrulua
    Easy to set up, easy to recharge batteries, decent picture, good connectivity. Wish there was better user controls of individual cameras. Also kind of pricey
  • Very buggy, battery hog 1/5

    By dnuoforp
    1. Viewing live video drains the phone battery 20% every few minutes, and the phone gets very hot. 2. Live video does not work when you first open the app. You have to login and wait about ten seconds. Otherwise, the live button does nothing until you force quit the app. 3. Even though I paid a lot of money for cameras, pop up ads keep appearing in the app for more cameras. I paid a lot of money and shouldn’t be inundated with ads. 4. The app doesn’t follow UI conventions and is very confusing to navigate. Tabs aren’t really tabs. The back button doesn’t really take you back. Etc. 5. Starting live video is very slow, and the video is not really live. There is a delay of several seconds. Overall, I’m disappointed in the poor software quality. I do not recommend buying Arlo cameras.
  • Love Arlo 5/5

    By Ho dar
    I'm all alone and it makes me feel so much safer and empowered.
  • Battery life 3/5

    By Fhhfyujbg
    Drains your phone battery and the batteries on the camera’s drain faster than advised. (Arlo pro) Not really “wireless” when you have to keep your phone plugged in and are constantly taking the cameras down to recharge them. Might as get a wired system that records 24/7, just not from the big box stores. Also, there’s lag before it pics up motion. It’ll pick up a vehicle that’s driven by my house, but not the one that pulls in my driveway. I had to buy the mounting brackets to get the IR off of the walls, extra expense I didn’t expect. Overall video quality is close to analog and that’s what disappointments me the most. I’m used to wired, professional systems, so I am more critical than most. If u just want to make use you’re doors are closed, you pets are safe, and the mailman I leaving packages like he is supposed to than this is the system for you. For the price I like it better than the competitors where u still need a power cord. Forget about 24/7 recordings even with the pro2, the cost is astronomical!!!!!
  • Latest update leaves cameras on? 2/5

    By GamerAlex
    I pause the live viewing but still hear the audio feed.. Leaving me to believe it’s still “Live” after I hit pause. So please review this update a bit more closely! (using Arlo Pro model cameras)
  • iPhone X support! 5/5

    By Chain-Zo
    Thanks for the iPhone X support!
  • Geofencing Broken 1/5

    By JWreck1
    Geofencing, an advertised feature of this product, is completely broken and support doesn’t know when it will be fixed. The latest update didn’t help. Sad, because the product is good otherwise but completely ruins my use for it.
  • Nice update, need better! 4/5

    By Lonewolf1775
    Thanks for the iPhone X support finally! Needs 2 things to be perfect for me. First, Apple HomeKit support is a no brainer!! Second, is rich notifications support. Say when you get a notification alert on a camera you can 3D Touch the notification on lock screen and view the video in action on lock screen through the notification! Not having to open phone then wait for app to load, then going to library in Arlo app, then having to wait for video to load before you finally see video. Would be much simpler with rich notifications!
  • Great app. Please support iPhone X 5/5

    By ClintPoulsen
    Needs iPhone X support and it would be perfect
  • Thank you for iPhone X update 5/5

    By DownLoadableGodd
    Love it. Keep up the great work.
  • Good system good price 4/5

    By WaltKostrz
    I like the way the units work. They record actions once set that allow recordings to start if they are disturbed. I have mine for months and batteries are still just used a bit, since the cameras are rarely activated. Keeping videos for a week is plenty since they are only activated when someone comes in. So as a security system it is great. I also like the fact that the videos are kept out of my location, assuring no one can take them for their protection. You can download them as needed. Over all a great system. Would get 5 stars but sometimes it takes some time to find the system so activate it, 10-20 seconds that is and I always like to give room for improvements. Got 5 cameras total!
  • Solid security camera app 4/5

    By whitleyphoto
    The app is solid and there are no additional fees for a 7 day history. The night vision mode is good, not great, but solid enough for an ID. Finally, you can’t beat the price. If you own Arlos, it’s a no brainer to get this app to remotely monitor your property.
  • Security cameras 4/5

    By HB 1977
    Wish the motion detector would start recording faster, people have come and start walking away before it starts recording or notifying me.
  • Three Stars is not good enough 3/5

    By Ap Angel
    We’ve had an Arlo 3 camera setup for well over a year and other than expensive replacement batteries, we’ve had no issues. That is until the front door camera disconnected itself. After hours of tech support time on the phone we eventually got it hooked up and working again. This lasted about 3 weeks and now it’s off line again. I don’t look forward to more hours of tech support, especially when they could only hazard a guess as to why it went down the first time.
  • Best gift to ourselves 5/5

    By bnotis.
    Works great, going to buy 3 more cameras the Arlo pro 2 is the way to go.
  • Excellent application 5/5

    By Jggffth
    This is an excellent application to use
  • Useless cam 1/5

    By arlosucks
    I paid $200 to buy one of these cameras at Best Buy. It is never worked correctly. It keeps dropping the signal and you can rarely view the cam. I’ve called support numerous times and they are not helpful. Company refuses to issue a refund even though this thing is completely worthless.
  • hate this 1/5

