AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Call Protect

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  • Current Version: 1.4.146
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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AT&T Call Protect App

AT&T Call Protect detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters and helps identify Telemarketers and other suspected spam calls. Also manually blocks unwanted calls!   Leverage the power of the AT&T network to identify phone spam and help eliminate unwanted calls. Smartphones sold by other carriers may not be eligible. Automatic Fraud Blocking Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters before your phone rings Review blocked calls in the app Unblock any previously blocked calls that you would like to receive in the future   Suspected Spam Warning Identifies telemarketers and other suspected spam calls such as politicians and debt collectors. Available in HD Voice coverage areas.  Manual Call Blocking Block unwanted calls from whoever you choose   Report Spam Calls Help identify suspected spam and likely fraud calls Your reports help us to continually improve our service Learn more at AT&T Call Protect: Available to AT&T consumer postpaid wireless customers that are eligible for AT&T HD Voice. For information on AT&T HD Voice, visit Automatic Fraud Blocking: May inadvertently block wanted calls, but settings can be adjusted to turn off blocking or allow specifically designated numbers. Suspected Spam Warning: Must be in AT&T HD Voice coverage area to be alerted to suspected spam calls. Suspected spam may include service messages and/or other permitted calls. Manual Call Blocking: Requires AT&T Call Protect app. Permits blocking of phone numbers. Does not permit blocking of unknown numbers. For complete terms and conditions for AT&T Call Protect, see .


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AT&T Call Protect app reviews

  • Not working 1/5

    By Tom in Vienna
    Have used this app for > two months. It has not blocked one call. I have manually blocked calls I found out were unwanted. I can’t recommend this app.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Marsha P's iTunes
    I downloaded this app 20 min ago. Just received a bogus call. I called the number from my office phone. Recording said “the number you have dialed is not in service. “ unbelievable. I’m deleting. Glad I didn’t pay for it
  • Does the job really well 4/5

    By Phil Alegret
    I’d love for it to be able to block by custom rules you can set up also, but that’s just a suggestion, really like it otherwise.
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Daisymaster
    Great app for eliminating those pesky spammers!
  • Don’t know what it supposed to do 1/5

    By Traveler upset
    Keep getting robo calls
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mitch ATL
    Doesn’t work
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By ilovenerds74
    It does block unwanted calls. But it also blocks wanted ones all to frequently. My dr was trying to get ahold of me for over a week and I had no idea because it had been blocking their calls. Even if the number is programmed in your phone it still blocks them. When I finally noticed it I had tons of friends calls blocked too. I can’t figure out how to uninstall this app. I no longer wish to miss the important calls.
  • Calls 3/5

    By rljnvegas
    I’m still get these robo calls
  • Best App I Have 5/5

    By Degada Family
    Finally, an app that works and keeps unwanted calls away.
  • Best at blocking calls 5/5

    By Iced Coffee
    Lately I have been getting computer robot calls from numbers that when you try to call back, or check on them, are a non working number. Spammers have an unlimited list of these numbers. You block one, they use another. This app takes care of the problem. If it suspects a call is spam, or a threat, it blocks it, you never get the call. You can unblock any calls that are not spam. Great app.
  • Awesome app!! 5/5

    By Joseph bolden
    Awesome app. Love it. You don’t even receive the calls that are being blocked.
  • Aaron 1/5

    By Lovetoshare
    Forget this junk. 95% ineffective. No way to specify exchanges or area codes to block automatically.
  • It’s suppose to be blocked! 2/5

    By still ringing
    The reason why I got this is because I don’t want my phone ringing all day with idiots. So now it rings all day and tells me “suspected spam”. I knew THAT before I got the app!! Why aren’t these calls being blocked!?
  • This app Gave me back my sanity 5/5

    By Syljupiter
    I am in awe that AT&T upped their game for us with this app. I have had my phone on silent for the passed 2 years. I was getting up to 30 robo calls a day. Now the app grabs them and I have my phone back
  • In the Know 5/5

    By Granny Gayla
    I love being able to see when telemarketers using local numbers are calling and I don’t need to answer the call. No more insane recorded messages etc.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By 😜 Mrs Order
    Highly download this app for your protection and unwanted calls! To be able to see right up front type of call.
  • Seems to be doing what it’s supposed to..... 4/5

    By Curacao1
    Seems to be doing what it’s supposed to.....took a few hours to figure it out and get the settings just right between my phone and the app. At first I thought that I was getting more calls than ever after installing the app. One thing that has me confused is that in the call log it appears that multiple calls come in with in seconds of each other. Somehow my phone # got out into “the universe” (I very possibly listed my # in the wrong place) and I even think I know when it happened!! Can find no way to undo it and almost instantly my phone went nuts with calls. This app has pretty much prevented the calls from getting through now!!!
  • 2077036577 5/5

    By Crab boy
    Thanks for your help. I can’t believe how great this has been. Please keep up your support. Larry
  • Saves answering a lot of calls 5/5

    By Chuckokie
    Notifies me when the call is a telemarketer or spam!
  • Call Protect 4/5

    By Nby2k
    I really recommend this apps and you will love it. My problem solved on unwanted calls.
  • Finally relief! 5/5

    By Lilliana is disappointed
    This app works so well and has made such a big difference! I highly recommend it.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Lover of Bolts
    Now when you go to block it shuts down. Fix it or get rid of it. Very frustrating
  • May have registered me for more calls 1/5

