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Assassin's Creed Identity

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  • Current Version: 2.8.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Compatibility: Android
3,156 Ratings
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Assassin's Creed Identity App

*Only works with iPad 3 and over, iPad Mini 2 and over, iPhone 5 and over, iPod 6. Requires an online connection to play. Play now the first ACTION RPG game of the acclaimed ASSASSIN’S CREED Franchise. Explore the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE through the eyes of your OWN ASSASSIN, complete dozens of missions and unravel the epic mystery of The Crows. WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT US: • “the graphics look spectacular” • “a proper bonafide Assassin’s Creed game” pocketgamer • “gorgeous graphics” CREATE, EVOLVE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR ASSASSIN! - Pick a CLASS: Choose between Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief - CUSTOMIZE your Assassins: Use loot, choose your outfits and weapons like epic swords and the iconic hidden blade. - Make your Assassin EVOLVE from NOVICE to MASTER! TONS OF MISSIONS AND POSSIBILITIES! - Experience the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Run, jump, climb and feel the thrill of the leap of faith on your mobile screen! - Achieve an infinity of QUESTS, unlock new locations and hundreds of items. - PLAY HOW YOU WANT TO with simple tap-to-move, dual virtual stick controls or with a gamepad. THE TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE OF THE ASSASSIN'S CREED GAMES! - The Unity game engine brings STUNNING GRAPHICS through amazing custom-made HD textures, shaders, and models to your screen. - Every place you visit in the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE will be an open map for you to explore: Santa Croce Area in Firenze, the Colosseum area in Roma etc. **ASSASSIN’S CREED** is one of the most popular franchise of all time. Its success has been built through years with famous titles such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag etc. This game is available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian, Japanese and Korean. Are you a fan of ASSASSIN’S CREED IDENTITY? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get the latest news:

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Assassin's Creed Identity app reviews

  • "Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." 5/5

    By NightzW4tch
    Love Assasins' Creed from its beginning
  • Great except for one thing... 4/5

    By Lionfire343
    When I was playing through this game it was fun and like a mini assassins creed 2. The only problem is the amount of content! The story was short and yes, you could play through with each class but that got a little boring in itself. If Ubisoft were to update the game with another chapter in the story it would be the best app I've ever played! Overall right now I give it a four stars!
  • Impressive 5/5

    By Cbrew93
    Started playing this and loved how interactive it is. I love the challenge of the missions. Just a little touchy at times when you are in the middle of something.
  • GOOD but... 4/5

    By Roberto Dalbec
  • Nice 5/5

    By Moinul hossain
  • 10/10 IGN but there is a problem.... 4/5

    By Like the keyboard
    I like the type of how you use your Assassin but can you fix the lag.Also I have a problem that when I get in the game the screen doesn't load and I've tried every way.Please make an update so you can fix that soon.Anyways keep up with the good games!
  • Extremely bad controls. 3/5

    By Reverend Ted
    This beautiful game has so much promise, but Ubisoft needs to do some serious work on the touch controls. It's clearly meant for a sophisticated console hand control. You will find yourself tapping on things that you never meant to. Your character acts on accidental intents. It's exceedingly frustrating.
  • App stuck still no updates 1/5

    By Ruthless KinG
    Stuck on game menu page. Even after app close and reopen doesnt fix it. It got stuck after finishing first two missions. Fix this cant play it at all even a reboot did not fix it
  • AWESOME! but one thing… 5/5

    By What I hoped for
    I really like this game because it's like the console versions I play it even more then them. But I'd really appreciate it if you made an update as where the 2 modes campaign and contracts would become 3 with a free roam mode, also please make it so you can stand on like planks or something, because when I'm trying to sneak around I get on a ledge and fall of and the guards see me, I am a master of parkour at Assassin's Creed so I should know when something's up. Please fix that. Thank you.
  • Why do you need internet DEVS READ 3/5

    By We'll hello
    Dev please read I love this game but put it so we can play it offline why would you need internet to play a game like this?
  • Beast game on the App Store!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Caleb mccranie
    I have had this game for a while and it absolutely has the best graphics ever! And the gameplay is amazing if I could give it a 10 star rating I would
  • Great! 5/5

    By Pinkreptar
    Better than what I would expect from a mobile version of Assassin's Creed.
  • IT TOOK $10.00 AND IT ONLY SAID IT WAS $3.00!!!!!!! 1/5

    By Angle02864483746
    OMG HOW DARE YOU!!! YOU TOOK $10.00 FROM ME!!! FROM A 10 YEAR OLD!!! I GOT THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! AND WHAT DO I GET NO GAME AND BAM NO MORE MONEY!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 WORST GAME EVER!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Good game but please lose the DRM 5/5

    By Diaz Cruz
    This game is good and has potential but having a need for an internet connection all the time can kill it and it's foolish to need such for single player. What happens are down or you remove support for it entirely this app becomes useless please remove the DRM.
  • Great but updates are MORE than needed 2/5