    By Satisfiedsatisfaction
    hate this stupid invention. this doesn’t allow kids to have fun anymore. if you’re a parent and you get this you’re robbing your child of fun memories. YOLO you probably snuck out as a kid so let yours do it too. smh
  • Amazing product ! 5/5

    By NRamesh
    This is an amazing product and I am thrilled to own this set. We are situated in a remote area and our garbage cans were messed up one of the nights, immediately I thought this was the work of raccoons. I went and bought this Arlo set to see who the culprits in action. No raccoons were found but in a week or so we saw a big black bear come to our door steps one of the nights and without the Arlo camera we would have never captured it. We immediately call animal control to take precautions. Multiple other occasions this camera helped us spot wild animals and also service people (postman, electric meter reading guy etc ) who came on our property with a good intend. Highly recommend this product.
  • Not bad but can be better 4/5

    By Brettgio
    The app pretty much does what it is supposed to do with a few exceptions. 2 issues I have dealt with since setting up. 1st is the app drains the phone battery fairly significantly. The other is sometimes the app doesn’t turn on when I leave. Geofencing doesn’t realize I am gone then 2 hours later it will give me notification.
  • Not sensitive enough 2/5

    By kingtigermp
    I have delivery people coming and going with only an occasional recording of them. I cannot upgrade to continuous video recording. Overall, with five cameras, this is a very basic system not to be relied upon to provide any security to a user. Also, when changing batteries the camera will not sync and I am without security on that camera for an unknown amount of time.
  • Hate It! 1/5

    By TVFlu
    Does not record motion early enough. I miss a lot of activity that should be picked up. Would not recommend to anyone. Battery life if past terrible. Not cost effective.
  • Arlo System 5/5

    By S-guy
    We installed the ARLO system after we were broken into. ARLO has provided us some peace of mind knowing when get alerts when people approach our front door and or even when a cat is walking along our fence. After a break-in, that kind of peace of mind is needed. Well worth it!!
  • iPhone X 1/5

    By christopher.daley
    Doesn’t support iPhone X screen size.
  • Security device should not show ads 1/5

    By capppbruin
    I hear a noise outside my house, I go check Arlo and instead of seeing my camera feed, I see a full screen pop up ad to subscribe to Arlo's paid service. What a joke. They'd rather try to upsell you than let you use the cameras you paid for to see if you have a security threat. 👎
  • Forcing ads when logging on. 1/5

    By PinkiesOutNYC
    Shame on you for forcing advertisements when logging in.
  • Good product but app is draining the battery 1/5

    By berginroy
    I started my day with 100% battery. When I started setting up by the end of 2/3 cameras, my iPhone 6S plus battery is 11%. I had to setup the 3rd camera with charge on. I then charge it to 100% again. Couple of movements in basement I check the videos, my phone battery is down below 20% again. I’ve charged thrice so far. I see 47% of my battery in the past 24 hrs used by Arlo app(Arlo app is only <10 hrs old on my phone). I may have to return if this continues. And the next part my phone may need Tylenol every 2 hrs. Gets so hot. Read in the community forum to uninstall and reinstall, this is the only version I’ve had, still should I do this? Please fix it.
  • Excellent surveillance camera ever!!! 5/5

    By Jer can
    I bought the Arlo Pro a year ago and it is the best by far compared to its competitors. Great video feeds, long lasting batteries, I have the camera set around my home and the night vision is excellent. No problems what’s so ever since I had it.
  • Software Glitches 3/5

    By PGBLI
    Over a year now geofencing has been beta testing and still inconsistent on operating correctly. Other items too just make this product seem a bit underwhelming but ok.
  • Couldn’t open app without writing a review 1/5

    By agrooters
    Not cool
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Icestorm1000
    Glitches sometimes and the camera by the front door watches people as they leave the house, not when they come up to the door-
  • Great, looking forward to next generation of products 5/5

    By Michcom
    Great, looking forward to next generation of products
  • Great system 5/5

    By Gsb60
    I like the idea that i dont have to run wires through the walls and attic
  • Just a non-discrete nanny camera 1/5

    By Bryallen001
    Don’t use this for security. It has a 15 second delay of real time. It can only be used for checking on kids on the other room or pop in on the nanny. So dumb for the price I paid. Do not buy this thinking it’s a security usage camera!!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Merican12
    Good overall, has to be too about 15’away to set it off, records 10 seconds with no sound, ok for one camera to keep an eye on things, no way I’d pay $500 for multiple Arlos, better cheaper options out there.
  • Good but needs improvement 3/5

    By Skullborous
    Works well however a widget or some quick way to arm and disarm the system would be of great help. Takes too long to log in then go to the screen to arm and disarm. The alarm system works very well and this minor thing g with the app is all I have negative to report.
  • Love it, best security system 5/5

    By JL-RC
    I waited almost a year to write this review, So far this is the best security camera system, no wires, easy installation, amazing system, great recording what else can you ask for!!! I really Like the great idea of having a microphone on each camera!! I travel not that often but I do travel and I have no problem watching my property from anywhere (Europe, Caribbean, etc...) Overall again the best!!

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