    By steves junk
    I was receiving two or three calls per day that were garbage, then I downloaded this app hoping to get rid of those and now seem to be getting four or five calls a day. Coincidence!! I don’t know.
  • Lovin’ it! 5/5

    By Hmmm.. an empty bank acct
    So far, this app has been an immense help as far as giving me information about the type of call it is.. ie spam etc!
  • Switched Carriers before I got this to work. 3/5

    By Kplan23
    I can really review this App because I didn’t have much time too use it before switching carriers after 10 miserable years a dealing with AT&T.
  • Still getting spam calls 3/5

    By bamom19
    I thought this app was supposed to BLOCK telemarketing calls...they still come through!
  • Does not help with robocalls 2/5

    By Beefpig441
    I have been having an awful robocall issue for the past year or so, and I finally got fed up with the 5-6 calls a day. I did some research and found that this app helped many people with spam calls, but it has only slightly reduced the number of calls I get per day. I still have a terrible robocall problem at 4-5 calls a day.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Hurricane2u
    So much time saved, so much aggravation skipped.
  • Scam calls by the dozen 2/5

    By Artrvle
    The program doesn’t seem to be stopping much at least not numbers that are similar to mine did catch a few telemarketers but also identified an AT&T service technician as suspected spam the worst of it all is the numbers that come through with my prefix numbers that are similar to mine I started to answer a few initially but they were always the same trying to get my credit card information to sell me a new loan very tiresome very rude people i’d like to have them stop thanks
  • Vanessa 5/5

    By Cvs27
    So far so good! Keep up the good work!!
  • Owner 4/5

    By no doubt Thomas
    I’m proud to have it I feel I finally have World Class Protection. Sometimes I’m concerned it may be over protective however that’s probably not possible today.
  • Not very good 2/5

    By spookycoolcat
    Lots of calls are still getting thru. I would not recommend this app as of now.
  • Not eligible 1/5

    By TT Mustang
    I have been with AT&T for ever have three phones two of them but take this app mine won’t no phone number to call for help no email email for help I know number to text for help
  • GET THIS APP!!! 5/5

    By verbalweapon
    Best app I ever downloaded!
  • Very Satisfied 5/5

    By Caramel Shelly
  • What’s the point if you can’t block unknown numbers 2/5

    By Bruh Pablo
    i got this app to block unknown numbers and telemarketers. but you can’t block unknown numbers on here. they tell you to get truecaller. what a waste?
  • Doesn’t work on Business Accounts 1/5

    By Johnny55555555555555555555555
    Doesn’t work on my business account. Can’t business phones get spam calls too?!
  • Is this thing on? 1/5

    By Slammm
    I downloaded it a while back. Went to AT&T store and had them also put feature on account. So far nothing. It hasn't stopped a call, registered a single call or done anything. A tin can and string would do more. I'll pass on this
  • Thank you!!! 5/5

    By buttercup&turk
    AT&T actually called me to tell me about this app! I got at least one spam call/day. Telemarketers, spammers, offers for vacations, cruises, and products called all day. People called to solicit money for various things. Then one day I received a call from someone claiming to be Publisher’s Clearing House. This man told me I had won $5million and a white Mercedes convertible. He wanted to check my address so he could drive it to my house and bring my check for the money! I didn’t believe him and he just laughed. After a couple of minutes he asked if I had a checking account or a savings account because I need to pay him about $6,000.00 for the taxes on $5million! I knew that wasn’t right and said, “After I get my money, I’m sure the government won’t be far behind to get their share.” He hung up!!!!! I notified many people of this so no one would be scammed. And, I quit answering my phone unless I knew who was calling. Then, AT&T called to tell me about this app!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ATT Rip Off 1/5

    By Tommyboy_66
    I pay my $69 per month x4. It’s prepaid though, so not available to us. It makes me happy that I can drop this unreliable network anytime.
  • Did the job!!! 5/5

    By IMarks18
    In the first day after installing the app it blocked four scam calls!! GREAT!!!
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By ABartley
    Now I know if that unfamiliar number is a telemarketer, spam or a potential fraud call! I was getting a crap ton of numbers calling me from all over the US too! Not anymore! Highly recommend this app!
  • Won't install not eligible 1/5

    By UniversalGodOfAllThings
    Tells me my att iphone on my att network isn't eligible.
  • Needs an iPhone X update 3/5

    By cdransf
  • It works 4/5

    By emittman
    Over the last year the number spam and scam calls I get has increased dramatically. I setup this service with the app and it flags most calls properly. Just today it prevented 18 calls from ringing my phone and marked them as fraud. Finally getting some relief.
  • Can't turn off blocked notifications 3/5

    By Golden Mustache
    Toggle it off within the app but it turns back on soon as you go somewhere else in the app and come back
  • Get it!! 5/5

    By jackieboy50
    Works great!!
  • Phenomenal App!!!! 5/5

    By Bernie G.
    Does the Job?!!
  • Great 5/5

    By Jim ou812
    Best app, love it so far
  • Jus one day App blocked several unknown calls 3/5

    By F@hrenhenit
    Downloaded yesterday and many 901- numbers are automated or spam numbers. Was surprised to see my notifications. But second day 901 numbers reachable. Off late these 901 automated numbers are annoying and AT&T can’t do anything for these callers?

AT&T Call Protect app comments


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