    By bcl4164
    Okay first off I'd like to say bravo on this game developers. I've got some serious gripes although. First, can you please give us the option to turn the tap and go off. But my biggest complaint is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!, take this game OFFLINE! I've already paid for the game and am not interested in the least to purchase anything AT ALL. I travel often which means 60% of my time is spent on commercial airlines and I cannot play at all on airplane mode and it's MORE than frustrating. Again, Please make this game offline. And keep up the outstanding work guys. (Continued) Okay developers I'm rating this game from my initial 3 stars to a one star game. It was a great game now, not so much. Do you guys even read these reviews? Why can we not play this game offline? It crashes so much its nearly impossible to play. We've already paid for the game so take it offline and quit trying to squeeze more money out of us.
  • Game is Okay when not frozen 2/5

    By Chris Detter
    I played the game for 2 days and it was frozen right away. I have the iPhone 7 and it's stuck it's been frozen for a couple months
  • Keeps freezing 1/5

    By Sean schemmel
    Waist of money.
  • Has so much hidden potential. 4/5

    By TheChill1
    It's a great game, honestly! But what it's missing is the ability to go through time from the Egyptian empire to the Cold War! We need guns! That's what made the originals great! I hope they creators read this. But it's a good game.

    By Bradwelch9277
    The graphics are good and I think y'all should add multiplayer so that you can play with your friends on Facebook and the people that are not ur friends on Facebook and also add people on the game as your friends and invite them to your lobby and also that you can fight ur friends and the whole wide world of people that lives different states
  • Good game but their is not that many missions 4/5

    By Such a mistake of a game
    I like the game but their is not the much missions.
  • could be so much better but.... 2/5

    By tbone4ever
    first of all it's NOT an open world game. you can only wander around during the missions and there are boundaries during missions. also another thing that's annoying is that you can only draw your sword when soldiers are around you can't draw it in the middle of the street and hack someone to pieces. you have to be seen by the guard and then you can draw it. if ubisoft fixes these things it will be a GREAT game

    By Game reviewer 3127
    Good game but not open world too small not enough types of missions . For example one of the missions is walking Leonardo da Vinci for like 10 minutes all it needs to be a good game is open world.
  • Ok for what it is 3/5

    By JWolfenator
    Decent game that makes you "think" about buying a wireless controller for iPad. But makes you just "think" about it.
  • Alright game 2/5

    By scottrak
    It has no open world unlike the ac games.Has terrible graphics on some iPhones none of the sounds in ac are in the game so if you like ac games I guess you could buy the game for $5.00 but I don't recommend it.
  • Meh 2/5

    By DakotaMilkshakes
    The game story portion is very, very short but I guess you can perform short daily quests. Touch controls are a bit janky at times. It's not a bad. It's also not a great game. Enjoyable for the most part.
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Aammbbrreezzyy
    First off, I'm obsessed with AC! It took one time playing to fall in love. Also, the movie was great!!! So I was sooo excited to play this game when I'm not in the house. Awesome job Ubersoft
  • Great game but ... 4/5

    By Enanojll
    Overall the game is very fun and entertaining but I feel there should be more challenging levels and better contracts
  • Rip off 3/5

    By that nerd on the street
    The game said if I restarted I would get back all my in app purchases. Nope. Please help
  • Fun, Beautiful and Addictive AC Mobile Game 4/5

    By Garrett Rank
    Assassin's Creed: Identity is the first-ever Assassin's Creed game that is an RPG and on mobile devices, both at once! It is a tantalizing, beautiful, and very richly textured mobile game that features very close-to console graphical quality and a very intriguing bridge story between AC II: and AC: Brotherhood (for long-time AC fans) that I won't spoil for you because it's a great one to experience first-hand, so to speak. In AC: Identity, you the player get to customize your assassin from the onset of the game and also get to start the game with the story that takes place throughout Renaissance Italy 🇮🇹, with many familiar locales featured in the Ezio Trilogy (particularly II and Brotherhood) that will stand out to many AC fans but also be a good starting point for many new and emerging AC fans. When loading the game, and even in between story and other modes like contracts, social, and codex, there are many tips, did you know ?'s, helpful gameplay hints, and other good things in store for the watchful player who can gleam some insight from these tips. AC: Identity, as an RPG by nature, features plenty of progression in its story, contract missions through the quest system, a event calendar filled with unlock-able armor, gear, weapons, app coins, heroic coins, etc. You can level up from initiate to disciple to hero to legend, but that takes time because one of the few flaws this mobile game has is: slow progression-building, due to a limited point-giving structure in the contracts after the story is wrapped. I really hope Blue Byte, the developer of Identity, gets to make progression more user-friendly and engaging with more points added onto each contract instead of the slow-paced progression on offer now. And the second thing is: in-app purchases. When you can buy cool gear or weapons with earned coins or heroic coins, the absolute coolest and awesome gear you have to pay, get this: 19.99 for one bundle of gear, coins, and other such bells and whistles. That's a tad over-priced, IMO. Overall, Identity may very well stand the test of the mobile game time with its strong story mode, excellent contracts and profession rewards yet falters in the actual point-progression system it has on display with a slow pace to it, and over-priced in-app purchases. Still, AC: Identity is a must-play for the graphics and inter-connectivity to the AC Universe at large.
  • Bug under IOS 10.2 1/5

    By keepurshape
    After updating to IOS 10.2, the game screen keeps frozen whenever running this app. Please update this app asap.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Kretz 5 Cloud
    Love this game. Finally I've found a game worthy of playing on iPhone.
  • Awesomesauce 5/5

    By BrowynW
    It's great
  • BEST GAME BUT... 5/5

    By Jordan191005
    U have to release assassins creed Altair chronicles and add Connor to ax identity
  • Great game on the go 5/5

    By TheGerminator43
    When ever I have an away wrestling match this is my go to, So much fun and would love a sequel
  • Wanting more!!!!! 5/5

    By God smacked
    Can't wait
  • It should be free 1/5

    By 瓦尔图幅vc
    Because inside the game you'll spend more money.
  • Bad controls, bad graphics, bad plot, and a gaming experience not worth cherishing. 1/5

    By ninjumptemple
    Anyone who has played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, should realize that this is just a dumbed-down, junky mobile version of the game. You are much better off playing the consoles games AC 2 and AC Brotherhood which both center around the lifelong struggles and accomplishments of Italian-born assassin Ezio Auditore; quite literally the best character (with the best background story) in the AC franchise to date. In AC 2, you can fully explore Renaissance Florence, Tuscany (San Gimignano), Venice, the Italian Apennine Mountains, Romagna, and Venice as Ezio. In AC Brotherhood, Ezio fully explores the massive city of Renaissance Rome. AC Identity is currently in the App Store under a category "games that blow our minds". If you want to truly explore the vivid reimagining of the Italian Renaissance with a beautifully styled plot line, controls, and graphics, stick to AC Brotherhood, as well as AC 2.
  • Sometimes it crashes for me 4/5

    By Kroknite
    Idk why it crashes and idk how to make it better but other than that it's good
  • Eh 1/5

    By stefankulk
    Terribly AI and laggy on iPhone 7 plus
  • It froze 1/5

    By 93948574992929284757839292847
    I played it for awhile but later when I went to get back on the game it just takes me to the main screen but will not let me click anything. I even tried redownloading the game but got the same results!!! I payed a dollar for a game I can't even play anymore.
  • Needs Offline Mode!!!!! 4/5

    By Mayor Mario
    Would be Five stars if only you could play offline as well as online. Please add an offline mode.
  • Good game but 3/5

    By 3eagle 3ye
    I like the game but it would be better if it was open world and add multiplayer
  • Doesn't feel like an AC game 2/5

    By M Ress
    First of all, this isn't an open world game, you only choose one of the repetitive missions from the main menu and get to explore the small locked area that the mission is set in. You'd expect to get a decent game since you paid money for it, instead, it's basically a pay to win game, you're promoted to buy coins, armor, outfits, mystery boxes for real money, this may seem like just an option for who wants to progress faster in the game, however, you'll notice that all the items in the game are weak and anything good has to be purchased. The game's AI, controls, combat system, and free running are all bad. Expect to be attacked and chased by guard just for running around instead of walking, you'll want to jump from a building to another but instead you'll find yourself near anything except the location you actually wanted to jump to, the combat system is literally just tapping the attack button and hoping you don't die. As I mentioned earlier, missions are repetitive, there aren't elements from the AC games in this game except for it being set in Rome. I say either way for this game to be free or for Ubisoft to actually turn it into a real AC game
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By U.S.Army Infantry
    Sad waste of money. I want a refund it doesn't work. Very dissapointed.
  • Fun 4/5

    By Crimson-ray1323533
    Over all this game is pretty fun and time comsuming, the game is great the the control are a bit slow
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Faytwil
    Muy bueno, buenas gráficas
  • Pure Assassins Creed fun 5/5

    By Bonk391
    This is just fun gaming!
  • I think it's great 4/5

    By Fauzzy15
    But you know it could have multiplayer strikes like destiny fighting of people or raiding castles all in all though it's a great game could stand some updates
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Abcdefghijklm12345
    I love this game it's so good combat is amazing,Graphics are smooth, everything's good. Nice job Ubisoft you made this game great
  • Needs to be longer 3/5

    By Greg18327
    It's so short and you have too pay money for more missions. I finished it in 2 weeks.

Assassin's Creed Identity app comments

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